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aetherknit · 2 days ago
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human: i learned from you, and now your hunger lives in me.
based on the new dreamxd lore
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cumulonumb · a day ago
c!philza i’m begging you material items mean something because they come from people. they hold memories and emotions and capture moments that you can’t hold onto forever with the people you care about
He’s right when he says that a person’s life holds more value than a single object but he is completely ignoring the context of literally everything. It’s not fair to lecture Tommy on hesitating between the discs and Tubbo when Tommy did choose Tubbo over the discs. Tommy has always chosen people over discs. He gave them up for L’manberg too!! And it means something that he has, because the discs do mean so much to him! Phil’s telling Tommy to give up the objects that make him feel safe and could protect him when Phil isn’t the person that has to fight for his god damn life every day. You can talk the big talk all you want about ‘not living in fear’ and that comfort items are ‘silly’ but you’re not the one that has something to fear.
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general-light · a day ago
So, now that we have stone cold evidence that c!Philza is genuinely awful at giving sympathetic advice, especially regarding trauma - When are we going to stop blaming c!Wilbur, who is his son, and would intimately know this part of his father’s nature, for being unable to share his own struggles with him?
I guarantee you that c!Philza didn’t just wake up today and choose to be tone deaf. He has an immortal’s perspective, one that fails to understand how a home can have meaning past ‘material possession’, who fails to see how L’Manberg meant anything beyond ‘hanging out with your friends’. And that mindset shines throughout ALL of his behaviour.
So when you use that mindset as a context for c!Wilbur feeling as though he had to keep his struggles a secret from his father by lying, worried for the response - well, to say the least, that behaviour had to have come from somewhere.
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catuinqz · a day ago
adore how we as a fandom collectively read the mangoball fic and were... chill about it. Even the non dnfers and the people who fucking despise twitter. We just sat down together, completely disregarded the main plot and went feral over the batshit insane side plots like. That is peak internet. Good vibes all around
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zolovana · a day ago
Tumblr media
// horror
How did we get here?
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gaecactae · 18 hours ago
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I’m BEYOND happy to continue Awesamfam. You have NO idea. So here’s the first part!! I love to part shit and you know it. Ehe! I promise this one is gonna be so wholesome you’re gonna flip. I hope you liked it!:)
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journel-number-3 · a day ago
hey! What The Fuck! Please stop saying shit like this! It's very upsetting!
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How is c!Tommy victimizing himself? He's currently being stalked? He was abused? He tried to get better and it was working- but then someone broke his abuser out of prison and that all went down the drain
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beeindaclouds · 23 hours ago
Comforting them when they're upset pt. 1 ༘ *
Tumblr media
Pairings: Dream, Georgenotfound, Sapnap, Badboyhalo, Wilbur Soot, Eret, Punz, C! Technoblade × Reader
This man overworks himself too much
Like when he starts doing something he HAS to get it done as soon as possible or it'll bother him for the rest of the day
I mean, he literally played Crab Game for a whole day-
And because of this, he gets frustrated and tired very easily
So, after everything is done and he is satisfied with what he was doing, he'll run to you
Without saying a word he'll throw himself on you and stay there for the rest of the day
You can't really do much when he is working, cause that'll just frustrate him more, so you do your best and more whenever he is done
You two cuddle, watch movies or just even talk so that he can rest a little
You'll even cook, or if you can't, try, for him
And you make sure that your little helper Patches keeps Dream company while you're away
"You need to stop overworking yourself"
"But you take good care of me"
"That's not an excuse-"
I don't think he gets upset much
So in rare times that he does it becomes your number one goal to help him feel better
He's not gonna tell you he's upset but you've known him long enough and know when something is bothering him
You'll start doing little things for him, just to try and bring his mood up a bit
Even simple things like filling up his water bottle while he's streaming
After a while he'll flash you a small smile or just a signal to tell you that he's ok, and a little thank you for everything you've done
And not only is your goal accomplished but he'll be stuck to you for the rest of the day as a thank you
"How do you deal with me?"
"I don't know, ask your parents"
"WOW ok"
I feel like when he's upset he gets a bit angry
He'll need a few minutes to calm down before going to you
Unlike Dream though he doesn't jump on you, especially if you're in the middle of doing something, he would just stare at you and hope you notice him
You just catch a glimpse of someone near your door, only to find your very adorable boyfriend staring at you with this upset look on his face
Now we don't want that, do we?
So you'll invite him to your room, make him sit down and tell you everything he needed if he wanted to
And, in case he doesn't want to talk, you'll try to distract him, maybe go skating or watch some anime
After he feels better he'll shower you in kisses and sorry's, to which you shut him up cause you never want to see him upset
"But you were cleaning-"
"Doesn't matter, we could be on fire and I'd still help you first"
"Ok let's not go that far-"
I just want to say that if I EVER see Bad upset I will kill everybody and then myself :)
ANYWAY, I feel like he cries whenever he's really upset
And you are quickly by his side, no questions asked
You could be on the other side of the world and you'll feel like something's wrong
Ok...maybe too far, but you get the idea
You two will just sit there, you drying his tears as he hiccups his way through explaining why he's upset
Of course Rat comes to the rescue and you two make Bad happy again
And you'll throw some jokes here and there cause why not
"No more tears, or I'll eat them"
[I got sad writing this, idk why T^T]
Wilbur Soot
He gets quiet, like abnormally quiet
Tries to act like nothing happened by going on with his day
But obviously you know him better then that
You can't force it out of him, so you wait for him to make the first move
I feel like he'll get his frustration out through playing with his guitar, just to let some steam out
And once he's done he'll tell you everything
You'll let him talk, giving your input if needed
He'll feel better after talking to you
Maybe even thank you with a little song
"You know you're scary when you get quite"
"Then buckle up cause I'm about to sing your ears of love"
Eret's another one I feel like doesn't get upset very much, and if they do they don't show it
So for them to come to you means something big must've happen
But they'd talk about it like nothing happened
Just nonchalantly tells you everything while you look at them like "why are you so calm about this?!"
At this point you are ready to take matters into your own hands while Eret is just over it
"So you're telling me they did all this and you're just ok with it?!"
"I mean it doesn't really matter, they're not important"
Another angry boy
He need his space first, then he'll come to you
No matter what you're doing, just picks you up and cuddles you for the rest of the day
Maybe after a few hours he'll tell you what happen and nuzzle into your touch to stay calm
And then you spend time by playing video games and being teased by him cause 'you suck'
Oh but when you win, it's cheating lol
"I want a rematch, you cheated."
"HOW?! It's your console."
"Your point?"
With everything he does, between wars and farming, I'm not surprised he gets upset quiet frequently
And just like wilbur, he gets quiet and he'll isolate himself
He'll come home, drop his things, and hide in his room for hours
You can't really do much here, you know that Techno needs his space
And because it happens quiet often, it has become like a little routine for you
Whenever he gets upset and closes himself in his room you'll leave him food and drinks at his door, knocking on it to let him know it's there
After dinner you'll sit by his room, waiting patiently for him to come out
Knowing that you always do this, the piglin hybrid will let you in
Sometimes he tells you what happened sometimes he doesn't
But he'll always take the time to tell you how grateful he is for everything you do for him
"The food was good by the way"
"The blood god himself just complimented my food, has the time for raining pigs come?"
"Shut up nerd"
Part 2
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sydneydoesstuff · 13 hours ago
An important exchange between c!Sam and c!Tommy that I—again—don’t think we’re talking enough about. A sequel to this post.
timestamp and transcript below the cut:
41:57 The Green Smile That Haunts Me (Dream SMP Lore)
Sam: Hey, Tommy. Oh wow, you’re kinda kitted out.
Tommy: Yeah, you got to stay kitted out these days, Sam. You never know.
Sam, overlapping: Hello Philza.
Phil: Sam.
Sam: It’s good to see you.
[Tommy moves so he’s standing in front of Sam]
Tommy: What’s up, Sam?
Phil, overlapping: Wish I could say likewise.
Sam: Oh, I was just, uh, wandering through.
Tommy, overlapping: Why don’t we go on the path.
[Sam and Tommy walk over to the Prime Path]
Tommy: Yeah I’m just- I’m just-
Sam, overlapping: What are you- Whait are you up to?
Tommy: Well I’m just hanging with Phil.
Sam, overlapping: What are you doing around this house?
Tommy, overlapping: Yeah, I’m just- I’m henching up this house, dude. We’re gonna make it… nicer.
Sam: Ah, okay. Nicer? Nicer how?
Tommy: Like- stronger. Like fucking, ‘fensive.
Sam: Offensive? What do- What? You want to make it, um-
Tommy cuts him off: No defensive, like fuckin’ strong, like militant, like fucking-
Sam: Oh, okay.
Tommy: Y’know, give us some power to our name, be fucking scary.
Sam: Yeah that’s… that’s interesting. Why are you… wearing a shield, Tommy? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with a sword and a shield before. What are you- what are you up to right now, Tommy?
[There’s a beat]
Tommy, lying: Just been chopping the- chopping the bamboo.
Sam: The bamboo?
Tommy: It’s more efficient to go like this with it.
[Tommy chops down nearby bamboo with his sword]
Tommy: It’s just- it- much faster. People have been cau- people have been hiring me as the- as the bamboo boy.
Sam, overlapping: None of the- none of the- none of the bamboo is chopped, Tommy.
Tommy: No, dude, but it’s too- yeah, I know, I’m just- I’m just getting started because people need a bamboo boy. I’m- I’m bamboo boy! Look, look at this. Look at- Oh! I get paid for it as well.
[Tommy chops down more bamboo as he talks]
Sam, overlapping: So what’s the shield… So what’s the shield- What’s the shield for?
Tommy: Just… just got a shield.
[Tommy trails off]
Tommy: Bamboo boy- y’know, in case the- when the bamboo rains, it can uh damage my head and I go like this.
[Tommy raises his shield]
Sam: Is that true Tommy?
Tommy: Yeah, it’s true, Sam.
[Nearby bamboo sprouts up a block]
Tommy: Oh, it goes back so fast.
Sam: You’re not- you’re not doing something reckless, right?
[There’s a long beat]
Tommy: Sam, I need to ask you something.
Sam: What?
Tommy: Right before I got sent to the- to the prison… for that last time.
Sam: Uhuh.
Tommy: It was all…
[Tommy trails off]
Tommy: Do you know where Sam Nook’s been?
Sam: Sam Nook? Uhhhh….
Tommy: Haven’t seen him in a long long time, and I- I-
Sam: Yeah, I… assume Sam Nook is still somewhere at the hotel, I don’t know.
Tommy: Well I’ve- I’ve seen him, I’ve- I’ve gone out past it a couple times, y’know? He’s not there.
Sam: Are you sure? I- I don’t know. Check- check on the- check on the top of the- of the hotel. I think I…[unintelligible]
Tommy, overlapping: Okay, I’ll go through all the floors.
Sam: I think I told him to go there and stuff. You could- you could go take a look. He should- he should be there, I think.
[There’s a small beat]
Sam: Why do you wanna see Sam Nook, what?
Tommy: I just- I could just- do with seeing some familiar face- some people I know I can trust.
Sam: Okay, well. You can always come see me, Tommy. You can trust me.
Tommy: It’s good to see you, Sam.
Sam: Alright. Okay, Tommy. It was good to see you. Don’t do anything… you would regret.
Huge thanks to @casptastrophe for doing the transcript. Go drop a follow! :)
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sodadimensional · a day ago
Phil trying to explain that people matter more to Tommy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cumulonumb · a day ago
you know actually I think c!Phil is the perfect representation of one of those complicated relationships you have with your parents
He wants to help! Genuinely, he does, so you go to him when you need help because he's kind with his words and promises to protect you but when you talk to him about what you're going through he just... WILDLY misinterprets what you need, and doesn't listen when he's wrong. He thinks he knows because he's got all this life experience and perspective that you don't, but what about you? What about the perspective that you have, that he doesn't?
You should really tell him some of that, but... He encourages you. He tells you you're fine, he tells you you'll be okay, even if he's actively tearing you down, and in those moments where you're just there with him, you almost do feel okay. You're taken out of your own world and placed into his but the second you leave you remember that all of your problems haven't gone away (and he expects you to be able to make them go away, maybe because he believes in you a little too much).
He tells you you'll be fine even if you won't be. He wants you to tough it out (like he did!) but it's not that simple, you need a support system, not a pep talk about how badly you're managing things. You love him, and he loves you, but he believes his experience is universal. You cannot rely on him in the capacity you wish you could.
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ethmaron · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ive never actually made a design for him
sketch bc i liked it and some notes under the cut :)
transcript for the Actual Notes and not my nonsense writing: 
-lines (on backpack strap) are notches for wins/good plays 
-ripped threads where his sweatshirt pocket used to be 
-hole in his pants he keeps forgetting to sew up 
-laces tied up so he doesnt trip 
Tumblr media
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commieinnit · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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