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California closing beach parking lots but saying the beaches themselves are still open to nearby residents who can walk on is classist as hell and contradictory to the entire concept that beaches belong to the people. Like, basically you’re creating private beaches for the rich residents that can afford a minimum $4 million home? So they can be protected from all the covid-carrying poors? Dickheads like Vinod Khosla are probably throwing fucking parties right now and taking notes for their next lawsuits to keep us off public land.

Like, if you wanna close the beaches for public health reasons, fine. Close them. But don’t say “don’t drive in these are for the exclusive use of our extremely rich coastal residents and their equally rich friends, it’s for your own safety because coronavirus uwu”

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Loki went missing today….

We need to find him…


If you have any information please, Dm @marilynhue on Instagram

-photo credit: marilyn hue

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