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Source @love-me-a-good-prompt

I challenge you to use one, some, or all of these words in your next piece of writing:

  • gift
  • view
  • therapeutic
  • rock
  • news
  • dangerous
  • push
  • advice
  • introduce
  • green

“Hey, man!” Flash greeted Harry outside The Academy.

“Oh hi, Flash.”

“What are you doing here? Classes have already started.”

“I’m late, I know. But I needed to find a perfect gift for Father’s Day.”

“Right, it’s that time of the year again. Although, I have wondered something.”

“Like what?”

“Isn’t it hard to get stuff for someone who can afford to buy even their own island with a sea view?”

“And your point is…?”

“I have no point. I’m just wondering.”

“Right…it’s always so therapeutic to listen to your thoughts. Now, if you’ll excuse me…”

“Did you get insulted? Come on, don’t be so hard like some rock. Smile, dude!”

“Just get lost. I’m not in a mood right now.”

“Yeah, your father was on the news again. Those reporters are such hyenas!”

“Yep, they keep harassing us about Dad’s sudden change and memory loss. It’s awful.”

“I can only imagine. It must be dangerous to move around without proper protection.”

“No kidding! Dad is gonna hire some bodyguards for us, though.”

“Sounds good. At least no one can push your face into the mud!”

"Hah hah, very funny. What are you doing here anyway? Shouldn’t you be teaching or something?”

“Apparently not since I’m here to give you some friendly advice. Besides, it’s my turn to clean the halls.”

“Don’t worry, that job suits you. Want to introduce me to your best friend, Mr. Mop?”

“Remember what I used to say about your lame hero talk? Now it’s even worse. Maybe the mean and green is…”

"Stop! Don’t dare to say that phrase!”

“Okay, okay! Chill out.”

“With you? Give me a break.”

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for the both of us (p.p.) | 4

summary: peter finally realizes he has questions about him and y/n that demanded answering. 

note: there is one scene in here that was inspired by Laurie and Amy in the recent Little Women movie adaption! maybe you can spot it ;) Also this feels really long to me so enjoy!

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4


I had been spending equal amounts of time in Queens as I did at the compound. When I was at the compound Y/N and I would spend all of our time together. It was really nice—most of the time. We were making up for lost time. 

The best part of it all was that it felt like I was falling for her all over again every day. It was on one those days when we were awoken from our nap on the couch by Mr.Stark.

“Look who finally decided to wake up, the lovebirds” He said sarcastically as we both sat up sleepily. 

“Hey Dad, what’s up?” 

“A couple of things. First of all-no more of whatever this is—” He gestured between me and Y/N

“We’re just friends, Dad” She rolled her eyes at him. There was that reminder again—just friends.

“Yeah, sure, ANYWAYS. Stark Gala is in a few days. Don’t forget to pick up your dress with your mom later. Underoos, you’re coming right?”


“Good. You can invite your friend, Nate? Nick?”


“Right. Invite him. Y/N’s boyfriend is coming too. Oh by the way, said boyfriend has been calling you” Mr. Stark handed Y/N her phone and walked away. 

“Shit-“ She said seeing three missed calls from Harry. She immediately called him back and made her way to her room before I could even process what was happening. 

“Hey H, no yeah I’m fine! What was I doing? Oh I just fell asleep. “ 

I heard her say into her phone as her voice got further and further away. I sighed deeply and threw my head back in frustration. 

This was what I meant by it was nice “most of the time”. This was a time when it wasn’t nice. Sometimes I would forget that she was still dating Harry. She didn’t really talk about him with me, but I knew that was not just a coincidental thing. 

I talked to Ned a couple times about that. He told me that I should be glad she wasn’t talking about him. Should I be glad? I didn’t really know. What I did know: 

  1. I loved her. I wanted to be with her. 
  2. That doesn’t really matter when she has a boyfriend. 

I’ve done what I could to respect their relationship. I really have! For the most part. 

I didn’t ask about Harry. I didn’t show up unannounced to her house or her school especially since I knew / if I knew he was there.  

But I also didn’t ask when she’d spend the night at my apartment or in my room at the compound. I didn’t ask when she woke up in my arms or when we spent the whole morning like that. 

It was that day—just days before the Stark Gala and after too many days of not asking —that I decided it was time to start asking questions. So I made my way back to Queens wondering how the hell I was gonna approach her about this. 


The day of the Stark Gala finally arrived. I put on the new tux Mr. Stark had sent over for me and got to the compound early at Y/N’s request so we could arrive to the event together. I took a deep breath and knocked on her door. 

“Come in!” I heard from the other side. 

When I walked into the room there she was. Standing there as gorgeous as always but somehow even more so as she looked at me. 

“Peter! You’re finally here! Can you help me lace up the rest of the back of my dress?” She turned around and pointed to it before facing me again. “I can’t reach.” 

I hesitated before agreeing. As I laced up her dress we stood in silence but something about it was so deafeningly intimate. 

Once I was done she looked at me and thanked me. 

We were still standing there in as I just quietly  stared at her. 

“What?” She asked me in response to my staring. 

I moved a strand of hair out of her face and put it behind her ear. 

“You’re beautiful.” I said looking at her again. Our eyes met but she started blushing and looked to the ground. 

 I didn’t just love her. I was desperately, hopelessly, in love with her. I think I knew that even before she was here, with me, in her fanciest dress looking elegant as ever. Whether it was when I kissed her for the first time or the first time I woke up with her next to me—I knew. It just took me awhile to actually see that. 

She cleared her throat and eventually broke the silence.

“We should go now. Wouldn’t want to keep Happy waiting again.” She then rushed out the door with me following closely behind. 


When we got to the venue it was awhile before the gala was in full swing. Y/N and I hung out with Ned—no Harry to be seen. She seemed unbothered by it and that was okay with me. 

We danced and laughed our way across the floor. Neither Y/N nor I was very graceful or had the best rhythm but I didn’t mind her stepping on my toes. I tried to soak up the moment as much as I could wanting to remember her smile, until Harry showed up. 

“Can I cut in?” He asked 

Y/N let go of my hands and engulfed her boyfriend in a hug. 

“Peter, you remember Harry right?”

“Peter, it’s been a long time! I was so happy to hear about your safe return.” He stuck out his hand and I shook it forcefully causing Y/N to throw me a stern look. Harry was always nice, friendly, and charming. It made it hard to hate him. 

I let them dance as I watched them with Ned. He tried to remind me that things were going well so far between me and her, but then a slow song came on. But it wasn’t just any slow song—it was the song. The song me and Y/N deemed ours after dancing to it at Prom before I left. 

I was upset and I was easily being dramatic. But it just reminded me of everything we were almost a year ago and that I had questions I needed answers to. 

Ned told me that this wasn’t the time for it but I didn’t listen to him. After the song was over I pulled Y/N outside to talk to her. 

“How can you bring him here, dance with him to our song, and expect me to be fine? Am I supposed to just turn a blind eye?” 

“Peter, please now is not the time. “

“I’m sorry Y/N, but If we don’t do this now we never will. We are supposed to be together, Y/N! I love you! When did that stop being enough?” 

“It’s not about that, Peter. Am I just supposed to just forget the last nine months you were gone? Forget about the people that came into my life when you weren’t here?” 

“No of course not but-“ 

“No, Peter, listen to me!  We aren’t getting the nine months we lost back. I wish we could but we can’t. You keep expecting me to throw away the nine months that I lived without you, for what? Because you don’t like the idea of me with someone else? Can’t I just have my best friend back?”

I had had enough of that reminder. 

“You and I both know we were more than just best friends before I left.” 

“You were never one for labels…” She said falling silent. 

“Y/N, are you serious right now?”I asked angrily 

“I don’t know Peter! I don’t know! Okay? I’m confused by everything, you, Harry. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do! do know I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to just throw away the last nine months when I don’t even know what they meant. And I especially don’t want to fight. Not with you.” 

She started to walk back into the building but froze at my next words.

“We made a promise. Did that mean nothing to you?”

“Peter.” She turned to face me and gave me a look that said that I needed to choose my next words very carefully. 

“If we are just “best friends”, did it mean nothing to you when we promised we would always figure things out together? Or when we kissed each other for the first time? What about when we lost our virginities to each other on your 17th birthday? And all the nights we spent together after that?” 

“Peter that’s not fair. “ Tears started falling from her eyes. “You know how much all of those things mean to me. “

“Do I? You’re right, Y/N. We can’t get back the last nine months. And if you really love Harry, I’ll back off. I won’t ask you to choose. I didn’t mean for you to choose in the first place, ‘cause I get it, I do. I was gone for a long time. You shouldn’t have to erase the last nine months. I’m not asking you to.

But we’d be lying to ourselves if we said we were only ever friends. I tried to give you your time and space to figure this out, you told me you were going to figure it out on your own. I respected that. But now I have questions that need answers. 

I can’t stand here any longer, in love with you, and watch you with someone else and not know. What about the two years before I left? What about the last two months I’ve been back? You deserve to be happy, I want you to be happy! But can you be happy with me? Do you love me?”

She was silent as she wiped away tears. 

“What happened to honesty always, Y/N?” I scoffed at her and started to walk towards the street. 

“Peter don’t leave, I don’t know how to do this without you.” She begged. My heart broke that I caused her tears but it was time we stop pretending nothing happened. 

“That’s the thing, Y/N,” I said as I saw Ned appear behind her with a confused look on his face “we never doing this together.” 

I made my way further down the empty street looking back at her one more time. She was crying in Ned’s arms. He could still see me and he mouthed “what happened?” to me but I kept waking. 

We should have figured it out together. Maybe we still could. But she didn’t love me. And I couldn’t force her to anymore.


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[Fic] Naming the Silence
Peter Parker/Harry Osborn
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
(Read on AO3)

He has been a year in Ravencroft. A ghost shows up at his cell.

Now, Harry asks him, “You, uh, need to work out some more of your issues? I’m here for that.” He pauses. He feels the symbiote, slimy and jagged, in his smile, “but I guess I’m also here for everything else, huh?”

Post-canon AU in which Harry is bonded with the Venom symbiote after becoming Green Goblin.

(Read on AO3)

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Summary: harry is late (again), flashback to the first time y/n and harry met and y/n wins the most understanding person award

Word Count: 2.2k

A/N: I’ve been crushing on young james franco as harry osborn since I rewatched the spider-man trilogy a couple days back and I just needed to type this one out. Enjoy! <3

This is not completely canon to the trilogy so you may imagine whoever ‘harry osborn’ version you want.



“Good evening, Harry. You’re late.” Bernard greeted as he opened the door to the Osborns’ penthouse.

Harry sighed, nodding at Bernard who had displayed a disappointed face at him. “I know. Where is she?”

“The last time I saw her she was at the dining area but that was a couple hours ago.” He responded as he shot Harry a knowing look. “A little heads up, she might be furious.”

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The closest book is still my R&J script. Maybe I should grab a new book…

Go, girl, seek happy nights to happy days.

Tony stares stunned at the pair in front of him. Harry has his arm wrapped around Penny’s waist, holding her close, his shoulders are tense. Penny on the other hand is smiling nervously, the pink in her cheeks highlighting the freckles that appeared across her nose. But what Tony’s eyes are fixed on is the glistening engagement ring adorning the girl’s finger.

“Tony?” Penny prompts. “Are you okay?” 

Tony nods slowly, “Yeah, I’m just a little lost… When did this happen?” 

“Two days ago, sir,” Harry says stiffly. “I-I’m sorry that I didn’t ask for your blessing-”

Tony waves him off, “You don’t need it, Harry. You’ve had it for years now.” Penny smiles up at her boyfr- fiance as if to say ‘I told you so’. 

“You’re not mad, are you?” Penny steps away from Harry, letting his arm fall away. Her happy smile has been replaced with a crease between her eyebrows.

“No, honey,” Tony smiles at the girl he has come to think of as his daughter. “Not at all. I’m just…surprised. I thought you two would wait until you finished your masters.” He directs the last few words at Harry. 

Harry shrugs, “I know I love her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her, so why wait?” 

Tony nods his approval, “Okay. Did you tell your aunt yet?” He asks Penny. 

She nods, “I called her this morning.” After a year of marriage, Happy and May finally decided to take a honeymoon and the couple is currently spending a week abroad. 

Tony smiles and wraps Penny in a hug, “I’m happy for you, sweetheart.” 

He can feel Penny smile against his chest, “Thanks.” Over Penny’s shoulder, Tony makes eye contact with Harry. 

“Come over here,” Tony reaches out an arm to Harry who reluctantly joins the hug, wrapping an arm around his fiancee and Tony. “I’m happy for you kids.”

“We are too,” Harry kisses Penny’s cheek, causing her to blush. 

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Pairing - Peter Parker x GhostSpider! reader x Harry Osborn

Summary - As a new year at MidTown High starts, Three people are determined to make this their year. Peter Parker is happier than ever this year but both his and his alter-ego’s happiness is short lived as a new enemy and new feelings are just over the horizon.

Y/N L/N had no intentions of enjoying the hurricane in her life that was moving to a new city but she ends up doing it. And she has a secret, just like Parker.

Harry Osborn has it all but at the same time nothing at all. He tries hard to please his father but always ends up failing. He’s gave up but what if he gets the perfect opportunity.

Warnings - None

A/N - So i’ve been working on this ever since I finished the first one but it took almost a week to do it so I’m going to publish chapters for these weekly. And just let me know what you think of it. 

Love, v.

Chapter 1 , Prologue , Before you begin 



The night was breezy and I was almost done with my homework. I peeked out of my window and looked outside, a cold breeze chills my bones. Suddenly, a red-blue figure swoops past me, for a minute I’m shocked but as my consciousness gains control, I put on my suit. Homework can wait, meeting Spider-Man can’t, I glance out of my room where down the hall my parents are, dad on laptop and mom on the phone, no one would notice if I went out, and with that I shoot a web to the apartment in front of me and follow Spider-Man.

I follow him completely incognito because I really would love to catch the famous Spider-Man offguard. Maybe I could even catch him removing his mask. But as I follow hiding in between chasing him, a green creature overtakes me, I barely see him but the green stands out of the monotonous buildings. I see him take Spider-Man. But I know how in the movies superheroes like to handle things themselves, but incase this Spider-Man’s a nutjob, I take a deep breath and follow them to the terrace of a tower. I don’t take notice of the tower, I’m too concerned of how suddenly the lights are out, thankfully I’m already in the same place as them and the night vision doesn’t hurt too. But as I look over to our hero, I face palm myself, because that dumbass obviously doesn’t have night vision as the hideous & if I may add very ugly creature, grabs him. While I use the darkness to my advantage to get out of hiding. I see Spider-Man being held the edge and then I lose it. 

I shoot a web at the monster and pull with all my might “No one does that to my idol.”

As spider-man is released onto the safety of the terrace again. I let go of the breath I didn’t even I know I was holding back. 

“WHAT THE-” spidey shouts.

“2 insects to deal with, eh?” The monster says & I can feel the frustration in his voice. 

“Nice to meet ya too.”

I web spider-man and jump out of the terrace and land on the ground. Good ol’ ground. And tug spider-man to hide in alley.

I peek out of the alley as he says “Who are you?”

“Fair enough, I’m GhostSpider and I’m just like you.”





I almost collapse at her last sentence. As much as death doesn’t scare me, this did. I didn’t want this. As much as I should thank her I can’t resist the urge to say

“I almost had him” I mumble

“Excuse me?”

“I almost had him”

“You know, a thank you would suffice, if I wouldn’t have been here you could have been killed.” she looks out as the power comes back on.

“I could have done it but these webshooters, although I wasn’t talking about our made-up names. The back-story I mean how did you get these powers, the suit, & ofcourse your real-” I turn to see that she has disappeared. “Identity” I finish and look out of the alley and change into Peter Parker, don’t want to attract any more goblins.


The next day as I’m at the locker I stare at Y/N just opposite from me, something about her made my spider-sense tingle that first time and since then I’ve been wondering why as Ned startles me

“MORE LIKE YOU. WHAT DO YA MEAN.” He shouts, I texted him last night

“Ssh. Keep it low, Don’t want everyone to know, do we?”

“Oh ya, sorry.” 

“But Ned, seriously, did you forget the part where I told you I nearly died?”

“No, I meant to ask you but just that other part caught my attention more. And besides she did save you.”

Y/N finishes taking books from her as I stare at her and ignore Ned. 

“Hey, are you even listening to me-” “Oh you’re staring at her, Peter, C’mon.”

This isn’t the first time he’s caught me staring and he isn’t happy about it.

“What, no.” I didn’t mean to stare at her, neither did I mean to ignore my bestriend. I don’t like this, where is MJ?

“If you didn’t mean to then let’s see how you’d react this.” “Hey, Y/N, here.”

he calls out to her as she grins and walks up to us

“Hey, Ned, Peter. Good morning.” 

“Good morning” I croak out I don’t know why this happening. I don’t like it. I just don’t.

“Did you see the power cut last night?”

“Pretty crazy.”

“But it’s all part of being in New York. Right, Peter?”

Peter, who? oh Peter, me.

“Yeah, yeah. Did you complete the chemistry homework?” The perfect small talk

“Oh, um, almost. What about you Ned?” Y/N says, the conversation lingers on studies for a while. As Harry walks past us, Y/N calls out “Hey Harry.” waving to him to come join us. 

“Hey y’all. Hi, Ned, Peter, Y/N.” 

as Y/N and Harry go to their first period together. I turn to Ned and he’s staring at me 

“Okay, but just let’s talk about this later.”

Ned looks like he’s going to burst and as I hear my girlfriend say “Talk about what later?”

“Uh, We were talking about how we’re going to Peter’s place to, you know, do a Boys’ night thing. Right, peter?’

“Yeah, yes.”

“So shall we?” MJ and me head to our first period together





Y/N suggested that we walk to class together as we have the same period. But now both of us are too awkward to say anything. But I gotta say something, I’m Harry Osborn. I don’t get awkward. Do I?

“So are you a dog person or a cat person?”

“I don’t know, I’m pretty much in the between. What about you?”

“I’m a cat person. Even have a cat.”

“Cool, can I see it sometime?” 

“I have it as a lockscreen. Here.”

I show her the picture of Midnight I have & she’s looking at the picture and I’m looking at her looking at the picture. Midnight is my cat since almost and I love her, she roams about the penthouse quite freely but comes back to me whenever she wants to sleep. I named her Midnight because she’s jet black in colour.

“Wow, she’s beautiful.” So are you. Harry, stop it. Please. 

“You can drop by, you know, to meet her.” 

“Yeah, to meet her?” She smirks and I know that I’ve not been as sly as I thought.

“Something like that.” We enter the classroom and sit next to each other as the teacher begins the Biology lecture. 

Afterwards, we exchanged numbers. 





As we sat in the cafeteria and me & Peter were discussing Chemistry’s homework, Ned & Betty joined our mini group where Harry sat scrolling on his phone beside me. 

“Ned, where’s MJ?” Peter calls out. 

“Harrington’s talking to her. Here she is.” As MJ joins us, she sits besides me (where formerly peter was) and kisses Peter before sitting down. So yes I admit I crushed on him a bit for a day on my first day but I’d hate to come ruin the friendship we all shared so I backed off. Also, Harry had taken up my attention lately. I mean he has the blue eyes I’d die for, he thinks he’s playing it cool but he’s clueless that he’s not, he’s a lot beneath his facade somewhat like what he displays is just the tip of  a iceberg. But I’m just observant. Ain’t I? 

Peter’s talking about Mr. Harrington being a pain in the ass but I feel a tap on my shoulder.

Flash. MJ’s ready to step up and bust his teeth right out of his face. But he puts up his hands in surrender. “I’m just here to invite Y/N to my party this weekend. You know, in case, she’s having second thoughts about the crowd she’s hanging out with.”

“No thanks, Flash.” MJ interrupts before I can speak. I squeeze her hand and give her a look, I got this.

“I’m not having second thoughts, Flash. But I’ll consider coming to your party.”

I smile at him as he goes back to his own table.

“What the hell, Y/N?” 

“Okay, so hear me out, yes, I’d like everyone’s attention, please.” Peter & Ned stop talking, Betty and Harry look up from their phones and Jason, well, he stops eavesdropping to conversations and is glad to be part of one.

“So we’re going to crash a party, tomorrow.” I say nonchalantly buring my fork in the apple that was on my plate.

the table is then alive with different excuses from everyone but in the end I was able to convince them all. So we’re going to a party.





I can’t actually believe MJ wants to go to a party. I guess that’s the kind of convincing Y/N’s capable of. I, in the duration of me & MJ dating, could never convince her to go to a party but I guess crashing Flash’s party and watching the look on his face sounds fun so that must be the reason. 

Friday, after school, Ned comes with me to supposedly hang out but really he was gonna help me with my problem. I mean look, it isn’t that big of a deal but if there’s even a slight chance I could be unfaithful towards MJ, I’d like to eiminate anyhow.

“Dude, maybe you should just stop talking to her.”

“No, Ned. That won’t look good. I mean I talked to her a pretty amount of time in this week and I’d suddenly start ignoring her, don’t you think she’d suspect something?”

“Look, Peter, No offense but can’t we just discuss your new friend?”

“Shut up, Ned. She’s not my ‘friend’“ I snap at him.

“Ok, ok.” Ned throws his hands up in surrender. The night flies as me and Ned have another Star Wars movie marathon. As Ned falls asleep on the sofa I walk up to the window and sigh I have to stop talking to her





Okay so first of all, it was Y/N’s idea to go to the party, But I quipped in to say I’d take her there, and I wasn’t sure now of how. Mostly because if I took one of my cars, she’d think I was one of the show-offs. But I wasn’t so I wasn’t sure of how I’d go to pick her up. Maybe just take a cycle? What, no! 

“Ugh, why is this so confusing?” I pet Midnight while she’s puzzled to see me tensed.

I end up walking to the address she texted me. 

I’m anxious as I ring the bell to the house. 

“what? No fancy cars? I’m disappointed.” She pouts before breaking in a short laugh. 

I notice her outfit a fitted and short red velvet dress, her hair is half-waves and half undone but trust me when I say she looked like a freakin’ goddess.

“Well, I was too confused in which one you’d like.” She lets me in the house and closes the door behind me. I expect to introduce myself but as she gestures me to come into her room, I pass the kitchen and other rooms which are visibly vacant. 

“They’re not home. Don’t worry. Your father keeps them busy.”

“Oh, um, I’m sorry.”

“Chill, I didn’t say that so I could get you to apologize.”

She stands in the front of the mirror curling the hair that remained. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t say this to a LOT of other girls but -  “Wow, you look stunning.”

“Ah, well, now. You’re just being modest.”





We walk to Flash’s house where Peter, MJ, Ned, Betty & Jason are already waiting for us. Normally, I hate walking but Harry talked me through it smoothly. People would expect someone with superpowers to be athletic, but I’m the opposite. 

Our plan is to walk in and probably change the songs to something WE would like.

And we all voted for MJ as she has a good taste in music. 

The party is just like any other. People scattered here and other, huddled together smoking something I don’t know the name of. A few other with drinks in their hands and laughing at something they won’t find funny sober. As we walk inside, the speakers play Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa, we walk in pairs through the crowded hallway to the dance floor where Peter and MJ leave us to walk to the place where the booth is. We all stand in the corner, in a group, where we can a get view of MJ tackling the DJ and the taking the mic from him as the music abruptly stops. 

“AYO, this is not at all the partying you deserve.”

“WHAT THE-” Flash is clearly shocked as he stares in disbelief as the speakers blare Passionfruit by Drake.

As the crowd goes bonkers and starts cheering, Flash’s reaction changes and the he says out loudly “Yeah, MJ, you rock!”

“Can you believe him?” I scoff to Harry “He totally ruined the plan.”

“Yeah, but we still have drinks, food, music and a dance floor. What more do you need?” He extends a hand to me “Come with me?”

“But don’t say I didn’t warn you if I step on your foot.” He lets out a laugh as I take his hand and take our leave from Jason and Betty. Ned’s by the snack counter. While I follow Harry I make a mental note to myself to join Ned. Also the way, Harry holds my hand. But before I could think deeply about it, I’m dancing. 

After a while, breathlessly, we make our way to the snack counter 

“You totally ripped off that girl’s wig.” Harry says as he laughs

“Yeah but I didn’t mean to.” I reciprocate his laugh as we join Ned and tell him about our little adventure. But we’re suddenly interrupted by Flash who’s facade falls as no one he’s trying to impress is present beside him at the moment. 

“I know y’all were trying to crash, but don’t you know better than to mess with me?” 

“Please, Flash, if we wanted to ruin your day we could do it like now.” Harry shrugs
“No one’s talking to you, including your own father,”
Flash says this without sparing a glance at Harry, looking my way viciously

“You. You’re a tricky one. You’re gonna regret this.” He points a finger at me 

And I just notice the chipotle on the table and the next thing I know, Its all over Flash as he gasps. Ned is laughing as he goes over to Betty to make as much people as possible to witness this.

I look to see Harry’s disappeared.





As MJ sits on the chair near the DJ booth, I lean to kiss her passionately. To which she smirks “Oh, well, someone’s in quite the mood today.”

Suddenly, my phone beeps. I ignore it at first and continue kissing her cupping her face but it keeps on continuously ringing and I pull away and check the notifications from Karen. 

The Stark tower’s perimeter is breached, Peter, by the same thing that we met that day. Should I activate lock down protocol and let Pepper know?

“Um. No, Karen, I can handle this.”

I explain everything to MJ as she nods at me “Be careful”

I swing out the of the house as Karen updates me on the whereabouts of the villain. I sigh and hope that this time a) the ‘GhostSpider’ doesn’t show up

and b) I don’t die. 

Chapter 3 on June 1st

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rating Harry Osborns because I’m bored

disclaimer: my knowledge is limited so sorry if I miss any important details



a classic! the metric on which all other Harrys are based. he’s so ugly though and has NO fashion sense. 8/10



a whole boy!! Harry’s live action debut. thank heavens he doesn’t have cornrows. Gradually picks up more asshole traits but redeems himself by the end. 10/10 I have a crush on him

3. TASM2


a sickly greasy boy. sexy in a rat kind of way. p sure he’s the only adaptation that’s actually been to Europe. 7/10 I want to feed him soup



a fugking baby…… lil awkward teen Harry with freckles is SO GOOD. normally we don’t see him till college so seeing him this young warms my heart. his voice cracks are adorable 1000/10

5. USM


I’m gonna be real with you I haven’t seen all of USM yet. I think they captured Harry pretty well here but it’s not the best it could be. Also he’s Venom for some reason?? 5/10 idk this man

6. MSM 2017


a black haired Harry! very good in season 1, though he lacks some of the personality traits that really make Harry Harry imo. 6/10 a solid lad but not quite Harry Osborn

7. PS4


a secret boy hidden behind mystery. we never actually see him face to face but the messages he leaves behind are precious. does not have a malicious bone in his body. also probably Venom?? 8/10 not enough screentime

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