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George Floyd Protests across the world

Demonstrators in Rio de Janeiro | Silvia Izquierdo

Aziz Asmar and Anis Hamdoun painting a mural depicting George Floyd in Syria’s Idlib province | Omar Haj Kadour

Protestors in Auckland, New Zealand | Hannah Peters

Thousands of protesters in Vancouver, Canada | Darryl Dyck 

Thousands of demonstrators marching in Montreal, Canada | Eric Thomas

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Caminho Claudio Coutinho (Thiago Castro). Praia vermelha e Urca. Red beach (Praia vermelha) and Urca.

Каминьо Клаудио Коучиньо (Тиаго Кастро). Пляж Вермелья (Красный пляж) и Урка.

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Rare picture of Lady Gaga having a beer in the favela of Cantagalo, in Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil

Legend has it that the crew lost Gaga for a while and they found her sitting at a bar and having a beer with the locals. I honestly want to believe it is true.

November, 2012

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One year ago, Evaldo Rosa was murdered by 12 military officers in Brazil. He was taking his family to a baby shower when the officers opened fire against their car. Out of the 257 bullets that were fired against them, 62 hit the driver. His wife, a friend, and his child also were inside the vehicle. When Luciano Macedo tried to help the injured singer, he was also shot and killed. The police said that the shooting started because they thought the car was stolen.

Ágatha Felix was 8 years old when the police murdered her. She was on a Kombi with her mom, and they were going to the favela Complexo do Alemão, were they lived. The car stopped to let passengers that were carpooling with them out. The police officers fired against a motorcycle, but the shot hit little Ágatha in the back. She was inside the vehicle. The police claims that they were attacked by multiple criminals and that the officers had nothing to do with the death of the girl.

João Pedro Mattos was 14 when he was murdered with a shot in the back. The federal police invaded his home already firing. One of the witnesses tried shouting at them that there were only children inside the house, and that they were already on the floor with their hands up. João Pedro, already injured, was then kidnapped from his home in a helicopter. His family only became aware of his death a day later. Hand grenades and a pistol were found in the residence, although witnesses claim that they were planted to incriminate the victims. Police says that the action was part of an operation against leaders of criminal factions, and that drug dealers opened fire against them.

Say their names. Do not let them be forgotten.

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