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loki-hargreeves · 15 hours ago
Steven Grant as Spongebob 
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marc-spectorr · a day ago
i apologize in advance, but the sounds steven was making here were too juicy not to share :)
warning: headphones are highly recommended.
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lunathebee · a day ago
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Pairing: husband!moon boys x wife!fem!reader (mainly focused on Marc tbh, I tried my best to give equal part to each boy)
Warning: angst with comfort afterward, reader get hurt, swear words
A/n: this was requested by (unknown) anon, I turn it into a headcanon, I hope you don't mind! (・∀・)
Summary: A small argument can't make you stop loving your husband.
Tumblr media
You have been married to Marc Spector for 2 years.
It was not easy when you found out what his 'job' really was along with Steven and Jake.
But like Steven has said before, "it's like a package deal."
And slowly (but surely), you grow to love all the moon boys equally.
They all have different ways of showing affection, enough to make your heart swoon.
Steven is like a walking Wikipedia, he likes to tell you random fun facts about....literally anything.
His memory is amazing tbh. He can just say "I can't remember where I have read it, but it could be from page 29 of that one book with a red cover from the bottom shelf, next to my Egyptian mythology exclusive book".
And you will just be like 😀 o-okay Steven.
Jake on the other hand is more of a "do more, talk less" guy.
He likes to buy you gifts and give you kisses randomly.
Also very protective, trust me on that, Jake gives a glare as a warning, and he only does that once, so...no one is going to mess with you (unless they want to meet Jake's wrath).🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Mkay now Marc...Marc is...
Marc just got into a fight with you. 😐
It's not great, you're in a bad mood and he's also in a bad mood.
Marc would never hurt you but sometimes he doesn't realize his words are sharp like knife.
His words make you go silent completely, too shocked to proceed with anything.
Marc just compared you to Layla (aka his ex-wife).
You tried your best to hold yourself together and forced yourself to not cry.
"You cannot compare women, Marc; if Layla were here, she would slap you right now. But me? I'm going to take a walk to clear my mind, while YOU, stay home and think about what you have said"
After saying that, you turn your back and determine to walk out the door.
But you were stopped in your tracks when a hand reached out to grab you.
"Love...we- we can talk about this yea? Marc was just-"
Oh Steven, he looks like a kicked puppy. 😩😩
You let out a long sigh while reassuring him that you were going to be back soon, which made Steven sadly nod in defeat.
But 5 minutes after you go out, you get hit by a car.
At first, you think it was a hit and run, but when the man gets out of the car has a scale tattoo on his arm, you know you're fucked.
'You son of a bitch' You grunt out in pain.
"Like husband like wife huh, Harrow would like to see you" The guy said before gripping you by the hair and dragging you to his car.
Suddenly you heard a voice yell out for you.
It was Marc! In his glamorous moon knight suit running towards you to save the day.
/Just cut to Marc beating ass and protecting you like the man he is\
Baby, I'm so sorry, I'm sorry- are you okay? Are you hurt?" Marc said while checking your face and your body.
"I will be okay, Marc, I'm okay".
Marc suddenly pulls you into a tight hug and explains that he was wrong and he couldn't control what he said when he was mad.  
You forgive him, of course.
After all, he is your moon boy.
And while Steven has the best fun facts.
Jake has the best gifts.
There's nothing that can compared to Marc's bear hug ♡♡
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yourbucky084 · 2 days ago
so I got deleted.
Tumblr media
hey everyone. i'm shannon, aka yourbucky084, aka matt murdock whore, ect ect. if you're a matt murdock fan, or an oscar isaac fan, chances are you've read my fics. i've been trying to collect my thoughts about this for a while, but i feel like the title says it best. yes, my account that i've had since 2014 l was deleted yesterday. 2,670+ followers, 1,000+ posts, years and years of supporting my fellow writers, and eventually, becoming a writer myself. tumblr has been a (surprisingly) safe place for me through years of bullying, depression, medical issues, ect, ect and losing my account felt like a losing a family member. i have emailed tumblr to see what (if anything) i can recover, but as lana del rey said, hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have. but, after lots of tears, lots of screaming, and panic texting friends (@saintmurd0ck u are a saint among us fr <3), I have decided to rebuild. so hi! welcome back. over the next couple weeks, i'm going to repost my fics, remake my masterlist, and try my best to follow everyone. i'm including my old taglist to spread the world, but if you all would reblog/repost/spread the world that would do wonders. i'm distraught but I can't end on this note. enjoy whores! - shannon <3
@i-said-it-n-i-meant-itnt-itt-it @[email protected] @laura-palmer-del-rey @pettypartypooper @ferxaniti @m0chaminx @srquinnhexa @fairyofspring @mnxxlove @kayxvii @hisdoll107 @hellmoonsin @mattmurdock82 @zabblegrabble @leto-duke @baconmuffins1216  @laprvphette @flawssy227  @the-dragonsqueen @galaxysgal @leossmoonn @shakespeareanwannabe @dontsaypetertingle @iflostreturntobudcooper @aliceblisss @phantomkindalikejaiden @phoebe-danvers @sfr99 @twentyfirstcenturyfox @justlenastuff @btsforlif @optic-neenee @foxe @floof-butt @general-latino @tobyr68 @tatespillows @aimerriarkle  @tooflef @trapped-in-this-love @wasicskosgirl @tiredpurpleee @crazyxshit @delmoyyy 
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teacup-teacup · 2 days ago
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He do a lil punchy punch :)
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my-secret-shame · 11 hours ago
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nowritingonthewall · 2 days ago
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“He’s been a handful since the day he was born. Just like his mother.”
(Kes Dameron, Star Wars Vol. 2)
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dameronscopilot · a day ago
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Triple Frontier (2019)
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moonknightyws · 16 hours ago
I want him to stare at me
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[gif not mine.]
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fangirlingcentral · 2 days ago
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Salt and pepper looks good on you.
Aging like a fine wine.
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nkp1981 · 2 days ago
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Oscar Isaac in an interview for "SiriusXM", 2022
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hoedamn-eron · 20 hours ago
drunk in love
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You’re drunk and call Marc to come and pick you up.
Warnings: Reader is very drunk. Some swearing. Inaccurate depictions of DID (only knowledge from the show and some light research). Wordcount: 1,403 GN!Reader, no use of Y/N.
Let's pretend this isn't a whole 2 days late. Also, not too fond of this. I felt like it was good going at the beginning but the end just lacked a bit of umph. Maybe one day I'll re-write it.
Tumblr media
Marc couldn’t help but chuckle at the voicemail you’d left on his phone late that night (or early in the morning, depending on how you looked at it).
“Hiiiiiii, it’s meeeeeee. Marc, please can you come and pick me up? I’m tired and I want to go to bed. I’m reeeeeeally drunk. We can get a McDonalds on the way home, or something from that pizza place that Jake likes so much.”
Before Marc could even think about calling you back to see which bar you were at, he’d seen that he had another voicemail.
“I just…” you hiccupped. “I just realised that I forgot to tell you where I am. I’m at Pergola Paraíso, you know, in Paddington? Jake’s been there with me, Jake knows where it is.”
Jake confirmed in the headspace that he did, in fact, know where you were and was happy to go and get you.
“Nice try,” Marc muttered, already slipping his jacket on, and sliding his now locked phone in the pocket. “You’d go in and join them instead of taking them home.”
Grabbing the car keys, Marc left the flat. The corridor was dark as Marc walked towards the lift, but he could hear some of the general noise coming from the other flats. He wondered what they were doing on a Friday night at nearly two in the morning. Most of them were probably asleep, but he knew one or two would still be up. He’d never really cared enough before, but then again, he hadn’t ever needed to leave the flat at two in the morning before (through the front door anyway).
His car was cold when he climbed in, cranking the blowers on full to warm up quicker. Marc sent you a text to let you know he was on the way before setting off. The roads were relatively quiet and Marc got to the bar quickly, parking up outside and looking at the busy pavement, where the bar had people coming in and out.
Marc sighed because of course you weren’t stood outside waiting for him. He sent another text to you, watching the door of the bar to see if you would come out, but his text went unseen for another ten minutes. Giving another sigh, Marc turned the car off, dreading having to warm it back up again later when he got back in, with a drunk you in tow. He’ll have to get Jake to take a look at it when he was free.
Marc rolled his eyes as he heard Jake snort with laughter in the headspace. As if he’s ever ‘free’.
Marc walked into the bar, immediately looking around for you among the drunk and probably horny crowd. The place was huge, it was going to be hard to find you. He knew you were wearing red, since you sent him a picture of your little get-up before you got into your Uber to join your friends. He’d stared at that picture for a good, long while. You were so perfect, his chest hurt.
It wasn’t long until he spotted you. Your back was to him, and you were throwing back some fruity looking cocktail as you listened to your friend talking to you about something that looked incredibly captivating by the look on your face. Marc started to make his way over, reaching you in no time at all as you put your now empty drink down on the table, his hand landing on your shoulder as leaned to your ear. “Hey, baby.”
You turn to look at him in confusion, your eyes narrowed as your tried to focus. Your gasped in delight as you saw who it was, your eyes widening comically. “Marc!”
Marc gave a closed lip smile as your friends greeted him in the same, drunken chant of his name. Marc straightened up as he gave your shoulder a squeeze. “Come on, let’s go home.”
You nod, turning to gather your things, Marc holding back a laugh at how slow you were, making sure you had everything (Marc still did a double check anyway). You eventually stood, stumbling a bit, causing Marc to grab you by your upper arm. You waved enthusiastically to your friends before Marc lead you out of the bar, his hand on the base of your back. You were chatting away to him about your night, but he couldn’t hear what you were saying over the noise of the bar.
Marc helped you into the car, snickering a little as you stumbled in, messing with the seatbelt, missing the buckle a few times before finally getting it, strapping yourself in and giving Marc a double thumbs up. Marc laughed before giving you a thumbs up back and closing the door behind you and jogging around to the driver’s side and climbing in.
“Can we go to McDonald’s?”
Marc smiled. “We can go wherever you want, baby.” He started the car, checking the roads before pulling out.
“I want McDonald’s,” you sighed, leaning your head back against the seat as your eyes closed. “I’m gonna get chicken nuggets.”
“You can get chicken nuggets if you want.”
“I will,” you whisper. You shiver after a few seconds, realising how cold the car was. “Are you going to let Jake look at the heating of this thing, it takes forever?”
“He doesn’t have the time.”
You both drove in silence, going towards the nearest drive-thru McDonald’s. It would take them half an hour away from the flat, but you had always been a cute drunk, and Marc could never say no. It was the same with Steven and Jake…they were wrapped around your finger, and they had no shame in admitting it.
“Thank you for picking me up,” you say, finally opening your eyes to give Marc a dopey smile.
“That’s okay, I’m happy to come and get you.”
“I really appreciate that you let me go out and have fun with my friends.”
Marc’s brow furrowed slightly as he took a quick glance at you before turning back to the road. “Why wouldn’t I let you go out with your friends?”
“Because…” you started, before sitting up in the chair a little more to look at Marc with a determined look on your face. “Because, some of my friend’s partners are really funny about them going out.”
Marc shook his head. “I’ll never do that with you.”
You nod after a few moments. “I know.” You gave another sigh. “I just…they were all talking about how shitty their relationships are, but they didn’t realise they were shitty, you know? And I couldn’t help but feel how I lucky I am to have you. And Steven and Jake. You all accept me and let me live my life how I want to.”
Marc frowned a little. “Well…we trust you, and we respect you. How are we supposed to expect the same trust and respect if we don’t let you be yourself, and make your own decisions?”
“Daisy said that Harry gives her a curfew.” You pull a disgusted face. “A curfew! She’s older than me!”
Marc shook his head, indicating right before turning, seeing the glow of the bright yellow M in the distance. “It’s not right, baby. I get it, she deserves better.”
“I hope she gets out of that relationship because…” you shook your head before snorting, leaving that as your answer. “You trust me to find my way, because I’m an adult. I’m responsible.”
“You are. Steven likes that about you.”
“And I like Steven.”
Marc held back a laugh. “We’re gonna get some food and then we’re going to go home. Bet you’re exhausted.”
“Thank you for picking me up.”
Marc couldn’t help it. He let out a laugh at your drunken mumblings, and the fact you had already forgotten that you had thanked him for the lift back home. “It’s fine, baby. I’m glad you asked me to come and get you instead of trying to get home yourself.” He smirked at you. “It was very responsible of you.”
You snorted before dissolving into giggles. “I love you.”
Marc beamed. He couldn’t help it. You were affectionate most days, but you being drunk in his car, declaring your love for him, just made his chest feel warm. He finally turned into the McDonald’s. “I love you too.”
“Really, truly. Now, do you want chicken nuggets?”
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oscarisaacsspit · a day ago
oscar isaac in the two faces of january, bloopers and gag reel x
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teacup-teacup · 2 days ago
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They,,, they hold hands ;-;
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my-secret-shame · 2 days ago
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Steven Grant: 8
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spider-starry · 7 hours ago
One "moon knight headcanons" coming right up!! 💐
- steven buys oversized clothes on purpose. Not just cause it's comfy, but specifically so he could sit you in his lap and put you in the hoodie as well.
- Steven's reading glasses broke once. After sulking for a little bit, you offered to read to him. He was delighted
- he layed his head in your lap, closes his eyes and just listens as you read. He couldn't stop himself purring when you started playing with his hair, and was so embarrassed when he caught himself until you told him you thought it was cute
- Marc loves grape juice. No l will not elaborate.
- Jake is the KING of girls' nights. Came back home feeling down? He's GOT YOU. Spiked hot cocoa? With your favourite booze. New nail polish? He'd paint your nails and let u do his. Don't question the burnt smell from the trash, he tried and that's all that matters, food delivery is on the way ❤️
- seriously he'd watch romcoms with you and act out the stupid scenes and recite cheesy lines with you for daysssssssss
- Marc can't see you cry without crying himself. He'd let you bury your face in his chest and would hold you as close as possible. Little do you know that it's for his own comfort too.
- steven managed to convince u to play hide and seek around the flat with him. He actually hid really well, behind some piles of books, but you found him in seconds, guided by the sound of giggling.
- marc and jake like carrying you around. If you're too sad to get up, they'd pick you up, either koala style or over their shoulder. Steven on the other hand gets his kick out of sitting on your lap, his hands over your shoulders, either kissing you or burying his face in your neck.
Tumblr media
What did I do to deserve you sweet anon! All of these headcanons got me blushing and smiling like an idiot. I needed this. Thank you!
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oscarskirt · 9 hours ago
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@usergif BACK TO COOL EVENT: challenge #3: Layout & Transition One Must Go: Oscar Isaac Filmography Edition
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