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Originally posted by p-jacksons

Here is the second part! It’s a bit different from the movie since it has more dialogues and less interactions with the rest of the characters. Still, hope you like it!

Plot: Peter Parker couldn’t be more excited for the trip. It wasn’t only the best vacation he could dream of - I mean, Europe? Cool - but they also gave him the chance to spend more time with you, his new found crush that makes him stutter and blush. He should have known that something would get in the way.


Spider Man far from home featuring Peter Parker as a clueless, cute baby and reader, who is Bucky Barnes’ daughter and as badass as her father.

Warnings: far from home spoilers - but come on, you’ve seen it.

t had gone horribly wrong.

Ned had had a good intention, that was for sure, but Peter already knew that he was chaotic and that it was very non-probable that anything went right on his life. So he got stuck looking from his seat, probably with those puppy eyes May talked about and like an abandoned kid, as Mr Harrington made him sit with him and you sat with Brad. The boy seemed almost too happy with it, offering you the best place and revealing a pair of headphone adapters just like the ones Peter was holding.

It made him want to hide in the bathroom and cry, and he didn’t understand why. He could bear with stab wounds, with buildings dropping on him and even the nightmares of dying in Titan. Yet that was a different kind of hurt, that made him want to pout.

He spent the whole flight, nine long hours, besides Mr Harrington and trying to avoid looking at any of Tony Stark’s documentaries. Once, he went to the bathroom to throw some cool water to his face; and when he opened the door, you were there. Instead of talking to you like a normal functioning human being would had done, he locked himself in and cleaned the small cubicle until he could see his reflection on the wall. It wasn’t you who was waiting outside, but Brad with that smirk that Peter couldn’t stand.

To make things worse, he had discovered that May had packed his suit without telling him and nearly got discovered in the airport. He tried to explain the woman that it was just his pyjamas, and thankfully she only cared about the banana.

“Why did you bring it?”

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Comparison: That Hope is You Part 1 and Far From Home with Under The Night/An Affirming Flame

Obviously, That Hope is You Part 1 and Far From Home are separate stories, whereas Under The Night/An Affirming Flame is a two part premiere (much like The Vulcan Hello/Battle of the Binary Stars).

The situations of Burnham and Discovery and the Andromeda Ascendant are different. Dylan and Rommie didn’t expect 300 years to pass as they got close to the black hole. The only similarity is that there is a battle before the time travel occurs. (Maybe Andromeda would have been better with a season prior to the 300 jump showing the Commonwealth as it was before it fell?)

Both Burnham and Saru are different to Dylan Hunt. Nor can we really compare the Discovery and Eureka Maru crews nor Rommie with the Sphere Data.

Gerentex and Zarah? They’re also different.

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What You Want, I Want PT: 1

Summary: Y/N is no longer that small, little 11 year old girl. She now a popular 16 year old at Midtown High thanks to the snap. But she knows little of her powers, and their capabilities. Peter has a crush on her too and has no idea how to help her. This is a terrible summary but it is follow up to From the Ashes, You Will Rise story.

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Originally posted by fragilefiller

“I have a plan” I sit down in the seat beside Ned.

“First, I’m going to sit next to Y/N on the flight”, Ned gives a short nod while his eyebrows scruch together,”second I’m going to buy a duel headphone adapter and watch movies with her the whole time”.

“Three, when we go to Venice, Venice is famous for making stuff out of glass” Ned continues nodding along adding in short phrases like “true” or “ok”, “I’m going to buy her a black dahlia necklace because her favorite flower is the black dahlia…” I go on with my plan to get Y/N to fall in love with me until I run out of breathe.

“Don’t forget step seven” Ned add in as I write down a step seven on my paper.

“Don’t do any of that”.

I look up at Ned in confusion

“Why?” I ask.

“Because we are going to be bachelors in Europe! Look I may not know much, but I do know this. Europeans love Americans.” Ned explains why I should not do this.

“But I really like Y/N. She’s funny, kind, really smart”, Ned gives a large nod at that,

”and…” I stumble over my words,”… and she saved my life. She’s just so…oh shit she’s going over” I say with lots of panic as I hide the paper my plan.



“What’s up dorks” MJ says when you guys walk to Peter and Ned together. In the past 8 months since everyone’s been back you and MJ had been becoming really close friends. You never wanted to tell Peter about your current living situation, nor take advantage of his home so most of the time MJ offers to let you stay at hers.

You have also made tons of new friends as well, Brad being the main one. He was there for you during and after the snap and has never left your side. He has introduced you to all these different people too like Sally, Michael, Adam, and lots of others.

Then there was Peter. Ever since he has been back you have tried to be with him whenever you can. You keep track of all Spider-Man news now to make sure he doesn’t get into any more trouble. He doesn’t know you know though, and you don’t want to invade his privacy about it.

Then the powers. Since the snap, you have been discoving more and more new powers. So far you don’t even know if you have found any thing that you can not do. With ease, you can manipulate elements, shape shift, run fast, and phase through things as you please. But with difficulty, you can read minds, teleport, and move things. You have been able to manipulate objects, maker then change as you please but only when I am emotional. Peter and the rest of the avengers don’t know about your powers, they think they all went away after you snapped your fingers. You don’t want them to worry about your nose bleeds when you try to move the door closed, or when you cry at night the walls begin to move and turn into your childhood home. But you go out most night and try to help to city out. Less publicly though, as you try not to make your presence known but the bugle sucks. They got a photo of you in your black leotard with dark red stripe going down the middle, with a black hoodie on your head. There is also a dark red gator mask wrapped around your mouth and nose. You changed your appearance to having black wavy hair with undertones of blood red. You also made it so your eyes were blood red as well. They did call you anything yet though, only a menace.

“Hey Peter”, you look at Peter as a small smile spreads across his face. Your cheeks begin to flush red as you look down then back up again at Peter.

“Hiii…erm…Y/N” Peters big ears look at you, and a small giggle escapes his throat.

“Hi Y/N” Ned greets, eyes confused when he looks at you and Peter staring at one another.

“Oh uhhh hi Ned”, you say, surprised since you never seemed to realize he was there.

“What were you guys talking about.” MJ asked, staring at both you and Peter.

“Oh we were just” Peter begins, “talking about the field trip, Peters going to be collecting little spoons.” Peter gives Ned an alarmed look for some reason.

“Like a grandma?” MJ asked.

“Well no.. uhh” Peter seems confused about the questions.

“That sounds nice Peter,” You tell him, tucking your fallen hair behind your ear.

“Yah, uhh, thanks”. He tells you back.

“Well I gotta go, but uh, catch you later?” You says, looking at Peter for an answer.

“Uh yah, see you around”.

You give them all a small wave before walking away, a slight skip in your step from happiness.

@big-galaxy-chaos @cherthegoddess @eridanuswave

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Whelp you guys caught me. The reason this took forever is I couldn’t decide on a name for that pin. Can’t fool ya’ll.

it has nothing to do with trying to survive in an ever worsening hellscape with no chance of leaving whether by having a useless passport or no funds to do so even if other countries would let us in while dealing with multiple types of depression at once or anything


Hopefully next page will be up sooner, and lemme warn ya it’s gonna be a hell of a doozy.

The next few pages will be, to be honest



ADA ‘17 - L

ADA ‘17 - N

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Ignore my mother clomping around in the background 😂

My Tom Holland fanboy Spider-Man Ballerino got to wear his costume to dance class this week. And this year, he’s upgraded to the stealth suit from Far From Home. Of course I had to update his ballet-as-Spider-Man. He was distracted by being at Gram and Granddad’s house, but here we go!

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So ever since endgame I’ve been afraid to watch Far From Home. Like I’m still not over the emotional damage that one dumb movie did. And I know Spider-Man isn’t necessarily owned by Disney but seeing the stills and clips of bleeding crying Peter Parker makes me so sad and I don’t know if I trust marvel with my emotions anymore.

So should I take the plunge?

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Originally posted by kpfun

Did I watch Far From Home and decided to write about it instead of doing responsable things? Of course. This will be a little different to what you’re used to do, becuase I’ll follow the movie and dialogues mostly, only that reader is the romantic interest instead of MJ. Hope you enjoy it, I’m really excited for this series!

If Tumblr fucks this fic up and doesn’t show the tags I’m suing them

Plot: Peter Parker couldn’t be more excited for the trip. It wasn’t only the best vacation he could dream of - I mean, Europe? Cool - but they also gave him the chance to spend more time with you, his new found crush that makes him stutter and blush. He should have known that something would get in the way.


Spider Man far from home featuring Peter Parker as a clueless, cute baby and reader, who is Bucky Barnes’ daughter and as badass as her father.

Warnings: far from home spoilers - but come on, you’ve seen it.

“I have a plan”

Peter all but fell on the chair, dropping his bag on the ground and making a few classmates look his way. He had just ran through the hallways, nearly colliding with a few people in his way. But if he wanted to talk to Ned before the class started, and the rest of the students came in, he had to be quick. Flash was talking about how the teacher had to grab some books from the library before starting the lesson, and he had took his chance; because lately, finding Ned alone was something weird.

Said boy looked at his friend with raised eyebrows, and put his notebook away. He had been making a list about the best ways to impress an European girl, something he didn’t want to forget. Ned was determinated to meet some pretty girl and impress them with his American accent; Peter had a hard time believing that, but he didn’t dare to break his hopes.

Before talking, he made sure there was no one around who could listen to their conversation.

“Okay, first. I’m gonna sit next to Y/N on the flight” Peter rushed his words out, and Ned hummed. “Second, I’m gonna buy a duple headphone adapter and watch movies with her, the whole time”

“Right” Ned nodded, his eyebrows furrowing as Peter kept talking.

“Three, when we go to Venice – Venice is super famous for making stuff out of glass, right?”


“So I’m gonna buy her a bright read star necklace, cause her favourite colour is red” Peter shrugged, moving his hands around. “And because of, well”

“It reminds her of her father, a worldwide recognised assassin but also the man who lives five blocks away from your apartment” Ned completed. “Didn’t he drive you to the last decathlon competition?”

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Mentre ch’i’ rovinava in basso loco,
dinanzi a li occhi mi si fu offerto
chi per lungo silenzio parea fioco.

So I’ve been accompanying some of my ‘Far From Home’ posts with quotes from Canto I of Inferno by Dante Alighieri. I’ve done this for two reasons: the first is, I’m a massive wanker with a bit of a Dante obsession; and the second is that, ever since the first trailer, I’ve been thinking about the Commedia in connection with the third season of Discovery.

In Inferno, Dante finds himself lost in a dark wood. He is rescued by the Roman poet Virgil, and the two begin their journey into the underworld. There, Dante witnesses the various forms of contrapasso, poetic justice meted out upon sinners. In Dante’s imagining, punishment in the afterlife reflects or contrasts with sins committed in the world of the living.

This year, I think it’s safe to say that the world has been lost in a dark wood. Where Dante was assailed by beasts, we’ve been trapped between COVID and climate change and creeping fascism. The system of liberal capital has reached its own limits and is collapsing in on itself. The promises of liberal capital have proven themselves to be lies. We’re descending into the underworld, and we have no idea what we’re going to find there, but we know, we all know, it isn’t going to be good.

We don’t know what’s coming next. We might not even be able to conceive of what’s coming next—but it’s hard not to see the hell we’re entering as anything other than one of our own making. This is contrapasso.

Which isn’t to say that we deserve it. Of course we don’t. We’re slaves to decisions made by our parents and our grandparents and their grandparents. These aren’t decisions made on the individual level, day to day, but by whole classes, whole societies, over the course of decades and centuries. We will have to live, are already living, with the consequences of extraordinary greed and short-sightedness and selfishness.

Which brings me around to Discovery.

With the box office failure of Star Trek: Nemesis and the cancellation of Enterprise, Star Trek died. It ceased to be a living, evolving franchise, and became what Dante might have called un anticho spirito dolente—an ancient, disconsolate spirit.

I’ve written before about how the first season of Discovery, in retrospect, is really about whether or not Star Trek can still exist, as a values-driven series interested in philosophy and ideas, in these times. A textual contrapasso. It makes an imperfect case, but in the end it says, clearly and without equivocation, that it isn’t the franchise that’s to be found wanting, it’s the times.

The second season of Discovery was about making peace with the past, with fifty years of franchise history, before thanking it and leaving it behind. It, too, was imperfect, but it was also fucking awesome

Plunging into that wormhole and into the far future, our saints of imperfection left behind the past, both in a narrative sense and in a metatextual sense, and have found something new, something beautiful.

And that’s kind of what… makes everything worth it?

I truly believe in the redemptive power of art. Art and beauty are what fix the sins of the world: dogs; Naples at night; a wedding in a park; a frozen margarita; the Rumours album; Michael Burnham’s smile; Dante’s poetry. Star Trek: Discovery, in its third season, has found a way to embrace contrapasso and redeem itself of its, and the franchise’s, sins: not by slavishly following what has come before, but by branching out, by finding the beauty in the new.

The unknown is scary, but redemption is so easy to find. I think that all you really need is beauty. So I’m going to quote Dante again, and not the Commedia this time:

Incipit vita nova.


Here begins a new life.

Allor si mosse, e io li tenni dietro.

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