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What's "Eye of the Tiger"?
"Eye of the Tiger" is the greatest song ever written. It's so cool, it ended the Cold War.
That's not even a little bit true.
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I finally got this set:


I like the back of the box:


Once opened the set looks like this: 


It’s clear they have put together random things from unsold previous sets, cause Elsa should sit on the throne but her legs do not bend lol (Anna’s legs don’t bend either!) And the throne is the one from the hasbro castle….
But I finally understood what this is:


Iduna’s diary!

1 year later they still make merch with the story they didn’t follow….

I liked it tho, now i can add a throne to the throne room, even if just Elsa’s would be fine


And Elsa’s room looks cuter…

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Queen Iduna Frozen 2


Dangerous SecretS

Agnarr and Iduna

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Look, all I’m saying is that if Ranboo ever goes to the end and meets his family I’m expecting it to be kinda like this

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I’ve been working on some Frozen baby OCs for a while now. Introduced this precious little bean on my instagram forever ago but never posted her here. Everybody, meet Skye ✨

(you may look at these and think “i would die for her.” that is the correct emotional response)

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Suspect is dancing naked through downtown.
Copy that.
I'll try but I'm not much of a dancer.
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Elsanna Week



Day 5: Nature

Anna had left for the Enchanted Forest after Elsa’s kingdom found out about how the sisters feel about each other. For now, they are using letters to communicate and today, Elsa and Olaf are going to visit the former’s sister in the Enchanted Forest.

“Olaf, are you ready?” Elsa asks while they were walking to the port of Arendelle. “Yep, I can’t wait!” he replied, jumping once before raising his left arm up. Naturally, Elsa reached down to hold his hand.

They have finally arrived there, and Elsa summoned the Nøkk. “Hmm,” Elsa thought, because of Olaf’s body shape, there was a good chance he could fall, so she made an ice saddle for both of them to sit.

“Come on Olaf, you sit in the front,” Elsa commented while using her magic to make some sort of cloud for him to float on. She then got him to sit in the saddle and he rushed her, “Come on, come on!” Elsa giggled and went to get on.


Once they could see the beach of the Enchanted Forest, Elsa and Olaf spotted Anna waiting there. Elsa rushed the Nøkk and a few seconds later, all three of them were at the shore. They got off while Elsa dissolved the ice saddle. The water spirit melted back into the ocean.

They ran towards each other, and the sisters hugged while Olaf just held on to Anna’s leg. “Anna,” Elsa said in a rather seductive voice, biting her lips to contain her smirk. Anna giggled and gave her sister a playful slap, “Not here!”

Elsa chuckled and gave in, “Fine, fine.” However, she still gave a peck on her lips. Out of the corner of the sisters’ eyes, they saw Olaf and he was just grinning at the exchange.

When they broke apart, Anna held on to both of her sister’s hands, “The Northuldra have no idea that you’re coming and our relationship.” Elsa shrugged, “It’s fine,” then she gave a small smile, “I don’t think they’ll get in our way anyways.”

“Okay then, come on!” Anna took Elsa’s hand and a quick glance at Olaf before looking back at her sister, “Do you want to just wander around the forest first?” “Erm, sure, why not?” Elsa answered. Olaf placed a grin on his face and commented enthusiastically, “Yay! We never really got to see the forest the last time we were here.”

“True, but we can see more now!” Anna turned towards the last one talking and added, “Oh, and the Northuldra are moving camp, so they’ll be in a different place today.” Elsa nodded, “Okay, let’s go?” Anna smiled, “Let’s go,” and let go of one of her sister’s hands.


The sisters and the snowman have been wandering around a bit, now they were in the lichen meadows. “Wanna find somewhere better to sit and have lunch?” Anna asks. Elsa looked to the sky, “Sure…, I think this is about the time when we eat in Arendelle.” “You study the sun now?” the younger sister joked. The older one just gave a playful eye roll, “There’s something called ‘common sense,’ and I think you don’t have any of that in you.” Anna scoffed, “I have lots of that in me.” Elsa chuckled, “Sure you do.” A pause, “Hey, where’s Olaf?”

“I’m here, I’m here,” he ran to them, out of breath and his arms were covered in lichen. Anna silently asked if Elsa knew what happened with her eyes, but she didn’t, so Anna turned to Olaf, “Um, what happened?” “I… thought this was exactly like snow, but not actually snow, so I kinda made a ‘lichen angel’?” Olaf gave a forced, but playful smile, “I’m all good, though!”

“Okay,” Elsa chuckled, “why don’t we go to where the Northuldra were when we first cane here, you said they moved, right?” Anna nodded, “Yep, we can go.” She held Elsa’s hand in her left one and Olaf in her other, then started walking.

On their way there, they passed by Honeymaren, “Hi Elsa! I didn’t know you were coming.” Elsa gave a weak smile, “Ah, yeah, but here I am.” “Do you want to go exploring with me?” the Northuldra asked. Anna’s eyes went wide and she whispered, “What the fuck,” before slapping her hand in front of her mouth.

Several things happened at once. Elsa, who was the most calm, just chewed on her lips, looking around. Honeymaren, she commented, “Oh, you’re here too.” Anna started sobbing, repeatedly whispering, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” Olaf gave Anna a warm hug on her leg and tried to calm her, “I’ll give you all the warm hugs you want.”

Elsa decided to help Anna first. She took a deep breath, “Anna, hey, it’s okay.” The older sister went and hugged the younger one, resting her head in the crook of her neck. She continued to sob there, while Olaf kept hugging her leg. Honeymaren just stared for a few moments before saying, “I think I should go,” then walked away awkwardly.

A few minutes later, Anna lifted her head off her sister, but her puffy eyes were down. Head hung, she faced Olaf, bit didn’t look at him. “Can we forget that ever happened?” she asked, “Please don’t question what that means.” Elsa and Anna wanted to keep Olaf’s vocabulary clean, so they didn’t cuss in front of him, or at least tried not too. This was the first time that ever happened.

“Whatever you want,” he answered and looked up, his tone a little brighter. The sisters both put on a grateful smile. “Okay,” Elsa commented, “Should we go have lunch now?” Anna wiped the last tear from her eyes, “Sure.”

Olaf got off Anna’s leg and held on to her right hand. Elsa put her arm around her sister’s waist, so she did the same. They walked with Anna’s head resting on her sister’s shoulder and Elsa’s head on the former’s.

Once they got there, Elsa mentally called out for Bruni to melt the snow around them because she was helping her sister set everything up. Once he was done, he just scurried away. They set it up like they were having a picnic, but without a blanket.

The sisters happily started eating. Olaf didn’t because he had tried many times, but they just went through him. They talked about what was happening in Arendelle the Enchanted Forest.

Once they were done, Olaf asked and went to wander around. “I feel like we’re his parents,” Elsa giggled, laying down next to her sister. Anna blushed furiously, thoughts immediately going to them being married and adopted a child, or in this case, a snowman. Elsa continued, “However, he doesn’t act like a three year old, maybe five or six? Snowman years are definitely different.” A pause. “Anna?” she cautiously asked. Anna nodded a bit faster than normal, “Yep, I agree.”

“Mmm, the grass feels better than a blanket,” Elsa commented. Now, that is something Anna wouldn’t get flustered at. “Yeah,” she replied softly. Without a word, Elsa rested her head on Anna’s stomach. She closed her eyes and let her hands on her own stomach.

Anna held her breath for a moment, surprised, but she soon relaxed. She bit her lips to keep from grinning like an idiot. Anna too closed her eyes and soon the sisters were in a comfortable slumber.

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