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ahh thank you sm! i don’t have one yet but as of now i officially do i guess.

btw i’m also letting you guys know that the next 2 weeks are gonna be really busy for me BUT i am getting a new laptop so after that i should put out work faster :)

love you guys and thanks for supporting me!

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Thanks so much for everyone who voted on the dates for Spideytorch Week and thank you to the members of the Spideytorch Discord who helped suggest and vote for themes for this year! Spideytorch Week 2020 will run July 27th - August 2nd 2020! We accept fanfiction, fanart, fanmixes, meta, or any other sort of fanwork centered around Spideytorch. To participate, just post on the appropriate day and tag #spideytorchweek!


Day 1 - Villain AU: Spideytorch as villains?! This day is all about imaging Peter and/or Johnny as villains? Does Peter take an entirely different path after Uncle Ben dies or are the Fantastic Four the latest villain group to hit the scene? How do Johnny and Peter react to seeing one another as very attractive enemies? This is your day to decide!

Day 2 - Usual Place: Anything focusing on Johnny or Peter and their favorite meeting spot, The Statue of Liberty! Whether it be a date night, simple hangout, or something a little bit spicier this is your day for decide how they spend their time at their favorite spot!

Day 3 - Fashion/Photography: Anything related to Peter’s love of photography and/or Johnny’s love of fashion! Does model Johnny get photographed by hot photographer Peter? Or is it a canon-divergent retelling of Peter being hired to photograph Johnny? It can be an AU or canon-verse as long it it’s focused on our fashionable duo and/or photography!

Day 4 - High School/College AU: Anything related to Peter or Johnny in high school or college! Do they meet somewhere in the halls of Midtown High or on the Empire State University campus grounds? It’s your chance to write and decide!

Day 5 - Fairytale AU: Anything related to our boys in a fairytale setting or specific fairytale of your choice! Is Johnny the damsel-in-distress with Peter as his fairytale knight in shining armor, or is Peter the gallant prince fighting for Prince Johnny’s hand in marriage? Feel free to design your own fairytale like story or use any already existing fairytale story!

Day 6 - Role Reversal: What would it be like if Johnny was Spider-Man and Peter the Human Torch? Well this is your chance to find out! This can be anything from Peter and Johnny’s swapping powers and roles as Spider-Man and the Human Torch for a short amount of time, to a total re-telling with Peter as the Human Torch and Johnny the web-slinging Spider-Man. 

Day 7- Free Day: Participant’s choice! If you missed a previous day’s deadline, you can use this one as well!

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Pepper is a bit nervous when Happy stops the car in front of her at the entrance of Stark Industries. Tony texted her this morning, letting her know that there was a bit of a situation with Peter, but not going into any specifics, and that he was going to be a bit late. Then, some time later, he texted her that he’s on his way and that she should wait outside.

She’d been under the impression that Tony would get out of the car once the vehicle stops, but Happy nods to the backseats, the universal sign that she should get in. As soon as she climbs into the car, Pepper gets greeted by an excited Peter who is strapped into his booster seat. On his other side sits Tony, not in his Armani suit, but in a simple t-shirt and jeans, sunglasses and an old baseball cap in his hands.

The beginning of a stress-induced headache is already forming.

“What’s happening?” Pepper asks as soon as she closed the door behind her, and Happy starts driving again.

“Peter and I had an argument this morning, but we compromised,” Tony explains in an almost nonchalant voice. “And now we’re going to Disneyland.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“We’re going to Disneyland. Right, buddy?”

“Yes!” Peter cheers excitingly, clapping in his hands.

Pepper can’t share that excitement. “Tony, you can’t be serious. There are conferences –“

“Which will be turned into conference calls,” he says, waving his phone in the air. “Happy will look after Peter when I make the calls. And it’s not like there are tons of them, anyway, it’s like two of them.”

“Then why am I here?”

“Because I want you to come, too!” Peter says, reaching his hand out for Pepper and charming her with his best smile.

How can she say no to that?

Surprisingly, the day goes relatively smoothly. Pepper still doesn’t know what the argument between Tony and Peter was about that led them to the theme park, but they seem happy enough now. It’s a bit crowded, which isn’t that surprising, but nobody seems to recognize Tony. They go on several rides, Happy and Pepper (who feels a bit overdressed because she’s the only one still in business attire) even joining them a few times. But mostly, Pepper falls back, observing the pair being happy and ordinary.

The first conference call goes without a hitch. Happy and Peter go onto a nearby ride while Tony and Pepper sit in a relatively quiet corner. Tony is on unusually good behavior during the call, probably because he knows he’ll get back to Peter fast if there are no problems.

It would’ve been too good to be true if the day went without a small disaster.  

The second conference call doesn’t go as smooth as the first one. Pepper can see Tony getting antsy, not liking that Peter is out of his sight at such a busy place, so she does her best to help by pulling up the statistics and contracts they’re arguing about, and trying to keep Tony calm.

When it’s finally over, Tony quickly walks over to the ride Happy and Peter are supposed to be at.

But they only see Happy, looking around frantically.

Pepper can feel her heart drop at the same time as Tony mutters: “This better not be fucking happening.” A part of her wants to remind him that he shouldn’t swear around so many children, but she knows there are way more important things right now.

“Where is he?” Tony hisses as soon as they’re close enough for Happy to hear them.

“I don’t know,” he answers. His usual calm and professional composure is cracked, and Pepper can’t blame him. She feels her own panic build up in her chest. “I looked away for one second and then he was gone.”

“You don’t look away,” Tony growls again. “Never look away.”

“I know. I’m sorry, boss.”

Tony doesn’t answer that, too preoccupied with the worry and panic that is undoubtedly taking a hold of him. And a worried and panicking Tony is not a subtle, low-profile Tony. “Hey,” Pepper says, grabbing his hand before he can run off, squeezing it briefly, “we’ll find him. He’ll be okay.”

For a second, Tony just looks at her and she sees his mask of confidence slip, sees how truly scared he is of losing his son. She squeezes his hand again, but when she wants to let go, he actually holds on to her with an iron grip, like he can’t stomach the thought of losing someone else.

Pepper’s heart skips a beat, but she doesn’t comment on it.

It doesn’t take them too long to find Peter, which they are all very thankful for. Nobody of them knew how much longer they could pretend to be calm, especially Tony understandably seemed like a ticking time bomb, just waiting to go off if someone so much as looks at him funny.

“There!” Happy yells, pointing over to their left, where Peter is chatting with Aladdin, looking like he has the time of his life.

“Peter!” Tony lets go of Pepper’s hand to run over to his son, Happy and Pepper hot on his heels.

Peter turns around and smiles as he sees them, completely oblivious to their panic. “Daddy! I found Aladdin!” The boy has been pretty obsessed with Aladdin the last few weeks. He probably wandered off once he got a glimpse of his favorite thief/fake prince.

Tony doesn’t answer until he picks his son up and presses a kiss against his cheek, the tension and worry finally melting away. “I can see that,” he says, “but you can’t walk off like that, you hear me? You really scared me.”

“Sorry,” Peter apologizes. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Just don’t do it again, okay?”

Peter nods solemnly. “Okay, I promise.” Then he looks back to Aladdin. “Can I still get a picture with him?”

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