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$25.12 18% off sell - Hatsandscarf CC Exclusives Unisex Oversized Slouchy Beanie with Pom (HAT-6242POM) - Brown - C812NYMSLK5

100% Acrylic100% Soft AcrylicChunky Multi Color with Knit Pom Unisex Knitted Beanie.Head Measurements: 57 cm, 22-3/8", Size 7-1/8. Flat measurement: 11-½" x 9-3/8" - will stretch nicelyOur comfortable & soft beanie keep your head and ear warm during the winter. This beanie can be worn both casual and sophisticated wear and also perfect for outdoor fashion, including biking, camping, ice skating, snowboarding, running and more.

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$95.43 17% off sell - Men’s Donegal Tweed 8 Piece Cap Newsboy Cap - Brown Salt & Pepper - C812COEV4N3

A beautifully handcrafted capThe Plain Tweed Eight-Piece Cap is as popular today as it was in the old days.Irish Wool and Irish HandsThis distinctive style is sometimes referred to as the ‘Newsboy’ cap.

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Deliciously sweet banana bread with plenty of vanilla flavor.

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I did the pamphlet thing again. this time I did an eating disorder pamphlet. The smiles turned out superbly creepy but tbh the stock photos kinda creeped me out so it makes sense

also to clarify. I took the pamphlets to learn. I read through and fully used them before cutting them up. I am not taking the opportunity to learn from someone who needs it. I needed it. 

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$30.09 15% off sell - Gladiator Sandal Boot - Brown - CM18CCN5ACA

fabric Strap PU upper Open toe Man Made Sole Imported

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Crochet Autumn Log Cabin Throw

Crochet Autumn Log Cabin Throw

Crochet Autumn Log Cabin Afghan
This incredible afghan has me in awe of its texture and the way the colouring can puzzle together. This leaves room for interpretation as you can turn the squares to form things like diamonds too. This is the Autumn Log Cabin Afghan.
The colouring for me is really appealing. It’s the largest log cabin design of the choices I have for you today.
Free Pattern:…


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Although, if you like everything you read, I can’t take you seriously. Perhaps you didn’t think about these books long enough.

- Min Jin Lee, Pachinko.

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Patriotism is just an idea, so is capitalism or communism. But ideas can make men forget their own interests. And the guys in charge will exploit men who believe in ideas too much.

- Min Jin Lee, Pachinko.

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