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Friday, May 29, 2020 – 3:44 a.m.

There is one thing you should know. We have been working diligently behind the scenes, or between the dimensions at it were, to bring about this New Earth that some of you who are open and receptive are now experiencing.

You have been given a New Gift of expanded creativity and have now been set free to create on a whole new level. It is much like owning a new car that is equipped with so many new technologies. This New Vessel you have been gifted with is You.

Take it for a spin. See how you like it. It is going to reveal much to you in the years ahead. Already thousands of you are beginning to become familiar with living in this new light system that is upon you and are able to freely travel upwards into the 5th dimension and back.

We are going to be revealing more and more as time passes. You have been given increased capacity for Love and compassion and are now able to hold much more Light in your system. This is a New Day indeed.

Bring the others with you as far as they are willing to travel. For some, this time seems scary because they seem to be trapped in an old system that is crumbling around them. For these people, their eyes will soon adjust to the Light. They will be seeking your guidance. Be gentle with them. They have not been doing the Spiritual work that is necessary to learn how to use this New Vessel that has been given them. They are in shock.

Begin by showing them how to use these new controls that have so increased your capacity for Love and understanding. They are in desperate need of your help at this time. They seem to be stuck in fear. Show them the way out. Let your Light shine so brightly that they can find their way Home.

You have come here at this time to enjoy the fruits of your labors and are being gifted with a New Earth. The Grand Mother Gaia is speaking to you at this time. She is welcoming you home and her heart is merging with yours. She thanks you for the work you have done. Her frequency has been much amplified.

The darkness has and is currently being exposed to the Lights that have been turned on. Some would call this a Spiritual battle, but it is simply a New Light Energy that is being poured directly onto the earth at this time. When a light is turned on in a room, did the light battle the darkness or did it simply do what Light does, SHINE brightly?

This is what you are all doing. You are letting your light shine on the darkness and it is simply being swept away. It is transmuting and healing at this time to make way for the New Structures of humanity to come into reality.

These are the times that have been written about in so many of your texts. This is the Dawn of a New Age; so young, yet somehow so familiar. You have been here before and you are remembering why you came to earth at this time in history.

Your internal light has been activated and you are competing your mission. You are right where you are supposed to be and are remembering what it is you came here to do. No longer do you walk in darkness trying to remember what is going on. That which has laid dormant in you has now been activated.

This is merely the beginning. You are about to witness a revolution in consciousness the likes of which this world has never seen before. This is the New Golden Age and is extremely magical. These things which are coming to pass are much like a dream being kicked into second gear. Move that vessel of yours along and really learn what it can do.

We are here to show you how to navigate in this new system. We are the GPS, or God Positioning System, if you prefer the term. These are truly exciting times for all that have eyes to see. Begin by going deep within and there you will find all you seek. Your true north resides there.

Many are now able to perceive us with these New Eyes. We are here to help you bring about what is coming but you must ask. We will never impede upon your free will. You have a truly amazing gift here and are on the cutting edge of creation.

You are being shown how to navigate these New Waters. You will be showered with these New Gifts as needed. We are here to help you clean up the mess you have made here so you may run and play in a new Paradise Garden; one that is free for all to enjoy.

Stay in the Heart of God and remain pure of intent. Enjoy your Dynamic New System that is emerging all around you. These are the times you have prayed for. We are here to enjoy them with you. We are your Spirit Guides and are here to help you remember why you came here.

Your job is simple; be the Light. Your very presence upon this planet is all that is needed. You are raising the vibration of the earth by simply being here. You may do certain things such as draw, write, paint or whatever your creative talent is and that is a beautiful thing. This is simply a by-product of a highly creative being doing what he or she enjoys.

These things which you bring forth are necessary in order to show the world the Light you bring to the table. However, as you begin your own ascension you may find that no matter what you are doing you are filled with peace, joy and love.

The other things you may feel at times such as fear and anger are being drawn out of you. Be gentle with yourself and do not judge yourself. You are simply being the Light. You have come here at this time to simply let your Love Light shine so brightly.

These things which occur that may seem unpleasant are a temporary occurrence in your New World. You are still human after all. Your Light shines on the others who are desperately trying to find out how they may let their own Light shine. You may be the one who shows them.

These things that are occurring at this time have been very intense for a reason. It is much like a plane gaining altitude. It pushes you back in your seat and is very intense as we gain altitude. However, the plane is leveling off and you are beginning to feel the peace that comes with soaring amongst the clouds.

You no longer feel the need to be of a dualistic nature as your Higher Self merges with you and you are shown how necessary all this has been for the waking of humanity. These times are increasing awareness on so many levels and many things have been brought to Light, so to speak.

Things are not always what they seem. Things which seem so bad on the front end seem to reveal themselves as the greatest of gifts; for there is Light at the center of the darkness and is revealed if you have the courage to go through the darkness and look deep within.

Look within yourself and you may find that the darkness within you has been the Grand Illusion all along, for only Light truly exists. The darkness is in your reality as a backdrop to the stars. It is the setting where you can choose to create a truly brighter future indeed. It is revealing itself to you in order that you may see beyond its illusion.

Thank you for being here to do the work that the world has so desperately needed. These are the times that will be written about in your history books as when mankind truly awakened and you are a part of it. Welcome to the Great Awakening…

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I know I don’t have much of a voice on this site, but please listen

Currently, websites such as 4chan and other various websites are planning something they call Pridefall.

If you haven’t heard about this then I’ll explain: what Pridefall is is people are going to send videos of people in the LGBTQIA+ community being raped and beaten to various LGBTQIA+ creators, influencers, small companies, etc. If something I said was factually incorrect, feel free to correct me, but please spread this. People need to hear this. Alone I can’t be heard, but with your help maybe we have a chance

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Operation pridefall disgustes me

People who participate in it shouldn’t even be called people

It’s not fair that in June we will have to hide, instead of showing our pride, just to save our mental health & our lives

I’m scared,

I’m scared to love people the way I do, because there is someone out there who wants to destroy my life because I’m not straight

No matter what, stay safe guys, it’s the best you can do for yourself

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i was raped when i was 16, drunk and vulnerable. im 18 now and full of trauma, having never gone to a therapis, other than a “psychiatrist” who just taught me not to get in stranger’s cars. im scared i’ll never get a boyfriend again because of the trauma. i’m scared of physical contact when im not drunk, i smoke every second of the day now. i dont get intimate with guys UNLESS im drunk these days. yet when im trying to pleasure myself, it ends in tears because of my inability to orgasm. it may seem insensitive but thats all i want when having sex. to feel comfortable enough to reach full pleasure. yet i cant, and it makes me feel like less of a woman.

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✨happy Thursday, sweet souls🌹

Now more than ever, we need to treat each other with compassion + kindness. It takes all types to make up a world, a beautiful blend. We are all humans and we all deserve respect + love. Do your part to spread love💕

Calm yourself and your spirit, use your voice for positive action, and let us all heal together. We are all human beings on this planet for a limited time - make a positive impact instead of a silent one. Sending love + blessings to all of those who are hurting🕊

Be kind + stay magickal✨

#feyherba #healing #bruja #plantmedicine #naturalmagick #compassion #healyoursoul #awareness #lavender #geminiseason #oils #protectyourenergy #cleanseyourspace #botanica #handmade #apothecaryshop #selfcare #respectforall (at West Palm Beach, Florida)

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Lidia Yuknavitch, from The Chronology of Water
I do know that when I’m inside writing I don’t want to be anywhere else. It’s like being inside a song or a painting. Wouldn’t it be something to be able to inhabit art? It’s a little frightening though—to think about staying there—not coming out. Perhaps that is a psychosis edge. I have a painter friend who talks this way about wanting to stay inside the painting—trusting images and color and composition more than people—I definitely feel that way too. We joke about not coming out sometimes.
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Lidia Yuknavitch, from The Chronology of Water
The night stretched out long like it does when you fuck up. It’s like a night that lasts a year. Or like all the years of your life are suddenly in your lap, wailing like needy children. You can’t take care of all of them. You don’t even want to. You want to abandon each year child on the side of the road and bolt. I am not your mother.
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(PIc from my final session with Dr. Norman Pfile. Also the day he told me he was retiring)

I’m sharing my experience to help commemorate Mental Health Awareness Month!

I turn 33 next month. That’s not a complaint about getting old, I’m actually excited about it! But living 33 years as a Black person in America has not been easy at all. Usually, I’m good about dealing with the stress and pressure. What I’ve learned to do is:

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Jennifer Pastiloff, from On Being Human: A Memoir of Waking Up, Living Real, and Listening Hard
One of the most important parts of rewiring is spending time with people who don’t allow me to get away with my bullshit stories. People who remind me who I really am, since so many of our bullshit stories seem to be based in forgetting that.
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Read or don’t {just my opinion on some people}

I know no one out there is going to care about what I say because I’m just like a nobody, but you know what I just don’t get?? Is the difficulty of seeing each other as just people like there’s some sort of shield across some people’s eyes that seems to really make it difficult for them to see that that person in front of you, is an actual person just like you! It shouldn’t matter the color of their skin, their ethnicity, their class, gender or who they love. I feel as though people are people. It’s a statement that is simple but I feel as though not a lot of people can understand it. Who are you to judge someone for something as superficial as their outer appearance before you even judge their integrity before you even judge their actions or who they are. Yes I do agree and I am aware that to a certain point we all do this, we all prejudge, but not to an extreme where the outcome can be hate, killing, threatening, putting another LIFE in danger. There is definitely a certain amount of privilege that one must have to feel like that is okay. Just because someone is different than you, because someone lives a different lifestyle than you, because someone is living a different struggle than you? You feel as though you have the privilege to look down on them to make fun of them to make them feel like lesser of a human being than you. There are many people in this world that feel they actually do have the privilege to do that. Many people of this world turn a blind eye to those of who are not living in the same conditions as them, and it’s not their fault that they are ignorant to the rest of the world, but I feel as though they should open up their eyes and see what is on the other side, to see the reality of things, to see it is not an ideal world out there as others in your community can make you think. There are also people in this world that feel as though “why aren’t they struggling like I struggled? I’m going to make them struggle”. Instead of “I struggled I don’t want someone to struggle the same way I did”. And this mentality goes to everyone despite their ethnicity, race, culture, class, everything. But there are people in this world that see someone and help which I am grateful for, because at the end of the day it is not someone who is in power that is going to help us out. It’s each other. At the end of the day we need to realize that we’re all people and we all need to help. And we all need each other’s back.

And now to your regular scheduled programming

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Lidia Yuknavitch, from the introduction to On Being Human: A Memoir of Waking Up, Living Real, and Listening Hard by Jennifer Pastiloff
Our life choices surge out of us when the pressure to move gets bigger than the pressure to hold it all in. It’s no Cinderella story. Fuck that story. Most of us just bust ass and fail and fall and get up and try again; we buy our own shoes and we get the fancy dresses at discount and we no longer wait for the world to hand us a crown, a glass slipper (who could run away in those?), a gown, or even a decent bra. Almost none of us jump into our dreams without rough beginnings or a damn difficult struggle along the way or giant falls that cause us to have to start the hell over again.
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