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Time for Abby from The Last of Us Part 2🥰 The long overdue 2nd half to my Ellie portrait.
This one also hurt to paint 😢As much as I love Ellie, I found myself quickly growing empathy towards Abby and getting pulled into her journey just as much, if not more than the latter. My heart can’t deal 🥺

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Abby leans against her bulky backpack, tries to force it to become comfortable. It won’t. She folds her arms over her chest, sighs.

The fire’s almost too hot, too bright; Lev throws another dry, brittle log into the flames, and the shadows jump and flare on the gray, rocky walls around them.

Lev drops down heavily, glances at Abby. He shrugs off his own bag, leans back against it. Folds his arms over his chest.

Abby wishes he would stop doing that. Wishes she could make him understand that of all the people in the world he should be imitating, should be learning from–she’s the absolute last. The worst. The most terrible.

And yet, every little copied gesture also makes her desperate to change that.

Maybe, if she tries hard enough, she’ll be the person Lev thinks she is–someday.

The bad things can’t be undone, but the good things–those have to count for something. Don’t they?

Not that she’s particularly interested in redemption. Some things just aren’t redeemable. But being what Lev needs, protecting him from the shrieking madhouse of this world–that she can keep doing, one day at a time.

“Man…” Abby finally says, “I would kill for a hot dog right about now.”

Lev looks up at her, and his face is some mixture of confusion and horror.

“What, you don’t like hot dogs?” Abby asks.

“No,” Lev says, “Or cold ones, either. I’ve told you.”

“What? No,” Abby sighs with exasperation, “Not hot dogs. Hot dogs.”

Lev continues to stare, puzzled.

“Hot dogs,” Abby repeats with frustrated persistence, “You know–”

She holds her hands up, mimes the eating of a hot dog, but this only seems to increase Lev’s concerns.

“You put them in a bun,” Abby insists, “And put ketchup on them. Manny used to–” She pauses, struck with the loss again, “Well, Manny used to put pickles on his, whenever we had a fresh batch at the FOB.”

“Pickles?” Lev asks.

“What the hell, Lev…” Abby sighs, “Someday, I’m gonna find a hot dog for you. Hot dogs and pickles. We’ll eat, like, a hundred of them. It’ll be great.”

“But…they’re not…it’s not made of…” Lev pushes hesitantly, “…dogs?”

“No, Lev,” Abby sighs, scrubs a hand over her face, “No…it’s not made of dogs. There are no dogs involved in any way.”

“Cool,” Lev says with a similar sigh, “Hey, maybe I’ll understand if you show me again how you eat them–”

“No, Lev, I’m not doing it again–”

“Like this–” Lev does a bad, exaggerated interpretation of Abby’s overwrought miming, and begins to laugh at his own joke.

“You’re not as funny as you think you are,” Abby tells him defensively, but a grin hitches at the corner of her mouth, against her will.

“Still funnier than you,” Lev sighs.

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actually now that im watching it again i think it wouldve been better if nd didnt try to keep abbys existence a total secret and dropped that trailer before release. most ppl wouldnt be completely blindsided by the perspective shift, there would be less whining about false advertising and “fridging beloved characters” or whatever the fuck, and it would be so fun to speculate on how abbys and ellies story intertwine and what happens and why. maybe just throw out the joel scenes to keep that a bit more under wraps and bam, ur a lot more honest with ur trailers while still keeping the story vague and not introducing a new protagonist seemingly out of nowhere

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