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So like, have i ever told ya’ll the endgame tony aus i want to read but can’t find?

First up is a pre simple one, a universe where Tony is dating Bucky and Pepper pre snap (but they aren’t dating each other) and it breaks his heart and five years later hes so happy to introduce Bucky to his new daughter

Theres the au where Pietro didnt die and wasn’t snapped, hes the last family Clint has left and is desperately clinging to Clint, trying to get him to stop. Understands what hes doing (doesnt even fully disagree with it) but knows its not good for him

Or the au where Steven gave up Captain America for the soulstone, and everyone is able to help Tony when he snaps (like Starlord was helped), no one dies and they rebuild together Natasha gets to retire and enjoy life

Theres the au where Shuri was dusted and has to step up as Queen and takes one look at Tony, tore apart and broken and tells him ‘I need your help’ because shes overworked, she does really need help, but more importantly she knows tony need to be able to do something. And they end up constantly trying to find a way to help, they end up noticing a oddity in one of their energy tests and it leads them to Scott and timetravel and their families.

And last, but not least, is the Rare Pair AU.

Tony is dating Bucky and T'challa T'challa is dating Tony and M'Baku

When the royal family is dusted, its M'Baku and Tony eith first rights to the throne and Tonys an outsider but he was also T'challas lover and M'Baku is a man of pride, he accepts that Tony has just as much right to rule. They become friends and brothers until Steven rocks up at Wakanda asking for help and M'Baku would be happy to chase them off but ultimately hes glad he let them in, being king was a lot more work than he excepted.

anyway im on a marvel kick tonight and these are the only things i can think about

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Originally posted by blxckpnther

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)

-Him totally feeling like he has to keep you safe at all times and would practically hover and follow you around until you have to push him out and assure him you’re fine

-Him insisting on training you himself and being very serious about men’s weak points, gladly teaching you all the ways to fight

-Him constantly checking out and glaring at anyone who seems too suspicious or flirt with you too much, inching closer and closer to act as your protective shield

-Him having an irrational fear of you being poisoned somehow and just having to taste your food first to make sure, only ever coming to a stop as you’d have a fight with him about

-Him always being worried to see you out in the cold without enough on you, rushing to give some fur capes and practically hugging you tight to get you back warmer

-Him always telling you to wink at him or practically inventing signs with you for you to signal him when you’re in danger during a meeting, making you laugh at how serious he is about

-Him gifting you special knives you can hide practically anywhere, insisting you keep it on yourself at all times and thank him for it when you’re in danger

-Him pushing away anyone he feels is too suspicious from you, having no problem intimidating them and putting on his mean gaze while he does so

-Him pulling you for a tight hug after he had been so worried over you, promising to not ever let something like that happen again and just apologizing for not being your protector in that instant

-Him acting all pouty and sarcastically apologizing to you about it when you’d tell him to back off as he gets too much with his protectiveness, only for you to forgive him to see him like that

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I just want T’Challa to choke me and share me with M’Baku

😭 God yes. T'Challa and M'Baku can just mmmmmmph

Funny little story though. I have BPD and when I’m manic my verbal filter it nonexistent. So my friend and I were standing in Zumiez talking to the workers (one of which shes interested in) and the topic of Marvel gets brought up. Another thing about being manic is that a lot of people who experience BPD their sex drive / sexual desire increases significantly during that period.

So heres me. Little ol’ 17/18 yro me manic as fuck and marvel gets brought up and I BLURT OUT “The cast of the marvel franchise can just pass me around like a toy”. In the middle of Zumiez. In front of these people I’ve never met.

I was MORTIFIED later on. Utterly distraught (and completely embarrassed to this day). Now, I didn’t think I’d EVER see them again so no biggie.

Nope nope nope. I was wrong. Now, one of the guys is in our fucking friend group for Magic / DnD / game nights. So fuck me. (Not in the good way)

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Erik x Black Reader (as always)

[the Christmas tradition ensues in y'all household]

“E, you sleep?” You call out to your fiance as you listen to his snores and the sound of the ambient sounds machine you bought him to soothe the nightmares.

Every year you and Erik would hide gifts around your home to find on Christmas day and every year he would find yours or either guess what it is. 

You are to this day trying to figure out how he bought a whole ass pink Camaro with hottie detailed on the license plate like you dreamed of without you knowing. 

You were determined to outsmart him by putting it away in the dishwasher. He always washed them by hand and would never find the watch and diamond accented chain set in there. You crept down the stairs past your pitbull Rocky,  rubbing his back as he perked up to check on you. 

“Good boy. Mama’s going to hide all of Daddy’s stuff. He think he’s slick. Did you see where he put mine?” You ask giggling softly as he seems to sit and listen before laying his head back down. Back to the task at hand.

You move around the kitchen stealthily before putting everything in its spot and trying to ease back up the stairs without too much of a sound. 

You let out a sigh of relief as the sleeping man turns on his side, eyes still closed. You lay next to him and he moves over to lay his head on your stomach and his arm around your midsection. 

He was up the moment he felt you leave the bed but wanted to give you a moment to accomplish your mission. 

“The kitchen ma? You thought you was slick huh?” He asks while chuckling sleepily. 

You pout for a second before shaking your head.

“Can’t hide shit from your nosey self. Watch you ain’t gon’ get nothing for Christmas , Mr. Know It All.” You say jokingly as you massage his scalp softly and down to his temples. 

You hum softly as you feel him relax against you and his thick fingers massaging over your sides and stomach.

You met Erik when he was in a tough spot in his life and was estranged from his family. Your family became his as they welcomed him with open arms. 

“You know I'mma act surprised when the family come over like I do every year anyway. Damn it’s really our 5th Christmas together. Time be going by fast. I can’t front and act like these haven’t been the best years of my life though. Last year when me and your pops got drunk off of fuckin’ Crown Royal and starting singing My Girl to you and moms.” He says laughing lowly and plucking his fingers as he remembers the moment.

“Bruh, my daddy almost tore his knees up trying to do that dip to the floor.” You say shaking your head

“Everybody got a past. Just know that if you hurt my little girls feelings i’m going to have to blow your kneecaps out, son.” Your mother threatened upon meeting him. 

“You know I love your ass to hell and back. I’m excited to see everybody too. You know that they’re gonna want to see the engagement ring and we’ve got to get a nut-free cake for Nakia and Auntie Yolanda always talking bout she don’t like sweet potato pie. But last year I seen her ass carrying 3 plates out to her car with it on there. And I can’t stand the smell of ham right now so we’re going to have to find something else in its place.” You say not realizing that you’ve just spilled the final present. 

“You pregnant?” He asks cocking his head to the side to look at you a small smile playing on his lips as he turns his head to kiss all over your stomach. 

“I can’t keep shit to myself. 6 weeks baby. Can you believe that shit? ‘Member when I kept throwing up in Bali and I thought that I caught some type of bug?” You ask as he sits up to hold you in his arms

“Damn, I’m really gonna be a daddy daddy now. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” He says letting out a thank you to you for choosing him, the gods for choosing you, and the little baby that’s still forming and growing for choosing both of you. 

“Merry Christmas E.” You say to Erik as you swipe the tear from the corner of his eye and place lazy tired kisses to his chest. 

“I love you” he says as he pulls you closer to him to cuddle you protectively and rock you back to sleep. 

“Hollup, you still ain’t slick Stevens. Where did you hide my gifts?" 

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Pairing: M’baku x Black plus sized reader

Summary: [Y/N] has been acting out of pocket since hitting her fifth month of pregnancy

Warning(s): language

Word count: 1,681

Picture(s) found on: Pinterest/Google


“Jesus, can’t a pregnant woman come home to a clean house?” you spat while glaring through the living room, the furry blanket M’baku gifted you a few months ago slowly sliding off the giant couch. Other than that, the palace was squeaky clean like always. The guards shut the giant doors behind you while you let out another huff and waltzed your way towards the couch, stepping over the furry blanket and sitting down in the very corner of it.

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SnowBaku’s MasterList


Originally posted by proletariat15

I finally made one you guys. It took way longer than it was supposed to but here are all the fics, one-shots, and HC’s that I made so far. I will try to keep it updated as frequently as possible. Also, This is where you comment to be added to the taglist. 

Welcome to the Jabari Tribe Mini Series


The Chosen Bride


Mr. President


His majesty My King



Erik / N’jadaka One-Shots

He wasn’t man enough for me
Clean-up Woman
I Wish You Would
Mistletoe (1) (2)

Dadmonger series

Not my Sons


Polygamy: Sharing 

The Dysfunctional Brothers

MBJ’s character roles as brothers

Character Boards :

The Chosen Bride

Mr. President
His Majesty, My King

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New series

So I have a new series I’m about to start. But a few disclaimers.

1. It will not be a reader series. My one shots and mini series will be, but since this one will have more than four parts, so, I have to use set names for all the characters that I create.

2. It is a POC and Chubby series. I’m fat and and don’t really see much of those types mainly thick readers with curves and a belly, but not a full on chubby girl will multiple back and side rolls.

3. I’m from the deep country and we have our own little slang within a slang, and weird traditions, so if you are confused by any of it just ask.

The new series will be posted sometime this week, I will also put a face to the names as well as some little videos that may or may not inspire each chapter.

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