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gorovs · 2 days ago
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kekkai sensen ED - genshin impact version [anniversary stream] / mondstadt ed.
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sprayio · a day ago
When The Genshin Boys Discover Their Kid Has a Crush (P2)
P1 with: Kaeya, Childe, Diluc, Zhongli [Read here]
P3 with: Albedo, Tohma, Gorou [TBA]
Warnings: Indication of having a child with aforementioned characters. Indication of reader being AFAB, Other than that, pure SFW fluff.
Pairings: Fem!reader x Venti, Xiao, Kazuha (seperate)
Genre: Romantic, comedy. Angst if you squint (Xiao, Kaz), Bulleted headcanons
Bonus: I rate each of the boys on how obnoxious they are about it
A/N: Guilty expression I went off on Xiao and Kazu’s hcs this time so I have to postpone the last three to a seperate part. Also reminder to read the first post here <3
Tumblr media
Surprisingly actually not a little shit about it??
You’d think he’d tease his kid to death (similar to Kaeya)
But I think for Venti, when it comes to love, he always felt that it’s something organic that should be left to grow naturally.
And of course as the Archon of Freedom, he doesn’t want to tamper with something as precious yet fleeting as a first crush.
More than content to stay on the sidelines, catching glimpses of how his kid’s first love plays out. 
Smiles at their every small success; smiles even if it ends poorly. Regardless it’s an invaluable experience, and he’s happy that his child got to see it through.
Very very very lowkey wing man. Subtly changes the weather and the winds to be gentle when Wischen and his crush meets.
Makes the breeze move the clouds out of the sun- there seems to be a warm light following the two wherever they go.
So lowkey and secretive about it, that even you, his partner doesn’t know about what’s going on.
Will go to subtle lengths to give his son privacy, keeping the details about who he was meeting vague. 
Just wants his boy to enjoy the magic of his first love, with no interference. 🥺
Archon of freedom? More like Archon of loooove!
Gets a little sentimental bc he sees himself in his son- and the day he first met you and fell head over heels <333
But that’s a story for another time, heh ✨
Rating: 1/10 not obnoxious about his kid’s first crush at all. Might use them as a muse for poetry and stuff though once they’re together- so he gets one point for embarrassing them after 💀
Tumblr media
It probably took an eternity of mustering up courage for Daiyu to even bring up the prospect of liking someone to her father
And even then, Xiao knows to begin with
Well, he is the Vigilant Yaksha of Liyue- nothing can hide from his all seeing eyes.
So of course he knew. Ever since they first met, he’s been keeping an eye on things-
Or rather, being ignorant to things.
Convincing himself this is just a normal friendship- that he shouldn’t interfere,
That if he just looks away, his beloved daughter will be by his side forever.
So when Daiyu finally approaches him about it, after talking things through extensively with you, her mother (you convince her that she shouldn’t keep things secret from her father, and that he loves and treasures her very much)
the look of hurt on her face when Xiao immediately shuts her out is absolutely heartbreaking😔
Like dang you were expecting some resistance from your husband ofc but-
wtf you didn’t think they’d outright stop talking to each other 😃
1 week of you playing peacemaker commences.
This is Xiao’s child we’re talking about- they’re both as stubborn as each other.
when you talk to Xiao he’s just like “hmPh I have work to do.”
And when you talk to Daiyu she’s just pissed. Which in turn kinda makes you pissed too because you agree Xiao is being overbearing 
Leads to you finally confronting him about it. You tell him that he’s acting childish by refusing to communicate- and that your daughter deserves proper support from both parents, especially during her adolescent years.
Shows a little resistance again but you can tell that Daiyu ignoring him is really hurting deep deep inside
You sigh and hug him. He’s difficult and constantly fighting inner demons, but you both know that his fear of the future still isn’t an excuse to shut out the closest people in his life without explanation.
He sighs back, reciprocating the embrace. You can feel him frown into your back as he instinctively holds you closer.
“I messed up, didn’t I?”
You smile softly, “You did.”
“I just... don’t know how to do this right. I can’t stop letting my fear show in the way I speak and act.”
“I didn’t want to hurt her- I just-”
Your smile grows wider as you interrupt him by taking his hand,
Before he can figure out what’s going on, you lead him to Daiyu’s room 
“Sweetie? Your father has something he wants to say to you.”
Xiao just opens his mouth and closes it like a fish
fuck he’s not prepared
You leave quickly before he can react.
Xiao just faces his daughter 🧍‍♂️ 
And his daughter faces him 🧍
But he realises then that the hurt etched on his daughter’s face never disappeared.
He realises he has to get his shit together.
Daiyu is prepared to have this blow up again, so she’s surprised when she’s swept up into Xiao’s protective arms- the arms she’s known since childhood.
The fabric of his familiar sleeve tickles her nose. 
Then he does something he only does when Daiyu is fast asleep- kisses her on the forehead 🥺
“Forgive me?”
he nods and doesn’t say a word
but yes she forgives him <33
“I just didn’t want you to end up like me. You’re half adeptus... so you know what falling in love with a human means... right?”
Understands his worries but even still:
“I know. And I’m sure you know too. Didn’t you still decide to be with mom, even despite all that? It’s the same for me Dad. Please understand where I’m coming from.”
He hugs her tighter, not knowing that you’re listening from behind the door.
“I won’t stop you. I can’t help loving the both of you this much, so I understand more than you would know.”
Rating: 100/10 TBH TOO DRAMATIC FOR JUST A FIRST CRUSH. It’s so anticlimactic when the whole thing doesn’t even go anywhere and Daiyu stops liking the person Xiao is embarraSSED. 💀 Silly lil man worried his little girl is getting whisked off and forgets she’s STILL 15?? Puts Diluc and Childe to shame honestly.
Tumblr media
No because Kazu is the absolute MODEL PARENT!!!
A++ dad of the year
Can the rest of the boys take notes??
Always encourages his twins to express their feelings! He wants to know all about their ever changing interests! He wants to be involved!!!
And there’s a small part of him that never wants to keep anything from the two- in the case they must part prematurely. Never wants a repeat of what happened between him and Tomo </3
If you asked Sora and Miu what their dad means to them, they’ll firstly ask:
“Dad? Oh- you mean Kazu-chan!!”
(For some reason they’ve been calling him that since childhood. Probably your influence😌)
“He’s my best friend!”  🥺
Puts his wanderer days in the past to raise them, but of course he’s always a traveler at heart.
Day trips when they’re young and you’re away at work!
Picking up shells in the summer, to strolls under canopies of autumn leaves in the fall.
He probably relates everything to you, and tells them all your stories and adventures and together.
Sora and Miu always beg to hear the one where he recounts the day you met. He responds with an airy chuckle.
“My doves, you want to hear that one again? But this is the third time this week!”
Never pressures his kids into anything though. Wants them to grow at their own pace. 
It’s more watching their parents be so helplessly in love with each other, and how happy Kazuha is, that makes them enamored with finding their special someone too!
If they want to know more about relationships, Kazuha gladly tells him everything he knows.
Helps them to understand that there are a lot of different family dynamics- the love that he and you share is only one type in a sea of possibilities.
Because of this, they’re super attuned with their emotions from a young age.
“Kazu-chan, how did you know Mama was the one for you? How will we know?”
He chuckles and strokes their hair gently. 
He admires Miu’s short bob cut (she wanted to look more like you 🥺). While Sora adorns a tiny ponytail- he insisted he wants to be exactly like Kazuha  (of course Kazu does it up for his little boy every morning <333)
“How did I know? Hmm...”
“I’m not sure. But I promise that when you find them, you’ll know right away.”
One summer morning, a few years later, Miu and Sora burst onto the deck of the crux fleet. Kazuha is chatting with Beidou- he’s due to embark on a business trip to Inazuma (and also to see some old friends).
Breathless, they shout for their dad:
“Kazu chan!! We found them! We found them!!”
He smiles “I knew you would.”
Rating: 0/10 never ever ever annoying!! SO supportive and lovely you get 100 points muah
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worldofteyvat · 2 days ago
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genshin week day 4: favorite archon
⏤ venti ✦
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chococolte · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
venti as a yandere!! <3
word count. 997
cw. yandere, unhealthy relationships, possessive and obsessive behaviors, clinginess, codependence (i think)? a bit angsty, gn reader. i do not condone yanderes irl.
an. after this i'm going to be doing xiao!! sorry if this is super ooc, first time writing for him...! if you have a specific character you want to see, send me a request! <3
Tumblr media
Underneath his amiable facade, Venti is a fragile, vulnerable individual.
The wine he drowns himself in is an attempt to forget. Although he willingly took up his form, he finds himself avoiding mirrors— staring for too long only reminds him of what he’s lost. Of what’s gone.
Venti is used to being alone. It’s become of sorts a game to him; see who bears with him the longest, before they ultimately leave him like all the rest, whether through death or irritation at his relentless, childish behavior.
He hates himself for getting attached so easily. Mortal life is fickle, like an ember— it doesn’t take much to blow it out. With old age comes the tired reassurance of disappointment and discontent.
And then he met you.
Venti loves you. He thinks that might be an understatement to how much he adores you. You are the light of his life— the warmth he feels when his thoughts take a turn for the worse. You make his heartbeat rapidly and the butterflies in his stomach flutter, all without conscious effort.
When Venti is around you, he allows himself to relax. He closes his eyes and falls into a reprieve, where he doesn't worry about the future of Mondstadt and what will happen when he's gone. The anxiety that usually encompasses his entire body, typically hidden behind a cordial mask, is nothing but a lingering echo when he is in your presence.
You calm the raging tempest inside him.
He likes listening to you talk. It could be about anything and he'd enjoy it. You could talk about the dirt underneath you, or maybe the shapes you see in the sky as the clouds roll by. As long as you're talking and paying attention to him, he could care less what the topic is.
Venti loves it when you sing, though. Even if you think you have the worst voice imaginable, Venti will disagree with you. Your voice could be uneven, off-tune, and crack at every chance and he would still ask you to continue.
Your voice is so soothing. It eases every muscle in his body, tranquillity settling over him like a zephyr. Every time he sees you, he'll whisper a thank you against your neck, though he won't tell you the reason why.
Though Venti finds himself inexplicably calmed by your presence, there still persists a voice in the back of his head. It tells him that you're a mortal; that one day, you too shall die, and leave him lonely, his heart desolate, shattered, and melancholic all over again.
The voice only worsens when he looks at you. Oh, wonderful, lovely you. Venti will shrug the voice off, but it endures, hidden underneath his skin, reverberating against his skull; it repeats itself, again and again, that this happiness he has will not last forever.
He swears to himself that he will find a way to keep you by his side. Somehow, he will. He can't bear the thought of you ever leaving.
You are so loved by him, and yet remain oblivious to the depths of his adoration. You think the songs and poems written by him for you are nothing but amusement for the bard, just a silly joke.
You are wrong. Every honeyed word, every mellow verse— it might be saccharine, but to him, every word is the truth. Why should he hide his devotion to you? Even if you don't believe him when he tells you how stunning you are to him, his words are not a lie.
He will publically sing the songs he's devoted to you. You can ask him to stop, but he will not. Venti wants to announce to the world how great and wonderful you are, and how much he loves you. You deserve that, and more.
Venti will do anything to keep you by his side. Until you see that he does love you and that he isn't just saying such things as a joke. Until you see that he's being serious when he says he reveres you.
He is horribly, horribly clingy. When he wakes up, Venti's first thought is you, and then he goes on his way to find you. When he's not near you in some way, he feels like he's suffocating— he can't stand it. He needs to be by you.
When he does eventually find you (because he always will), he's attached to your hip, hanging off your arm and your every word. You might find this bothersome, but the way his heart visibly breaks whenever you ask him to stop makes you tolerate it.
You have to depart eventually, much to Venti's dismay. As he goes to sleep, his only thought is you. Venti doesn't need sleep-- not like you do-- but it doesn't stop him, as he ingrains your visage into his head just so he may dream of you.
He doesn't want to part with you. Not ever. If he can't have you with him physically constantly, then he can have you with him in his head. His mind is brimming with daydreams of the two of you.
Venti lives off your praise. A small remark by you about how you think his voice is beautiful makes his entire day. He'll repeat it in his head, over and over, and think of how to improve, just to impress you again. Though he's already mastered the craft, why should he stop there? If it's for you, then developing even further isn't an impossibility.
If you want something, Venti will try his best to get it for you. If you wish for him to create you a song detailing your magnificence, he will do so, and more. If you ask him to make you laugh, Venti will gladly become your jester.
Anything, anything you want, as long as you don't leave him. Not yet, please. Not until he's found some way to make you stay by his side permanently.
He loves you.
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fukiana · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
GENSHIN WEEK DAY 4: Favorite Archon
Or to put it another way, I’m actually gonna have to work for a living.
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star-crossed-cafe · 2 days ago
This cafe is so cute!!
May I request the most playful bois Venti and Tartaglia + significant other (or close friend is fine too, if you'd prefer) who is equally playful and has one of those cute squeaky laughs, but is shy about it?
Thank you for taking the time to read my request, and for making such lovely content! (Regardless of if you actually accept my request or not, ofc.) Have a nice day!
summary: venti and childe + a reader who's shy about their squeaky laugh
warnings: none
word count: 614
author's note: wahh anon 🥺thank you so much for your sweet words!! the Baker liked this ask because he, too, has a rather squeaky laugh that he's shy about + has a tendency of snorting when laughing 😔i apologize for how short these are but i truly hope you enjoy 💕
Tumblr media
Venti's laugh is incredibly cute, always so delightful and cheery. It was also wonderfully him, something that you could always recognize from the sound alone.
You were similar. You had a sweet laugh, one Venti could always pinpoint easily. The problem, however, was that you were rather shy about it, thinking lowly of it for how squeaky it can be.
Well, where's the fun in that, Venti would ask, pouting cutely when you tried not to laugh at something. Come on, he wanted to hear it!
If there was one thing Venti knew for certain, it was music. Every tune, every song. If he said it sounded good, surely he had to be correct, no? So when he said your laugh was music to his ears, he meant it!
He was so cheery and bright, doing everything he could to draw it from you. He'd blow at you softly with his wind powers and try to get you to float or string together silly songs just to try to make you crack. He'd juggle some apples before tossing you one to eat and purposefully exaggerate his own actions just a little.
Venti truly did treasure your laughter. He didn't believe there was anything for you to be ashamed of or shy about. Not only did he love your laugh, but if you were laughing it meant you were happy, and that's all Venti wanted. You didn't deserve to be shy and overanalyzing your own laugh, you deserved to be happy and giggling.
When he did finally get you to break and laugh, he'd grin so widely and so coyly. He was the definition of a smug cat-like expression, pleased with himself for finally pulling it out of you.
While Venti did wish you were a little less shy about your laugh, thinking the squeakiness of it was just another part of your charm, he didn't mind helping lure it out of you. It was his favorite song and it delighted him to no end to hear.
Tumblr media
Childe was often cheerful, having a delightful laugh-filled with mirth. There was nothing more enjoyable, in his opinion, than laughing with you and enjoying your time together.
There was nothing more saddening to him than hearing you not enjoying the sound of your own laughter. To Childe, it was a most wondrous one, something he would listen to again and again if he could.
This means that he would just have to work harder to make you laugh.
Childe's used to this, thankfully. He was used to helping take care of his younger siblings and it wasn't uncommon for him to help calm them down from a fit by getting them to laugh. While the exact same strategies wouldn't work on you, he was still determined to succeed.
He had no qualms forsaking his work and sprinting off with you, taking pleasure in the way you eventually gave in and laughed as he whisked you around with him. Your squeaky laughter was like music to his ears, something he would never tire of.
There was nothing stopping him from doing his absolute best to try to draw it from you. Kissing you all over your face, dragging you behind him to sightsee together, whatever it takes. Childe was nothing if not determined, and he wanted to listen to you happily lose yourself in your glee.
One thing for certain was that he would work hard to make sure you never felt shy about your laugh around him. Not only would he grin brightly at the sight of you enjoying yourself, but he would also laugh together with you. How could you feel shy about such a beautiful harmony?
Tumblr media
ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴀꜰᴇ ɪꜱ ɴᴏᴛ ᴄᴜʀʀᴇɴᴛʟʏ ᴏᴘᴇɴ, ʙᴜᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴀᴋᴇʀ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋꜱ ʏᴏᴜ ꜰᴏʀ ʀᴇᴀᴅɪɴɢ ᴀɴᴅ ᴀᴘᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴀᴛᴇꜱ ᴀɴʏ ꜱᴜᴘᴘᴏʀᴛ
Tumblr media
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rosetintedghost · a day ago
carving pumpkins with them
(anemo version)
i'll do others if you think i should!!
contains -jean, sucrose, xiao, kazuha (featuring beigguang), venti, aether, and lumine x reader, aswell as sayu but hers is platonic
warnings!! - knife mentioned/implied, mild cursing (in xiao's)
she just had to make time for you! so insistent on this tradition, and when you suggested barbara join in, well how could she refuse!
she carves a simple face, with triangle eyes, and a wide grin.
she doesn't mind touching the pumpkin guts, so she'll scoop them out for you if you really don't like them.
when halloween night falls, after she hands out healthy snacks (kaeya sneaks the kids candy), she sits near your pumpkins, eerie candlelight illuminating her soft smile, she states,
'i'm glad i have some one as special as you to celebrate with'
ohh, sucrose, she was so ecstatic you wanted to spend time with her, she even used bioalchemy to make extra big pumpkins! (much to lisa's horror)
she doesn't find the guts gross, and even bakes them to make roasted pumpkin seeds!
her pumpkin has an intricate little flower design on it, leaving you wondering how she's so skilled with a knife!
on halloween, when you set out the pumpkins, near timaeus' alchemy stall, to hand out sweets, she was so blushy when you kissed he cheek under the spooky silver moon!
'oh! i made some special candies, if you wanted to try them! they're made from our pumpkins!'
you wanted him to do what?? why would the vigilant yaksha, protector of liyue, do something so childish and strange?
when you finally convince him, with mild begging (how could he say no to those eyes?), he hated the pumpkin guts. disgusting, slimy and cold. you would have to dispose of them yourself.
when he begins carving, he does so quite aggressively, but when you ask to see what he's done, a delicate bird shape adorns the gourd.
as you eat lots of candy, in celebration, you explain, he looks at you with that soft gaze reserved for his to favorite things, almond tofu, and yourself.
beidou came to bully (affectionately) him and ning came along, she walked up and did the childish 'oOoOoOoooOo- kazuha and (name), sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!' ningguang had to physically drag her away to go to the costume party thet were invited to (ning was a mermaid and beidou was a fisherwoman <3)
once you actually start carving, he'll carve the most intricate thing you've ever seen, and he does it so fast it'll make your head spin.
the rest of the crux catches wind (ha- anemo, get it??), they make pumpkins too! the alcor is aglow with a million little lights, and its docked in liyue harbor.
while the crux goes out drinking, you and kazuha sit in the crows nest, gazing upon the stars, he reaches over, and places his hand on yours, and hums contentedly.
'bei- beidou!' 'ahahah- have fun with your giiirlfriieeend/booyyyfriiieeend/significant ooootheeerrrr'
he was soooo excited! he couldn't wait! he talked about it the night before you planned to at the tavern! (diluc got kinda tired of hearing about it lol)
he is so childish. he threw a handful of pumpkin guts at you. right in your face. you weren't too upset though.
he carved a self-portrait! a messy little thing of his wind spirit form! it was soooo cute.
as i mentioned before, he pretends to be a kid to get free candy, so after sorting it on the rug, he shared some with you!
'wha? you want the sweet flower candies i got from sucrose?! nuh-uh! those are my favorites! ...fiiineee i guess i'll share'
AETHER - (not technically anemo, but my they almost never get included :()
while he is looking for his sister, he wants to spend time with you aswell! he remembers carving pumpkins with lumine in a different world, and gets a little sad, but thinks about how she wouldn't want him to be sad right now!
he actually likes touching the goo! thinks it feels neat. he also told paimon it tasted good, like slime, as a joke, but then she actually enjoyed it! then he tried some, as did you, but it really wasn't great (speaking from experience)
he carved pretty stars on it! nothing fancy. paimon carved a fish.
and you sat, on a rock in the wilderness, telling spooky stories around a campfire, while paimon was cowering. he laughed at all the right points in your tale, and even suggested telling some more in liyue harbor, sure the patrons of tea houses would recognize your obvious talent.
'no really! im serious! it's super good!' 'yeah, even paimon got scared!'
she really likes halloween, remembering all the times she's scared aether, and planned to scare you!
she went and picked the biggest pumpkin she could find! it was soooo big, you all had to work on it together!
on her portion, she carved a scary face!! paimon carved in some bread.
she went to show the knights, proud of her handiwork, and lisa almost fainted! sucrose wanted to know where she found the pumpkin, for research purposes! and klee said it would be super cool filled with bombs.
'maybe klee's right? oh! we could put firecrackers in it! loud noises are scary!'
SAYU - (keep in mind this is platonic)
she doesn't wanna carve the pumpkin, it'll be sooo tiring, she says, but when told it might help her get taller, she immediately agrees!
she doesn't really carve her pumpkin, but gutted it and fell asleep inside! she also added eye holes!
she watched you carve yours through the little holes, and thought it was sooo cool!!
'maybe celebrating holidays with you is so bad, i think i grew an inch!'
happy halloween everyone!!
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himaeart · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happy anniversary, Genshin Impact! 🎉
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chongyoons · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genshinweek day 6: favorite quest ⤷ carmen dei: should you be trapped in a windless land
In Old Mondstadt transpired the story to be told, Where a tyrant ruled, I met a boy, not that old. The lyre he played, and for a song he sought, But storm-walls blocked blue sky - he was sincerely distraught.
"I do so wish to see the birds in flight," Said he, his strong eyes filling with light. But his voice was lost in the howling wind's churn, For the whirlwind takes, and gives naught in return.
The true sky, and songs that cageless soar... Were they not wishes worth fighting for? So the boy turned, extending his hand, "Let us cast down the tyrant and his walls from this land."
The young boy raised then the flag of revolt., And I threw myself into freedom's tumult. Victorious were we who fought to be free, Gods fell, winds whipped, nations shook violently.
In the smoke, a despot met his doom, And we watched as his great tower fell none too soon. Mondstadt began anew, the story passed down, And since then never has another worn its crown.
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junstrr · a day ago
Tumblr media
venti~ ♫♩ ♫
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panini-pasta · a day ago
Tumblr media
Archons and their pets!!! ADORABLE
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echollama · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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c4tm1y4 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☆;🔩 播爱 🖇 ︽︿︿  (^3^) D⟡NE ー FEIT⟡ @b4dy ⁉ ♡ 〜ーゞ
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d4rl1ngs1nn3r · 19 hours ago
Warnings: Nothing- Fluff and kisses ! Characters: venti xiao zhongli
First kisses huh? very romantic oh yes! But darling, romantic is only a word to explain the thousands in your head. Just a inch, seems like a challenge. You had gone miles barefoot. Why put in so much thought? You had never thought twice doing anything stupid before... It was like a competition or something, who's gonna lean in first? Then why do you not go in already, you loved wining! No, it was like you were scarred. What if he saw you as a friend? What if he was looking at you very intensely trying to figure out what the hell you just said? What if.... maybe there was something more to all the looks he sneaked past? or maybe there wasn't. Maybe you were just overthinking. Maybe you weren't thinking at all. Maybe it's just something so simple. Maybe, just maybe. It could be more.
Venti Our broke wind archon. Yes, venti our dearest. He'd be that sweet but stupid and giggly kid who'd shower your face with kisses if your close anyway. So first kisses are special even for the bard who has written a hundred love poems! But as time comes he seems like he has no idea what he's doing, wasn't it like he recites? 'move closer and touch and feel like time stops and a thousand stars beside you.' right? So then, why does he think he'll never catch these in his poems? There aren't enough words, there isn't anyone who could get this down actually. When he kisses you, he let's the air blow onto your face like the movies. It would be short and sweet, he'd turn into a tomato for like 2 seconds before he gets back his ground and tease/confess to you!
xiao Hey emo boy- Hey hey hey emo boy!- sorry- Well if you're tryna get with xiao then I'd wish you the very best of luck! OK OK LET'S GET TO IT Xiao would be very hesitant. He'd love you to all he can and more, yes. But this was new to him. tf do human mortal beings do? He knows. He knows this is important to you. He wants you to be happy. But while all this is gong on in his head, you'll feel like you should maybe lean back a little because he wasn't interested in you after all. No darling he thinks things through and doesn't know how to approach the situation! Instead, lean in. Go for it! He'd go with it. Honestly, he'll be a blushing mess afterwards!! He'd have his eyes open the whole time though lmao-
Zonghli He has seen a lot, been through a lot, laughed and cried a lot... So if you managed to get a spot in his heart then you should give your self a medal!! Fuck it the gods themselves will! Living for 6000 years or so, zhongli would make sure your first kiss is perfect! He'll kiss you first, and like those books where you're on some romantic date and he grabs your hand etc- You're his treasure, he'll keep you for eternity sorry. He's the one you'd wanna take home to your parents! He'll smile at you right after you kiss and you'll melt right there. My darling he'd be so kind as to ask you weather you are alright and continue your date like you wouldn't have been hu tao 's next customer
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