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#marauders map
morwap · 2 days ago
i’ll never leave you
remus lupin x f! reader
angst? ☆
summary: i’m not good with summary’s i’m sorry :( also no spell check lol
master list. oneshots
Tumblr media
remus had been locking himself in the marauders shared dorm only coming out to go to class, it’s been about three weeks since y/n had seen him properly after he stormed out of the hospital wing after hearing about what happened.
remus had done his best to keep his secret from her, prideful in it actually making her think he was normal but everything went down the fucking drain when she had followed him and sirius to the whomping willow tree and into the shrieking shack. why? — why did she think following him was a good idea? he questioned himself that daily but the more prominent questions being, why was he a fucking monster? why did he have to be this way? why did his friends go through the hassle of taking care of a burden like him.
he understood why she followed him but at the same time didnt, i mean when your boyfriend goes missing durning a full moon every bloody month you of course would wonder, always having to turn down things she might have wanted to do that day and the day after. he didn’t want to look so vulnerable around her, giving himself a day to heal so she wouldn’t question anything even then she still would notice. y/n noticed everything from a new scar to how he limped or how he was so tired or irritated the week from the full moon. james would make new conversation everytime she asked about it giving the other marauders worried glances.
but now y/n knew, she knew that her boyfriend was a werewolf, a beast. he remembered everything from that night, the way padfoot and prongs carried him as he was going in and out of consciousness as y/n tried to help carry him too. he knew he wasn’t dreaming when he looked back and it was her, he barely had enough energy to do a second glance but still managed before going unconscious again.
“p—padfoot i thought i saw y/n th–there” remus mumbled eyes still barely fluttering open as he reached for sirius’ hand as he tried to sit up but got pushed back down. “moony rest and we will talk about it later” sirius said making remus confused but every time he blinked his eyes felt more heavy.
hours had past and remus was up with the little bit of energy he had, remus had forgotten about y/n being there until james said something that sounded like her name. “sirius was she there? or was it in my head” remus spoke sternly and james gave him doe eyes and walked towards him rubbing his back. sirius let out a breath “she was there. she followed us and james drug her away before anything happened” he said as remus’ eyes painfully fought back tears.
“she was admit about seeing you mate, she ran to you but i stopped her.” james mumbled that only remus could hear then the footsteps came into ear. y/n’s robes flowing in the air at how fast she walked, she was determined to see remus after the boys had tried to lock her in her room so she’d give remus some time alone. remus’ heart pounded and pounded and he became light headed as she got closer and closer to the group. “remus” she said worriedly as remus shot up from his hospital bed, knocking a tray over in the meantime trying to get the fuck out of there. tears now falling down his face, his cheeks red, eyes puffy and nose raw from rubbing it.
it had been a miserable three weeks for y/n without remus, she had shed a couple of tears on sirius’ shoulder about the whole thing and she couldn’t imagine how remus was feeling. lily started asking if y/n and him broke up and she didn’t know that answer, did remus want to break up after this? of course she wouldn’t know they haven’t talked for three weeks. today was enough she knew remus needed his alone time but she also knew how much of an overthinker he is, that was a huge thing in the beginning of their relationship how much he overthinks about one small thing and she had grown to learn how to ease his mind.
“give me the map james” y/n said with her hand out, “what? no” james groaned taking a bite of toast. “james please i need to see him or at least know where he’s at” she pleaded tears threatening to come out, “fine” james had finally given in. he handed it to her as she opened a jar and put a few strawberries in it then into the bag she had on her shoulder “thank you james” y/n said sweetly holding the map.
y/n walked to the girls bathroom to make a plan, she looked through her bag “chocolate, strawberries, and the ingredient list for the wolfsbane potion check” she hummed to herself then opened the map saying the key phrase. her eyes danced around the map looking for his name and there he was. she closed the map knowing where he was, he was at the where they had shared their first kiss.
y/n stopped and adjusted the bag on her shoulder as she saw a little bit of his sweater come into view, she snuck behind him then coming around to sit on his left. he didn’t look at her but he knew she was there just by her scent she was wearing the perfume he liked that smelled like a coffee shop and book pages with vanilla, he was always a fan of vanilla fragrances. remus’ back pressed firmly to the tree bark as y/n reached into her bag and pulled out the chocolate and strawberries she got for him, she hasn’t seen him eat in a while.
she took at deep breath slowly putting the chocolate on his lap then resting her hand on his thigh, showing him that it wasn’t him that made her scared and want to run it was her afraid she would scare him away which made him chuckle a bit. he breathed hard then picked up the chocolate unwrapping the foil and bringing it to his mouth, “love, can we talk?” y/n asked she wanted to be there for him even if he didn’t want to talk.
remus thought hard then hummed in response tears already at his eyes, “i never wanted you to see me like that” he muttered his head hanging low “to see the monster that i am and i’m so sorry if i scared you” he said his voice cracking and nose sniffling. “you’re not a monster remus” y/n said her eyes glossed over, she looked at him over her shoulder and he couldn’t even look at her. “i am y/n. i’m a disgusted bloody werewolf” remus spat his tears now falling freely.
“no remus not at all, i don’t think monsters read poetry and romance books, or help the first years find their way around the castle, or enjoys pottery” y/n said with a faint smile, remus’ tears kept going no matter how much he wiped them away. “i know you’re upset that i found out but i wish you had told me sooner, i want to be there for you and care for you” she said now tears in her eyes, she looked back at him once again putting her hand on his thigh “don’t cry love” y/n mumbled as she got closer and wiped his tears with the sleeve of her sweater, well remus’ sweater.
“i’m sorry i just thought you’d hate me and just leave” remus confessed as she was still wiping his red cheeks, “i love you remus” y/n stammered and brought her lips to his forehead, remus wrapped his arms around her waist putting his head in her chest trying not to cry more. y/n cradled his head after she had kissed his forehead her face now resting on his hair, her left hand playing with this hair. “i love you so much, i’d never hate you.” her voice was muffled but he could hear her, her voice always made him relaxed.
y/n inhaled the scent of his lavender shampoo, “i’ll never leave you remus” y/n mumbled giving him another kiss on the forehead then returned to sitting next to him, but she was much closer now their hands interlocked sitting in the new comfortable silence for a little while.
remus took a bite of the last strawberry in the container, “oh a couple days ago i read some books on lycanthropy and found the ingredients for wolfsbane i’m working on the potion now i’ll try to get it done before the full moon” y/n said smiling at her boyfriend. “you don’t hav—“ he started but was cut off by y/n “i know i don’t but i want too” she leaned over giving him a kiss on his cheeks.
Tumblr media
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stargazedmoony · 10 hours ago
WAS </3
*watching the two boys*
james: do you... do you think they’re all right?
peter: don’t even ask
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moony06 · 3 months ago
It's really not that hard to understand, I'm a harry potter fan not in a "I'm in love with draco and I love jk for creating this universe" way but in a gay marauders fanfic masterpiece good old fashioned lover boy dorlene happy sadness flowerpot regulus headcanon human golden retriever wolfstar happy ending everyone lives 70s way
I don't know why people don't get it
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evyrob · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fixing plot holes again. If you've been wondering why Weasley twins "haven't noticed" Peter Pettigrew, here is the only plausible explanation, cause i'm personally not happy with the "they've been looking the other way" version
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If Jk Rowling wanted so much for us to believe that Remus was straight maybe just MAYBE she shouldn’t have made him drop whatever he was holding and panic EVERY SINGLE time someone mentioned Sirius in Prisoner of Azkaban
And don’t even get me started with all the eye fucking in the Order of the Phoenix
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lamesiscanon · 10 months ago
Sirius: *hiding something behind his back* Would you still love me if I accidentally turned James into a frog?
Remus: *suspicious* That's oddly specific.
James: *croaks*
Sirius: Please just answer the question.
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dead-james-potter · 10 days ago
Marlene, angry: I just got back from the hair salon! They curled my hair when I wanted it straight!
Lily: Did you ask them to straighten it?
Marlene: No, but I didn't ask them to curl it either, did I?
Lily: You could of just asked for it to be straight.
Sirius, popping out of nowhere: My Mother asked for me to be straight but unfortunately....
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Remus: *bottles up his feelings*
James: Ok Remus, repeat after me:
James: That’s
Remus: That’s
James: Not
Remus: Not
James: Healthy
Remus: Healthy
James: That’s not healthy
Remus: I’m fine and I don’t need emotions.
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veryberryjelly · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
summary : waking up with james
warnings : none other than fluff fluff fluff
wc: 0.6k
Groaning as the sun shone into her eyes, y/n turned over to her other side and buried her head in her pillow, hoping that the sun would just disappear if she ignored it for long enough.
But sadly, that was not the case.
Because she had forgotten to shut the curtains on her bed last night, the sun was coming in from every which way and making it impossible for her to go back into a peaceful sleep.
Figuring she would get no more sleep, y/n sat up slightly and let her eyes adjust to the blinding light before they fell on the sleeping figure next to her.
A smile graced her lips as she admired the boy with his face smushed into a pillow and the sun shining over his bare back. Even if she had to be awake, she wasn’t so mad about the sight she had to wake up to.
But she couldn’t be awake on her own for much longer without growing bored, so she lifted her hand to push back gently through her boyfriend’s mop of curls and leant down to pepper feather light kisses onto his bare shoulder. y/n knew she had been successful in waking him up when she heard a soft groan leave his lips as he curled into y/n’s chest.
“morning, love” she muttered quietly, her hands now cradling his head against her chest as he slowly woke up. All she got in response was a tired hum.
For the next ten minutes she was laid on her bed, with james head in her chest as she pushed her hands back through his curls, trying to coax him out of his sleepy state so they could get up and go to breakfast. But when she heard a snore against her chest, she knew that gently waking him up wasn’t exactly the best method.
y/n pressed a soft kiss onto the top of his head before pulling back a little so she could actually look at him.
“Jamie, we have to get up. We have potions in half an hour.” She had only raised her voice a little to try and wake him up. It had worked a little. His eyelashed were fluttering against his cheeks as his eyes slowly opened.
When he laid eyes on the girl laid infront of him, he felt all tiredness leave his body and he was just left with a flutter in his chest. He always thought she looked better in the mornings. No makeup, wavy hair and an old t-shirt of his draped over her body.
Before he didn’t want to wake up but now he just didn’t want to get out of bed .
“ don’t wanna. Wan’ to stay here with you.” He wrapped his arms around y/n’s waist and pulled her closer to his chest, despite her slight struggle.
“No, James. Can’t stay here any longer if you want to eat before class” she pulled back as best she could to look him in the eye, even if his hold on her was trying to prevent her from doing so. When he refused to let her go, she figured her only way of actually getting out of bed was with a bribe.
“hey, if we get up now, I promise we can come back here after our last class and you don’t have to let me go until morning if you don’t want.” She bit her lips softly as he waited for his answer.
And that was a promise she didn’t mind keeping.
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