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Prompt #21: “this, this makes it all worth it”
Fandom: Spider-Man (MCU)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Characters: Ned Leeds & Peter Parker
Words: 373
Summary: Ned tries to cheer up an injured Peter with Spider-Man popsicles. 
Author’s Note: Inspired by Into the Spider-Verse and this art by @zephyrine-gale


May’s out of town for the weekend, and Ned’s staying over to keep Peter company.

He’d thought it’d be a typical Saturday hang, playing video games and eating junk food, but May texted him that morning to let him know Peter had broken some ribs on patrol the night before. Ned had quickly adjusted his mindset from expecting bro time to preparing to take care of a grumpy, benched superhero.

“Look what I bought at the gas station!” Ned says as he walks through the door of the Parkers’ apartment, holding pizza in one arm and waving two Spider-Man popsicles with the other. “Have you seen these yet??”

Peter moans a little from his slouched position on the couch. “Did I not tell you? I bought one last week and it was a disaster.”

“What? It’s a popsicle of your face, how could it not be amazing?”

“See for yourself.”

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All I Really Want is You - Chapter Six: Tee Shirt

Peter makes some startling revelations before heading to Sister Margaret’s. 

You can find it on AO3 here:

Let me know what you guys think of Chapter Six! I’m thinking about starting to post my chapters on Tumblr, but I might wait until I’m a little further along in the story to do that. I’m not sure yet, let me know what you think! 

If you’ve enjoyed my story so far and would like to commission something, you can find my Ko-Fi here: Consider buying me a coffee, then I’ll be glad to work on a commission with you! I am very much like broke college student Peter Parker, unfortunately, so commissions help me so much. 

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So last night I had a dream about the upcoming Spider-Man 3.

It had very little to do with any potential premise or potential villain but I liked it because it had Spidey teaming up with the Ant Family. I can’t quite remember but the plot had something to do with fleeing police (or someone that arrests people). Scene included 

  • Peter and Scott flying around in some sort of craft. Peter falling down at somepoint wondering where Scott was. Scott being fine but running into some blonde classmate of Peter (Not Betty) and her going off on him
    • I think it was a mall/airport of some kind
  • Scott peacing out and leaving the next phase of the mission to Hope who took it up.
  • And Hank literally switching places with Mr. Harrington. (This was one was at a table in a restaurant (again mall))

It’s very hard to remember at this point but I just remember liking it because I love Ant-Man and now I want Marvel to make it.

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On 6th Nov, the spectacular, stimulating comic-inspired animated movie is arriving to your Netflix UK screen.


Remember the excitement rooting from Marvel fans in 2018 worldwide over the black-Latino Brooklyn-based Spider-Man coming to cinemas? Remember the lyrics “You’re the sunflower” gracefully beaming on the radio everywhere you went? Why not relieve that amazing, joyful Autumn by re-watching ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ on Netflix?

The movie occupies itself with excitement, character development, heartbreak and redemption all clawed together; where comic-like animations come to life through characters voiced by the likes of Shameik MooreHailee Steinfield and Jake Johnson to explore and solve the different spider-verses that come together in order to stop supervillain Kingpin from killing off the spider-league. 

Raking up $375.5 million in the box office, as well as gaining an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, the film is proven to please and entertain a largely ranged audience, from five year olds to several adults.

Why not locate your own Spider-Man gear and take a watch next month?

Simone Williams

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Can’t find it but awhile back I made a post how the Marvel fandom would be all over Ned and Flash from the Spider-man movies (fan accounts/fan fics the whole shabang), if they were skinny white boys…





I’d like to open that discussion up again. Adding this time how there is a lot of fan accounts and fan fiction about Tom Holland’s bff and his bros, but not for Jacob Batalon and Tony Revolori… who are you know… actually in the movies

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