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Man you big soft belly looks great in those shiny leather shorts! Maybe you will give us an ass thigh pic in them too...
Great gaining keep it up u look good 馃憤
Trying to get a good ass pic took forever! But hopefully you enjoy these ones! 馃惙
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drewcent 2 days ago
Thank you everyone for purchasing my vids over at Sizable and requesting customs. Thanks to you my empty belly is bigger than ever and I can keep fattening up without stopping! 馃い
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Tubby greedy pig.
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Mein Bruder hat sich lustig gemacht, weil ich so zugenommen habe. Da habe ich ihn f眉r ein paar Tage zu mir nach Hause eingeladen. Bald macht er sich nicht mehr 眉ber mein Gewicht lustig.
My brother made a mockery of me because I have gained so much weight. So I invited him to my house for a few days. Soon he doesn't make fun of my weight anymore.
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Thicctok coming through to drop another truth bomb
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More art by yours truly
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Fat and happy!
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Challenging Fatphobic Language in Writing: Some Alternative Vocabularies
So I鈥檓 currently working on a short story for an explicitly fat-positive anthology, and it鈥檚 making me realize just how little language I have readily at hand for describing large bodies in positive terms!聽
Putting aside for a moment the whole debate over HAES and fat positivity and everything else -- and if you clown on this post, I鈥檓 simply going to block you, that鈥檚 not what we鈥檙e here for -- sometimes you just want to write a story with a fat person in it and you need some adjectives/descriptive language that isn鈥檛 overtly gross and/or fetishistic.聽
Well, I鈥檝e got you, fam. I have compiled this handy list of descriptive terms and phrases for describing big bodies with positive connotations.
Why am I doing this?聽
Because this:
Tumblr media
And this:聽
Tumblr media
And frankly, we all deserve better. So let鈥檚 go.聽
Positive (and Neutral) Adjectives for Fatness
Movement Verbs Evoking Fatness
Some Points to Keep In Mind
A big part of challenging fatphobia in writing is inverting or subverting stereotypes. Here are a few lazy/played-out tropes and things to think about:聽
Fat = Greedy I think we can all agree at this point that there are better ways to show greed -- such as excessive wealth, entitlement, selfishness, and so forth. There is really no need to use fatness or gluttony as a metaphor for these concepts. Just write your greedy character doing greedy things and resist the urge to make them also be fat. If you need a strong visual metaphor, go for opulence and wealth instead.聽
Fat = Gross聽 A ton of media, especially horror, loves making fat people slovenly, smelly, covered in food stains, farting and belching, etc. etc. So if you want a more positive representation, just presenting the character as clean, well-dressed, tidy, etc. actually goes a very long way. Consider playing against type by making your fat character dapper or fastidious about other elements of their appearance, like their hair, or wearing very nice custom-fitted clothes (or even just聽鈥渄ressing up鈥 a bit more than everyone else).聽
Fat = Out of Shape Yes, absolutely, many fat people are also out of shape couch potatoes. But so are a lot of skinny people. And fat people absolutely can be athletic -- go google聽鈥渇at athletes鈥 for several lists of them if you don鈥檛 believe me! Sure, you probably won鈥檛 find a ton of fat long-distance runners, but you鈥檒l definitely find plenty of hefty weight lifters, fighters, folks with physical jobs, etc. A lot of super muscular people are also carrying extra fat, and that is in fact way more common and natural than the super-defined, well-cut muscles you see on TV. Keep that in mind the next time you鈥檙e writing an army of strong hand-to-hand combatants -- they鈥檙e likely to be physically big, not in a bulging muscle He-Man way but more of an聽鈥渁bsolute unit鈥 way. Keep in mind, too, that even regular folks packing extra pounds will often tend to be a lot stronger (on account of spending every day carrying extra weight!) You can be fat and graceful, fat and strong, fat and with endurance. Just something to keep in mind.聽
Fat = Pig聽 Pigs have a reputation for being huge, dirty, smelly, garbage-eating slobby creatures, and聽鈥渄isgusting fat pig鈥 and聽鈥減orker鈥 and their ilk have been insults against big people for a long time. Of course, in reality pigs are also super smart, highly social (and fucking terrifying) but that鈥檚 not usually waht gets invoked when people think of them! Really, avoiding animal language when talking about people is often a good idea (since animal comparisons can be dehumanizing), but if you are going to evoke an animal, go with something else. Like a seal (super cute, very graceful in its natural environment) or a bear (big and solid and intimidating) or a bull elk (thick and majestic).聽
Fat = Ugly聽 Fat people can be beautiful. I mean, sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and inner beauty is a thing and all that -- but that鈥檚 not what I鈥檓 talking about. I mean that fat bodies are great! They鈥檙e warm and soft and huggable. They鈥檙e big and solid and comforting. They can be strong and protective. They can be super-feminine and curvy. Cute as a button or powerful and demanding with their presence.聽
Obviously dismantling fatphobia is a whole big (ha, ha) topic all on its own, and there鈥檚 a ton more to think about. But this is at least something to get you started!聽
Context matters a whole lot in description -- words can be positive or negative based on how they鈥檙e utilized! But these are at least some terms intended to be a bit less loaded with negative baggage than those often used in less flattering descriptions.聽
Have you read a book with a fat character who had a great or interesting description? Please reblog, I鈥檇 love to see how other authors have handled it!聽
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as requested- my zine about fat and plus size body types from instagram!馃挅 happy drawing everyone!
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Thick thighs save lives
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Me: diet culture is toxic
Also me: *starves myself*
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