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#episode 4

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Marvin finally had some time to relax since having to meet with Agent Raynor and watching the video message from his wife earlier. This was the perfect time to watch his favorite show Outlander while Frenchie, Butcher and Hughie were busy with other things. He switched on the TV and started to dig into his ice cream while his show was starting.

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Alright, I kinda called it. Yeah they took a little pit stop and Corvus wasn’t in this episode. I asked my dad twice if he wanted to watch it and he kept putting me off and then he started getting angry over some stupid pajamas so I figured a 3rd time was out of the question, so here I am on my own. I bring that up because he brings the critical side of me out and we’ve seen every episode of this season together but being alone ended up not really mattering this episode.

Now, let me say that Carl Weathers did a good job with this episode, I believe this was his first and boy howdy did he do a good job. I could tell the way it was cut at times, seemed very similar to the original trilogy, that IG statue in the background at one point, they made the bar into a school, they called back to A New Hope with walking around the little machines on the unrailed catwalk, it’s a really nice effort and a pretty good episode but again, that “thing” is just holding me back.

You know, I wouldn’t be that mad if I wasn’t like “Next time. Next time. Next time.” every time, they keep jerking me around like this, teasing what’s to come when obviously it’s not going to immediate…like ever. I spent all day walking cautiously online in case I ran into some spoilers because I want to be surprised by the design of “Corvus” (yeah, we’ll just say it’s “Corvus” I’m excited for 👀) so you can imagine how I felt when it wasn’t even in this episode. I wouldn’t be surprised if Corvus ended up being shelved until the last minute and then teased for next season if I’m honest, I’ll be real angry then because it would seem like they’re just pandering for another season. I would expect that to be the crux, everything just comes together on Corvus but we’re already half way through the season, I know they can set up a lot in just an episode or two but it’s just tedious.

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03x04 “Something Desperate” - November 1, 2019

Here is a fun post of Fallon Carrington singing to Liam in honor of missing our weekly dose of Dynasty

I hope everyone is staying safe and sane during the pandemic

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I told sunset about you, episode 4 ficlet

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Retelling of the scene, when they meet at the resort at the stairs, after Teh has left the idioms tutorial for Oh, in episode 4.
Oh’s POV.


Things I’ll never say.

The pages under Oh’s hands tear at his skin, at everything that holds him togeher, with their promises of a care so very real and deep; whisper-shouting from artful colors and soft cut edges so desperately and absolutely, that they burn into his fingers.

This is what Teh is willing to give.

Oh can see Teh’s love, ever eager and driven, and Oh feels so guilty. For wanting another kind.

For wanting Teh, to meet him, in another kind of love. Or maybe just another way to speak it, act it. The love may very well be just the same.

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