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#peter parker imagines

Originally posted by captainpoe

“Where is (Y/N)”

“Somehwhere….not where you are going”

Peter sensed the gun pointed at his head but it wasn’t the one in front of him. He caught Quentin’s real hand on his right deactivating the simulation

“Where is (Y/N), Beck?” Peter seethed through his teeth as he snatched the E.D.I.T.H from Quentin’s face

“London Eye, cart 15″


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Thanks for clearing that up! This is my first match up so I hope it’s alright!

For marvel I ship you with

Peter Parker!


Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

  • You and Peter would meet in the school library, reaching for the same book.
  • Peter is shocked and stumbling over his words because he’s had a crush on you ever since you joined his English class, but hasn’t had the nerve to talk to you
  • After a lot of blushing and mumbling he finally gets out a sentence
  • “Here you take it” handing you the book
  • You try and do the same to him and after a while you win, getting Peter to take it first
  • “Just give it to me when you’re finished. I’ve clearly got enough books already” you say, noting the pile of books already in your hands
  • Peter finally agrees and rushes off
  • The next time you meet is when he’s finished with the book and hands it over to you
  • Later when you’re reading it you notice a slip of paper in the book
  • When you take a look at it you notice that it has Peter’s number, with a little note asking for a date (which of course you say yes to)
  • You and Peter are the cutest couple
  • You spend all of your time together
  • Sometimes you don’t talk for hours, you’re just happy to be in each other’s company
  • A usual afternoon is you and Peter cuddling on the couch while you read a book and Peter listens to the story, playing around with your braided hair.
  • Sometimes if you’re really happy with your work you share some of your writing with Peter, who always reads it wide eyed and with a big smile
  • He always has compliments for you and will bother you for the next chapter until you finally get it for him
  • Dates are usually spent in Central Park, after getting sandwiches from Delmar’s. You two just walk under the trees holding hands.
  • You get along really well with Ned, and are always invited to their LEGO building afternoons.
  • And aunt may adores you, constantly inviting you over for dinner, treating you like you were her niece.
  • Basically you two are just the fluffiest, softest couple ever and you couldn’t be happier

And for Harry Potter I ship you with…

Luna Lovegood!!


Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

  • Luna first noticed you for your creativity
  • She loved your writing and imagination.
  • When you would let her read your work, she would always leave little notes about the different creatures she knew about to help your story along
  • You would spend your time together in the forbidden forest and the grounds around hogwarts, feeding the different animals you come across together.
  • You two would always be holding hands or touching in some way.
  • This was never a deliberate choice, it’s almost like you gravitated towards each other
  • Luna would leave you little flowers or sea shells on your pillow
  • In the battle at the ministry for magic and the battle of hogwarts, you wouldn’t leave each other’s side
  • In fact you were so in sync in your fighting it was as if you could read each other’s minds.
  • You would bring it each other’s best qualities and always encourage each other.
  • And be the sweetest couple at hogwarts
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pancakes are my specialty

pairing: peter parker x reader

warnings: slightly ooc peter, fluff

summary: after unintentionally cuddling with you, peter seeks to make amends by making you breakfast. (sequel to that’s my pillow!)


Originally posted by softapricity

  • Your parents are nowhere to be seen.
  • The radio is on full-blast, playing Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin.
  • So much for sleeping in.
  • You wipe the sleep from your eyes and pat down your hair in an attempt to look decent,
  • but then you remember
  • This was your house
  • So you stop. Catching a whiff of something burning, you drag yourself to the kitchen where Peter is singing and trying his best to make pancakes.
  • Standing in the kitchen is like being in a war zone. Only this time, you have no idea who the enemy is. There is flour everywhere, orange juice spilled on the floor, egg shells lying miserably a few inches from the trash can. And in the middle of all this chaos is Peter Parker, in all his half-naked glory.
  • You didn’t know when or where he discarded his shirt
  • BUT you weren’t complaining
  • He is 18 but gods, his body is built like a freakin’ war machine
  • You wonder where he takes the time to work out
  • Peter turns and gives a start when he realizes you were watching him
  • A bright flush of red creeps up on his cheeks as he manages a cheery smile
  • “Good morning, Y/N. Thought I’d make you breakfast. As a thank you for letting me stay over…”
  • You raise a skeptical brow. Gesturing at the mess before you, you say
  • “This … is breakfast?”
  • Peter let out an embarrassed laugh.
  • “Hey, go easy on me. I managed not to burn the bacon and eggs this time. I’d say that’s improvement.”
  • Your eyes find the two plates on the table. Upon closer inspection, it turns out he was right.
  • You straighten up.
  • “A damn slow progress, if you ask me.” You say wryly as you stalk to where he was trying to flip the pancake.
  • “Here, let me.” You push against him and he lets out a groan of protest.
  • “I can do it. Really, I can. Pancakes are my specialty.”
  • “Burnt pancakes, you mean?”
  • “It’s just the first trial, I can do so much better on the second one.”
  • “Parker, do you want a pan in your face or a pancake?” You ask, not relinquishing your hold on the handle of the pan. “‘Cause I can give it to you.” You deadpan, your eyes boring into his.
  • He bites his lower lip and your eyes follow the movement.
  • It was scary how easy it would be to kiss him if you would just lean forward a little further…
  • Peter immediately backs up at the threat in your voice. He knows you’d see it through.
  • “Yeah, okay, sure. Sorry.”
  • You can’t help the disappointment in your stomach, but you squash it down immediately.
  • Nuh-uh.
  • You are not gonna catch feelings for this boy.
  • You scrape off the poor slob of a pancake and start over again.
  • Peter lets out an unholy moan that made your skin prickle pleasantly as he began to dive into his stack of pancakes.
  • “Parker?”
  • Peter’s eyes dart to you.
  • “Hmmm?” He asks through mouthfuls of pancake and syrup.
  • “If you ever cook for me again, I will throw hands.” You say as nonchalantly as you could while biting down on a piece of bacon.
  • “Okay, no cooking for you. Got it.” He says, rolling his eyes.
  • You smile.
  • “You’re cleaning up this mess, by the way. Kitchen should be spotless before my parents come back.”
  • “Y/N!”
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𝐠𝗼𝗼𝐝 𝗺𝗼𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 | 𝐩. 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐞𝐫 დ


Originally posted by parkers-myth

𝐬𝐮𝗺𝗺𝐚𝐫𝐲 დ | 𝘱𝘦𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘬𝘦𝘳 𝘪𝘴 𝘢𝘥𝘰𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘦, 𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩 𝘩𝘦 𝘤𝘢𝘯’𝘵 𝘤𝘰𝘰𝘬 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘵 ♡︎.

𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 დ | 𝘱𝘦𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘬𝘦𝘳 𝘹 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘳

𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 დ | 𝘴𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘤𝘶𝘳𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵𝘴 𝘢𝘣𝘰𝘶𝘵 𝘪𝘵 :)



the sun beamed gorgeously through your window, the light highlighting and complimenting your beautiful cheekbones as they laid against the white fluffy pillow.

however to you, the sun isn’t beaming gorgeously; it’s beaming irritatingly as it woke you from your slumber.

you let out a groan before yawning and stretching out your tired limbs.

after a few moments of recollecting, you sniffed; your nose picking up the scent of burnt bacon.

your thoughts easily going to 𝙥𝙚𝙩𝙚𝙧. 

‘𝙜𝙤𝙙 𝙞 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙗𝙤𝙮’ you thought before getting up to brush your teeth and shower.


after the hot, refreshing shower you had just took was over, you went to go and grab a pair of plain, white cotton panties you had in your little sleeping bag before going to peters dresser and grabbing one of his dorky science joke t shirts and threw it over your head.

you walked out of peters bedroom, going down the hall to the kitchen. the smell of cinnamon making your stomach growl in hunger.

you entered the kitchen to find peter humming and swaying to some music, him tossing ingredients left to right.

the smile on your face make your face ache a bit from how big it was.

“oh! good morning beautiful, as you can see i’m making breakfast…” peter exclaimed eyes flickering over to the food for a split second before wincing a tad at its… appearance.

“peter benjamin parker, you can’t cook to save your life” you let out a chuckle at his slightly offended face.

“i have’ll you know- you know what nevermind your right, but truth is i’m just trying to cook for you babe and i think i’m doing a great job! look i even made you a cinnamon, french toast bagel” he gave you his million dollar; beautiful boyish smile, his hands reaching for the bagel, pushing it your way.

“thank you, pete!” you took a bite of the bagel before continuing.

“and i agree on the cooking, your doing an absolute amazing job hun” you let out loud laugh, voice filled with sarcasm.

peter gave you a *very cute* pout before an alarming beeping sound sent his action to stop quickly.

he let out a gasp as he turned around to find the whole stove smoking as it started to fill the entire kitchen, the bacon completely black and burnt.




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CIRCUMSTANCE  ─  a peter parker au?

summary: Peter has been accepted to NYU! For the first couple of months, he was willing to survive the intense commute from his childhood apartment to campus, but things get tiring. Now, he’s looking for a new apartment.
Your roommate is moving in with her girlfriend! You’re happy for them, truly, and slightly relieved that you no longer have to third wheel just to watch Life on Earth in the living room. However, rent is steep for one person. Now, you’re looking for a new roommate.

pre chapter i.

You met Becca online. Through a premed support groupchat, actually, as fate would have it.
She wasn’t premed. She never had been premed. To this day, you don’t know what she was doing there.

She was quiet. She didn’t frequent the chat alot, but occasionally she’d bing through a dad joke or some irrelevant life advice. You could have very easily gone your entire life without knowing her. But then, the summer before your freshman year at university, as your family was scrambling to fill out housing and tuition forms, Becca turned to the chat with a plea.

Her roommate had just split and she needed a new one, fast.

Isn’t it funny how things came full circle?

“We’re moving in together!”

You had no idea what you’d just walked in on, but you thanked god it wasn’t sex, “Wait, what?”

You had just stumbled through the front door, fresh off the evening shift and suddenly very concerned that you definitely weren’t supposed to be there. Becca’s girlfriend, Mer, was down on one knee, and there was a ring box and candles and a lot of smiles all around. 

“Mer and I, we’re moving in together!” Becca was crazy smiling, holding the house key that you assumed was symbolism for the ring that it was substituting. 

It hit you, and you smiled, “Becca! That’s so great, congratulations!” You gave your roommate a quick, one-armed hug, accompanied with the biggest, toothiest smile you could muster.

“I know, isn’t it crazy!” She was still grinning, falling back into the embrace of her girlfriend in a drunken stupor.

Crazy that they’d only known each other for 3 weeks.

“Yeah! So crazy!” You laughed, still processing the candles, and the music, and the fact that Becca was moving out. Was Becca really moving out?

“Hey, listen, we’re gonna go out and get some pizza to celebrate. You wanna come?” Mer asked. You shook your head fast.

“No, no. You guys go have fun! You deserve it!” You didn’t want another repeat of the Star Wars Marathon incident. 

The happy couple left without second thought, leaving you alone in the apartment. Alone.

Alone with all this furniture, and two bedrooms, and a fridge full of expensive vegan food you’ll never cook with, and old TLC CDs you’ll never listen to. Alone with your thoughts, alone with a very steep rent. Very alone.


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you slowly stirred from your night of blissful sleep and blinked open your eyes, still trying to take some time to get used to your surroundings. you shifted a little, and that was when you noticed a pair of warm, strong arms firmly wrapped around your waist and a nose pressing into the back of your neck.

tom’s hand was still resting on top of yours lightly, his chest moving against your back as he breathed. his fingers were loosely intertwined with yours, and you felt your eyes slide closed once more at the peacefulness of the moment you were living in.

you felt tom slowly start to stir awake, and nearly jumped as you felt him press soft, light kisses to the back of your neck as he woke. “mornin’,” he mumbled sleepily, his voice still raspy. “sleep well?”

you hummed in response and turned around in his grasp to face him. you giggled at his sleepy expression and kissed his nose. “slept amazing, what about you?”

tom cracked a smile and cupped your jaw lightly. “best sleep i’ve had in weeks,” he admitted, smiling at you tenderly. you nearly teared up from his gentle, sweet caresses as he moved in to kiss your cheek. “thank you for staying with me, love.”

you blushed deeply and smiled back, taking his other hand with yours. “‘s no problem,” you whispered back.

“you know what today is?” tom continued quietly, unable to keep the smile off his face. before even waiting for your response, he sang, “valentine’s day!”

you laughed lightly and shifted closer to him. “yeah, i know,” you winked. “any big plans?”

tom blushed. “n-no. why would i have big plans? i mean, you are my girlfriend, but i-i don’t really know why you’d expect me to have plans. i mean not have plans. i mean-what did you say again? w-what were you saying?”

you rolled your eyes playfully and pulled away from his grasp to roll out of bed. “okay, dork,” you teased. “i’m going to go get breakfast ready, okay?”

“no!” tom practically screamed as he flew out of bed and grabbed your wrist. your eyebrows shot up in surprise and confusion as he immediately tumbled out of bed and straightened his back, slowly standing up. “no, what i meant was, i’ll get it.”

you furrowed your brow. tom holland was flawless, and you knew it. he was adorable, sweet, hilarious, the total package. except for one thing.

“you can’t cook.”

“says who?”

“haz. harry. me. your mom. jacob. pa-“

“okay, okay,” tom said quickly, holding his hands up. “but it’s valentine’s day. you always do the cooking, so now, it’s my turn to make something for you.”

you bit your lip nervously. “don’t burn anything down.”

“no promises,” he said weakly as he slid out the door, shooting a slightly confident smile in your direction. you sighed and smiled. you were one lucky girl to have a boyfriend as thoughtful as tom.

you decided to crawl back under the covers and wrap the blankets tighter around you. the sounds of tom in the kitchen slowly lured you back to sleep, his excited singing chasing away every worry from your mind.

the next time you opened your eyes, tom was standing over you and brushing your hair out of your face. “breakfast is ready, love,” he whispered as he kissed your forehead. “c’mon, you’ll see that i’m not so bad in the kitchen after all.”

you rubbed your eyes as you followed tom into the kitchen, where he’d set up two small plates of pancakes and blueberries. he beamed at you, as if to say in your face and see how much i love you? at the same time.

you smiled as you sat down next to him. “you may be right,” you winked as you picked up a fork and dug in. the second the pancake touched your tongue, you winced, but still ate it anyway. “i-interesting recipe.”

tom’s face fell. “goddamnit,” he said, frustrated. “i knew i put in too much flour.”

you bit back a giggle as you reached over and ruffled his hair. “it’s okay!”

“it’s not,” he sighed in defeat, prodding his own pancake with a fork. he dropped it, letting it clatter against his plate. “for once i wanted to do something nice for you, like making you breakfast or something. but i really can’t cook, apparently. haz was right, i should’ve just stuck with the chocolate.”

you kissed his cheek and smiled. “honey, just because you can’t cook doesn’t mean you’re not doing nice things for me everyday,” you reminded him. “there’s a reason why i love you.”

“oh, you love me?” he teased, as if you were back in elementary school.

you rolled your eyes playfully and pulled him in by the collar of his shirt, pressing your lips to his gently. tom kissed back soft and slow, love overflowing with every motion he made. he pulled you closer by the waist and brushed your hair behind your ear, smiling against your lips.

when you finally managed to pull away for air, you smiled and blushed. “more than anything, holland, and don’t you forget it.”

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𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐢𝐝𝐭𝐨𝐰𝐧 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡

// 𝚙𝚊𝚛𝚝 𝚟 𝚘𝚏 𝚡𝚟𝚒𝚒 //

𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: y/n sneaks out and punches a bitch, peter recruits another nerd

𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 2.9k

𝐚/𝐧: hii to those of you who are still here! this series is probably dead by now but hdfjs i assure you it will get finished


“no.” the word shot through you like one of thor’s lightning bolts from his beloved hammer, jolting every vein in your body. you’d heard it a lot from tony, but that was to be expected. it had been ingrained in your brain as his automatic response since the day you’d asked to take one of his suits to show and tell in kindergarten, then took it anyway when your request had been denied. but you were expecting him to be a little more lenient with this new proposal.

“but why?” you felt a familiar, annoying whine creep back into your voice as you watched him move across the kitchen, knife in one hand and an apple in the other. “i can handle myself at normal high school. it’s not like the work will be hard. i already have friends who go there. it’s lonely being cooped up in the compound. it’ll be a good experience that’ll help with the whole ‘normal teenager’ thing you’re always trying to push on me.”

tony turned back to you, cocking an eyebrow. “that’s a lot of excuses.”

“that’s a lot of reasons why you should say yes,” you corrected, propping your elbows up on the marble countertop.

he sighed as he started to peel the apple with the blade. “there are also a lot of reasons why me saying no is justified. and get your elbows off the table, we just had it fixed from bruce’s outburst last week.” he stopped abruptly and looked up. “oh, that reminds me. friday, add milk to the shopping list. wouldn’t want to get on that guy’s bad side again.”

you frowned. “we’re getting off topic.”

“do you really want to do this while i’m holding a knife right now?” tony countered, causing you to roll your eyes. “besides, ever since you joined the avengers, you’ve pretty much given up the ‘normal teenager’ route i’ve been trying to make you go down for years. your life is constantly in danger because you’re a part of us, and i’d be lying if i said i don’t regret making you a part of our team. look, kid, i’m not willing to lose you like that.” as you were about to object, he pushed a plate of cut up apples in your direction with a fork. as if peeled fruit was supposed to shut you up.

you ignored the apples. “i don’t get it. what’s so bad about me going to a normal school like peter?”

tony sank into a barstool and crossed his arms, his lips pressed together as if there was information he was trying to keep in. knowing tony, there almost always was something you didn’t know about the situation. “you’re a stark,” he began. obviously. “there are always going to be people who have it in for us, you know? i’ve had so many people try to kill me and i have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg. i don’t want you going to school and some kid goes home to their parent and the next day, some mass murderer is on our tail again.”


“in conclusion,” tony said loudly. “you’re not going to school. so don’t ask again, or you’re grounded.”

you scoffed. “you can’t ground me.”

“i’m iron man. i can do what i want.” and with that, tony took the rest of your apples and left the room, leaving you frustrated and hungry. the first thought that entered your mind after your proposal to go to real school was denied was that you were going anyway. it wasn’t like iron man had stopped you before.

while you were pondering on whether or not you should take out the ice cream or not, your phone on the table buzzed with a new text message from peter. so will i see you at school tomorrow?

tony’s words ran through your mind again as you paused. look, kid, i’m not willing to lose you like that.

yep! see you at school!

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summary: you drop them tiddies out for tom, only bc tiktok of course

warnings: suggestive content, language 

a/n: LMFAOO THE SUMMARRY 😭anyways i love writing tiktok blurbs and needed a quick break from writing for my series so here you go loveys  (this is my gif!)

the tiktok | tiktok masterlist


It’s Sunday, meaning it’s a pretty lazy day as usual. You and Tom are in the living room, doing your own things but enjoying each other’s presence.

“Fucking hell,” Tom grunts, the clicking of his controller progressively getting louder. You snicker to yourself and scroll through tiktok, your legs in his lap as you do so.

You snort at a tiktok making Tom glance at you. You feel his gaze, “What?” you look up at him.

“Nothing,” he smiles to himself and looks back at his game, “Yeah Tuwaine, I’m here mate. To your left! To your fucking left- not mine!” he rages.

You laugh softly and shake your head, continuing to mindlessly swipe through tiktoks on your for you page.

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I Match You With Peter Parker!

Gif above is not mine, all credits go to the original owner. 💙

  • The time he realized he was in love with you was the moment he brought yet another comic book for you both to read together.
  • You both would lay upon your stomachs and rest your chins upon your hands as you both flipped through the action filled book.
  • He would watch every movie with you, it didn’t matter if it was on a laptop surrounded by your blankets or placed in one of the many seats in a theater.
  • Either way his arm would be looped around your waist, sometimes his eyes would break from the screen to watch what he deemed a far better view, you.
  • You would often work on science projects together, you would both talk about the wonders of the subject often.
  • He would help you with your math to the best of his abilities, just how you would help him with his physics studies.
  • He would love to hear you sing in choir, he would believe you had the voice of an angel as well as the appearance.
  • He would love your hair as well, he would compliment it every chance he got, he would live for your flustered reaction.
  • He would love to hear you play guitar, he would be so proud of your talents and would look forward to hearing it.
  • His favorite place to kiss you would be your cheek, it was a perfect place for him to swoop in to greet you or simply show his affection for you.
  • He would hold your hand as you both walked, it was just instinct that had developed early in your friendship and had remained since.
  • His favorite sleeping position would be curled up against you, your legs intertwined with his own.
  • Most would say your relationship was perfect, you both shared so many interests and got along amazingly.
  • You would be friends with Ned as well and he would ship it.

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summary: peter ends up saving you as you saved a couple of citizens, mental cursing and insults ensue

word count: 1.3k

warnings: language

edited: ty my love @annamckayla​ for helping me out with this chapter ツ 

a/n: akjsdhns this is rlly just a filler chapter so im sorry if it isn’t that good! btww esprit is french for mind

my neighborhood masterlist | prev chapter | next chapter


Your head whips around once you hear a cry from the apartment you enter. You cough harshly as thick smoke begins to enter the apartment, “William! Daniela! I’m here to save you!” you raise your voice, hoping to be heard over the crackling fires and stumbling walls. 

 “H-hello! Help! We’re stuck in the bedroom!” you hear a deep voice yell back. 

You rush over to the bedroom, attempting to open the door, “Shit,” you mutter, snatching your hand away from the heated doorknob. You cough more and wave around you arm around, thinking of multiple ways to open the door. 

 “T-the wall crashed down and is blocking the d-door!” A younger, weaker voice calls out. 

You back yourself up a bit, running and slamming into the door. You let out a silent groan as pain and regret rushes through your body. “Stupid, I’m an idiot,” you wince, losing your balance. You shake it off and reevaluate the situation. 

You hold your breath for a moment and close your eyes, feeling a rush of adrenaline as you rip the door off the wall, throwing it towards the living area.

I cannot believe I just did that, holy shit! 

Your eyes quickly avert to William and Daniela who are trapped in the corner by fallen walls and furniture from the floor above them.

They let out a terrifying scream as the building shakes and more debris begins to fall. Before it could crush them you hold out both your arms causing all of the debris, walls, and furniture to move out of their way and float up, “Get out of here now!” you let out a strained scream, your arms wavering as your powers hold up the contents.

“T-Thank you!” William stammers and quickly picks up his daughter, rushing out the apartment and down the stairs.

As Peter heads up to where he heard screaming, coincidentally he runs into the two survivors, “Spider-Man!” Daniela squeaks out. His eyes widen once he realizes the vigilante girl isn’t there.

“W-Where is the new girl-? Nevermind, you need to get out of here!” he yells webbing up a falling ceiling piece. William nods and runs out of the building holding Daniela close to him, reuniting with his wife who broke down in joy as she saw them.

After they leave, you throw aside the large number of things you were holding and stumble out the apartment. Your body immediately feels drained after using a large amount of power, making you weakly jog down the stairs. 

The smoke continues to worsen and spread throughout the building. You cough harshly as the smoke starts to invade your lungs, causing you to feel a burning sensation all over. You whimper and feel your eyelids become heavier, “D-damnit,” you mutter, clinging to the railings.

You limp down the stairs and feel yourself begin to fall. You expect to topple down the stairs and onto the hard cold ground, but you feel your body meet a strong pair of arms, “I got you,” Peter mutters, picking you up.

“W-who?” you glance up, your masked eyes meeting Spider-Man’s masked eyes. “Woah, S-Spider-Man?” you croak out, knowing you would’ve felt more excited if you weren’t so exhausted and beat.

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Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: like one curse word, angst

“How many times do I have to tell you that I work alone,”

“Probably until you decide to join us,”

“Then we’re going to be doing this for a while huh?”

“I have to warn you, I’m pretty convincing,”

“It’s worked so far hasn’t it,”

“I’m not going to give up,”

“Sadly I believe that,” you sighed, taking another drag of the blunt you held between your fingers, disposing of it off the side of the rooftop before turning around to face the masked superhero who has been bugging you for the past eight months, “Why?”

“Why?” he responded, crossing his arms in front of his chest, “because I believe you’d be a great addition to the team,”

“Is that it?” you chuckled, tilting your head to the side and crossing your arms as well, mocking his stance, “I thought you were the pro at convincing,”

Ignoring your comments, spider-man let out a small chuckle, looking up at the night sky then back at your hooded figure, “Don’t you want to help people? Be known as a beloved hero not a hated assassin? You have the skills and talent to save people under the name of the avengers, what more can you ask for?”

He saw your posture stiffen at the word avengers, mumbling something under your breath. He took a few steps closer to you, stopping when you took one back.

“Do you know why I wear this hood spider-man?” you hissed.

“To protect your identity I assumed?” he questioned, rubbing the back of his neck.

You hesitantly raised your arms, your fingers delicately hooking on too the edge of your hood. Peter’s breath hitched as the black hood he grew so familiar with over the past months, fall of your head. You bowed your head down, taking a deep breath before raising it back up.

Peter stood there breathless. While your face was more beautiful than he had ever imagined, he couldn’t have helped to be distracted by the massive scar that dragged from the right side of your forehead, the middle of your eyes, ending at the corner of your mouth. He also took in your red-rimmed eyes one of them being a light lilac colour.

“This is why I refuse,” you croaked, clearly uncomfortable and more vulnerable than you wanted to be, “Avenger or not. Vigilante or not. The experience will be the same. The risks are all the same,” you quickly pulled your hood back upon your head, “I don’t care what the people say about me, people like you have mercy, and I rather use my fucked up tactics that let a known criminal go to jail only to be released years later to continue there doings without remorse”

Peter stood speechless, he thought you were just someone like him, lost and in need of some sort of guidance. But he couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Now will you leave me alone?”

Before he could respond, faint sirens could be heard in the distance, followed by multiple gunshots.

“See you there spider-man,” you whispered, putting on your mask and jumping off the roof and into the night leaving Peter to catch up with not only your figure, but with your story.





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haven - 01

pairing : tom holland x reader

genre : apocalyptic au 

summary : he opposed to you joining them. you hated his attitude. with you providing a route to the haven and him offering you shelter, will the both of you somehow find your way to each other? what will he do when he finds out your real identity? 


You’re lost. You’ve lost track of how long you’ve been running, but your mind screamed for you to continue on. You can’t go back, not after what you did.

Call yourself stupid, foolish, but you had to. To keep yourself alive. 

Trudging through the muddy soil, you didn’t know you’re going. You didn’t have a plan really, the moment you realised you’ve been busted, you grabbed your bags and ran. Not unscathed though, the wound on your leg bringing pain with each step you took. You look down, examining your injuries. The fabric that you ripped from your shirt was completely soaked in blood by now, doing minimal to stop you from bleeding out. 

Even without a solid plan, you needed a place to stay for the night. The sun’s going down in roughly 2 hours and you knew you needed shelter. Nights in a world like this are tough, especially if you’re alone.

Sighing, you grit your teeth, urging yourself to move forward. Your bottle of water was long empty by now, your hunger clawing at you with every passing second. Damn it Y/N, why didn’t you bother packing some food? 

Stopping in your tracks, your ears perk up at the low groan you’ve grown so accustomed to by now. Roamers. 

Carefully, you pull your knife out from the side of your worn backpack, gripping the handle tightly as you turned towards the source of the voice. 

It’s approaching. 

Moving towards it at top speed, you lunge, plunging the sharp metal into its skull, successfully killing it. 

That wasn’t the end, unfortunately. 

Sure, taking down a bunch of roamers was easy. Only if there’s a group of you. But here you are, alone, stranded in the middle of nowhere with at least 10 roamers heading your way. Great. 

“It’s fine.” You mutter softly, adrenaline coursing through your veins. “You’ve done this before. One at a time.” 

You move quick, having grown used to killing at this point. Moving from target to target, your movement was swift, quick. Until one of them grabbed your legs. 

Stumbling to the ground, you were quick to get back to your feet, letting out a gasp as two roamers moved dangerously close to your face. Panicking, you pushed them off you, your knife thrown carelessly to the side from your fall. 

Just as you watch one of them eyeing the flesh on your thigh, an arrow pierced straight into his forehead, his body falling limp on you. A few others followed, killing the rest of them. 

A sigh of relief escape your lips as you push the roamer off of you, grabbing your knife and shoving it back in place. Brushing the loose hair out of your face, you turn, catching a glimpse of the back of a boy. 

“Wait!” You call out, running towards him. He pauses, seemingly reacting to your call, only to start walking away again. 

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omg boo if you're still doing the prompts can u do "33. Women aren’t complicated, you’re just dumb" + peter parker

Your eyes are beautiful. They’re more than beautiful, but he can’t think of the words.
It’s not just the way the sun hits them when you’re outside, it’s the way they become the sun when you smile, and laugh. It’s the way they scrunch up with your nose when you’re excited, how they glint with sleep when you walk into class on a monday morning.

Peter could die happy if your eyes were the last thing he saw.

The soft touch on his shoulder broke him from his trance. Your presentation had finished, and you’d long since disappeared from the front of the classroom. Your desk was behind his. Did you? Was that your hand on his shoulder as you walked past? He peaked a look behind him, and he caught your eyes once more.

You were looking at him, and you laughed, ducking your head. Peter chuckled along, then turned back towards the front.

I’m finally going crazy, he thought.

He thought about that moment for the rest of the day. He couldn’t get you out of his head, your laugh, the way you looked at him. You.

What did you mean? When you touched his shoulder? When you looked at him the way you did?

“Dude, just go ask her out already,”

Peter was standing at his locker, mindlessly grabbing at textbooks and junk as his mind ran on, “Wh-what?”

Ned rolled his eyes and scoffed, “She touched your shoulder in class, she smiled at you. Congrats! She’s into you, so you now have full permission to slide up and ask her out,”

Peter furrowed his eyebrows, “No! Man, I can’t just ask her out, I mean. A shoulder touch could mean anything,”

Ned reached over, slammed Peter’s locker shut, and started walking, “Listen. Before Betty and I started dating, I had to drop hella clues to see what she would pick up on. It’s what people do to, you know, test the waters,”

Peter was shaking his head in confusion, “You’re not making any sense,”

Ned sighed and grabbed his friend by the shoulders, “Peter, women aren’t complicated, you’re just dumb,” He said with utmost seriousness, smacking his friend hard between the shoulderblades, “Now go. Don’t stutter.”

Peter watched as his friend cleared away with the afternoon hallway crowd, before spying you, at your locker, alone. He didn’t have a plan, not the slightest idea of what he’d say to you, but his feet were already walking, Ned’s words in his head.

You smiled when you saw him, “Hey, Peter! What’s up?”

As much as he wanted to, Peter wouldn’t let himself get lost in the idea of you. Not now. Now, he needed to articulate.

“Hey, I, uh, I just wanted to say that you did a really good job on your presentation,” Words were coming out of his mouth, good words, words that made sentences. This was progress.

You laughed, “I kind of forgot it existed, so I did it in a night. Not bad for 10 cups of coffee and a 15 minute nap, you think?”

Peter felt himself fall into the conversation, into your laugh. It was easier to talk to you than he remembered. You made it easy.

At one point, both of you had sat down, spending much longer than intended on the linoleum floors. Peter hadn’t bothered to check the time, he didn’t care, but one glance down to your phone sent you into a frenzy.

“Shit! I’m gonna be late for my shift! I’ve gotta go!” You scrambled to get up, so you grabbed hold of Peter’s hand, “You have my number in your phone, right?”

A bit flustered, he nodded. He wasn’t 100% sure, but he would smack himself if he checked now because you still hadn’t let go of his hand.

“Great!” You smiled, letting go of him, albeit softly, and slowly, “Text me.”

With that, you sped out and disappeared into the streets. Peter simply stood, finally letting the meaning behind your words seep into him.

No, not complicated at all.

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summary: you accidentally smash peter’s legos while doing a tiktok dance

warnings: fluff

a/n: felt like i haven’t done a blurb in forever so here hehe 

the tiktok | tiktok masterlist


You knock on Peter’s apartment door excitedly, mentally thanking your parents for them trusting you to spend a night at his place for the first time.

May opens the door with a warm smile, “Hey Y/n!” she beams.

“Hi Aunt May,” you place down your bag and hug her tightly.

“Peter’s in his room, I have a night shift today at the hospital. Please help yourself to whatever is in the kitchen, make yourself at home, and have fun! But not too much fun,” she grins, pulling away and pats your arm.

You blush at her last sentence and nod, “O-Of course! Bye,” you pick your bag up and wave.

“Bye sweetie, I’m leaving now Peter!” she calls out. He rushes out his room and stumbles towards Aunt May. 

He kisses her cheek, “Sorry I-I was cleaning up my room. Bye!” he smiles, glancing over at you. She chuckles and leaves, closing the door on her way out.

“Hi cutie,” you grin. He rushes over to you and picks you up swirling you around.

You squeal and hold onto him, “Can’t believe your sleeping over,” he hums, placing you down and kisses your cheek.

“Me neither! I have so much planned,” you grin mischievously.

“Please don’t say-”


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last updated: 5/25/20

aosidjad another masterlist!? crazy right lol

anyways these are gonna be a bunch of stories inspired by tiktoks i see (or make 👀)

my dumbass accidentally deleted this (5/22/20) so here it is again

main masterlist , series masterlist

tom holland


british people be like you make tom duet the “british people be like” titkok

☞ tiddies fluff! you drop them tiddies out for tom, only bc tiktok of course

peter parker


is there something you need to tell me? fluff! peter accidentally reveals his identity

hustle and flow you and peter dance in front of the team

princess fluff! you catch peter singing along to the sofia the first theme song

my legos! fluff! you accidentally break peter’s lego millennium falcon

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aussie snacks 🌺 tom holland

CELEBRITY: tom holland x reader

SUMMARY: You’re an Australian youtuber and dating Tom Holland. And for one of your videos you get your boyfriend to try some Aussie snacks from your home country.

WORD COUNT: 1014 words

WARNINGS: none. mainly fluff

A-N: There is really a lack of Australian reader fanfictions out here, so I made one my self. Also this imagine had been prewritten too. Anyways enjoy :)

one other thing, I’m sorry if this is bad.


She set up the camera gently, making sure to get both her boyfriend, and herself into view. Before heading backwards and plopping down comfortably upon her bed covers, beside Tom. The video camera now recording the both of them.

“Hey guys! Welcome back.” The girl with h/c hair greeted, kindly. A smile etching out onto her features as she spoke each word. “Today, I thought I’d let my British boyfriend, Tom try Aussie foods.”

Tom looked up nervously, a small smile on his own features, as he waved carefully at the camera in front of him. His brown curls gently falling in front of his face as he did this action. Before proceeding to turn his head, so that his attention was now trained on his girlfriend, beside him.

He was nervous, to be trying Australian foods. He had been watching different channels for the past few days, people who had tried the different snacks from the land Down Under. So he kind of had a clue on what to expect, but that didn’t mean his nerves would subside anytime soon.

He then continued listening, to Y/n explaining about what foods she had bought back from the store earlier that day. Since they’d been in Australia for a little less than two weeks, visiting her family. Tom’s gaze every now and then glancing at the pile that sat ready for them on the table. Among the foods there, was in fact Vegemite. A spread which most Aussies enjoy on toast. Oh how he was not excited to taste that.

“Alright let’s begin.” Y/n brightly smiled again at the camera, finished her short but quick explanation she had done previously. Her hand reaching over and picking up the first snack, on the table. She bit back a laugh, as she noticed what she had grabbed, holding it up for the camera to see.

“You ready, Tom?” the girl asked him, ready for his reaction on this first snack. Tom only nodded, hesitantly as the female beside him gently spread enough Vegemite onto the toasted bread she had gotten a minute ago.

The brown haired male soon bit into the savoury toast, his face contorting into one of disgust as the substance hit his taste buds. He spat it into the bin beside him, and reached over for his bottled water, uncapping it and taking a long sip. Desperately trying to get the taste off his tongue.

“That was. awful.” He spoke, once he’d finished drinking the water, and placing it on the ground beside him. Y/n removed the hand she had in front of her mouth earlier, to stop herself from laughing loudly at his reaction. And moved onto the next snack to try.

This time when she handed over the food to Tom, it was in a packet with the words ‘Burger Rings’ written across the front. The British actor opened it, letting out a strong burgery scent to linger in the air. It didn’t smell too bad to Tom then, but the taste could definitely change that.

His hand picked out one of the orange rings, and popped it into his mouth. Chewing slowly, the snack tasted a little strange at first as it continued to remain on his tongue, before he managed to swallow it all. Overall, he didn’t mind the snack but it wasn’t the absolute best thing.

As the video recording got longer, and longer. The snacks on the table had managed to decrease, each one earning either good or bad reactions. So far, his favourite Australian snack he had chosen was definitely the TimTams, but the Milo drink was a close second. Y/n grabbed the last thing off of the table, which had the word ‘Minties’ written across the packaging front. Just by looking at it, Tom could definitely tell it had something to do with Mint. He was scared to even try it, not as much as when he tried the Vegemite, but he was scared.

His h/c haired girlfriend opened the packet and handed it over to Tom, a rather strong minty smell erupted from it as he grabbed one of the small lollies, from inside. He struggled for a minute, when opening the wrapper but managed to do so in the end.

“It smells like toothpaste.” The British male spoke, taking note of the white colour and smell before putting it in his mouth. His observation caused for Y/n to let out a laugh in response, before she too put her own Mintie into her mouth, and chewed. It hurt his jaw a bit, when trying to continuously chew it. Hoping that it would grow smaller, the more he chewed. Which eventually it did, and he swallowed it easily. The only thing lingering in his mouth, was the minty breath the lolly had left him with.

“That was so hard to chew.” He finally managed to say after a minute. Looking in the direction of the camera, as he spoke. He was thankful that there was no more foods to react to, and that it were now the end of the video. He glanced in the direction of Y/n, whom had now put the rubbish surrounding them into the bin. Then quickly said her outro, and switched the camera off right after.

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writing to the void 🌾chapter six

a peter parker x oc story

SUMMARY: A series or letters written to Peter Parker, from his girlfriend while he was stuck in the soul stone.

A-N: Here’s the next chapter guys! this is also the only other chapter I had prewritten since while my internet had been super bad. So enjoy :)

[chapter six.]

[main masterlist.]

[series masterlist]

[prologue, chapter one, chapter two, chapter three, chapter four, chapter five]

Dear Peter

It’s a strange thing. Losing someone you love dearly, with only being able to remember them through the memories you had made together. Sometimes it’s still not enough, when wanting to remember someone. Which is how i feel, when every night I go to bed balling my eyes out, clutching a photo of us to my chest. The tears falling like waterfalls, down my cheeks as I’m constantly reminded of the empty void where you used to stand in the world.

Your disappearance has effected my emotions so bad, like the only two things I’m able to feel right now are sadness and grief. It’s hard to comprehend that everyday when I head to school, you’re not there to stick by my side. You’re not there waiting for me by my lockers, and you’re definitely not there in classes.

Sometimes, I think to myself ‘What if this were only a horrible dream?’ and then when I’d wake up the next morning, you’d be there, in person. Not wherever you are now, after you vanished, leaving me behind. I’d then be pulled back into the harsh reality, which i still haven’t accepted yet.

As much as I hate to admit it out loud, I’m struggling to cope with these emotions I’m feeling. Xander and Eleanor have been constantly begging me to go to therapy to help me handle this grief. But I only shake my head and disagree with them, saying that 'I don’t need help with this.’ Maybe I should try, maybe they were right about needing to seek help with controlling these emotions.

But I don’t think I will get that help, as I’m scared that if I do. I won’t be able to remember you at all, and even if it is possible for you to somehow be brought back, then I’d have moved on and left you heartbroken. Which I doubt is possible. I also feel like this coping method of writing to you through these 'letters’ is working perfectly fine enough.

Even though, I know you won’t be able to read any of these or at least I don’t think you’ll be able to.

I love you.

Sierra Kenzie.


the girl who is struggling with her emotions.

[next chapter.]

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