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#Bruce Wayne

So heres a spooky fic for Halloween. It’s okay, not amazing. It was surprisingly hard to write. Mostly cause my minds been on Xmas for the last two months. Anyway enjoy.



Kate smiled, showing off her fangs.

“They look so real.” I said.

She tapped it with her finger. “It feels real. I reckon if I bit someone it’d do some serious damage.”

“Maybe you should start wearing them on patrol.”

She laughed. “It’d sure as hell shock the bad guys, if nothing else. Cloak please.”

I hand her her cloak. “I can’t believe you’ve never went as a vampire before.”

“Just never crossed my mind I guess.”

“It’s like one of the classic. Vampire, ghost, zombie, and… uh- damn, I know I’m forgetting someone.”

She laughed and twirled in her outfit. “What do yah think?”

“Just buy a old castle in the middle of nowhere, change your name to Dracula and I’d reckon it’d be perfect.”

“Bold of you to assume I don’t own a castle.”

“Wait, really?” I asked. She cheekily smiled as she walked out of the room. “Kate? We’re you serious?”

I followed Kate down to the cave, begging her to tell me whether she was joking or not. I quickly realised she was enjoying my displeasure so I stopped my questioning.

I spotted Bruce and Jay talking by the Zeta as we entered the cave. They were dressed as Superman, and Wonder Woman.

“Wonder Woman doesn’t carry a gun.” Bruce pointed to the holster.

“This Wonder Woman does.” Jay argued.

“Leave it.”

Jay sighed and set the holster and gun down on the desk. “Fine.”

“The blue looks good on you.” I siad to Bruce as we reached them.

He scoffed. “I don’t know how Clark wears this all day.”

“If you didn’t want to wear it, you shouldn’t have made a bet with Jay.”

“He cheated. I know he did.”

“You can’t prove it.” Jay giggled.

“Are you sure you’ll be alright by yourself?” Bruce asked.

“Bruce, I’m not a child, plus if anything goes wrong, I know where Alfred hides some of his guns.”

He sighed. “Please tell me that’s not true.” I flashed a cheeky smile at him. “Alfred will be back about twelve.”

Kate ruffled my hair. “We’ll be back sometime afte that. Don’t wait up.”

“And don’t have to much fun while we’re away.” Jay joked.

The three headed for the Zeta. “Have fun!” I shouted after them as they dissappeared.

I was alone. Alfred had brought Damien and some of his friends trick or treating and the rest of the family are at the League’s Halloween party. The house was completely empty.

“What to do? What to do?” I said as I absent mindly walked through the house.

I wasn’t in any mood to sit down and watch a movie or anything. After a while of pacing around the living room an idea hit me. I could explore the attic. It must be huge in this place, plus it’s the only room, I know of, that I haven’t been in.

I quickly made my way to the entrance to the attic on the third floor. I pulled down the steps leading up. At first glance it didn’t look like anything special. A dusty old room with objects covered in tarps. Only difference, it seemed to go on forever.

After what felt like hours of exploring I had only come across a few note worthy objects. One of them was huge chest. It looked like something a magician would use. The label read “G. Zatarra”. I made a mental note to ask Bruce about that later.

I stopped in front of a large rectangular siloute and pulled the tarp away. It was a huge picture. Dick had told me about these. Everytime he’d get a new kid Bruce had one made. The most recent one was hung above the fireplace, while Bruce kept the old ones in his room. Why was this one up here? I looked at the faces. Alfred, Bruce, Dick, Babs, and a young boy I didn’t recognise.

I was about to inspect it closer when the sound of footsteps behind me startled me. “Hello? Bruce? Kate?”

I heard the noise again. This time by the ladder. I headed towards it. Nothing. The dust must be going to my head. Time to head down. I climbed down and shut the ladder behind me.

I was heading downstairs when I heard it again. This time in the nearby room. Kate’s room. I leaned against the door and listened. I could hear footsteps behind the door. I knocked. “Kate?”

No reply. I tried the knob. Unlocked. Not like her to leave it unlocked. I pushed it open a crack. “Kate?”

Silence. I pushed it the rest of the way. The room was empty. I crept to the bathroom door. I couldnt hear anyone behind it. I opened it. Nothing. I must be going crazy.

I jolted around as the bedroom door shut. Someone was definitely here. I crept to the dresser and grabbed the empty vase sitting on it. Better then nothing.

I could hear footsteps outside the door. The knob began to turn. I ready myself. The door opened and Kate walked in. “Jesus Christ Ashleigh! What are you doing in here?”

I lowered the vase. “I- I thought I heard someone in here.”

“Maybe it was a ghost.” She joked.

“Ha ha.” I sarcastically said. “What are you doing back so early?”

“Left my phone behind.”

I glanced to the top of the beside locker. Sure enough her phone sat charging. I grabbed it and handed it to her.

“Funny. I swore I locked this door.”

“Funny. Yeah.” I lollles around for anything out of the ordinary. Nothing.

“Ashleigh you’re shaking.”

“Guess I’m just a little jumpy. It being Halloween and all.”

We stepped out of the room. “I can stay with you, if you want?” Kate said.

“No. No. It’s fine.”

We both jumped at the sound of footsteps running towards us. Kate turned, ready to fight, but no-one was there.

“You heard that too. Right?” I asked.

“Yes.” Kate confirmed. “Probably just Alfred.” She tried to rationalise.

“Why would Aflred be running down the halls?”

“The cat.”

“Oh. Yeah. Probably. That makes sense.”


“On second thoughts, can you stay?”

“Yeah.” She looked to me. “Let’s go… watch a movie.”

“Mind if I grab some candy first?”

“It’s Halloween, of course not.”

We took one last glance down the hall and went off to watch a movie and let the events faded into my memories.

We sat down in the living room and watched some halloween movies. Nothing too spooky. About half twelve we heard Alfred and the kids come in.

Damien strolled by us, followed by Jon, Maps, the two dogs, and the cat. “Damien!” I yelled after him.

They stopped and turned. “Yes?”

“Was the cat with you all night?”

“Yes, why?”

I looked to Kate. “No reason.” She said and we turned back to our movie. The kids left.

“You don’t think it was a ghost do you?” I asked her.

“Nah, just an old pipe or something.”

I nevously laughed. “Is it strange that I believe in ghosts?”

“Trust me Ashleigh, there real.”

“You’ve seen one?”

“We run into a lot of strange things in our profession.”

We turned back to the TV.  “My mother always said that I shouldn’t be scared of ghosts. It’s the living I should fear.”

Kate put an arm around me. “You don’t have to be afraid of anything as long as I’m here.”

I leaned into her. “Thanks Kate.”

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Bruce,Duke and Dick: Would never stab anyone

Babs,Cass and Alfred: Would stab with warning

Tim, Steph and Kate: Would stab without warning

Damian and Jason: Would stab as a warning

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i like to imagine that when the bats all train together, bruce will sometimes let the batkids lead the warm-up workouts:

cass is the best at leading the warm ups. she doesn’t talk much, but she’ll stand in front of the other bats and lead them through a full body workout that still leaves them with enough energy to put their full effort into sparring.

duke’s warm ups are something straight out of a middle school gym class. i’m talking toe touches and butterfly stretches. he gets made fun of relentlessly for it.

steph’s warm ups usually end up with the batkids doing the cha cha slide.

jason’s usually devolve into push-up or plank contests that cass usually wins.

damian leads everyone through basic loa exercises that would be great warm ups if he didn’t get so… invested. bruce usually takes over when damian starts swinging his sword at people’s head to “test their reflexes.”

dick turns into a whole gymnastics coach when he gets to lead. ninety percent of his workouts are stretching and acrobatics. the other ten percent is him trying to teach jason how to do a front walkover.

tim just puts a chloe ting workout up on the batcomputer and calls it a day.

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An AU i might work on…

in an alternate universe where Bruce wayne was paralyzed early into his career,the mantle passed onto his young protoge, Dick grayson. Now with the support of the Wayne fund, his mentors wisdom and a nifty arsenal of gadgets, Grayson brings a new flavor of bat justice, as the new BATMAN

let me know if y’all would be interested in this AU, I’m going to add some familiar faces and names *cough*oracle*cough*

any criticism would be appreciated :)

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Madness Whispered Sweetly by  L. VanDattae

t - 76k

Summary:  In a world where the Waynes harbor a dark curse and Timothy has been murdered, decades later they accidentally run across his reincarnation in a human boy named Tim. Too bad Tim wants nothing to do with them, and well, kidnapping’s a criminal offense. Now they must convince him to trust them before the past catches up. Vamp AU

Reader’s Comments: This is the perfect Batfam Halloween story where all of them except Tim are Vampires. I love the relationships in this and how the old Tim affected everyone and how it plays into the current story. 

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Bruce talking about Nightwing and appreciating his eldest son’s sense of loyalty and habit of showing up when he needs him —Batman: Death in the Family.

Honestly I know people have a problem with the UTRH path just being a recap with Bruce narrating off screen but I actually really love it and I’m so glad that they took the time to have Bruce express his love and respect towards Dick and just wants to keep him safe.

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