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dendrocluster · 3 days ago
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askfarfromhome · 11 days ago
Does Buddhism (or a different version) exist in Tergaia?
The analogue to Buddhism in Tergaia would fall under the worship of Dao-Ming, with her followers known as Dao-Ren
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examtimefairy · 12 days ago
I’m late but peter saying I am spiderman and I messed up is so yes. yes this is what i needed from marvel. kids mess up. kids need help (Happy & + alpha) kids with help can solve problems
kids = me
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spideymjlove · 14 days ago
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Far From Home Era 🕷 🕸
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blue-boom-blue · 17 days ago
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warmcomfylife · 20 days ago
Far From Home (The Raven) | Sam Tinnesz
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ihminen7777 · 27 days ago
Livin' in a world insane They cut out some heart and some brain Been filling it up with dirt Yeah baby dunno how it hurts
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5tarryknight · a month ago
Tumblr media
Art Fight revenge on @toothpaste-dragon of her babies Baz, Gerdie, and Toko! I love them and they deserve all the art ^^
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spacecowboysfrommars · a month ago
Tony inventing time travel for Peter is… a million times more heartbreaking in the context of No Way Home.
It was implied in Endgame and later confirmed in FFH by Happy that Tony essentially died for Peter- so that he could get a chance to grow up and continue to be a hero. Happy said that Tony wouldn’t have sacrificed himself if Peter was still dead, or he thought Peter wasn’t going to be okay afterwards.
If Tony knew what would happen to Peter just a year later, he wouldn’t have given up his life so easily. If he knew that his death would cause a chain reaction that would ultimately lead to Peter losing everyone and everything, he would still be here.
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caseyfrewarts · a month ago
Tumblr media
Spider man WIP
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askfarfromhome · 11 days ago
Does Monkey King exist in Tergaia? After all, you've got Dao-Ming, what about MK from Journey to the West?
While the Monkey King/Sun Wukong doesn't specifically exist in Tergaia, I'm sure there's at least one demi-god related to Dao-Ming or Loki running around acting a fool just like him.
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blairaptor · a month ago
Tumblr media
My pal @toothpaste-dragon and I were talking about her OC Gerdie having uncle energy and then this happened
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originalpaperbagelbear · a month ago
Tumblr media
Men and women grow apart, but the journey they share together will always be a part of them.
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jackanthony1 · a month ago
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onequoteperday · a month ago
It's easy to fool people when they're already fooling themselves.
Quentin Beck (Spider-Man: Far From Home)
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gadzooksgalore · a month ago
📚 Gib Toko bed time story (Bonus points if it's Baz or Gerdie doing it)
(So...I ended up writing something a bit silly for this, and it kinda veers from the original prompt. But I hope you enjoy it anyway!)
“All settled in?” Gerdie asked, lowering himself to sit on the edge of Toko’s bed.
The young girl nodded despite squirming under the blankets. “Yep! So what’s the story for tonight?”
“Well, it’s actually a new story…but it might even seem familiar.”
Gerdie cast a very subtle glance toward Toko’s door, his expression souring for a moment, before turning back to the expectant youngling. He cleared his throat.
“Once upon a time, there was a huge, terrible monster with a voracious appetite. So voracious in fact, that he ate all the clearly-marked leftovers in the fridge—“
The mechanic was promptly interrupted by a loud groan from beyond Toko’s room. A large shadow appeared in the door frame not a moment later.
“Seriously? You’re still hung up over that?” Baz sighed.
Gerdie turned, his previously calm expression now a mixture of annoyance and exasperation. “What do you mean ‘still’? Of course I’m hung up over that! You ate my food!”
The captain scoffed in reply. “Gerd, that was over a week ago. I said I was sorry, remember? Can’t you just let it go?”
Like the flip of a switch, Gerdie’s aggravation melted into confusion. He gave Baz a puzzled look. “What? No, I’m talking about yesterday.”
“Yesterday?” Baz repeated. “I didn’t eat your food yesterday.” Gerdie furrowed his brow, anger completely fading. “What? Then who—“ As if a light bulb went off in their heads simultaneously, the two turned their attention toward Toko. The girl had huddled down lower under the covers while they were going back and forth. Now only her head was visible, and she smiled sheepishly up at them. “…Oops?”
Gerdie’s jaw dropped and he simply stared at her in disbelief, Baz’s thunderous laughter booming behind him.
“Miss Toko!” he finally exclaimed, finding his voice. “How could you?!”
Toko winced at the accusation. “I’m sorry! I was hungry so I looked in the fridge and saw the takeout box from the diner a couple days ago and the food inside smelled really good but I knew it wasn’t mine so I was gonna ask if I could have some but then you left to pick up fuel for the ship and I was still hungry and…I couldn’t help myself, okay!”
Gerdie sat in stunned silence during her explanation, still reeling over the fact that Toko had stolen his food this time.
Baz’s laughter was the only sound filling the room for a brief moment, but it eventually died down. The captain’s crap-eating grin had yet to disappear, however. “Nice one kid,” he chuckled.
At this, Gerdie shot him a bitter and somewhat smug look. “Like father, like daughter.” That shut Baz right up. A faint blush suddenly painted his cheeks, though it was barely noticeable in the dim light.
Now that the captain was in his place, Gerdie turned back around and found that Toko had retreated even farther into the covers. His expression softened and he sighed. “Look, I’m not actually mad about what happened. Just…in the future, don’t take things that aren’t yours without asking first. Okay?”
Posture relaxing, Toko slowly reappeared and nodded. “Okay…sorry about eating your food.”
“It’s quite alright,” Gerdie replied, smiling. Then he turned to look at Baz. “You know, you could learn a thing or two from the youngling.”
Baz frowned. “What, like getting out of trouble easily because she’s cute?”
Gerdie and Toko stared at him in surprise. Suddenly realizing what he’d said, Baz scrambled to reclaim his dignity. “It’s, uh…an unfair advantage, is all I’m saying.”
A beat of awkward silence passed before Baz walked out of the room, bluntly urging Gerdie to “tell the kid her bedtime story so she can go to sleep.”
Shaking his head and smiling, Gerdie glanced at Toko. “Well, how about a real story? Captain’s orders.”
“Yes please!” said Toko, nodding enthusiastically.
Gerdie laughed at the young girl’s excitement. “Alright, one story coming up! Once upon a time…”
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