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“Belkide ben gerçekten gelmemeye gittim. O kadar çok gittim ki,artık hiçbir yerdeyim. Ama şunu bil ki,bu dünyada olmayı seçebileceğim tek bir yer olsaydı senin yanını seçerdim”

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Ben Hardy x Reader (POV)

Summary: You’ve been missing your boyfriend Ben’s touch for a while now, causing you to be longing to release the tension held up your body, by leaving him a record of that to his phone.

Warnings: smut, dirty talk, hear me cum for you; exhibitionism?

Words: 933

Please enjoy your time in the scenario of (self) monologue:


“Still not picking up.” I put the phone to the corner of the bathtub.

“And he hasn’t the last 3 times I called…” I ironically nodded my head.

“I think I can treat myself to a nice bath.” I turned on the hot water tap and water started splashing around the tub.

“And some bath salts. Let’s see what we have on the rack.” I looked up and my eyes wandered around all the different bottles.

“A bath bomb shall do it. ‘Sex bomb’, when have I even bought this?!” I chuckled and reached for the rounded bubbly thing at the corner.

Until the tub was filled up, I got rid of my clothes and slipped on my silk gown and tied by hair up on a messy bun.

“I love me a hot bath.” I whispered when I dipped my toe into the water and let loose of my gown, letting it slide off my bare chest and bum straight to the floor. The steamy air, instantly made my nipples perk up.

Once fully into the water, I sighed and leaned back. The smell of jasmine soothed my body and mind. My body relaxed completely, synching with the water.

“Mmm, I wish Ben was here too.” I smiled with my eyes closed, picturing the two of us, me leaning against his chest, melting into his body.

I slid my hands over my knees and thighs, massaging circles onto my lower back and belly button.

Running my fingers over the valley between my breasts up to my neck. I rubbed it, releasing some tensed knots there.

“He doesn’t even know what he’s missing on. Perhaps…” I straightened myself “Let’s show him exactly what he is missing on.”

I stretched my arm over and grabbed my phone. Dialing him, I put the thing next to my head and relaxed into the water.

Leave a message Beep

“Benny.” I bit my lip with a devilish smile on my face.

“How’s it going? I’m at home” I stretched my leg up.

“Taking a hot bubble bath. The full package. Well not quite actually.” I chuckled.

“It isn’t exactly the full show without you, boyfriend.”

“You seem to be enormously busy these days…” I exhaled next to the phone beside my head.

“Nnn’d been missing you so, so much.” I pouted my lips and made the puppy eyes.

“Sswhy I thought I’d call, but you don’t answer. Hope you’ll hear this…”

“I love the way your hands roam my body, and give my bum a little smack every time they’re near.” I giggled and but my lip at the thought.

“And I’d squeak in surprise, but you know I actually like it.” I emphasised on the last word.

“Oh I wish you were here to feel my breasts in your strong demanding hands.” My breath hit my throat, and I exhaled sharply. My hands slipped around my hardened nipples, which were so sensitive at the touch already. I massaged circles and glided my thumbs over each nipple, making me let a small moan.

“Thinking of you makes me aroused Ben…” I kept rubbing my sensitive breasts, each toich felt heightened than the one before. My eyes were closed and head laid back. The foam spreading around my chest, made the sensation so much better.

“There’s something so sexy and dirty leaving you the sounds of me pleasuring myself on a voice message.” I mumbled with shortened breath.

“You didn’t even knew you’d be listening to THIS.” I moaned loud when my other hand slid right to my clit.

Sensing the tension in the little nub, I gently rubbed my tensed spot in different patterns, not holding back any moans at this point.

“Anybody can hear me if you’re In public when you head this …” saying those words pushed me harder towards releasing the held tension.

My middle finger drew circles around my aroused lips and pushed inside, immediately attaching to the O spot.

“Fuck!” I squeaked and my knees closed together.

“I can feel your finger pumping in and out of my heated core.” I breathed out as I started pressing and curving my finger inwards.

“I’ll even ass a second one.” I quickly pushed two fingers, making my back arch.

“Ahh…” I started curving both and applying pressure to the place where it felt most pleasurable.

“Pinching my nipple with the other.” I smirked, as if he could see me.

“Ben. Oh Ben…” I moaned and shivered in place.

“FUCK! YES! BEN!” I screamed when I curved my whole hand and reached my clit with my thumb and rubbed it.

“Ah. Ah. Ah.ah.ah.ah.ah.ah.” I was letting strangled moans, when the orgasm hit me. Hard. It washed though me, hot nad cold waves, I exploded over and over again. My back was highly arched, and knees uncontrollably shaking. My walls tightened around my fingers, I thought what must it feel like for his cock when I come undone onto it.

“Fuck. Fuck.” I started to calm down, while my core was still pulsating.

“That was a long arse voice message, innit?” I caught my breath and took the phone in my hands.

“Come home and fuck me already, baby.” I blew him a kiss.

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ok but nobody understands how d e s p e r a t e l y I want to get drunk with the borhap boys. Just imagine Joe screaming at Gwil because they have both gotten far too competitive playing beer pong, meanwhile Ben has found cardboard Ben and is in the corner, pretending to feed him a pint and crying with laughter, then Rami grabs you by the shoulders and says for the 300th time that night we shot live aid on day one

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Poly!Hardzzello x reader

part 1 // part 2 // part 3

Summary: After your sexual threeway adventure, your boyfriend Joe proposes an idea for you to also date his best friend Ben who you are definitely not crushing on.

Warnings: This is pure fluffy awkwardness

Words: 3.8k

A/N: I wanted to bring in some variety and make this really soft. However, part 5 is…well you will see^^



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Yay, the inbox is open again! ❤ I’d suggest Ben and Joe falling in love with each other and the rest of the cast (with Brian and Rog if you wish) realising that 🙂

Ok this one was so much fun to write!! I love these dorks being the last ones to realise they are actually in love with eachother!

Send in your prompts! Inbox open!

Words- 1,116

To Brian, it had been obvious from the first time he met the ‘band’. Having already met and gotten the awkward tension out in the open, Joe and Ben were quickly bonding. When Brian glanced over throughout the few pre-filming meetings, he’d always seen one of the duo leaning over and whispering a little joke they’d both be giggling over. When it was them two, no one else seemed to exist in their little bubble. Brain smiled, pulling himself back into the wider conversation, but he couldn’t help but glance over at the blooming love shared between the Brit and American.

Gwilym was the next to notice. It was during Live Aid, day three of actually shooting when he noticed that whenever ‘Cut!’ was called, Joe would bee-line towards the drum risers, jumping up and shimmying around until he was standing next to the blond. Usually, the poor touch-up crews would have to try and get between them, but neither Joe or Ben seemed to care, chatting about whatever was bouncing around their minds at the time. When the next opportunity came up, Gwil noticed how Ben face broke into an instant smile and his eyes would be fixed on the John-Deacon-Look-Alike until they were right next to each other.

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Can I get a zodiac thing with Ben Hardy but as a Leo and 9 years younger thanks 🙏🏻

Hi there! You can read about Ben with a Leo here so for now I’ll focus on the younger part with some Leo tendencies.

  • Probably you met Ben while he was filming and somehow you landed a job near the set.
  • It was a rougher gig, and people were meaner. So he connected to you: your energy and new ideas (and being cute didn’t hurt either. So he asked you for a coffee (”not to be creepy! You don’t think?” “No, Ben, you aren’t creepy at all, and I’d love some!”)
  • Both of you enjoy going to “fancy” places, like restaurants with French dishes, nice shops, etc. He always spoils you and you in turn spoil him with all sorts of nice gifts.
  • When you wrap your arms and hug him, telling him how special he is to you, he thinks it’s so adorable. If you’re smaller than him, he even tries to carry you.
  • Ben is more established, so he knows how to fold his bed, do laundry, cook etc. He sometimes even does things for you like that! 
  • Though you both share wildly different tastes in tv shows and movies, Ben will loyally watch all your faves with you. You even find him crying at the end or at the sad parts.
  • So you kiss his tears away.
  • He also helps you a lot with school and classes.
  • “But loooooove, I don’t wanna study!” you complain, reaching for your phone.
  • Ben puts it away and hands you your textbook.
  • “Just let me help you!” he says.
  • You both nibble on biscuits and look through all of your homework.
  • So he helps you break down and retell the information. And he even helps proofread your essay drafts and sort out ideas.
  • He even gives readings of your books and texts and anything.
  • You both wind up learning a lot and he enjoys it as much as you do!
  • Ben is so established, you can’t help but admire him. Some of your wilder side tones down because you start thinking “what would Ben do…” and you get your stuff together.
  • And he loves to talk with you, see your perspective, and have fun with you. You give him the life he needs.
  • Sometimes he even places you on his lap and calls you “baby” lovingly.
  • So you lean over and peck his nose and he smiles.
  • Although you might get weird looks from people, you both couldn’t be happier.

taglist: @queenlover05


Originally posted by detectivecoravasquez

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omg hi!!!!! I absolutely love your blog and definitely didn’t fangirl when I got your ask 👀👀 thank you sm for sending me it!!!

7: what’s your favourite word?

i think it would be darling or extraterrestrial, something about just saying those words out loud makes me smile really big lmao

26: what’s your favourite film?

okay so,,,,, I have so many but I’ll try narrow it down

-borhap !!!!! (obvsss)

-rocketman !

-IT ! (1990)

-yesterday !

-The Breakfast Club !

-Girl, Interupted !

-all Harry Potter movies !!(total Potter head, oops)

-superbad !

-The Perks of being a wallflower !

38: what’s your biggest fear?

I think, either losing my family and friends and being alone or running out of time in life. there’s so many things I wanna go, see and achieve and I already feel like I’m running out of time all being 18 lmao

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Story: Seaside Rendezvous
Pairing: Roger Taylor/Ben Hardy!Roger Taylor x Jessica Spencer
Summary: The interview…
Word Count: ~1.2k
Warnings: none
Masterlist: [x]
A/N: I know Rolling Stone did not move their headquarters from California to New York until about two years later than the current year in this story. Just go with it :)

October 6, 1975

Once Jessica entered the elevator to move up to the second floor of the building where Rolling Stone magazine did their magic, she felt her heart rate go up. She already turned in her two weeks notice a week ago; she does not have a plan B. Once the door opened, she stepped out of the elevator. Jessica was clutching the strap of her handbag with another copy of her portfolio and her letter of recommendation from her old boss at Look-In Magazine. She breathed in the stuffy air and tried to blow out her nerves as she walked across the office. She looked around to see all the telephones and groups of people hustling and bustling across the floor to show their coworkers their drafts.

Jessica smiled and made her way to the office of one of the surviving founders, Jann Wenner. She quietly knocked on the door frame to catch his attention. “Ms. Spencer, how nice to see you.” Jessica grinned at him and offered him her hand. They shook hands, and they sat down across each other. They talked shop and looked over her portfolio. “So, you’ve met Queen?” Jessica nodded, “Spent a few weeks with them while they were recording their upcoming album.” Jann raised a bushy eyebrow and looked at her with a twinkle in his eye. “My wife adores their music, she’d kill to meet them,” he chuckles, closing Jessica’s folder.

“How soon can you start?” Jessica felt time stop, her jaw dropped and felt her spirit leave her body. “Y-you mean it?” Jann nodded, “Well?” Jessica let out a breath she did not know she was holding, “I mean- of course! Oh my god. I need to move here from London, though.” Jann smiled, “No problem, take the next two weeks to find a place to live, and to move all your stuff. Welcome to Rolling Stone, Ms. Spencer.” Jessica felt a tear leave her eye, “Sir, you have no idea how long I have dreamed about this moment. Thank you very much!” Jann opened the door for her and walked Jessica to the elevator, “Call me when you’re all settled, and we can get you set up.” Jessica grinned and nodded, “Will do, sir. Thank you!”

Once the elevator doors closed, Jessica let out an excited shriek, trying not to jump up and down the elevator. She ran her hands through her flowy hair and caught her breath. Once the elevator doors opened to the lobby, some people stared at her, having heard her shriek. Jessica giggled and ran out of the building, making her way back to the hotel she was staying for the next three days. Once she sprawled out on the bed, she grabbed the phone on the nightstand, ready to call Roger- Jessica stopped herself- she doesn’t have his number. She let out a sigh and called each birthstone to tell them the news. The girls all agreed to help her move and celebrate once Jessica gets back. Jessica smiled at their support and hung up, kicking off her heels to let her feet rest. While it was still the early afternoon, Jessica took a light nap, her excitement wearing her out.
October 19, 1975
Back in London, Queen was having a meeting regarding their upcoming tour to promote their forthcoming album “A Night at the Opera.” “We have dates set for November and December in England. We won’t be hitting the United States until January after a month break…” Roger stopped listening after that, a cigarette hanging from his mouth as he almost fell asleep on his chair. His mind was racing somewhere a million miles away from here. All he could think about was the band-aid who kept him company. Not even all the random groupies in the world could pull his mind out of this trap.

His chest tightened every time he thought about her name. The weird part is, they never exchanged numbers; there was no way for him to know what she was doing with her life right now. Did she get her dream job? Is she even alive? Was she ever rea- “Roger, are you even listening?” “He’s probably thinking about his dream girl,” Brian joked, gripping the drummer’s shoulder. “Sorry,” he mumbled, a light shade of red creeping on his cheeks. “Can’t you just call her, darlin’?” Freddie asked, crossing his arms. Roger shook his head, “Never gave me her number.” “There’ll be plenty of girls to see when we’re out on the road. Hell, girls are fighting over you outside the studio.” Roger smirked, “Still, they don’t beat her. I’m just hoping she got her dream job.”

“As much as I care about everyone’s well-being, if we can continue with this meeting, that would be wonderful.” The band returned their attention to Jim Beach, and they continued about the tour. Once they went over all the technicalities, Brian pulled Roger aside, “Do you want to see her again?” Roger nodded quickly, “I can’t seem to get her off my mind.” Brian’s lips formed a straight line, “Come with me; I think I know where she works.” Roger blinked, “Really?” Brian nodded and led him to his car.

Once Brian found where Look-In Magazine’s main office building was, they walked into the building. Roger felt his chest tighten again. The receptionist at the front desk recognized them instantly. “How may I help you, boys?” Brian flashed her a smile, “Do you happen to have a photographer here named Jessica Spencer?” The receptionist looked at them quizzically, “She turned in her two weeks notice almost a month ago. She is currently moving to New York City.” Roger felt his heartbreak in a million pieces; he lost his chance. Why didn’t he try to find her sooner?

Brian looked at the lost drummer and wrapped his skinny arm around his bony shoulders, “Do you happen to know where she lives?” The receptionist shook her head, “Sorry, boys.” Roger sighed and thanked her as he walked out of the building. Brian ran after him, “Roger, it’s okay. We may need a photographer to go on tour with us.” Roger looked at him, “What do you mean?” Brian smiled, “Do you know why Jessica would be going to New York?” It finally clicked, “She got her dream job,” Brian nodded. Roger felt a twinge of happiness for her. He wrapped his coat tighter around him to protect himself from the bitter chill on this October afternoon. They started to walk to Brian’s car when Roger saw someone he recognized.

A woman with brunette hair and green eyes, she looked beautiful. His gaze fell upon her chest when he noticed the amethyst necklace dangling from her neck. “I’ll be back,” Roger breathed out, running towards the woman who was walking towards them. “Amethyst!” Roger called out. The woman smirked, “Yes, I remember you. Came back for more from the birthstones?” “Actually-” she chuckled, “Say no more. You’re looking for Jessica, aren’t ya?” Roger nodded, looking down at his feet. “Roger, no need to be ashamed; she was pretty smitten with you, too.” “Has she moved yet?” Amethyst looked down at the pavement, a sad look on her face, “We packed the last box this morning. Jasmine dropped her off at the airport this morning. I’m sorry, Roger.” It was then when Roger finally admitted defeat, he nodded quickly and silently walked back to Brian’s car.

“Wait, Roger, I do have the number to her new place.” Roger lifted his head and looked at the piece of paper in her hand. “Please, take it. I’m sure she’d love to hear from you.” Amethyst smiled warmly at Roger and handed him the number. Roger smiled gratefully at her, his stomach doing flips. Maybe not all hope is lost? “Thank you, Amethyst.” “Please, call me Emily. Hi, Brian,” she winked at the guitarist and continued walked down the sidewalk. Brian chuckled, “So, looks like we got something.” Roger wasn’t paying attention; he just stared down at the phone number in his hand.

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Here is the second part in my Ben Hardy mini-series that I hope everyone is going to like, thank you all for the lovely feedback so far.

Taglist: @lunaticspoem​​ @butlegendsneverdie​​ @langdonzvoid​​ @jennyggggrrr​​ @rogermeddow​​ @radiob-l-a-hblah​​ @rogertaylorsbitontheside @chlobo6​​ @rogertaylors-lipgloss​​ @sj-thefan​​ @omgitsearly​​ @luckytrashgooprebel​​ @scarsout​​ @deaky-with-a-c​​ @killer-queen-ofrhye @bluutac​​ @vousmemanqueez​​ @jonesyaddiction​​ @ambi-and-sunflowers @milanosaurus @httpfandxms​​ @saint-hardy​​ @7-seas-of-fat-bottomed-girls​​ @mrsalwayswritex​​ @rogerina-owns-me​​ @peterquillzsblog​​

Series taglist: @storiesfrommirkwood

Part 1

Summary: Ben has always been set on the idea of not having kids, but when (Y/n) becomes a surrogate for Gwilym and his wife, Ben wonders if he really is sure about no kids after all.




“Do you feel sick?” Ben’s words were hushed so the other people sitting in the waiting room couldn’t hear but his face gave away the concern that was creeping into his system. He could tell by the way that (Y/n) was both pursing and biting down on her lips that she was either anxious or uncomfortable and the way she was trying to take very deep, slow breaths implied she didn’t feel very well.

“No, I don’t think so.” (Y/n) let herself slouch back in the rather uncomfortable wooden chair before she tilted her head up to look at Ben, watching his brows raise and a sigh pass through his lips.

“That’s reassuring.” (Y/n) knew he wasn’t mad or irritated, he was trying to make a joke despite the concern he felt. It hadn’t escaped his notice that (Y/n) hadn’t eaten breakfast or dinner today from feeling too sick to stomach anything. He was just hoping that after this (Y/n) might feel better or the least bit hungry and manage to eat something.

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author’s note: and again, same thing as yesterday - it could be a follow up I guess, whichever you prefer :). Ben was my focus, but it can be whoever you want. Lots of love & stay safe 💕

Flowers were all he could offer her anymore; a mere gesture of grief and solitude, of love and adoration.

Days had blended together until his phone rang - a reminder.

His heart sunk, or whatever was left of it.

A soft whisper left his lips, a discontented wish - a simple happy birthday.

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