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disabledprincesses · a day ago
Me, a chronically ill college student: I feel like crap and I feel like theres nothing I can do about it while I live on campus and don't make my own money
Doctors: just eat healthy
Teachers: just eat healthy
Media: just eat healthy
Healthy people: just eat healthy
Parents: just eat healthy
Every on-campus food place:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Yes these are actually from one of the places to buy food on campus)
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the-one-eyed-witch · 2 days ago
Don’t get me wrong, I love food. But eating is frustrating. The fact that I have to keep doing it every day, multiple times a day. It’s not a task I can do and it’s done
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anyponyrequests · 20 hours ago
lesbian fluttershy with a mobility aid? everyone’s works are amazing! ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
her friends helped decorate her cane!! :D also thank you so much!! - mod twilight
Fluttershy says nopony should feel ashamed about using mobility aids! - mod applejack
click image for better quality!
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br00klynn2428 · a day ago
Inktober 21: Lonely
Tumblr media
Having a chronic illness can be lonely. You often don’t have enough energy to go around. The spoon theory was developed to help explain how the energy of someone chronically ill is limited and easily spent. If someone chronically ill saves you a spoon, it means something pretty special.
Most of my spoons this month have gone towards the Inktober challenge, with the aid of the prompt list created by @bluebellofbakerstreet
@gentleholmes @macgyvershe @chinike @totallysilvergirl @tea-at-221
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I hate how doctors don't really care about a condition if it doesn't have the possibility of being fatal.
My GP diagnosed me with chronic urticaria, and she was just like, the cause is never really found so just take antihistamines and you'll be fine.
And I'm?? Like, sure, thanks for all that information. Antihistamines aren't really working, I'm so itchy all of the time, I get the urticaria all over, at any time. I don't know if it can progress into a more severe allergic reaction, I don't know if it's connected to my autoimmune condition. So thanks for nothing I guess??
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fickes · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
with great pain comes the great inability to form a coherent sentence
[ID: a 4-page comic in illuminated manuscript style of a person standing outside. /1: They look to the distance and say: "What is that dolorous cloud: that dreadful fright I see now on the dark horizon?" /2: They turn, upset, and say: "Alas! It is the brain fog approaching!" A purple cloud enters the panel. /3: They hold up their hands against the approaching cloud, saying: "A curse upon that fog that steals my eloquence." /4: The cloud surrounds them and they say: "cloud"..."bad" /ID]
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Yet another reminder that faking is a conscious choice that you make.
It is not something you can do accidentally, regards of what you're talking about.
You can't accidentally fake depression, or anxiety, or bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia, or any other mental illness.
You can't accidentally fake Borderline Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder, personality disorders.
You can't accidentally fake ADHD, autism, Tourette's Syndrome, auditory processing disorder, aphasia or any other neurodivergence
You can't accidentally fake being trans or ace-spec or aro-spec or any other LGBTQIA+ identity.
You can't accidentally fake chronic illnesses like CFS, fibromyalgia or any chronic illness.
You also can't accidentally fake being good/intelligent at something. You didn't fool your peers into reaching your position.
You can't accidentally fake trauma, PTSD/cPTSD, DID/OSDD/DDNOS or any other trauma-based disorder.
Faking is a conscious choice.
You cannot do it by accident.
If you are worried that you are faking, that in itself is proof that you are not.
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cryptcatz · 4 months ago
i cannot believe it is 2021 and a bizarre portion of abled ppl STILL seem to believe that all wheelchair users are paralyzed and if they have any use of their legs they are OBVIOUSLY faking
the concept of part-time wheelchair users isn’t that hard to understand what is up with y’all
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heyatleastitsnotcancer · 2 months ago
The SSI Restoration Act of 2021 is currently proposed to congress. SSI is a type of disability payment for disabled Americans. The bill will increase the SSI payment to the poverty level (right now the maximum payment is 9528$ a year). It will allow disabled people on SSI to marry and not lose their income. It will increase the asset and income caps for SSI among other improvements.
Friends and I made a website that has all of this info plus a REALLY easy way to send an email to your state reps. If you click the link below and click send email, you can send a letter of support for the SSI Restoration Act to your state reps. It's already written and takes only a few minutes. Seriously it is ridiculously easy. These emails have more pull to reps than resistbot so please fill out if you can!
We also have a Facebook page called "Campaign to Fix SSI" that has this information and regular updates. Here's the link for that.
Please do this and boost! It could change the lives of millions of disabled Americans.
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When I wake up feeling rested...
Tumblr media
(This is speculative fiction.)
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howtobeapersonwithfibro · 7 months ago
this shouldn’t be a hot take but your life has exactly the same value whether you work 7 days a week or 5 days a week or 2 days a week or 0 days a week. 
your life is valuable because it’s your life, and you have a lot to offer the people around you. it doesn’t matter how much you’re able to work. 
the most important thing is that you are as happy and healthy as possible, whatever that means for you.
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a-spoonful-of-pain · 3 months ago
Lockdown gave abled people the opportunity to experience some of the things disabled people have been experiencing their whole lives. This resulted in a lot of contradictory statements...
Disabled people were often scolded for spending so much time on social media / on our phones, yet when lockdown came, everyone realised the value of technology to keep in touch,
Disabled people were told they were lucky that they could spend so much time in bed, yet when lockdown came, mental health illness cases rose because people had to do just that.
Disabled people were laughed at for suggesting socialisation virtually with friends and family, yet when lockdown came, group calls and virtual family quiz nights held relationships together.
Disabled people were rejected when asking for the flexibility and accomodations to work from home, yet when lockdown came, these accomodations were easily made.
Disabled people asked for virtual doctors appointments and were told it wasn't possible, yet when lockdown came, it was the only option.
Disabled people were crammed into crowded places causing accessibility issues, yet when lockdown came, social distancing improved access.
Disabled people requested more online shopping and deliveries for essentials, yet when lockdown came, this was seen as a necessity.
Disabled people who wore masks before Covid were mocked, yet when lockdown came, wearing a mask was enforced.
Disabled people were met with jealousy when they stated they were unemployed, yet when lockdown came, many realised the true struggle of not having anything to occupy their time.
The hypocrisy of the abled people who would mock, deny and minimise the disabled experience who were then forced to live in a similar way needs attention. I hope that there is more compassion now. I hope that knowing the changes and accomodations disabled needed are possible results in more accomodations being made. I hope that companies choose to continue to support those with disabilities, even if that was never their intention. I hope that something good could come out of this devastation.
Comment below any more Covid contradictions you can think of!
ID: green background with cream text reads "covid contradictions" brown text reads "disabled people often asked for requirements that were rejected, yet during the pandemic, these became essential." Below is an image of a white woman wearing a yellow coat and brown mask.
Tumblr media
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absolutely-feral · 7 months ago
you know what i find infuriating? when you see a healthcare professional, you have to walk a very thin line as you talk about your symptoms and conditions
if i don't baby myself down and use smaller words or talk as if im unaware of parts of my condition (which i am very knowledgeable about) they will dismiss my concerns, assuming im a "google doctor" hypochondriac rather than an intelligent disabled person
i asked my intake nurse at an urgent care today (waited 3 and a half hours for a uti diagnosis btw) what specialist she would recommend for my joint dislocations because they were staying out longer and it hurts
she looked at me and said "Oh I don't know sweetie. I thought you were going to say arthritis, but there's a very long word for what your joints are doing."
ma'am....i know what a subluxation is i just wanted a provider recommendation
honestly as soon as you let them know you're disabled they assume you are just a dumb sweet little baby and the moment you demonstrate any medical understanding of a condition YOU HAVE they get combative and will actively work against your attempts to receive adequate care
and in this case, i apparently did not act "stupid" enough, because they failed to tell me a word i already knew, or that my lab results even confirmed my uti, much less that it was severe enough to be with hematuria- i had to ask for confirmation after she rattled off the prescriptions she was sending and read my discharge papers for my full diagnosis
tl;dr Healthcare providers: stop treating chronically ill and disabled patients like they are not smart enough to be engaged with like the adults that they are
(this includes people with mental and learning disabilities too)
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