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#wild animals
4reddragona day ago
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Happy on Wilhelmstein Island, Lower Saxony, Germany.
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quique722 hours ago
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yieldfruit2 days ago
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somecutething8 months ago
Dolphins doing cartwheels with an aquarium guest.
(via Ant.Giovanni)
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06bjkcirkinkrala day ago
Black wolf and winter馃惡
And great music
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allthesepurplelightsa month ago
just a precious seal chilling, napping on a piece of ice, snoring loudly
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before-life5 months ago
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by aanonyma
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the-fantabulous-satan5 months ago
for an animal rights activist, you spread a lot of negativity ://
if you want to educate people, don't be like PETA. you'd get better reception and people might actually listen instead of react with more anger and defensiveness.
i agree with your cause and what you stand for, i just don't think it's very well received by the general public with how you do it.
Hello, this is clearly bait. First and foremost, I am NOT an animal rights activist.
I am a wildlife biologist who specializes in the conservation of large predators and animal education. I want what's best for the animal based on its individual needs, I do not care about the perceived anthropomorphic "rights" that an animal has. I care that it is healthy and happy, and free to express natural behaviors safely in a habitat that is suited for it. That is called "Animal Welfare" activism.
I am courteous when the situation calls for it, and abrasive when people need to hear it. I'm not going to hold someones hand and go, "Oh honey baby. Wild animals aren't supposed to be kept as pets uwu."
No. Wild Animals are not meant to be kept as pets and anyone who thinks its okay is endangering the lives of everyone around them and the well being of that animal.
I am not going to sugar coat anything either, "Oh honey bear, kitties are inside only pets, you silly willy."
No. Outdoor cats are a destructive invasive species that decimates wild animal populations that have led to the extinction and endangerment of numerous species of small animals. Aside from the destruction to the environment that outdoor cats perform, they are also exposed to untold disease, illness, and predation. Keep Your Fucking Cat Inside.
Anything else that you think I'm being "negative" about anon?
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