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#genshin impact venti
imalwaystiredzzz · a day ago
Venti please "Venti your such a gremlin."
TW: Yandere behavior/thoughts
NOTE: Hi anon! I really love this one and it took me some time thinking "How could I make this into a yandere?" Venti is one of my fav characters and YES! He is a gremlin (◕‿◕✿) I hope I get more yandere asks as I enjoy them as much as I enjoy the dad!Diluc
Tumblr media
You squish his cheeks between warm palms, red from the alcohol while he lets out a giggle.
“Am I now?” He taunts with a hiccup to sell his lie, the night is young and he’s already had a number of drinks during his earlier performances letting anyone but Diluc behind the bar think he’s drunk.
“Yes, you are!” You reply, delighted and carefree, a smile gracing your lips that had tasted one too many drinks yourself, offered by the bard. This wasn’t new for the both of you, and to anyone at least it had become a common occurrence to those who would ask, because Venti made sure of that. Made sure that everyone in Barbatos’ city knew that the drunkard of a bard and the florist were drinking the nights away - well at least he was always drinking, he thinks as you more or less just stuck on a corner like a wallflower, dragged at this tavern to watch another one of his performance and deal with his antics after.
If anyone in the vicinity had been seeing straight and turned their head on that lonely table up on the darker corner of the second floor, Venti was sure you’d look like the perfect couple having a nice date. “But am I your cute gremlin?” The bard asks, cutely leaning unto your figure until he was close, close enough for his breath to fan against the skin that trailed with goosebumps, warm against his that came into contact while hands trailed on your waist until you were caged in his embrace.
You didn’t answer, petting his dark tresses between fingers that would make him hum like the birds and simply letting him hold you like so, because of course you would, how could you deny him when he’d shown such vulnerability? The way his eyes turned down with sadness looking at anything but you and his shoulders that seemed to have become heavy, shedding the masks that he dons in daylight and made sure that it wasn’t something that you’d miss.
Because of course you would, and it’s one of the things that made him love you so: the blurred line of your obliviousness and godly kindness, never seeming to know where it began or end. Helping out Kaeya when he’d become too drunk as sat on a lone bench in the streets, hands trying to touch what wasn’t his until Diluc or a knight had finally come to pick the man up, Rosaria who would shower you with too much with compliments on innocence when you would offer her a snack after roaming at night, and even a stranger that you hadn’t know the name that simply asked looked to be in need of help, the way you did to him.
But these privileges were something that he would never miss the chance to take, like a thirsty man on an endless dessert, Venti was set to keep your overflowing oasis to himself, always asking for more and marking the days of you handing them out like candy on your shop’s counter were over, the moment you had offered them to him. ‘I just want to be selfish with this one,’ he thinks, the embrace growing firm as if he was scared that you too would float away like the dandelions when blown on.
‘I have set everything free, let me keep this one for myself.’ A silent prayer in the crevice of your neck, unheard by anyone but him, and yet the hands on his hair halt their action. Uncomfort to his forward affection making itself known.
But even through his selfishness, he doesn’t have the heart to keep you hidden under lock and key, as much as he would like to do so. He couldn’t bear the thought of you never walking on the stone paths of his beloved city, admiring all that it could present, nor enjoy the summer breeze, hair bouncing and a smile rivaling the prettiest of flowers that was offered to his name.
And thus he couldn’t stop the ways everyone else would be enchanted by you, too. You who had the god of freedom, himself, corrupt his head and heart with an ichor of selfishness enough to say: that you had him bewitched, enticed and all the lovely words that he strings together in songs and poems, performed for everyone to hear, that could describe how the days of his happiness relied on your existence.
“Let’s get you home,” you say after a moment to avoid giving an answer. He knows just what you did, what you always do, turning mute and letting a façade of a smile, a far cry to the lovely ones he prefers, be donned like a mask, a plea to stop. The word “your” always had this effect, a catalyst that made your hands retreat from their playful touch and become too self conscious of your every action, no doubt rewinding every memory of tonight to mark what led him so.
Pulling away a second too long, touch lingering, he whines grumbling about the night being too young and he didn't have his fill as he follows you through the door without having to be dragged; he swore he hears the red head sigh in relief as he does so.
The winds tonight are cold and your hold on his hand is warm, leading him through the darkness of the street, every turn and stone memorized. Venti smiles softly, lovingly, as he thinks: It’s okay, you don’t have to worry as he won’t force you. The heart, much like the wind, could never be forced, albeit it could be owned the way you do to his, as much as you’d like to deny it.
He is patient, having all the time in this peaceful world with no hunger nor war that you were born unto, and love could be learned, nurtured, much like the great tree that stood strong and tall in Windrise that was once nothing but a simple plant.
Venti is patient, Barbatos resolves, clutching the hand that held him as he intertwined them, your home coming into view just a few steps away.
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barsoleils · 2 days ago
what do you see when you look through the window? the past? the present? or maybe the ghost of your regrets?
note: i'm opening comms in november, so if anyone's interested, please follow me on insta/twt to be notified when i do. ^^
Tumblr media
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crack-canon · 2 days ago
Genshin Impact: Archon sneezes
Venti sneezes so hard he that he creates a strong gust of wind that sends him flying him back into some object
Or he sneezes so hard that he turns back into a wind spirit
Zhongli sneezes and creates a damn earthquake that rocks Liyue and he’s the epicenter
Ba’al’s sneeze is a thunderbolt that randomly strikes someone. Poor Bennett when he’s in Inazuma
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silenteyes · 2 days ago
Aether smiles as she looks at him with the gaze he’s always been used to. 
He smiled and immediately rushed to embrace her, little twinkling noises indicating that Paimon was following him. Lumine cries as she too hugged him, and it was as if fate was finally set in stone as the twins were finally reunited.
“Hello, Lumine!” Paimon’s voice rang out as the two separated from each other, although still holding hands. “Paimon has heard a lot about you!”
“Only good things I hope,” she laughs out. Oh, how he missed that sound. “I know it wasn’t a good impression when you first met me...”
He saw Paimon’s eyes widened and his own softening. “No! Paimon didn’t believe that was you!” she harrumphed. “Aether always told me very good things, and he never lies about those kinds of things! If he says you’re good, then you’re good. End of story!”
Lumine smiled softly, looking at Aether before pulling Paimon and bringing her into the hug. The pixie gasped and giggled. “You do give good hugs! Paimon always wondered what yours felt like since Aether described it!”
Aether took one glance at Lumine and knew she already fell for the charms of his companion. She squished Paimon’s cheeks, making the latter offended. 
“Aether, I’m replacing you with Paimon now. She’s more adorable than you and she’d make a better sibling.”
“Hey!” Paimon looked affronted. “Don’t tell Paimon she helped Traveler through all that just for him to be replaced!”
Lumine stroked her chin in mock thought. “I’ll treat you better than Aether! I’ll give you the nicest beds, nicest accessories and nicest food!”
The pixie froze and looked at Lumine with stars in her eyes. “Now you got Paimon listening,” she said cheekily.
Aether looked at Paimon in mock hurt. Suddenly, a soft breeze appeared and Aether tugged Lumine’s hands. They turned around to see a crowd of people and Archons, all from different nations witnessing the reunion. Although there were many fights and arguments, the one constant was the little fairy who always stayed, helping him speak up to actually TELL them to help him.
“Come on, I’m pretty sure the people who ended up helping me in the end would not appreciate being left in the dust.”
They saw Venti dramatically weeping at the reunion, they saw Klee trying to throw a “celebration bomb” as she called it - Jean and Albedo trying to stop her. They saw Archons looking at them solemnly, yet they could tell they were happy for the twins as well.
Lumine looked at them hesitantly, as if one word from her would cause some sort of backlash. It never came.
“I’m Klee!” the little girl runs up to her and extends a hand which Lumine gently shook. “Aether told Klee that he loves you A BUNCH! Like how Klee loves Big Brother Albedo!”
The alchemist in question smiled gently at the young girl, although he was looking quite pale. It was quite worrying. 
It could warm even the coldest of hearts, how the ever quiet traveler now speaks a lot, feeling comfortable knowing his sister was now with him. They had a long talk, getting to know each other. All Archons and people from Mondstadt to Snezhenaya. It was a tad bit overwhelming, but everyone was kind enough not to crowd each other all at once. 
Yet destiny still wasn’t satisfied, and the ground started to rumble. Murata immediately got into a defensive stance, narrowing her eyes as she looked around. The others stilled, and pulled out their weapons. 
“Outlanders, your journey ends here.”
The twins froze. Yes, destiny and fate definitely hated them.
“You’re the Unknown God we’ve heard about,” Themis said, not as a question but as a confirmation. She was right of course, her voice as sharp as her spear - yet moves as fluid as the element she was the Archon of, rushing to deflect a large arrow meaning to hit one of her people. 
“Please, do call me Asmoday.”
Then they appeared. Beasts and monsters from realms the twins traveled to, and some even they could not recognize. 
“Well then,” Venti’s voice rang out, the wind now not just a mere breeze. “Why don’t we have one last fight.” 
And they charged. Mortals and immortals, both now fighting for victory and the promise of a safe realm - not overrun by this deity that most of them know nothing of. Clashes of swords and bombs and everything in between - this is not what peace should be like. Dainsleif with his unknown element, clear concern on his face as he fought - looking like he had never expected this. 
“AETHER!” Paimon screamed and he looked around in concern before he heard nothing from her - before a small drop. He looked to see his companion bleeding, a sword in her stomach, blood coating her white outfit. He dropped down on his knees and frantically ripped off his scarf to try and stop the bleeding. In a daze, he heard Lumine’s cries as she too brushed her hands in Paimon’s hair, although he doesn’t know if it’s to comfort herself or Paimon. 
Time freezes. 
Asmoday walks out slowly, her eyes focusing on Paimon. She looked at the one who stabbed the ‘pixie’, before snapping her fingers and killing them instantly. She looks at Paimon, eyes filled with disbelief.
“Get away from us,” Lumine snarled. 
Asmoday kept walking towards them, seemingly ignoring everyone other than the pixie. She turned around slowly, before snapping her fingers once more. All those monsters faded into oblivion, and now everyone just stood in shock, looking at them, not able to move. 
She flicked her wrist and Paimon appeared right in front of her, both the twins cried out in shock. 
“Sister… I…”
The God looked at Paimon with a slight panic, and she put her fingers on the pixie’s temple. Everyone saw some sort of magic flow through the God’s fingers and Paimon exploded - literally exploded, and in her place stood a tall, bright light. The twins just stared at it, unable to say or do anything.
Suddenly, out came a woman. Hair as white as snow, adorned on her head was a golden halo. It looked… familiar… 
“Paimon…” Aether whispered. 
She opened her eyes and looked around before she processed everything.
“Ah…” she said awkwardly, so out of place with everything that was going on.
“Sister,” Asmoday said once more and Paimon looked at her sister. The God looked joyous and clasped her sister’s hands. “Join me and we’ll destroy the seven realms. We can have everything to ourselves, even! No stuck-up Archons and no annoying mortals. Just us.”
Everyone stared at Asmoday, horrified before looking at Paimon. The once small pixie was now looking at her sister with so much emotion in her eyes, you could not decipher them even in an eternity. 
“I cannot let innocent people suffer, Asmoday,” she states. “You know that, I am not going to change my mind.”
Asmoday let out a wounded noise, before shaking her head and narrowing her eyes at her.
“Fine then. We shall fight. I will never maim you, Paimon. I will only give you the quickest death to honour you.”
Asmoday then disappears into the sky, and if you were focusing intently you could see a star shining brighter than any other. 
“I’ve always hated you Archons, you know.”
The said Archons flinched, and everyone stared at the God who was once so cheerful, now glaring hatefully at the other Immortals. The twins were still shocked and silent.
“You destroyed the nation I so generously left, so mortals wouldn’t have to worship a deity and be able to be free without having any worry of angering the immortals.”
She sighs, though. And she looks at the sky with an expression of melancholy. It felt so wrong to see that from her, Aether thinks.
“Three times, I have traveled around Teyvat. Once, to ensure a land for a godless nation. Second, to help a dear friend to find their loved one. And my last time,” she looked Aether and Lumine directly in their eyes. “Was the same as my second, yet their roles were reversed.”
The twins looked at each other before looking at Dainsleif, who sighed in pain. Kaeya was beside him, with Albedo at the other side of the ex-guard. Paimon looked between the three of them, before her eyes locked onto Kaeya, and she smiles. 
“Your Highness, I advise you to seek neither vengeance nor forgiveness. But seek peace. You don’t need to forgive the Archons for what they have done, but do not cause another war because of that.”
Albedo’s grip tightened on Klee. Dainsleif looked away and Kaeya stared at Paimon with a sense of loss in his eyes. She nodded to herself before turning to the Archons.
“Never make an enemy of the divine. That is my only warning,” she addresses the Tsaritsa who could only nod.
“As Guardian of the Seven Realms and the Keeper of Time, I leave Teyvat protected by their Archons who I place my hope in, and not misplaced.”
She then looked at the twins before putting on a smile that was so familiar to the pixie, and it looked so right.
“Save Paimon some Sticky Honey Roast, yeah? She’ll be VERY hungry if she ever comes back!”
@potoostuff you ask to be tagged in anything I write so I will grant your wish :D
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googlyeyes-blogs · a day ago
Tumblr media
Venti!! 😊 he is one of my favorite character in Genshin impact! I wanted to draw him for a very long time but my homework’s are killing me!…Anyway I wanted to pull him cuz I want him in my team 😭😭along with Bennett(cuz I still don’t have him)…here’s hoping everyone
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1000feuille · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
POV you are childe: you just walked out of northland bank and see these three peddlers
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jade-parcels · 5 months ago
How you turn them on
The things you do that aren’t inherently sexual but really get em going with: Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Diluc, Xiao, Venti, Baizhu, and Albedo
- NOTSFW!! Minors don’t interact with this post! -
He loves everything about you! He’s always hyper analyzing you to gauge your reactions to flirty jokes or loving touches
He thinks about you all the time, thinks about all the ways he could make love to you. He could sneak you into his office or pull you into an alleyway or just stay home to have a romantic night together. The possibilities are endless
Something you really do that gets him going is when you praise him. Surprise surprise, pretty boy likes when you compliment him. Your remarks don’t even have to be inherently sexual at all “I loved getting to listen to your speech today! You’re such a good public speaker!” “Ooo~ Your hair looks great today!” “There you are, Captain~ You better bring that pretty ass of yours down the the Angel’s Share tonight!” “You’re so strong, Kaeya, thanks for helping me out tonight!”
Your voice rings out in his head all day and night, he loves the way you call him strong and handsome. He KNOWS he is, he just likes hearing it from you. Maybe a little too much
He’ll show off his strength by picking you up, relishing in the way you exclaim “Wow! Kaeya you’re so strong!” again, he loves the attention
So in simple terms, he’s an attention whore lmao. He wants your attention and praise all for himself
We already know Childe’s a total horn dog. Just about anything you do could turn him on for no reason, just because it’s you
One thing that gets him every time though is when you come home after commissions. You’re sweaty, covered in dirt and blood. As long as you’re not too injured, he’ll practically pounce on you the second you step inside
You’ll whine about how tired you are, you just wanna go to bed but he’s all wired up
He loves that smell of sweat and blood, especially on you. It’s too bad he isn’t the one who got to fight you this time
He’ll lick the sweat from your cheek and whisper in your ear, telling you how badly he wants you, how he can’t wait to throw you down on the mattress and fight for dominance with you
You could literally just be sweaty from working out or the weather and he’ll be on you, grinning at you as he shoves his hands up your shirt to grope your sweaty skin. He’ll be immensely disappointed if you insist on showering before he can have some fun with you lmao
Zhongli is an intellectual, he knows pretty much everything about everything. He’ll humbly claim that there are plenty of things he doesn’t know but don’t let him fool you, he just knows things
That’s why he likes when you display intelligence or interest in things he likes
He’ll hover over your shoulder while you read, letting a hand wander up your arm to your shoulder, admiring that focused look on your face
He’ll occasionally get things wrong just so you’ll correct him. He loves when you get cocky and confident in your answers “Ah, yes you’re right dear. How could I have made such a mistake?”
One of his fantasies is one where he fucks you at his desk, forcing you to carry on a conversation with him. It doesn’t matter the topic, philosophy, economics, ethics, as long as he can keep you talking with moans between words. He has pretty good self control, he can talk for hours, so he plans on keeping you there as long as he can. He isn’t shy when it comes to initiating sex, he just wants to find a ‘perfect time to’ do so
Diluc prides himself in being a traditional gentleman. He keeps himself in check and refrains from...improper thoughts when he can
But then again, he’s a bit too easy to rile up. You could brush his bangs out of his eyes or straighten his tie out for him and he’ll be a blushing mess
There’s one thing that drives him wild though: corsets. He loves seeing you in them! However it’s inconvenient when he sees you looking so gorgeous in public, he’ll have to avoid you even though he doesn’t want to
All he can think about is the way you’d gasp if he yanked those strings, the way your waist would cinch in and you’d struggle for air, his name spilling from your lips
He’s ashamed of his dirty fantasies, he can hardly stand to look at you cause all he feels is shame because it isn’t like you’re doing anything sexual, you’re just sitting there chatting away with your tavern buddies! But he can’t stop the impure thoughts from flooding his mind
He has to go home early, avoiding the public eye as he does, so no one catches on or worse: sees the tent in his dress pants
Right off the bat, Xiao doesn’t have much experience in this field
He DOES know that he really likes the way you say his name. He’s never felt like this with anyone else, it was very confusing at first
One time you called out to him while drunk, giggling as you called for him over and over until he appeared in front of you, as he always does when you need him
This was different though...When you said his name like this, in a teasing manner with that breathy-ness in your voice? Uh oh...yeah, he really likes that
He wants to hear you say his name like that again, he wants you to sob his name while he pleasures you “Xiao! Please Xiao!” uhhh... uhhhh.... he’s gonna short circuit just thinking about it
He tries not to think about that though because uh...well...Again, he isn’t super experienced so he just feels awkward you gotta help him out
All this man wants is to be smothered by your chest. He’s a perv through and through, he can’t help it!
He’s only 5’2 so most people are taller than him, all he wants is for you to hug him and let him bury his face in your chest please-
Because he’s short and has such an innocent smile he can get away with being a menace in public. He’ll use wind currents to blow up your shirt or skirt, grinning like a madman as he catches a glimpse of you
He’s also the type to snap bra straps or drop something down your shirt “Oh no! I lost something! If only I could get it myself l~” what an asshole! He’d only do this if you’re together don’t worry
Baizhu honestly doesn’t have much desire for sex. He likes it but doesn’t seek it out often, he spends most of his time working to finally harness the power of immortality muahaha!!
One thing always gets him though: your morning voice. When you run your fingers through his hair and press warm kisses to his face and shoulders first thing in the morning...It’s the perfect way to wake up
He’ll even pretend to be asleep just so you’ll lean over and murmur sweet things in his ear with that lovely voice of yours “Time to get up, Dr. Baizhu~ We have a lot of work to do today” “I think herbalist Gui can handle things for a half hour or so. We’re not going anywhere just yet”
When he feels up to it, he loves having slow, lazy sex with you right at the crack of dawn. You’re both still warm and half awake, your hair is messy and your skin feels so nice against his
Albedo is extremely repressed, he spends most of his time working and any free time he has he dedicates to art or an hour of rest
He takes a lot of trips up to Dragonspine to work in the lab there so there are weeks where he goes without seeing you. He never realized how lonely he was until he met and fell in love with you.
On a whim, while he was packing for another expedition, he took one of your shirts with him. He was originally going to steal some of your underwear but he just couldn’t do it. With your shirt, he figured your scent would comfort him while he was away but instead, he found himself jacking off to the scent of your perfume
He did this over and over and now his brain has started to associate that one perfume with sex. He’s gone and ‘Pavlov’ed himself! That warm, vanilla scent brings forth hot, heavy memories. Now when you wear that perfume around him he has to focus on keeping those dirty thoughts in the back of his mind
He makes sure to compliment you when you wear other perfumes so hopefully, you wear those ones more often though part of him wishes you’d catch on. He’d never out himself though, he’d die from embarrassment
During those rare times when you’re away on commissions and he’s home alone, he’ll indulge himself...He hopes you’ll walk in on him
Whew! That was a long post!!! Thanks for sticking around! I like these guys a little...too much 😳 ((ignore the spelling errors if there are any! sorry!))
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hopiufame · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Hear me out, diluc’s outfit looks suspiciously familiar ok
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bobamiruku · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I saw a tweet where someone said that venti only gives anemo vision to his kinnie and I cant stop thinking about it 
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scaramouche-bully · 6 months ago
Hello! Can I request an Overstimulation one with Zhongli,Kaeya,Venti and a bottom reader? Gender neutral or female! If you do this,thank you!
— ☆ Overstimulation headcanons
Includes: Kaeya and Venti. 
[ Sub ] Gender-neutral reader
Contains: Overstimulation, dacryphilia, multiple orgasms, humiliation, temperature play, orgasm denial/delay + degradation.
— ☆ Overstimulation headcanons - Xiao, Childe, and Scaramouche 🐏 [ GN ]  
— ☆ Overstimulation headcanons - Ningguang and Zhongli 🐑 [ GN ]  
[ masterlist ]
I’ve already written overstimulation hcs for Zhongli that I have linked above. But I wouldn't mind writing extra parts. However, I'd like to stick to two characters but feel free to request doubles. Also, thank you for all your lovely prompts/asks. I'd like to post daily so I have them saved for in-between days when I'm writing longer fics.
Tumblr media
— ☆ Kaeya
While Kaeya likes pulling you to a barely concealed corner and fucking your brains out, he loves taking his sweet time to see just how many times he can get you to orgasm.
At this point, he knows your body better than you but he loves seeing what other places make you squirm. Using his cryo vision to the fullest as he moves his frozen fingertips over your skin.
He's barely touching your back but you're already arching away from him has him chuckling. Seeing your cute face look over your shoulder with teary eyes as you beg him to stop. You're so sensitive and he hasn't properly touched you once since you both started.
That comment irritates him a bit that he makes his fingers even colder before shoving them between your thighs and abusing your sensitive spots. Even as your wailing and cumming on his fingers, he doesn't stop.
You can't help the strangled whine that escapes from your throat as you sink further into the mattress as you orgasm again. You're desperately clawing at his wrist, trying to get Kaeya to stop, but your strength has left your body. Kaeya seems unbothered from your cries but the cruel gaze he has on says otherwise.
“Ah--ah, nno… Kae- s-stop…too much!!" you gasp as you cum once again on his fingers. Your body keeps heating up but the cold press of his fingers inside you has your body spasming. His fingers are knuckles deep now and mercilessly jerking in and out. You swear you can feel your mind melting with each thrust.
"Come on now, you were so desperate for it. Go on then, cum," Kaeya commands as he watches your hole simultaneously try and force his fingers out and suck them in at the same time. Maybe he is a bad guy, palming his cock to your crying and slutty face.
"I can't-" another sob breaks free as you attempt to push him away. It was too much. You've lost count of how many times he's made you cum just on his fingers alone but you think you might pass out if he makes you cum again. Kaeya tilts his head with an amused smirk as he finally removes his fingers much to your relief. He softly coos at you as he lifts you up and cradles you in his arms as you cry into his shoulder. Your little hiccups and whines of comfort are so cute to him. He wants to hear more.
"You were begging me to let you cum. Now you're going to be begging me to stop," he whispers in your ear before gripping your wrists in one hand and pinning them above your head as he pushes you back on your back.
"Now be good and scream for me."
Tumblr media
— ☆ Venti
Venti loves pushing people's limits. He gets joy of seeing people's flustered or embarrassed faces and you're no different. In fact, you're his favourite and he loves reminding you every day.
He's an insatiable spirit. He knows that being an archon allows him more stamina compared to humans and he uses that ability to the fullest. Even when you've passed out he keeps going, even invading your dreams if he's feeling cheeky.
Whenever he's feeling writer's block for one of his songs, he'll stop by to visit you. Even if you're busy working he'll simply wave your concerns off and tell you to continue whatever you were doing.
You're suspicious of him but continue on even when he's kneeling down and prying your legs apart. Fiddling with the hem of your pants and ignoring your protests as he nestles himself between your thighs.
"Venti!" you squeal, knees buckling as he digs his tongue in you. Your hands dropping what you were holding as your grip onto his hair as he presses his face further. Luckily, being the anemo archon, he manages to catch you with his winds and seat you properly. In any other situation, you might have scolded him for using his archon powers for something like this but with his skillful tongue you end up choking on your words.
"Oh! You're done already? How dirty," Venti laughs as you orgasm on his mouth. Licking his lips and swiping at the leftover cum that's dribbling down his cheek. He can feel your flustered gaze at his actions as he merely grins up at you before diving back in.
“V-Venti-” You can’t even get his whole name out past your lips before your words break down into a wanton moan. You instantly tighten up, almost afraid you might break his tongue, as your toes curl and you suffocate him with your thighs. This only seems to make Venti more riled up as he grips your thighs and works his tongue harder. Somedays Venti wants to give up his archon duties and live between your thighs and hum his songs into you.
“I-it’s too much! Nnoh-- no-- no more,” you shake your head, tears filling your eyes before falling as you blink. One violent suck has your back arching as you try and cover your mouth from the high-pitched scream that spills from your lips. You collapse forward as you try to catch your breath as waves of ecstasy wash over you. You're past the point of trying to look dignified. You hear a bit of shuffling as the warmth of Venti leaves your thighs as he pulls you into a kiss so you can taste yourself. He thinks you look so pretty like that, eyes glossy as you try to catch your breath, just from his tongue. He wants to see more, see how far he can push you this time.
“Sing for me my muse.”
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zaneswhite · a month ago
Okay, so Baal’s trailer basically solidified for me that all the archons being named after demons isn’t just a coincidence or some really interesting Easter egg.
I know we’ve already been making theories about Tevyat is upside down and shit since for ever but I want to take it a step farther. I think there’s a chance that Celestia is a warped version of hell, assuming that other ‘gods’ *cough* demons *cough* live there and the Abyss was/is a warped version of heaven. And Hu Tao’s story quest could imply that there is a warped version of purgatory that you can find on Tevyat. DISCLAIMER: I’M AWARE THAT THIS IS AN INSANELY HUGE REACH AND A LITTLE INACCURATE LET ME LIVE
Venti is able to speak to Davlin, Barbatos(the actual demon) is known to give the ability of speaking to animals. Barbatos is also regularly depicted with four king sounding horns. He has four kings as companions. Venti has The Four Winds. Davlin holds the label King in his title so we’re going to assume the other three beings hold the same title.
Zhongli, my beloved. Demons and contracts have been a trope since forever. There’s no need for explanation on that part. Morax(the actual demon) is explicitly stated to have a vast knowledge of precious stones. The name Morax also means ‘that delays’ or ‘that stops’. Zhongli has ceased being a archon. He has also ceased or delayed the creation of Mora with his ‘death’.
Ei is the one who struck me the most(haha struck, lightning, I’m sorry). Her symbolism is the most outright to me. She’s associated with visions excessively. You know what also has a vision? Eyes. Her elemental burst shows a giant eye. Which leaves me to believe that the Statue with visions is supposed to represent eyes imbedded into its wings. Also the eyes on her ‘halo’ that she often has. Looks kinda
Tumblr media
looking kinda
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kinda like
Tumblr media
like a corrupt biblically accurate angel reference, there, buddy. Also we know that Ei is not the original electro archon. Baal(the actual demon) is stated to have many versions of himself that have been worshipped in the past (kind of a reach). He also has a giant house on a giant mountain, above a city that he flashes lightning from after he kills another god so there’s that reference.
Long story short, me thinks the ‘gods’ aren’t just named after demons for shits and giggles. They’re actual demons and Celestia might be hell.
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