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We should see things with the eyes of our minds and the feelings of our hearts.👁 ✨👑

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Is Lizzo Contrary to Body Positivity?

Let’s discuss!!!


Lizzo got into this controversy for sharing her juice cleanse routine on Tik Tok. It led to Lizzo trending all over Twitter with many expressing their disappointment of her dieting and her falling under the pressure of having a smaller frame due to the music industry. This controversy influenced my question-Is Lizzo contrary to body positivity-and is an extended conversation from my YouTube video about Lizzo’s brand. Before I provide my thoughts, here are others thoughts on the situation.


My Take

The controversy was very ridiculous and pointless, because Instragram influencers and models promote flat tummy teas and diet smoothies constantly, yet I don’t see a huge outrage for them “influencing unhealthy eating habits” or “promoting diet culture”. Lizzo just shared her juice cleanse routine and stated that if others were interested, then be advised by their doctors, She’s simply showing her lifestyle, such as dieting and exercising, so it made me wonder: when Lizzo is excercising and dieting, but she says she loves being big and plus-sized, is that contrary or against body positivity?

Anti-Body Positivity??

Earlier last month, Lizzo shared on tik tok that she disliked her body and that she was having negative thoughts about her body. Click link to view:

Before that tik tok was posted, she shared a video and the caption read. 

“Wild to see the body positive movement come so far. Proud of the big girls who gave it wings. My body is changing but I’m gonna keep appreciating it from every angle.”

She’s been hinting at going through a weight loss journey and explains the tik tok of her disliking her body. After posting her daily juice cleanse, she posted the results of drinking the juice cleanse each day, basically to see her weight loss progress and explain that the juice cleanse helped to combat her gastrointestinal issues.

In response to the juice cleanse backlash, Lizzo intended that the juice cleanse was specifically for combating her gastrointestinal issues and to balance her body since she was eating and drinking a lot on Thanksgiving, but it was not for dramatic weight loss. 

Based on prior posts I believe that Lizzo was trying to lose weight and I think she’s on a weight loss journey. It’s ridiculous that Lizzo has to explain herself when she exercises and diets, because other people are insecure of thenselves and projected their insecurities onto her. I don’t understand how its problematic that someone who is plus-sized is exercising or dieting, these are basic things included in our lifestyle and daily activities. Weirdly, she’s put on this pedestal of scrutiny and controversy for innocent things, because she’s plus-sized; yet other people are not held to the same task as her😕

What is Body Positivity?


Via VeryWellMind,

“Body positivity refers to the assertion that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size, and appearance. Some of the goals of the body positivity movement include:

  • challenging how society views the body
  • promoting the acceptance of all bodies
  • helping people build confidence and acceptance of their own bodies
  • addressing unrealistic body standards

Body positivity also aims to help people understand how popular media messages contribute to the relationship that people have with their bodies, including how they feel about food, exercise, clothing, health, identity, and self-care. By better understanding the effect that such influences have, the hope is that people can develop a healthier and more realistic relationship with their bodies.”

“With the understanding of body positivity and its purpose, then why are people upset and bothered by Lizzo’s juice cleanse” - Jwayspillz

I’ve seen posts from people who are a part of the body positive movement that criticized Lizzo for doing the juice cleanse. Many of them stating that Lizzo was being anti-body positivity, that she’s promoting diet culture and a toxic body standard. However, based on the concept of body positivity, shouldn’t Lizzo’s choice to juice cleanse, diet, exercise, etc be respected, especially since been done safely and been advised by her doctors.

Lizzo did nothing wrong, but people guilted her because they are insecure with their weight and body. Instead of personally dealing with their issues (counseling/talking to close family + friends), they found an excuse and scapegoat for their issues-Lizzo. Lizzo is so idolized and celebrated for being the face of plus-sized women and body positive movement that people started a controversy due to possibly losing their “plus-sized queen”.

For instance, one tweet from the pictures read “I’m going to miss seeing a body that looks like mine living wild and free like I want to”. It was so weird reading that, because Lizzo isn’t the only plus-sized figure in the media; she’s making it seem like Lizzo is the last big girl in the world🙃.

Another tweet reads from the pictures, “I think the disappointment lies in a lot of us (especially fat, black women) seeing ourselves in a woman who was so proud and confident in her body. It made us want to do the same to ours”. Once again, an insecurity, which should personally be worked on. Lizzo have been motivating and encouraging her fans to appreciate and love their bodies on numerous occasions. Lizzo can be an inspiration, but she can’t be the ultimate reason for them to embrace their bodies. It should be something that their comfortable in achieving, not just because Lizzo said so. Also, she never promoted anything negative about her body and that tweet made it seem like Lizzo just completely disregarded body positivity and said fuck body positivity.

How does this relate to my video?

As stated previously, this is an extended conversation from my YouTube video about Lizzo brand and I wanted to understand the opposing perspective. In fact, this whole juice cleanse controversy, along with other headlines and trending topics about Lizzo last year, inspired this video. I noticed how her brand, body positivity, have been affecting her brand since she’s came in the music scene with Truth Hurts. I would appreciate it if you watch and comment your thoughts on that video and this discussion (also subscribe and share my content as well😏).

I’ve basically concluded that this “controversy” was taken waaayyy out of proportions and was only “controversial” because Lizzo is plus-sized. I’ve seen many people on social media who celebrate their weight loss journey or completing healthy diets. In addition, I’ve seen people who celebrate and embrace being plus-sized. So the outrage for Lizzo’s juice cleanse was so hypocritical and dumb asf.

Overall, it’s an individual choice on what they want to do to their body. If you’re comfortable with being big, fat, plus-sized, then just do that. If you’re exercising or dieting to reach a certain goal, then do that. I understand the media and entertainment industry in general have always promoted one body type, which isn’t realistic for everyone. We all come in different shapes and sizes, so it should be represented thoroughly in the media, which is the purpose of body positivity.

However, it is unfair for Lizzo to be scrutinize for every little thing, whether exercising or dieting, just because she’s plus-sized. For instance, Lizzo was trending because Saweetie was eating junk food and people were like “but if Lizzo did that”. Literally, this situation had nothing to do with Lizzo, it was so uncalled for and unnecessary. Why not make that conversation about plus-sized individuals overall rather than just singling out one plus-sized person???

Lizzo always promotes self-love, encourages her fans, and advocates for body positivity, but the minute she does a juice cleanse all that gets thrown out the window and people from the body positive movement turns on her. A very weird and dumb situation. Interestingly, Lizzo expressed how she’s tired of being the brunt for all plus-sized women and how fame has amplied her personal struggles (like this stupid ass juice cleanse controversy). Both videos linked below:

View this post on Instagram

That’s all for this discussion, let me know you’re thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Is Lizzo opposing body positivity, when she says she loves being big and plus-sized, yet she exercises and diets, which many perceive as her trying to lose weight?

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madison beer icons/ like if you saved / send requests / twitter: @sweterner @swtfobic

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🥀 Há diferentes partes que mostra a clareza de nossa alma, o que de fato é extraordinário.

Á muito tempo eu fiz comparações improváveis, até disse que não seria possível, fingir está bem sem estar, disse que confiaria mas depois não dei a mínima.

Mas agora eu pergunto onde está aquele tão sonhado momento que ainda não se realizou? Onde está o caráter daqueles que me deixou?

Nem sempre somos definitivos!🌹

Mrs Miranda!

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Nella notte rinchiudevo me

I miei mostri

Le mie paure

I miei dubbi

E i tuoi ricordi

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i’ve said it once, i’ll say it again. even though she’s one of the biggest pop stars of our time, taylor swift is still criminally underrated

this woman has given us everything from our hopless romantic national anthems like sparks fly and invisible to string, to some absolute BANGERS like paper rings and new romantics, to some of the greatest modern love songs, and to champagne problems, which i find to be one of the most accurate representations of mental illness in song, and y'all still have the AUDACITY to disrespect her.

she deserves more credit.

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