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#six the musical
dxntloseurhead · 2 days ago
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six icons - return of the broadway cast
please reblog and credit if you save or use!
original photos by marc j. franklin and rebecca j. michelson!
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redladydeath · a day ago
Just thought Sam did really well this afternoon with her dialogue bits and wanted to share
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a-rose-remembered · a day ago
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appreciation post for maya christian, our bliss 3.0 cleves!
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yeoldespacebuns · a day ago
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aw foreshadowing thats so cute
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cimanon · 2 days ago
Jane on her Instagram: You can’t follow me if you can’t even follow the law.
Cathy: *silently unfollows*
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lesbian-in-leather · 17 hours ago
Winx Club Characters as their favourite musicals based entirely on vibes:
Bloom: Anastasia
Stella: Legally Blonde
Flora: Into the Woods
Musa: Hamilton
Techna: Be More Chill
Aisha: Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812
Icy: Heathers
Darcy: Chicago
Stormy: Mean Girls
Sky: genuinely doesn't like musicals
Brandon: Cats
Timmy: Something Rotten
Riven: "doesn't like musicals" (RENT, but loves a lot of them)
Helia: Wicked
Nabu: Six
I will not elaborate ♡
Baltor: Beetlejuice
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blueeyesforbroadway · 2 days ago
My experience at the first re-opening preview of SiX on Broadway
I arrived just before they started allowing guests into the theater, so the line was easily 200+ people long going down 47th St. Right out front of the theater we’re a handful of photographers/camera men documenting the line as people began to enter the theater
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, from Modern Family, was being interviewed right in front of the theater. He also ended up sitting about 15 feet away from me for the show
I was fortunate enough to have 4th row side orchestra tickets. With my seat location I didn’t lose any part of the stage but I imagine the last 2-4 seats on the outside of those rows would lose some of the band and possibly some of the queens when they move as a group to the sides of the stage
The audience energy was insane from the moment Lucy Moss stepped on stage to introduce the show and thank the audience for welcoming them back
Lucy received the first of 12 standing ovations for the night. And yes, there are only 10 musical numbers in the show
From the second the lights went down, the audience was roaring with cheers and applause. Thank god for the queens in ear monitors or else there would be no way that they could have heard their queues
In Ex-wives, every queen got their own individual applause after each introduction. Noticeably rowdy cheers for Abby, Sam, and Britt.
Throughout the song you could see the queens sharing looks with one another. Looks of excitement and feeding off of the crowds energy. If you watch the press recording by Broadwaysho on YouTube, you will find this most obvious between Abby and Britt
If you watch the same video, you will also be able to hear a glitch in one of the backing music tracks. The audience certainly noticed, but the queens and band didn’t miss a beat. I did pick up on a couple of subtle looks from queens to the MD/conductor/keyboard after the glitch. Kind of like a “hey you heard that too, right” thing
The standing ovation after Ex-Wives was almost 2 minutes long, and again the queens were sharing looks, almost in disbelief that they were back and receiving that kind of welcome from the audience
No Way was phenomenal. I think it is my favorite choreography for the group. The drummer, Maria, was STELLAR and Adrianna sure did hit that high C
Andreas performance of DLYH is so electric and energetic. I did notice that compared to some previous audio that I heard, this performance has less of a nasally sound to it. I honestly love it both ways, but I believe she is taking a new approach vocally
Heart of Stone was just as emotional as I expected. I didn’t have my glasses on, but could still see the tears in Abbys eyes. Her riff on “truthfully”(definitely a new riff) and the climax of the song were extraordinary
I also noticed that Abby took a new vocal approach to the line “you lift me high” at the beginning of Heart of Stone. Her previous approach to the word “high” was strong with very Celine Dion-like placement. But this time she brought it up to a gorgeous falsetto.
After one of the longer standing ovations of the night, Abby was able to get out her line “what hurts more than a broken heart”, and as Andrea approached her to say her line, the audience was already applauding and laughing in anticipation for her line. She had a second of a laugh herself and actually had to pause for about 10 seconds before delivering “a severed head.”
Haus of Holbein is one of the most clever, car crashes of a song to exist in musical theater. It is the sharpest turn, tone-wise, from Heart of Stone and is exactly what you need to get back into the high energy of the rest of the show
Get Down has to be my second favorite for choreography for the group, and Britt just smashes it out of the park with so much energy and commitment to her dancing.
When Britt called on the audience member to dance with her, the woman did stand up and dance but sat back down after a few seconds which gave Britt the opportunity to give a cheeky reply of “this is Broadway. Do better” which got a huge laugh from the audience
Right after Get Down, a crew/production member announced they were having a technical problem and needed to take a brief pause. At first the queens remained on stage until a crew member waived them to go off stage. The pause was for about 5 minutes to reboot a system, presumably the one that was responsible for the glitch you can hear in Ex-Wives. However I don’t remember noticing any problems in any of the other songs. One of the standing ovations was also during this pause, for the sound team. Everything resumed and there were no additional sound problems.
During one of the queen vs queen argument scenes, Aragon called Boleyn “Bo-lame” and I’m not sure if that’s new or if I didn’t notice it before, but it was hilarious
Sams delivery of AYWD seemed stronger vocally than before, which I didn’t know was possible. And the journey that she takes you on with her acting throughout the song is unmatched. She received another one of the longer standing ovations of the night
Anna was also trying some new riffs in IDNYL and they were all beautiful. There seriously wasn’t a missed note from any queens throughout the show. They were all on their A-game
Six was as energetic as expected. The crowd was clapping along the whole song and got on their feet after about 30 seconds in, and remained on their feet until the show ended
Lots of the audience had their phones out to take pictures of bows and kept them out to record megasix. I know that you’re not supposed to, but I didn’t see any theater staff tell anyone to put their phones away. I ended up recording the last few seconds so that I could get their post-show reactions and their smiles say it all. Broadway is back!!
The queens took a selfie with the crowd in the background before exiting. Sam and Adrianna certainly had the most fun with their exit moves
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six-costume-refs · a day ago
When Cinderella was on Broadway, I remember hearing that as part of their job, costuming had to scour the stage/path to Ella’s dressing room regularly to find crystals that had fallen off her shoes regularly and glue them back on. Do you think Six has a similiar problem with all the little parts of the costume that are glued on?
Hey! Yes, they do! Unfortunately no matter how strong of a glue you use that's always an annoying part of using crystals, studs, etc. This is also why I’ve recommended that cosplayers always buy more than needed for the actual costume - things will totally fall off and crystal colors get discontinued all the time.
There's a ton of issues with this for the boots especially - in a lot of close-up photos you can see little spots where there is dried glue but no crystal, which means there was one there but it fell off at some point. The boots were originally all the same material, but at some point after beginning to order custom La Ducas they started getting one with suede straps and heels because it gives the glue more to grasp onto and makes them less likely to fall off.
Tumblr media
This photo is of Carly's boots pre-crystalling (crystalledbyjane)
The studs also fall off pretty easily - there have been a ton of photos where we can clearly see missing studs over the years.
As far as whether they do the same thing of looking for all of the missing crystals, I have no idea. It’s possible, but they also may just keep enough of a supply on hand that they just use new ones and don’t worry about tracking ones down that have already fallen off. We do know they have big containers with replacements for all colors/sizes of both the studs and crystals and do maintenance on all of the costumes and boots every so often to replace any missing ones.
Tumblr media
Here’s a photo of the caddy they used on either Bliss 1.0 or Bliss 2.0 full of replacement crystals and studding in all of the colors they use (posted by hannahbridges00; also, keep in mind that they fully thought they might need to have this many of all these colors in a six month period)
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redladydeath · a day ago
Okay, here’s my Megasix
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lightleckrereins · a day ago
Alright tumblr do we want studded facemasks on the dressup game?
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cimanon · a day ago
“inside my stomach, there is a little duck who demands bread”
-kitty, probably
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