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#tubbo fanart
corpsings · 8 hours ago
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Posca stuff from yesterday
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cr4sh-k1d · 18 hours ago
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Toob and Ghostboo :3
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raiain · 2 days ago
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no friends closer than the ones we've lost
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gynii · 6 hours ago
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to celebrate me losing my title as an indie blog, I introduce...
retain the main elements of the piece (the magic, the sword, general connection to nature, folk clothes)
this is tubbo from my unnamed au, where he is a witch(<-v important detail), but you guys can also use your own tubbo designs
you do not have to do a background if you don’t want to
you do not have to stick to this pose, i just like more flowy poses :)
you also dont even have to draw this specific outfit, you can do your own research into hungarian folk clothing, or you can draw tubbo here in your own culture’s traditional clothing (I actually encourage it, i’d really love to see everyone’s take). I just wanted to celebrate my own folk culture, specifically my experience with it, so that’s like the general vibe you guys should go far :)
if you do stick with this specific outfit, do not be worried about accuracy, it’s not particularly historically accurate already lmao. more reflective of the hungarian diaspora experience of throwing every piece of traditional clothing you have on and hoping it works
idk if this is relevant, but you dont have to have followed me before now, or even at all if you want to participate, this is open to everyone
ALSO TAG WITH Gynii1kDTIYS i want to see and reblog your art please
also shout out to tumblr user metfell i guess for forcefully exposing me when i was trying to avoid 1k so i would have time to make this, i may have forgiven but i do not forget
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galient0 · 2 days ago
Anyone remember that?
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shifted-dreams · 22 hours ago
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Dragon!Tubbo ( Toxic Green )
Ngl, I really like the Outfit I gave Tubbo here, I think it suits him pretty well despite being simple :D Dragonbo <3
Also yes, he does have 4 Horns, similarly to how I have also designed Ram!Tubbo ( though he has 4 horns for different reasonings ), I just thought it looks pretty mMM
I made this design very impulsively because head has been going brrRRR about Dragon!Tubbo qkdbs
Remember to hydrate and eat a snack or two!!<33
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whimmzic · a day ago
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it’s sublime with you, my friend
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savvyart101 · 2 days ago
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“we never even got to have a proper wedding, Boo.”
Please reblog to support.
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