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Originally posted by underoos-tom

Word count: 1,000+
Pairing: Peter Parker & Reader
Warnings: none
Summary: Unlike Peter had thought, you clearly were aware of his infatuation with you.
A/N: So, the first draft of this is from 2017, more than three years ago. Yet another short piece I worked over and wanted to share. I know that Peter isn’t really portrayed as a photographer in the movies, but yeah … also, it is up to your imagination if he already got his powers. Enjoy! 💕

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How about this- prompt: what if Peter becomes possessed by the venom symbiote and starts becoming evil and going on a rampage so the avengers are called to take him down but they can’t because he’s their sweet innocent precious Peter and even though he’s trying to kill them, they don’t want to hurt him.

Peter gripped the sides of the sink, his body fully shaking. 

You’re mine now. 

He didn’t know where the voice was coming from. It sounded like something dark and evil. He gripped the sink tighter, feeling sweat drip down the sides of his face. Whatever it was, it felt like it was fighting him, like it was trying to take over. 

You can’t fight me. I will win.

“Stop,” Peter begged, feeling his legs growing weak. He stepped away from the sink as he toppled to the ground. He gasped for air, feeling the world spinning around him. “Help.” It was barely above a whisper as he felt himself being tugged towards the darkness. 

I’m in control now. 

And then everything went dark.

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Tony: We're not sure who organised the attack on us-
Peter: The US government
Tony: That's...a big statement
Peter: Thanks! Now that we've solved that-
Tony: We haven't-
Peter: -SOLVED THAT, we can move on
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Hello writers and welcome to The Friendly Neighborhood Exchange! Jaime and I are so excited to do this with you, and we cannot wait to see what you all will write. But before we can get to that, we’d like to share some details with you. You can always find information on this event by going to our tumblr page (on the computer) or clicking on our bio in the mobile app. Just in case, though, down below the rules and schedule (along with extra details) will be posted below. 

 First things first, the rules!

1. No St*rker. This is an Irondad Gift Exchange. 

2. Minimum word count is 1,000 words. 

3. Work must be Peter Parker and Tony Stark centric.

4. Work must be previously unposted. 

5. If you must contact your giftee, please do so anonymously!

6. Turn on your anonymous asks so that your gifter can contact you anonymously. 

7. If you have signed up for the challenge but can no longer complete the assigment, please message us as soon as possible so that we may find a pinch hittter!

8. Remember that this exchange is all about fun – try not to stress too much! If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask!

9. If you have questions, please ask!


Sign Ups: 18:00 EST March 25th - 20:00 EST April 1st

Assignments: April 2nd - April 4th

Check in #1: April 14th

Check in #2: April 22nd

Submission (to the collection): April 25th

Posted to tumblr: April 25th (more information will follow)

Check ins 

As listed above, there will be two check ins. This is meant to ensure that there is enough time to complete the challenge and to make sure that everyone is staying on track. There is no completion requirement because we know that everyone writes at their own pace, but you must have your fic finished by April 25th. 

Contacting Your Giftee

Contacting your giftee is not completely off limits, but we ask you to refrain from doing so unless it is absolutely necessary. That being said, though, there are rules if you choose to contact them. 

1. If you have to ask your giftee a question, use an anonymous ask. This is why we require anonymous asks to be turned on for the duration of this exchange. 

2. Do not tell them–or give them clues– as to who you are. 

3. Remain completely anonymous. 


You will receive multiple emails throughout the duration of this event. We ask that you read them all, as they will include information about the exchange and scheduling. It will not be necessary to reply to all of them, only the ones that explicitly ask for it. 

If you believe you should be getting emails and aren’t, contact us through the blog or the email (


Over the next couple days, emails regarding assignments will be sent out. You will be given three prompts that you may choose from to write, and you will also be given a list of your giftee’s squicks (dislikes). We ask that you avoid writing any of their squicks into your fic, as we’d like this to be good for everyone!

Lastly, don’t forget to follow @friendly-neighborhood-exchange for updates and information! Have a wonderful rest of the week, and we hope to have assignments out as quickly as possible!

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*Peter and Mary Jane kiss*

3-Year-Old: …That gross.


3-Year-Old: *gasp* Oh no! The black goo got out of the tv and is on the floor!

Me: Oh no! Should we see how Spider-Man beat it so we can get rid of it too?

3-Year-Old: Yeah!


3-Year-Old: There’s a spider outside [there wasn’t; it’s -22] but I’m not dealing with it because I’m not Peter Parker.


*after the movie*

3-Year old: *wearing a Spider-Man costume* My web’s not working! Maybe I need to buy some.

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Tom Holland X Y/N

Part 2 of 2



Synopsis: Her past stops her from making meaningful connections with people, but Tom is adamant on making her love again.

Words: 1029

Warnings: Mild Swearing


“I can’t believe how much that waitress was flirting with you.” You laugh at Tom, as you both exit the restaurant.

“She even wrote her number on the receipt.” He chuckles, throwing his arm over your shoulder.

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Remember: If you wish to capture my heartbreak in just a few words, here are some quick easy quotes from some of my favorite characters from things I like:

“I don’t feel so good.” - Peter Parker

“You’re too late.” - Aqua

“Our friendship was a lie.” - Lena Luthor

The sad thing is that the actors for both of the first two have the last name Holland (I don’t think they’re related) and the only one that didn’t have me was the one that made me cry the most.

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