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taketheringtolohac2 hours ago
hey remember when I was gonna make a uquiz asking which musical theater fandom that I was apart of from 2014-2019? Guess what I made! Come relive (or learn about) 2015 musical theater fandom hell with me. Let me know if I forgot anything 馃挅
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kirishima-my-beloved2 hours ago
The guy who didn鈥檛 like musicals
The organ trail
Le mis (I鈥檓 trying to get musical people angry don鈥檛 worry)
La La Land
The Sound Of Music
(It鈥檚 not a musical but I don鈥檛 care) but I鈥檓 a cheerleader (R rated btw, just skip parts that make ya uncomfortable lol)
Singin in the rain
Not Guys and Doll it鈥檚 so misogynistic I can鈥檛 even
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kkshowtunes3 hours ago
give me a musical and I鈥檒l summarise it in one John Mulaney quote
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musicalsareawesome4 hours ago
At the beginning of this year I did a musical theatre inspired dinner and I have just thought of an incredible pun that I didn鈥檛 use then. Aaron Burr-gers. That is so annoying that I didn鈥檛 think of that sooner.
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arcadialedger5 hours ago
If there鈥檚 any question as to why an animated Wicked film with Eden Espinoza voicing Elphaba would be amazing, I present to you...
鈥淣othing Left to Lose鈥 from Tangled: The Series
In other words, one of the most beautiful, powerful, cinematic, epic musical numbers I have scene in a long time.
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Could anyone imagine if Avenue Q was written today? I mean could it even be. Some of the critiques of slightly racy things are just considered completely offensive.
I don't want to think it's already this bad but could you imagine songs like
-The internet is for my Twitter argument
- What do you do with a BA in gender studies
-Everyone's a lot a bit racist (if they disagree with me)
Would we have to toss the story line about Trekkie getting the money from investing in porn because now porn has become so morally reprehensible to some people that even using the money for charity would be a shit plot point.
Could we have "If You Were Gay"? Is gay to simple? Or would it sound too much like horrasment.
"Special" and Lucy the slut? Gone as hell.
"Lucy, the respectable sex worker"
I mean the stereotypes in the show, again even if it's just satire, wouldn't fly at all.
If it just released today as is could you IMAGINE the the reviews. The think pieces. Avenue Q isn't even that old but it contains all the things that you use to be alloud to talk about that were just a little racy that are now so triggering we can't even joke about it.
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enbyleighlines6 hours ago
Every time I share a musical I love with @cmcwritingismylife and I ask for her opinion she always tells me that she thinks it was weird
Of course they鈥檙e weird! They鈥檙e musicals! If a musical isn鈥檛 weird it doesn鈥檛 deserve to be called a musical at all!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bartok-the-magnificent6 hours ago
Listening to at the beginning from Anastasia makes me feel hopelessly single.
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panicattacksandbootlegs7 hours ago
Watch with me: Falsettos 1993
I鈥檓 sorry it鈥檚 so long, I typed everything I thought when watching it
Cast: OBC except Jason
Marvin: Michael Rupert
Whizzer: Stephen Bogardus
Mendel: Chip Zien
Trina: Barbara Walsh
Jason: Sivan Cotel
Dr. Charlotte: Heather MacRae
Cordelia: Carolee Carmello (love this name)
Disclaimers: Please don鈥檛 judge this is just my opinions and I am in no way professional, I am still learning so apologies for any incorrect terminology. The song titles were put in after I watched it so it could be off a bit
Edits are in purple
Enjoy my commentary :)
Act 1
4 Jews In A Room Btching
Four Jews is so q u i c k
I really like this cast already
Love Is Blind
The 鈥淚 want it all鈥 during love is blind is sang with a lot more anger and neediness
The Thrill Of First Love
It鈥檚 really weird seeing Marvin+ Whizzer being a lot less affectionate
I like hearing the different vocals
It鈥檚 so similar and so different at the same time
My Fathers A Homo
I like 鈥渕y fathers a homo鈥 more in this one, the vocals are stronger and Marvin+ Mendel are more interactive
I love how all the staging is on wheels
I love this so much
This gives me heathers vibes (the bit where Jason, Marvin and Trina sing/chant 鈥渨hizzer鈥)
Jason+ Whizzer were definitely best friends
This Had Better Come To A Stop
I am obsessed with Michael Ruperts voice
He sang 鈥渋sn鈥檛 this wonderful鈥 with a lot less anger than Christian Borle did (no hate, both were amazing)
鈥淎nd still the bastard divorced me鈥漣s sung as Stephanie J Block did in the cast recording (an octave (I think I鈥檝e heard this somewhere) higher than Block did in the pro shot) yes I put brackets in brackets
鈥淭his had better come this had better to a, this this this this, this had better come to an end鈥 (probably not an exact quote). I love the way this was performed, the way the whole cast was around Marvin singing at him and almost blaming him for everything
I鈥檓 Breaking Down
This song is such a mood
I am amazed and tbh surprised by how different this song is shown and 鈥渃horeographed鈥(this isn鈥檛 the right word ik) but I love it
I prefer this version of 鈥淚鈥檓 breaking down鈥 to the revival (again no hate, just my opinion)
I am so obsessed with Barbara Walsh鈥檚 take on 鈥淚鈥檓 breaking down鈥 I actually love it. Please watch just this song if you don鈥檛 wanna watch the whole musical (26:10- 30:36)
Please Come To Our House
It seems so much quicker but i think I鈥檓 playing tricks on myself
I鈥檓 not sure what to think about this one
Tbh I am laughing at the end
A Marriage Proposal
Slightly odd watching this cause they鈥檙e not sitting next to each other (Mendel and Trina)
His voice is beautiful
Chip and Michaels voices lay over (not right wording) so nicely
Trina鈥檚 song
I like trinas outfit
March Of The Falsettos
Let鈥檚 see what damage happens here
Absolutely terrifying 10/10
I am genuinely scared now
The Chess Game
I鈥檓 not a big fan of this so far (no hate)
Loved that ending (to the song)
I wanna know if the cast had any mishaps with the furniture/props
I wonder if it ever went into the audience
Making a home
I missed like that whole song cause I was thinking about the chairs falling off stage
The Games I Play
This is one of my favourites from falsettos
Stephan鈥檚 Whizzer doesn鈥檛 seem as angry in this
Wow that belting (don鈥檛 think that鈥檚 said right?)
Marvin Hits Trina
I am sat here with my mouth wide open cause I love this so much
Like seriously it鈥檚 amazing
This is now my 5th time watching this song
I鈥檓 actually obsessed
WHACK made me laugh
I Never Wanted To Love You
I really love this song
Same Jason, same (I hate the world)
This song is so powerful because it鈥檚 about how Marvin (a gay man) wants to be straight, wants to love women and doesn鈥檛 want to love men. It鈥檚 about how he forced himself into a hetro marriage, hurting his wife, his son and himself
William Finn did an incredible job on this song
Father To Son
As someone who doesn鈥檛 really like this song (revival or obc) it鈥檚 not terrible
Act 2
Mendel really calling me out here
I love how the audience still laughs at that bit, even in the 90s
I think they wanted you to know that it was 1981
How did 鈥渟piky families鈥 turn into 鈥渟piky lesbians鈥
About Time
I love the lesbians
This is chaotic
What if Michael didn鈥檛 stop him and he just carried on rolling
Year Of The Child
Chip (Mendel) looks so awkward in the background
Why is he talking to Marvin when he says 鈥淚鈥檒l bring women from the wrong side of the track鈥?
鈥淚sn鈥檛 he an asshole鈥 鈥測es he is鈥 are my favourite lines
I love that harmony (I don鈥檛 think that鈥檚 the right why of putting it)
Miracle Of Judaism
I think the lyrics are different? I cba to check rn
The Baseball Game
Their so a g g r e s s i v e
I love this version of the song
Whizzer would have made an amazing father 馃槶
Wait was he meant to catch that
I think he was
A Day In Falsettoland
I am in love with this cast
It鈥檚 kinda quick but not really
馃幎Nobody died 馃幎
The lesbians are more intimate
I love the lyric 鈥測ou save lives and I save chicken fat, I can鈥檛 fcking deal with that鈥 I have no reasoning
Too many numbers, I鈥檓 confused
Again this is very chaotic and I love it
Everyone Hates His Parents
I love the beginning of this song
I love his facial expressions (Sivan Cotel)
Im am genuinely confused as to how 鈥淟ook at your couch, it is homo-baroque, Don鈥檛 talk to me about taste.鈥 became 鈥測ou have paintings of dcks don鈥檛 talk to me about taste鈥
This is so different and it鈥檚 hilarious
Jason has the right idea when it comes to confrontation
What More Can I Say?
Please don鈥檛 judge but I don鈥檛 really like this song (revival or obc)
I stayed for Michael Ruperts voice
Something Bad Is Happening
Genuine question- is that a slur? (鈥淧eople might think I鈥檓 very 鈥斺 ish鈥)
I was daydreaming and I missed half the song
Cordelia blaming herself:鈥(
The lyrics are quite different
More Racquetball
I鈥檓 not ready for this
Whizzers clothes are loser with this cast as well (not just the obrc)
ExCusE mE
Marvin caught him 馃ズ
Holding To The Ground
She looks kinda awkward stood there
Days Like This
The hug makes me wanna cry (that comes later don鈥檛 worry)
I love this song with the obc
Cancelling The Bar Mitzvah
I forgot about this song
Their voices go quite nicely together
Unlikely Lovers
I like Stephan Borgardgus鈥 whizzer, it鈥檚 very different to Andrew Rannells鈥 whizzer. I do love both tho
I hate it so much that whizzer has just excepted that he鈥檚 going to die, but Marvin hasn鈥檛 yet and it adds a whole other level of sadness to it
Cordelia鈥檚 so 鉁╞ouncy鉁
Marvin and Whizzer are so much more affectionate in act 2 and that says a lot about Marvins character and how much he has learned to accept it and he can鈥檛 change it.
Another Miracle Of Judaism
How old was Sivan when he did this? He looks older in some parts then others (he was only 11?!?! He鈥檚 looks a lot older in this bit!)
Something Bad Is Happening (Reprise)
I wanna know if whizzer knew that Marvin had it as well
That 鈥渆uh鈥 gives me Christian Borle vibes
You Gotta Die Sometime
Time for a happy song ig (sarcasm)
I need to see Stephan and Andrews performances at the same time
I- wow 馃槼
He鈥檚 asking for more time 馃槶
Jason鈥檚 Bar Mitzvah
Wait am I blind or Jason or not there (I don鈥檛 think he was at the time)
I rly hate that line and idk why (鈥渙h mummy鈥)
Trinas still trying to fix everything, I find this so sad, she鈥檚 been trying to fix everything ,from her husband鈥檚 life and now to whizzers inevitable death, throughout the entire musical
When Mendel sings 鈥淪on of whizzer鈥 it makes me happy because (in reference to 鈥渨hat would I do?鈥) Marvin sings 鈥渙nly one my child would allow鈥 and it just shows that whizzer was a great father and I love that. Also Mendel mentions Whizzer before himself
And I鈥檓 crying
As is the person filming
What Would I Do?
Time for more crying
I鈥檓 not gonna annotate any if the lyrics in this song cause we would be here for a while
Falsettoland (Reprise)
I really relate to the person filming
鈥淟overs live and die fortissimo鈥 is such a beautiful and powerful line.
The end
I did compare the revival and obc a lot, but in reality they are very different and tbh I couldn鈥檛 tell you which I prefer
I will be watching that again
That was amazing
This was fun, I think I鈥檒l do another one another time :)
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dreadfulrabbit7 hours ago
Tumblr media
鈥淚nside I鈥檓 hollowed out,
outside鈥檚 a paper shroud,
and all the rest鈥檚 illusion.鈥
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lucifergonzales7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Javert should have a cat and you can't change my mind.
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livefromtheelephantsfoot9 hours ago
The moral of little shop of horrors is that low self-esteem can lead you to do unspeakable things.
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dreamcastingbroadway10 hours ago
Dreamcasting Broadway: LIZZIE
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥淲hy are all these heads off??鈥
Dreamcasting Broadway: LIZZIE
Hannah Corneau as Lizzie
Samantha Pauly as Alice
Rebecca Naomi Jones as Emma
Kay Trinidad as Bridget
Zara MacIntosh as Swing
Kennedy Caughell as alt. Emma, alt. Bridget
Courtney Stapleton as alt. Lizzie, alt. Alice
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kufuutarou1210 hours ago
Y鈥檃ll I just KNOW that Izaya is a Heathers The Musical fan. He鈥檇 do the entire musical as every character in his living room. Tell me otherwise.聽
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glittereyedgirl11 hours ago
me: *puts on music* I love this musical me, crying through every song: yes this is great
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