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I love Black Panther, I love Wakanda, and I love the characters. But let’s be real, the entire plot of the movie could have been avoided if Wakanda had a freaking decent form of government.

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-Lockdown? You knew that was coming before the news broke on a global level. M’Baku had ramped up canning and storing across Jabariland weeks before for as not to be slammed when everything came to a halt.

-Being the leader he is, he ensured each household had what they needed and mobilized weekly roving patrols to ensure each household was faring well. 

-He expanded community programs to make sure those who needed connection while isolated had it and those who wanted to be alone had the means to have their needs meet with even less contact. 

-He’s a personal prepper., too. One glance into the pantry shows every snack you could crave. Salty? Check! Sweet? Check! Healthy? Check! Gummy? Check! Chocolate? Check!

-He’s also ready to snuggle. Blankets are freshly washed, dried, and smell like heaven. They’re all neatly stacked into huge baskets next to the hearth so they’ll be warm when you need them.

-He’s not only stocked up on quarantine snacks, he’s also made sure there are new books for both of you.

-He’s a master Scrabble player. So much so that after the first week you refuse to play him without bribes of all kinds.

-But what he never accounted for was your ability to whoop his ass in every fighting game he places in front of you.

-Quiet days in your respective corners of the library.

-Evenings meals cooked side by side. Sitting on the counter while he stirs and chops. Wearing his pajama top while he wears the bottoms.

-Lazy mornings when your schedules allow. Lots of burrowing under the covers and giggles. Everything is warm and hazy beneath the weight of the blankets and his arms. 

-Random questions and lots of Google searches. Trivia on another level.

-Evenings trading songs before turning in for the night. You’ll compile a playlist of your favorites for when the world returns to normal. It will remind your how much you two belong together. 

-It’s not until week three that his cracks start to show. His beard is a bit scruffier than normal. He’s a little surlier. 

-Watching way too much American news and growing irritated at what should be done. You make an agreement to limit how much you watch. 

-Giving each other the silent treatment until one of your breaks and then it’s a flurry of wrestling and laughter. 

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The Way You Make Me Feel

M'Baku x Black Plus Sized Reader


{This is low-key just filthy M'Baku smut. I’m sorry lmao. 18+ as always and umm. Also this is for my fellow 200+ pounds club girls too. ✌🏾}

Hearing your fiance announce that he was home and immediately go to his office after pecking your lips was a clear indication of a bad day.

You usually don’t get more than a casual conversation in until the first six inches of him is snuggled into you.

“I made veggie burgers and some waffle fries love, if you’re hungry. You wanna talk about it?” You ask from the doorway of M’Baku’s office. 

You know that in his country he was a warrior. A man that defended his people with great honor, strength, and braveness.

He had agreed to move to America when your engagement happened because you couldn’t bare to be away from your family and especially your mother for so long. His adjustment to the new people, new customs, and other differences was quite difficult for him.

“No thank you. ” He says but he never looks up from the paperwork on his desk. He was less than thrilled with his new job. You knew that he’s far more qualified for almost any job/career, and sticking him with the label ‘intern’ and having him put stamps on envelopes/file papers only agitated him. 

“This is is only temporary, boo. Only until we can find something better. Just for now. And then we raise our babies in Wakanda. Deal?” You say quietly as you watch his shoulders tense and he puts the pen down before leaning back in the chair.

“Come.” He says and you waste no time padding across the room to him. His large form engulfing you as you sit on his lap and lay your head on his shoulder. 

“Love you” you mumble to him as he massages your back. You let out a sigh of relief as you feel him relax against you. 

“You know that even in my time of frustration. My heart is always with you , right?” He says lowly as his strong hands move down to run his fingertips against your bare thighs. You shiver feeling the goosebumps rise against your skin. It didn’t take much due to the fact that you were only wearing one of his old t-shirts. 

It was late at night and both of you slept nude anyways so you didn’t bother putting on anything but his old shirt. When you heard your fiance walk through the door your only thought was that you wanted to be with him.

“I know. I never doubt that. I know that you aren’t going to be cheery everyday babe. You know that I’ve got you and we can spend your off day tomorrow looking for something else but for tonight. Let me make you feel better, yes?” You whisper against his ear before leaning up to massage his shoulders over his unbuttoned dress shirt. He sits up to kiss your forehead and slide his hands under your shirt.

You take a moment to strip off his white dress shirt and then unbutton his pants.

You grab his large hands in yours before leaning into kiss him sloppily for a moment. Slowly letting your tongues work together before tugging on his bottom lip.

You slowly make your way kissing down his neck and chest before kissing over to his nipple. You chuckle softly as you feel him shiver when you swirl your tongue around his nipple and suckle it softly before switching to the right one.

You ghost your fingers light down his soft stomach over and over watching him squirm slightly. You feather your fingertips over his erection that’s already starting to become constricted against the black boxer briefs. You nip at his stomach and suckle a few hickies into his deep rich hickory skin. 

Placing a kiss to his left hip and then his right before finally making your way onto your knees and sliding his boxers off.

You slide your hands ups and downs his thighs dragging your nails down his thighs and lean in to place a kiss to his balls before licking from the base of him to the tip of his dick. Your hands never leaving his thighs and never breaking eye contact.

His breathing has now become jagged and you can tell the anticipation is becoming too much for him.

“Is this for me?” You ask as you grab his dick stroking him slowly working your hand up and down.

“Always” he says in a low hushed tone waiting for you to finally take him into your mouth.

All 9 inches of him was now standing proudly and started to throb as you take in the tip, your hand still working over the base of him and massaging his balls. 

You never stop massaging his balls as you take the first five inches letting your soft pillowy lips run up and down his shaft. As you hollow your cheeks and work him into your mouth and towards your throat to deepthroat him. 

He scratches softly at your scalp as he grips our hair gently urging you to take all of him. 

“Good girl. You’re such a good girl for me aren’t you? Look at me.” He commands as you look up at him. 

Your eyes are already starting to tear up as you approach inch 8.

You gag softly and relax your throat more breathing through your nose as you reach inch 9. You watch as he starts to thrust slowly letting you adjust and you moan softly loving the feeling of being engulfed by him. 

You use the spit slowly dripping down and massage over his balls as he thrusts a bit faster.

You hear him groaning your name over and over giving you all the praise in the world.

“My pretty fucking queen. My slutty fucking baby. Phefumla (breathe).”  He moans as he massages your jaw before gripping your face in his hand. He smacks your face softly and you smile against him.

This sometimes quiet and reserved man who is always too afraid that he’ll hurt you is finally giving you what you asked for. 

“You like that?” He asks as he smacks your left cheek. But of course never hard enough to hurt you.

He pulls you up slowly off of him with a quiet pop and you breathe slowly already missing the feeling of him. 

“On the desk.” Is all that he says before standing up and pumping himself slowly while watching you follow commands.

“Yes sir.” You reply quickly tossing the shirt to the side and laying back on his desk. 

“Uh- uh vula (open). (Dlala ngayo nditsho ndimanzi (Play with it. Get it wet for me).” He demands while watching you run your fingers over your clit and down further teasing yourself as you close your eyes. Your lips already turned in a pout.

“Yes sir. Please sir, it feels so much better when you do it.” You moan as he wraps his large hands around your thighs and slides you closer to him. 

He spanks your pussy repeatedly and held your legs open for him and chuckles softly as you grip his wrist and he brings his hand to his mouth,  licking his fingers.

M'Baku runs his dick up and down your pussy before leaning down to suckle your nipple. Tugging at the brown bud until your whimpering and then moving on to the other as he slowly enters you letting you adjust to him.

He kisses as your neck before fully standing up and snuggling into you as he wraps your thick thighs around his waist.

“You’re so fucking pretty baby.” M'Baku looks over you in awe as he stretches you out slowly at first and you smile up at him. 

“Shiiittt , you feel so good baby daddy.” You whine as he picks up his pace. His hips rolling into you at an angle that hits your spot just right as your eyes roll back. 

“Baku fuck, I can literally feel you throbbing. Bae how are this fucking hard for me” you whine as he grips your hips and begin to pound into it. He loved watching your breasts bounce and you try to brace yourself by holding onto the desk but found it no help. 

Before you knew it he was wrapping his hand around your throat and giving you everything he had. 

“Oooh bae, fuck- stop playing you’re gonna break the desk.” You half whimper and half laugh as he chuckled lowly with you. 

You were grateful that sex with your best friend could be like this. Even while he’s fucking your walls up y'all are still laughing at breaking his desk. 

“The desk? That’s what you’re thinking of?” He asks as he stops thrusting.

“No sir, please don’t stop. Please?” You say to him with a pout as he pulls out slowly and drops to his knees. 

He latches onto your clit slowly working his tongue over it and sucking it before eating you out like it’s his last meal. You grip the back of his head letting out a long drawn out moan of his name.

“Permission to cum? I cant-” you were cut off by him simply saying “no”. 

The tears fill your eyes again as he stops again. 

You couldn’t take him edging you again as he sat up your wetness given a glisten and sheen to this thick beard and mouth. 

“Baaab” is all that you could get out before he’s already lifting you onto him and against the wall next to the desk.

You shriek softly thinking that being apart of the 200+ pound club wouldn’t make it easy for him. This man lifted you like a feather placing you against the wall securely before lowering you down onto him and attaching his lips to yours. Letting his mouth drown out all your moans. 

“I know. I know, give it to me. You have permission to let it go baby. Are you going to make a mess for me?” He asks sweetly as he kisses the side of your face and neck while fucking into you at a pace that makes you feel like you can’t even catch your breath.

You start to feel overheated and dizzy as your orgasm starts to hit you hard.

Your toes curl and you close your eyes trying to brace yourself as he pulls out and you waterfall. 

M'Baku gives you a section to catch your breath before he lays you back on the desk and chases his own. 

 You take him into your mouth again massaging his balls as he stands on the side of the desk. 

His groans are louder as he gripped your chin and let’s go in your mouth.

“Fuck.” He says quietly as you swallow and you wipe your mouth before he leans down to kiss you sloppily. 

“Sir, you nasty.” you say laughing softly

“Mmmhmm” he replies before helping you up and grabbing towels for y'all to clean up.

“Love you.” You call after him 

“I love you. Thank you.” He says returning and massaging your thighs and kissing your forehead before offering a bubble bath.

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😭 God yes. T'Challa and M'Baku can just mmmmmmph

Funny little story though. I have BPD and when I’m manic my verbal filter it nonexistent. So my friend and I were standing in Zumiez talking to the workers (one of which shes interested in) and the topic of Marvel gets brought up. Another thing about being manic is that a lot of people who experience BPD their sex drive / sexual desire increases significantly during that period.

So heres me. Little ol’ 17/18 yro me manic as fuck and marvel gets brought up and I BLURT OUT “The cast of the marvel franchise can just pass me around like a toy”. In the middle of Zumiez. In front of these people I’ve never met.

I was MORTIFIED later on. Utterly distraught (and completely embarrassed to this day). Now, I didn’t think I’d EVER see them again so no biggie.

Nope nope nope. I was wrong. Now, one of the guys is in our fucking friend group for Magic / DnD / game nights. So fuck me. (Not in the good way)

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