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#life hacks

Because times are hard and money is tight… I’m gonna teach you how to piratate books in the most safe way possible

In these times we can’t let reading or education become a privilege

First of all, searching for the pdf can be dangerous for your computer, virus and shit so

Search for:

Name of the book+epub+vk


Vk is an amazing place where ypu can ask for books too

There you will find the books to download directly


If it takes you to another site vk will warn you

The search for an epub to pdf convertor

And tada

You r a pirate

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How to find out if someone ur texting is a boy or a girl: Say smtg that makes them use either this emoji🤦‍♀ or this one🤦‍♂.

Not sure if that’s actually helpful, but I saw in some tumblr grp chats that people were asking other ppl whether they are male or female. And idk why but it sounds a lil stalkerish to me, I mean its perfectly rational to wanna know someone’s gender but idk why I think its a creepy question to ask.

So yeah, if you have the same concerns as me and you don’t wanna sound creepy, here you go. *yeets this post.

But I can’t help u if the person is genderfluid. As a genderfluid I can tell you that I just use the emoji for the gender that’s on my birth certificate. But that doesn’t mean I’m that gender at the moment.

Reblog if you wanna save someone’s overthinking brain.

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Well, I decided to get Bailey groomed in a ‘DIY’ fashion, because of her shedding again: Went to the nearest self-serve car wash(masking it as just another walk), and got a lot of her dead fur off by using one of the 75-cent vacuums.  So she’s shedding nowhere near as badly after having to hold her down because she was scared of the noise the vacuum made.

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If your at a protest at tear gas is thrown at the crowds right after with gloves and a mask pick it up and put it in a jug of water and seal. it will stop it working

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Hey everyone, I just made a Discord server for people to give advice to each other when moving out on their own and adulting for the first time.
I was inspired to make this because I only just moved out on my own a little while ago and thought it would be nice to have a community of people to share what they’ve learnt living on their own and advice for day-to-day life.

The invite link is here if you want to join!

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If you have dogs like mine, who have to take pills and hiding them in meat and cheese slices doesn’t work. Here’s a good way to hide their medicine

You will need

1 cup milk

1 cup peanut butter

2 cups flour

A large mixing bowl

And an electric handmixer or a wisk and a rubber spatula

1. Add the peanut butter and milk to the bowl and with an electric mixer or wisk mix them into a smooth batter

2. Mix the flour into the batter ¼ cup to ½ cup at a time. If you don’t have an electric mixer you may have to knead the dough by hand to get all the flour mixed in.

3. Scoop teaspoons or tablespoons of dough (depends on the size of you dog and the size/number of pills you need to put in each treat) and roll them into balls

4. Place the dough balls into a lidded container and place in the fridge

5. Then whenever it’s time for your dog to take it’s medicine you just fold them into one of the balls of peanut butter dough and they’ll scarf em down no problem.

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One of my favorite life hacks right here . Saving napkins / sauces / utensils from fast food bags. Most of the time I dont even use any napkins (cuz Im rlly good at inhaling food) so keeping them is really helpful for when I make a mess in my car or something. Just in case yknow.

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Pro tips for you men out there

Here’s a list from the sub life pro tips on reddit. It might come in handy for y'all so here they are:

  • Take a picture of the way your facial hair looks on each setting of your trimmer, that way you never question which length to trim
  • If your feet are roughly size 9 or under, buy large junior socks instead of mens for a better fit
  • If you’re sick or in pain, watch or listen to something that makes you cry. Crying releases natural painkillers and provides temporary relief
  • If you have to wear a tie on a windy day, slide a coin down the inside of the hem to keep it from blowing all around
  • [This is my own personal tip] if you dont have shaving cream, body wash is great for shaving. So long as I’m not going too fast, I don’t have any nicks
  • If you need to shave around your Adam’s apple, use one hand to pull the skin where your throat is flat and shave
  • If possible buy a funeral outfit un advance should you ever need one, that way you don’t have to fo through the process of buying one while grieving
  • If you’re kissing someone or biting their ear, hold your breath because the sound of your breathing is amplified and can be off putting for many
  • If you’re suffering from premature ejaculation/erectile dysfunction you might have a zinc deficiency
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To build on “Don’t think just do” post.
This is one strategy I have learnt through books and seminars.
They say - Ready, Fire, Aim as opposed to the traditional saying “Ready. Aim, Fire”

Ready = Do basic research, prep.
Fire = Take action based on preliminary research. Get the ball rolling.
Aim = Adjust as per feedback, as per the new situations that have unfolded since you’ve taken that action.

Repeat the process.


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If you get an opportunity to do something, anything to be honest even if it’s just doing something so insignificant, always do it if it’s good.

It is an opportunity for you to learn and grow and eventually succeed in life.

You will only regret it in the end otherwise.

A closed and a life of avoiding doing things will come to bite you when you are an adult because you will be wondering why you are still a child unable to be self sufficient and independent and have terrible social skills.

We as humans learn a lot by experience and doing things over and over again, disagreeing, learning, being hated, hating, learning not to hate, living, made fun of and ridiculed, being anxious and learning to be happy than anxious and so on…all the tiny things of life and so on outside of our safe space. All these entire life will help you to succed in life. It’s part of life and the cycle of human life. It cannot be avoided. It should be accepted and embraced to mold you and shape you but never let it crush you or make you a horrible person but always be Christ like regardless.

Be stubborn in doing good and facing fears and things and people and accepting and learning and growing.

Spread your wings and fly. You are made to be an eagle and not a chicken.

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