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☆彡 May 27th

Breakfast - 330ml of Iron Bru [2 calories] 🥤

Lunch - a cup of blackberry squash [2 calories] + 1/3 of a can of Magners Irish cider [41 calories] 🍇🍏🍺

Dinner - 330ml of Iron Bru [2 calories] 🥤

☀︎ Subtotal - 47 calories ☀︎

Exercise - 1hr & 30 minute walk [-437 calories] 🐶🚶🏼‍♀️

Daily total - -390 calories

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please reblog if you think this could be helpful to the people who follow you !!

a recovery tip for if ur Terrified of certain foods or of All foods outside of a select few safe foods, and you’re trying to recover, especially if you have problems with purging (and binging):

any food is much better than none food. start off your day by pushing yourself to eat a few safe foods. I find that if I fast for the first part of the day, it makes it way harder to eat anything later.

at some point when you’re feeling daring, make some meals out of safe food, but with a Little Bit of another food that scares you. I had a picnic today and it was mostly safe foods, but there was also some hummus there, which is a fear/binge food for me personally. so I had mostly safe foods, with just a bit of hummus! and it worked out!

blease y'all try it, especially if you struggle with binging and purging. trying to jump right into eating all the things I’m afraid of right away in recovery usually leads to me binging, and most likely purging. by introducing them back in, with a safe feeling environment, makes those foods feel less inherently out of control and I think it’s a good first few steps.

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Michael 02

Michael enjoys a little vacation from all his work as an underwear model. Finally having time for himself, he likes chilling on the beach, having some ice cream and drinking some cocktails at the bar of the resort. The first couple of days he went the gym regularly, but now, in his second week, he prefears spending all days relaxing, and enjoys the great food and drinks of the resort. (+10.5 lbs, 4.7 kg)

Second part of my weight gain drive.

Soon I will post the finished version, for now I share the schetch. O.5 lb like 1 lb reblog. Please help me sharing my arts.

Patreon: notsothinanymore

Instagram: notsothinanymore

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🌹 Day 22: what was your lowest weight? How and why did you gain?

My lowest weight was 65.4kg and I reached it July ‘19.

Why did I gain? Because I moved out from home and I gained maybe 4/5kgs. Then my hormones started to get out of control:

I had cramps which were really hard and painful sand I couldn’t move around. So my gynecologist told me to take my hormones without a break and I did. Those 3 months I had no break from it, were the worst.. I gained 10kg, had depressions and mood swings… and I wasn’t able to lose those extra pounds in a normal way. I needed to do excessive workouts and ate 1-2 meals a day, but even that changed nothing and ana was getting worse and worse. In brief, I changed my doctor and the new one understood my problem and now I’m not taking any hormones and I feel a LOT better. But from November '19 till now (May '20) the hormones are still out of control in my body. I can’t lose weight. If I eat 3 meals a day I gain almost 3 lbs overnight…so ana and mia are my only way to lose weight. And pieces of myself..

So thats my story. Not every weight gain is because of eating too much. Sometimes your body needs to tell you something in a different way

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This skinny girl on Instagram with tiny titties and no tummy tried to tag herself as #thick and #curvy and that shit made me so mad I swear… STOP trying to reclaim the word thick unless you’re actually overweight. It gives everyone this false notion that thick means no tummy with a fat ass and big titties. You’re ruining a word that actually makes fat people feel good and desirable.

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I don’t mind my ED?

Is it just me that doesn’t… dislike having an ED? Like.. I feel fine except when I’m thinking about my ugly body, it upsets me but I know that my fat will be gone soon.

I find it pretty easy to eat 500 cals a day and no more. I can still eat my cheat foods as long as it’s in very small quantities. I mean I had a crepe with Nutella and strawberries today, it was only 204 cals!!

The only time it’s hard for me not to binge is when I’m fasting for over 24hrs so I’ve decided to stop. I’m just gonna stick with eating around 400-500 cals a day or less if I feel like it, which is weirdly easy for me?

I’m sorry if this comes across as really annoying because i know it may not be this easy for everybody, but I just wanted people to let me know if I’m not the only one? Sometimes it makes me feel like I’m faking because I’m not suffering emotionally horribly. I mean I have ptsd, depression and anxiety diagnosed and am on antidepressants, but this was way before I ever had an eating disorder.

Anyway, please reply if you can somewhat relate?

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT pro, I am pro recovery!! If these sort of posts trigger you, please block me and stay away from these tags. I only use this account to get advice from others for only myself, to feel a little less alone and to track my own personal progress. Stay safe ❤️

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