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#frozen 2

finally saw Frozen 2

I knew the spoiler about Elsa dying and coming back to life

but I didn’t know Anna became Queen in the end, while her sister goes on this spiritual journey. that part is cool, but Anna becoming Queen definitely caught me by surprise

Kristoff’s song was good, but it was a tad cheesy

it was interesting seeing this movie after having seen the version of these characters in Once Upon a Time

“I’ll just go talk to some rocks about my childhood” best line ever

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It would of been nice to see the two protagonists, I don’t know, working “together” to save their kingdom & their ppl. Would of tied in great with the marketing message. Lmao. But apparently that’s too predictable & we have to show once again how they can do everything on their own, so they don’t become too dependent on one another. Oh wait. They have already done everything on their own all their lives. These creators really don’t have a clue do they!? I think they got lucky the fist time.

They don’t know their own characters lol they had to take a BuzzFeed like personality test for their characters ffs. Or at least they said they did. In fact, we know they only wanted to see how they could bend every character to fit their desired ending for the franchise. Which sucked. Their dream ending sucked and the whole narrative suffered for it. lol

And yeah, it wasn’t too much to ask for predictable but nice things. This “subverting expectations” trend has gotten old and moldy and needs to die already. 

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I have noticed some of the reviewers & other ppl commenting on how F2 stays so true to their char & has such a happy ending. Did I see a different movie bc A, E, & K were so OOC in this movie that my head was spinning!? Plus, that ending was the worst ending in Disney history. I can’t believe they separated the sisters. I don’t understand these ppl. Did they see the first one? I am so confused!? What did I miss here!?

They’re clearly delusional or deluding themselves bc admitting that such an anticipated sequel to the most profitable franchise Disney has is actually a mess (not to say a crappy movie) would be devastating to them. 


they’re on Disney’s payroll. 

We never know.

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I was noticing on a lot of the F2 books that when Anna & K hold hands her hand is just covering his closed fist. It doesn’t look right. But when A & E hold hands it actually looks like they are holding hands. It’s weird. It’s like they didn’t like that A & E were always drawn holding hands, so they went back after they were finished & had Anna hold his hand so it was balanced in their eyes. It looks so unnatural. K & A holding hands in the movie felt & looked super weird too.

That’s really funny if true. Lol

K and A indeed look weird together bc she looks like a child next to him. 

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1- I’m still trying to figure out how anyone believes that A & K could be a realistic couple even in a fiction world? All of their interactions are awkward at best but lean toward forced & sometimes creepy, their comm problems are horrible despite being together for 3 yrs, they are never on the same page, they don’t have anything to talk about bc they have nothing in common & it shows on screen. It’s even obvious in the movie that she would rather be with E. Like slam into a wall obvious.

I’ve honestly given up on trying to understand how can anyone ship this crap. 


They’re horrible to each other, and it’s even made more clear in F2 where Anna has to apologize for going ahead with the only family she has instead of waiting around for the whiny mess of a spoiled dude that fucking disappeared in the forest without even telling her. 

I mean.. fuck that.

I’m sorry for all the straight ppl who are asked to take this trash of a relationship as a model or an example to be followed. I pray for the souls of those who are capable of writing that Kristoff is “the best boyfriend ever” after watching F2. Their common sense and self preservation has left them long ago, now we can only hope they never actually meet a Kristoff in their lives.

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I’m keen to develop more designs for genderbend frozen 2 so here are some I cooked up for Male!Elsa. I’m probably going to revisit these but I still want to keep his pallet very dark bc I think it suits our pretty boy quite well.

I’ve still got to do more of Male!Anna’s outfits and maybe some revisions for Female!Kristoff but those are on their way!

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When Elsa goes from anxious to, “I’m going to seize the hell out of this day” mode during “Some Things Never Change”…

I smile.

I smile AND my heart aches.

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Kristen to Idina: “[And yet there are some things that are permanent] like when I heard Idina sing for the first time, and I felt a newness that I’d never felt before – like a baby who had just experienced rain for the first time. Did you know that’s what it feels like when people hear you sing for the first time? It’s the truth.”


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You guys are giving me so many ideas, thank you!! I love you so much! *-*

(Could this be the continuation of my other post? I myself don’t know, but I guess it could be ^^)

Hope you like,


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