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Can we not fight over who’s right and who’s wrong in the dsmp fandom for once. Moreover, can we stop bullying or looking down on others just because they held different opinions or beliefs than yours?

Can we? Please?

It’s fine if you think Techno is right. It’s fine if you believe Tommy didn’t do anything wrong. It’s fine if you forgive Fundy sudden change of personality. It’s fine if you feel Niki action is forgiven. In conclusion it’s fine to be any characters apologist. But you know what isn’t fine?

Bullying or looking down on other just because they side with character you believe is wrong. Mock or insult a character and their apologist just because they’re on the opposite side with you. Judging or shaming others when they’re trying to voice their opinions to you. Forcing or demanding others to accept or see your side without willing to do the same. Please stop doing any of this. You’re not cool by defending your character in such a way.

It’s alright to have your own opinion no matter how different it is with others. They’re valid as long as you based them with right excuse and not plain hate. I don’t know who needs to read this, but it’s totally okay if you forgive a character and understand the reason behind their actions. You have right to have an opinion. You’re valid.

Just please stop spreading hate to each other. If you disagree with someone else’s opinion keep it to yourself. If you want to show or correct someone on their mistakes, then please do it without force. You need to accept that not everyone can believe what you believe. If they’re being stubborn after so many confrontation then step back and take a breath, remember there’s a reason why they believe in something they believe.

I know it’s annoying when someone hate or bash your character. Especially when they don’t know or misinterpreted your character true self. But refrain yourself. At least that way we can enjoy this whole thing as a fandom.

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didn’t ranboo say he only joined techno because he wasn’t violent…

this doesn’t seem like a syndicate formed for peace

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Surprise and joy-

They wanna see them do more- Dream has the idea to throw Tommy into a room with a bunch of zombies- Tommy agrees because he wants to show off

While the others are happy with Tubbo attaching all the peaceful mobs to cuddle with-

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purpled: yeah i want to be more involved in the dsmp lore

us, knowin full-well what dream did to the other minors:

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They keep Tommy’s enclosure in the kitchen- at first it’s an old small fish bowl, but they do upgrade it to be bigger as time goes on (especially since Tubbo wants to swim with Tommy)

(did research- beta fish are carnivores-) Tommy eats mainly bugs, he does eat some human food but it’s hard with his tiny fangs. So Tubbo will sometimes hunt for them and the SBI try to find pet shops that sell small enough crickets for Tommy

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That’s hilarious. That’s absolutely hilarious

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“No member shall be compelled to act if they do not want to”

Months later, Jschlatt’s still haunting the server.

It all started with that goddam firework execution.

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RP// Hot Take but the organization that Techno is trying to make right now is literally just L'manburg but with more bloodshed.

2 people founding the nation because they don’t agree with other governments

Making a document manifesto with their ideologies

Trying to get more members

Only difference is no one set leader but the thing is there are other forms of Government that don’t have one set leader

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Phil 🤝Quackity

Having wings as gifts from their wind dads.

These powers everyone has is great. Man just Wilbur being having a sort of Blue like power and both him and Fundy sensing negative feelings is great.

And the parallels between Wilbur/Fundy and Dream. Perfect. One is trying to do good spite their parentage while the other embraces his. The parallels is going to be so good.

Tubbo being Hecate’s most powerful kid? As it should be. You go hacker boy.

Tommy having bursts of fire and sunlight with strong emotions and then maturing and learning control is going to be fun to watch.

Also the problems switching later in the au is so good. Just Tommy misusing his powers and Tubbo’s spiraling out of control with all the trauma that keeps piling up.

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Dream: Everyone’s gonna hate me for using my 11 stacks of TNT and shit lmao

Everyone that isn’t Sam, Ranboo, Puffy, Karl, Connor, Quackity & Tubbo: Okay sure. Anyway let’s just kill Tommy and traumatise his bestie AGAIN!

Dream: Hold up, wait a minute…

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It is my strongest beleif that one day the anarchists of the server are going to be holding a meeting around their portal table and someone is going to fall into the end by accident 

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“Wilbur,” Tommy says earnestly one night, “play me a song. You haven’t in ages.”

Wilbur thinks of his guitar, collecting dust under an old blanket, and of his hands, which shake too much to ever play it again. He doesn’t mention this to Tommy. Instead, he smiles.

“Let me teach you a song,” he says instead, and watches Tommy’s face light up.

a snippet from the sbi rust oneshot i’m writing!! it’ll probably be up in a few hours or some time tomorrow, depending on how fast i write :]

it’s super angsty and focuses on wilbur and tommy’s brotherly dynamic, and i’m having so much fun writing it!!

if you wanna be tagged in it, let me know!! ^^

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I’m thinking about it, and the Meeting on Wednesday can go a few ways, but one way stuck out with me.

When Tommy was being exiled he told Tubbo that if the situation was reversed, he’d never hurt him.

Tubbo chose L’Manberg over Tommy in order to save the country.

Dream might give an ultimatum to them, to Tommy: Tubbo or the Discs.

That “reverse situation” coming to light.

Tommy is unendingly loyal to Tubbo, no matter what. He’d always choose Tubbo over everything. Tommy would uphold his promise of the hypothetical he gave on the day he was cast out.

Then again, that is just one possibility. We’ll just have to wait for Wednesday.

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Wednesday - (Dream SMP Fic)

It’s Wednesday. Time to get the disks back, once and for all.

[CW for blood, fighting and violence! Stay safe ]

|| Read on ao3 ||

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