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#peter parker fluff
Don’t know if you’re taking requests now Gen but here’s a funny concept. Our one and only Peter Parker kissing his crush for the first time and alas he decides to get sticky and their lips are stuck together and awkwardness ensues

I’m always taking requests, nonnie!! But okay, I love this, I just wasn’t sure how to make it a full on fic 😅 so here’s a sticky headcanon, bubs 💕

  • Peter had the biggest crush on you
  • Like a doodling your name with his last name in his notebook when he should’ve been paying attention in chemistry kind of crush
  • You were just so sweet and pretty and the way you said his name made his heart beat faster than an villain or life-threatening situation could
  • Somehow he worked up the courage to ask you out on a date and that’s how he found himself in the position he was in now

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𝙨𝙥𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙙𝙖𝙮 🥀 𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙨 𝙢𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩


Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Hanahaki!Reader

Status: Incomplete/On-going 

Summary: love is beautiful, but very painful. y/n stark learned this the hard way. now that peter and mj are together, y/n’s hanahaki is eating up the remaining time she has on earth. and as long as peter doesn’t know, she was willing to accept her fate.

Warnings: cursing, blood, angst,

note: i am accepting mood board submissions if any of you guys made one! would really love to see your works! just tag me in your posts.

mood board made by the lovely  @gwenvrse💖

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  

taglist:  @tomhollandd @softholand @cunaeparker @euphoria-parker @midtownpetey @hollandstea @curlystom @screamholland @plutotown  @pastelpeter @underoosjae @parkeraul @blissfulparker @spideycurls @websliinging @hazsterfield @euphoria-parker @midtownpetey @parkeret @angelic-holland @angel-spidey@allegra-writes@dahliaspidey @spideycuddles​ @snowflakeparker @amsterdam-parker @blissfulparker @parkerpeter24 @sovereignparker @spideycurls @websliinging @farfromhaz  @pixiehollands @hazsterfield @roses-hxlland@parker-holland @kimireclusive @pparkerwrites @stuckonspidey  @sovereignparker @chaoticpete @theofficialtoiletpaperplug @megaprincesscakes @beiroviski @blossomholland @chaoticpete @spideygirl2003 @the-crazy-fanfictionist @dogsfoodartmaingoals@stretchkingblog97

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a kiss with peter in the rain late into the night after a hard study session in the café 馃挆

your light laugh mixed with the jingling of the small bell at the top of the cafe door as you pushed the door open and held it for peter to walk through. he couldn’t help the blush that stung his cheeks as he followed you through the door, your giggle sending chills up and down his spine.

the moment your feet stepped onto the sidewalk, the raindrops gently pelted you both as you immediately went to cover your head with your arms. the thing about peter parker was that he wore many, many layers. it was kind of his thing, and one of the many things you fell for.

as the rain beat down on him, peter had the sudden urge to throw his jacket over you, but the sight of you tilting your face up to the sky was so mesmerizing that he could hardly move. 

his book bag was weighing down his left shoulder as he walked, and his hand was starting to get sore from gripping the strap. but peter barely noticed the cramping of his fingers as your sleeve ever so lightly brushed against his. 

luckily for peter, you were just as smitten. you couldn’t get enough of his chocolate brown gaze as he shyly asked you a question, or his quiet laugh when you’d jokingly responded incorrectly. 

unluckily for peter, self doubt was blindfolding you both to the clear double-sided affection. but perhaps a cafe study date and a late night rain shower was just the thing to rip them off.

“thanks for helping me study,” you said gratefully for the fourth time that day. “you really didn’t have to.”

“no, it’s okay,” peter insisted, his right hand absentmindedly reaching up to dance through his slightly damp curls. he sucked his lip in between his teeth. “i’m sorry for taking so long, i didn’t anticipate this weather.” 

you smiled back, wrapping your arms around your shoulders. “i like the rain.”

the second peter saw you shiver, however, he instantly shrugged off his jacket and draped it over your shoulders without a second word from you. you blushed at the sudden warmth and hugged the soft material tighter around your shoulders, whispering a thank you.

peter’s cheeks flushed bright pink as he mumbled something. he still couldn’t believe it was his jacket draped over your shoulders as you walked, and his blush only intensified when he saw you snuggle into the cotton.

“your jacket’s nice,” you sighed contentedly. “but aren’t you cold?”

“y-you know, i-if you want, i-i’ll give you plenty more opportunities to wear my jacket.” the words rolled off his tongue before he even knew what he was saying, and he bit his lip almost immediately after they left his mouth. you stopped in your tracks and turned back to him, an undecipherable look on your face.

“not if you don’t want to,” peter said hurriedly, every fiber in his body willing him to stop talking. “i-i was just saying if you wanted to, i could lend you my jacket sometimes. not to be weird. u-unless you want it to be weird? that’s so stupid, why would you want it to be-”

you couldn’t take it anymore. you leaned up and captured his lips in a kiss, shutting him up in the most perfect way. peter’s eyes widened in surprise before he kissed back. 

as the rain fell into your hair and off your shoulders, his free hand reached up to ever so gently cup your cheek. you pulled away, slightly gasping for air as you did so. peter beamed as he brushed several strands of wet hair out of your face, the joy on his face undeniable.

“is it weird now?” you asked, a slow smile spreading across your face. 

peter let out a chuckle, his signature laugh warming your heart in the cold rain. “only if you want it to be, y/n/n.” 

you couldn’t help but laugh as you reached out for his hand, softly intertwining your fingers with his. “really like you,” you mumbled, your speech muffled slightly by peter’s comfy jacket.

peter bravely shuffled closer to you, readjusting his bag on his shoulder. he squeezed your hand, sending the butterflies in your stomach into a frenzy. “i really like you too.” 

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Heyyy, I've to say that I'm obsessed with your writing, it's so cute and soooo good, btw the one inspired by GG, definetly my favorite. I was wondering if you could write about Peter and the reader being childhood best friends,but one night everything changes when they finally kiss. Like, having trouble breathing while looking at the reader, smth that definetly didn't happen before, but it's happening now bc he's aware he's falling hard right now. THIS IS REALLY LONG, I'm sorry hahaha.

Movie Night

Word count: 950

Warnings: fluffy fluff

A/N: Thank you so much, love! I absolutely loved this request, I’m always a sucker for friends to lovers vibes ☺️ I hope you like it 💕

It was a typical Friday night. You and Peter were having your weekly movie night, a tradition that started back when you were little kids.

Peter was sitting on your couch, lazily scrolling through movies on disney plus while you made popcorn.

“Did you find anything yet, Pete?” You called out from the kitchen.

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Peter Parker X Reader


Synopsis: You and Spidey decide to see who the better hero is in a certain contest.

Not much Romance but still cute.

Words: About 1580

Warnings: Incredibly awkward Peter Parker.


No Spidey, I don’t think the spiders can understand you.”

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Hey, I hope you are doing well 馃挆 For your cheer up blurb event, could you do Peter x reader with Peter taking her out for a swing for the first time and being all cheeky, like at the end of far from home with MJ when he jokingly drops her?

A/N: I’m doing well hopefully, hope you too abby and thank you for this adorable fluffy request! 🥰 enjoy and stay safe 💖

‘Stay safe, Cheer up’ blurb event

“P-Peter, I’m not so sure about it anymore…”

You sit on the ledge of your bedroom window, Peter in his Spider-Man’s suit standing on the fire escape ladder as he carefully takes your hands in his, making you slowly stand with him.

“It’s gonna be alright, (Y/N). Once we go, you’ll never want to stop!” replies an excited Peter, kissing your cheeks to reassure you a bit. “And I will be extra careful, don’t worry.”

The sun fully sets and the busy streets of Queens start turning their lights on, people and cars still out at this early hour of the evening. You feel Peter’s hands squeezing yours, their warmness giving you some courage back.

So you take a long breath in before wrapping yours arms around your boyfriend’s neck. Pleased you didn’t change your mind, Peter then gently grabs your thighs and picks you up, both your bodies now extremely close to each other.

“You’ll see, I’m a pro at it now!” Peter cheekily brags, pulling his mask fully on to cover his face.

“Stop that. Just be careful is all I wa-”

And as you never had a chance to finish your sentence, you let out a long scream straight out of an horror movie as Peter jumps into the void, soon swinging rapidly from building to building in the city. Your heart and stomach keep going up and down constantly, your screams not really stopping while you keep your face buried into Peter’s neck.


He is obviously having more fun than you are, even making flips in the air and almost dropping you… and quickly catching you back again. Hopefully the busy and noisy streets conceal all your horrific cries and screams, and so for at least fifteen minutes.

Finally, Peter thinks it is time to stop and halts on top of a mid-high building. He lets go of you, sitting you on the floor as you try to catch your breath and thoughts. He slowly massages your shoulders, leaving kisses on your temples to appease you a bit.

“So, how was the ride baby?”

“Damn you, Spider-man.”

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A/N: this is all fluffffff

its a university!roommate au and kinda short and idrk if its a blurb but i hope yall like it :)


Summary: She shows up in tears at their apartment and Peter isn’t really sure what to do. 

Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Warnings: None, maybe angst if you blink ? 

Word Count: Short :)



Peter Parker was abruptly interrupted from his relentless studying of quantum physics.

The front door to his shared dorm flew open and slammed shut, quickly tearing him out of his note-induced trance.

Not slamming the front door was something like an unspoken rule between him and his roommate because closing it too harshly caused damage to the seal and repairing it would be too much money for the two broke university students, and Peter and his roommate deemed it a ‘rule’ to never slam unless completely and absolutely necessary.

So the unknowing boy had half a mind to run at the person coming into his dorm, having every reason for it not to be his roommate— until he saw Y/N trembling stoically in the doorway.

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Could I request a fic with prompts 37, 38 and 41 for a stark reader where she wants to go out past cerfew with Peter but Tony is just not having it? Please that would be amazing! 馃槅 also congrats on 1k! 鉂わ笍

Peter Parker x Stark!reader Prompt Request


Note: aw thank yoy love! 💖 Oh you know I absolutely just LOVE having Tony be mad at Peter but in a father way. So please enjoy Tony basically just insulting the both of you and just not caring. (Not my gif!)

Prompt Request Week


#37 -“No, you’re not leaving. End of story”

#38 - “look at me”

#48 - “come closer”




Summary: You and Peter had made plans which you neve mentioned to Tony, normally you wouldn’t have to but for some reason when Tony saw you and Peter all touchy and kissy as Peter came to pick you up, he had completely changed his mind and decided you weren’t going anywhere tonight. Or so he thought

Warnings: Just pure comedy and man do I love Tony

Word Count: 1.1k




My House My Rules - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

You were just about done getting ready in your room when Peter sent you a text that he was about 5 minutes away from your place. You took that time to gussy yourself off, the top you were wearing was a tad bit more revealing than usual but tonight you fancied getting a bit more attention from Peter; Tony was sitting in the living room, holoscreen active infront of him and scrolling through all these new tech projects. Within a few minutes Tony hears the ding from the elevator and his eyes shoot to the door, he got curious as he had no clue on who was coming over at this time. When the door opened he looked confused and raised an eyebrow as he saw Peter happily walk in.


“Oh hi Mr Stark, you doing alright?”

Peter smiled and walked to Tony offering a hand shake. Tony shook his hand and welcomed him in.

“I wasn’t expecting you uh may I ask why you’re here?”

Peter slowly tensed up but he’d taken you out on dates before so he knew Tony wasn’t against it.

“We um— I’m picking y/n up for a walk and maybe a milkshake”

He said nervously, Tony raised an eye brow but smirked to Peter.

“Hmm okay. But you better not stay out too late-”

Tonys words were cut off when he heard you trotting along from the hallway and into the living room

“Peter! I’m all done, shall we get going?”

Tony’s eyes went wide when he saw what you were wearing, Peter however, eye’d you up and down struggling to look away. Tony noticed Peter’s fixed glance and stared him down, causing Peter to instantly look away.


You walked over to Peter and kissed him sweetly, his hands rested on your hips and that’s what sparked a fuze in Tony.

“Excuse me but what is going on here?”

Tony questioned with authority in his voice, you looked at him with an odd expression as you couldn’t quite place where his sudden mood was coming from

“Uhhh me and Peter are just gunna head out”

“Dressed like that you’re not”

Tony scoffed pointing to your outfit. Peter stood there awkwardly as you stared down your father.

“Since when did you become so ‘super dad’ about what I wear on dates?”

“Since the damn day you were born”

Tony said even more annoyed. He wasn’t having your attitude.

“So I expect you to go back into your room and get changed or there’s no going out”

Your mouth dropped a little and so did Peter’s. Peter whinned a little and you in return got frustrated by your fathers demands

“What?! No dad i’m not changing me and Peter have planned this date for a few days now”

“Mr Stark sir I- please y/n didn’t do anything wrong”

Tony rolled his eyes but stood his ground with the both of you.

“Well it looks like the both of you can spend this evening in your rooms”

You groaned at your dads words and threw your arms up.

“Dad you can’t just-”

“Oh come on Mr Stark it’s just one night”

The moment Peter finished his sentence it fumed Tony even more, Tony snapped his eyes to Peter glaring at him causing Peter to look away from him but oh boy was Tony not pleased with Peter’s back talk

“Look at me”

He said quite harshly to Peter. Peter hesitantly looked up to Tony who was giving him the death stare. Tony lowered himself a little bit to get closer to Peter and spoke in a low but angry voice

“Do not think for one second that I wont hesitate to slap that pretty head of yours if you talk back to me like that again, you got that Peter?”

Peter gulped hard and nodded.

“Y-Yes s-sir— Mr Stark”

You rolled yours and exhaled loudly as you watched Peter’s face completely turn to fear.


“No, you’re not leaving. End of story”

Tony instructed and looked to you with a stern expression. You looked to Peter and then back to your dad, there was no arguing with him.

“Uhg fine…”

You gave in, but you had somewhat of an idea in the back of your mind. You walked to Peter and gave him a quick peck on the cheek then turned away to walk back to your room. Peter just stood there and Tony watched you walk away.

“Now, there you have it. You can see yourself out Peter”

Tony walked back to couch and Peter awkwardly walked away to the elevator, while going down he received a text message. Without thinking anything of it he took his phone out and read a text that had come from you

“Come to my window, super spidey mode please ;)”

Peter smiled to himself and quickly rushed out getting changed into his suit in a back street somewhere. While you waited for Peter, you locked your bedroom door and turned on a speak and crancked up the music really loud. You sat on your bed waiting to hear from Peter and within a few minutes a very light knock was heard from your bedroom window. There was Peter, full spidey suit and climbing into your room.

“You sure this is a good idea?”

“Well as long as we’re quiet”

Taking off his mask, Peter stood nervously and you could tell he didn’t like this ide, though it wasn’t the first time you two had snuck out, but after what just happened Peter had never seen Tony go full dad mode.

“Oh Peter”

You said softly

“Come closer”

You said teasingly as you reached out your hand to pull him towards you. Time for him to just relax a bit.


Peter laughed as he finally wrapped you in his arms and kissed you tenderly, you smiled on his lips.

“You know, I actually love what you’re wearing”

You giggled at Peter words and could feel him kiss your neck quickly. When your eyes met you both looked lovely to eachother. You felt Peter’s hold on your loosen and saw him put his mask back on.

“You ready then?”

You nodded your head and trotted to him near the window where Peter picked you up and let you wrap your arms and legs around him, you got butterflies in your stomach as you got ready for the massive drop.

“Hold on tightly remember”

You nodded and squeezed Peter causing him to laugh a little.

“Ok jumping in 3…2…1”

- - - - - - - - -

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general masterlist



  • YOU’RE THE DAUGHTER of the deceased Venom, abilities stronger than ever. A frustrating boy waltzes into your life; someone who has crushed your soul into pieces. But you soon learn that he means more than that. Something that is hard to admit at first… ❝He’s written in the stars for you.❞


WARNINGS: mentions of death, PTSD, anxiety, maybe smut, angst, enemies to lovers



chapter 1 - 04/04 9PM GMT

chapter 2

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Paring: Tom Holland X Female Reader

Warnings: Language

@dylanstilinskiposts requested: LISTEN I am obSESSED with interviews w Tom x reader so please do one where it’s Tom and reader on Ellen’s game of games and they’re doing the one where a persons in the air on a harness and their partner is like “_ can name 5 cities!” Or somethin like that y/n is in the air and Tom on the ground and they’re bickering the whole time like when KBell and Dax did it please I’m BEGGING

WC: 1.3K

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Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

“Welcome to Ellen’s game of games!” Ellen announces. “Today we are playing you bet your girlfriend with Tom Holland and (Y/N) (L/N) against Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton!”

Tom’s hand is around your waist, pulling you close as you all wave at the camera. He presses a soft kiss to your cheek, causing you to blush and scrunch up your nose. Ellen goes on about the rules of the game and turns toward the couples.

“The way this game works is both Natalia and (Y/N) will be strapped into these two harnesses, blindfolded, they will be suspended above this mattress.” She motions to the setup where both you and Natalia were currently strapped into, “Tom and Charlie will stand behind the podiums and I will announce a category, like cereal. Tom will say, ‘I bet my girlfriend can name six brands of cereal. Charlie can either challenge or bet higher. They have thirty seconds to complete the bet. If she can’t, she will drop and if she can, the other person drops. The first one to hit the mattress loses, Are we ready?”

Everyone nods their heads and Ellen pushes a button, causing you to be lifted out of Tom’s arms as he slips your mask over your eyes.

“Good luck, darlin’ don’t lose this for me,” Tom winks.

“I won’t lose if you don’t bet like you do at pubs.”

Tom places a hand over his heart while walking to stand behind the podium, “And here I thought we were a team.”

“Your first category is boy bands!” Ellen said.

“I bet my girlfriend can name eight boy bands!” Tom said.

“What?” You shriek. “Eight? I can barely name three!”

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all our demons trilogy masterlist

**all headers made by me**

**formerly known as following the life of y/n stark**

pairing: peter parker x stark!reader

summary: “all my demons have your smile.” 


summary: a series that follows the daily life, the trials and tribulations and the ups and downs of being the one and only daughter of tony stark. special appearances from the rest of the avengers and one particular spiderboy.

  • coming soon!
  • coming soon!
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a/n: Hello everybody I want to start off by apologising for taking so long to upload a new fic, life has been crazy recently I had mocks at school that I needed to do well in and then all of sudden I’m not going to school anymore! I’m going to try and use this opportunity to upload more so please feel free to leave requests!

This is the first request I have done on here and I really hope you all like it, I tried to do my research but I’m sorry if the information isn’t perfect. 

Request: Could you do an imagine or blurb or headcanon on Peter x a fire/emt explorer? Like reader aiding Spider-Man in his patrolling and aiding him and citizens that need first aid. Like maybe like treating slashes, stabs, and/or gun wounds or grazings. (Wikipedia has a page explaining what an explorer is and does)

word count: 1k

genre: Just a nice little bit of fluff, mentions of fire

The fire finished as quickly as it had begun, the orange flames grew taller and flickered inside the burning bank building, you could see the the intensity of the fire increasing and spreading rapidly through the gaps in the walls that used to be windows. As I watched cautiously from the sidelines, I spoke to an onlooker who watched the fight break out and asked for their account of what caused the fire to break out.

‘I don’t know what happened inside the bank because I was just walking past on my way home, but I could hear smashing and some screams and only seconds later Spiderman swooped in from a building behind me and went straight inside’

I nodded listening intently, as I hadn’t seen any of my other explorers asking for accounts of what happened so this may help me later on to get an advantage within the group

‘Then, once Spiderman was in the building, there was some fighting noises and then the place went up in flames, then of course I called 911’

I thanked the gentleman for his time and his perspective and saw that the firefighters had nearly finished scoping out the areas checking if it was safe enough for us to enter the site. The firefighters had responded quickly and efficiently to save as much of the building and as many lives as possible, something that I hope to be able to do in the future myself, as a proper firefighter.

‘Safe to come on in guys, help us scan the area and look for any obvious signs for what may have started the fire’

The group of ambitious teenagers eager to get their teeth into something rushed to the scene to try and find any evidence they can to impress the firefighters, I too was quick to respond to the opportunity however, a certain red and blue flash of colour caught my eye before I could make it inside the building. It was the other hero on the scene, and he appeared to be limping into a dark and dim alley way.

I made the split decision that helping the hero was a better way to help than go and do the same job that 4 other teenagers were currently doing.

I quickly jog towards Spiderman before he could get away and place my hand on his shoulder lightly, trying to be careful as I don’t know where his wounds are. He flinches at my touch and whips his head around to look at who was next to him, his white eyes on his mask widen quickly and he untenses as he sees I pose no threat to him.

‘Hey I heard you were fighting someone in the fire and then I saw come limping and wandering like a lost puppy into this alley way, have you got any injuries that I can help you with?’ I ask with real concern laced through my voice. All the other people involved were being treated and helped by the ambulance staff, why should Spiderman go untreated just because he’s a superhero?

‘Um-I’m fine really, I was just about to swing outta here and sort myself out’ He stutters on his words, possibly from shock as he insists he’s fine.

‘Look Spiderman you’re not fooling anyone that you’re ‘fine’ and please let me help you its part of my role and plus, I want to help you’ I stop myself because I feel like I’m making the situation weird between the both of us.

Spiderman leans back against the wall with a tired sigh and slumps down making a grunting noise as he hits the concrete and turns to me.

‘Ok seeing as you want to help I’ve got a massive burn down the side of my leg and usually my body heals itself naturally at super speed but I don’t think this one is going away anytime soon’

‘Right I’m gonna need to take a look at it, I don’t know how your fancy suit works but can you at least make it show your leg because its not good to have it smothered by the material of your suit’ plus I need to treat it’ I ask him whilst I start rummaging through my first aid kit that I have with me that has the essentials for a situation like this. Once I’ve turned back his leg is exposed and so is the nasty burn that needs to be treated immediately.

‘I’m sorry but this is going to sting a little’ as I apply cold water to the area I hear him hiss in pain and he grabs onto my arm for support.

‘Uh I’m sorry I shouldn’t-‘

I cut him off ‘Hey it’s ok you’re allowed to be in pain’ I try and joke lightly as I start to wrap the burn in cling film to protect it and cover it.

Whilst I’m rummaging around again in my first aid kit to find him some painkillers to take what I don’t see is him examining me intently with a slight grin peeking through onto his mask.

‘Right you need to take these they will help relieve some of the pain, I’m sorry there’s nothing else I can do to help you’ I say as I watch him wince as he stand up again sadness shooting through me as I see him in pain, I place the pain killers in his hand and he takes a hold of them and my hands for a fleeting moment.

‘You have helped me more than anyone ever has after I’ve been injured and I’m really happy you did’ He says with a tone of sincerity.

‘Its ok, it’s what I’m here to do, goodbye Spiderman, you better look after that wound!’ I flash him a cheeky grin and he attaches a web to a nearby building just outside the alley way


Then just like that he was gone out again into the night after saving the day, only this time he was the one who was saved as well.

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set at endgame, far from home, and then my interpretation of what will happen after.


by @n-stxlgialove you, girl. ♡

it’s not the future that you are afraid of,

it’s the fear of the past repeating itself that haunts you.


↷1.6k+ words

════ ⋆★⋆ ════

HOW YOU WOULD LOVE TO GO BACK IN THE PAST and wished things would have turned out differently. It happened to be that the realisation hit you hard like running into a brick wall. Probably harder in fact. So much so that you now knew that could obviously never happen.

You had learned that there are ways in which we grow and develop and mature into the people that we become as adults. The past inevitably forms the future and lands on how fast we grow and change as people. Some people have smile lines or crow’s feet, while others have scars and bags beneath their eyes. Depending on our natural outcome, depends on what we turn into as we grow old. There’s a defined difference between the two outcomes, one being dominant in society and the other… a silhouette.

It was just unlucky that you ended up in second place.

Normality wasn’t something that occurred in your childhood home where you indeed grew and developed, right up until the age of six, which was when the floor beneath you crumbled and you were flipped upside down, every thought, memory and ounce of blood rushing to your head until eventually…

Everything you ever knew exploded.

Now, as you sat in the leather chair in a room within the depths of Stark Tower, thumbs folding over one another in an endless race, heart pounding in your frail chest, everything slowly came back to light.

He walked around the room like a hawk circling its prey, pushing you down to the shadows where you’ve wrongfully, yet unknowingly, been placed for the counterpart of your life. His eyes were beady behind the glasses that rested on his large nose, skin rather flushed and pale.

Despite being quite plump, he was well dressed and smelt like lavender, a rather feminine smell that relaxes you. His actions made you nervous, emotions stirring in your stomach, making you mentally ill. His voice was gruff and deep as he spoke,

“So,” he began, ensuring that there was no backing out now, “I hear that you’re a little confused about walking into your future… especially now that I found you here.” His words confused you to an extent, your brow tightening and lower half shifting in the seat. The reason was that you didn’t expect to find yourself here, out of all the places you knew.

“I guess you could say that,” you replied with a low tone, rather battered and tired. Being snuffed out into existence isn’t easy. But as your body lurched forward, a gruff cough impaled your throat, pain striking at your lungs.

You still had that damn cough, meaning you still had lethal abilities you couldn’t control.

You were still the same.

Neverthless, you trained your eyes to focus on things around the room, focussing on such things as the paintings on the walls, the pastel wallpaper and the lime curtains hanging by the window.

“Quite a nasty cough you have there,” the man sighed, stopping at his desk placing his nimble fingers on the wood as he leaned further over, “I’ve heard it’s not exactly curable,” which left you thinking on how you ended up here.

The last ten years wasn’t exactly simple and unchallenging, but it wasn’t uncomfortable either, knowing that you were under your now-deceased mentor’s wing. In that time, you mastered espionage, martial arts and most importantly, meditation. For your heart and mind. For the sake of the people around you. Now that he was gone, you couldn’t help but feel exposed and broken. Like all the abilities and skills you were taught were suddenly nothing and you forgot everything. The same vulnerable feeling you had ten years ago when your own two guardians were snatched away from you, settled back in your heart and mind like an unwanted guest.

You swallowed, licking your dried lips before wiping your hand down your leg, “You seem to know a lot about me, Sir.

“Well it would be rude of me to forget,” he smiled, pulling back the chair that sat before him and taking a seat, now at your eye level, “was it the fire that disturbed your throat?”

Your jaw clenched at the simple memory of what had happened that September evening on your sixth birthday. The day you learned a valuable lesson while your life fell apart. Dipping your head, you nodded in an action response as the lump grew heavier in the back of your throat. “I see you have occupied quite a few burn marks as well.”

“That’s kinda what happens when you get trapped inside a burning building,” you sighed, sarcasm dripping in your tone. You understood the man sitting before you was here to help, yet you couldn’t stop your brain from deciphering the situation. As much as you wanted to come clean of your past, it seemed wrong to tell it to someone who was paid to take in others woes. However, he was right in one thing that he had said; that being that yes, you did occupy quite a few scars from the raging flames that fed off your flesh.

“Do you remember much of what happened that evening?” he asked cautiously as not to trigger the loaded gun that sat at the back of your mind. Swallowing deeply as to calm the itch in the back of your throat you condemned yourself, collecting your ragged emotions and relaxing back into the leather chair.

“I don’t remember the whole thing but… I remember how the fire started…” you nodded, head dipping to focus on your fingers that were aimlessly fiddling with one another in an act of anxiety and frustration and a sheer lack of comfort.

Your trail of thought was cut off abruptly owing to the fact that a sudden, sharp pain had struck your back. Specifically right in the centre. Your expression became taut and you had the immediate urge to throw up but the feeling surpassed as quickly as it came.


Your momentary silence was cut short when you realised that you were already taking too long to answer his question in full.

“It was my sixth birthday and I remember it was really sunny outside. There were some bluebirds on the tree just outside the living room window from where I was sitting when my dad brought the cake into us.”

The sun was so bright that evening, brighter than you’d ever seen it. Your apartment was located right in the centre of what felt like the earth, the sun beaming directly into your living room. Your dad always said that there was no need for electric lights when you had mother nature to take care of you.

“I remember blowing out the candles… And making a wish. I don’t remember what wish I made…”

While you were in the living room with some friends from school, occupying the silence with the small conversation about… whatever six-year-olds talk about, your parents were in the kitchen. The reason why you knew was that you remember the disappointment in your chest when you turned to see they weren’t even looking when the flames were burned out.

“I remember my mum demanding that we light the candles again so that she could watch,” you sighed with a smile, “so she came into the living room and lit them again… Not realising she left the open flame exposed on the cooker…” and then your smile faded. “It felt like seconds, one second I was blowing out the flames to my birthday candles and then the next… I was surrounded by them.”

You’d share the same emotion as to what you felt tucked in the heat, something similar to being trapped beneath a blanket when you and your dad would play hide and seek. Yet you knew this time you couldn’t escape from under it, out into the world of fresh air and clear sight. You were trapped in the smoke and flames, unable to move from sheer fear pulsing through your veins.

“If I’m right, your father was the one who saved you?” the man spoke, making your head lift to meet his gaze. You nodded.

“Without him, I wouldn’t even be alive… Well, without what he gave me,” you bit your lip tightly, remembering the event.

Once he’d stumbled upon you behind the broken rafter in the corner, he said what he would do wouldn’t hurt. He only partially lied. The scary part was watching your father fall apart right in front of you as he gave you the last thing that was keeping him alive.

Venom was a symbiote your father inhabited long before you were born, and he’d told you stories about it over the years that often sent you to sleep. Feeling that so-called ‘monster’ feed under your skin and dominate your veins, sending a rush to your head as your every nerve was corrupted and overridden by the living shadow that was carrying you away from the flames was terrifying.

“Without Venom… My dad would still be alive.”

“But you would be dead, Miss L/N.”

“My dad was a better man than I could ever be a woman. He cared about people, he actually gave a shit.” You emphasised the last part, meaning every word of it.

Shrugging, you loosened your shoulders, “Whereas I… I can’t get over the fact that the real monster my dad would tell me stories about… was me.” Your sentence was cut short as another cough ripped through your throat, head twisting to the shell of your arm to cover your lips.

“You are no monster, Y/N. That is why we are here to help you, to better yourself and self-image,” he smiled, stretching out an arm to place a comforting hand on the oak wood table. Your head turned slowly, tongue flicking over your lower lip as your eyes finally met his for the first time that session, “I wouldn’t be so sure about that.”

By the time the session was finished it came to be that you were feeling a lot better, and the devil inside you too. The paintings on the wall had only shifted a little from the struggle, the pastel wallpaper now a hot red and the lime curtains… Well, it would take more than one wash to get his whiskey ridden blood out of the cotton strands. In truth, we all grow and mature in some way. Your level of development had just gone a little… fucked up.

But it was a new life, a new start in Queens, New York. As Y/N Brock. And you had a funeral to attend to.

════ ⋆★⋆ ════

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Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 660

Summary: It’s a perfect Spring day, perfect for a cookout at the compound.

Warnings: language maybe? honestly probably not but just incase 🤷🏼‍♀️, super fluffy

AN: This is for @mushyjellybeans​ 250 writing challenge. I know you have WAY more followers by now and you deserve every single one of them & so many more!! Prompt is bolded! I hope you like it 💜 // this is also a representation of some of what I look forward to when this quarantine is over! Stay safe everybody!!



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A/N: hi yal!!!!! this kinda sucks bc i wrote it in october but i think its cute :) 

Summary: Y/N has an uncanny ability to transform like her father, and Peter’s a lovesick boy. 

Pairing: Peter Parker x Asgardian!Reader

Warnings: None, all fluff 

Word Count: Approx. 2k 


“Hey, hey… hey! You’re going way too fast Peter, I don’t even know what this sign means,” Y/N whines, frowning as her eyes squint at the numbers and symbols in Peter Parker’s maths textbook.

It doesn’t make any sense to her. The midgardian concept of mathematics is insane. She doesn’t understand it all all, when does it even come to play in daily life? She would never tell Peter this, but she did not think humans could be so technologically advanced in math and science. 

Peter did tell her that mathematics is hard for most humans on Earth, trying to comfort the angry girl in her previous state of frustration and panic, though, she is pretty sure he said that out of pity.

But now, her nose crinkles in disgust as she stares at the equations, resorting to glancing helplessly up at the brown-haired boy leaning on her shoulder.

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This concept kills me every time but kissing Tommy’s ears bc he says he doesn’t like them and you’re like nooo they’re adorable馃ズ馃ズ

awww ofc, Tommy’s ears deserve there own appreciation!

Adorbs | T. Holland


Originally posted by parkery

What’s your biggest insecurity?” The interviewer asked.

Tom shifted in his seat nervously. He wasn’t big on talking about these kinds of things.

“Um, I’d have to say my ears.”

You turn to look at Tom, “what? Really?”

He chuckles, “Yeah, I dunno, don’t really like em’.”

You pout, cupping his face gently before pressing kisses all over his ears.

“(Y/N),” He whines. “Stoppp.”

“No, not until you love your ears as much as I do,” You said, pressing another soft kiss on the tip of his ear.

Tom grins, a light pink dusting his cheeks, he gently pushes you off. “Fine, fine, I love my ears.”

“Good, because they’re adorable.”

The interviewer laughs, bringing you back into reality, that was on camera.

“What about you Miss. (Y/N)?”

"oh, right, uh my relationship,” You said quietly.

“What?” Tom practically shrieks.

“Because you’re this famous movie star and you have so many fans, I’m just scared that they’ll attack me.”

“Oh, darlin’ you shouldn’t have to worry about that.”

“Well, you shouldn’t worry about your ears.”

“I’ll make a deal with you, I won’t worry about my ears if you don’t worry about us.”

Tom holds out his pinky and you wrap your own small one around his, both of you pressing a soft kiss at the tip of the others. Then Tom gently grabs your neck and pulls you in for a kiss. Making you smile.

“No more insecurity about your adorable ears?”

“No more,” He promises, “No more insecurity about our relationship?”

“Definitely not,” You grin at him.

“Alright, the stupidest thing the other person has done?” The interviewer asks. You immediately began laughing.

“OH, I’ve got a good one!”

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BUMMER SUMMER || peter parker; ch three

read ch two here


an; heya, happy friday. :)

**italics indicates flashback**

warnings; mentions of battle wounds (i.e. blood/scars/etc), future smut, mature language, fluff, angst, both peter and oc are 18+!!

word count; 2.6k+


edie’s pov

pulling up to the compound is nerve-wracking, to say the least. this place is the home of so many valuable items and pieces of technology. to be put in charge of those things is something i don’t take lightly. i just hope to make tony proud.

we pull into the underground garage and he helps me take my bags out of the backseat. he goes to pick up my weapons bag and stumbles when he lifts it.

“oh- damn. this thing is heavy. what do you have in here? rocks?” he questions with a chuckle to throw me off the obvious fact he’s struggling. i grab the bag from him and sling it around my shoulder with ease.

“it’s just all of my knives, a few throwing stars, my suit, some-” i begin to say but he cuts me off.

“okay okay, stop that. it was rhetorical. get in the building.” he leads me to the fingerprint password protected door. “give me your thumb.” he demands.

i stretch my hand out to him as he grabs my thumb and presses it against the touchscreen pad that was next to the door. after touching a few buttons and scanning my thumb, he continues, “there ya go. you now have access to almost every room in the compound. don’t be stupid with it.” he pointes a finger at me playfully.

with that i nod and follow him into the compound and up the stairs that take us to the main level. he gives me a quick tour of the place and makes a point to remind me of all the things i’m not allowed to touch.

finally, we stop in front of a cream-colored door and he turns around to face me.

“here’s your room. do with it what you want,” he says with a smile and steps out of my way. i open the door to a completely white room with white walls and bedspread and curtains and-

“i figured i’d leave you a blank slate so that you could…i don’t know, be creative?” he explains, “okay, see ya. i’ll give you a holler when the kid gets here.”

peter’s pov

aunt may had just finished hugging me to death when i hear a honk from the street below us. i squirm away from her arms and grab her hands.

“may, i gotta go now. i’ll see you soon.” i say with a sad smile, knowing she’ll be miserable wondering if i’m okay every second of the day. she nods at me and mouthes ‘i love you’ as i slip out the apartment door.

happy sits in the car, anxious to get going as i scramble to get everything in the trunk. i slam it shut and make my way to the passenger seat. as soon as i grab the handle, the door locks and happy gave me a stern look as he rolls the window down to speak.

“no way, in the back,” he says as he nods to the back seat with his head. i try to argue but he’s already rolling the window back up. i groan while hopping into the back seat and put my headphones in before resting my head against the window.


once we reach the compound, happy parks the car and begins to make his way to the door, leaving me to get all my bags. he tells me to hurry up with a small smile on his face, which tells me he’s just messing with me.

he still makes me carry it all myself though.

i practically trip in the doorway and all my things fall to the ground. mr. stark appears in front of me with a smug look and his arms behind his back.

“glad you could make it, parker. don’t worry about the bags, happy will get them,” he says as he turns and begins walking away. i notice happy out of the corner of my eye and stick my tongue out at him teasingly. he gives me a dirty look.

mr. stark pulls me out of my antics as he clears his throat. i whirl around to look at him and offer a sheepish smile.

“okay, kid. let’s get down to business,” he says but before he can continue, i rush to speak, unable to contain myself anymore.

“where should i sleep? do you even want me to sleep? considering i have to be alert to take out the bad guys? hey, can i bring my friend ned over some time? or could i get a dog? it’s probably gonna get a little lonely here.” i spew out with one big breath.

mr. stark gives me a weird stare before a look of realization crosses his face. “oh. oh. i didn’t tell you, did i?” he asks as if he’s surprised he let this information slip his mind. i cock my head at him as a sign to continue.

“you’re not doing this alone. i recruited someone else to stay here too,” he says with a serious face. my own face falls at his words. of course he didn’t trust me enough to leave me here alone. he probably got some old person friend to keep an eye on me and tell me what to do. i have to admit though, the idea of not having to be here for three months all by myself is kinda nice.

“hey now, don’t jump to conclusions. it’s not some old person.” he continues on with a smirk. i swear he can read minds. i walk over to the couch and throw myself onto it face first. “in fact, i think you might like her. wolfie, come on in.” he calls through the room.

my ears perk at the sound of my best friend’s nickname, but immediately push it aside when i remember she left for that summer camp this morning. and she also isn’t the type of person tony stark would ask to protect his compound. i don’t even think he knows who she is.

soft footsteps make their way into the living room, along with an off-key voice singing the spiderman theme song. i raise my head off the couch to catch a glance at the owner of the poor singing voice.

“spiderman, spiderman, does what ever a spid- peter?”

oh shit.


edie’s pov.

hell no. no part of my body is willing to accept what i am witnessing in front of me. not only am i pissed off that i’ve never been told about this not-so-little secret—the one that means my best friend is the spiderman- but this bitch decided to lie to me about this whole entire summer, thinking he could just 'go on vacation.’

“what the heck, edie?” peter yells as he flings himself up from the couch. “this isn’t summer camp! what are you doing here?” he asks while flailing his arms in the air.

his angry face is a shock to me. i’ve never seen my best friend get so worked up about anything before. it takes me a second before i can regain my composure. and then i just get mad.

“me? what are you doing here, parker?” i shout back at him with the same amount of energy and annoyance. i take a few steps into the room and towards him before a hand is placed on my shoulder.

“okay, yeah, i know that look. why don’t you stop right there, kid.” tony says as he steps in between peter and i.

“sorry, mr. stark.” i say in complete unison with another voice. my head snaps back to peter and my mouth falls open in disbelief.

“hey, hey, hey, he was talking to me.” i say with a pointed finger at peter’s chest.

“no. no, no. he calls me kid.” he replies with a pout.

tony rolls his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose, “you’re both children, especially at this very moment. there, are you happy?”

peter and i look at each other with fire in our eyes. his expression falters for a second before he regains his anger. i try to search for what the other emotion was, but can’t find anything behind his stern gaze.

“let’s just take a seat, okay? how about that?” tony continues and leads us to the couch.

i plop myself onto the couch with a huff and cross my arms over my chest. peter sits down on the complete opposite end, mirroring my expression. tony takes a seat on the coffee table in front of us.

“i really thought you guys would be more excited, seeing as you are best friends.” tony says with a smirk.

peter looks at me and back at tony, “wait you knew that we know each other?” he says and straightens his posture a little bit.

“clearly you guys don’t know each other as well as you thought.” tony snickers, “listen, you’re both here for a reason. hash it out and come find me later.”

with that he stands up, gives us each a pat on the head and strolls off to who knows where.

peter and i both watch him walk away, focusing on mr. stark’s retreating frame for as long as we can before it turns weird. i slowly shift my head to face forward, too stubborn to make the first move. and of course, peter being the good guy he is, begins to talk.

“what’s going on, e?” he asks softly. i keep my gaze forward and fiddle with my fingers. he turns his body to face mine and waits for an answer.

this was all just a big clusterfuck. i’m furious with peter. for lying and for feeling like he can’t tell me something so important to him. but i’m one to talk, i guess. how can i be mad when i’ve done the exact same thing to him?

i’m pulled out of my thoughts when peter’s finger pokes me on the side of my face. i swat his hand away and force myself to look at him.

“i’m sorry.” i whisper.

peter softens at that and returns my gesture, “me too.”

after a few seconds, i continue, “who knew my best friend was the amazing spiderman?” i say with a small chuckle. he gives me a smile and shrugs his shoulders.

“i guess i am pretty amazing.” he gloats. we both laugh and then return to silence.

i know he’s going to ask about me and what capabilities i have that make me worthy of being here. to be honest, i’ve always been confident in my abilities, until now. we all know why peter is here. he has heightened reflexes and healing. he can shoot actual webs from his fancy wrist bands and scale buildings and swing from place to place.

i, however, can do none of those superhuman things. i’m just good at throwing sharp objects. but if that’s enough for tony stark to take me under his wing then i guess i have nothing to worry about. right?

i decide to answer the question looming over his head and stand up from the couch. i stick out my hand for him to take and gesture for him to get up.

“wanna see some of my tricks?” i chirp. he smiles and takes my hand.

but before we can go anywhere, i grab his arm and flip his body over my head, making him slap the ground hard with his back. he lands with a grunt and looks up at me with shock. i double over with laughter and poke fun at the flustered boy.

“i’m sorry, i’m sorry. let me help you up.” i choke out between laughs and grab his outstretched hand. with one heave i pull him up onto his feet with ease, which seemed to surprise him more.

“you’re…weirdly strong,” he comments with an uneasy look on his face. i just shrug and turn to go grab my goodie bag from my room.


peter’s pov.

i find myself standing in the training room, practicing my dodges and agility as i wait for edie to come back with her things. i’m trying to keep my head clear and thoughts open.

i have to admit, all of this is just a tad overwhelming. figuring out i’m not going to be here alone, and the person i’m going to be spending my summer with is my best friend— who is badass enough to flip me over her shoulder? i mean, i knew she was great, but this is, well, unexpected.

as far as the lies go, there’s nothing i can do about that. i’m calling it all even at this point.

footsteps enter the room and stop abruptly. “why are you wearing your suit?” a voice sounds off behind me.

i flip around and stare at edie, who is dressed in workout clothes. i glance down at myself and shrug playfully.

“it’s the first time you get to see spiderman and know who’s underneath the mask.” i say as i do a princess twirl in front of her. “where’s your fancy getup?”

she huffs and drops a bag onto the ground with a loud thud. with curiosity taking over my thoughts, i walk over to her and poke around at her bag.

“hey, what’s in here-? ow!” i exclaim as i rub the back of my head. “why’d you do that?”

“i’ll put my suit on if you stop trying to touch my stuff.” edie responds as she tries to hide a smile.

i flop onto my back and nod, albeit a little defeated. she rustles around in her bag before leaving the room.

i stare at the ceiling, sprawled out across the floor. i can’t help but smile to myself at the thought of this summer. staying in the avengers compound with edie is something i could have never thought up myself. yet here we are, feeling all happy and cheesy like a bad movie.

“okay, parker. let’s do this.”

i push myself to my feet and almost choke when i see edie standing in front of me. the suit she has on is completely black and slim-fitting and she looks good. i can only dream that that’s how i look in my suit. like that, but yanno, manly.

then it dawns on me. i’ve seen a girl in this suit before. the other night, with those three guys. and she kicked their assess. i have to admit, i’m even more proud to call her my best friend after seeing that.

“so you’re the knife girl, huh?” i tease. she mocks me with a laugh and in an instant, she’s pulling two knives out of her waistband and chucks one at me with no hesitation.

i shoot a web up to the rafters in the ceiling and swing out of the way of her attack.

“ha ha. missed me, missed me, now you gotta ki- woah!” i try to tease her but she’s already flinging her second knife at me. with a last-minute dodge, i turn around to see the knife an inch from my head.

“if i wanted to hit you, i would have.” edie taunts with a smirk.

i smile at the girl on the ground below me, thankful she can’t see my giddy face underneath the mask. i hop down to her level and cross my arms, “so you obviously don’t like 'knife girl’. do you even have a cool superhero name, wolfie?”

she seems to be stuck in thought for a moment before answering me with a shrug, “i’m sure i can come up with something better than spiderman.”

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Could you do Neck kisses with Petey??

This is pretty late, sorry! But Happy Birthday, Dancing Queen!! (Everyone go send her lots of love!)

Peter spun around in his desk chair so that he could see you and sighed, pulling the hood of his hoodie over his head, “Baby, come sit with me.” He pouted, making grabby hands at you. You giggled, getting up and sitting on his lap, wrapping your arms around him and tucking your head into the crook of his neck and leaving a trail of kisses along his skin. He wrapped his arms around your waist, clinging onto you, “Mmm, you missed, baby…” You pulled back, frowning in confusion and he leaned forwards, capturing your lips with a soft kiss as he mumbled, “I love you,” against your lips.

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Tik Tok Challenge {Peter Parker x Reader}


Originally posted by uwu-barnes

Summary: Y/N takes part in the “kissing my best friend” challenge on Tik Tok.

Warnings: none

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry that it’s short! I’m having major writer’s block rn. Thanks for reading! Xox Angel Baugh

I sat on my bed, texting MJ. The plan sounded way better when we joked about it the previous morning.


I am freaking out

Should I still do it?

What if he hates me and never talks to me again

MJ, I can’t ruin this friendship.


Girl, you got this! Peter would never break off a friendship over something like that. There is no need to worry!

He should be there any minute now. So imma leave you to it

Good luck





“Hey, Pete,” I greeted him as he walked into my room.

“Hey,” he smiled shyly, shutting the door behind him.

We spent some time studying and working on projects. I would sneaking take my phone out and record cute moments we shared. I’d be damned if this Tik Tok didn’t hit the for you page.

Peter stood up, “I should probably get going. Aunt May is expecting me home soon.” My heart began racing. It’s now or never.

“Okay…but can I do something real quick?” I sooner.

“Um, sure…,” he trailed off, confused.

I jumped up from my bed and stood in front of him. Grabbing his face, I pulled him towards me. Anxiety was pushing through me, and I considered running out of my own room and never talking to him again. My fight or flight response was being put to the test.

I kissed him. Tingles ran throughout my body, and I thought I was going to faint when I pulled away. My nerves shot up when the adrenaline wore down.

“I am so sorry. I-“ he cut me off with another kiss.

His arms wrapped around me, pulling me close to him. I draped my arms over his shoulders and ran my fingers through his curls.

“Hi,” he breathed out after he pulled away. His cheeks were a bright pink -verging on red- and his lips were swollen.

“Hi,” I giggled. Then it dawned on me.

I forgot to record.

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