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#tw death mention

Do you hear… how absolutely insane you sound?

There’s so much to unpack here I don’t even know where to start! Let’s go with the obvious:

Being hit by a car is not always a quick death? I’m going to elaborate so stop reading if you’re sensitive to animal death or this is personal to you, but not you, anon. You should keep reading.

Cat previously mentioned was alive when found on the road. It had head trauma (a broken jaw and likely skull fractures) but it was conscious. It’s tail skin/fur had been pulled off 75% of the way, indicating the tail had gone under the wheel but the cat had kept running. There was a tear in the muscle and skin from the base of the tail right down to the genitals. Once again, the cat was alive when picked up but was dead on arrival at our clinic. Doesn’t sound like a quick death to me.

I’m so mad. Don’t tell me being hit by a car is a quick death as if it’s gospel when ive seen so many cases otherwise. You probably haven’t.

Vetblrs always get that “Whats the worst thing you’ve ever seen” question and hit-by-car animals usually come into that at least a few times. In alive cats I’ve seen: spinal breaks, pelvis’ shattered, bladders ruptured, kidneys ruptured, jaws split, the fur and skin removed on limbs so you can just see the muscle and tissue underneath, eyes ruptured and ‘popped out’, limbs facing the complete wrong way, tails removed, organs spilling out the abdomen, paws removed… all in ALIVE animals.

But lol yeah, keeping your cat inside and giving them enrichment, toys and training instead of letting them free roam outside is soooo much worse than all that.

God, get a grip.

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Does anyone else always forget that people die in movies and then go to re watch them and become newly upset all over again? Because in the past two days I have re watches three of my favorite movies and cried at them all which was not the plan when I started them.

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  1. the partial or total absence of light.“the office was in darkness”

Absence of light. 

But when I am in those deep depths, darkness is more than absence of light. There is absence of self, and absence of being, and absence of life.

There is more than just absence.

My darkness is tangible, within my grasp. Its shadowy force chokes the life from the room, leaving frailty and weakness.

There is no escaping the darkness.

It suffocates and stiffles my cries for help. My thoughts are subdued, my pain belittled. Nothing matters in the darkness.

Yet my darkenss is comforting. The darkness is my friend. When the lights are bright and the world is loud and my head hurts from the screaming bright world, the darkness is there.

My pain is subdued, I feel nothing.

I write in a dark room on a dark night, the light from my laptop the only light in sight. The internet the only light in my life. It sounds pitiful, but when all else fails and when all else is shit and I have no other reason to live, I come to write my little words and scroll and scroll and text a friend. I suppose there isn’t as much darkness as I thought.

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he grew up in an old town with one (1) train on the outskirts of the city. he wasn’t super popular, his parents both worked late, sophomore year he was working on a group project with some kids at his school when they said they needed to go pick up the last person in the group at the train station and it would be easier if he just came along with them and they could all go to the nearby park for more room to work on the posterboard. 

they got to the station and waited for a few minutes, until they could hear the train in the distance, and they pushed logan over the edge and onto the tracks and ran. 

he ended up physically fine, for the most part - he climbed out with just a sprained ankle and some bruises - but hearing the train getting closer while he tried to get out of the track pit, knowing he had to go back to school the next day as if his classmates hadn’t literally tried to kill him, it all kind of messed him up for a while. 

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21. Phobia


Let’s get personal! Thinking about death or pain gives me anxiety. Bugs make me flip out on the spot and I think I genuinely have at least a mild phobia of them. Long story short, they upset me a lot. Also snakes, though I think that ties back into other fears I have.

I tend to contemplate death and loss a lot in my writing, which is one of the few reasons it doesn’t wig me out quite as much as bugs anymore. Don’t let anyone tell you writing isn’t good therapy!

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I’m a bit confused with how the heat gun can find ghosts? Like aren’t they supposed to be like cold so seeing heat on it is the opposite of seeing a ghost?? Like dead people kinda cold right? Idk

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date: june 11th
location: capulet territory
status: @evcravens

December. They had last stepped foot on Cosimo Capulet’s property in December (or rather, been dragged, to it) when the air still bit at heaving lungs and the cold caressed rattling bones. It felt right to Marcelo that they would return now, as summer shook the snow from its yawning head, on both legs, swiftly, and without a weakness reflected on their steely surface. Still, as if to prove it, the captain takes the steps two at a time — no one was around to hear the slap of their sole hitting the pavement, after all. Only the ghosts of Verona, and those that ventured into its shadows in search of them, might catch a glimpse of Marcelo, now. The sun wouldn’t be up for another hour, and lights had only just began to flicker to life across the city. 

The door closes quietly begin them, and they make quick work of snapping the lock back into place. It had taken all but one concentrated moment for them to shimmy it open to begin with, before briskly slipping up to the dark of the building’s rooftops. It had been quiet on the streets from above, a stray drunk stumbling across cement every so often, but they’d be a fool to think it would stay that way for long. With everything carefully propped back into place, Marcelo turns away from their vantage point, and with hands shoved in each pocket, begins their walk back to the adige.  

This part of the city is only familiar on fire, rattled by deafening gunshots. Marcelo knows it on paper, squiggly lines to mark roads and blue blobs signaling bodies of water, but intimately they had only traveled its streets the night of The Purge, or while watching the Cathedral smolder on its holy ground. Marcelo had been born on Montague territory, and their bones would be buried beneath its soil — still, it was surely only a matter of time before this side of the Castelvechhio, too, beat in the pulse of their veins, held by the throat in Roman’s royal fist. 

Acutely, Marcelo begins to realize that they’re not alone. An echo, here, a hovering gaze, hot on the slope of their shoulders, there. There might be a strangeness to its streets, but the captain is vividly familiar with the beasts that walk them. 

In one swift turn, Marcelo has fingers lingering on the handle of their pistol, teeth bared at the face that dares pierce their sharpened gaze into the flesh of a Rosso.

Figlio di puttana.” 

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  • Adding a TW  for mentions of death!!!
    1: 6 of the songs you listen to most?
    This is embarrassing but whatever , 100 gecs- money machine, 100 gecs-stupid horse, insane clown posse-Hokus Pokus, lemon demon-touch tone telephone, midnight calliope from pester quest, polo and pan-NaNa
  • 27: What’s a sound you hate; sound you love? Sound I hate is yelling, whether it’s playful or angry it just brings back some bad memories, a sound I love is rain, it’s just really relaxing hearing it hit a car window or the house when I’m trying to sleep 
  • 28: What’s your biggest “what if”? Well prepare for this to get very very dark, what If there’s nothing after death. I have a huge fear of death and despite that it’s something that crosses my mind a lot. Personally the thought terrifies me, the idea of both existing and not existing, thinking but you can’t think because you don’t exist because there’s nothing. Idk man I also think about what the world would be like if the library of Alexandria wasn’t burned down too.
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OKAY the new manhunt was great obviously 10/10 loved it but i cant stop thinking like


WHY did they all have to die when they got trapped in the nether???? once they killed bad they just needed him to go back thru the portal from the overworld and they couldve made it back and kept their armor and everthing. unless they just didn’t remember where the portal was or smth like i dont underSTAND

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