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#harry osborn

PARKSBORN noemi i need you to know that this is my first ever parksborn fic and i LOVE the fact that you were the one to request it thank you thank you thank you

warnings: implied/referenced child abuse (i hate norman osborn okay) and some hy-po-THERMIA 

The ghost of Norman’s hand is still strewn across the side of Harry’s face, painted against his cheekbone with a palette of blues and purples and greens. The main bit of it is on his cheekbone, but the pads of his fingers had left faint marks against his temple and the spot of skin above his eyebrow. If he’d hit him a smidge harder, Harry’d have a black eye.

He’s always loved painting. The stroke of a brush against a blank canvas, a few hours a day where he’s in control, where he can make anything he’d like and nobody- not even Norman- can stop him. He is in charge. His hand guides the paint.

The end product belongs to him.

But since Peter had thrown himself through the front door of Harry’s apartment after he’d called him in tears and had thrown an angry, cursing Norman from his shoulders before beating his father black and blue, screaming all the time for Harry to call the police…


He hasn’t been able to pick up a brush since.

Harry throws one last look at the ghost in the mirror, wincing at the pathetic look on his face, before splashing a few handfuls of warm water into his eyes and snorting the bit that gets into his nose back into the sink. He’s about to take a shower, already stripping out of his shirt, when he hears it- a loud thump from his and Peter’s shared bedroom.

That only means one thing.

It only ever means one thing, especially with Peter around.

Harry tugs his shirt back over his head, rushing into their room to see- yep- Peter, still in his Spider-Man suit, clutching the edge of the bed. He opens his mouth to make some sort of witty remark- miss me, hon?- when he notices the intense shivers wracking Peter’s body, the difficulty with which he’s trying to pull himself onto their bed, the way he can’t seem to gain enough control of his limbs to hold himself up.

Something’s wrong.

“Peter?” Harry gasps, darting across the room to wrap his arms around his boyfriend’s shoulders. He practically has to drag him onto the bed, maneuvering his tremoring legs so that they’re spread out across the covers, before reaching out and tugging the mask from Peter’s head.

HIs lips are white.

“Oh, my God,” Harry says dumbly, placing a shaking hand of his own on the side of Peter’s face and wincing at the way his face draws up as he closes his eyes. They wrinkle at the corners in the way that they only do when he’s about to laugh or about to cry.

“H-Harry,” Peter whispers, teeth chattering. “H-h-hey.”


“Hy-hypo-th-thermia,” Peter stutters. He pulls his arms up to his chest, miming trying to make himself warm again (doesn’t really have to pretend, of course) before leaning into the warmth of Harry’s hand.

His skin is so pale.

“What can I do?” Harry asks frantically, searching Peter’s face with wide, terrified eyes. “Tell me what to do, Peter!”

Peter just shivers again and inches his way closer to Harry’s body, leaning into him like a child to his mother, full-body tremors shaking Harry with their force.

He’s always been told that he’s like a heater.

Harry slowly adjusts his position so that he’s lying on the bed beside Peter before turning into him and pulling him close. He wraps his arms around his chest, one lapping over his stomach, and does the same with his legs before stroking a hand through Peter’s disheveled curls and letting his head rest on Harry’s shoulders.

The shivers slowly abate. Harry hums a tuneless song the whole time, eyes fixed on the still side of Peter’s face.

They breathe.


“I-if you h-h-hadn’t come ov-over,” Peter stutters, pushing his head even further under Harry’s chin, “I w-w-would have been- been s-so much c-c-colder.”

Harry laughs quietly, rests a hand on Peter’s forehead, and smiles as he feels his temperature rising. 

“I know, hon.”

If you hadn’t come over, he thinks, so would I.

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Hahaha more parksborn!

Some info about my universe’s version of Harry specifically. He’s got burn scars on his arms because he tried getting his mom out of a bad fire and ended up just wrecking his arms. His mom died. He’s also a dancer, which is part of the reason i drew this. The other part being that i wanted to draw fluffy parksborn lol

I was gonna shade but uhhhh got lazy

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look, the thing about harry is that arguably his core character struggle is rejection. for his entire life, harry has felt unwanted and unloved by his father, he’s felt outcast by the person who was supposed to love him the most, and because he was a child, that hit him hard. harry is shown to change himself to fit the likings of everyone around him (trying to live up to his father’s expectations, turning against peter to impress flash, etc.) and that is 100% due to the fact he doesn’t feel good enough on his own (thanks to norman, again)


and that’s kind of inherently a thing most lgbt+ people will struggle with at some point or another? every lgbt+ person i know has felt scared of coming out because they feel they won’t be accepted for who they are, to the point they feel dizzy, nauseas, and start crying/shaking at the mere thought of coming out. it’s a debilitating fear that is imposed either by the society we live in or our parents ourselves, and that makes harry, at his very core, extremely relatable


this is just one way harry’s struggles line up with those of lgbt+ folk and is by no means all the ways they’re similar, but i wanted to talk about this specifically because of the fact this is harry’s core struggle, which means there is a lot of subtext created, intentionally or not, that implies harry is himself part of the lgbt+ community.

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Casual clothes and business transactions, anyone?


ID: A sketch of Harry Osborn (un-coloured). He is holding a palm tree shaped glass, straw sticking into his mouth. He is wearing a white polo shirt and brown striped pants. His eyes look to the left, their gaze tired.

(Reference photo under the cut!)

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From ASM #31:


Harry and Gwen just see a dude who brushed them off, maybe because he didn’t hear them calling him or maybe because he’s stuck up.


So Harry decides to prank him “to take him down a peg”, Peter doesn’t even notice. They try inviting him to hang out to make up for it but he declines.

All in all: Harry thinks Peter’s ignoring them on purpose and actively dislikes him for it: Gwen thinks Peter’s hot and is mad he won’t notice her; and Peter… I don’t think he even knows their names. 


“Notice me, Senpai Baka Parker.” – Gwen Stacy, circa 1965.

Later, on ASM #34:


More of the same tbh, but now his aunt is healed so he isn’t spacing out so much.

Then on ASM #36


He almost goes to a party but he’s fresh from a break up with Betty Brant (who has left the Bugle along with Ned Leeds shortly after Ned asked her to marry him) so he ain’t really feeling like it, y’know?


…What do you want this seemingly average 18 year old college freshman to do about a supervillain robbing a museum, Gwen? You should be evacuating the area as well, lest the Looter decides to take hostages or gets on a shoot out with the cops. What the honest fuck?


Gwen, seriously, what do you want from him? Do you always get mad at random civilian bystanders in robberies for not trying to tackle armed/dangerous/superpowered criminals on their own? Did Lee and Ditko honestly believe women think like this? 


Gwen doesn’t really come off as super stable in this issue, tbh. 

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Amari: What’s this?


Amari: Its a plushie of me…?

MJ: Awww! So cute!! 💕💕💕

Gwen: We have fans now? Who makes plushies of you?? Holy shit.

Harry: Do you think we should make a merch store for the Cobwebs? Think it could help pay for equipment costs and whatnot.

Felicia: We should. Patreon isn’t cutting it for us.

Miles: Damn I wish I had a plushie made of me, smh

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Ned to MJ: I mean peter will be so happy when he sees Harry.

Peter sees Harry: you son of a bitch!

Harry: I’m gonna show you who’s the son of a bitch!

Peter runs over to harry wrapping his hands around Harry’s neck and Harry’s hand on his hip. The two instantly start to make out.

Ned: oh ok…..

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i think something a lot of people (cough spencer cough) get wrong about harry is that he isn’t inherently evil, or evil at all. he doesn’t do bad things because he’s motivated by selfish reasons, he doesn’t do bad things because he’s just prone to that, and he certainly doesn’t do bad things because he enjoys them. harry is a naturally soft and gentle person; he is a complete rejection of the aggressive alpha male norman wanted him to be, which means that, if anything, harry is less prone to violence or evil. harry can really only be pushed to truly malicious acts by, well, a complete mental breakdown. the whole reason he became the green goblin is because he had about 7 different things ganging up on his mental health, and without any healthy coping mechanisms he turned to complete self destruction–and part of that self destruction was, indeed, his villainy.

harry osborn is not someone who can snap at any time. he is not inherently evil, or inherently dangerous, or inherently selfish. he’s a mentally ill abuse survivor whose entire life was filled with people and situations that were against who he is as a person. harry osborn is not evil. he’s just hurt.

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Originally posted by rldleys

A/N: Yeah so I don’t know what I wrote lmaoo

Warnings: thREEsome but it’s low-key crack though :) some smoking because Peter is a broke college student and he’s stressedTM.

WC: 2.7k+

Pairing: college!peter parker x reader 

Masterlist || taglist


Being a college student was hard, even if you were an intern (or former?) for Tony Stark and got a full ride to MIT. The expectations were high and suddenly you were in a room full of smart students, people were constantly eyeing you to make a mistake and call you out, because people were shitty that way.

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I thought you’d never ask! Ok so hear me out:

This is what Harry looks like in the Ultimate comics (which Jon Watts has said is what has inspired these movies the most)


Here are some of the TV iterations of him.


I know the mcu isn’t really comics accurate but I think they would go with a ginger this time around to distinguish him from the ghosts of Harry’s past.

Therefore my dream casting is Lucas Hedges!


Not only is he an Oscar nominated actor, but he’s also in the perfect age group and looks the part. Doesn’t he seem kinda sweet and wholesome but evil lol I think he’s perfect. I don’t think they’d go with an unknown for Harry either and idk who else would fit the bill like Lucas.

What do you guys think and if you have any dream casting ideas for Harry let me know!

I have ideas so other characters too so let me know if ya wanna hear another fan cast.

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