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#autism spectrum
assmasterlex · 2 days ago
Some helpful information I learned in therapy was that it is okay to revisit a discussion or argument after some time has passed. This gives you a chance to say what you need to process your new feelings.
I always think back to times where I was furious after an argument or disagreement. I would negatively criticize myself because I didn't defend or bring up my point which added to my frustration. My old therapist told me it was okay to bring something up again if it helps you process your feelings and you are respectful to the other person while doing so. Their advice has always stuck with me after all this time.
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azuremist · 4 months ago
What’s happening to autistic people right now?
(Trigger warning for abuse, electroshock therapy, torture, and ableism.)
The US court has overturned the ban on shock devices being used against disabled students, predominantly autistic students in the US.
The shock device being legalized is called the graduated electronic decelerator (or GED). This is a torture device that is used to ‘correct’ autistic behaviors / symptoms. Autistic people are shocked for stimming, and for having meltdowns, ect. This device was made popular by a behavioral center (the Judge Rosenberg Center, specifically) that is infamous for its abuse and torture of autistic / disabled patients.
Tumblr media
(Image ID: someone is holding their arm out and resting it on a table, with their sleeve rolled up. Attached to their arm are wires, which connect to a small cube device.)
This is what the device looks like. It sends electric shocks into the victim’s skin; the victim often being restrained and held against their will. This is torture. GEDs have been reported to cause intense psychological trauma, PTSD, and physical injuries.
In March of 2020, the FDA ruled for GEDs to be banned. (Although, of course, they were still illegally used at a number of places.) This ruling has recently been appealed, and today, the US court of appeals has re-regulated the law to stop the use of GED. Sounds great, right? It would be!
... If not for a huge loophole in the wording, which basically allows this torture to continue. This device is going to have continued use on autistic students in order to “correct their behavior.”
“So.... What can I do??”
Great question! You can:
Listen to and boost autistic voices to spread awareness
As-of now (July 7th), autistic activists are trying to get #StopTheShock trending on Twitter, so Tweet out the hashtag if you have Twitter
If you’re in the US, email / call your legislators
Sign this petition if you’re in the US
Follow this case and look out for updates
If Autism Speaks (known ableist hategroup) says anything about this, DO NOT BOOST IT
That’s all! Thank you. Reblogs are very appreciated!!
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intersexfairy · 11 months ago
sensory issues be like *turns up phone brightness to hear better* *turns off light to see better* *socks don’t have to match but they MUST be the same length and texture* *washes hands out of no where because they don’t feel clean* *oversensitive to one sense but undersensitive to another, related sense* *unlocks phone to concentrate*
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tonysiron · 4 months ago
me discovering a new hyperfixation: this is it. This Is The One. there isnt anything on this goddamn planet that could overpower my Love for this Thing. what i'm feeling is an all consuming, overwhelming, incredibly overpowering Happiness, an immovable force within me. I will never stop tal
me, like two weeks later: i literally do not feel an ounce of human emotion about this Thing. i am an empty void, numb and dark. i have only known happiness once. and never will i feel it again.
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kyahcreate · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Transcription) Parallel Play and Autism [my experience; everyone is different] Parallel play is when people do separate activities with each other, not trying to influence each others behavior. I like socializing and I get lonely; I like company even though I don't like group activities, group conversations, group games, small talking, or large groups in general... I prefer being in someone’s company while doing my own activity. It is much less mentally taxing. With parallel play, I can be myself and communicate when I want to.
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interesteddisaster · 3 months ago
Please stop ignoring nonverbal and semiverbal/nonvocal and semivocal people when they are trying to talk to you. This goes for neurotypicals AND other neurodivergent people.
The amount of times I've been ignored, talked around, talked OVER, etc. in real life and online conversations just because I was stuck on a word, using emoji to communicate, using text-to-speech (those videos always get lower views, have you all noticed that?) or using nonverbal cues, etc, is absolutely infuriating.
And it's not just neurotypicals who do this! Other neurodivergent people, especially those who don't have shifting vocality/verbality, also are guilty of this!
Stop ignoring us! If we are making an effort to communicate to you/with you, listen! Talk with us! Just because we aren't communicating in a way that you're used to doesn't give you an excuse to pretend we don't exist!
(AN: I used both "verbal" and "vocal" in this because I know there is some discussion around it, and I wanted to include the language that best describes different people's individual experiences!)
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mischiefmanifold · 5 months ago
Autism versus ADHD
The biggest difference between autism and ADHD is that autism is associated with social difficulties and sensory issues and ADHD is associated with attention, organization, hyperactivity-impulsivity, and memory issues.
Difficulty with sarcasm & jokes
Difficulty understanding or processing nonverbal communication
Difficulty forming and keeping relationships
Hyper or hypo sensitivity to any of the five senses
Need for structure/stability
Rigid, fixed interests (SpIns)
Difficulty with eye contact (ranges from uncomfortable with eye contact to prolonged staring)
Difficulty sustaining small talk or casual conversation
Difficulty sustaining attention
Gets sidetracked easily
Trouble with organization
Loses things easily
Easily distracted
Object impermanence
Unable to play or take part in casual activities quietly
Completes others' sentences or tends to interrupt other people
Trouble waiting their turn
Often interrupts or intrudes on others (can be with games or conversations)
May take over what other people are doing
May take or use other people's things without asking
Unable to or is uncomfortable sitting still for extended periods of time
Restless or hard to keep up with
Executive dysfunction
Not thinking about others before speaking or doing something (not out of malice)
14% of people with ADHD are also autistic (
If you experience autistic traits and have ADHD, please look into autism.
Don't spread misinformation about autistic and ADHD traits.
This is a reformatted version of my Twitter thread on the same subject. Please credit me if you would like to share it to other platforms (@/eth0sien on Instagram and @/abysmal.system on TikTok)
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disabled-kain · a month ago
I realized why I hate phone calls so much (aside from social anxiety).
It's a sudden interruption of my routine. An unexpected social obligation that I'm not ready for. I often don't know what that person is contacting me for, I don't have a standard social script prepared, and I don't have enough time to shift into socializing mode before the phone stops ringing.
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autism-fucking-rocks · 4 months ago
Stop perpetuating the idea that avoiding eye contact = lying. Some of us are just autistic and shouldn't have to force ourselves to make eye contact just to avoid being called liars.
Same goes for fidgeting. It doesn't necessarily mean someone's lying or nervous. It could just be the result of neurodivergence.
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kyahcreate · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
escapism comic because I wish I had a small door to leave reality and do whatever I want.
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goblim-life · 3 months ago
Autism Mood #8
I am no longer hyperfixating on The Thing™ so I shall cycle through all the previous Things™ to try and find enough happy chemicals to experience joy again.
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autisticmusings · 4 months ago
“Being neurodivergent is never an excuse!!” Says the neurotypical, whose brain is catered to by the entire world
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cooliopumpkin · a month ago
No I'm totally neurotypical! I experience and display my emotions just like everyone else!
*sees that fake smiles are given away by the fact that they don't reach the eyes and practices adding an eye crinkle to my fake smiles for years until it becomes habit bc the majority of my smiles are forced as a result of the fact that my happy emotions don't manifest as a smile but I don't want people to think I'm upset or something*
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disabled-kain · a month ago
When you're autistic and have social anxiety, it is not just because of an unfounded fear of social rejection.
I have experienced real social rejection, from both my parents and peers, because of my abnormal (to neurotypicals, anyway) social approach and ways of communicating, specifically because I am autistic. A lot of neurotypical people do register me as strange enough as to not want me around, even if they don't know or don't guess that I'm autistic.
It is still socially acceptable to openly mock autistic traits. Until that changes, it is very likely I will always be treated poorly. Both by people I know and people I don't know. Of course that makes me feel anxious.
Being told again and again that you're weird and not being able to 100% hide that no matter how hard you try is going to make you feel bad about yourself. Having to manually teach yourself how to come across as 'normal' does make you feel socially incompetent. Being scolded for 'not socializing the right way' does make you anxious of interacting with people, because you're being openly told that you're doing it wrong. And it just keeps happening, across a variety of contexts with different people.
It makes negative evaluations in social situations feel inevitable.
Of course a lot of people who are autistic also have social anxiety. We reach out in the ways we know how, with what comes naturally to us, and we're often treated badly for it.
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