onisia · 4 hours ago
Staying Safe in MOGAI and LIOM Communities - Emojis
Emojis to look out for - make sure you're looking for context before you conclude that someone is using the emoji to communicate these things
Paraphilias and illegal/Immoral Relationships 
Remember people with these paraphilias aren't inherently bad people, some are really chill! This is useful if you're triggered by the concept or uncomfortable interacting, as well as if you see these emojis used in the context of someone saying they're okay to act on, that they're inherently LGBTQ+, so on
 MAPs/NoMAPs: 🗺️/☀️ and possibly other sun emojis /🍃/🍸 Z00philes:🧸/🍋/🐾 / 🪶 N3cr0philes: 🦴/🧟 / ⌛ / ⚰️ / 🪦 Biast0philes (non-con): 🌹 / 🥀 Traumaphiles: 🩹 (could be used to refer to those who fetishise traumatised people, but traumaphile does have other uses/meanings, check for context) AAM (adult attracted minor): 🌂 / 🧸 / 🥤 / 🛼 / 🧃 MAP and AAM relationships, AAM-for-MAP: 🚸 Consang/Consenual Inc3st: 🌷 / 🧬 
Ficto-MAP (attraction to fictional minors): 🍯/🔖🍸 / 🔖☀️ / 🔖🗺️ Ficto-Z00 (attraction to fictional animals): 🤎 /🔖🐾 / 🔖🪶 Intraplural-MAP and/or Z00 (attraction to minors/animals in your own system): 🧠 
Specific types of z00s: any animal emoji paired with 🐾 could be referring to a z00 with an animal preference or exclusivity towards an animal, 🌈🐾 refers to 'multispecies'-attracted z00s 
Pro-Contact: 🌲 / 💚 (could be used by those who support acting on certain harmful paraphilias, or not, so check for context!) Restricted Contact: 🌵 / 💜 (believes it's moral to be in romantic relationships with minors, but not sexual) Neutral-Contact: 🌱 / 💛(may consider themselves 'neutral' on acting on certain harmful paras, again context matters) Complex Contact: 🌿 / 💙 (views 'contact discourse' as too complex / has complex opinions) Anti-Contact: 🌳 / ❤️ (included as it may be comforting to some)
PEAR: 🍐 (pro-expression anti-repression, used by anyone but especially common in the MAP community) 
Transx / Transid and Other/Misc 
Radqueer: 🐭 / 🐁/ 🍓🌈  (supports all transid identities and all paraphilias) 
Transid: ☂️ / 🍥 / 🔁 (can refer to anyone who identifies as a trans- identity, which does include transgender, but these are most likely to be used by transage, trace, transabled, transautistic, etc) 
Trace / Diaracial: 🌐 / ☁️  Transabled: 🦯 / 🦿 / 🦽 Transautistic (non-reclaimed): ♾️ (yes they literally stole the already-used infinity symbol emoji) or sometimes 🔁 TransADHD: 🦋 Transage: ⏰ (remember most transage people are totally fine, their community can be alarming but the experience itself is fine, this is here if you're not comfortable with users of the word transage or are wary that they are in bad parts of the transage community) Transian: 🕰️⏰ / 🥣⏰ (identifying as chronosian and transage at the same time) PanTransID/Trans 'everything': 🌈☂️ / 🌈🍥 / 🌈🔁     (identifying as every transid identity or under every main umbrella) 
Other paraphilias and transid identities are found on this carrd, but they weren't including due to them being mostly fine experiences and/or not having much recognised controversy tied to them
Remember, do not harass people you see with these emojis or mass report them, simply block if you’re uncomfortable and only report if you’re seriously concerned they’re breaking TOS
(tagging rebloggers of part 1! : @browzerhistory @genderpains @themogaidragon @spirimogai @lesbiantherian @nightfallsystem )
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kellymagovern · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
“Spiritual bypassing” is a term coined by John Welwood in the 1980′s, which he described as a tendency to use spiritual ideas, explanations, and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, and unfinished developmental tasks.
Teal Swan has a more in-depth look into spiritual bypassing in this video here.
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kfirerising · a day ago
The Kundalini "activation"
Can last a while and it's used as a way to refine the individual even further towards the frequencies that need to be present for the spinal sweep to take place. All chakras will be redefined that they may respond to that powerful frequency. Within the activation stage you need to do the work of forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, selfless service, self-discipline, self-correction, meditation, devotion, right action, and other behaviors that will support the high-frequency of the spinal sweep.
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sunkissedqueer · 7 months ago
This Thanksgiving National Day of Mourning, please consider donating to:
The Native American Rights Fund
Native Wellness Institute
Warrior Women Project
Sitting Bull College
First Nations COVID-19 Response Fund
The Redhawk Native American Art Council
Partnership With Native Americans
First Nations Development Institute
Native American Heritage Association
National Indigenous Women's Resource Center
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theartistichuman · 3 months ago
A woman is going to be wrongfully executed next month for a crime she did not commit. Her case was used as a political ploy, and a false confession was produced by gross police misconduct.
Her name is Melissa Lucio and she’s going to die this April.
Sign the petition and learn more here->
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moonrosesworld · a month ago
I know everyone is making fun of Hunter's new man purse (which Flapjack stays in and it's adorable!)
Tumblr media
I couldn't help but be drawn to this little blue bow on it. I know the purse might be something he got from the trash or lost and found and it was just some girly accessory he didn't care about, but I looked up the meaning of a blue bow and here's the first thing I saw...
Tumblr media
😳 It stands for child abuse prevention and awareness. I don't think of it as a sad thing, but it adds to him becoming more aware of his horrible upbringing. Hunter is on the path to healing now, especially now that he knows people have his back. Still... right in the feels.
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oblvx · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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trisquiggles · 3 months ago
To All Discord PluralKit and TupperBox users:
Discord's TOS has banned the use of self-bots. These are accounts in which a bot is being controlled by a person rather than through an automated system.
Now, I know that sounds bad. The reason I'm making this post is because recently I've seen lot of ableists on Reddit telling others to report the people that use PK and TB now that Discord has banned "self-bots", and I'm here to clarify.
PluralKit and Tupperbox, and the pseudo-accounts that users create through these bots, are not self-bots.
A self-bot is a bot made with a user token instead of a bot token. If you've ever made a Discord bot, you know that you have to create it through Discord's official developer site. However, if someone creates a bot, logs in with a user token, and poses as a bot through the account, that is a breach of privacy and security and is very illegal. This is what Discord is referring to and has banned.
PluralKit and TupperBox, by contrast, are bots that use a proxying system to create pseudo-accounts as a webhook feature. The messages sent get marked as "BOT"s because of Discord's webhook limitations, but they are not "self-bots" as defined by Discord and no one should be reporting you for using them, as it does not break TOS.
So take a breath and relax. You aren't breaking any rules by using these bots, and anyone that reports you for it is dumb.
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justlgbtthings · a year ago
why closed captioning should always be provided on every video:
Deaf People Exist
auditory processing disorder is a Bitch
people with ADHD can find it hard to concentrate on what is being said without the words in front of them
^autistic people for the same reason
autistic people may also find it hard to interpret verbal messages within the context of the video, so it's useful to have written alternatives to fall back on
do you know how painful it is to be excluded from every joke, every video, every conversation because others just Can't Be Bothered?
some people live in a conservative household or with family who don't share the same ideals, and they may not have privacy to view things on their own, so they may need to watch things with the volume extremely low or muted
We Want To Watch Videos In Public, Dammit
feel free to add on!
as always, ableism will get you blocked (:
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snoozecatt · a month ago
Autism is a spectrum
Some people avoid sensory input
Some people crave sensory input
Some people are non verbal
Some are hyper verbal at a young age
Some people avoid eye contact
Some people force eye contact
Many are hyperempathetic and are quickly overwhelmed in emotional situations. 
On the other hand, some people appear to have lower levels of empathy
Some have a high pain tolerance (normally sensory seekers)
Some people are extremely sensitive and touch can even be painful
It’s important to remember that every autistic individual is unique. My best friend and I both have autism, however both of us have very different traits. It does not make your autism invalid. This is the spectrum. Stereotypes and stigma is harmful
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euphorictruths · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Embracing The Present Moment- Adrian Borda
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crimsonkismet · 2 months ago
Shi Heng Yi 释恒毅
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anxietyproblem · a year ago
Tumblr media
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philosophybits · 18 days ago
Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.
Simone Weil, "Letter to Joë Bousquet (13 April 1942)"
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m-jelly · 4 months ago
Hey everyone.
So, I might lose followers for this because I'm a writing blog and I don't get personal, but I am going to.
Now I want to make it clear I know it's none of my followers because you're all wonderful caring people 💕 but I want to just vent here because something very real is going on.
What's happening in Ukraine is not a joke.
I've seen so many tiktoks yesterday and today making a joke about it. War is not a joke. Real people are dying. Real people are losing family members. Real people are in pain.
My country is part of Europe and is getting involved, other countries in Europe are and NATO. This is very real and not a joke!
Stop calling Putin daddy.
Stop using AOT eren as Putin or Boris J for the rumbling.
Stop saying it's fake.
Stop doing skits.
Stop asking to turn people's screams and the bobs into ringtones.
Just stop.
People are losing their lives and that is not a chance for you to get on trending! People dying is not a joke. Your jokes are stopping people from seeing the real news, you're stopping people from seeing what's happening, you're stopping those suffering in Ukraine from showing videos of what is happening, you're stopping the vids showing of brave protestors in Russia. Your trending and jokes over shadow the real important things going on.
Instead of making a joke, reach out to your government and push them to put extreme sanctions on. Boost any Ukraine persons posts!
War is not a joke.
**Also, don't attack Russian people verbally about this. This war was not their choice. Their leader wanted this, not them.
Sorry for my rant everyone. As I said, I know it's no one here, but I had to say it. If you see anyone making a joke on this matter educate them on how real it is. Report videos that turn it into a joke. I love you all and to my followers in Europe, please stay safe ❤️
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bauhauz · a year ago
trump finalized auctioning off land in the arctic national wildlife refuge to oil and gas companies which would not only damage the ecosystem, negatively impact wildlife, and pollute one of the last environmental regions untouched by human greed but it would also disproportionately affect the Gwich’in who rely on the migration of caribou in that region.
reblog or maybe consider donating to the natural resources defense council on this?
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dk-thrive · 4 months ago
One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.
Iris Murdoch, “The Sea, The Sea” (Penguin Classics; March 1, 2001) (via Alive on All Channels)
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hope-strength-courage · a month ago
Sometimes you have to do what is right for you even if you feel guilty for putting your needs first. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. You are important too. 🌸
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becauseanders · 2 months ago
shoutout to everyone whose symptoms worsen and capabilities decline when it gets warm out
we get passed over a lot, but i promise you’re not alone
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politijohn · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Worth noting: John Deere is on track to be immensely profitable this year, expecting to earn $5.8B, up 63% from its previous record year.
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