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#tw death mention
raedas · 16 hours ago
going back to the duet in edas requiem.... raine stopped eda from pushing everyone away from her because that's what led to raine and eda breaking up and raine didn't want eda to lose her family because of that too
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theskepticalwitch · 5 hours ago
Anyone Can Talk To The Dead
I'm tired of this notion that only mediums/psychics/witches can talk to the dead because it's just not true. Everyone and anyone can talk to the dead, and it's healthier to do it yourself than to do it with some stranger (if you don't want to do it alone, I suggest being with a friend, family member, or therapist) due to how personal it is.
Talking to the dead is exactly what it sounds like. It's talking. It's not exactly a conversation, though, and it doesn't have to be. Talking to the dead is to make you feel better, not the dead person. And that's okay. You don't need to get responses from the dead in order for this to be beneficial to you, I'd wager that it's actually better for you in the long run to not get responses (so you can learn to deal with the finality of death better).
So, how do you talk to the dead?
Go somewhere calm and private. It could be at an altar, at the grave of your loved one, in nature, or in your bedroom.
Think about your loved one, remember them, think of their appearance, their personality, etc.
Talk. Say everything that you have been wanting to say to them. Tell them you miss them. Tell them you're feelings. Tell them all the stuff you wish they saw. Tell them anything. Allow yourself to grieve for them.
After you're done talking, thank them for listening. Tell them that you love them (if you were that close), and take a few deep breaths. If you cried, or experienced intense emotions, take this time to help calm yourself down.
Anyone can do this, and I encourage everyone who wants to talk with their deceased loved ones to do this.
Benefits of talking to the dead personally rather than through someone else:
You are able to confront death head on, this is a skill that everyone needs and it's one of the hardest ones to learn. If you don't feel like you can do this without a therapist, that is completely valid.
You can feel safe to talk about extremely personal things.
You get to be the one communicating directly with your loved one, this is a far more personal experience.
You can get closure with their passing, something that only you can find for yourself.
This can help you with growing your spirituality as well (another very personal experience).
If you get a sign, you will know it was a real sign, not someone trying to scam you (there are many scammers in the spiritual community, unfortunately).
I hope this maybe helps someone who wants to reach out to their deceased loved ones. You have more power than you think, you don't need to be anything in order to do this. You don't need to practice anything, research anything, belong to a certain religion, or anything in order to do this.
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a-lil-perspective · 2 hours ago
Wrecker: We’re born alone and we’re gonna die alone.
Tech: Hunter will be back in, three minutes.
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smashmouth-hargrove · 50 minutes ago
Steve felt so dirty, so wrong, so perverted, but he couldn’t help it, he needed this.
“God, ‘M sorry, Billy,” he apologized to nobody as he shoved his nose right up against the rough denim of his boyfriends jacket, ex boyfriends jacket? He still didn’t understand what they were.
What Billy was to him now that he was gone, dead.
The smokey, mint masked scent made him shiver, made his back arch, made him thrust into the memory foam pillow he had placed purposefully beneath his bare hips. Guilt settled deep within his gut as he took another whiff of the blondes fading scent, the scent he was so scared of losing.
Quickly, though, guilt was replaced with heat. A pooling full body pleasure that he hadn’t felt in a long time, not since the last time him and Billy hooked up, not since before… everything.
Steve whined, a high pitched broken off sound right into the scratchy denim that was definitely going to leave his face some sort of irritated. But he couldn’t be bothered to think about that right now. Not when his cock was trapped between a firm pillow and the hard planes of his abdomen, foreskin pulling back with every push of his hips to expose his sensitive, drooling mushroom head.
He wasn’t going to last long and he knew that from the start. It had been months, a little over half a year since he last came, so to say he was pent up would be an understatement. It was obvious just in his movements, obvious in the way he pounded into his pillow like his life depended on it, the way his cheek smooshed up against the denim jacket, wet pink lips an endless string of soft grunting.
“Fuck-“ he croaked, hand clamping onto his white bedsheets as he panted like a damn dog, “Shit, I’m- I’m gonna.” He came. Hot spurts of white cum shot up his stomach, up the pillow. And Steve finally gave in, brought his hand down to fist his prick, to milk his orgasm for all it was worth. Which was a lot apparently because part of him didn’t think the ribbons of milky white were ever gonna stop, trippy stars blooming behind his eyelids as his high finally peaked.
Almost immediately tears welled up in the corners of the brunette boys eyes, not out of embarrassment, but because he could only think of what Billy would say if he were here.
”Damn, think that’s a new record, Pretty Boy.” or “Woah, princess, ‘f I knew it was that easy…”
He couldn’t do anything but clench his teeth together and scream, scream as hard as he could into the denim jacket because-
“Why did you have to leave?” Steve hiccuped through hot tears, “I miss you, idiot.”
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luca-incorrect-quotes · 11 hours ago
Alberto: I think I'm having a mid-life crisis.
Giulia: You're like 15 years old.
Alberto: I might die at 30!
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vive-la-revolution · 7 hours ago
Julia: you know those things will kill you, right?
Kit, pouring another glass of whiskey: that’s the point
Lee, smoking a cigarette: we’re trying to speed up the process
Ink and Felix: *nods while eating raw cookie dough*
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ladykendalsims · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
beginning / previous / next
[A short explanation: As I’ve already mentioned a couple of times, I wanted to do Crimson’s Bachelor Challenge like a spin-off to SOTD. So, the encounter of the two stories is not much of a coincidence. 
Chronologically, the Challenge is located around the time when Blue and Jess were forming their community of survivors in San Myshuno and they were still married - About 8 years after the virus spread. It was around the time when Kichi and Noche also lived in StrangerVille and Evie was still a child].
Nara: What the fuck?!? I didn’t ask for an audience. Do you want to join the talent show?
Jess: It would be nice, indeed. But there’s a lot of business, that is more important right now. 
Nara: Are you kidding? My bat is already excited about a date with your pretty face.
Jess: I like you.
Nara: That feeling is not mutual. 
Jess: However, let’s cut the shit. We’re looking for people like you. 
Nara: Like me? How can you know be looking for someone you’ve no idea of who the hell she is?
Jess: I just saw enough of you. And, as I’ve said, I’m impressed. 
Nara: Explain yourself! I’m giving you two minutes, before sweet little Misty is going to crack your head.
Jess: Little Misty can join our party, too. We’re building a community of survivors in San Myshuno. But we still need more warriors, people who know how to defend our territory. 
Nara: Seriously, you’re asking me to simply trust you and follow you to your shitty place? Working for you!? You must be crazy.
Jess: Look, you and I, we are not very different. We’re fighters, we belong outside. If you join us, we can clean the whole place from those fuckers, together. While my wife is keeping the control inside. 
Nara: Your wife?
Jess: C’mon, honey. Do you really want to stay here, killing a couple of them by yourself, when you actually could travel with us, spending a good time and become part of something bigger? You don’t need to trust me. I think you’re an expert taking care of yourself. 
Besides, two minutes have passed and you still left my head on my shoulders...
Nara: ...
Jess: Listen: You don’t have to decide right now. We’re leaving tomorrow at sunset. I hope seeing you here again. 
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things-in-the-walls · 21 hours ago
Feyre and Rhysand should’ve d*ed in ACOSF. The baby should’ve survived. The power should’ve been transferred to Kier (Keir?? I don’t know). That could’ve been the lead up to a better series/spin-off about Nyx or whatever fighting to reclaim their title from the Court of Nightmares.
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snowe-zolynn-rogers · 22 hours ago
Jirou: I'd like to plead innocent as well as shift majority blame to Midoriya's friend group because I just know those idiots could and would collectively kill and hide a body and nobody would ever know it was them.
Midoriya: Bold of you to assume we haven't already.
Jirou: Yeah, hi, mom, pick me up, I'm afraid of Midoriya again.
Midoriya: You can run, Jirou, but you can't hide.
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shyestofhearts · 19 hours ago
Hello Shy! I read what you said about Damians versions of his friends being gone, and then I read what you said about here comes the sun and I raise you this.
It’s probably been a few months since Damian found himself in a different time on a different earth. Grieving is a different process for everyone, and Damian tends to either internalize everything until it becomes too much or he lashes out. Damian is aware of this, so how does he deal with the memory of everyone he has lost? He draws them.
He knows that after a certain time the memories he has of people are going to become fuzzy, and this breaks him. He draws Jon, Maya and Maps as much as he can, forcing himself to remember every little detail before it too late. One evening he’s drawing in the library when Bruce walks in. Bruce has been trying to find a way to bond with Damian, and what better way than to talk about what his son draws almost every day? So, Bruce asks Damian what he draws and Damian goes really still. Damian usually doesn’t talk about his drawings, but he turns around anyway and hesitantly shows his father a drawing he made of Maya, Jon, Maps and him on the Kent’s farm.
He carefully shows his father all of them, and his eyes were tearing up when Bruce asks “they must have been very special to you, huh?” And tears start going down Damians face and he answers “yeah, they were all my suns.”
Breaking my heart here Bee, breaking my heart. I love it
Imagine he hears Dick and Tim humming the song to themselves every now and then and neither of them understand why Damian immediately disappears when he hears it. They think he hates the song.
Anyways back to your thing, I imagine this comes after the "it's hard being reminded you never loved me as much as you should have" confrontation
And I imagine Bruce would understand immediately because everyone always calls Robin the light to Batman's darkness, so Damian referring to them as his suns isn't too far off
So Bruce hugs him and lets Damian just cry into his shoulder and while he knows no one and nothing could ever replace the people he's lost, he starts thinking of people who might be able to help Damian start to heal
(Also I listened to Pompeii by Bastille today and it made me think of this au)
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theguardianace · 16 hours ago
Love how my blog went from answering all your beloved asks telling me that I feel like home (AAAAA!!!! :DDDDD) to simultaneously playing the reblog murder game and trying to get bread from Dragon
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hotchgan · 3 hours ago
kisses in the rain
based on this post. basically, derek confessing his feelings to aaron in the rain. i’m not a car expert so information here may not be accurate. i wouldn’t know if it is or not, i’m not a car expert. also, i’m writing this in all lowercase so let me know if it bothers anyone.
taglist: @ellyhotchner @raegan-reid @prentissology @84hotpockets @aaron-hotchner187 @hotchley @anastasiahotchner @whoreforthebauteam @garcias-bitch @tenelvez
warnings: mention death of a parent, implied/referenced past child abuse
aaron always liked the rain. it was calming. most people run inside when it starts raining but aaron would rather stay outside and watch the rain. before haley notices he’s still outside and drags him back inside before he dies of hypothermia. but he still keeps the blinds open and watch the rain from inside.
derek on the other hand hates the rain. he hates the thought of his clothes being soaked wet and having to run inside and change. he hates the dark clouds and the sudden bursts of thunder. it reminded him too much of the time he watched his father get shot in front of him.
it was late at night in the bau office. most of the team had already left, hoping to get a good night rest. the unit chief on the other hand was still in his office. derek was about to leave until he noticed that aaron was still in his office. without a second thought, he went up to his office and stepped inside.
“what are you still doing here?” derek asks as he closes the door. aaron looks up at him confused.
“i’m doing paperwork… you know, my job”, aaron replies. derek rolls his eyes and walks towards him.
“get up, i’m driving you home”, derek says. aaron frowns at him.
“you don’t have to drive me home, i have a car”, aaron stated the obvious fact. derek rolls his eyes again.
“we both know you’re going to spend the night here. now let me drive you home”, derek replies. aaron sighs and stands up, organizes his things, and grabs his coat. there was no use of arguing so he followed derek out of his office and to the bau parking lot. they went inside derek’s car as it starts to rain. derek groaned in frustration.
“what’s wrong?” aaron asks even though he knows the answer to it.
“i just hate the rain”, derek replies as he drives the car out of the parking lot. aaron looks at him curiously before looking in front of him.
“i find it calming”, aaron says. derek looks at him for a second before laughing to himself.
“wow, we really are opposites”, derek says grinning. aaron looks at him and frowns.
“what do you mean?” aaron asks. he never thought of him and derek as opposites. sure they aren’t alike but he never thought of them as complete opposites.
“well it’s just, it’s what everyone says. we are kind of opposites. i prefer chocolate ice cream while you prefer vanilla”, derek replies.
“how did you know i prefer vanilla ice cream?” aaron asks. it was true that aaron loved vanilla. his favorite would’ve been strawberry if he wasn’t allergic to them.
“it was a guess”, derek replies. aaron gives him a small smile.
“i thought we weren’t supposed to profile each other”, aaron says. derek smiles at him back. suddenly the car comes to a stop. derek presses his foot on the gas pedal but the car doesn’t budge. he then starts his key but it doesn’t work also.
“shit, not again”, derek says to himself. aaron looks at him confused.
“not again?” aaron asks. derek looks at the brunette.
“this happened before but all i had to do was restart the engine”, derek says as he pushed his keys in for the third time.
“stay inside”, derek says as goes outside. aaron ignored what he said and goes outside with him. derek pops open the hood and takes a look at it before sighing.
“what’s wrong?” aaron asks. derek looks at him. the rain had already soaked his hair and his shirt. he could almost see what’s underneath his shirt.
“i- uh, there’s something wrong with the engine. i’m going to call a friend of mine but we have to walk to your house”, derek says as he feels his face heating up.
“my house isn’t far, just a couple of blocks. we’ll be fine”, aaron says. derek nods as he closes the hood and locks the car. he send a quick text on his phone before walking with aaron.
they were silent for a while before derek managed to get aaron talking about jack. he talked about how jack has made some new friends and that they invited him for a sleep over. he also talked about how he never really managed to make a ton of friends and how he was glad that jack would be able to have a good childhood. derek was listening to him and started wondering to himself about asron’s childhood. he knew he was very private about childhood and immediately closed off any conversation about it. which is why derek can’t help but wonder what was his childhood like.
“what about your childhood?” derek asks taking a leap of faith. he was ready for aaron to change the conversation.
“what about it?” aaron asks being vague. he knew what derek was thinking right now. he didn’t want anyone to know about his childhood or his relationship with his father.
“well, how was your childhood like?” derek asks again. aaron doesn’t say anything for a couple of seconds.
“not.. good”, aaron finally says. derek was about to ask what he meant but they were already at aaron’s house.
“we’re here”, aaron says as he grabs his house keys and unlocks the front door. they were both soaking wet as they reached aaron’s house. the brunette’s hair was covering his eye and derek fought the urge to push it away and kiss him. aaron stepped in his house while derek was standing outside.
“derek? you can come in”, aaron says calling the other man by his first name. derek looks at aaron longingly.
“aaron… is it wrong that i want to kiss you right now?” derek asks. aaron widens his eyes in shock before stepping back outside. the rain falls on him as he stares into derek’s eyes.
“well, what’s stopping you?” aaron asks. and at that moment, derek leans forward and places his lips on aaron’s. he holds the brunette’s face as the kisses him softly. aaron holds derek’s waist as he leans in to kiss him back. aaron then pulls derek inside without breaking their kiss. derek grabs the door and closes it as aaron pulls him into the living room and to the couch. they ended up spending the night together in each other’s arms.
aaron always liked the rain. he has many reasons to love the rain. and right now, he has one more. derek, on the other hand, hates the rain. but today made him change his mind.
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The Sandboy anthology sounds super cool, I’d absolutely read that! If you don’t mind sharing, what would you say each character’s worst fears are (if you’re wanting to keep those hidden until you write them, then feel free to ignore this alskak)?
Okay, I don't have everything planned out, but here's my thoughts:
First off, from the one fic I already have that would fit nicely into this series (called the fear was real, which you can read on AO3 here), we already know Luka's, Juleka's, and Anarka's.
Anarka: The houseboat sinking
Juleka: Being invisible
Luka: Finding his mother and sister dead in the water
Which..... Yeah, kinda morbid, I won't lie, but Sandboy has the powers to bring out someone's worst fear; I think that would get morbid pretty quickly. (Also, just something to keep in mind, that fic was written in February, well before Truth came out. Take that as you want but I stand by what I wrote.)
As for other characters, I only have two where I have specific planned fears:
Nino: Arachnophobia. This obviously comes from Anansi and is supported by what we saw in Sentibubbler.
Alya: Fear of not being able to speak. Or, more accurately, the fear of not having a mouth at all. She wouldn't be able to talk, to eat, to play Rena Rouge's flute.... I can imagine her utter terror, waking up and trying to scream her throat dry but not even being able to do that.
I think it would be a pretty difficult series to write all in all because I would want to keep each story fresh and interesting and "wake up, confront fear, everything goes back to normal" would get pretty boring after a while. But... I like the idea and I'm not ready to give up on it just yet.
I have an inkling of an idea for Chloe, but I wanna sit on it a while longer and flesh it out. Feel free to suggest ideas for any characters (or just request certain characters, but I don't make promises).
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dsmp-shitposts · 18 hours ago
OKAY I'm in an analysis mood so!!
Here's why "Savior" by Rise Against is such a good song about c!wilbur and c!Tommy's relationship in the dream smp!
Firstly tho I just want to give an honorable mention to the first lines of the song: "it kills me not to know this / but I've all but just forgotten / what the color of her eyes were / or the scars and how she got them." it's such a good c!bee duo line and I might have to analyze it in another post lol
(there's kinda a tldr at the bottom if you don't want to read the specific lyric analysis and just was the overall analysis!)
The lyrics I want to analyze (these are more about characterization) are: "as the telling signs of age rain down / a single tear is dropping / through the valleys of an aging face / that this world has forgotten." this is about wilburs resurrection. the first lyrics, "as the telling signs of age rain down" are about how much more different Wilbur looks to Tommy after he was resurrected. wilbur was in limbo for what he perceived to be 13 years, and he shows it physically. he has the white streak of hair that signifies his revival, and I know there's a popular headcanon that wilbur came back "wrong." "A single tear is dropping" is referring to Tommy's reaction to the revival. we know he was in disbelief and even angry at wilbur being back, but intense emotions also can bring on tears. it's a very natural response from your body. The third line is pretty much the same as the first, but "that this world has forgotten" is about wilburs impact on the history of the smp. obviously he's been a very big player in many major plot points, but since his death he has mainly faded to the background in most characters minds, especially after ghostbur's library with all the records from lmanberg got destroyed. as the smp progressed, wilbur got talked about less. focus shifted from him to dream who really emerged as the villain in the story after wilburs death. we can see the impact of this after wilburs revival. everyone on the smp had gotten used to living without him for so long, growing past the people they were when Wilbur was alive. and now when Wilbur gets revived, he expected fanfare and everyone welcoming him back, but in reality people's memory of him faded.
okay now that we have the preface lyrics, we can go into the ones that are more about tommy and Wilbur as a duo. the first ones before the chorus are "but seldom do these words ring true / when I'm constantly failing you / walls that we just can't break through / until we disappear." I'm gonna analyze this with the first two lines and the last two. the first two lines are from Tommy's perspective about him trying to constantly please wilbur. we see this with him gathering lots of stone for him and following Wilbur to stand against Las nevadas and quackity. but even with all of this, Tommy still feels like he's "constantly failing" wilbur and that he needs to do more in order to stay in high regard in Wilbur's mind. we could even look at these same lyrics from wilbur's perspective! wilbur might have felt like he's failed Tommy for not being there for him for the time he was in limbo. I know Wilbur doesn't know about what dream did to Tommy in the exile arc, but I'm betting that if/when wilbur finds out about that, he will feel horrible for not being there himself to stop dream because wilbur cares about Tommy. (this could even lead to him resenting ghostbur more because ghostbur was there but wasn't able to do anything). now with the second half of these lyrics, the "walls that we just can't break through" is referring to the emotional vulnerability, or lack thereof, between the two. I'd argue that wilbur is more emotionally vulnerable to Tommy than Tommy is to wilbur. now, there is a severe lack of communication between the two, but wilbur drops "trauma bombs" where he'll unload something all at once and suddenly. he doesn't do much internal reflection of his feelings, instead wanting to share with others, Tommy in this case, to get validation. with sharing, he wants people to agree that he's a bad person but at the same time wants them to refute those ideas so he feels like he's healing without actually doing anything. now Tommy does more introspection about his feelings (cc! Tommy monologuing) and doesn't feel as big a need as wilbur to share his feelings and trauma. and besides, Wilbur dominates the conversation most of the time anyways so Tommy wouldn't likely be able to carry a constructive conversation about his own feelings without getting talked over by wilbur.
now we're moving onto the chorus! it goes: "that's when she said / 'I don't hate you / I just want to save you / while there's still something left to save' / that's when I told her 'i love you / but I'm not the answer / for the questions that you still have.'" I see this as a conversation between Wilbur and Tommy; Tommy saying the "I don't hate you" section and Wilbur saying the "I love you" section. it's important for Tommy to make it clear to wilbur, and himself, that he doesn't hate Wilbur despite his past betrayal of lmanberg. wilbur thinks everyone hates him, so Tommy consistently sticking by his side is a reminder to Wilbur that he isn't alone. Tommy staying by wilburs side is also how he's ensuring that wilbur doesn't spiral again ("I just want to save you"). he knows that wilbur still isn't in the best mental place, not having the right environment to heal in limbo, so it's more crucial in his mind to be wilbur's crutch right now because it'd be very easy for wilbur to spiral again ("while there's still something left to save"). wilbur, with his part of the lyrics, wants to ensure that Tommy knows he still cares about him despite being gone for a long time. now for the last part of wilburs lyrics, I would love for it to mean that "wilbur understands that he can't be a good mentor to Tommy anymore because of everything that happened. he wants Tommy to realize that he does care for him but their relationship shouldn't function with Wilbur as a mentor anymore," but that wouldn't be accurate to their canon relationship. wilbur still wants to be Tommy's mentor because that's how their relationship has always functioned. my hope is that in wilbur's healing process that he realizes he doesn't have to be a mentor to Tommy, they can just exist as friends. and I would love for Tommy to realize that it's not his job to save Wilbur! while having friends you can talk about your emotions with is good, he shouldn't have to push his own feelings aside to prioritize wilbur's. wilbur also needs to learn that self reflection is a part of healing
the final specific lyrics I want to analyze are: "one thousand miles away / there's nothing left to say / but so much left that I don't know / we never had a choice / this world is too much noise / it takes me under once again." the first three lines, in my opinion, all relate to the fact that Tommy had gone through so much while wilbur was dead, such has dream's manipulation. the last three lines of this section, which are honestly my favorites, are relating to both of their revivals. even though wilbur and Tommy have developed so differently since the lmanberg and pogtopia eras, they have this one thing in common. Tommy didn't have a choice in his death or resurrection. both were committed by dream and have contributed to the massive amount of trauma and PTSD that Tommy has. wilburs death was practically by his own hand as it was an assisted suicide, but his resurrection wasn't his choice, again done by dream murdering ghostbur. that line could also refer to wilbur not feeling like he had a choice in living anymore, feeling like death was the only option for him at the end of his spiral. the last two lines refer to the mental problems that both Wilbur and Tommy are still facing. we talked about wilburs a bit with his need for validation and him villainizing himself in his mind. Tommy still struggles with suicidal ideation, seen most recently with his comments while on the balcony in Las nevadas. he also struggles with his triggers from the final control room and the prison that we see him try and speedrun exposure therapy for. what I'm trying to get at with this is that wilbur and Tommy have developed so differently while away from each other but they have their resurrections in common.
OKAY CONCLUSION TIME!! (also kindof a tldr)
while Tommy and wilbur have been apart from each other for a while and developed in different ways, their relationship after both of them have been revived is centered around both of their relationships to healing from their trauma. Tommy feels like he's the one who has to "save" wilbur and keep him from spiraling again, letting his own feelings be pushed aside to prioritize wilbur's. wilbur lets himself be the saved to Tommy's savior. he consistently seeks out validation for his own feelings instead of taking the time to sort out how he really feels about the things that have happened to him.
if you read this far then oh wow thank you!! I hope this made sense and I'd love to hear what you think of the comparisons to this song!
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xxbatmanxx · 10 hours ago
I had a dream of the BatFamily
They broke into this museum where everything was supposed to come to life at night, because they needed intel or something I don’t remember exactly why they were there. 1st nothing was happening but then all of a sudden stuff started moving and everything tried to attack them and was like ‘human intruders’ and tried to kill the bat family. Then, the only way for them to survive was that they were given a choice of three things, one of them being the choice to ask a question to the sentient objects. (They all chose that one, that’s why I don’t remember the other 2 choices. + I have no idea why asking a question would make them be allowed to live). Anyway for some reason there was a literal skip and it cut to the BatFamily sitting in a circle on the floor, with a sentient crowbar in the middle (the crowbar was cute btw with huge eyes). They were all so excited to ask it questions they were behaving like 5 year olds. Then Tim asked “are you the crowbar that Joker beat Jason with?!” And the crowbar juts looked so bored and exasperated and said “no🙄”. And the batfam were so disappointed😐. Then Dick asked “how does it feel being hit against someone” and the crowbar said “I love the impact of myself against someone and I love the sound of the human screaming”. And Jason just looked so uncomfortable 😟(they all did to be fair). Then Jason was like “well, I was beaten almost to death by a crowbar 😎” and the crowbar was like mhm 🙄.
Then I woke up Lmao this dream was so stupid
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animatics-ill-never-make · 19 hours ago
you know how cats will bring gifts in the form of animals they hunted? I'm just imagining a comic which is Chat Noir prowling around a pet store, sneaking and slinking and looking all suspicious like, and he brings home his prey to Marinette and leaves it on her bed for her to find and it's a hamster. He hunted her a hamster.
Adrien is such a good provider
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liriostigre · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
The Doubling of Self: An Interview with Richard Siken by Peter Mishler
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