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#billy hargrove x reader
innocent reader smut w/ billy hargrove馃サ?
  • okay concept: you’re Billy’s bestfriend who’s surpassingly a goody two shoes
  • quick backstory: your home life is meh (or more than meh but you get my point) and that’s what you two bonded over
  • you’re parents were very controlling- you just didn’t get the normal teenage experience that the most of the towns teens did
  • and sometimes billy finds it adorable!! you’re still discovering a lot and he’s here for it! take back your youth and all that
  • the other times gets a little bit tough for him, he’s a teenage hormonal guy after all (and a BEAST too)
  • and it doesn’t help that he has feeling for you either so sometimes you’ll do stuff that makes billy feel excited or just aroused
  • like sometimes you’ll say stuff or touch him or act him and he always ends up having to excuse himself to the bathroom
  • this is one of those times
  • you’re both chilling in his bedroom, his dad and Susan is out for the weekend and max is having a sleepover with her friends (nancy wheeler is babysitting them all, that’s the only way she was allowed to go)
  • your sucking on a lollipop and he can se some of your cleavage, he feels bad for staring and tries so hard to look away
  • “hey billy, i was thinking- and you can totally say no if you want to but-“ you take a deep breath before continuing; “maybeyoucouldteachmehowtomakeoutbecausewhatif I meet a guy i really like and i don’t know how to?”
  • your cheeks are so pink and omg even your ears. Billy’s heart skips a beat, you’re really the cutest. he tries to sound unbothered when he replies but his voice cracks a little bit “sure, like right now?”
  • you just nod before putting your lollipop aside and leaning forward. he tells you to follow what he’s doing and tell him what you like and you now once more, right now all you can concentrate is on how pretty his lips are wow
  • when you two start kissing he pulls you into your lap, at first it got you all shocked but it feels nice? you can feel butterflies in your stomach.
  • “just do it like this and you can touch me too if you want” at Billy’s comment you slide your hands over his chest, for a second you forgot how great his abs were
  • lucky you that they’re literally under your hands so that you won’t forget again
  • you can feel him hardening under you, and your heart starts beating faster
  • it feels way better than you thought it would and it might be because it’s billy, someone you know and trust and looks very good too
  • you let your hands slip down further, scared that he’s going to ask you to stop, omg that would feel so weird:/ what would you say afterwards
  • he doesn’t though and instead let’s put a small moan against your lips, which got your confidence up a little more
  • enough for you to finally say something
  • “billy, can you- can you touch me too?”
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Hey guys, it’s been a while.

I’m sorry for the lack of uploads recently but I’m making my comeback now, I’ve been busy and everything so I’ve been unable to upload or write however now I think I’m ready to take a few more requests again and be more active. So send in a request if you want, Smut / Angst / Fluff! And I’ll get it out as soon as I can, so sorry being away for so long but it feel good to be back and writing for Billy again! X

Requests - Open 💗

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« —  Do you need a hand sweetheart? » Billy whispered in your ear. 

« — WHAT THE FUCK?! » You quickly turned around your face to see Billy ogling your back. « — Get out of here! » You shouted out.

« — Come on, don’t be so prudish. This is not what you told me the last time I was fucking you in your own shower. »

「 english isn’t my mother tongue, do not hesitate to leave a comment if you see some mistakes, thx! 」

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Pairing: Billy Hargrove/Reader

Rated: E. Smut

Asshole!Billy because that’s what the spirit moved me to write. Slight angst at the end. 

Its 1987.His hair is long now, long, it falls past his shoulders, down his back, between his shoulder blades in dirty blonde waves. More often than not he’s sporting a black eye or bruised cheekbones or busted knuckles, don’t matter much, he works at an auto shop and he’s good at his job, so nobody really gives a fuck. He lives in San Francisco where thrash rules, fuck the glam metal pussies of LA. Life is mosh pits and beer and headbanging and banging chicks. 

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Billy Hargrove x reader


For a while after Billy Hargrove blazed into town, with his killer looks and his itching fists the students of Hawkins High thought his lighting-in-a-bottle personality was the most interesting thing that was ever going to happen to their small town, and for a couple of moths, that was true. 

Then, exactly three months after Billy arrived, a cherry red drop-top Cadillac Eldorado hurtled onto the school’s parking lot. 

When it veered into a space with squealing tires, it was as if the entire population of the school had frozen on the spot. All eyes were glued to the mystery arrival, because everyone knew that no one drove a car like that in a town like Hawkins. 

Not only that, but it was parked in a spot that everyone knew belonged to a Chevrolet Camaro instead. 

Hawkins High was watching expectantly as the Cadillac’s door swung open, and more than one jaw dropped when a pair of combat boots hit the pavement, followed by two long legs clad in dark denim, a low cut black top covered by a leather jacket and lips so red they matched the cherry color of the car.

The entire school was staring because it was very clear that Hawkins had never seen a girl like you. 


Okay, so I’m starting my first (mini)series and I’m super excited!!

It’ll detail relationships between Y/n, Billy, Steve, the party, Nancy and Jonathan, but I’ll be disregarding a lot of the details from the show and won’t be adhering strictly to the shows timeline. Some of the chapters will be explicit, there will be a lot of figthing and sex but also a lot of friendship and love. 

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I write for :

  • Marvel
  • DC
  • Star Trek
  • Star Wars
  • The Mandolorian
  • Dracula BBC
  • Lord of the Rings
  • The Hobbit
  • Sherlock BBC
  • Doctor Who BBC
  • NCIS
  • NCIS : Los Angeles
  • NCIS : New Orleans 
  • The Witcher
  • Criminal Minds
  • Stranger Things
  • Repo! Genetic Opera
  • The Walking Dead
  • IT (2017&2019)
  • Harry Potter
  • Fantastic Beasts and where to find them
  • Supernatural
  • Tokyo Ghoul

I write a lot more just ask me! My requests are open! I have a list somewhere on my page for prompts! 🥰

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Ooooo! How about "I'm sorry but... who are you?" with Billy?? It's only right to request angst from the literal angst queen!! 馃憫馃挄

Sunlight pierced through the hurriedly closed curtains. Cigarette ash floated on beer stained air. A headache. Dry mouth. Stomach in knots and aching limbs. A hangover. 

The sound of shifting on the sheets, a shirt being tugged over shoulders, jeans being slid over thighs, the sound of a zipper and the clink of a belt buckle. A pause and a sigh, a glance over a shoulder at the seemingly sleeping person. He got up, the weight shifting making the mattress rise a little. The snap of a zippo and the sound of nicotine smoke being inhaled deeply. Another pause. Boots shoved on quickly and then shuffling awkwardly on the carpet. Yet another pause, a glance towards the bed, blue eyes examining the bruises on hips and thighs, teeth marks and nail tracks in soft shoulder skin. He heaved on his jacket, zipped it and stepped out through the bedroom door. 

Monday morning at school, you glanced down the hallways, nervously moving your backpack on your still aching shoulder, the remnants of the night at the party still staying with you. Teenagers were huddled in crowds, gossiping and laughing about the weekend past. Who ended up with who, which person threw up in the bathroom, how did that guy end up on the lawn? 

You glided by them, head hung low as you walked, contemplating the day, what class you had later, did you have any homework to do tonight? 

And then you saw him. 

Messy, dirty blonde curls falling down over denim wrapped broad shoulders. Sun-kissed skin with freckles dotted around the bridge of his nose, deep laughter lines frame a toothy grin as he laughed at an unheard comment from his friends. You felt your stomach do a small flip. An involuntary smile, memories of that night flashing through your mind. Warm lips on heated skin, hands roaming in the dark, the sound of your name being whispered almost sinfully. 

Your feet felt like lead, but you forced them to move, you hadn’t heard anything since that night, but something gave you a glimmer of hope, you didn’t know why but you couldn’t silence the voice in the back of your head that urged you ’speak to him‘ 

“Hey Billy” you uttered shakily as you approached the small group of friends. 

3 sets of eyes turned to you with eyebrows raised in curiousity.

He shifted and paused, he looked down, then away, then back at you.

“I hadn’t heard from you since the party, I guess you were busy so I–" 

"I’m sorry but… who are you?” his words came out brash and unamused, he glanced to each of his peers, the sentence had a hint of amusement but his face remained stoic, almost regretful of what he’d said. 

“I’m, um, we met, at the party on Saturday?" 

"Hargrove, did you lay this little freak?" 

Your gaze switched to his friend, a boy from the basketball team, his expression ready to burst into a round of laughter at any given second. You blushed, your cheeks burned hot, you tried to disguise the wobble of your bottom lip and looked down at your shoes. 

Billy studied you. His lips pressed into a thin line. He saw your flustered and deflated demeanor, the courage you’d mustered to come over leaking from your pores and leaving you stood, embarrassed and troubled. 

"No. No I didn’t. I’m sorry sweetheart, I have no idea who you are” his voice was stern, flat and emotionless, his blue eyes boring a hole into you as he spoke. 

The way you hid your hurt should have won you an Oscar, you smiled sweetly, you nodded, a silent gesture that you understood he didn’t want to be known mocked or teased for sleeping with a girl who wasn’t popular. But inside you felt nauseated, like a punch to the gut with a sledgehammer, your hands shook, so you clenched them tight and you resisted blinking, knowing that tears would form. 

“My mistake” you offered with finality as you forced yet another smile. You turned and walked away silently. 

“Can you believe that girl?" 

Billy didn’t answer. He watched you walk away, shoulders slumped, shaking slightly, he knew you were finally letting tears out. He sighed, his jaw twitched and he fidgeted with his hands. 

Of course he knew who you were. He knew exactly who you were. His inner voice screamed at him. Don’t let her walk away. Don’t leave her like that. She was the one who saw you. Asked you about your music. Talked to you about movies. Laughed at your jokes. She helped you with classwork. She kissed you so gently. She shivered when you touched her. Your name on her lips was the sweetest thing you’d ever tasted. Don’t let her walk away. 

"These bitches, huh?" 

A sharp hand clapping on denim snapped him back to reality. 

"Yeah man, bitches” Billy mumbled back with a fake, crooked smile. He took one last, lingered look as you turned into a classroom before tearing his gaze away and following his friend down the corridor. Leaving you behind. 

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Disclamer: as mentioned in my last post, I have decided to continue my fic “Wild Child” (which was actually finished after part 8). And yes I know we’re all horny and y’all just wanna get to the kinky stuff (I see you) but maybe give it a try and also check out the previous story to kinda get the pre-story behind all of this. Or at least read part 1 of this you kinky fucks :D

Warnings: language, smut, 18+, nsfw, smoking, drinking, drugs


„You’re late.“

„Yeah sorry had to drop off my sister at the Wheeler’s house and Karen was nice enough to offer me a drink.“ Billy answered while stepping through the door, quickly following you into the kitchen to that fridge full of beer you had promised him earlier.

„Dude, stop calling her Karen it’s gross.“

„Hey there’s nothing I can do. I feel like she really wants me to call her Karen, y/n. Can’t deny a woman her deepest darkest desires.“

„Ew Hargrove shut up. I swear to god if you’re really going to screw Nancy Wheeler’s mom I’m gonna lose all my respect for you. And I don’t have too much of that to begin with.“

„You can’t deny that she’s kinda hot. Also, what can I do she’s really asking for it. Must be a very unsatisfying marriage.“

„I’m not gonna comment any further on this…but maybe go see a therapist about those mommy issues.“ you commented snarky, handing Billy a half rack of beer from the fridge.

„Oh fuck off y/n.“

„Love you too. Come on, we’re going to the basement. The stereo down there is way better. I need you to check out some of the new releases I took from work.“

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Part I   Part II  Part III   Part IIII    Part V   Part VI

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: You’re the eldest Wheeler sister by eleven months. You find yourself in Chemistry class with none other than Billy Hargrove, who seems to be getting on your last nerve… what happens when you earn him a detention slip? You couldn’t possibly become friends… could you?

Warnings: language and some sexual references.

Word Count: 16 k

Author’s Note: Please let me know if you would like to be tagged for the next update. Also, this is turning into a series… I have so much I have planned, so please stay tuned.

Tags: @
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@everwingedforever-blog  @couldntthinkofabetteruser  @basic-fragment

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Hey! Could I please get a Stranger Things ship? I’m a 5’5” girl but I like to wear platforms to make myself taller. I have shoulder-length wavy hair that I dyed black and greenish-blue eyes (tbh idk what color they are because they always change). When people first meet me they expect me to be all badass because I wear lots of black but I’m actually kind of sweet. I like to make people laugh, listen to loud music, and drive too fast. I’ve never had a boyfriend but I would like one lol 馃挒

I ship you with: Billy Hargrove!


Originally posted by dandysnob

•Billy likes that you dress like a badass

•But he loves that you’re a sweetheart and you can make him genuinely laugh

•He’s incredibly used to fake laughing, so finding a girl who can make him actually laugh means a lot

•You two spend a lot of time driving around Hawkins and the country side

•Of course, Billy blares Def Leppard or Twisted Sister and you scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs

•When you’re out in the middle of nowhere, Billy let’s you drive his car

•He loves watching you drive, but he knows if anyone in town sees you driving his car, Neil would ground him for months

•Most of your dates happen at the diner since it’s the only place you can sit for hours just talking

•But on a rare occasion you guys go on an ice cream date, Max tags along

•It annoys the hell out of Billy, but you don’t mind because you like Max

•After each date Billy walks you to your door and kisses you goodnight

•Yes, Billy can be a dick at times, but you bring out the best in him (it’s cheesy but true)

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Characters: Billy Hargrove x Fem Reader
Warnings: None
Synopsis: Billy needs a job, you need an image boost. So an agreement is made between unlikely allies. [Fake Dating AU]

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight

Tags: @httpakasha@morecake4me@chloe-skywalker

“The last one was prettier”

To Neil’s credit, he was trying to whisper, he just wasn’t very good at it. You hadn’t assumed he would be incredibly nice, or even polite to you. But you didn’t expect him to be so outrightly rude to you.

“You’re an asshole”

Billy spits the words with acid at his father, standing up from the table, not waiting to be excused. He moves with calm purpose as he pulls your chair out, carefully to make sure you’re not shoved around roughly.

“Thank you for dinner”

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She’s the One

Chapter 4: The Tunnels

A Billy x Reader x Steve Fanfic


SUMMARY: You’re One, one of the many kids experimented on in Hawkins lab. Eleven’s sister. You were found and now, you’re here to stay.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This took a lot longer than expected, but hopefully, I’ll make up for it with its length. It’s practically two chapters in one! Enjoy!

WARNINGS: Language, violence, and graphic scenes involving blood and/or death.


TAGLIST: @cherrym4rk @acidrain707 @torntaltos @evelynfreakinaddams @bun-dpdbny @qtmeryr @art-flirt @5sosxwinchester @kayln97 @uwu-bucky @thecornerstoreoftheuniverse @book–butterfly @laurmillen @gabyer0309 @bonnieelizabethparker @supernaturalvikingwhore @gothackedalready @xxalice98xxblog @bhad-disposition @frozenhuntress67 @loveofmonstersandroses






“What-what’s happening?”

You felt Steve’s head slowly lift from your shoulder as you turned to him in concern. His eyes were half lidded and swollen, but they were getting wider by the second. At first, he was just trying to figure out what was going on; but as he was becoming more aware of it, he started to panic and Dustin took notice.

“Hey, shh,” he cooed. “It’s gonna be okay. She’s driven before.”

“Yeah, in a parking lot,” Mike corrected.

“That counts,” Lucas defended, but Steve wasn’t reassured in the slightest. Because once he saw Max at the driver’s seat, he gasped sharply.

“Oh my god-”

“They wanted to leave you behind,” Dustin explained. “But I promised them you’d be cool.”

“Oh my god!” Steve repeated, more exasperatedly than before. “Stop - stop the car!” You could feel that everyone was growing more anxious at Steve’s tone, especially Max who was trying to focus on the road.

“See I told you he’d freak out!”

“Hey,” you soothed, rubbing his shoulder. “It’s okay. We’re almost there…I think.”

“Why’d you let them drive,” he exclaimed.

“Cause I don’t know how to,” you informed, just as loudly.

“Can everyone shut up? I’m trying to focus,” Max yelled abruptly.

“Turn left on Mount Sinai,” Lucas shouted at her.


“Turn left now!”

“Shit!” She gripped the wheel tightly and spun it to the left, causing everyone including yourself to scream as you were all sent flying into the person or window beside you. You cringed as the car swerved and ran something over. You just hoped it wasn’t anything too bad.

As Max gained control of the car once again, you let out a breath of relief, but Steve on the other hand looked like he was about to vomit. You felt bad for him, but all you could do was continue to rub his shoulder. You didn’t notice the way he stared at you from the corner of his eye as you did so.


The car screeched to a halt about five minutes later and you grunted as your back hit the car seat. You felt Steve contort beneath your hand and you realized that he was gagging. You stroked his back softly as the kids hurried out of the car.

“Come on, One,” Dustin shouted, making his way to the trunk of the car with the others. You nodded quickly and gripped Steve’s arm.

“Alright, let’s go,” you muttered, tugging on him. He shook his head.

“We’re not doing this,” he grumbled. “We-we gotta stop them.” You sighed as Steve attempted to get out of the car, stumbling in the process. You followed after him and noticed the way he was staggering towards the kids and how they still chose to ignore him. They were too busy distributing goggles, bandanas, and gloves amongst themselves.

“Here, One,” Dustin gestured, handing you your own garments. You took them quickly and started to pull the leather gloves over your hands as you heard Steve shouting behind you.  

“Hey, guys!” You tied the bandana loosely around your neck. “Guys!” You pulled the goggles over your eyes. “HELLO?!”

You turned to look at him once you were done and his eyes were full of disbelief, dizziness, and anger.

“You think you’re going down there - you’re - you’re wrong! Okay?! This,” he pointed. “This ends now!” While you sighed deeply, the kids barely spared him a glance before making their way to the hole in the ground.

“Listen, Steve,” you started. “I know you’re upset…but this is what we really have to do to help Eleven.” You paused as you heard the kids already dropping down into the hole and you felt him becoming anxious again. “We’re the babysitters…and you promised to keep them safe too… So let’s keep them safe together,” you finished.

You hoped your statement would ease his mind and it did, but he still looked hesitant. He still kept gazing into your eyes as his jaw kept flexing over and over. In actuality, he was just finding it harder and harder to deny you the longer he looked into your wide eyes. The way you looked at him…he never wanted to say no to you when it came to anything.

“Well,” Dustin quipped, making you and Steve turn to him. He was already holding a pair of goggles and a bandana in one hand and Steve’s spiked bat in the other. Steve knew he had no choice at this point despite how reluctant he was being. So, he simply rolled his eyes before snatching the bat from Dustin and flipping his hair out of his face.

“I swear if we die, I’m going to kill all of you,” he mumbled.


You dropped to the ground with a small thud and Steve followed shortly after. You both locked eyes before shifting your gazes, and flashlights, to the front of you. Your eyes widened at the sight.

“What the-” you didn’t get to finish as Steve interrupted you with his own word of astonishment.

“Shit.” Shit…? Shit.  

“What the…shit,” you repeated. What the shit indeed. You never been down tunnels before, but you never expected them to be this disgusting and unsettling. They were slimy with vines and webs as far as the eye could see. The air was littered with snow-like dust and the ground crunched beneath your feet like bones. The sound was especially unnerving because it sounded like it was breathing, like it was alive. You then realized why you were wearing bandanas over your mouths when you looked up and saw a pulsing growth on the ceiling. It was thumping slow and quietly, but it kept getting faster by the second. Soon, it let out an exhale so deep that it shot a puff of dust out of its mouth. You grimaced at the sight, tearing your gaze away from it and towards the kids. It seemed like Mike was already explaining the plan to them, so you walked over in order not to miss anything.

“This is our goal,” he explained, pointing to the map he drew out earlier. “All we have to do is light up the hub and cause a distraction long enough for El to close the gate. We don’t have much time, so we have to find it quickly. Everyone stay close to me, okay?”

“You mean everyone stay close to me,” you corrected. You were the one with the powers after all.

“Yeah. If any of you little shits die down here, we’re getting blamed,” Steve informed, pulling the map away from Mike. “So, from here on out, (Y/N) and I are leading the way.” You found yourself blushing once he used the name he gave you for the first time. Now, you knew for a fact, you liked the name-

“(Y/N),” Mike questioned.

“Yeah, (Y/N),” Steve confirmed. “It’s better than One. Gotta problem with it?”


“It’s pretty,” Max nodded and judging by the squintiness of her eyes, she was smiling at you. You couldn’t help but do the same despite the situation.

“Alright. Let’s get going then,” Steve announced, motioning for you to join him. You hurriedly did and made sure the kids were close behind as you all pushed forward. You expected this to be easy. It was an in-and-out type situation. You just had to set the hub on fire and leave, but the closer you got to it, a dark feeling was becoming more apparent within you. This place, it just didn’t sit right with you.

“You okay,” you heard Steve ask and you glanced at him in surprise. You didn’t realize that he was keeping a close eye on you along with the map.

“Yeah,” you uttered. “I just have a bad feeling about this place…and it’s getting worse.” You both paused when you saw a bend in the distance and looked to the map. It was the right way, but it seemed like the bad feeling was emitting the most from there. “We’re almost there,” you gulped.

So, you all continued to push forward and round the bend, only to be met with an indescribable sight. The area was filled with more growths and the air was denser than ever. They were spitting out dust at an alarming rate and it was getting harder to see.

“What is this place,” Max asked in awe and fortunately, you didn’t have an answer. You just knew you had to get out of there.

“Steve,” you called out and he nodded, shaking himself out of it.

“Guys, come on,” Steve nudged. “Let’s keep moving.” They nodded and followed him towards the tunnel opposite to this one. You saw Mike, Lucas, and Max, but where was-

You turned around and saw Dustin with his flashlight pointed at one of the growths, examining it closely.

“Dustin, get away from there,” you urged, but before you knew it, it spat all over his face. He immediately started screaming and you swiped your hand towards yourself to bring him to you. The action made your veins burn, but not by a lot luckily. Dustin was too in distress to even notice that you used your powers on him.

“I think some-I think some got in my mouth,” he shouted and you cupped his face gently as you surveyed his face. You heard the others running behind you and Steve yell-

“What happened?!” You tilted his head to the side to get a good look of the knot holding his bandana together and as you expected, it was still so tight that it couldn’t have slipped off.

“Nothing,” you chuckled, patting Dustin on the cheek. “It was an…overreaction.” At that, the kids immediately scolded Dustin for his antics while he tried to defend himself.

“Hey, guys. We’re already low on time and I’m pretty sure the hub is right over there,” Steve informed. “So, let’s get a move on.” You all nodded and within a matter of minutes, you were all at the hub - the spot that connected all the tunnels underneath Hawkins.

“Let’s drench it,” Mike stated.


“You ready,” Steve asked lowly and you nodded,

“Eleven and Hopper are already in the lab. It’s time to clear it up for them.” The kids nodded in agreement as Steve flicked the lighter open and spun the wheel of it, igniting the flame.

“Light her up.”

“I’m in such deep shit” was the last thing Steve said before he threw the lighter.

The moment the fire met the gasoline, the hub was engulfed by large and blinding flames. You winced, but winced even more when the vines around you started to shriek in pain. You felt the amount of pain being felt at this very moment, the pain within Will and the pain within…the demodogs! Shit.

“Guys,” you called out. “We have to go…now. The dogs are already on their way.”

“Y-yeah,” Steve stuttered out. “Let’s go!”

You took off, running through the maze as best as you could. You hadn’t realized it until now, but you were really out of shape. Your lungs felt like they were on fire too and your legs were aching immensely. After this, you should really go on runs everyday - to at least rebuild your stamina to where it was before the chamber.

Just ignore the pain and keep pushing.

You gulped deeply and looked ahead, seeing three tunnels going separate ways. Which way?

“Steve,” you pant.

He looked down at the map urgently before pointing to the one to the left, “This one! This way!” He ran toward it with the kids following close behind and you were about to join them until you heard a loud thud followed by screaming.

“Help! Help!” Mike. You whipped your head around and saw that he was struggling against the ground, kicking at it rapidly. You didn’t know why at first until you saw a vine wrapped tightly around his leg, only getting higher up his body by the second.

Get him out of there!


You ran over to him in an instant and took his hand. You held onto it tightly as you raised your other and snapped it to the side quickly. With that, the vine twisted within itself and snapped in half, spewing black blood onto your face. It made you stumble back a bit, but you still managed to look past it and pull Mike back up and behind you.

“What happened,” Steve yelled as he and the others came rushing back toward the two of you.

“We’re fin-” you began, but you weren’t able to finish as a deep growl echoed within the room. You froze and turned to the sight of a demodog, ready to pounce at any moment. You frowned and raised your hand quickly, ready to throw it.

“Wait, One,” Dustin exclaimed abruptly and you looked at him in confusion. “It’s Dart.” Dart?

He started to take slow steps toward it and your eyes widened as Steve scolded him.

“Dustin, get over here now. Get away from it.”

“Dustin, come back,” Max pleaded. “(Y/N), do something.”

“Wait,” you whispered.

“It’s okay, Dart,” Dustin cooed. “It’s me, remember? Your friend - Dustin.” Your heart was pounding within your chest and you could feel sweat dripping down your face. The blood on your face was starting to stick and you didn’t know if it was the blood from the vine or your own. Probably both. Either way, the nervousness was killing you. You had a feeling it was going to attack, but at the same time, you think it was starting to recognize him. Whatever it was, you could tell that there was some sort of bond between them and that it wouldn’t attack.

“Will you let us pass?” He took another step forward and it growled again, making you doubt yourself. Then, Dustin slowly unzipped his bag and started to dig through it until he pulled out what looked like a bar.

“You hungry?” Food. He tore it open and offered it up to the dog. “Nougat, remember? Your favorite.” Then, he dropped it in front of it and took a step back. It slowly made its way to the nougat and finally, it began to eat. “That’s a good boy. Good boy.” You released a breath you didn’t know you were holding in and gave Steve a look of unease. He returned it and a moment later, Dustin looked back at all of you and waved you off. You all took that as the cue to sneak past, so you did and took off down the tunnels once again.

You kept going until you heard a large boom echo within the tunnels and start to shake.

“What the hell was that?” And the question was answered the moment you heard growling. It was the demodogs! And it was the whole herd of them too, but why were they coming this way? The hub was in the opposite direction. Then, you felt it. Anger, pain, sadness, fear, hope. It was Eleven. She was closing the gate. The mind flayer, it was sending them to stop her.

“Run!” You snapped out of it just in time to run with everyone else. 

“They’re going after Eleven,” you shouted.


“They’re trying to stop her! I have an idea, but we have to get out first!”

“There,” Lucas pointed and you could see the moonlight pouring in from the exit. Perfect.

You stopped as Steve lifted each kid to the hole one by one, the demodogs drawing closer and closer. The growling continued to grow louder and it made you uneasy, but you had to remember that they weren’t after you. They were after Eleven. Still, you couldn’t let that many of them pass through. That would defeat the purpose of your plan.

“(Y/N), what’s the plan,” Steve asked and you looked back at him in shock.

“What are you still doing down here,” you questioned loudly.

“You expected me to leave you down here?!” Then, you saw his eyes widen as he looked behind you, causing you to do the same. The demodogs rounded the corner and were about to charge the two of you until you looked back at him again.

“I’m sorry about this,” you apologized.

“Sorry for wha-” he didn’t get to finish as you jerked your head up, sending him flying up the hole with a scream. You felt blood rush down your nose, but you ignored it as you pulled some of the ground beneath you to give you a boost big enough to grab the rope. You were about to pull yourself up until one of the demodogs rushed past you and made you lose your footing. You grunted as your chin hit the wall, but you were still able to hold on.

Then, Steve appeared out of nowhere with his hand extended out to you, “Come on!”

You gripped it tightly as he pulled you through the hole and fell back with you on top of him. You felt heat creep onto your face, but now wasn’t the time. You had a job to do. You pulled away from him and placed both of your palms into the earth.

“What’re you doing,” Steve panted.

“You might want to take a step back,” you warned before starting to gather all the power you could possibly muster up.

You honestly didn’t know if you’d be able to do this in your condition. You barely woke up 2 hours ago and you just hit your head. You still had to try though. You had to try for eleven. No, you had to for everyone. You just had to… Push through the pain. Yeah, that’s what you had to do. Even if it hurts… Even if the veins along your neck and temples were burning, you had to… Ignore it and keep going no matter what. Even if you felt all the blood rushing to your head and going out your nose, you had to keep going… Because that’s what you were made for. You were made to endure.

You screamed as you made the ground collapse within itself, crushing the demodogs beneath you. You already felt some pass through and you weren’t going to let them get away either. You kept going, flattening the ground until you reached the end of the tunnel. Hell, when you were done, there wasn’t even a tunnel left. It was just dirt and rubble and the others couldn’t help but stare in amazement. They knew you were strong, but they didn’t know that you were that strong. It was unbelievable. You-you were unbelievable.

You released your hold on the ground moments later and fell back, feeling completely exhausted. You expected to hit the ground, but instead, your head was met with a firm chest and a pair of warm arms embracing you. You twisted your head back and met Steve’s eyes. You smirked softly. Of course it would be him.

You let your head fall against his chest once again, liking the feel of another person - liking the feeling of having done something for a change. You were never going back…

…and luckily, you would never have to.

Because not even a month later, the lab was shut down for good.

You knew it was happening, but you still had to see it for yourself. Why? Because it was the place that had always caused you so much pain and turmoil and it was finally being locked down. It was long overdue, but it was better late than never. It was enough to make you smile, a smile that you didn’t even know you had in you. You weren’t the only one that was happy either, just like you weren’t the only one watching. There was another man there too - older and balding with dark-rimmed glasses over his eyes. Hell, he even brought a lawn chair to watch. He seemed happier than you if that was even possible, but to each their own you guess.

It had been an interesting month overall to say the least. What had been just you living with Hopper and Eleven for a while, turned into a permanent adoption. You weren’t One anymore and you weren’t just (Y/N). You were (Y/N) Hopper. The thought was enough to make you cry. You were actually in a family with your sister and actually had friends. One of them being Steve.

You spent a good portion of your time with him and him showing you around town. You would think that maybe it wasn’t a good idea for you to be out and about, but your situation was a lot different than Eleven’s. People knew about Eleven. Yes, very few people, but they still knew and it wasn’t safe for her just yet. The reason why it didn’t matter with you was because no one knew you existed. You weren’t a recent “project” like Eleven. You were practically buried 5 years ago and all the files regarding you must’ve been buried too. You suspected that that was Brenner’s doing as he most likely didn’t want anyone else getting their hands on his best experiment, but you didn’t care now. According to Eleven, he was most likely dead… which was good. Because that meant you were finally free, and you honestly didn’t want anyone stopping you from getting to tonight.

Tonight, as Eleven told you, was the snowball dance and while you obviously couldn’t go because you weren’t a twelve year-old, you still wanted to see her off. You gazed at her from the rearview mirror and she looked so pretty. You helped choose the dress at the store and Hopper surprisingly did her hair… very well. While she was excited, she was also just as nervous.

“It’ll be okay,” you reassured her with a smile. “You look amazing and Mike will love it.”

“Hopefully not too much,” Hopper retorted with a glare in his eyes. How like a dad.

“He’ll love it,” you stated again and she smiled gently.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“I think we should lay some ground rules before you go,” Hopper started to say, but you immediately cut him off.

“Yeah, have fun.”

“No, I think we should really-”

“No, no, no,” you insisted, practically talking to him now. “It’s going to be fun and if something were to happen, Hop’s out here. Okay?”

She nodded, “Okay.”

“Okay,” you asked again, still looking at Hopper who was rolling his eyes. “We need okay’s all around.”

“Okay,” he gruffly responded and you smirked at your small victory before stepping out of the car. Once she did the same, you pulled her into a tight hug, not wanting to forget this moment. “Have fun, El,” you whispered. “I mean it.”

And she quickly nodded before pulling away.

You watched as Hopper led her to the entrance and still kept smiling even as he turned back to glare at you.

“What was that for,” he questioned, walking back over to you.

“I already knew what you were going to say,” you answered. “No kissing. No holding hands. Stay this far away from each other. Just let her have some fun, Hop. These past few months have been a lot for her.”

“I guess you’re right,” he conceded. “But still…boys.”

“Well, you’re out here with your gun, so I think she’ll be alright,” you joked. Then, a feeling emerged within you. You smiled. “Joyce is here. I’m pretty sure she’ll help take your mind off things. I think she needs it too.”

He nodded slowly, “How about you?”

“I feel Steve around,” you blushed and he eyed you suspiciously.

“Maybe Eleven isn’t the one I should be worried about,” he concluded as you gasped.

“I’m just fine,” you lied. “But I am going to see him.” You started to walk off until-

“Don’t try to have too much fun.” You gaped at him.



It didn’t take long for you to find Steve. It was maybe only five minutes until you scared the shit out of him by popping your head through the window of his car.

“Hi, Steve,” you greeted.

“Jesus, (Y/N). Where the hell did you come from,” he shouted, clutching his chest.

“Sorry,” you apologized. “Just…Hopper brought Eleven to the dance and…I didn’t want to stay in the cabin alone, so I came along. I’m glad I found you though.” You smiled, but Steve didn’t seem to be matching it. Quite frankly, he felt a bit off. Maybe even a bit sad.

“Yeah, I was just bringing Dustin,” he told you, but he didn’t sound like himself either.

“That was nice of you.” His gaze actually kept flickering elsewhere, to you and to someone else.

You turned your head and the first person you saw was Nancy…oh. It made sense now. You knew about him and Nancy. He never told you directly because he never wanted to talk about it, but whenever he saw her, it was always the same heartbroken look. Dustin told you that he loved her, but that she didn’t love him back. That she left him for Jonathan and it hurt him… a lot. It wasn’t something he was just going to get over, but as his friend…you would try to make the process go by smoother.

“Wanna get outta here,” you asked abruptly and his attention immediately reverted back to you.

“What,” he furrowed his eyebrows.

“Wanna get outta here? Take your mind off things.” And he seemed to catch on.

“Where do you wanna go,” he smirked.

“Anywhere but here.”

“How about Hopper?”

“He knows how to handle himself,” and he chuckled deeply.

“Then, get in,” and you obliged without hesitation.

Steve didn’t mention where you were going, but you didn’t really care. This was enough for the time being. To be in his company with the radio on and the windows down as the wind blew through your hair. Listening to him hum along with the music and giggling when he started to sing terribly on purpose. Yeah, you thought. This was enough.

You laughed as he continued to sing, shaking your head in the process, “You’re funny.”

“Funny how,” he asked with a smile gracing his lips. “Funny, like I’m funny, or I’m funny looking?”

“Just funny,” you teased. “Where are we going anyway?”

“There’s this place that I like going to,” he revealed. “And I think you’ll like it too.” And he was right. It was a small clearing in the woods with a pier leading to the lake. How he found it, you didn’t know, but it was still quite beautiful with the way the moon reflected off the water. He pulled into the clearing and you both got out of the car once he parked, shutting the doors at the same time. He watched you as you made your way to the shoreline and smiled when you gasped in awe.

“It’s so pretty,” you gleamed and you paused when you turned back to look at him, another idea popping in your head. “Do you want to dance?”

“What,” he asked, sitting up from his spot on the hood of his car.

“Well, you left the lights and the music on,” you mentioned. “So, I’m asking you - do you want to dance?”

“Do you even know how to dance?”

“Well, no,” you responded, slowly walking over to him. “But do you think…you can show me how to?” His eyes widened at your suggestion, clearly shocked that you would ask him such a thing, but he had no reason not to.

“Yeah-yeah, sure.” He quickly got up and met you halfway across the shore.

“Um, well…this is the first step,” he explained, grabbing your hands gently and placing them on his shoulders. You felt your face begin to heat up, but little did you know, he was feeling it too. “Then, step two, I place my hands on your waist…if that’s okay.” You nodded and he did it so delicately that you thought he was touching a porcelain doll instead. “Now,” he pulled you a bit closer. “We just sway to the music.”

You started to sway, smiling shyly as he did the same.

“Yeah, like that,” he motivated, swaying a bit faster before letting go of one of your hands and spinning you around until you fell against his chest.

“Woah,” you chuckled. “That was a bit…dizzy.”

“That’s the point,” he chuckled, keeping you firmly against him now and you couldn’t help but lean into him.

Yeah, you thought to yourself as you closed your eyes. I’m never going back.

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Comfort Food

Billy Hargrove x reader

Word Count: 900

Warnings: little bit of bad day stuff

Author’s Note: I do not know any Italian food other than the American ignorance basics so I kind of left the food open because I didn’t want to pretend to know what I was talking about lol. Thank you so much for being so kind and requesting!! I wove Billy and soft Billy. Also I have no idea how to cook so I’m dreaming living your life babe 😂

Requested: by anon, Hiya! I saw Stranger things on the request list so I think that is ok, sorry if not! Could I get Billy x Italian! Reader where she cooks for him and he just adores it, I don’t mind if this is short, and if you don’t want to do Italian, it’s ok with a reader who’s just a good cook, you do you! 💗 Your writing is so beautiful and gets every character well 😖🥰 And Ciao from Italy! 😊

Summary: the request

Genre: fluff

(not my gif)


You smiled as you pulled out some food from the oven. You knew you had made extra of it even though you didn’t mean to which was perfect. You were pretty sure you did it subconsciously now.

You had recently acquired a boyfriend, which is a weird way to put it but it was the way he said it just after you started going steady. Billy was known around town as quite the ladies man and you had never really believed it until you met him for the first time in class one day. He was obviously flirting with you and you went along with it for some time until he finally asked you out. You had a good time together and he tended to be at your house more and more often than he would put energies into other girls.

He finally announced that you had acquired a boyfriend and you thought it was too funny and interesting to refuse.

He then learned that you could really really cook. You told him it was just for relaxation usually but there was often a bit of fun in it as well. Along with the hunger obviously. Billy was very often hungry and it didn’t help that you were a great cook.

You knew he was coming over later and you managed to pull out one of your mom’s dishes that you had learned how to make. It was really good and when it was your go to comfort food. Now that you and Billy had been dating for a couple months, it was now his go to comfort food as well.

You put the pan of food down and turned off the oven, leaning against the counter as you looked over the bubbling blended ingredients. You blew a piece of hair out of your face and glanced at the clock just as the doorbell rang. You took off the oven mitts and walked quickly to the door, opening it and leaving it because Billy knew he could just come inside. He followed you into the kitchen.

“Smells great in here babe,” he called nonchalantly. You rolled your eyes as you turned the corner into the kitchen. You could basically feel his excitement.

“You know you just came here at this exact time because you knew I would be cooking something,” you told him with a small smile. “It’s for you anyway,” you admitted sheepishly. Billy’s eyes went wide and he couldn’t help but give you a true, genuine smile.

The thing with you cooking for him was that he hadn’t had that since his mom had left him. He remembered the spaghetti being his favorite thing that his mom made him and you made it way more authentically then she did but it still remembers it. The peace, the time of his life that he remembered enjoying. No one had cooked for him since then. He had lived off pizza and energy drinks and now he had you who literally made him food without asking for it. You also enjoyed it. Still, bonkers to him.

“It’s still hot,” you warned him but he was already grabbing the plate you had on the table and dishing it up.

“Doesn’t matter, I’ll have some ice water with it.”

You rolled your eyes and sat down at your table where he soon joined you. He had the plate filled to the brim. He didn’t tell you about it but he had just had a tough day with his dad and with Max, so being here was perfectly peaceful.

Billy immediately began to scarf down on the food. You put your foot up on one of the other seats in the dining table and leaned against the back of the chair. You watched him, smiling softly to yourself.

“How are you this afternoon?” you asked him, your cheek against the back of the chair. He shrugged and swallowed the bit that he had eaten.

“Better now.”

Billy: @peterpstuff

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Quarantine Painting!

So, it’s been a while…

I know I have digital drawings that have been asked to do, from time ago, and I want to get them up soon, but I’ve been so back logged with doing digital work for my degree. I just need a break….

However, I do want to do some actual, physical painting, and I was thinking about doing some Stranger Things art.

I really just want to know if anyone has any ideas who to paint first and if it’s worth sharing.

…maybe if I actually do good on this I will hopefully include more physical paintings on here 🤷🏻‍♀️ (and I’ll be open to an suggestions on anything I can try to paint).

Finally, this is longer than my dissertation, if anyone just wants to talk, or needs someone to talk to I’m always here if you need 😊.

(Sorry it’s been a while and sorry this was so long 😅)


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((My 2 last brain cells trying to function together))

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