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Hhh reposted because I kinda like the tilt angle too :“ btw their design is based on the ff ‘Under Frozen Water’ on Ao3, I was quite unsure about Jack’s outfit but I quite like how it turns out👏 pls drop them some kudos the fic really deserves more attention :”



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The fact that they could have make Anna fall in the water while the dam collapsed without changing the ending… She could have been dragged by the current, fainting in the process… Elsa would have saved Arendelle with Nokk and get ready to head back North when she sees and senses that there’s something familiar drifting to the shore… And it’s her sister body… She could have hopped off Nokk in utter panic, run to her, fallen on her knees, held her close… She could have cried then focused and taken out the water in her lungs with her magic… A life gasp… A hug… Elsa apologizing for sending her away……The missed drama opportunity

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I’m not even sure what gave me the urge to write this, but I had to get it out. Elsa’s visits and her feelings, from a spirit’s point of view.


A couple of weeks in and he sensed she was restless. She had a longing for something familiar and warm, and he knew where she wanted to go. He rose from the water surrounding Ahtohallan, the light of the sun warming his body even in the icy shallows. She emerged from the tall, frozen walls with a smile on her face, having expected him without ever actually summoning him.

“Are you ready for a ride a bit more southern today?” she had asked him in her soft, kind voice. He knew though the great strength that rested behind her gentle speech, respect coursing through him when he bowed his head to her.

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P2- a “nice guy.” Bc apparently, “nice guys” deserve to get everything. All of this is very superficial. That’s part of the reason that the ending sucks so much. A & E only ever wanted to be together and rule side-by-side. I’m not sure where this free and Q crap comes from. K doesn’t need to be in a romantic relationship to have friends. He could be the brother A & E never had bc A already has her true love, so it doesn’t make sense for them to date. Its not needed in a movie about sister love.


I think you said it all when you said:

“A & E only ever wanted to be together and rule side-by-side. I’m not sure where this free and Q crap comes from.“

Right? I don’t know either. And I don’t care. It doesn’t make sense.

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This Frozen 2 magazine was extra: a poster which translates to ’Show yourself!’, pages to color (including stickers), a frisbee you can decorate yourself, and a memory game🧡

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It’s been a year since I heard the preview of ‘The Next Right Thing’ I had the line  ‘Just do the next right thing’ in my head on repeat the 12th of March. That’s why I called my father. That’s why Lullaby got to the veterinary clinic. She died there. I’m still convinced it was Thomas who somehow sent that message from the other side. I’m sure he welcomed her. I’m sure they’re both watching over me. ‘Just do the next right thing’ I did. I took a step and I called my father. I didn’t knew if you had to book an appointment so I called him to ask. I didn’t knew anything but the line kept on repeating. ‘Just do the next right thing’ I called my father and he called me back a while later. Everything went wrong from there. ‘Just do the next right thing’ I can listen to the song even though it’s hard. I have nothing to rise for but I am still here … why am I still here?

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