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#trans girl
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Peak euphoria, finally being able to pull off a bikini, or at least being confident to actually wear one 馃グ
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holographichypatia2 days ago
tumblr says only one video a post and i'm too lazy to do other things or turn stuff into bloated gifs, so prepare for spam! very... slowly spaced out... spam
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ealris2 days ago
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Felt cute again today in my new car
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transmechanicusa day ago
Getting my HRT shots exclusively from trans girls with big naturals
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transenbyconfessionsa day ago
I am trans. I came out at work about six months ago. I did so by gradually changing my appearance (over a month) until the day I came in a dress, went to hr, and asked them to change my name card.
Since then, both the president and vice president have yet to address me by name (dead or chosen).
How am I supposed to take this? Like, I am aware not everyone is going to know how to react when someone comes out. They could not know what to do and be afraid to offend/get into legal trouble. But it has been 6 months???
My yearly review is going to be in a few days. This is a meeting with either the pres, vp, or the lab manager. I have been working there for 5 years. I don't know if I should bring this up in my meeting or just start looking for a new job.
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catgirl-kaijua month ago
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Just your typical coding convention
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intersexfairya year ago
Because there arent many posts like this for transfems here are your reminders to...
Take your estrogen/progesterone! Refill your prescription if you ran out/will run out soon!
Stop tucking if you're experiencing pain, numbness, etc., or have been tucking too long!
Hydrate! Even if you aren't thirsty, if it's been more than a few hours since you drank something, please do!
Be kind to yourself! No matter where you are on your trans journey, know that you are valid and loved. 鈾
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lumberjacklovinga year ago
there鈥檚 so much positivity for trans men who enjoy feminine things or are gnc, but let鈥檚 show some love and support for trans women and trans girls who still enjoy masculine things or are gender nonconforming. they are still women and still absolutely wonderful聽聽
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mothyyx9 months ago
Reblog if you think trans women are real women , and trans men are real men .
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