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dnf sleepin.
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“You Never Were…”
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Look it’s Dream’s DTIYS but I turned it into lore angst
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star-writing · 2 days ago
cc!sapnap x gn!reader
summary: you hurt your ankle and sapnap is a bit worried
request: @theahachuu​ :  So the reader gets injured pretty bad so they go to the hospital to see if something is broken and when they heard form the doctor that the reader actually have a broken bone sapnap goes on full protective mode in the reader and wouldn't let do anything:D
warnings: hospital, injury, falling down the stairs, mention of pain
word count: 1.2k
Tumblr media Tumblr media
With moving houses and getting ready to have guests while Dream and Sapnap were still working on videos and streams, you had picked up a lot of the housework. Carrying in packages and making sure the house was still clean. You didn’t mind it, Sapnap and you practically lived there for free, it was the least you could do. 
Fragile packages were delivered to the door. You had to make sure that Patches didn’t run out of the house as you brought in the heavy boxes of things. You weren’t exactly sure where to put everything and Dream had left to go spend the day with his family. 
“Sap?” You shouted up the stairs, hoping your boyfriend didn’t have his headset on. “Where do I put these boxes?” You shouted. After not getting a response, you just decided to carry one of the boxes upstairs and ask him about it. You wanted to make sure it got to the right place. 
You were careful walking upstairs with the box. It was heavy and you had to take a break before continuing to the room you shared with him. You kicked the door open and practically threw the box on the bed. You were taking deep breaths as you tapped on his shoulder. “Sap? Where does this box go? It’s from some company,” You asked. He had pulled off one side of his headset to listen. 
“Downstairs babe, in the guest, I mean George’s room.” The room downstairs was where all of George’s things were being stored since he had yet to move in. 
You groaned, “You have to carry the other boxes later.” You carefully picked up the box again and made your way back downstairs. Sapnap kept his headset off one of his ears, wanting to make sure he heard you if you yelled back up to him. 
You tried to make sure you were as careful as you could be as you went back down the stairs. You were on the last two steps when your foot slipped. You tried to make sure the box didn’t fall in the wrong position, all of the weight onto your chest as your foot felt like it landed in the wrong position. The fall wasn’t silent and you definitely felt like you bruised your butt as it hit the step of the stairs. 
Your cry for help was enough for Sapnap to call out to you. You shouted his name loudly as you tried to sit up, moving the box off yourself. He ran out of the room, wanting to make sure you were okay. You could hear him running down the stairs. “You fell?” He stifled his laughter. Sapnap immediately felt bad as he saw tears welting up in your eyes. “C’mon baby,” He gently grabbed your hands and pulled you up. 
When you put both feet on the floor, your left one screamed with pain, making you jump off it and stand on one foot. “You okay?” He mumbled in your ear as you gripped his hands to maintain your balance. “My ankle,” You whimpered. Sapnap was quick to place you on the couch as he ran to get car keys and some socks for you. “What are you doing?” You asked him. “Taking you to the hospital.” 
Walking out to the car was hard. You didn’t want Sapnap to carry you but he still had to help you get there. He had his arm wrapped around your waist and you had one arm wrapped tightly around his shoulder. You hopped on one foot down the driveway. Sapnap had put one shoe on your good foot. You leaned against the car as he opened the passengers' side door. He helped you sit in the car, moving the seat all the way back to give you space. 
At the emergency room, the wait was long. Even after you got a bed, Sapnap was antsy, walking around the small area. “Sap, I’m cold.” The hospital was freezing. Your boyfriend was quick to slip off his black jacket and get it on you. When the doctor and nurse finally came in, they took one look at you and listened to your breathing before ordering x-rays. 
Sapnap waited alone as the doctors took you for x-rays. He texted Dream to let him know that you were at the hospital. When you finally came back, Sapnap could see that your face was tear-stained, probably from pain after having to move your foot into the right positions for x-rays. 
“You definitely fractured your ankle and bruised your ribs,” The doctor spoke as they looked at your chart. “We’ll get a brace on that and get crutches until you’re ready to walk on it, probably in a day or two when the swelling goes down. I’ll call in a prescription for something to help with the pain.” 
The doctor left Sapnap and you alone again. “I’m calling Dream to get him to make the bed in the downstairs bedroom for me and you,” Sapnap said. “Both of us?” You asked. “I’m not going to just leave you alone,” He said with his phone against his ear. 
When you got to leave, the nurse put you into a wheelchair and Sapnap pulled the car around. The brace on your foot was uncomfortable and you didn’t like the crutches. You were just happy that your prescription was ready for pick up on the way home. Sapnap drove carefully, not wanting to hit a bump or brake too hard. 
Your prescription was picked up along with some comfort food items. Sapnap wouldn’t let you out of the car while he ran in to grab things. He made you stay in the car and wait. When the two of you got home, he rushed to your door, opening it for you and helping you get out. “Sap, I have crutches for a reason,” You mumbled. 
Dream tried not to laugh as Sapnap rushed around the house trying to find the “perfect” pillow to help you elevate your foot. Sapnap had put you in the bedroom, a glass of water on the nightstand, and anything you could need was close by. 
When you tried to get up to get dinner, Sapnap immediately whisked you back into bed, saying he would bring dinner to you. “I can get up you know,” You huffed out. “I know, I know. I just don’t want you to stress yourself,” Sapnap put a food tray on your lap. “If you try to spoon-feed me like a baby I will be mad.” 
Sapnap was scared of hurting you during the night, so he didn’t sleep well. Neither did you, the pain in your leg kept you awake. You decided to get up to go to the bathroom while Sapnap had dozed off. You tried to be quiet and manage your way to your crutches in the darkness. “Babe? Why are you out of bed?” Sapnap had woken up. “Just going to the bathroom,” You replied. He got out of bed to help you. He turned on the bedside lamp, illuminating the room. 
“Sapnap, I promise you, I will be fine, you’re being overprotective. It’s just a fracture.” 
He looked appalled, “Just a fracture? You fell down the stairs, fractured your ankle, and bruised your ribs! You’re supposed to be resting. Let me help you, I just want to make sure you are okay.” 
You sighed, he was really trying to help. He just didn’t want you to hurt yourself again. “I know baby, you’re very helpful.” He smiled softly, “Now will you let me help you? So you don’t bump into a wall or fall into the toilet?”
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wilbyssoot · 3 days ago
This is actually just BBH, Sam, Tina, and Foolish helping Quackity practice for his law finals
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beeindaclouds · 14 hours ago
Could you please do dtqk reactions to afab reader with really bad period cramps? Either while streaming or just in general :)
Hallo, thanks for requesting!
At first I thought I did this, but it might just be my immagination lol
Hope you enjoy <3
Crew Boys reacting to AFAB!Reader having bad cramps
Tumblr media
Includes: Dream, Georgenotfound, Sapnap, Quackity, Karl Jacobs
Reader: She/Her
Requests are closed
❝ Dream ❞
So when he sees you in pure pain and agony on his couch he quickly comes to your rescue
I already see Dream as a bf who keeps pads and tampons is his house for whenever you or his mom and sisters visit
I imagien him having very warm and big hands, so he'll just put you on his lap and warm up your tummy with his hands
Maybe even caress it a little to soothe the pain away
❝ Georgenotfound ❞
George might not be good with words, but he's amazing with actions
So he has everything a girl needs during period cramps
I'm talking blankets, heating bag, pain pills, chocolate of all flavors, hot cocoa, ect.
He's always prepared and always makes the situation much better for you
❝ Sapnap ❞
Sapnap never knows what to do whenever you have period cramps
Even after the many researchs he has done, he never knows how to approach the situation
So you take matters into yout own hands and cuddle with him no matter where he is
He's gaming? You'll sit on his lap and not distract him
He's sleeping? You'll join him
He's watching a movie? Great, movie cuddles
And Sapnap never minds the extra cuddles
❝ Quackity ❞
Panics. Just panics.
Like, he knows what to do, but he is always surprised to how much pain you're actually being put through
Around this time he'll get extra clingy and cheesy, which it's very out of character but he tells you to shut up and enjoy it
Lots of hugs and kisses and "I love you's" and other cheesy phrases
❝ Karl Jacobs ❞
Man will turn you into a blanket burrito
Just throws you on a blanket, puts a heating bag on your stomach, and a plushie if you like those, wraps you in the blanket and proceeds to cudde you for the rest of the day
He'll only let you go for food and for the bathroom
But other then that you're his little burrito in agony lol-
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slime-sandwhich-nom · 2 days ago
his name was slimecicle.
but it had many names.
But they had many identities.
mortals and mortals always imagined him in various ways.
A man.
A slime.
A slime who looks like a man.
A man, but it's a slime.
Just a human.
just a comedian.
Just an unpaid intern.
Just a spy, just a guy, or simply..
charlie was the name most known for this god.
The god of "harvest, enchaments and crafting."
That's what usually mortals see him as.
One of the four gods, who lived up the mountain,
Molympus was were the god rested, where he lived, where it watched and where they decided. Discussed.
Slimecicle, or well, Charlie, does not have a specific look, or gender or.. simply a form.
He can be whatever he wants, he can be whatever he prefers, he can choose what to be. he can be everything and nothing at the same time.
he is not very known as a god, it prefers to stay in the dark and watch.
They are not known, he likes to sit and watch.
some say that he prefers holes! Some says that it likes to live as a mortal!
But nobody knows who or where it is.
he was never found, he was never seen, and he was never acknowledged.
that's how he likes it.
It likes to blend in.
he likes to be like everyone else.
I'm not too sure why, never found anything too special with being normal.
Maybe, maybe always being different is boring.
Maybe that's why charlie is so fascinated, so.. interested into mortals.
they are what he isn't. They are normal. They live,they learn, and die.
he doesn't.
He lives, and lives, and lives, without an end.
He knows everything, but nothing at the same time, his only friends are the silly balls of slimes who follows him everywhere.
He doesn't have friends, they always die.
They never stay, and it's sad.
It's really sad for charlie, for slimecicle.
Once though, he did a mistake.
He made one of his friend, Jschlatt, a god.
Maybe he'll stay with him and entertain him!
It didn't work.
He had to kill him.
Maybe narwhal? Neither.
His dear friends Condifiction, GrizzlyPlays and bizly?
they are fun! They are loyal and they never left even after all the trauma they went through.
so, he made them gods.
gave them the privilege to chose what god to be!
GrizzlyPlays fell.
that's sad. Charlie is sad.
May Grizzly rest in piece.
He didn't saw his other two friends in a while! Where could they be?
Did they fell too? He hopes not, that would make the god cry.
oh! A new server!
And he already made a new friend!
"Quackity-from-las-nevadas" he's a fun guy, a bit too serious for the god liking, but he got an attachment to quackity!
Humans can be cruel.
I'm sorry Quackity from Las Nevadas, i will come back soon.
I need to rest.
And another server, full of hybrids! No wars, no conflicts!
perfect! He can use this server full of familiar mortals as a pass time for when he's bored :]
epicsmp? Sounds interesting. Sounds epic.
Ted? Oh Ted! it's a great friend and roommate!
He's been acting weird though..
they angered the god, something made him snap.
He didn't mean to blow everything up, he doesn't know what happened.
He does not remember. Who is he? Why was he in a tank?
Florida man.. familiar.
We got high and drunk, he felt familiar, home.
tommy? Familiar to the blonde British young mortal.
he doesn't look okay, maybe i should help.
A scientist? Not the most sane person in the world but, he too, feels like home.
he died. Sadly he died, but it always happens, charlie shouldn't feel so bad.
The ram keeps talking none sense.
a cowboy? Tv show? Weird.
He refused the apple.
He does not appreciate apples.
they-..stupid weird memories.
...tommy had died. It's what he wanted right? Its-..it was the best thing to do.
That kid didn't deserve any of this.
He won.
It doesn't feel like it, but he won.
See you next time Jschlatt, my dear old friend.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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dsmp-incorrect-quotes · 10 hours ago
Quackity: *trips over something*
Revivedbur: *catches him* I think you just
Revivedbur: Fell for me
Quackity: Put me down
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pupperish · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
My little harbinger of death <3
Tumblr media
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petey-piez · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
La Belle Dame Sans Merci by Sir Frank Dicksee but make it dnf
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astronomical-bagel · a day ago
i a lot of dsmpers' loot consists only of the clothes on their own backs, and maybe like a couple chests for backups. Hermitcraft, on the other hand, not only has chests and chests of stuff, but shops to sell their excess. Despite their lack of wealth, the dsmpers almost always risk their lives and, more importantly, their valuables without taking any care to protect or hide them somewhere. And hermitcrafters, despite their luxury, often take the precaution to empty their inventories when they know they will be doing something dangerous. (Of course, there has been exceptions for both of these, but my point still stands)
While one would think that the dsmpers' lack of wealth is because of this reckless behavior, and the hermit's carefulness the cause of their fortune, I propose that it is instead the poverty that breeds the recklessness, and the wealth that breeds the carefullness.
In the dream smp, storing one's valuable items is as good as throwing them away, especially if youre an easy or popular target for griefing and thieving. the best bet for keeping supplies safe is keeping them in a random hole hundreds of blocks away, but that only works for long-term storage. Therefore, everyone keeps their most valuable items on them at all times, or, for things like ores and sentimental items, an enderchest. This leads to them losing their items a lot anyways, because they die and the items despawn or get blown up or stolen, and then they have to regather their tools all over again. That means they have lesser-grade items and then they don't even bother to keep them safe because they suck anyways, and when they break or despawn, the dsmper resigns themself for just having to mine more later to make up for it. They're hardly ever able to build wealth because their starter items are always getting destroyed or stolen.
The Hermits, on the other hand, have rules. They work together, instead of racing to get the best items first. that means they feel that its safe to store their items in a random chest out in the open. there's security. even if they didn't have the chance to store their items somewhere, people help out and grab them and keep them safe. That means they keep their high-grade tools, and they don't have to waste time and resources to make more. Even more than just not stealing or helping out when someone dies, the hermits share. or, at least, they sell. the economy is always booming in hermitcraft (when they can find the shopping district.....) because the hermits never lose all their stuff, and they have been able to gather excess supplies.
I feel like im rambling but this difference has always been intriguing to me. The dsmpers are poor because of distrust, and the hermits are able to build wealth because of the honor system that they have. In a wat, theyre both being cautious, its just that one way is a lot more profitable than the other.
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citrus-rex · a day ago
Tumblr media
WIP I liked the sketch but I couldn’t render this lol maybe I’ll try again later
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star-writing · a day ago
cc!dreamwastaken x gn!reader
summary: dream and you get in a fight and his actions after you get hurt are unfixable
request: @theahachuu​ asked:Staaarrrrrrr!!!A cc!dream x reader angst with no fluff? Like they got into a big fight so the reader go out and get into a car crash or accident?
warnings: hospital, mention of car accident, dream is a bad boyfriend, mention of injury and surgery, crying, fighting, dream and the reader yell at each other, angst angst and more angst
word count: 1.2k
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The shouting of Dream and you echoed through the house. Dream didn’t normally yell. When he was shouting, tears filled your eyes and you shouted back. 
It was stupid. Fighting over something you couldn’t even remember at that moment. It started after you brought up the fact that Dream and you had barely spent time together over the last couple of weeks. Dream huffed, his face red from yelling, “You’re not listening to me!” You scoffed, “Whatever you say Dream. It’s not like you listen to me either.” 
“All I want is for us to spend time together but no, that’s apparently too much to ask for. You always choose other things before me.” 
Dream had always made time for you. Whether it was sleeping in with you or let you sit next to him while he streamed or edited videos. It felt like you were drifting apart. All you wanted was one day, hell you’d take a couple of hours just alone with him. No phone, no computer, no Sapnap or Patches. Just the two of you. He had begun to be around you less and less, always shrugging you off when you would visit him at his desk or be out of bed when you were asleep.
“Maybe I don’t want to spend time with you anymore because you’re always nagging me and being clingy,” He spat back. Tears threatened to spill, “Wow what a great boyfriend you are,” you scoffed. Your voice was shaking as you spoke. Dream had always valued his followers but you thought he always valued you too. You were never mad when he spent hours talking to his followers or making content for them but it felt like you weren’t important anymore. 
He went silent, just staring at you and you stared back. You were glad Sapnap wasn’t at the house, he missed the tension and the loud screaming match. He was at Punz’s house for the day. “I’ll be back.” You grabbed your keys without another word, walking out the front door. There was no “I love you” or “Be safe” as you left the house. Usually, Dream would mumble one of those, even if he was mad at you. 
You took a deep breath when you got into the car. It was a shaky breath as you tried to calm down. The tears that were pooled in your eyes spilled and you were quick to wipe them away. Dream didn’t even try to stop you from leaving so why would you stay? You debated on going back inside, apologizing right then and there, and fixing things. 
The two of you just needed time to cool off. You would probably return in a couple of hours and the two of you would apologize to one another and spend the night tangled up in your bedsheets after apologizing. You had put on your seatbelt before reversing out of the driveway. 
The sun hadn’t set yet. You had been gone for almost two hours. You had decided to go back to the house. At home, Dream was a bundle of anxiety but he was still mad. His phone had been turned off and he didn’t want to see you yet. Your words were hurtful but yet had some truth to them. He would try to avoid you when you got home until he cooled off. It was just the type of thing that took time. But he didn’t like going to bed with an unsolved problem. 
The light was green and the two cars in front of you had gone through the intersection. You followed in suit but your car was stopped in its tracks. A car from the right side hit your car. The car spun out and you had passed out in the midst of it. 
The hospital must have called Dream five times before calling Sapnap. You had the two listed as emergency contacts on your phone. The car wreck was bad. The car was totaled and you had a couple of broken bones that forced you to be admitted to the hospital. 
Waking up alone in an ambulance as it drove you to the hospital was scary. And when Dream wasn’t answering the calls, your heart sank. He didn’t care enough to answer, you thought. The doctor told you surgery was needed since one of your bones was badly broken. 
You tried not to freak out. Dream still wasn’t answering and Sapnap was on his way to you. Sapnap had texted Dream multiple times and didn’t get a response. You knew Dream was mad at you but you didn’t think he would ignore you like this. This was serious and important and he just didn’t care enough to come to you. 
“(Y/N)? What happened?” Sapnap asked when he entered your room. You broke down immediately. Telling him about the fight and your car accident and how you said things you didn’t mean. “He doesn’t even care enough to be here right now.” Sapnap felt bad, he and you had grown close and it hurt him to know that the two of you were fighting. 
You sniffled, “They are taking me into surgery in the morning.” Sapnap frowned even more. “Do you want me to go home and get Dream? Make him get his head out of his ass?” 
“No, I don’t want him here. He is obviously doing more important things.” 
Dream’s phone was still off. He sat in the empty house alone. No idea where you were or where Sapnap was. He felt guilty, he wasn’t a good boyfriend sometimes and he should have acknowledged it. The pit of guilt and anxiety grew in his stomach slowly. 
Taking a deep breath, he turned on his phone. It was late, where were you? He thought you’d be back home by now. The line of missed calls and texts from Sapnap appeared as his phone turned on. He messed up and there was no fixing it. 
The next day, he came to the hospital, asking for your room number. You had returned from surgery a couple of hours ago and you were resting. You had sent Sapnap home not too long ago, asking him to pack a bag of your things. Your friend had made arrangements with you to allow you to stay at their house. 
Dream probably shouldn’t have waited this long to come and see you. He should have come last night, apologized, and stayed with you. But he didn’t. The flowers he had picked up from the store had already begun to droop due to the Florida heat that seeped into his car on the drive. 
When he entered, you immediately turned defensive, rightfully so. “Leave.” You said. “I’m sorry I didn’t come, I just-” You cut him off, “Dream. Get out. I don’t want you here.” 
“(Y/N) please, I-” You turned your head away. You didn’t want to listen. Your eyes were full of tears already and you couldn’t bear to hear his apology. “What was more important Dream? Let me guess, you were editing or coding? You didn’t even care to check in or answer your phone! I was alone and scared and you didn’t answer. So just leave.” 
Dream moped around the house for days after that. You were discharged from the hospital and your friend had helped Sapnap move you out of the house. Out of the bedroom you shared with Dream. Dream sent multiple messages about how sorry he was and sent flowers and balloons to your friend’s house, knowing that you were there. There was no use though, what happened wasn’t able to be fixed.
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gameriggy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A very big and not blown up L’manburg.
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beeindaclouds · 15 hours ago
hmm, how abt foolish, sam, dream, sapnap and wilbur (if thats too many you can remove one) with an s/o thats like a famous writer
Hallo, thanks for requesting!
Might have a few ideas so, hope you enjoy <3
Some of the DSMP w/ Writer!Reader
Tumblr media
Includes: Dream, Sapnap, Wilbur Soot, FoolishGamers, Awesamdude
Reader: They/Them
Requests are closed
❝ Dream ❞
I can see Dream becoming your unofficial personal assistant
He has supported your dream, hehe, of writing for as long as you can remember so he has always tried to help in every way he could
He recommends your books on streams from time to time, buys minimum one copy every time a new book is released, promotes you everywhere he can
He also takes care of you when you have deadlines, knowing how hard they can get
Man cooks you food, brings you warm drinks, reminds you to take a break from time to time
He's pretty much your number one fan
❝ Sapnap ❞
I don't mean this in a mean way, but Sapnap doesn't seem like the type to read much
But you're books? They get him so intrigued every time
It's like he gets sucked so much into the story that he always manages to read 100+ pages in a day
So obviously he ends up talking about you and your book a lot on his streams, which his fans don't mind
He also tries to get a sneak peak of your next work, but you hide everything from him to make it more entertaining
❝ Wilbur Soot ❞
On the contrary of Sapnap, he seems like the type who reads a lot
So it's no surprise to anyone that he's friends/partner with a writer such as yourself
From time to time you'll spend days with Wilbur while he helps you with one of your deadlines
It's like your minds work well togheter, so ideas come very easy with you two
You always remember to mention him in your books whenever he helps out
And Wilbur always takes the time to read your books and see how you integrated his ideas
❝ Foolish Gamers ❞
Foolish is another one who I don't see reading much, but he enjoys listening to you read your books to him
You like to sit down and read your works out loud to the man, not because you're narcissistic and just want to read them yourself, but because you like to see how Foolish genuinely starts to get interested in the story
You read him a few chapters a day, whenever you don't have any deadlines to get to, and he always begs for more whenever you leave him on cliffhangers
❝ Awesamdude ❞
Sam likes to read books from time to time
Especially when he gets a pause from all the streaming
So, he'll pass by your studio and borrow one of your written books to read
He always make sure to give some feedback about the books he's read, which you appreciate very much
From time to time he'll also invite you to read the books with him, as a way to spend some time togheter and for you to relax a little bit
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bigboobyhalo · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
c!skephalo kissy
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staticbri · 2 days ago
Tommy Comes to America: A Saga (Pt. 1)
tommyinnit imagines
warnings: swearing, of course
a/n: i really disappeared for a month and now i'm back like nothing happened lmfao (this is platonic btw even though tommy is 18) and theme change woo
Tumblr media
tommy came to visit you in sunny california! its your job to go, pick him up at the airport, and drive him back to your house while he's both falling asleep yet also hyper with energy... this includes:
• you send tommy a selfie waiting for him at baggage claim
• tommy sends you a scary selfie in front of a security guard as he disembarks from his flight
• its only 8 pm your time, but its 4 am in the uk, so tommy is in that weird stage of exhausted but also ready to kick down doors at any given moment
• you brought him a redbull (monster would be too intense and dangerous for a man/boy such as tommyinnit)
• he hesitated and messaged wilbur to ask him if it was safe but because it was 4 am in the uk, he didn't respond
• the drive to your place wasn't long but it seemed like forever with tommy constantly asking about life in america and falling asleep mid-sentence
• "so how many times a day to you go to disney..."
• "like once a year- TOMMY!"
• you welcome him to your humble abode and he immediately makes fun of how small it is
• "my mansion is SO MUCH BIGGER"
• "tommy you are like one complaint away from being evicted. MY landlord brought me christmas cookies so who's really winning? me bitch"
• you set up a makeshift bed for him on your couch with some blankets, two small pillows, and a stuffed dog you bought from target specifically to make fun of him
• "oh fuck you"
• "do you want some lullabies or ocean sounds"
• "... ocean sounds"
• you turn on youtube on the tv and put on ocean sounds as he settles into the couch/bed
• his plan was to change the tv once you went into your bed but he conked out and ended up falling asleep with the stuffed puppy in his arms lmao
• bonus: the next morning, you wake up before him and take plenty of blackmail pictures of him with his puppy (and send them to everyone)
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rosethevoid · 2 days ago
I'm so dumb. Lol. I was so worried about whether or not the c!Wilbur and c!Fundy lore stream was gonna happen when i really should've been worried about c!Tntduo instead. But i was so hopeful.
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galatoma · 2 months ago
Obsessed with the doesthedogdie's page for the dreamsmp
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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piedpip3rrr · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Strange encounters of the tubbo kind
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