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Just so people are aware, Andrew has been in NY these past couple of months filming a musical will Lin manuel miranda. There’s been no signs of him in Atlanta to my knowledge.

Idk what Toby is doing or where he is

I don’t want fans getting their hopes up that those two are returning if it’s not the case. Sony will say and do whatever to sell the movie, even make it seem like those two are coming back.

I’ve heard more substantial rumors that they’re looking for a miles morales so if anything I think we’ll get that before cameos from the previous Spidermans

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It’s not really changed much from the original at all, but I did appreciate the smattering of extra scenes. I love the new version of the Harry/Peter fight and the scene with Sandman’s daughter.

It’s worth buying the Trilogy blu-ray set, at any rate! You get loads of special features, a little making-of booklet with interviews, all sorts of nice stuff.

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If you hadn’t been so selfish, your little girlfriend’s death would have been quick and painless… but now that you’ve really pissed me off… I’m gonna finish her, nice and slow.”

12 hours of work, and it’s finally complete. Inspired by Tobey Maguire’s portrayal in Spider-Man 1 (2002) in the final battle with Green Goblin.

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I genuinely don’t understand why everyone bashes spiderman 3 lmfao?? I remember this movie being very well received by fans back in the day. Obviously it’s not without flaws, all of which come from Venom making for an overcrowded storyline, but that isn’t the fault of the director, crew, or cast. It’s the fault of Sony and producer Avi Arad who forced the director to do Venom, because Venom was a hugely popular villain in 2006. And they did it to sell more toys and merchandise. Even tho the cast, crew and director didnt wanna do Venom, they still did the best they could and made him creepy as hell. I remember going and seeing this movie in theaters the night it premiered. I was like 9 or 10, I went with my dad and we had to wait in a line that wrapped around the entire theater. People were standing up in the aisles inside the theater the entire movie because there weren’t enough seats. I remember bawling my fucking eyes out cause I thought spiderman was gonna die at the end 😂 and venom also scared the shit out of me lmfaooo

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Hey everybody 💕 this is only my second post, so I’ll just update “y’all” on what’s been going on in my life. (Y’all is in quotations because I don’t think anyone is reading this lol) anyway, this is mostly for me to express my thoughts without judgement, so I don’t mind if anyone’s reading.

Okay, so yesterday was thanksgiving as we all know. Now, I don’t support this holiday and why it’s here in the first place, but I do really love food 😋 lol as well as spending sometime with my family. So yesterday me and my brother spent the holiday with our dad and just played video games. Which was really fun! My favorite video games right now are the Spider-Man games. For both games I’ve finished the main story line but have not completed it 100%. (I also need to finish the dlcs for the first game as well)

But branching off of that… I love those games so much!! I started my marvel hyperfixation, Labor Day weekend of 2019 (it’s a reaaally long one) and I grew immediately attached to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. He’s my favorite marvel superhero ever, and I’m not ashamed to say that. Now, look at the date in which I started liking marvel. Yup, it was during the Disney Sony debacle. And when I tell you I was DEVISTATED, I stayed up really late refreshing news feed. It was very unhealthy lol. I’m not crazy I swear. Anyway…. lately I’ve been more keen of Miles Morales and I’m reaaaally excited for the next Spider-Man movie and I’m praying 🤞 he’s in it. (I’m also very excited to see who plays him 👀👀👀) That’s all I have for today, I’ll make posts on different topics and see which ones blow up the most lol. Byeee.


What are some of your hyperfixations (if you have any) maybe I can relate to a few 🙈

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ok actually I’m not done talking about the Raimi Spiderman trilogy. everyone shits on spiderman 3, and I get it, but it really is a genuinely good movie. It’s sad that the studio and executives interfered with the making of the film as heavily as they did, forcing the director to include Venom, pushing for the film to be even more grand to top spiderman 2, before the screenplay had even been completed. But despite all that, I still think spiderman 3 is the best film out of all three of them. It really seems like so many people don’t understand the third movie. Peter Parker is the main villain of the third movie, or rather, his ego and his pride. He is so caught up living his best life, soaking in all the love and support of New York that he had not gotten for the first 2 films, and in the process, completely destroys his entire life and the relationships in it. It is at the point that he realizes that the man he indirectly killed, the man he thought murdered his father figure, wasn’t even the one who pulled the trigger - it’s at this moment that the symbiote chooses to latch onto him. It soaks up all of his pride, all of his anger and hatred that he bottles up, and uses it against him. He uses the black suit as a crutch, like an addict with drugs or alcohol, keeps it hidden away from everyone, while he pushes away all of the people in his life that he loves. Our hero goes from being a loser, someone nobody cares about, to becoming the exact thing he stood against. A bully, a horrible man, someone who beats on and picks on those he feels are weaker. Eddie Brock is the mirror image of Peter - of what he could and will become, if he gives into these negative aspects of himself. Eddie is prideful and egotistical, just like what Peter is becoming. He thinks everything should be handed to him on a silver platter, to the point where he lies and steals pictures that Peter originally took in order to get what he wants. The symbiote drips onto Eddie and consumes him, because he’s a man who enjoys everything that Peter does not. Peter is forced to forgive himself before he forgives anyone else, including the man who accidentally killed Uncle Ben. The entire dance montage is an extreme take on dark humor - Peter is literally celebrating the fact that just hours prior, he blew half of his best friends face off. Peter then goes and does the most disgusting thing he could ever do - he literally uses Gwen to get back at MJ, and then actually hits her (accidentally, but still). MJ asks “who are you?” and Peter replies, “I don’t know.” The entire movie, while not perfect, is definitely a very… how should I put it…. ballsy move? To make your hero the villain, to make everyone watching hate him when they used to love him, to make Peter Parker completely unrecognizable. It is quite literally the darkest portrayal that we have ever gotten of this character, and honestly? They pulled it off quite well.

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People rlly think that Tobey Maguire is a bad actor. Excuse me,, THE Tobey Maguire? The man the myth the LEGEND? Tobey has some great films, spiderman trilogy aside. Some of y’all hate on him but he’s clearly the best spidey we ever had. Only a legend like him could manage to be the best spidey AND a meme lord at the same time. KING! 👑 Now they’re making spidey into iron man jr; wtf is up with that? like fr?? If you don’t wanna do an origin story, then make spidey OLDER that way he’s moved past Ben’s death. Tobey’s spidey had to fight for it and work for it!! He didn’t get any handouts, and he had to work shitty jobs and deal with a shitty landlord AND watch the woman he loves be with other people because it would be too dangerous to involve her! Tobey’s spidey was a hero of the PEOPLE, and not once did he ever even ask for a thank you!! Tom’s spidey tells his best friend he’s spiderman, and he gets a guy in the chair moment. Tobey’s spidey tells his best friend he’s spiderman, and his best friend tries to murder him like 3 times!! Tobey’s spidey gave us everything we could have wanted, EVEN AN EMO PETER AND IT WAS GLORIOUS!!! Don’t you ever say he was a bad spidey or a bad actor!!! Not in THIS HOUSE!

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