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When we first came out for my husband’s interview, our friends who lived out here introduced us to this wonderful burger place called, Pickle Time. It isn’t too far away from us which is nice, and it is in a nice little town. When the pandemic hit, we did not really get a chance to get back there until one day after we were coming back from a hike. We decided a burger and fries sounded good and did a drive by to grab dinner. We had forgotten how delicious it was! What is nice about this place is the fries are nice and crispy, and they stay that way on our drive home. The burgers are fun and delicious. So far we think they are our favorite burgers that we found out here so far. We have also tried their fried dill pickles were so yummy! I have to say though, I love a good fried pickle!

This last time we went to go get it to-go, we had ordered a head of time. We ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger and the Texas Burger. What is also nice is that they have different kinds of patties you can choose from and even do wraps or hot subs if you would rather do that. Both burgers we ordered were delicious and the fries were still crispy when we got home. There are so many places that the fries are soggy after a little bit of a drive, but these were perfect!


This place has now become our go-to burger place. We look forward to having more visitors come so that way we can take them there to try it out. The food is delicious and there are even some really neat pieces of art around the restaurant which make the wait for the food that much more fun! We would highly recommend this place to anyone!

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A road waiting to be explored.

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When I was younger, I was told the sky changes where you are because it has a soul.

“Travel, gives us a new chance to look up into the deep, undiscovered and limitless soul the sky has. The reflection it gives us, is unforgiving on our memories.”

When we look into the sky, we see ourselves. We reflect on what has been, what could have and what can be through the bright colorful patterns revealed at dawn, dusk and night. We feel sorrow in the rain, as the sky cries out for the worlds peace. We feel peace in the deep, sparkles that appear at night.

Sometimes we fear this reflective action. We run away from this connection to ourselves and others. It makes us vulnerable so we hide behind bright city lights and build buildings to block out any chance. Other times, we seek this action. We want and desire this deep, holistic, and authentic feeling that is inspired in us when we look up at the sky. We travel to the smallest spaces of the earth just to feel. Sometimes these small spaces, are vast valleys or mountain tops, places you can see the ends of the earth. Other times, they are places of innocent and indescribable beauty.

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I spend my nights looking at flights. Longing to visit home. The funny thing is, I am right where I am supposed to be. But sometimes where you are supposed to be, where you long to be and where you call home are all different places.

It is hard to describe these feelings to people who don’t actively experience them. I transform the spaces I am in. I connect to the people. The lifestyle. The normal simplicity of a new society. Except that is the key, a new fresh start.

New places. New faces. New values. All bring new opportunities. That are relentless and passionate. They are deep and contextual. But they are opportunities to help you grow and learn.

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