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Scientists say a person likes old songs because they remind him/her of the moments that person lived back then, BUT PERSONALLY I THINK OLD SONGS BRING YOU BACK ALL THE FEELINGS THAT  LYRICS TRY TO EXPRESS OVER AND OVER AGAIN. 

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I continued taking tuition but I had to undergo multiple operations and chemotherapy in the coming years and in order to remain consistent with my work, so that my income doesn’t stop I appointed teachers (women like me who needed work but couldn’t find one for some or the other reason). Financially things undoubtedly started getting better - my small tuition turned into a big coaching class along with a batch of kindergarten. Overall I had around 200 students divided into 5 batches, 5 days a week. But my health wasn’t getting any better. I didn’t realize this physical strain was taking a toll on my health. I was diagnosed with cervical dislocation - caused by sitting in a fixed and wrong position for hours; and by this time I had already stepped into the 3rd stage of ovarian cancer (this was in the year 2013). Just then my husband told me he was promoted and was being transferred to a different city, I didn’t need to work anymore as his salary will be sufficient enough for my medicines and our daughter’s education and other needs.

Just when I thought life was getting better, everything fell apart. One night I got into a big argument with my daughter and realized that even though I provided her with every materialistic thing possible, I was emotionally really distant from her. I felt ashamed and was angry at myself, thinking what was the point of all this when the one I love the most in this world felt lonely even though I thought I was always there for her. I don’t know if it was that fight, stress or something else but I had an ovary rupture at midnight and was rushed to the hospital. I was in a critical condition and to be honest it wasn’t death that scared me, the fact that I failed as a mother and my daughter didn’t really need me in her life.

I honestly thought, this was it. So decided to tell something to my daughter before I leave. She came to visit me at the hospital and I told her how sorry and ashamed I was and I could never forgive myself and I loved her the most in this world. She burst into tears and told me, which I remember word for word till today, “You never did anything to be ashamed or sorry for. Yes I feel lonely, but I know it is not your fault. You worked day and night for me, and any sort of free time you had was spent in the hospital or in dealing with excessive pain. Please remember, nothing in the world can change the fact that you are the strongest woman I know and I am soo soo proud of you. You give me strength and now since you aren’t working as much as before things have started to get better…”

Here I am 7 years later still dealing with my health complications with my daughter’s support. Back then somewhere down the line I had no will left to live, I honestly thought I had failed miserably as a mother. If my daughter had not told me how much proud she was of me and how much she wanted me by her side, I probably wouldn’t have survived.

I’m not proud of myself because I did a lot of work while fighting for my life, I always thought of it as my duty, I’m proud of myself because I could be a mother whose daughter looks up to her as an inspiration and is proud of.

Story by : Anonymous 

Music :

Picture Courtesy : @man-has-no-name

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Asi se arma una coreografia de accion para un show teatral….

So you put together an action choreography for a theatrical show …

#actores #stunt #fx #2minutos #viral #calle #destreza #olimpic #training #tv #cine #cinefilo #stayhome #vip #selec #running #action #liveaction #live #instagramers #youtuber #youtubeseries #tiktok #tiktokchallenge #challengerstreets #streetfighter #mortalkombat #mortalkombat2 #fatality (en Argentina , Buenos Aires)

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#actores #stunt #fx #2minutos #viral #calle #destreza #olimpic #training #tv #cine #cinefilo #stayhome #vip #selec #running #action #liveaction #live #instagramers #youtuber #youtubeseries #tiktok #tiktokchallenge #challengerstreets #streetfighter #mortalkombat #mortalkombat2 #fatality (en Plátanos, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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Prensa internacional

Presidencia de la república

Publicó lector

Me preguntan porque he disminuido crítica sobre el cartel 30 caballeros y respondo que ahí están las pruebas

Y con la prueba que aquí expongo compruebo que en la cámara de diputados en México también hay corrupción

El senador Dante Delgado Ranauro lleva viviendo en las cámaras entre 25 a 35 años cada año recibe entre los 800 a los 1500 millones de pesos para su mini partido político que cada vez que puede le cambia el nombre y además cuando no es senador es diputado y cuando no es diputado es senador y así la a llevado cómodamente 35 años

La corrupción en México no se está combatiendo y mucho menos es investigada

En la cámara de diputados y senadores hay corrupción y desde muchos sexenios la ocultan

Dejé de publicar pruebas porque soy el único que a el estado mexicano le dice sus verdades y a ello he descuidado mi demanda en tribunales internacionales

Por ello dejaré de hacerlo

Imagínense el muladar en el que está mexico como está lo de la PANDEMIA y todavía desordenadamente está se enfrenta por autoridades mexicanas ineptas

Los apoyos llegan a favoritismos únicamente de el presidente y lo demás es sobrellevar el problema

La pansemia no tiene cura no existe y así sin contingencia disciplinada no bajara la MORTANDAD y como dato la semana pasada murieron en México por la PANDEMIA entre 8 a 12 000 personas por COVID-19

Por último como felicitar al presidente después de la detención de Antonio Llepez el marro cuando los 3 intentos fallidos costaron al erario público más o menos 150 millones de pesos por la transportación y logística de elementos eso la prensa mexicana convencional nunca lo dirá y después de 2 años de sexenio el secretario de seguridad al menos ya detuvo a alguna persona cuando esté mismo como secretario de seguridad a Sido inepto por lo menos deberían de desquitar el sueldo que asta ahora le regalamos los ciudadanos.

Debemos querer a México pero con los ojos bien abiertos

Es todo por el momento

Daniel García Román

El zorro

10 agosto 2020

#cnbc #usatoday #thetimes #rtl #rt #rtc #WSJ #buzzfeed #thesun #michellebachelet #lefigaro #lemonde #live #news #nbc #cbs #efe #afp #FT #zenit #thetimes #telemundo #thetelegraf #washingtonpost #themirror #thenews #europapress

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Grab your tickets now to see, singer, songwriter and performer Noelle Kay @thenoellekay perform #LIVE in #Brookyln #NYC August 21, 2020.
You don’t want to miss out on witnessing these vocals live 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩 @teamnoellekay #Repost @thenoellekay with @get_repost
I am so honored and grateful for this moment to hit the stage again. I cannot wait to share my new music with you all. 💋

#staytuned #linkbio #dgc (at Brooklyn, New York)

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💜Monday motivation!💜

Stay focused, the distractions should not change your mission. You have greatness inside you and we’re here to support.

🎇 Not only is there a new blog post on the website but we also have Day 6 of the Increase Your Circle of Influence Challenge coming up tonight at 5:30 PM CST FREE in the Facebook Group LITErs of Love Inspire Teach E. 🎇

I look forward to seeing and hearing from you all there!

In the meantime feel free to drop a ❤ emoji if you felt today’s #mondaymotivation

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I want to write about us. But the truth is I cannot find the right words to put down on paper. Where do I begin? 

Our first encounter? When I bumped into you at the park. When I had no clue of how big of a role you’d later play in my life.

Our first confession? When we both professed our love to each other, promised we’d never hurt each other and stay faithful to each other for our entire lives.

Our first night? When my fears turned to desire and you embraced me as the complete woman I had become.

Perhaps I should write about my life before you. Before you came into my normal life and made me realize that it’s not so normal. 

Before you taught me that love is more than kisses and heartbreaks. Love is unconditional, full of surprises, compromises, sacrifices and promises. It is a thread, a magical cord, that may stretch or tangle but never break.

Before you, my love, I had no purpose of my life. I only existed. But now, I live.

I live because of you and for you. I love you and will never stop loving you. My soul will be tied to yours forever. Even the word that leaves my lips before I take my last breath will be your name.

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