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#six the musical

I have this spooky Halloween AU idea that I’m never gonna write but it was basically about Joan being born with future sight and mind reading. It’s all fun and games until the others find out.

And they start blaming her for everything that happened to them.

Saying she could have stopped what happen.

Maybe not Aragon, since she wasn’t at court for Aragon, but the rest of them? They could have even saved. Surely Joan has seen the awful futures they had to live through. And they say she could have saved them but she didn’t.

This starts to drive Joan mad.

Her grip on the real world disappears and she’s suddenly seeing the queens as these hideous creatures. Anne and Katherine are decapitated, Cleves has her chest cavity carved open, Cathy is bony and missing pieces of flesh, Jane is rotting… The only one who wasn’t there was Aragon, but it didn’t matter. Joan was losing it.

Her visions pummel her. The voices in her mind are killing her. She’s being tortured.

The AU would have ended with Joan ripping out her ears, and then her eyes. And, finally, everything ends. Everything is silent. She’s at peace.

And then, as she’s in the hospital, in the darkness of her new blindness, she sees the queens….and Jane turning to her with a deranged, bloody smirk.

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Imagine Bessie showing up at the queen’s house in tears.

She begs to see Aragon, who stops her process of cooking dinner to go see her. She is wrapped in Aragon’s arms and taken to Aragon’s room to talk. And upon stepping inside, she breaks down further, practically howling in despair.

“I’m sorry,” Bessie gasps, gripping Aragon’s hand tightly for grounding. “I-I just—” Her voice wavered. “I wanted to do…it…again. S-so I came to see you. Like y-you told me.”

“Did you?” Catalina asks softly, but Bessie shakes her head with a tight whimper.

“I-I wanted to,” Bessie gasps. “Really badly, but—” Another whimper. “D-didn’t wanna disappoint you.”

“You would never disappoint me, sweetheart.” Catalina says. “But I’m so proud of you, my strong girl.”

Bessie shakes her head with a sob. “I’m not strong,” She weeps. “I’m so depressed, Catalina. I have to lie to Maria every day when she asks me how I am and I feel awful about it. Because I tell her I’m doing good, but I’m not. I’m not, Catalina.” She collapses into Aragon’s chest, sobbing miserably, and Aragon rocks her, rubbing her back and whispering soothing things in her ear.

She isn’t going to let her go.

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So… that mysterious shadow…

That shadow is one Anne Boleyn.

Anne Boleyn who was hated by the people for being a shadow elf. For being a so-called “creature of shadows that can kill them all” and also for being a main reason why Aragon was divorced.

After she had Elizabeth, Henry began panicking. What if Anne has an actual male heir? The people wouldn’t accept that prince because of his connection to the shadows. (This is before Henry began working with the shadow realm and demons)

So what does our hated coward do? He goes and finds a spell from a very shady lady that allows him to literally seal Anne away in the shadows. And he does so, framing it as Anne dying of sickness. No one really questioned it, they even seemed happy.

Why he didn’t just behead her? Who knows, I just think this concept is really cool and makes for some nice hurt/comfort and also set up for Cathy to learn about Henry’s murder plot.


You can see Anne moving, she’s just a shadow on the floor and walls now. A sentient shadow that can move where ever she wants. Only problem there is that she can’t leave the walls of the castle.

But Anne starts working behind the scenes, using her shadow status to stop Henry’s plans. He begins working with the shadow realm during his marriage with Jane, the catalyst for him beginning was actually the spell he used on Anne. After he has Jane ‘killed’ after she found out a bit too much about Henry’s working with the shadow realm (not everything, just enough to scare Henry into killing her), Anne starts working on stopping him.

She shows Anna some of Henry’s plans concerning the shadow realm before Anna is divorced, and she’s the one that guides Kat out of the castle and to the three ‘dead’ queens who had come to the castle for a stealth mission that would have failed anyways.

And then, Anne is the one that shows Cathy the plans to kill Cathy. Cathy quickly grows attached to Anne while planning their escape and she uses her magic to turn Anne into her own shadow (Anne can still move and do her own thing, she’s just stuck to Cathy now) so she can bring Anne with her and hopefully break whatever spell was used on Anne.



Cathy makes it her personal mission to free Anne. Every town they go to (after Holbein gets attacked by demons summoned by Henry, which helps start off their entire journey) she always spends time going around the towns with Anne, and also Kat who wants to help, looking for ways to reverse the spell.

The queens are all very fond of ‘shadow’ as they took to calling her and always make a point to try and include her in conversations. After so long of not being able to interact with people, Anne absolutely adores this and everyone can tell, even if she won’t admit it (or, while she’s a shadow, can’t say it anyways)

Anne can’t speak in this state, she can only make gestures and you can see her expression through a white mouth and eyes on the shadow. So when Cathy one day falls off a horse, she can actually see Anne laughing at her.

The others refer to her as ‘shadow’ until one day they find a book that shows Kat’s family tree and Anne loses her mind as she noticed her name in there. Cathy realized exactly what Anne was trying to get her to notice and everyone is very happy to finally have a name for their friend and are also surprised that they had their final Queen with them all along. (Kat is absolutely elated to find her cousin and seems to become even more ready to help Cathy break the spell)

Anne absolutely becomes the biggest Parrward shipper and one occasion before they began dating and before she was freed she even ‘accidentally’ caused them to trip into each other.

In reverse, Cathy one day spots the shadow staring at Catalina and promptly returns the favor by teasing Anne over the crush she developed on Catalina. And when Anne gets freed from the spell, Cathy absolutely pushes them together like Anne did for her and Kat.

Anne rescuing Cathy by pulling her into the shadows for a moment and after Cathy comes back out both just stare at each other because neither knew Anne could do that.

They eventually find the lady that gave Henry the spell and she refused to give up the spell that will free Anne, claiming something like “that’s a shadow creature! She’ll kill us all!” And all the others absolutely lose their minds and threaten the lady into giving up the spell.

Anne slowly getting reoriented into being able to actually do stuff and also getting used to fighting again. She absolutely becomes even more of an asset to the team, being able to sneak into places, lockpick stuff, etc.

The others getting to know Anne better now that the spell is broken. They knew something of her personality, being able to see her expression and movements, but being able to talk to her is a different story and everyone can always agree that they are so happy that they freed Anne (Catalina especially)

Anne being sensitive to light and usually being found in a shaded area until the others find some way to help.

Anne hiding in the other queen’s shadows and not coming out until someone gently reminds her that she isn’t stuck in the shadows anymore.


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I have a bit of writer’s block going on for Memento Mori but I’m also bored at the same time. So… I wanted to share a bit of an AU idea I had. One that I honestly don’t know if I’ll write or not. But I at the very least wanted to show the ideas I had for it!

It will all be tagged under DND/Fantasy AU because I seriously could go on forever about the ideas I have for one specific queen which I’ll get to!

And yes, I’m still using the same ships I always do because I love them.


Aragon is a human Paladin who earned her title at a battle during her time as Henry’s wife. She was moved to a place of worships where she simply disappeared.

Anne is part shadow-Elf (being clear through her capabilities with shadow magic, pointed ears, and grey skin) who is a rogue. She was pursued by Henry and the king forced her into an affair and later into being his new wife. It was said that she died to a sickness.

Jane is an elf cleric. She was well known for coming to battlefields to heal fallen soldiers and also for bearing a son to the king (although she didn’t die from childbirth). It’s said that she died a month or two after giving birth to a carriage accident where the carriage went over a cliff.

Anna is a human barbarian. She was the leader of the Holbein tribe, which was starting to establish itself as a growing town which was becoming well known and also respected. Henry married her as a treaty and soon divorced her and let her return to leading Holbein.

Kat is an elf-bard. Mannox and Dereham still happened. But Kat was simply the unlucky person to catch Henry’s eye one day. After learning of her past ‘relationships’ and also after Thomas happened, Henry planned to have her killed and for it to be framed as a murder by a traitor in the castle.

Cathy is a human wizard. Her and Thomas Seymour were scholars preparing to get married. But Cathy was soon forced to marry Henry, although she continued her studies in the castle.


One day, a mysterious shadow (who I’ll reveal and go over, because I am v e r y excited by that idea, in a different post) that is actually sentient, leads Cathy to a hidden room in the dungeons of the castle. In it is the dead body of Thomas and written plans to kill Cathy.

You see, Henry is working with a realm of shadows and demons. And for Henry to gain control over that realm’s power, he either needs to sacrifice a bunch of innocents, or sacrifice a powerful magic user. It happens that Cathy fits that bill.

Cathy bounds the shadow to her own (the shadow can’t leave the castle, but Cathy wants to return the favor and she actually got to know it a little better during the time of planning escape) and the new duo of a shadow and a wizard escape under the cover of night.

They get help from Anna, who had actually come to save Cathy, and flee to Holbein, where they find Catherine, Jane, and Kat all perfectly well and alive.

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Every year on October my best friend and I start looking for Halloween costumes for our OCs to wear for ‘the halloween party’. Then que draw a couple of them justo for fun.

This time I was messing around with ideas and suddenly…the idea of a group of My girls dressing up as the Six Queens got into My head and… It was to good to let go!


So, Introducing Alya Sephiroth as Anne Boleyn and Daria Sephiroth as Catherine Parr!

Alya was the one who came up with the idea, she adores historical Queens lol Daria is Alya’s older cousin and almost sister, so of course she was dragged into the idea. She resisted a little ar the start, but a girl wirhba title like The Survivor? That’s cool, SO she accepted to be Cathy.

I don’t know, I just really like how the drawing came out so…sharing it lol I may color it later por just add the rest of the black where needed.

Also I may draw the other four girls too, who knows lol

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My part of the art trade I did with @spooner7308, they asked for Lina to be comforted by Jane and Cathy as they are her support in their monster Au! I say some big group cuddles are super comforting so here it is! I hope you like it my dude!

I did noticed way to late I forgot Lina’s and Cathy’s wings so I couldn’t fix it, forgive meeee

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someone prompted this a while ago, but i just got around to it now… so sorry for the late post but…. it’s here? enjoy?

Anne is not handling quarantine well and Lulu isn’t handling not being able to see her girls.

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