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More at --> http://1000lifehacks.com
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whatareyoureallyafraidof · a year ago
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  I re-blogged this (the first time) in 2014. Today, I tried half a dozen times to re-blog it, and it wouldn’t work. So, I saved the images and re-posted it. I hope it helps make life a little easier. :-)   The original post is by iraffiruse.
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shutyourmoustache · a year ago
So you don’t have to watch the video every time you need one of these hacks immediately:
1. If you feel nauseated, smell rubbing alcohol.
2. If you feel like throwing up, start humming.
3. If you have a runny nose, put your tongue to the roof of your mouth and press your thumb to your forehead for about 20 seconds.
4. If you have a headache, pinch the webbing between your fingers and rub it back and forth for about 1 minute.
5. If you’re lightheaded from standing up too quickly, clench your butt cheeks.
6. If your arm’s dead/has the pins and needles feeling, rock your head back and forth.
7. If you need to pee badly, think of sex to trick your brain and relieve the pressure.
8. If you have a migraine, stick your hands in ice water.
9. If you wanna calm your racing heart, blow on your thumb.
EDIT: Okay, so apparently that Tiktok creator just got caught out in February having said racist and anti-gay shit in the past, including using the N-word. I literally had never come across them til they landed on my For You page yesterday and just got messaged by someone about them being an asshole. Please use these hacks if you need them cuz your health is super important but don’t follow that creator, like their vids, comment on their stuff, etc. I think that boosts them in the platform’s algorithm? Right? (My Tiktok illiteracy is showing.) If anyone can recommend creators of color or LGBTQ+ creators with cool life/health hacks to follow instead, that’d be awesome! 🙏🏼
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youhavewonme · 6 months ago
I'm neurodivergent as well as disabled and "10 minute blocking" has changed my life.
I find completing tasks really challenging because I either get super overwhelmed, distracted, or my pain/fatigue levels rise too much and I get defeated.
So I recently introduced the 10 Minute Block rule. It's super simple. I simply pick one thing I need to do, set a timer usually for 10 mins (+/- 5 mins depending on fatigue/pain levels) and then go go go! And I try and do as much of that one thing as I can within the time limit. The rule is that I have to stop after 10 minutes.
If I feel spurred on after the 10 mins is up, then I'm free to start another 10 minute block (either to carry on with the same task or start a new one) and do this repeatedly for as long as I wish, but I absolutely must stop after each block and assess how my body is doing and finish blocking when my body tells me to.
If I am feeling defeated or tired or whatever after 10 mins, even if the task isn't finished, I stop. I rest, congratulate myself on doing those 10 minutes, and then find something fun/restorative to do instead without feeling guilty.
It's really improved my perception of productivity as well as taught me how to pace my body better.
I don't know if this will be helpful to any of you, but it's something that I wish I'd known about sooner and has helped me so I thought I'd share it.
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arandomthot · a year ago
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They might be onto something here
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diycraftsnmore · 3 months ago
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obaewankenope · a month ago
I've given myself heat exhaustion AGAIN (heck, I hope it's only heat exhaustion, rip) and I am not here for it ffs so to make sure y'all know about it, imma share the signs of heat exhaustion!
Heat exhaustion is quite literally your body getting too hot and Exhausting itself to cope. Heatstroke is your body Failing To Cope.
Heat Exhaustion signs include:
You get a headache that Will Not Go Away
You feel confused and dizzy (balance who? Idk her)
You don't feel hungry but you feel sick as well (this sucks and happens a lot in high heat so try and snack regularly)
Sweating and clammy skin like the kind that has people go "you're freezing!" because you've sweated so much you literally end up with a chill on your skin
Cramps. Feckin cramps. Arms. Legs. Stomach. They suck ass.
You have a heckin fast pulse or you're hyperventilating like you've just had a Scare
Your body temp is over 38°c (because you're literally boiling like a lobster in a pot)
You are Beyond Thirsty and no matter what you drink it Does Not Abate
If you end up experiencing any of these symptoms, or multiple, and you're in a hot/warm environment, then sit your ass down in the shade, get something to drink, and get a damp cloth on your head or a change of clothes that are cool.
Basically, stop what you're doing and give your body a chance to Not Keep Boiling
Heat exhaustion is NOT THE SAME as a heatstroke.
Heatstroke is So Much Worse™.
Heatstroke signs include:
Still feeling like utter shite 30 minutes after you sat your ass down, rested in a cool place, and rehydrated
Not actually sweating even though you really do feel like a lobster in a pot that has the heat up High
Your body temp is 40°c+ (which is bad btw, that's temp for causing your to pass out etc)
Hyperventilating/fast breathing or actual shortness of breath (I struggle with this because asthma so I'm always like "idk if I got this oops)
Feeling confused but in a like "I don't know what's going on, I can't think, I have no idea about anything, someone help me please I'm crossing into traffic and don't even realise" way
Having a fit/seizure because your body temp is so high your brain is Actually Getting Boiled In Your Skull 🙃 [upside down smiley emoji]
Passing out and not actually responding or waking up from a brief fainting spell (this is the Serious™ kind of passing out that has doctors going "oh shit, we need an IV STAT!" or whatever it is they say when Shit Is Going Down)
Heatstroke can be really dangerous if it isn't treated quickly so please don't ignore these signs. Right now, I'm in a cool environs, with hydration, and am avoiding moving and am gonna have a nap because I'm going very dizzy, can't focus properly, have a headache, and am only coherent here because I'm HyperFocusing on this post. I can't even understand words being said to me right now hence nap, hydration, and cool environs.
So please, y'all, take care of yourselves. Seriously.
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mckitterick · a year ago
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ADHD life hacks #41,279: Vegetable Management
source tweet: X
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1000-life-hacks · 15 hours ago
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arkon-z · 5 months ago
Got cool stickers? Do you get anxious about trying to decide where to stick them? Do they just live on the sticker sheets forever, gathering shameful dust in your drawer?
THERE IS HOPE! I saw this on Reddit.
What you need are magnetic sheets.
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Now, take your stickers:
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And stick them on to the sheets:
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Trim them down:
Tumblr media
And now you have magnets! All the fun of stickers with none of the commitment!
Tumblr media
I learned about this method from Reddit. The stickers were designed by @sherlocktheravencat and you can buy them here!
Be free from your sticker anxiety my fellow nerds!
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slaybleist · 2 months ago
Autistic life pro tip: call after business hours and leave a message for them to call/email you back to make an appointment
and minimize anxiety about & time spent on bs social chatter!
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breelandwalker · 28 days ago
Beating The Heat On The Cheap
For all my European darlings who are suffering through this horrible heat wave, my American friends who don't always have access to air conditioning, and anyone else who needs it....
Here are some tips on how to survive the heat of summer at home when you have next to no money and only household basics to work with.
(I'd love it if readers would reblog this and add their own ideas - people need all the help they can get right now!)
Stay hydrated. This is the most important thing. You're going to sweat a LOT and your body needs that replenished as often as possible. Drink WATER as much as possible and cold is best. Soda won't cut the mustard and sports drinks may replenish your electrolytes, but they are not meant for subsistence. If you need to flavor your water to make it more palatable, do it. And I know cold tea is anathema to some, but a glass of sweet or citrusy iced tea might be just the thing to get you through.
Wear loose, breezy clothing. I know the instinct is to wear your smallest, briefest summer garments, but sometimes wearing something larger, looser, and flowy helps to cool you down. The movement of the fabric creates a little bit of a breeze to draw heat away from your skin and helps all that sweating actually cool you down.
Draw the shades. If you have curtains or blinds or window shades, cover the windows, especially on the sunny side of your home. Shading the place will help keep the heat out, at least a little.
Use fans and appliances judiciously. Keep the air moving. I know sometimes it's just blowing hot air around, but it's better than stagnating. Also if you have an exhaust fan above your stove, USE IT. Draw off some of that heat from your cooking and for the love of all things holy, try not to use the oven. (Also, if you're not using your desktop computer or gaming system, unplug it for a while - those things generate a lot of heat!)
Eat cool and light. Try to avoid making meals that are going to heat up the house. If you can, make cold meals or use the microwave instead of the stovetop or oven. If you have an outdoor grill, use that for the evening meal instead of the stove. Also, if you have a blender handy, smoothies are a great way to cool down and also get in a few servings of fruit or vegetables.
Swamp coolers are your friend. If you've got a towel, a drink cooler, a bag of ice, and a box fan, you can make a homemade swamp cooler as well. Put the towel on the floor and the drink cooler on top. Fill the cooler with ice and position the fan so that it's blowing over and around the open cooler from less than two feet away. Elevate it on a box or chair if necessary. This isn't going to cool your entire home, but it can cool a small space and provides a little relief. Just be aware that there will be some sweating from the cooler and you'll need to replace the ice after a while. (The meltwater may be good for watering the garden or doing the washing up though.)
Cold showers take the edge off of many things. At the end of the day, take a shower that's a few degrees cooler than body temperature. Even if you don't do a full scrub or wash your hair, get in and sluice down, or use a pitcher of room-temperature water to give yourself a rinse. This helps your whole body cool down, cleans off the sweat of the day so you don't get breakouts, and helps you sleep cooler and less sticky. (Also, try sleeping under the duvet cover without the duvet inside to stay cooler at bedtime. And definitely have a fan in the bedroom.)
Make some homemade cold spray. This is something I used to make for camping trips. In a spray bottle, combine tap water and aloe gel in about equal measure. Then, if you have it, add 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil. Shake to combine. You can store the bottle in the fridge when you're at home or tuck it into your bag if you're out and about. A few spritzes on the chest or the back of the neck helps immensely. (Don't spray it on your face or near your eyes. If you have any allergy or sensitivity to peppermint, leave the essential oil out.)
Keep reusable ice packs in the freezer. These can be a lifesaver. They're a quick way to cool down during the day, by cuddling or leaning against while sitting. If you can't find ice packs, fill a freezer bag 3/4 full of ice water with half a cup of rubbing alcohol, squeeze out the air before closing, and reinforce the seams and edges with duct tape. In an emergency when nothing else is working, or if someone starts to overheat, take an ice pack and put it under the arm. There's a whole host of major circulatory vessels in that area and it's a fast way to bring down body temp if someone's in trouble or while you're waiting for emergency services.
Please feel free to add your own tips and stay safe out there!
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