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monochromloutus · 5 minutes ago
Does C!Tommy lie to himself to help with loss
Like not big lies just little ones to help him deal
Like with the Ghostbur he described it as Ghostbur moving out to a little train station far away
Back during the Exile trial when trying to figure out probation. Tommy said Wilbur was coming around he just need L’Manburg back that Wilbur could have gotten better.
Like just a little lie to help him through grief
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embermc · 6 minutes ago
Y'know what? I'm tired of this. I've made the decision that if people are going to continue using c!Tommy killing that one cat (his own cat) as some sort of justification for c!Dream killing c!Tommy, I'm just going to use c!Dream killing freaking Mushroom Henry as a justification for c!Tommy trying to kill c!Dream.
What's fair is fair, right? And if we've clearly decided that killing a short-term pet = killing a literal human, there's no need to continue to enforce silly double standards, right? (/s)
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thespiritsquid · 7 minutes ago
Listen if Wilbur wants to tell us that Ghostbur is sitting in that station alone having to see what everyone thinks of him I will simply remind myself that Tommy and ranboo and tubbo have been ONLY saying nice things about him. I cant say anything for basically anyone else bc I havent seen any others streams abt Wilbur's revival
But Like I dont think anyone other than Philza- who was dealing with he grief of seeing his son's ghost all the time- and like Dream and alivebure- have anything negative to say about ghostbur.
and that Ghostbur will occasionally see 'Everyone's favorite guy, Ghostbur' or 'I miss Ghostbur' or 'dont talk bad about ghostbur' from tommy and tubbo and ranboo who were arguably some of Ghostbur's favorite people
/rp /dsmp
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iammissingautumn · 8 minutes ago
I want a twitter updates account for that fucjing pumpkin. Foolish had it then Tommy had it on and now Jack Manifold has it???
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strawbuzzie · 9 minutes ago
When In Limbo (A Dead Man Dies Twice) | Chapter One – Train's In The Station
WARNINGS: Anxiety/Panic, Manipulation, Minor Disreality, Character "Death"
A ghost dies, and the dead man is brought back to life. Unfortunately for us, it's not as comical as it sounds.
Ghostbur's first and final visit to the prison went horribly, leading him to an unsettling train ride with a one way ticket to personalized Hell. He finds himself trapped with Wilbur, his literal other half, being forced to navigate the interaction while trying to grasp that he may never see his friends again.
“You said i’d be okay, Tommy! You said it’d all be fine, you promised, Tommy, please!”
Ghostbur’s voice breaks in his fear, becoming something of a crackled warble as he strains across the lava. He’s staring at the scrappy boy ahead of him, trying to ignore the narrowness of the ledge he’s stood upon, trying to ignore how warm and heavy and abnormally real everything feels. No less than an hour ago, he had been walking with his young friend, who, although uncharacteristically tense, had still made for grand company. Ghostbur had known they were heading for the prison and he'd refrained from the usual slew of conversation, in fear of upsetting Tommy. He hadn’t minded though. He knew they would be able to talk again after this was all said and done; that they’d play music and build those charming towers and discuss the vague complexities of life.
Now, however, Ghostbur is understanding this may no longer be an option.
Now, his vision is tunnelling in on Tommy’s desperate expression. On Tommy, his protector in a sense, who is unjustifyingly far away from him, and who is no longer able to follow their plan as it had been conceived. He hears Dream pacing restlessly behind him, reminiscent of a caged animal waiting for its next meal. Ghostbur's anxiety spikes, a rushing sound filling his ears as he cries out. “Please Tommy, please, i’m so scared! I don’t want to die!”
“You’re not going to die!” Tommy bellows back to him, looking anxious as he hisses something vitriolic to the prison warden. Ghostbur is not truly registering the words. He blinks, fixating on the red and white shirt, barely able to make it out over the blinding pool of magma below.
The colours he usually saw were desaturated and bland, a bit like how he appears to everyone else. Now, however, the lava is glaring brighter than anything, searing heat turning the spectre’s vision cloudy. His hollow eyes burn.
Tommy's voice reaches him again, more comprehensible this time. “You’re not going to die, Ghostbur! Just— count to ten, Ghostbur, count to ten! One— with me,"
He takes a shaky breath, trying his damnedest to focus.
Tommy's gaze does not break from his.
“Two… three…”
Ghostbur hears a laboured breath behind him. He tries to ignore his own panicked gasping, continuing to chant along.
“Four… five… six…”
“SHUT UP! Stop counting, Tommy— get back! Don’t move!”
“Seven… Eight…”
For a split, frantic second, Tommy glances over Ghostbur's shoulder. His attention returns to the spirit immediately, and Ghostbur wonders why his face looks so pained. Tommy is safe over there, after all—
The realization hits only milliseconds before the world folds in. With a violent jolt, Ghostbur can feel as his body is wrenched from the floor, dragging upwards and sideways and downwards all at once, suspending him in disorienting, glitchy movement. He hears Tommy cry out, and suddenly Ghostbur is in excruciating pain, a rending sensation coursing through his limbs and his skull. It's as if he’s being torn apart at the nerves, a scalding hot blade running under his non-corporeal skin. Desperately, he tries to call for help, to beg anyone to save him, but finds he can no longer tell where his mouth is meant to be. I think this time i'm dying, he realizes, pulling his knees up in a final ditch effort to protect his chest.
Ghostbur knows he must be screaming. The room around him begins flickering erratically as swathes of yellow lava spin into obsidian blue. Colour is melting from the walls, being washed away like paint down a roaring sink drain, and he hears pipes rattling greedily as a plug is pulled, clawing at slippery nothingness until he’s sucked into unyieldness black.
Just as suddenly as the convulsions start, it’s all over. The agony subsides slowly, being replaced by a dull, pulsing nausea as Ghostbur cowers on the floor. He breathes. The floor. There’s ground beneath him. He presses his palms flat against it, taking in the strong scent of dust and vinyl as his fingers tremble.
Is he shaking?
That’s a foolish question really, considering his current state. Never in all of his existence has he been able to feel pain, and now everything had hit him all at once like a zero-tick flying machine. Of course he’s a bit shaky— Hell, has every right to be losing his goddamn mind! But he isn’t. Instead, he looks up, finding himself rendered speechless by the space around him.
Before now, Ghostbur's world had always been shades of blue, green and golden yellow; not even able to get orange quite right. He’d seen roses and poppies and been told that they were red, but they’d always come out looking more of a dirty yellow, like his jumper after he and Tommy would root around in the mud. This however… This, Ghostbur decides, is how red was meant to look. It paints the walls and ceiling, alluring and impending and calling for command; yet holding lighter streaks of grey-ish white— well no, that’s probably pink, he discerns feverishly— that causes it to appear fragile wherever the light touches. Unfortunately for Ghostbur, there isn’t much light here at all.
As the initial shock begins to fade, he starts to take in the rest of his surroundings. Seeing past the brilliant new colours, Ghostbur realizes that this is clearly not the prison. This is a train carriage.
Ghostbur isn't sure where he got this information from. He's never seen a train in his life as far as he can recall— he doesn't think anyone else he knows has either. Yet, the angular ceiling above seems so undyingly familiar, and he takes it all in eagerly, trying to comprehend the objects around him. Raised seats line the walls in groups of seven, five and three, covered in thin, dark fabric with blue undertones. Matching silvery poles connect to them, running from the chairs’ plastic base all the way to the ceiling. Ghostbur follows them upwards, peering at light fixtures which are humming far too loudly for the amount of blue light they give off. It almost hurts to look at, he finds, averting his gaze to the mottled black floor before standing up unsteadily. This feels better. The seats aren’t looming over his head anymore, and he can see large windows running the length of the compartment. There’s not really much to see through them; it’s dark and grey outside, with thick smoke billowing past at an intense rate. Ghostbur remembers that obviously, if this is a train then they must be going somewhere, and he begins to register the sound of wheels chugging and squeaking along tracks.
He focuses on his dazed image in the glass, and notes hat his classic gold sweater is now appearing as a blossomy pink. It's pretty, Ghostbur thinks, but yellow probably suits him better.
Over his shoulder, another new colour is reflected.
Fear wracks Ghostbur's chest and he whirls around, lurching backwards with his arms extended in a defensive position. Nothing stirs. He scans the area frantically, trying to locate the origin of the reflection. In the corner of the carriage, a tall, masked figure stretches across three of the seats, lounging against the wall like he hasn’t got a care in the world. His head is covered by a turquoise-grey hoodie, aiding to hide his face further as if it isn't clear who's behind the mask.
Ghostbur can feel his breathing speed up as he shrinks in on himself, voice pathetically hoarse. “I— please, I can’t do anything, i’m sorry!" It's like he's begging for his life all over again. "I’m so sorry I— I never wanted to do any of this! I didn’t know, I…” He stops speaking, words merging into spluttering sobs as he realizes there's no justification for what he and Tommy had done. Or at least, what they had tried to do.
Dream stares at him as trails off, white mask and discoloured hoodie starkly different from the rest of the carriage. He seems unusually at peace, considering the intensity of the matter at hand.
"What are you talking about?”
Ghostbur falters, tears whispering down his cheeks. Dream’s voice sounds so matter of fact, so blissfully unaware of what he had done only… moments? minutes? hours ago? How long has it been? Interlacing his quivering fingers, Ghostbur scrambles to logicize the situation.
“I… I'm not sure,” he croaks. “I don’t understand what’s happening." He shifts his stance nervously, glancing around. His eyes land on a poster on the wall that reads, ‘To End the Fire… JOIN THE EGGPIRE!’ What's that doing here?
"Where are we?”
Dream seems to ponder this question, tilting his head back and forth thoughtfully. His mask looks like a disjointed bouncy ball, oscillating as if attached to nothing. It might have been funny if he wasn’t so immensely terrifying.
“We are…” Dream stretches the vowels as he speaks, as if still deciding on an answer. “Somewhere that you're supposed to be. You were supposed to been here a while ago, actually."
“I don’t really get what that means.” Objectively, it was a pretty shit response on Dream’s part. Dream scratches his index finger with his thumb, digging his nail into the skin. “Well I mean, i’m not sure exactly where we are to be honest. It’s more of a…" He gestures vaguely, making large circular motions with his hands. "More of an idea than a place, y’know?” Ghostbur doesn’t know at all. Is he meant to understand this?
His thoughts are interrupted by a sudden change in the whooshing sound around them, the train’s mechanical murmur deepening in its pitch. They're decelerating now, he can feel it, and the wheels begin screeching as a resounding groan of metal pierces his ears. Ghostbur winces and grips the handrail next to him, knuckles changing to a pale pewter. A pre-recorded voice sounds overhead.
“The next station is…
Doors will open on the right-hand side.”
Dream sits up a bit, looking more interested. "We're almost there." He says brightly, not moving from his corner seat. "You should get out once we slow down. Like, have a look around the place or something. It's kinda cool." Ghostbur nods, not bothering to try and speak over the volume of the train. He doesn't have the mental energy to ask Dream any more questions, opting instead to listen to the locomotive's whines as it slows down, then leans to a steady halt. His cheeks are still hissing slightly, but he tries his best to ignore it, turning to face the sliding doors.
A soft, two-toned chime rings through the compartment, followed by an uncomfortably eerie silence. Shadows dance over his body as smoke envelops the windows, obstructing any possible view of the setting outside. “End of the line.” Dream points out, his casual tone developing a slight edge.
Ghostbur turns to look at him over his shoulder. "Could you go ahead of me?" It’s more of a desperate plea than a request; he really does not want to leave the carriage. The hooded man shakes his head firmly. "I don't think I'm allowed to get out."
"Oh…" Ghostbur’s expression falls even further. “Why not?” Maybe if he stalls long enough, the train will take off moving again. Dream lets out a low sigh, just loud enough for Ghostbur to hear it, and rises to his feet. “We talked about this, T— Ghostbur, you’re the one who’s—” He cuts himself off, watching in confusion as Ghostbur ducks away from him and takes hold of the recessed handle. He’s babbling to himself quietly; something along the lines of “I’m sorry, i’ll go, i’ll go,” as he slides the door open, the metal panel rattling along its track. Vapour floods into the train car and Ghostbur's eyes squeeze shut in fright, his grey skin blending with the soot in the air.
He blindly wonders what Dream had meant when he said the place was "cool". He hopes to god that it's a good thing; basically praying that whatever this is will be less upsetting than the train ride in. The door's rollers thunk against the stop and upon instinct, he blinks to attention.
He doesn't get his wish. Ghostbur chokes back a fresh sob at the sight of the area in front of him.
It's an underground train platform.
He feels incredibly small in this tunnel, looking at the grey paneling that curves over his head. It's tiled so darkly that it presses in on his vision, each ceramic square interlocking with the next to form an imposing sort of barrier. They encase him in a suffocating loop, the slate floor only discernible by a dull shine that’s absent from the walls and ceiling. The air feels thickly oppressive. Ghostbur thinks that if he had lungs, they would be weighing him down with the sheer quantities of ash floating around the platform. He fidgets with the sleeves of his jumper, breaths shallowing slightly as he looks ahead of him.
A black clock is mounted overhead, harsh red numbers and hands standing out against its face. It's ticking monotonously, and Ghostbur finds the sound just slightly too loud for him to ignore.
The whole scene reminds him of the prison he'd just escaped— if you could ever call this escaping. It might actually be worse, Ghostbur thinks as he looks on nervously; for in the center of it all only a few yards away, stands a tall, lean figure— one who looks just like him— intercepting his gaze with an ominous demeanor.
The man tilts his head slowly, inspecting the spectre in front of him. When he opens his mouth to speak, his voice is low and raspy, and Ghostbur has to wonder if it’s due to lamentation or lack of use.
"Train's in the station." the man mutters airidly, a smug grin appearing as his pupils seem to dilate.
“Train is in the bloody station.”
Thanks for reading this! I'm planning or three chapters for this, one of which will probably be an epilogue, so stick around if you're interested.
Also, there's gonna be quite a few references to songs from YCGMA throughout this, so keep and eye out for those :)
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anestofwasps · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For whatever reason, my brain got the idea, “what if Revivebur spends a large chunk of time trying to orchestrate c!Tubbo and c!Ranboo’s divorce,” and I had to draw it. 
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So! tubbo stans! how we feeling..?
hey, at least we know c!tommy and c!ranboo will raise hell until he's revived! Also michael is fine, which is always a relief.
istg if they don't bring him back i'm gonna commit a crime. death of the author but make it literal :)
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beenc0 · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
just some old concept art for some of the dsmp members from a month ago that i never finished
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isaacsnfld · 29 minutes ago
One of my favourite AUs has always been the Tangled AU and while watching the movie, I was thinking about all the different dSMP character combinations that could fit, all platonic of course. There’s the classic, George as Rapunzel and Dream as Flynn/Eugene but may I also present: 
(1st name: Rap, 2nd name: Flynn/Eugene, 3rd name: Mother Gothel)
Tubbo & Tommy with Schlatt (another classic idea)
Tommy & Tubbo with Wilbur (this just hits differently than the first one)
Ranboo & Tubbo with Dream (the platonically married boys deserve a fic like this.)
And the ones without Mother Gothel as a dSMP character: 
Wilbur & Schlatt (THE SASS and the nearly drowing in water scene is just like the “Every 5 Minutes the Sea Level Rises” video... big brain)
Foolish & Eret (Eternal duo for life but...)
Karl & Sapnap (People already draw Sap as Eugene, why not go one step futher... also fanon Karl is already as innocent as Rap /lh /j)
Niki & Puffy (this just makes sense, also women are just ✨✨✨)
Ranboo & Tommy (this would be adorable, also the allium duo dynamics is just amazing)
As you can see, I’ve thought about this for a while... 
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sirdivvin · 35 minutes ago
It all started so innocent…
Tumblr media
Eyyyyy! Sorry I fell off the face of the earth once again but I am back! With a better drawing program yayyyyy! Plus Tommyinnit fanart before the ✨trauma✨. Hope y’all like it! :3
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sasupark · 36 minutes ago
Hey, just realized c!Tommy is a reluctant hero. Do you guys know who’s also one?
Dave fucking Strider.
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roastedsoup · 39 minutes ago
Tumblr media
tommy is t-posing to assert dominance
fr though late augusts animatic is just amazing ive seen it like 5 times already holy heck
(art credits: late-august on youtube)
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dauntless-dragayn · 40 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“oh, fuck..” “what the hell have you done?”
favorite shots from Shatter 
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votederpycausemufins · 40 minutes ago
I finally know how this thing is going to end, but it might go over 30 chapters. Whoops! This chapter could also be longer, but I wanted a bit of a cliffhanger.
@petrichormeraki @helleborusangel
“That isn’t fair! I found him so you have to keep up your end of the deal!” Grifter yelled at Death, but he barely reacted.
“That wasn’t the agreement.”
“The agreement was I was supposed to find out what happened to Theseus, and I did that! He kidnapped the wels version of his admin and revived Nightmare and it backfired. He screwed up and you wanted to know how he was doing, so I brought him here so he wouldn’t fucking die without you around. So, now you know what happened, how he’s doing, and I kept him safe. That’s like, three times what you wanted. Now uncurse my husband or you won’t be death anymore.”
Death glared at Grifter. “I thought you said you weren’t after that.”
“I said I wasn’t going to try and kill you for your power because now I have Sense, but if you cursed him so I can’t easily be around him, that’s gone. If you’re not planning to reverse the curse, then I’m going to get something out of it.” Grifter smiled at then pulled out a crossbow. “Now, you’re going to uncurse Sense, or you won’t be around much longer.”
“You still need to finish your end of the bargain.”
Grifter froze, his brain trying to comprehend what had been said before he growled in anger. “We just fucking covered I already did and more! I don’t need to do anything more!”
“Part of it was making sure Theseus was safe. You haven’t done that. He may have moved to a new dimension, but he refuses to officially unlink himself from Nightmare’s world. Nightmare, in his hubris, has decided to try and claim his wels dimension world in his current revived state. I don’t think I need to tell you what will happen if he fails, and at this point, he will.”
“So I need to keep the bastards alive, sure. Is that all?” Grifter sneered, crossing his arms.
“Not quite.I would prefer Nightmare dead, but no one will take his title, so Theseus will just try again with no one stopping him.” Death explained. “Listeners are quite powerful on their own and can link worlds, so you wouldn’t lose Sense, but I’m sure your kids would love to meet their family.”
Grifter rolled his eyes. “Like they would want to meet Wile and Euro. They’re only still alive since you keep them from dying. They’re too cowardly to do anything right.” Death glared at Grifter, who scoffed. “Fine, whatever. I guess they might like Fleur and Sadie. At the very least trying setting it up for me while I’m gone. I’m gonna be busy backing up the wels world before I do anything.”
“I can agree to that.”
“Oh, and can you pause the curse while I deal with Nightmare? It might be the only chance for us to do something so fun and I don’t want to miss out on that opportunity.”
Death glared before answering. “If you stop on your job, it’ll kill him, but sure, I can do that.”
“That’s great!” Grifter smiled, bouncing a little. “I’ll just make a little stop and then I’ll start! See you soon enough!” He started to walk off, but then paused to turn back to death slightly. “Oh, and remember to warn Euro. We don’t want him exploding again!”
The moment Grian was in the SMP, he started using his Watcher magic to look around. At the very least, it didn’t look like Grifter was around. It should have been obvious with his name not on the comms list, but if he had messed with the list before, he could have done it again. Fortunately that wasn’t the case.
Next he did what he could to find Grum, which was pretty easy. Grian already had a bit of tracking for Grum on his comm, and while before it wouldn’t have been enough to really help in another world, the fact that he could also track Watcher energy made it work. He was a little concerned that it felt weak, but he hadn’t really noticed it in the past, so likely Grum didn’t have much in the first place.
Either way, he knew where Grum was now, so he started flying that way. Grian wasn’t sure exactly what he would find there, so he got his sword ready for the worst case scenario. When he landed at the quartz mansion, he tried to be as quiet as possible. Peeking through a window, he couldn’t see anyone around, which was concerning. At least the demon should have still been there. This was his home, wasn’t it?
“Hey, what are we doing at the window?” someone spoke as they stood behind Grian, making the avian’s wings puff up before he whirled around and pointed the sword at. 
“Wil? Is that you?”
“Hi Xel! I haven’t seen you in ages. Though other than Phil and Techno, I haven’t really seen anyone for a while. I was sort of trapped in Te-” Wilbur started rambling before Grian clamped a hand over his mouth.
“I don’t need to hear all of that. Where is everyone?” Grian asked before slowly pulling his hand away.
“Right! Well Dream showed up again, though he’s a bit different. Dad went after him along with the others and they haven’t shown back up yet. Well, I mean, Tommy and Techno are still here.”
Grian looked at the building. “Techno’s here?! But Grum’s supposed to be here!”
“You mean the robot kid? He’s okay. I’ve barely seen him, even as a ghost.”
Grian didn’t bother to keep listening, moving into the house. Techno was supposed to be a great fighter, so the only upperhand Grian might get is taking him by surprise, which was pretty much all he had the last two times. But those two times might have been enough for the warrior to get his tells. That would make it risky and-
“I’m not his unc- did you just take a picture.”
“Yeah, say that again when I don’t have this photo.”
“Delete it before I make you delete it.”
“Whoops, too late. I already sent it to Tubbo! Maybe now you’ll be able to watch Michael.”
“Why would I want that?”
“Cause he’s a piglin too? And not like it’ll ruin your image now Technosoft.”
“Ah ah ah, you might wake Grum up!”
Grian slowly opened the door to find Tommy awake and chilling on his bed, just messing around with his comm. Techno was standing nearby with Grum asleep in his arms, plugged into the charger. Grian wanted to rush in, but his first thought was that if he did anything, it would be easy for Techno to do something to Grum.
“You think I would care about that?” Techno asked after rolling his eyes.
“Bitch, this kid might affectionately beat the anarchy out of you. You’re gonna be the favorite uncle whether you like it or not.”
Techno grumbled, but didn’t actively try to refute it, especially when Grum stirred slightly, snuggling up closer to the piglin. It made Grian hesitate. They had gone through a lot these past few days. And for Grum it had been around a month. While he wasn’t a fan of Grum being near Techno right now, he didn’t really want to disturb him while he looked so peaceful.
Tommy and Techno both looked up when Grian lightly knocked on the door. “Hey Tommy. How’d you get here before me?”
“Heeey Big G. Pretty sure Grum fixed whatever was wrong with me and that brought me here. He did the same for Wilbur and he’s outside.”
“He acts a bit more like Ghostbur did if you ask me.” Techno huffed, adjusting Grum in his arms.
Grian shrugged. “I wouldn’t know. I haven’t seen him in ages. Did see him outside though.” He then sighed and looked to Techno. “You haven’t done anything to Grum, have you?”
Techno managed not to flinch when the eyes glaring at him glinted a dangerous purple color. “Of course not. I even helped him out earlier.” He answered, kicking Tommy when he whispered another ‘Technosoft’ at that. 
Grum whined a little when the piglin moved, and Grian took that as an opportunity to take Grum into his own arms. The bot stirred a little, but still stayed asleep, making Grian furrow his brows. “He’s asleep…”
“Yeah, and?” Techno asked, crossing his arms. He didn’t know what was so surprising about that, but next to him, Tommy did.
“Grum doesn’t sleep. Neither of the boys do. I mean not really. They have a sleep mode, but that’s not really like actual sleeping.” Grian explained. “Here… let me test something.” He checked Grum’s power reading before unplugging the bot. They all waited a few minutes in silence before Grian checked again, eyes widening. “He’s charging himself.”
“What the fuck?! Really?!” Tommy shouted, though not loud enough to wake Grum. “How did that happen?!”
Grian shrugged, almost at a loss for words. “I… I don’t know. I didn’t think something like this was possible. I mean… I’ll look into it more later… but now really isn’t the best time.”
“You know, I wonder if it’s got something to do with their hels versions. When I was still stuck over there with Grifter, he said their versions of the bots weren’t built.”
“How does-” “Fundy.” “Right, nevermind.” Techno huffed, finally pulling a chair over and sitting down. “Well I have no clue how that place works, so for all we know, that’s what did it.”
Grian shook his head. “No, I doubt it. Normally hels is affected by us, not the other way around. The Listeners developed after the Watchers, Helscraft has fewer seasons than us. Theseus wasn’t in Helscraft until a while after Tommy joined us.”
“Yeah, but they had their kids back when they were in their previous season.” Tommy piped up. “There was no way for them to make them after you build Grum and Jrum since Grifter was stuck in their season four. For all we know, it works both ways.” Grian rubbed his chin, thinking about it, but then he suddenly started looking around, wings flared out. 
“What’s wrong?” Techno piped up, but the most he got in terms of an answer was Grum being handed to him again. The bot stirred a bit more, actually waking up this time. Before anyone could say something more, the world shuddered and a wave of green light suddenly passed through them. “What was that?”
“World backup. Watchers will do that sometimes, but it’s never noticeable.” Grian quickly explained, drawing his weapon.
“Then why the fuck did we notice that?” Tommy asked, a bit concerned.
“Because.” Grian turned around, wings shifting colors. “Green magic is what Listeners use.”
The_Grifter joined the world
PerfectSense joined the world
Grifter pulled Sense in close to him before sending out a ring of lit tnt that exploded around them. It was powerful enough it made the ground shake and rumble which just made the Listener smile more. “Oh Seesee! Look over there! A castle! Let’s go over there!”
“That sounds good to me.” Sense replied, picking Grifter up bridal style and walking towards Pride Palace. He had a little trouble getting through the newly formed rubble, but before long they were at the gates. Someone in a crown and sunglasses tried to approach them, but Sense quickly pulled out a death ray and shot them with it.
They reached the throne room and Sense set Grifter down. The Listener ran over to the throne and stood on it, a giant smile on his face. “I’m king of the castle! I’m king of the castle! Oh! Do you think there’s one just like this in the hels world?”
Sense chuckled. “Probably not exactly like this. And that’s if it isn’t rubble.”
Grifter pouted and fell down onto the throne to sit. “I guess that’s true. Well, when we leave I can throw some puzzle blocks together for this place to bring it over. Then we can make some improvements.”
“Why not start with them now?” Sense asked, shrugging with a little smile, which Grifter matched with his own grin. Sense tossed an axe to Grifter, who turned the pink metal more of a viridian. “Now, I suppose I’ll have to find someplace to sit.”
“While I would love to offer you a lovely seat up here, the throne will unfortunately have to do. I need to make sure Nightmare comes here.” And Grifter got up, summoning a communicator made entirely out of magic. “But I’m sure he won’t want to waste time, so you won’t need to wait too long.”
Sense moved to stand behind Grifter, putting his head on the Listener’s shoulder and looking at the comm. “Hmm, looks like Tommy’s here. He was the other version of Theseus, right?”
“Oh yes he was. I’m sure Nightmare would be much more convinced if we had him with us. He wouldn’t want Theseus dying by proxy, now would he? And it’s not like he knows I need bitch boy alive.”
“Have I ever told you how hot you are when you scheme like this?”
“Mmm, tell me again.” Grifter leaned back before a noise from his comm made him look back. “Hmm, seems we have a slight change of plans. Looks like Grian’s trying to interfere. Can you hold down the fort while I make a mess of things?”
“Of course. Have fun my darling.” Sense replied before letting Grifter go, the Listener using magic to quickly shift back to looking exactly like Grian, even changing the appearance of his wings. Sense held out a bucket filled with water and lined with soul sand which Grifter tossed an enderpearl into. The scientist put the bucket next to the throne before sitting down on it, watching as Grifter created an exit for himself and flew off.
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tired-fanta · 42 minutes ago
You know what I loved seeing C!Tommy’s calm, mature side on Foolish’s stream because it’s something we don’t see often. It shows that C!Tommy’s thinks things through more than he lets on and has a lot more compassion and good takes on the Smp than people realize. /rp /dsmp
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sladenoblade · 46 minutes ago
i have so so many questions
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