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The majority of Tumblr users, 36%, are aged 18-34, a coveted market for most companies.
antifainternational · 20 minutes ago
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nbkaiju · an hour ago
god i rly love singular point's ending theme,,,,,,makes me feel good n happy,,,,,
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soulcrux · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Morally is a reverse weeaboo. 
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enbysiriusblack · 2 hours ago
No I don't agree with the headcanon that Sirius never wore hats.
when they started to discover muggle culture and fashion, they ENGULFED themselves in it.
"they wouldn't wear hats as they wouldn't want their hair to get ruined" hats dont ruin your hair, yes some types of hats do jumble it up for a bit, but literally just combing it once sorts it out (also I don't think they cared that much about their hair, they literally just liked it long and used a certain type of shampoo and conditioner, but thats just a personal hc its cool if you disagree)
you seriously think this dude would watch an inspector/mystery film in the muggle cinema by Lily's house and NOT instantly buy a classic inspector hat straight away.
also yes, they did love those 'hippie hats' with the little flowers on the side and everything. they'd definitely find a black one with like red and gold (yellow) flowers attached and wear it all the time.
anyway yeah, no hate to people who do think sirius wouldn't wear hats, this is just a personal headcanon
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cowboylarries · 3 hours ago
YESS!!! i was getting sick of looking at my weird purple blob that used to be my icon like i couldn’t even tell what it was?! and then thanks to ana (who tagged me in a picture of louis with a cowboy hat on this morning) i felt motivated to actually make my own bc i knew i wouldn’t find a better picture :)
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monaim-az · 4 hours ago
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Tumblr media
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yaqrat · 7 hours ago
Covering Frame With Velvet - Make Your Own Hats
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writingoneshots · 8 hours ago
Hi - I really love your stories and especially how you add OC's into it. I also read your Kidxreader and the One Piece OC story :D It's really good and interesting.. I was wondering if you'd like to introduce everyone's soulmate/OC especially after I've read about Kira. Love her!! Have a good day xx
OC characters
Dobar dan, Anonymous :) !
(I will continue greeting in different languages..seems fun to me)
I am not really sure how to introduce the characters, especially because I have made them up for one reason: if I ever write a characterxreader story, then I might need partners for other One Piece characters. 
So... I guess, that I will give a short introduction to the main women, which I will be using for future stories. If anyone is interested, I could actually write a collection of one shots where the OC’s meet their partners (or at least, what I would imagine - not a whole FanFiction like KidxKira but something like a summary of how they started dating). Ps: these are my OC’s.. please don’t use them.
Layout: - (no)devilfruit - choice of weapon - personality/characteristics - short summary before meeting partner - extra fact - dating history - friends/enemies/fan of/family members - fun fact
OC’s for: Zoro, Sanji, Law, Kid, Killer, Heat, Lucci and Doflamingo
Tumblr media
Zoro x Rey
- not a devil fruit user - uses her body to fight; uses her skill to numb someone's nerves by hitting it on a sensitive spot; the person can't move its limb then - is a passionate fighter; cute towards everyone in the straw hats crew and likes to make dirty jokes while being alone with Zoro; never talks to strangers - was the bodyguard of an underworld agent and wanted to kill herself after the agent died; Luffy and Usopp kidnapped her before she committed suicide - joined the straw hats crew after having a long conversation with Robin and immediately became friends with her - had a 'friends with benefits' relationship with Zoro before they started dating - met Bella (Killer's OC partner) when the marine's attacked the underworld agent, still sees her as an enemy - fun fact: has only had sexual relationships and never admitted to dating someone; but also been loyal to every sex partner she had
Sanji x Ana
- not a devil fruit user - uses a threaded rod to keep anyone at a distance - is afraid of anything she doesn't know and needs a lot of time to adjust to new situations - was a secret baker of her home town where she used medical herbs as ingredients and delivered it to the needing houses by placing it at the front door, knocking and then hiding immediately; saw Brook on her way home and immediately made some brownies with special herbs because she thought he was a zombie and wanted to kill him without him feeling pain - doesn't like physical contact except from Sanji and Chopper; will fight anyone who tries to touch her - tried dating Killer when she was a teenager but was afraid of Kid - doesn't have any friends besides the straw hats because she barely left her home - fun fact: sometimes she adds some sleeping herbs to Luffy's meals whenever he would use his gum-powers to yeet her onto the ship -
Law x Valeria
- Devil fruit user: Den Den no Mi (take control over a Den Den Mushi; spying, interfering and canceling) - has no idea how to fight and usually tries to make a deal to escape from trouble - flirty person, who always gets into trouble - was a spy for whoever could afford her and usually caused a lot of chaos; caught Law's attention after she stalked his phone calls because he tried to contact an underworld agent - one of the marine's biggest enemies - has dated Sabo - best friends with Nami because she likes money and jewelry as well; admires Shanks a bit too much; didn't like Kira in the beginning because of false information - fun fact: loves to spy on people but gets mad when someone spies on her
Kid x Kira
- Devil fruit user: Mizu Mizu no Mi (can control any sort of liquid - learned how to control blood) - uses two daggers as weapons; they have ancient blood in their hilt (made for Kira's devil fruit power) - lovely nature & always wants to meet new people but just to get to know them and their way of living, not to be friends - was hiding her true identity as an assassin and was always hiding in brothels, where she met Kid - can keep up with Kid's behavior and doesn't care that he can be brutal - has also dated Ace [in the first FF Kira left Kid after a misunderstanding and has dated Lucci after having a sexual relationship with Law & Zoro] - is Mihawk's daughter & Laila's cousin (Doflamingo's OC partner); best friends with Suki (Heat's OC partner) and Nico Robin - fun fact: Chopper and Sanji saved Kira's life when she was younger
Killer x Bella
- not a devil fruit user - has two metallic chains, each with a hook; uses one to jump/fly around and the other to kill or to pull someone closer - doesn't like to talk to strangers and just talks with Killer, Kira, Suki, Kid and Sova (made up OC; ship's doctor) - fled from the marine's and was saved by Kira and Suki after they tried to capture her - gets a lot of attention because of her looks; everyone falls in love with her - has only dated Smoker and had an interest in X-Drake and Lucci but never showed it - has a few friends in the marine's but prefers to avoid them now - fun fact: people compare her to Boa Hancock because of her beauty -
Heat x Suki
- not a devil fruit user - is not a fighter but uses any chemicals she can find in case of danger - is addicted to physical touch and would always be hugging/touching Heat or Kira; has an open personality and is happy all the time - she met Heat after sneaking into the marine's hideout to steal medical ingredients and got forced to join a mission with Lucci, who recognized her but didn't say anything because of Kira - manages to end up in a prison at least twice a year; Robin counted - has also dated Smoker and had a flirtatious connection with Shanks, Sabo and Hawkins - best friends with Kira and Nico Robin - fun fact: medical skills - even though the Kid pirates already have a doctor, she helps out because he only helps if he's in the mood (I created another OC as Kid's doctor - his name is Sova) -
Lucci x Rose
- Devil fruit user: Rozu Rozu No Mi (can create, control and transform into rose petals) - uses her petals as a weapon; can make them hard or use haki on them - her real name is not Rose and will never be revealed; has actually a warm personality but doesn't like to show it to others because she fears to be hurt again - she had to train to become a secret agent and after killing an important messenger of the underworld, the marine's decided to use her power for the CP0 even though she refused to work with them since they kicked out Kalifa - did not join the CP0 but will fight for them if Lucci is in danger; would let everyone else die - never dated anyone before - doesn't like Kira and Suki at all; is a fan of Mihawk; friends with Kalifa - fun fact: she likes to change her hair color often and would change the petal colors of her roses in the same color as well
Doflamingo x Laila
- not a devil fruit user - uses her body strength to fight; had fighting trainings with her uncle Mihawk and her brother - has an open personality, which gives her many possibilities to make friends and seduce others to do whatever she wants them to - got kidnapped after her break up with X-Drake and was about to be sold as a slave to the celestials; Doflamingo killed her seller while still being a prisoner himself - wants to share everything with everyone; is always in a mood to party, drink and steal jewelry from pirates - has dated Enel (until she heard what he had done to Kira) and X-Drake (until she found out that he used her for his defilade) - is Kira's cousin and has a brother too; - fun fact: is the daughter of a king and has never left the island until she started to look for Kira
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mothersonnews · 10 hours ago
Elon Musk Has Always Been a Little Weird, His Teenage Photo Proves
Elon Musk Has Always Been a Little Weird, His Teenage Photo Proves
Ever imagined how Elon Musk looked like when he was 17? Well, you can now see for yourself. A photograph of the tech billionaire, from when he was 17, has gone viral on Twitter. Musk is an extremely popular figure on the micro-blogging site. His meme game is right at the top and his market advice can easily make or break stocks. Even though the cryptocurrency mania keeps him in the news most of…
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incorrectx-menquotes · 10 hours ago
Erik Lehnsherr: Shhh! Do you hear that? That’s the sound of forgiveness.
Charles Xavier: That’s the sound of people drowning, Erik.
Erik Lehnsherr: That’s what forgiveness sounds like: screaming, and then silence.
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