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chaashni10 hours ago
Breaking A Brat
Tumblr media
You鈥檝e been playing your cards to get Steve to break, and its a win-win because the Captain enjoys breaking a brat.
Word Count: 1.6K
Warnings: Smut. Minors, don鈥檛. Foul language and nobody cares about it. Everybody loves to hate fuck. Manhandling. Mentions of blood. Choking. Very mean!Steve. Size Kink alert! Pack your stuff, let go of the lights, let Steve run that bitchass mouth.
I don鈥檛 not allow my work to be translated or reposted on any other blog or third party site. Reblogs and comments are the little love notes you tie around stones and throw at my window, and I love em.
Masterlist. Taglist. Tell me what you think. My fic library is @chaashnifics
"Holy fuck Steve-" you were cut off by a harsh kiss, heavy fingers threading through your hair and pulling your head backwards, your captain's greedy tongue devouring your mouth. He pushed you up against a wall, quickly ripping off the upper portion of your top which was not shielded by the corset, expert fingers moving to work on the knots behind you.
"You think you are too smart?" He glowered at you, attacking your mouth again. His teeth crashed against yours, lips meshing and tongues battling a war you were sure to lose. He bit your lips, his hands brutal and unforgiving as he tweaked your nipples, frustration evident in the way he was tugging at your corset. To make things easier, and frustrate him more, you pulled away with a smack of your lips, tasting blood and flipping your hair around.
"I know for a fact that-" You were cut off by the fingers lacing around your throat, constricting your flow of air and flinging you towards his desk. With a growl Steve flipped you around, pushing your shoulders aggressively as his hips rammed against yours, bending you over his desk. You shrieked in surprise, trying to move only to be stopped by one of his hands pinning down your lower back, the other gripping your hair.
"You were saying?" He sneered. When you opened your mouth to respond, he pressed your cheek on the cool surface of the table, rutting his hips against yours. Your words melted into a frustrated moan, thighs clenching as he pulled out the rest of your shirt from under the loosened corset, leaving you in your tiny bra, the constricting garment you loved to tease him with strapped around your waist and tight black pants. Perfect.
"I was saying-" you began, when Steve hand landed directly over the crotch of your pants, your legs snapping close in shock.
This man doesn't even some for foreplay. He had to strike right there.
"Not happening, you brat." Steve grunted, shoes sliding against your heels and snapping your legs open. He slapped your crotch again, a strangled oof betraying you. He was really up for punishing you.
"You know I got a really good butt there?"聽
"Since when do I give you what you want?" His breath was hot against your ears, the sudden proximity making your pussy gush and mind reel as millions of possibilities, so many of your fantasies which you played in your head to get off at night, all unloaded, flashing in front of your eyes.聽
You had gotten Steve Rogers to break.聽
"If you did, we would have been here months ago." You replied airily, the little shudder in your words not going unmissed. You felt his sneer against your spine, his digits tracing the underwire of your bra and lightly fondling your breasts.
You weren鈥檛 done yet. All this manhandling had unleashed a feral beast in you, the one that felt starved for his touch, yearned to have him have you and got high on his reluctance to give in and fucking take you. "Would have saved you all those unsatisfactory wanks outside my bathroom. I know you hear me get off."
"And if you knew so much as to listen to me-" He gritted, biting your shoulder harshly and ripping your pants down your thighs. You yelped, squirming and kicking it off on the floor. He scowled at your carelessness, the way you had just tossed it around, dirtying the office like it was nobody's business irked him even more. He swore under his breath, digging his nails into the sides of your waist. You moaned as he littered marks over your skin, eyes widening as he ripped your thong off, flinging it to the side of the room casually. "I would have been with you on those nights, balls deep, fucking you senseless like the little slut you are."
He raked the palm of his hand all through your dripping heat, scoffing arrogantly at the squelch of your wetness against his fingers.聽
"Little whore gets all soaked and I haven't even touched you yet." He almost spat out, nostrils flaring as he slid his hand into your tresses, chuckling darkly at your simpers. "All this for me, little slut?"
You swooned, angling your neck to look at his huge profile towering over you. Starry-eyed, you give him a slow smirk, running your gaze over his lips which twist into an angry snarl as you hold back your answer, holding eye contact for as long as he would let you.
"Answer me you brat." He slapped your cunt, aggressively, your eyes rolling to the back of your head. The noise as his fingers hit your wet pussy had you squirming, throwing your head back and moaning out loud. "Is" Slap. "All" Slap. "This" Slap. "For" Slap. "Me?"聽
You were thrashing under him, cunt burning as all the pain transcended into white hot pleasure, a knot coiling its way in your stomach which had you spreading your legs further apart and rutting your pussy against his hands, tears slipping out of the corners of your eye. You tried to answer to him, only to have your words melt into incoherent gibberish when he dipped the tip of a finger inside, massaging your spongy walls at the entrance. He fiddled with your folds, working you over as you squirmed in pleasure.
With a sadistic growl, he pulled his finger out, curling his hand around your throat and flinging you upwards, your back flush against his solid, hard chest. You shrieked, crying out in frustration at being denied as you squirmed in his hold, desperate to feel him again.
"See. I know how much you enjoy being a brat." A strong arm curled around your body, snacking between your breasts, up the column of your throat, fingertips ghosting over your lips. Slowly, deliberately, he pushed two fingers inside your mouth, holding them flat on your tongue, causing you to gag around his fist. "But there is something in it that I enjoy too."
He flipped you around, lifting you up and throwing you on his chair. He grabbed your ankles, lifting them over the handles. The back of the revolving chair fell backwards as you slumped against it, your hands gripping the handle for dear life.
There was something about the way he was effortlessly tossing you around, not even skipping a beat as he dragged the chair to the center of the room, which had you clenching, your weeping pussy making a mess all over the leather.
He unzipped his jeans, eyes hard and filled with unbridled lust as he stared you down, daring you to make another sassy remark or suggestive comment.聽
"Cock drunk already?" He chuckled icily, a mocking whine escaping his lips when he hovered his fingers over your labia and you jolted your hips up, only for him to take it away. He traced the outline of the corset which dug into your skin, clicking his tongue at the angry marks it had left all over you. "I haven't even started, little girl. Should be careful what you wish for."
"Steve, please." You mewled at the sight of his cock, erect and veiny and the girth made you moan in desire. Steve's jaw ticked as he aligned the tip with your entrance, glaring at you and catching your lips in a mean, bruising kiss.
He rammed his cock straight into you, the breath getting knocked out of your lungs and you accidentally bit his lips at the stretch, drawing out blood. Again. Steve grabbed your jaws, giving you a minute to adjust before he was thrusting in a brutal pace again, feverishly sucking your tongue.
"No no, you brat." He growled against your lips, finally tearing the corset off and slipping the strands of your bra off of your shoulders. You wanted to complain that it was unfair he got to undress you while he remained all clothed, but his lips were on yours like a punishment, plundering the words away even before they formed. Or maybe the golden boy just enjoyed savoring your moans.聽
"You call me captain all the damn time, don't you? Its your captain fucking you to an inch of your life, and you will take it."
"Yes, yes captain." You buckled your hips, whining when he pushed your thighs higher on the handle so he could hit that spongy, sensitive spot, your brain short-circuiting as everything was consumed by the gorgeous Greek god of a man in front of you.
"Don鈥檛 you wanna know what's in this for me?" Jaws clenched, veins popping all over his neck, a drop of sweat running its course from his temple and pooling right at the centre of his Adam's apple. When he clenched his eyes and thrust again, you doubled in front, clinging to the taut muscles of his shoulder and licking the little drop, the salty taste of him making you lose your mind.
"Tell me," you panted, your release so close you could feel yourself dangling at the edge. You wanted to come with him, at the same time, and so you willed it away, looking at Steve's lips and dreaming of all the places they could be over you.
He clenched his jaw, bucking his knees and driving straight home. With an unabashed scream you broke, stars breaking and cascading into a million little pieces in the back of your head as you violently came, Steve's cum shooting against your walls and filling you up at the same time. You both were breathless, your limbs like jelly and vision distorted as he hovered over you, drinking in the sight of you all messy and fucked out.
He swiped a finger over your jaw, thumb brushing away the teardrop creaking out of your eye. He smiled at you, anger dissipated but lust very much evident as he gawked at his cock still semi-hard inside you, your mixed cum seeping out from the sides.
"I fucking love breaking a brat."
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dbnightingale24a day ago
Crystal Clear
Part 2 to Steve鈥檚 One Shot
Fun story time! This story was almost finished last Sunday, but my world took an upside down flip, and it has taken until today to finish it. Soooooo, long story short, I鈥檓 sorry this took so long but I hope you all enjoy!
Word Count: 3113
Warnings: SMUT, swearing, adult situations, Swearing, Slight Angst, Arguing, Drinking, DRAMA, DNI, 18+,...I think that's it?
Summary: Steve asked you one of the most important ever in front of the world? Are you strong enough to follow your heart or do you take the easy way out?
Song(s) That Inspired This Chapter:
Crystal Clear - Hayley Williams
You sit patiently, looking yourself over in the mirror, waiting for your escort and thinking about how you got here. Everything that had happened and trying to figure out how you will navigate your future.
It鈥檚 hard to believe that it鈥檚 only been 6 months since everything happened.
You sat on the bed in Steve鈥檚 room and let out a sigh before turning to look at the clock.
鈥楾wo hours and he still isn鈥檛 back? Shit!鈥 you thought to yourself, plopping back on the bed.
Originally, you all had gone back to the conference room at the compound with everyone, Sharon included, but that only seemed to make things worse.
鈥淪o you didn鈥檛 think to tell any of us about this little stunt?!鈥 Nick yelled as soon as the door slammed shut.
鈥淚t鈥檚 not like it hasn鈥檛 been brought up,鈥 Steve sighed, taking a seat at the table 鈥測ou just kept saying that we鈥檒l talk about it 鈥渁fter the mission鈥. I鈥檓 done waiting and this seemed the only way to get my point across.鈥
鈥淵ou couldn鈥檛 have the decency to tell me that you鈥檝e been fucking this little whore behind my back in private?!鈥 Sharon roared, pointing at you, as tears streamed down her face.
鈥淲atch it,鈥 Steve warned, voice dropping the smallest amount. If it had been any other time, you would鈥檝e been turned on. 鈥淚鈥檝e been telling you for years that it鈥檚 time to call it quits and you refused to just sign the papers. Everyone in this room has known how I鈥檝e felt about everything I just said for some time now, so don鈥檛 fucking act like it鈥檚 some big surprise,鈥 he huffed, irritation and frustration growing more and more apparent in his voice and mannerisms.
鈥淵ou couldn鈥檛 talk him out of this?!鈥 Nick snapped at you.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 know...鈥 you barely squeaked out. 鈥淚 haven鈥檛 seen...I haven鈥檛 seen Steve in a week or so.鈥
鈥淲hat happened? Felt bad about being a home wrecker?鈥 Sharon scoffed.
鈥淪haron I鈥檓-鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 apologize to her,鈥 Steve interrupted calmly, eyes becoming incredibly soft once they made contact with her. 鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 do anything wrong. I started this and I went out there and made the statement. I鈥檓 not sorry about anything and you shouldn鈥檛 be either.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檝e gotta be fucking kidding me,鈥 Sharon laughed humorlessly.
鈥淚t鈥檚 sucks being forced to accept the reality of the fact that I don鈥檛 love you anymore. You are the reason you feel like this, Sharon. Trying so hard to hold on to status and attention and I won鈥檛 even have it anymore!鈥
鈥淥h, you鈥檒l have it alright,鈥 Tony mumbled before taking a giant sip of whiskey.
鈥淵our marital problems or lack thereof, aren鈥檛 the problem right now,鈥 Nick interjected, taking a seat at the head of the table. 鈥淵ou just set off a bomb and now we have to clean it up.鈥
鈥淔ury, you knew this was coming and you tried to put it off for as long as possible. I鈥檓 not going to into space and fighting forever. I want to settle down, I鈥檝e put all of it off long enough.鈥
鈥淵ou just made us a target, Rogers!鈥 Nick snapped, slamming his hand down on the table so hard that you jumped a little. 鈥淒o you not understand that every enemy we have is going to see this as an opportunity?!鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l help you come up with a plan of attack if it鈥檚 needed, but I鈥檓 done fighting. It鈥檚 time for me to step down.鈥
鈥淎s for you,鈥 Nick started, ignoring Steve and turning his attention to you, 鈥測ou鈥檙e going to need to figure out what to do about employment.鈥
鈥淲HAT?!鈥 Tony, Nat, and Steve yelled in unison as you just sat there dumbfounded.
鈥淚 can鈥檛 have the three of you working together. You have to know that,鈥 Nick sighed, exhaustion showing as he rubbed his head. 鈥淚t鈥檚 too much of a distraction. Maybe in a year-鈥
鈥淲hy does Y/N have to leave?!鈥 Tony demanded 鈥淪he鈥檚 my employee!鈥
鈥淲ho happens to be sleeping with another one of your employees who is still married to another one of your employees! Did you forget the shit storm that kicked in when it was announced that Sharon and Steve were getting married?!鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 only because Steve was with Peggy before everything!鈥
鈥淏e that as it may, we can鈥檛 deal with that again. Especially with how everything came out today!鈥
鈥淭hat still doesn鈥檛 explain why Y/N has to be the one who has to leave!鈥 Tony snapped.
鈥淥h? I should leave because Steve can鈥檛 keep his dick in in his pants?!鈥
鈥淣o, you should leave because this particular part could鈥檝e been avoided if you would鈥檝e given Steve a divorce like he begged you!鈥 Nat bit back. 鈥淵/N has been called a whore by reporters, is trending as a home wrecker on social media, and her personal life has just been blown apart! No one likes a cheater Sharon, but lets not all sit here and pretend that you didn鈥檛 back Steve into a corner with this bullshit! Why should Y/N have to suffer anymore because you refuse to accept reality?!鈥
鈥淲ow, out of all the people I expected to stab me in the back, I never thought it would be our own fucking matchmaker.鈥
鈥淵eah well, I guess we鈥檙e both disappointed in each other,鈥 Nat muttered before taking a seat next to you.
鈥淓veryone please,鈥 you started as calmly as you could. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛...I love Steve. I feel like we鈥檝e all known that since I started here and there鈥檚 obviously no point in pretending I never did now. However, I never thought it would go this far. I never thought he鈥檇 feel the same and now that I know that he does...I can鈥檛 take back the choices that I鈥檝e made...that we鈥檝e made. I can鈥檛 and I don鈥檛 want to, but that doesn鈥檛 mean that I don鈥檛 want to take back the pain or mess its created. If me leaving somehow makes all of this easier, then that鈥檚 what I鈥檒l do. I don鈥檛 want or need any more drama from all of this, so I know you all don鈥檛.鈥
鈥淣o Steve,鈥 you interrupted softly 鈥渢his is my choice.鈥
鈥淚t may be your choice, but I鈥檓 not accepting it,鈥 Tony sighed.
鈥淣o, I鈥檓 not accepting this. We鈥檝e gotten through worse than this shit. I鈥檓 not accepting your resignation or whatever the fuck this is.鈥
鈥淚 know-鈥
鈥淛ust wait in my room and we鈥檒l talk about everything when all is said and done,鈥 Steve begged gently.
You looked around the room and let out a heavy sigh. You were exhausted mentally and physically, and you barely had any fight left in you.
You quietly and quickly got up to leave the room, giving Steve one final look before rushing out.
That had been 2 hours ago though and when the raised voices died down after the first hour, you couldn鈥檛 help but get anxious.
When you finally heard the door open, you shot up. 鈥淪teve? What-鈥
鈥淚 love you,鈥 was all he said as the door closed, before making his way to the edge of the bed. 鈥淚 love you so fucking much.鈥
鈥淪teve...what...wait a minute! What happened?鈥 you questioned aloud as he got on his knees and unbuttoned your pants. 鈥淪teve...shit, you didn鈥檛 soundproof the room,鈥 you moaned, feeling the cool air against your bare legs as he slowly pulled your pants down.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to soundproof it. I want them to hear us and know that this is real.鈥
鈥淪teve...fuck, don鈥檛...what happened in there?鈥
鈥淵ou have your job,鈥 he breathed out in-between kisses he placed up your leg 鈥淚 told Nick...that if you leave, I鈥檓 done with the Avengers.鈥
鈥淣o, you鈥檙e my priority and I refuse to let you come second to anything or anyone.鈥
鈥淲hat about Sharon? What did she-holy shit!鈥 you cried out as he pushed two thick fingers inside of you.
鈥淪he鈥檚 gonna sign the papers,鈥 he responded hotly. 鈥淚 just want to focus on you right now.鈥
鈥淏aby,鈥 you moaned, arching your back as you felt his tongue brush lightly against your clit. 鈥淲e need...we need to-鈥
鈥淵ou need to let me take care of you.鈥
Steve didn鈥檛 give you a chance to respond. His mouth was on you within a matter of seconds, eating you out like he hadn鈥檛 tasted or been inside you for years. Like you were finally a dream made real just for him.
You tried to keep yourself quiet, but Steve wasn鈥檛 having that. 鈥淚 know you can be louder than that for me, baby,鈥 he growled hotly against your slick heat, before moving his fingers faster within you, hitting that spot that always had you singing an array of obscenities he loved to hear.
鈥淪teve...fuck, please!鈥 you cried out as your quickly became aware of how close your release was.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 what I wanna hear,鈥 he muttered before licking and sucking on your clit.
鈥淗oly fuck!鈥 you cried, unable to care about the noise you were making and how embarrassing it would all be later.
You let out a pathetic cry as you came hard, cleaning your fists and eyes shut, as your body trembled. You would always be putty in his hands.
鈥淪uch a good girl for me,鈥 he whispered hotly after cleaning up the mess you made, sitting up and removing his shirt before tearing yours open and unclasping your bra from the front. 鈥淔uck, I love seeing you this desperate for me,鈥 he moaned before dipping down and taking one of your nipples into his mouth, biting and sucking on it before licking to soothe the pleasurable sting, as one of his hands traveled down to rub and make little circles on your clit.
鈥淪teve please,鈥 you gasped.
He reluctantly released your nipple from his mouth with a 鈥榩op鈥, before looking up at you with pure hunger in his eyes. 鈥淧lease what?鈥
鈥淔uck me!鈥
鈥淵ou always know exactly what I wanna hear,鈥 he smirked.
Almost instantly, he was straddling you pants down past his thighs, and stroking himself. There was no shame in the desperate whimper that left your mouth. It had been so long and you鈥檇 missed him so much.
鈥淚 need to hear you say it,鈥 he pleaded softly into your ear.
You knew exactly what he needed and you had been waiting to say it since the press conference. 鈥淚 love you, Steve.鈥
You let out a loud gasp at the pleasurable sting of him stretching you out as he thrust himself inside of you. Even though it hadn鈥檛 been that long since the last time you two were entwined in his sheets, it was still too long.
鈥淚鈥檝e missed much,鈥 Steve grunted while you just held on for dear life. 鈥淵our scent, smile, warmth...fuck, the way this perfect body responds to me!鈥
鈥淪teve!鈥 you moaned, wrapping your legs around his waist as your toes curled. 鈥淚鈥檝e...need you so much! I was so lonely!鈥
鈥淚 will never put you through that again,鈥 he promised, pushing himself up with one hand and making eye contact with you, slowing down his strokes a little 鈥測ou鈥檒l never be without me again. It鈥檚 you. It鈥檚 always been you.鈥
He dipped down again, dropping urgent and sloppy kisses all along your neck, before biting down hard and sucking, marking you as his for everyone to see. You ran your fingers through his hair, trying to pull him as close to you as you could,and grinding against him as you moaned and begged for him to not stop. To love you until you were spent.
鈥淐an鈥檛 wait to make you my wife,鈥 he whispered against your ear, 鈥済onna show you how much I love every day for the rest of our lives.鈥
鈥淚 can鈥檛...I can鈥檛 last much longer, baby,鈥 you whimpered, body tightening in the place where you needed the most relief.
鈥淒o it baby, show me how good you can be for me and cum right now,鈥 he demanded, pounding into you with all the strength he had left.
You screamed his name as everything faded from you. Instead of Steve, you shut your eyes and saw stars and heard nothing for a moment. The only thing you could feel was the heat coming from Steve鈥檚 body and even that felt faint. What brought you back to reality was Steve鈥檚 own euphoric shout as he filled you with his own release.
You slowly loosened your grip, realizing how tight you were actually holding him, and let yourself fall back, finally opening your eyes to see Steve hovering above you struggling to come down from his own high.
鈥淚 just need to know...what鈥檚 your decision?鈥 he asked after a beat, blue eyes finally opening to meet your gaze.
鈥淵ou never answered me. Do you want this? Do you want forever with me?鈥 he asked sincerely, eyes full of hope and anxiety.
鈥淵/N?鈥 Nat asks, poking her head into the room you鈥檙e in, smile wide on her face. 鈥淚t鈥檚 time.鈥
She leads you to the doorway of the entrance, Tony smiling as he waits to take your hand. Nat takes her place at the front of the line.
The doors open and the song both you and Steve chose starts playing.
鈥楳mm, I don鈥檛 wanna shut you out
I don鈥檛 wanna rush around or slow down
This time, I wanna stay right here
I wanna make it crystal clear
That I won鈥檛 give into the fear
Crystal clear
I won鈥檛 give in to the fear
Crystal clear
I won鈥檛 give in to the fear
Crystal clear
I won鈥檛 give in to the fear
Crystal clear鈥
You watch the last of the bridesmaids make their to the front, before everyone turns to look at both you and Tony with giant smiles on their faces.
鈥淵ou ready?鈥 Tony smiles at you, holding his arm out for you to link with him.
You smile and nod, trying to fight back the tears in your eyes, 鈥渕ore ready than I鈥檒l ever be.鈥
You link arms and slowly make your way down the isle to Steve鈥檚 smiling face, who鈥檚 also a bit teary eyed himself.
鈥業 remember standing on the edge
Closing my eyes
Counting to three, I
Jump in with the rush in my head
Only to find, the water was concrete
And now you鈥檙e pumpin鈥 air to my lungs
This don鈥檛 feel anything like sinking
In fact, no matter how deep I go
Into you it looks like the water is crystal clear鈥
As you finally reach the front, the song starts to fade and you come to the realization of what鈥檚 about to happen.
鈥楬ere we go
Gonna risk it again
Let鈥檚 hope it鈥檚 the last time
We don鈥檛 know
How this could end
Let鈥檚 hope we don鈥檛 have to (Hmm)
Won鈥檛 have to (Hmm)鈥
鈥淒early beloved, we are gathered here today to join Steven Grant Rogers and Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N in holy matrimony...鈥 the preacher starts as find yourself lost in Steve鈥檚 warm gaze.
As the preacher goes on about the true meaning of love and what it means to be completely devoted to another person, you can鈥檛 stop yourself from smiling and the feeling of security and warmth that spreads over you. Steve鈥檚 eyes hold a million promises of tomorrow, forever, and a lifetime of love, and you know you can believe it.
鈥淢iss Y/L/N, do you take Steven Grant Rogers to be your husband, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, for better or worse, till death do you part?鈥
鈥淚 do,鈥 you smile up at Steve as the tears flow freely down his face.
鈥淏y the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Rogers. You may now kiss the bride!鈥 the priest beams.
As the church erupts into cheers and applauds, Steve鈥檚 lips land on yours, you鈥檙e certain that everything you two went through was worth it. This is meant to be and it always will, now and forever.
taglist: @whxre4cevans, @itsbrittany425, @sweetflowerdreams, @fallenoutofrose, @readermia, @whiskeytangofoxtrot555, @patzammit, @connie326, @majo240820
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belovasbrat3 months ago
all I can think about are the consequences a little might take from her Daddy (Steve Rogers) since she cussed again after being warned with: language.
little fucking brat
summary: you curse just to tick your Daddy off, knowing that there will be a punishment in store
w/c: 2.2k
warnings: smut, facefucking, OVERstim, unprotected sex (wrap it before u tap it), ddlg dynamics, cursing (obviously loool), fluff after bc i can鈥檛 resist stevie馃槡, porn with some plot lmfao, minors dni
note: i always hate the smut i write if i鈥檓 totally honest馃槪 it just always sounds wrong to me idk,, but please let me know what you think of this and leave feedback, it鈥檚 so appreciated <33
Tumblr media
鈥淟anguage, angel.鈥
鈥淪orry, Daddy. Slipped out.鈥 you mumble with a pout, eyes cast downwards and away from Steve鈥檚 piercing gaze. His eyebrows raise in a reprimanding manner and upon seeing his reaction, your lips quirk up into a sly smirk. You can have some fun with this. You can wind him up until he snaps.
You know you shouldn鈥檛, and you know it鈥檚 breaking the rules, but you just can鈥檛 help riling your Daddy up any chance that you can. What can you say, you鈥檙e a brat through and through.
You curse quietly, and when he least expects it, just loud enough to ensure that he鈥檒l hear. You know he鈥檒l let it slide once more before you receive a punishment.
鈥淪hit.鈥 you curse, your crayon snapping in your hand after you press it too hard to the paper. You can practically feel Steve鈥檚 eyes boring holes into your back; you smirk triumphantly. He鈥檚 giving you the exact reaction that you want.
鈥淲hat did I tell you about your language, little one?鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 curse, Daddy.鈥
鈥淓xactly. Don鈥檛 do it again or you know what will happen, alright?鈥
鈥淢鈥檏ay. Sorry, Daddy.鈥 You gaze up at him through your eyelashes 鈥 the image of innocence with your plump, pouty lips and your wide, doe eyes. You look like you could do no wrong. Of course, both you and your Daddy know this couldn鈥檛 be further from the truth. You鈥檙e hard headed and stubborn, always looking for a way to break the rules. A brat.
Your Daddy, on the other hand, is patient and kind. But when you push him too far, oh god help you. No one can save you once he鈥檚 angry. And you鈥檙e really, really pushing it today.
You wait a few hours, bumbling about the house aimlessly, kissing your Daddy every time your paths cross. He adores you, but he knows that you have something up your sleeve with that mischievous glint in your eye. You鈥檙e looking for trouble.
And here it comes.
鈥淔or fucks sake.鈥 you whine as you trip over your own feet, stumbling for a couple of steps and into Steve鈥檚 awaiting arms.
鈥淲hat did you just say?鈥 He鈥檚 picked up on your game, and his voice is low and bubbling with fury; you regret being a brat the minute that his hold on you tightens and his expression hardens.
鈥淒addy鈥︹ you whimper, your rude comeback dying in your throat.
鈥淎nswer me.鈥
鈥溾楳, 鈥榤 sorry, Daddy. Didn鈥檛 mean to.鈥 you stutter, your chest tightening in anticipation for whatever punishment he has in store for you. You know that you鈥檙e absolutely done for.
鈥淕o upstairs. Strip and wait for me at the end of the bed.鈥 His instructions are clear and leave no room for arguments 鈥 of course, you push it anyway.
鈥淒on鈥檛 test me, little girl.鈥 he practically growls and your cunt clenches at the sound. He鈥檚 going to ruin you. And you can鈥檛 wait. You scamper out of his hold and up the stairs, not daring to disobey him any more. You rid yourself of your clothes, kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed, hands in your lap and feet tucked underneath you neatly.
Steve takes his sweet time before coming upstairs, leaving you to drown in the anticipation. Your whole body jitters with anxiety as you hear him finally trapse up the stairs; the door opens but you don鈥檛 dare look up 鈥 he鈥檚 angry enough as it is.
鈥淥h, so you can follow instructions.鈥 he muses, chuckling darkly. 鈥淢y little fucking brat can behave when she wants to.鈥 His huge body looms over you and he bends down, grabbing your face harshly and angling it up so that he鈥檚 in your line of sight. 鈥淎nswer me, brat. Can you behave?鈥
鈥淵es, Daddy.鈥 Your nostrils flare ever so slightly as you try to push down your desire to answer back, and he laughs, seeing straight through you.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e a bad girl. You鈥檙e still trying to rile me up, even now.鈥 He backhands you across the face, a slap resounding around the room, and tears fill your eyes as a welt is already rising on your soft cheek.
鈥淎w, you鈥檙e gonna cry? How fucking pathetic.鈥 he spits. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e all bark and no bite, baby. No fight in you.鈥 You cast your eyes downwards, willing the tears to dissipate as a lump rises in your throat. But your body betrays you; wetness pools in your pussy, leaking out and down your thighs as you try to subtly rub them together, attempting to relieve some of the tension there.
鈥淥h, my worthless little slut likes when I鈥檓 mean to her? I can be mean, baby. Open your mouth.鈥 You open wide without hesitation, sticking your tongue all the way out and gazing up at him through your eyelashes. He bends down, lips pursed, before spitting roughly onto your tongue; some of his spit rolls down your chin and he quickly collects it up with his fingers, shoving them into your mouth and making you gag around them. 鈥淪wallow it.鈥
Your mouth closes around his fingers, throat bobbing slightly as you swallow his saliva as well as your own. Your mouth opens back up and he removes his digits, chucking at the lust evident in your eyes, your pupils blown wide with want.
鈥淪eeing as you can鈥檛 help but run that dirty mouth of yours, I鈥檓 going to put it to good use.鈥 You come face to face with his crotch, the outline of his half hard cock evident through his trousers. 鈥淕et me out.鈥
You get to work immediately, fingers fumbling with the buckle of his belt; as soon as it鈥檚 open, you undo the button of his trousers and unzip them, pulling them and his boxers down in one go. You practically salivate at the sight of his dick, impressive in size and width even when he鈥檚 not fully hard yet. You want nothing more than to wrap your pretty lips around it and suck the soul out of him.
鈥淒on鈥檛 touch. Bad girls don鈥檛 get to touch.鈥 You whine and his hand clasps around your throat. 鈥淣o complaining. Open your mouth.鈥
You open up once again and he rams his cock all the way in, hitting the back of your throat immediately. You retch, tears already gathering in your eyes and he smiles darkly, beginning to thrust in and out, balls slapping against your chin each time. You gag around him as he fucks your face mercilessly, his moans like music to your ears, even in your unfortunate predicament.
鈥淩elax your throat and b-breathe through your nose.鈥 he stutters through the throes of pleasure, dick hardening even more at the sight of the bulge in your throat where his cock is buried deep inside of it. 鈥淪uch a little slut. Just my worthless little fucktoy, not good for anything except sucking dick.鈥
He grabs the back of your head, holding your face to his groin, your nose buried in the soft curls there. You slap his thigh as you begin to run out of air, gagging and retching.
鈥淪tay there.鈥 He growls, pushing you even closer as your face smashes into his balls and he moans out. 鈥淔-fuck. Gonna come.鈥 he groans, chuckling when he catches sight of your sopping pussy as you hump the air like a little bunny, desperate for some kind of relief. 鈥淚 think you鈥檙e enjoying this as much as me, doll.鈥 he teases as your eyes roll to the back of your head and he shoots his spend down your throat. You have no choice but to swallow it as he clamps his fingers over your nostrils, leaving you unable to breathe at all.
He finally pulls you off of him and you gasp for air, chest heaving erratically. Your throat burns and you know that if you try to speak, your voice will rasp.
鈥淕uess that pretty mouth is good for something, little one.鈥 You clasp your throat and he frowns in mock sympathy. 鈥淚s your throat sore, angel?鈥
鈥淵-yes, Daddy.鈥 you croak.
鈥淭oo bad. This is your own fault. On the bed.鈥 he instructs and you leap into action right away, kneeling on the bed and not daring to look him in the eye. 鈥淕ood girl. Colour?鈥
鈥淕reen, Daddy.鈥
His cock is already rock hard again, leaking even more precum and you grind your hips against the bed like a bitch in heat. He laughs, pushing you flat against the bed and spreading your legs, eyeing your dripping cunt like a home cooked meal.
Before you can even speak, he鈥檚 buried his face in your cunt, eating you out like a starved man. You scream out, trying to close your thighs instinctively; Steve鈥檚 large hands push them back outwards as they quiver in his hold, sending you hurtling towards your first orgasm.
鈥淵ou want to come so bad? You鈥檙e gonna come.鈥 he chuckles against your clit, the vibrations sending you over the edge as pleasure rolls over you in waves.
Instead of stopping, he slips two fingers into you mid-orgasm, slamming them into you at an unfathomable pace all whilst grinding his palm on your overstimulated clit. Instead of your orgasm dying down, it hurtles straight into another one, the pleasure never ending.
鈥淒-daddy!鈥 you cry as your muscles convulse in his firm grip, your back arching off of the bed.
鈥淎tta girl.鈥 he grunts as your pussy spasms wildly, your release flowing out of you at a rapid rate; Steve sucks every drop of it out of you, slaking his thirst on your sweet nectar.
鈥淣-no more.鈥 you sob, batting at his hands weakly.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e got another one in there.鈥 he coos. 鈥淚 know you have, c鈥檓on give it to me.鈥 His fingers hit that sweet spot deep inside of you that you can鈥檛 reach on your own and you howl, the pleasure mixing with pain as your poor, overstimulated cunt weeps. Your whole body rises off of the bed as you squirt all over the sheets and him, drenching him in your release.
鈥淕ood fucking girl.鈥 he praises, and you send him a dazed, fucked out smile.
The next few moments are a haze as he slams his cock into you, setting a punishing pace from the beginning. You scream, your puffy folds swallowing him whole and making your whole body tremble.
鈥淢y dumb little baby. Doing so well.鈥 The mixture of praises and degrading words sends you into a state of ecstasy; he hits every spot inside you perfectly, so perfectly that it鈥檚 overwhelming. You鈥檙e fighting your body to stay conscious as your eyes roll to the back of your head and your body goes limp.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e close, I can feel it.鈥 Steve grunts, 鈥淐鈥檓on, come for Daddy.鈥 He circles your sore clit with his thumb and you鈥檙e done for; you wail as your fourth orgasm of the night washes over you. It鈥檚 the most intense of your life, rendering you a babbling, sobbing mess as Steve continues to pound into you like his life depends on it. Your eyes fall shut, your exhausted body finally succumbing to the unconsciousness looming over you.
When your eyes finally flutter open, Steve is wiping between your legs and your inner thighs with a cloth, ridding you of his and your cum staining your skin.
鈥淭here she is.鈥 he coos, pressing a kiss to your thigh. 鈥淗ow you feeling, bub?鈥
鈥淭ired.鈥 you croak and he chuckles.
鈥淵ou got what you wanted.鈥 he chuckles. You frown, heart hammering as you realise that he knew your game from the start. 鈥溾楳 not mad anymore, princess.鈥
鈥溾楳 sorry, Daddy.鈥 He turns towards the bathroom, throwing the cloth back by the sink before he鈥檚 back next to you and lifting you up gently off of the bed. You whine in response and he shushes you softly.
鈥淚 know, gotta change the sheets though, angel.鈥 He sits you on the carpeted floor, kissing your forehead before beginning to change the sheets over. You admire his body as he moves, all flexing muscles and golden skin. Your golden boy.
鈥淵鈥檏now, it鈥檚 rude to stare, sweetheart.鈥 he teases and you feel heat creeping up your neck; you cover your face, whining quietly.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e just pretty, though.鈥 you mumble through your hands and he smiles.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e prettier.鈥
鈥淣o. Daddy is prettiest.鈥 Your words begin to slur as you slip deeper into your littlespace, head lolling as you force your eyes to stay open.
鈥淎ll done, angel.鈥 He scoops you back up from the floor, sliding you under the fresh, clean sheets. You sigh happily, humming in content when he slips in next to you and wraps his arms around you. You tuck yourself into his chest, curled up tightly and as close to him as you can get.
鈥淚 lub you.鈥 you whisper sleepily.
鈥淚 love you too, angel. Now sleep.鈥
鈥淢鈥檏ay.鈥 As soon as the words leave your mouth, you begin to snore softly against Steve鈥檚 chest, your body slackening against his own. He kisses your forehead before closing his own eyes and letting himself get lost in you. No matter how much you test him and tick him off, no matter how much you tease and rile him up, and no matter how much of a brat you act, he can never stay mad at you. He loves you to the moon and back. You鈥檙e his forever. And he鈥檚 yours.
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buckys-bug-archive4 months ago
Oh my!!!! I love 鈥淭heir Angel鈥. I do seriously love a good Daddy!Stucky x reader story. It鈥檚 just wow.
In that note, I would to request one in that category. Thanks for the hopeful consideration and thanks in general.
Daddy!Stucky x reader
When little Y/N gets injured (from however you decide), she fears that her daddies will be mad at her. So she tries to hide her injury. However, that night during playtime, all things come to a halt when her daddies find the injury and question her on it.
summary: you hurt yourself and hide it from your daddies.
pairing: daddy!stucky x little!reader
w/c: 1.5k
note: thank you sm for your kind words!! it鈥檚 really appreciated!! now, this isn鈥檛 really dark like my normal fics on this blog but i love the concept so here it is haha :))
warnings: ddlg dynamics, daddy!stucky and little!reader, reader hurts herself, descriptions of blood, punishments (spanking), if i鈥檝e missed anything lmk
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You hum happily to yourself as you skip down the concrete road outside of your Daddies鈥 house, holding your favourite stuffie and swinging her wildly in your grasp. As you turn the corner, you trip and fall, a strained shriek escaping your lips as you hit the concrete, sliding across it and grazing your knee. Blood pools to the surface of your skin and you have to bite back the tears gathering in your eyes, swiping them away with the back of your hand and gathering yourself up to head back inside. Just as you stand, Steve calls you for dinner.
鈥淟ovebug, it鈥檚 dinner time! Your favourite, dino nuggets.鈥
鈥淐oming, Daddy!鈥 you croak, wiping the blood of your knee with the sleeve of your sweater and pulling the leg of your trousers back over the top of it to conceal the wound. You hop back in with a spring in your step to conceal the limp that you鈥檇 otherwise be showing, and toe your pink trainers off by the front door.
鈥淗ey, dollface.鈥 Bucky croons as you step through the door. 鈥淒id you have a nice time?鈥
鈥淵eah, Dada.鈥 you smile half heartedly at him, cradling your pink plush rabbit to your chest.
鈥淥h dear, baby. I think Bunny鈥檚 a bit dirty. What happened?鈥
鈥淒ropped her.鈥 You pout, your bottom lip protruding out; Bucky places a soft kiss to it, finding you all too adorable.
鈥淒o you want me to wash her whilst you eat? She鈥檒l be dry by playtime if I do it now.鈥 he asks gently, prying her from your arms.
鈥淥kay, Dada. Promise?鈥
鈥淧romise, baby.鈥 Your easy agreement sets off alarm bells in Bucky鈥檚 head immediately, knowing how fond you are of Bunny. There must be something you鈥檙e not telling him. You鈥檙e too quiet - a stark contrast to your usual bratty behaviour.
鈥淐鈥檓on lovebug.鈥 Steve appears suddenly behind you, lifting you into his arms. You hook your legs around his waist and nuzzle your nose into his neck, inhaling his scent that soothes your soul, instantly calming you. He plops you down into a chair, sliding your plate of dino nuggets with tomato ketchup on the side across the table to you.
鈥淔anks, Daddy.鈥 Your slurring words mean that you鈥檙e slipping deeper into your littlespace, although there鈥檚 usually a cause for it and Steve can鈥檛 think as to why you鈥檇 be becoming littler this late in the day. He frowns, pushing your hair back out of your face as you bite into a nugget; you lean into his touch and he smiles softly.
鈥淵ou feeling okay, sweetie?鈥 Your resolve almost breaks right then and you feel the lump in your throat forming at your Daddy鈥檚 soft words, the throbbing in your knee still evident.
鈥淢m hm.鈥 you hum around a piece of chicken, thumping your feet adorably as you chew.
When you鈥檙e done, Steve places your plate into the dishwasher and brushes the crumbs off of your face before lifting you out of the chair and carrying you to your playroom. You squeal with excitement, almost forgetting about your sore knee until Steve places you back down on the floor and you hiss quietly.
鈥淲hat have you done?鈥 He eyes you suspiciously and you ignore his question, tugging at his hand.
鈥淒addy, play!鈥 You pull all of your favourite stuffies out from their basket and arrange them in a circle, poking Steve to sit in the circle too.
鈥淲hat are we doing then, bug?鈥 he asks, playing along but still concerned.
鈥淭ea party!鈥 You pour tea out for every toy in the circle, and your Daddy, taking your own plastic cup and sipping on the imaginary liquid. Bucky steps through the door and smiles at you playing so nicely with your Daddy.
鈥淗ere鈥檚 Bunny, baby.鈥 He holds her out to you and you stand from your seat on the floor, taking her from his hands. Bucky doesn鈥檛 miss the slight waver in your step and frowns just as Steve did.
鈥淭hanks, Dada.鈥 You shoot him a toothy grin before hobbling back to Steve and continuing the tea party.
鈥淲hat has she done?鈥 Bucky asks quietly.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know, she won鈥檛 say anything.鈥 Steve mutters back, watching you suspiciously. Bucky slides into the circle next to you and strokes your hair gently.
鈥淲hat do you say we get you out of these clothes, baby. Into something more comfy? Some pjs?鈥 Your face contorts into worry and you bite your bottom lip.
鈥淣o fanks, Dada.鈥 you rasp, turning your back to him and hugging Bunny close to your chest for comfort.
鈥淪weetheart.鈥 Bucky chides gently, knowing already why you鈥檙e avoiding his question. 鈥淐ome here.鈥 He opens his arms and you shuffle onto his lap, wrapping your arms around his middle. His arms tighten around you and you tense instantly; you鈥檝e fallen straight into his trap. 鈥淚鈥檝e got her, Stevie. Get the clothes off.鈥
鈥淣o!鈥 you wail, kicking your legs as Steve attempts to pull the trousers from your legs. Your efforts are fruitless as Bucky鈥檚 strong arms prevent you from moving even an inch and you begin to sob into your hands. Once Steve pries the trousers off, leaving your bottom half naked bar your panties, he tuts reproachfully as he takes in your grazed knee, filled with dirt and dried blood. He runs his fingers over it and you shriek, batting at his hands.
鈥淪top鈥 hu-hurts.鈥 Bucky鈥檚 chin comes down to rest on your shoulder, his lips inches from your ear.
鈥淲hy didn鈥檛 you say anything, dollface?鈥 He asks gently, although you know that he鈥檚 angry underneath the facade from the way his muscles tense underneath you.
鈥淒idn鈥檛 want you to-to be m-mad.鈥 you stutter - a sign that you鈥檝e slipped even further into your littlespace.
鈥淲e wouldn鈥檛 have been mad if you had told us before.鈥 he whispers quietly, fury bubbling beneath his calm demeanour.
鈥溾楳 sorry, so sorry Dada.鈥 Your chin wobbles as you speak and Steve wipes the tears from your round cheeks.
鈥淲e need to get you cleaned up.鈥 Steve says. You whimper, sinking further into Bucky鈥檚 hold.
鈥淎nd then, I think you need a punishment.鈥 Bucky whispers.
鈥淧lease, Dada, n-no.鈥 you mumble tearily, and he croons, kissing your cheek.
鈥淛ust a spanking. 10 for lying to Daddy and 10 for lying to me, that sound fair?鈥 Bucky鈥檚 tone leaves no room for arguments but of course, you push his limits anyway. You whine, another tear trailing down your face and Bucky growls. 鈥淒on鈥檛 push it or you鈥檙e getting double.鈥
鈥淪or-sorry, Dada.鈥
鈥淕ood girl. Let鈥檚 get that knee cleaned up then.鈥
He scoops you up and carries you to the bathroom, sitting you on the closed toilet as he grabs the first aid kit. He douses a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and your muscles tense, waiting for the pain.
鈥淚t鈥檒l only hurt for a second.鈥 Bucky murmurs, swiping across your knee with the cotton; you absolutely howl as it makes contact, tears pouring down your cheeks and dripping off of your chin. When he鈥檚 done, he sticks a bandaid across your knee, patterned with tiny Hello Kitty鈥檚 and you giggle through your tears.
鈥淕ood job, baby. If you have your punishment now, you can have cuddles straight after, okay?鈥
鈥淢鈥檏ay.鈥 Bucky lifts you off of the toilet seat, placing himself down and bending you over his knee.
鈥淐ount em, baby.鈥 You whimper as you see his metal hand lifting up and connecting with your bare cheek.
When the punishment is finished, you鈥檙e sobbing in his lap, hot tears trailing down your face and your nose running; he rubs your sore, red bum and pulls you into his lap for a hug, letting you cry into him until your sobs turn into quiet sniffles.
鈥淵ou did so good, dollface. All done now.鈥 he promises, scooping you up in his arms and carrying you to your shared bedroom with them both. Steve鈥檚 in there waiting for you and Bucky lowers you into his lap gently as you wither in his hold, eyes drooping and becoming heavy.
鈥淪omeone鈥檚 tired.鈥 Steve chuckles as you grab at his hand, placing his thumb in your mouth and beginning to suck softly. 鈥淣o, sweetie, use your paci.鈥
鈥淣uh uh. Want you.鈥 you mumble, snuggling further into him.
鈥淛ust for tonight, okay?鈥
鈥淢hm.鈥 Steve lays you down next to him and pulls you into his side as you continue to suckle on his thumb until you鈥檙e snoring softly next to him, your mouth hanging open slightly to breathe. Bucky chuckles at the sight before him, shuffling in the other side of you and resting his chin in the crook of your neck.
鈥淪illy baby, tired herself out.鈥 he laughs quietly and Steve chuckles in agreement. You whine in your sleep, turning over so you鈥檙e facing Bucky and nuzzling into his warmth. He shushes you softly, brushing the hair out of your face as you sleep, enveloped by your daddies. There鈥檚 no place you鈥檇 rather be than with them.
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becca-e-barnes2 months ago
Hiya becca! Would you be comfortable writing something for Steve (nomad Steve) + thigh riding? Like maybe his girl is stressed out because of work and he tells her to use his thigh to cum? Also maybe include a little bit of a praise kink? 馃槵
Omg yes honey!! I do write for Steve as well 馃挆 (and Sam and any of the ladies if anyone has any requests!) I was so excited to write this one because I鈥檓 so into alllll of this 馃サ I鈥檓 a hoe for thigh riding, I think Steve would be so willing to praise you to high heaven and as much as I enjoyed my first week in my new job, that laptop burnout gets so real 馃槱
Fun fact and unpopular opinion: I prefer clean shaven Steve 馃檭 But I made my first mood board!! Thoughts?
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Word Count: 2.3K (Will I ever write a blurb?)
Summary: You鈥檙e stressed out working from home so Steve offers a few solutions
Warnings: Smut, thigh riding, working from home stress, burnout, hickies, nomad!Steve, cockwarming, fluff, praise kink, pet names, exercise mention, needy Steve
Minors, do not interact
鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong honey, you seem stressed?鈥 Steve鈥檚 voice was so damn soft and you didn鈥檛 need to be able to see his face to know that he probably had his brow furrowed in concern.
You knew he鈥檇 been keeping an eye on you through the glass door to your study, getting more and more anxious since every time he checked in, you looked a little more up tight. It was almost time to turn the laptop off for the day and you were absolutely wrecked, hunched over the desk with your face buried in your own folded arms, eyes closed, trying to rest them a little from a full day of staring at the screen.
Working from home was rough for you but Steve was so thankful for it. He hated the thought of you sitting in this kind of stressed out state in an office, unable to talk to anyone about it. At least he was at home during the day so he could make sure you ate properly and give a little comfort whenever you needed it most.
鈥淚鈥檓 okay baby, promise.鈥 You replied quietly, not lifting your head from your folded arms just yet. Your eyes felt like they were buzzing in your head, clearly overworked and strained.
鈥淚鈥檓 not convinced.鈥 His tone was soft as he came in and closed the door behind him, padding softly across the carpet to sit down on the little couch beside your office chair. He had been out for his run before dinner but he had hardly broken a sweat. You had told him that t-shirt he was wearing was too tight but he insisted on wearing it anyway. His running shorts showed off so much of his legs, hard muscles tense and defined after his run.
鈥淚 just鈥 I hate this Steve. I miss my office, miss my computer, it didn鈥檛 give me headaches like this laptop does. Miss my chair in my office too, my back feels like it鈥檚 breaking and my ass is numb on this one.鈥 You knew it probably sounded silly. Of course it did, they weren鈥檛 even real issues but waking up to the same problems, day in, day out was exhausting. Steve didn鈥檛 see it that way though. To him, anything that made you upset was worth fixing, no matter how small.
鈥淥kay angel, let鈥檚 sort it out. We鈥檒l go out after dinner and buy you a nice big monitor. Or maybe a whole desktop if you see one you like? How does that sound?鈥 He was so gentle, stroking the side of your face with his thumb, loving how you seemed to unclench your entire body a little now that he had come up with a solution.
鈥淏ut I might be going back to the office soon, it would be silly t-鈥 you began but he cut you off.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 care. Don鈥檛 care how long you actually use it for, at least you鈥檒l have it for tomorrow. I鈥檓 not having you sitting in here, giving yourself a headache any longer.鈥 He smiled when you attacked him with a huge hug, moving yourself so you were sitting on his lap, cuddled as tightly against his huge frame as you could manage.
鈥淭hank you Steve.鈥 You whispered, against his shirt, face buried in the huge man that felt like home. His arms wrapped around you, boxing you in. You鈥檇 never felt more secure in your life, breathing in the scent that you recognised as being distinctly Steve, orange and sandalwood, musky but fragrant, the scent you associated comfort food, the best naps of your life and loving kisses that made your knees weak. You could鈥檝e sat there for hours, encased in Steve鈥檚 huge body.
鈥淒on鈥檛 mention it angel. And as for your chair, we鈥檙e throwing this old thing away. Let鈥檚 get you a new one, yeah? Unless you鈥檇 rather sit on my lap like this all day.鈥 He couldn鈥檛 help the warmth that bloomed in his chest at your little happy wiggle, a gentle kiss placed to the crown of your head.
鈥淲ait is that an option? Cause I鈥檇 definitely take your lap over a new chair.鈥 You giggled happily, pulling your head out of his chest to look at his face. God this huge, bulky, bearded man was so soft for you and only you.
鈥淥h kitten, my lap is always an option, you know that.鈥 He laughed, forcing one bare leg between yours to prove his point, leaving you straddling it.
鈥淗ow about a little stress relief honey? Hm?鈥 He quizzed quietly, taking in how your eyes went wide when he tensed his leg muscles under you. You could feel it through your thin little shorts, hard muscle presenting itself to you.
鈥淲-what did you have in mind?鈥 Your voice was meeker than you expected, just needing to be taken care of.
鈥淣othin鈥 in particular kitten. How about you just rock yourself right here on my leg? I鈥檒l help you angel, don鈥檛 worry, just make yourself feel good. Don鈥檛 even worry about me, jus鈥 want my best girl to get herself off and make a pretty mess for me.鈥 All of a sudden this voice was low, a filthy baritone rumbling through his chest at the thought of you cumming on his leg. You could tell your eyes had widened of their own accord, your body itching for the relief an orgasm would provide.
鈥淭hat sound good angel? Can鈥檛 even answer me can you? My pretty baby is so lost in her own head. How bout we test it out?鈥 He asked quietly with a little laugh, taking hold of your thin little shorts, scooping you up and pulling them off you in one swift movement. He settled you back down over his thigh again, your pussy bare and getting needier by the second.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e wet already honey, God I love that about you. This pussy is always so ready for me. Fuckin鈥 live for it.鈥 He whispered, holding you close. Both his hands were looped around your waist, resting on the small of your back, your bodies as close as possible. Your face found the crook of his neck, burying yourself in there, getting lost in the tickle of his beard against your cheek and the groan that slipped from him when your pretty lips landed on his skin.
Slowly, you pushed your hips back to rub yourself on his thigh, your wetness helping you slide nicely before rocking forwards again. A mewl slipped from your throat at how good the friction felt, teeth sinking into the flesh at Steve鈥檚 shoulder.
Steve was in Heaven. He didn鈥檛 think he would be so into this, given it wasn鈥檛 really stimulating him in any way but your little sounds were so unexpected and delicious he could feel his head swimming with lust.
With a little 鈥渁h,鈥 you slid backwards again, your clit dragging over hard muscle in a way that you weren鈥檛 used to before slipping forward again, closer to your boyfriend.
鈥淪teve, I need more.鈥 You whimpered, clinging to his T-shirt, watching him with a needy expression and parted lips as you rolled your hips on his thigh. It took everything in Steve not to just cum in his pants at that moment. You were wanton and soaking him, your slick building on his thigh deliciously as you ground yourself down. Another cry left your mouth and he lost himself entirely, gripping your face in one hand to pull you into a searing kiss. Your movements sped up a little, your pussy throbbing with so much need, you worried you might burst. Your whimpers and whines were swallowed up by his mouth, hot and wet and sinfully insistent on your own. Eventually Steve pulled away, completely breathless to see your face, pupils blown out with lust, eyebrows knitted together with pleasure. You looked like a fucking picture, like some ideal, dirty little wife in a racy magazine from the 40鈥檚. A Polaroid all the boys would鈥檝e jeered at but secretly wished you were the girl they were coming home to at night. And you were all his.
鈥淪tevie, please.鈥 You whimpered, not sure what you were even asking for as your hands drifted to his shoulders, giving yourself leverage to fuck yourself against his meaty thigh.
鈥淥h baby I鈥檓 right here. No girl of mine should ever have to beg to cum, should be beggin鈥 me to stop makin鈥 you cum. Gonna help you angel.鈥 His voice was light and soft, one hand cradling your face and the other splayed across the small of your back, helping you rut back and forth. Your eyes closed, foreheads pressed together, the tickle of his beard sending a shiver down your spine Steve manhandled you, gliding you over his slick thigh.
鈥淥h fuck baby, don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e ever seen a prettier sight. Shoulda done this earlier. You needa cum, don鈥檛 you angel? 鈥楽 okay, want you to get yourself off right here. Such a pretty baby.鈥 Steve cooed, watching how your brows knitted together tighter at his praise. You were loving this, perhaps more than he was and he was just obsessed.
Steve鈥檚 thigh tensed beneath you, firm rolls of muscle making you see stars as you worked yourself towards your high. Your slick was making such a mess and you didn鈥檛 even care. Nor did he.
鈥淪tevie, I-I鈥檓 so close.鈥 You whimpered, clinging to his shirt desperately as your hips ground of their own accord. The use of his nickname made him groan lowly, you were his girl. For the rest of your life, you鈥檇 be his girl. He knew he would marry you some day. Knew you鈥檇 be the mother of his children, knew you would grow old together but right now, all that mattered was this moment and the two of you being together.
鈥淐ome on angel, you look so fuckin鈥 pretty like this. My thigh is such a mess baby, you鈥檙e doing so well for me. My pretty girl, humpin鈥 me like she was made for it. You were made jus鈥 for me, weren鈥檛 ya? Nothin鈥 feels better than this sweet little body when you cum, no prettier sight in all the world than my girl gettin鈥 herself lost in pleasure.鈥 His voice was a gruff whisper, lips ghosting over your neck and collarbones as his hand on your back sped up. The glide was unbearable, heavy groans mixed with whimpered cries leaving your lips as you stayed suspended right on the edge of your high.
Steve鈥檚 lips attached themselves to your neck 鈥渃um for me, pretty girl.鈥 Murmured against your skin, his breath hot and heavy on your neck. On your next slide backward, you ground down just a little harder, your orgasm blossoming violently through your body, you were shaking, legs clamping around Steve鈥檚 thigh as he continued to move you with his hand on your back, letting you ride out your high.
鈥淥h shit baby, look at you, you鈥檙e gushing. That鈥檚 it pretty girl, cum nice and hard on me. Fuck you feel incredible. Wish I was buried 鈥榥side you, gettin鈥 to feel how you milk my cock.鈥 Steve鈥檚 words only made your peak last that little bit longer, your fingernails digging into his shoulders as you whined and arched against him.
As your orgasm finally subsided, your breathing began to slow again, suddenly feeling very conscious of the mess you鈥檇 made on Steve.
鈥淵ou okay honey?鈥 Steve asked softly, stroking your hair lovingly, taking in how your face was so much more relaxed than it was when he had come into the study.
鈥淵eah baby, thank you.鈥 You replied, feeling ever so slightly dazed and pliant after such an intense orgasm.
鈥淥h sweetheart, you鈥檙e an angel.鈥 Steve smiled kissing your forehead, looking down when he felt your hands pawing at his cock through his shorts.
鈥淏aby, you鈥檙e still on the clock.鈥 He smiled teasingly, nodding his head towards the laptop screen.
鈥淥nly for another half hour鈥 C-can I keep you warm while I go back to work?鈥 You asked quietly, feeling slightly fuzzy still.
鈥淵-you wanna do that?鈥 He asked, huge hands running up your bare thighs as you nodded.
鈥淲e can pick this back up in half an hour.鈥 Your little mischievous smile made his heart melt.
鈥淎nything for my best girl.鈥 He smiled softly. You couldn鈥檛 help but giggle, getting up on shaky legs to retrieve the laptop and when you turned back around, Steve had untucked himself from his running shorts, cock standing proud and weeping as he gave himself a few firm tugs. Turning to press your back to his chest, you positioned yourself above him, sinking down onto his length with a groan from both of you.
鈥淥ooh my God, you鈥檙e still clenchin鈥 honey.鈥 Steve was breathless already, rutting as much as possible into your tight, soaked heat. Your velvety walls rippled around him while you perched the laptop on your knees, picking up on an email you had missed while you had been occupied.
Steve was squirming beneath you, kisses peppered against your neck, grunts escaping as his body rolled gently against yours, trying to push impossibly deeper.
鈥淗-how much longer honey?鈥 Steve groaned, fingers gripping the meat of your hips.
鈥淭wenty eight minutes babe. Almost there.鈥 You teased, rolling your hips down to meet his, loving how your huge boyfriend was coming apart beneath you. Lips pressed fervently to your neck as you typed, tiny grunts and groans slipping from him, counting down the seconds.
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slutforstucky2 months ago
bye bye
a/n: bye bye american pie. BLACK WIDOW SPOILERS KINDA: the beginning credits had me sobbing. NOT SPOILERS: and i feel like 40鈥檚 chris had a dom side or maybe a sub side A FUCKING SWITCH.
summary steve is about to be shipped off and never told you about it鈥.
pairing 40鈥檚!steve rogers x 40鈥檚!reader
warning smut 18+ minors dni, oral (f receiving) light breeding kink, arguing, fluff, no protection(wrap it before u tap it.) angst, language, squirting, orgasm denial/control blah blah etc. (i think that鈥檚 it.) not proofread duh
Tumblr media
鈥渉ow鈥檚 my favorite girl doing?鈥 steve says as he wanders into his room where you had been sitting waiting for him to get home. 鈥渨hen the hell were you gonna tell me steve?鈥 you ask and your voice breaks.
he turns to look at you and immediately sees the ripped up deployment envelope on his bed, in front of you. 鈥測/n.鈥 he begins but you cut him off.
鈥渘o, when the hell were you gonna tell me? or was i never going to know? steve, i can鈥檛 believe you. this is the lowest of low.鈥 you say and he stares at you in disbelief. you stand up and walk towards the wardrobe with your clothes in them but steve grabs your arms and jerks you to look at him.
鈥渋f you would listen for a goddamn minute, you鈥檇 know i was gonna tell you today. why鈥檇 you even open my mail anyways? he says and raises his voice slights.
鈥測ou were gonna tell me the day before you fucking left! and you ask me why i opened your mail? what kind of question?鈥 you yell and once again steve stares at you in disbelief. 鈥渋鈥檓 leaving. have fun wherever the hell you鈥檙e going with peggy fucking carter. and i opened your mail because your name wasn鈥檛 on it and i was never informed that you were going anywhere.鈥
as soon as steve hears peggys names, a flip switches. 鈥測ou鈥檝e never been jealous before! what happened now?鈥 he yells and you immediately turn around screaming at him.
鈥渂ecause you give her more attention than me and ive been with you before you became captain fucking america! i understand you were gonna get shipped off sooner of later but you didn鈥檛 tell me. don鈥檛 turn this on me!鈥 you yell and steve grabs you by the face, roughly. 鈥渄on鈥檛 talk to me like that ever again or i swear you won鈥檛 be able to walk again. and i don鈥檛 give her attention y/n. i鈥檝e been avoiding her and refusing to be around her for the past month for you. literally rejecting her because i wanna be with a you.鈥 he begins and you gasp slightly.
鈥渆ven though this past month you鈥檝e been so bratty and responsive. i didn鈥檛 wanna tell you because no matter what, i鈥檇 have too leave you and i don鈥檛 fucking want that. now stop acting like a brat strip, and get on the damn bed. and for this one time can you not say something back because you鈥檙e already in for it.鈥
you huff a bit when he lets your face go, but begin to unbutton your dress, slowly. steve watches you intently, 鈥渋f you go any slower i鈥檓 gonna be shipped off. you鈥檙e all bark no bite.鈥 he growls and you speed up. shagging your dress off and pulling your panties to the side.
you didn鈥檛 even notice that steve鈥檚 shirt had been discarded somewhere within his room. he pushes you onto you back, while pulling your legs open. you feel your arousal slide down your leg and chris notices quickly, 鈥渋 haven鈥檛 even touched you. don鈥檛 cum. and i wanna hear you screaming and apologizing for yelling at me until i let you cum.鈥
you squeak out a 鈥渙kay.鈥 before steve dives in between your legs. just his hot breath on your heat makes you moan. his tongue rolls around your clit forcing you to buck your hips for more. 鈥渋鈥檓 sorry steve.鈥 you mumble but can barely get the words out.
soon, your moans fill the room and you forget that he wants you to apologize. 鈥渋鈥檓- im sorry. can i cum? can i cum please?鈥 you yell and you鈥檙e pretty sure through the thin walls, steves neighbor can hear. he slips two fingers into you and continuously graze your g-spot.
his tongue flips through your folds like a book, and over your clit even more making your orgasm hard to contain. 鈥渋鈥檓 sorry steve. please let me cum. i can鈥檛. i鈥檓 so sorry.鈥 you gasp out and can feel steve grin in satisfaction. 鈥渋 won鈥檛 yell at you again. just please let me cum!鈥 you yell and the three letter word sends you over the edge.
鈥渃um.鈥 and you do. your orgasm comes so hard you don鈥檛 even realize you squirted on steve鈥檚 bare chest. 鈥渇uck鈥 he cursed out and you slowly open your eyes. your jaw drops and a string of apologies fly out your mouth. 鈥渟hut up鈥 that was the most attractive thing i鈥檝e ever seen.鈥 he says and he looks so fucked out of his mind.
in one swift move, he flips you onto your back. and you can hear his belt jingling. once his belt is off and his pants are discarded, he pulls you up to his chest. 鈥渂e a good girl.鈥 he mumbles and before you can respond his whole length is shoved into you. a gasp and moan rip through you at the same time.
he pushes you back down, not forgetting to pull your hair so your back is arched though. 鈥測/n, you feel so good around me. God-鈥 he moans out and even though you didn鈥檛 think you could get more turned on you did.
the sounds of skin slapping and mixed moans is music to both you and steve鈥檚 ears. 鈥渃an i cum?鈥 you ask in between moans. steve pulls you back up, hand flying to your clit. 鈥渃um. cum all over my dick and claim me.鈥 he mumbles and another orgasm washes over you. a coil in the pit of your stomach snaps, which feels so good.
鈥測ou feel so good around me baby.鈥 he whispers in your ear before gently kissing your neck. 鈥渋 want you to cum again.鈥 he mumbles but your second orgasm had already been building up.
you cum again, this time being better than the last. you squirt on steve鈥檚 dick and the moan he releases has you feral. 鈥淕od, i鈥檓 gonna fill you up. have you full of my cum before i leave? maybe i鈥檒l leave and come back with a baby?鈥 he groans and you moan at his words.
his hip still a bit as they slow but they still snap into your ass hard. white ropes of cum filling your walls and you can feel all of it. when he fill you up, he doesn鈥檛 pull out. pushing you onto the beed, he mutters鈥渒eep it in.鈥 and it sounds like a warning. he pulls out slowly, noticing how swollen your pussy is.
鈥測ou鈥檙e so perfect.鈥 he says and rubs his finger over your clit. you jolt away and he pouts, 鈥渢oo much? are you too sensitive?鈥 he whispers and you roll onto your back while nodding.
he grabs a blanket and drapes it over your shoulders. before pulling you into his lap. 鈥渋鈥檓 sorry for yelling. i should鈥檝e told you sooner but i just didn鈥檛 wanna because i don鈥檛 wanna leave you.鈥 he whispers and kisses the top of your head.
鈥渋t鈥檚 okay. i overreacted so much, im just scared you鈥檙e not gonna come back. i need you.鈥
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idy-ll-ique4 months ago
Wrong Number? Nope, Right Number!
Pairing: Steve Rogers x F!Reader
Genre: Fluff, little bit of Angst
Warnings: mentions of cheating
Requested: nope
Summary: Steve meant to text his girlfriend but accidentally texts Y/N. In the end, she becomes his girlfriend, so was it a wrong number or a right one?
Author's Note: hiya peeps! this is based on a meme I saw on Instagram, enjoy!
"Okay, thank you Lamar! Have a good day!" Y/N called out, smiling when the grumpy old man gave her a mock salute and left with a smile of his own. She was glad only she got to see that side of him. As she relaxed back on her chair, her phone buzzed in her pocket. Who could that be? Frowning, she took out her phone and opened the message.
Unknown: Princess, hi!
Y/N: Who is this?
Unknown: Sorry wrong number.
A devilish smile bloomed on Y/N's face as she decided to troll the person on the other side.
Y/N: No come back I'll be your princess
Apparently, the person on the other side had the same idea.
Unknown: We will meet again, in another life
Y/N: I love you
Unknown: I love you too princess
Laughing to herself she kept her phone away, deciding not to delete the chat with the stranger because it was too funny. At least they could take a joke, and throw one back at her. She loved people like that. Looking up when another customer walked in, she offered the woman a dazzling smile, her spirits lifted because of the stranger.
On the other side of the conversation, Steve Rogers laughed at the bolster the other person displayed. He thought he had most likely texted a man (with a sense of humor) so he had effectively trolled the person back. Exiting the conversation, he opened the chat with his actual girlfriend, Danielle, to whom he texted the same words he had the stranger.
Steve: Princess, hi
Danielle: hey
Steve: You remember our plans for tonight?
Danielle: oooooh, sorry about that, I completely forgot! I can't make it tonight
Steve: what?! why not? I had this planned out a week prior!!!!!!
Danielle: I'm really sorry, Stevie!! but I can't cancel this plan :(
Steve: baby come on, please!!! try!!!
Danielle: it's work, I cannot, I'm sorry
Danielle: byee, ttyl 鉂
With a frustrated sigh, Steve threw his phone on the bed before picking it up to cancel the reservations he had made at a restaurant called Alessandro. Why he started dating Danielle he couldn't understand. This was the third time in a week she had cancelled their plans. She was鈥 something. Not his type would best describe it. Oh, but the sex was good. Fuck.
After the call ended he went through the messaging app again, only to see his text with the stranger from an hour ago staring back at him. He clicked on it and typed out another message.
Unknown: Do you wanna be friends? loved the joke lol
Y/N looked away from her book when her phone buzzed yet again. She saw a message from the stranger and grinned, replying to them.
Y/N: ha, I thought you'd be creeped out lmao
Y/N: took it surprisingly well, have to admit
Unknown: couldn't help myself. my name is Steve Rogers
Y/N: and my name is Tony Stark come on dude who are you kidding
Steve frowned at his phone. He was telling them the truth!
Unknown: No, really, I am Steve Rogers
Y/N: fine, this time I'm Natasha Romanoff
Unknown: I'm telling you the truth!!!!
Y/N: got photo proof or something???
Unknown: *sent a photo*
Unknown: happy?
Y/N froze in her seat as she stared at the picture. He was dressed casually in a grey t-shirt and she was pretty sure she hadn't seen that image anywhere before. Not on his Instagram, not on his Twitter and certainly not on the news. He clicked it just then? That was the only possibility, right?
Y/N: holy shit are you serious????? I mean I haven't seen that picture before anywhere it could really be Steve Rogers
Steve: It is me. you still haven't told me your name, princess ;)
Y/N's stomach unknowingly fluttered at his comment.
Y/N: har har. my name's y/n, nice to meet ya, "captain rogers"
Steve: ouch, you're judging my title now, princess??????
Y/N: still not convinced it's Captain America.
Steve: alright how about this? facetime.
Y/N: hmm鈥 fine. but the moment I confirm it's you I'm ending the call because I'm at work rn
Steve: deal
And suddenly, her phone started ringing. She quickly checked herself and picked up the call, eyes going wide when she saw the face of the handsome Captain grinning at her. "Hi there Y/N, nice to meet you," he winked, causing her mouth to open and close several times. "It really is you," she whispered. "Yep, it is me. Convinced?" She nodded furiously.
"Okay, I'm ending the call because鈥 at work, ya know."
"Go ahead."
Y/N ended the call and kept her phone away, her hands trembling. The phone buzzed again but she paid no mind to it. Holy shit, did I flirt with Captain America? Y/N knew he had a girlfriend, she had spotted them once at a restaurant when she was on a blind date (whom she didn't really like). What if his girlfriend found out?
Shaking her head, she took her phone in her hands and opened her chat with Steve.
Steve: your face was hilarious 馃槀
Y/N: I'm really sorry, Captain
Steve: What are you sorry for?
Y/N: I don't think I should text you, you have a girlfriend and what if she found out we've been texting??? let's call it what it is, an honest mistake and leave it at that. I really don't want to come between your relationship, sir
Steve hated how formal she suddenly sounded. The moment he had looked at her, he felt something deep inside him鈥 something that Danielle had never made him feel. He wanted to get to know Y/N better, maybe become friends with her. And eventually her boyfriend, a small voice in the back of his head whispered. Steve didn't complain.
Steve: hey, it was not your fault, okay? I texted you first, I asked to be your friend. I'll not tell her, heck I'll not tell anyone. this can be our little secret, how does that sound?
Y/N: really?
Steve: yeah! and don't worry about Danielle, I'll take care of her. you won't be coming between our relationship, I can assure you that
Y/N: fine then, sir
Y/N: nice to make your acquaintance :)
Steve: call me Steve, princess
Y/N: uggggggghhhhhh you're not gonna let that go are you??? 馃槱馃槱馃枑馃徎
Steve: nope, never 馃槀
Y/N: look at this meme I found
Y/N: *sent a photo*
Steve: wtf 馃槀
Y/N: language!!!!!
Steve: you too????? 馃槖
Y/N: everybody knows, dude
Steve: I suppose it is a badly kept secret 馃う馃徎鈥嶁檪锔
Despite the words he was typing, Steve outright laughed, startling Sam and Bucky who were in the room with him. Many months had passed since Steve and Y/N became friends; even though they had never met in person, Steve had grown to care for her. She was a good friend, as good as a friend she could be when he had a girlfriend.
Whom he didn't want anymore.
"Alright, out with it. Who are you texting? Gimme that phone!" Sam spoke loudly and Steve barely managed to hold on to the phone as Sam tried to grab it. "What are you talking about?" Steve stammered and Bucky rolled his eyes. "You've been pretty immersed in that phone of yours since the past few months. Who are you talking to?"
"What makes you think I'm talking to someone?"
"The fact that you're typing? Duh. I'm sure it's not what's-her-face, she has never been able to make you laugh so goddamn hard. Pretty sure you've used your phone more in these months than all those years you've actually had it," Sam huffed. "Fine," Steve sighed, "I made an online friend. She's great."
"She?" Bucky cocked an eyebrow, "Got a photo?" Steve showed them both her picture and Bucky exhaled. "Definitely more beautiful than Delilah." Steve didn't even correct him because at this point, he was close to forgetting her name himself. They had been going out for a little less than a year, but he never felt with her what he felt with Y/N.
Besides, he was pretty damn sure that Danielle was actually cheating on him, since he hadn't really met her in the past 2 months. They hung out once and even then, she made excuses to leave early. "Seems the funny type," Sam added, curiously gazing at the picture. "She is," Steve smiled wistfully.
"Hey baby!"
Surprised, he whirled around to see Danielle standing in the doorway of the room, dressed in a sheer black dress that no doubt had no lingerie underneath. But that's not what caught his attention. Bucky carefully sniffed the air as a smell all too familiar filled his senses. Steve recognized it as well and suddenly, he couldn't help himself.
"Get out," he ground out, glaring at her. Danielle's smile dropped. "Baby鈥" He harshly interrupted, "Don't call me that. We're done. Go back to whoever you're cheating on me with." Danielle's eyes filled with tears. Fake. "Cheating? Steve, I'm not鈥" Bucky clicked his tongue, not an ounce of remorse in his eyes as he rushed to defend his best friend.
"That's the same cologne I use, girlie, no need to lie. That smell is radiating from you in strong waves, ya know? You can't fool us," he sneered. Danielle's nostrils suddenly flared at being caught. "Fine," she seethed, "He's much better anyway." All three men snorted as she stormed out, knowing that wasn't true. "Well. That was that. You're free, Cap, congrats."
Steve didn't feel bad at all, he was relieved, even. He was already starting to forget her as he opened his chat with Y/N, sending her a text.
Steve: Danielle and I broke up just now
Steve: Y/N, shut up!!!! it's not your fault, she didn't even know. I found out she was cheating on me, turns out that man wore the same cologne as Bucky and she forgot to cover it up
Y/N: goodness that's horrible, cheating on Captain America???? who would do such a thing??? I'm really sorry :(
Steve: it's alright, I'm not really鈥 sad
Y/N: you shouldn't be 馃槫 keep your head up, king 馃憫
Bucky and Sam laughed over Steve's shoulder as a smile spread across his face. Finding his confidence, Steve sent another message.
Steve: Do you wanna meet up right now? assuming you aren't busy. I'll bring Sam and Bucky if you want
Steve: princess, you trying to make me jealous? :/
Y/N: they are the coolest no cap, maybe even cooler than you ;)
Steve: :(
Y/N: I was joking; god, you insecure puppy! anyway, how does my plan sound?
Steve: perfect. we'll meet there at 8:30.
Y/N: Deal. See ya, say hi to Bucky and Sam from me
Y/N: no wait I'll tell them that myself when we meet, along with how huge of a fan I am of theirs and how they're 1000x better than you, shield man
Steve: PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!! 馃槨
Y/N: 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 KIDDING CAP OMG LEARN TO TAKE A JOKE ok ok my bad you just got broken up with I'll take it easy on you tonight.
Bucky and Sam were in tears by the time Steve kept his phone away, a lopsided grin plastered on his face. He didn't mind her teasing one bit; she did it often and by now he was so accustomed to her bullying that it always made him smile when he saw a mean message from her. Because he knew she didn't mean it. She couldn't. She didn't.
Y/N squealed loudly in the comfort of her own home, not believing the fact that she was actually going to meet Captain America in鈥 30 minutes. Scrambling off her bed she quickly rushed into the bathroom for a quick wash. Sure, while texting him she'd appear nonchalant but in reality, she was nervous about every message she sent him.
That nervousness had faded 3 months into their friendship. That day, Steve and the other Avengers were doing some sort of a press conference, which was also broadcasted live on TV. She was watching it at home, smiling to herself every time he talked. He appeared so composed and stoic but only she knew the kind of man he was.
Oh boy, was Steve Rogers鈥 something. His mind was constantly filled with dirty innuendos, he made lots of stupid jokes and was extremely flirtatious. Complete opposite of a man she had thought him to be. That day, another devilish idea came to her mind. While watching, she had quietly texted him from home.
Y/N: Looking good, Rogers
Steve had taken out his phone the exact moment she hit send, so she knew he was reading her message when he smirked at his phone.
Steve: Princess, you watching my interview?
Y/N: hell yeah I am
Y/N: ngl, Barnes looks much better
And she had noticed how he quietly smiled at her message, biting his lip to keep himself from laughing. The tremors of his shoulders gave him away.
Steve: nope, that's simply a lie, my dear
Y/N: nuh-uh, is not! fucking look at him, that metal arm makes me 馃サ
This time Steve couldn't contain his chuckle and everyone had turned to him. He quickly slipped his phone inside his pocket, cheeks turning red. "Sorry, sorry, just my girlfriend," he had lied, "Please continue." And Y/N still felt butterflies at his lie. It was wrong, he was taken, but she still fell for him.
I fucking wish I was your girlfriend, Rogers. Well, now he was single but she wasn't just going to pounce him, he needed some time to himself. After getting ready, dressed in a cream cable knit sweater, jeans and white sneakers, she left for the restaurant. Sam, Bucky and Steve were already waiting outside.
The moment Steve's eyes landed on her approaching figure, he was floored. She looked wonderful, and I mean wonderful. There was a tiny smile plastered on her face, her hair lightly swaying with the wind, her natural beauty unparalleled as she wore minimal makeup.
Danielle always had obnoxious makeup on and while he wasn't opposed to it, Y/N's natural beauty made him tingly inside. "Cap!" His head snapped up and he saw her running towards him, before promptly stumbling over something as she fell forward, colliding against his chest with an 'oof'. Steve instinctively wrapped his arms around her.
"Well, wasn't that embarrassing, in front of my two favorite heroes, even鈥" Y/N sighed, laughing when Steve playfully shoved her away, frowning. Sam did not hesitate to take her hand, pressing his lips to her knuckles. "Sam Wilson at your service, mademoiselle," he whispered seductively and Y/N burst into a fit of giggles, her face flushing.
"I'm Bucky," Bucky introduced just as flirtatiously, pressing his lips to her cheek in greeting. Y/N flushed more. "You three are the worst!" Steve groaned as he stormed into the restaurant, Y/N's giggles following him inside. "You know I like you, Steve!" she mocked, grabbing his hand as he paused by a 4-seater table.
He couldn't bite back a smile. "I know you do, princess, who doesn't?" He looked at her just when she was about to say something but she simply kept her mouth shut as Bucky and Sam arrived at the table as well. Weird. The four of them sat down, Y/N naturally sitting next to Steve. "So, how did you two meet?"
"Do you think we're announcing a relationship, Bucky?" Y/N deadpanned and he snorted. "Just answer the damn question, woman," he snarked back and she looked at Steve, giving him a small smile. His hand unconsciously reached for her hand under the table and she let him take it, deciding not to let nerves get the best of her.
"Well, he texted me first, called me princess. But when I asked who it was, he said wrong number. I suddenly wanted to troll him, so I sent come back, I'll be your princess and he replied with in another life, we'll meet again and then we both said I love you," Y/N spoke animatedly. "Isn't that the cutest love story ever," Sam crooned.
"I thought it was a hilarious conversation so I texted her if she'd like to be friends. She didn't say no and here we are, meeting for the first time in person. Still the same Y/N," Steve grinned at her. "Of course, Cap! Would you believe the number of memes I've sent this man? Do you even know how dirty this man's mind is?" Y/N laughed. They ordered food.
"By all means, princess, tell us. Him? The man who can't say fuck with a straight face has a dirty mind? I don't buy it," Bucky scoffed, leaning back on his seat. "Hey, find your own nickname, that title belongs to me," Steve frowned and Y/N choked with laughter behind her glass of water. "How about mine?" Bucky winked.
"Smooth, Bucky, real smooth," Y/N whistled and Bucky smirked. "I am known to be quite the charmer." He pulled his bottom lip between his teeth. "Stop hitting on my girl!" Sam, Bucky and Y/N thought he was joking as usual so they brushed him off but Steve was serious. Just as the food arrived, Bucky noticed his friend's sullen expression. Oh, he wasn't kidding. Huh.
He effortlessly shifted the conversation. "So, did you hear that he and his girlfriend broke up?" Bucky spoke as he dug into his plate of pasta. "I do know, I'm really sorry, Steve." She rubbed his arm and he gave her a smile, putting an arm around her shoulders. "Appreciate it, but thanks. I'm doing good. Keeping my head up," he hinted and she laughed.
The dinner went amazing, Steve and Y/N bonded even more. When it was time to leave, Steve offered to drop her home while Bucky and Sam retired early to the compound. As Steve and Y/N walked towards her apartment building, he turned to her. "I was wondering if you'd like to do this again sometime." She glanced at him. "Sure!"
"Sans Bucky and Sam."
Y/N paused. "Rogers鈥 like a date?" she drawled and he blushed, rubbing the back of his neck. "Yes. Next week?" She seemed hesitant. "Steve, you just broke up with your ex, I don't want to be a rebound鈥" His eyes widened at the suggestion. "You won't be a rebound! I've liked you for a while now, Y/N, trust me."
"She made it easier, didn't she?" Y/N hummed. Steve took her hands. "Please, princess, I mean it. I'd love to take you out to dinner again, just the two of us." Y/N exhaled loudly. "Fine, fine. Good that I like you too, as insufferable as you are." There's my Y/N. "Awesome. So we're meeting next Saturday, there's this amazing pizza place I know鈥"
Y/N anxiously sat on the bed in Steve's room, waiting for his arrival. 8 months had passed since they had started dating, but they still hadn't said those golden words to each other. Steve was currently on a mission, he had been gone for 2 months. Y/N was terrified everyday. Today, though, he was supposed to come home. An hour ago. Where is he?
All of a sudden, the doorknob to Steve's room twisted and the door opened. At first Y/N almost yelled out stranger danger but then she recognized him. Wow, that beard suits him. "Steve?" Steve's head snapped towards her and a huge smile bloomed on his face. "Y/N?! You're still up, baby?" he asked as she jumped in his arms.
Her eyes were filled to the brim with tears. "I was worried, you twat," she mumbled and Steve laughed. "I'm sorry. Well, I'm here now, and I've got no mission for the next month. What do you say we go away for a week on a vacation?" She pulled away from him and nodded excitedly, sniffling and wiping her tears.
"I love you."
He froze for a second before recovering, his arms going around her waist tight as he pressed his lips to hers, kissing her fiercely yet gently. "I love you too, princess." And what was once a quiet, cute moment turned into something else as Y/N burst out laughing. Steve frowned at her in confusion. "It was a heartfelt confession, why are you laughing?"
"Steve," she wheezed, "Do you really not remember? How this all began in the first place?" And his mind suddenly went back to the time when she was nothing but a wrong number. He couldn't help his own guffaws as he carried her to bed, laying her down before hovering over her, smirking at her.
"Now I mean it, princess."
Y/N yanked him down for a kiss and he happily obliged, hands fisting around the hem of her t-shirt. "It's been a long two months, baby girl鈥" as he promptly tore the t-shirt from her body. Y/N didn't mind in the slightest.
One honest mistake turned into the most beautiful relationship to ever grace the earth.
A/N: Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Leave a like if you did!
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Where It Stays (Part 1)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Nomad Steve x Enhanced Reader
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings: Snark, little angst, smut (18+ MINORS DNI)
Series Summary: Being on the run after the Avengers鈥 Civil War isn鈥檛 easy and, having had one too many clashes with Captain America, now Nomad, you decide it鈥檚 time to strike out on your own. One last op needs your experience and expertise, forcing you to not only stay but team up with Steve. Together, you infiltrate a biker gang to track weapon shipments that are ending up in enemy hands. Can the two of you find common ground in order to accomplish the mission or will your constant headbutting lead to total ruin?
A/N: Thank you to my lovely beta readers @liebs82 and @danneelsmain . All mistakes are my own. Divider by the talented @firefly-graphics .
Where It Stays Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
You lay on the motel bed with your legs pulled up to your chest in a stretch and your head hanging off the end of the bed. The rerun of The Dick Van Dyke Show鈥檚 Walnut episode had you giggling, it was an excellent way to decompress after the difficult mission you had just completed. You took a deep breath as you heard Steve emerge from the bathroom.聽
鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥 Steve鈥檚 snarky tone grating your nerves.聽
鈥淩elaxing. Ever heard of it?鈥澛
鈥淲hy are you upside down? And what the hell are you watching?鈥 Steve stares at the tv as Laura Petrie slides out of a closet on a wave of walnuts.聽
鈥淲hy do you care?鈥 You roll to a sitting position.
鈥淚s this an episode of The Twilight Zone?鈥 Steve asks, tilting his head as he watches the antics on the television.聽
You snort and roll your eyes, 鈥淒ick Van Dyke Show.鈥
鈥淲hat the hell is happening?鈥 Steve鈥檚 confusion is amusing to watch.聽
鈥淗is thumbs were stolen by walnut loving aliens who have eyes in the back of their heads.鈥 The bewildered look on his face was comical and you couldn鈥檛 resist covertly snapping a picture with your phone.聽
鈥淲ait, what?鈥 Steve questions, slightly confused.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 a dream episode,鈥 you laugh as you turn the picture into a meme to send to Natasha and Sam who are back at your current safe house. Being on the run for the last few months hadn鈥檛 been easy for them but you were all wanted criminals now. The nomadic lifestyle didn鈥檛 bother you as much as the others, it was how you鈥檇 lived most of your adult life. You had undergone experimentation with a fracture group and had come out on the other side with many of the same abilities as Steve. Increased speed, strength, healing, metabolism, and more came at the cost of ever going back to your old life, not that there was much to go back to. When you had discovered the group you were working with had nefarious intentions for their assets,you had become a SHIELD agent. With your insider knowledge, SHIELD was able to take them down. After that, you had flown under the radar as a spy and assassin. That was until the massive data dump Natasha had perpetrated. You were exposed as an enhanced agent and circumstances forced you to seek out the Avengers when talks began for the Sokovian Accords. Steve had always seemed frustrated with your reluctance to join the Avengers in the few run-ins you鈥檇 had with the team but had accepted when Clint brought you in to fight on his side of the civil war.
鈥淲hat the fuck? Really?鈥 Steve grouses holding up his phone. You realize you had accidentally sent his photo to your team group text rather than to the one with just Nat and Sam.聽
鈥淐ouldn鈥檛 pass up the opportunity,鈥 you snort.聽
鈥淓rase it.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 been disseminated. Pretty pointless to delete it,鈥 you shrug.
Steve shakes his head. That fucking shrug and the snark were always your way and it drove him crazy. Your first meeting was just before the fall of SHIELD happened. You literally dropped into the middle of a mission and traded a few blows with Natasha before revealing yourself. Steve had stared at the woman Natasha referred to as Nym, short for your call name, Mnemosyne. You had stood in front of the group in a tac suit and a mask that covered the lower half of your face, similar to the one Bucky had worn as the WInter Soldier. Your eyes had mesmerized him until you opened your mouth. The immediate sass that came out made him feel both intrigued and annoyed, but the annoyance grew with each meeting. You never let your guard down around him. It was always wisecracks and shoulder shrugs. He had tried everything he could think of to get you to open up to him but your walls stayed up and his frustration grew. 鈥淲hy are you like this?鈥澛
鈥淥h my God, it鈥檚 just a joke. Don鈥檛 be such a bitch about it,鈥 You roll your eyes and get up to adjust the thermostat. When you turn around, Steve is in your face.
鈥淒id you just call me a bitch?鈥
鈥淪ure did, sweetcheeks. Now get out of my way. I鈥檓 going to bed.鈥
鈥淲hat the hell is with you all the time?鈥 Steve growls.
鈥淚鈥檝e been stuck with your bitchy ass for months,鈥 you sneer.
Steve takes a step forward, bringing you toe to toe. You refuse to give any ground and stare him down until he finally asks the question that has haunted him, 鈥淲hy?鈥
鈥淲e鈥檙e kinda wanted criminals,鈥 you snark.聽
鈥淣o. Why did you follow me? Why did you fight on my side of this?鈥
You鈥檙e worn down and staring into Steve鈥檚 face, you find the truth slipping past your lips, 鈥淏ecause you were right.鈥
鈥淲hat?鈥 Steve鈥檚 look of disbelief almost hurts but you shake the feeling away.
鈥淵ou were right. I don鈥檛 want another World Security Council. I don鈥檛 want the UN making the decisions of what we can and can鈥檛 do. Where we go. Who we help. Who we save. Whose lives are worth the most in their skewed view of the world. Having a registry of enhanced individuals is dangerous. I鈥︹ you lick your lips and debate admitting the next part but give in to this momentary transparency, 鈥淚 admired the Avengers. What the team stood for. And-鈥
鈥淎nd?鈥 Steve tilts his head as he studies you.聽
鈥淚 admired you standing up for Wanda and Bucky. For all of us. Your stance kept us from being pawns in political games. And, for once, I wasn鈥檛 alone in something.鈥 Your stomach drops as the words leave your mouth. You had admitted more than you ever meant to and looking up at Steve鈥檚 stoic demeanor was disconcerting. You couldn鈥檛 read him. You opened your mouth to make a smartass remark to break the tension but Steve鈥檚 fingers cover your mouth.聽
鈥淒on鈥檛,鈥 he says as if he read your mind. 鈥淛ust this once, don鈥檛.鈥 His hand slides down to gently caress your neck and then he鈥檚 kissing you. You鈥檙e shocked at first but then it seems as if you both just melt into each other. Months of tension break and you鈥檙e tearing off each other鈥檚 clothes as fast as you can.聽
Your foreheads are pressed together as he enters you. It's been so long that both of you get lost in the pleasure. His thrusts into you are pure bliss and your warmth surrounding him is nothing short of heaven. It was a primal, nearly feral race to orgasm. When you arch into him, crying out as the waves crash over, he gives a hoarse cry and empties himself into you.聽
You lay together, unmoving as you recover. When Steve鈥檚 hips begin to make slow circles, you realize how hard he still is. You roll him to his back and begin to ride him. Throwing your head back, you run your hands over your body as you revel in the feeling of his thick cock. He grips your hips and thrusts up into you. Your mouth parts letting out sharp exclamations with each one. Steve鈥檚 thumb finds your clit and the swift circles he makes sends you over the edge again. Steve sits up, pulling you into a kiss. You wrap your arms around each other, mouths melded together, and just feel each other as your hips continue their slow circles.聽
You get lost in it, lost in him. All thoughts faded into the background and you lived for the connection of your bodies. The slow, sensual way he moved against you. The kisses are full of a tenderness you'd never experienced. The pleasure he gave so freely. You immerse yourself in it, forgetting everything else. And so did he.聽
Hours later, Steve is sleeping soundly when you silently slip out of the bed. You go to the bathroom, put your clothes back on, and get in the empty bed that was originally where he was supposed to sleep. You had never gotten used to sleeping in the bed with another person. You had never gotten used to being a part of a team. Glancing at his sleeping form one last time, you curl up alone in the cold bed and fall into a fitful sleep.聽
鈥淩ogers, wake up! Come on, we gotta go,鈥 you rattle the bed with your foot to emphasize your words.聽
鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong?鈥 Steve asks.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 not sure. Nat just said we needed to get back. Come on. Grab your stuff and let鈥檚 go,鈥 you turn for the door and grab the keys to the battered truck you were driving. You coax the engine to life and Steve tosses his bag in before hefting himself into the seat.
鈥淲e gonna talk about it?鈥 He asks as you haul ass out of the motel parking lot.聽
鈥淣othing to talk about. Literally, Nat called and said 鈥楪et on the road.鈥 What more do you want?鈥 You shrug.聽
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not- nevermind. Are we going to the safe house?鈥
鈥淔ine, I鈥檓 going back to sleep,鈥 Steve crosses his arms and leans against the door of the truck.聽
You roll your eyes. It was going to be a long, quiet ride.
Tumblr media
Part 2
Updates and taglist:聽聽Updates for series will be made weekly. Please follow my sideblog聽@tuiccimfanfiction聽and turn on notifications for updates. All series and new stories will be reblogged to it. You will only receive notifications when a new part or story is out! Nothing else will be blogged to the page. I can鈥檛 thank you enough for your support!
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capn-james-t-spirk6 months ago
鈥淪teve had a plan.鈥
Steve, as in Steven 鈥淚鈥檓 going to break into a secure Hydra facility with nothing more than my fists and a piece of tin because there鈥檚 a slight chance that my best friend is in there鈥 Rogers????
Are....are you absolutely sure were talking about the same Steve Rogers here, Buck??
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It's 2:30 in the morning and all I can think about is what if in Falcon & Winter Soldier, in some way or other, Bucky says to Sam:
"I was in love with him, y'know."
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oldgayseasoning2 days ago
Steve Rogers Captain America: Civil War (2016) vs. Infinity War (2018)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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belovasbrat2 months ago
饾挃饾挄饾拞饾挆饾拪饾拞 饾拏饾拸饾拝 饾拤饾拪饾挃 饾拝饾拹饾挆饾拞饾挌
Tumblr media
tales of you, your stevie, and your daddy bucky鈥檚 relationship.
pairing: daddy!bucky x little!steve x little!reader
warnings: angst, fluff, possible smut, ddlg/ddlb relationship, polyamorous relationship
requests for this au are open and appreciated!!
饾拑饾拲饾挅饾挀饾拑饾挃 饾拏饾拸饾拝 饾拤饾拞饾拏饾拝饾拕饾拏饾拸饾拹饾拸饾挃
stevie telling bucky off when he鈥檚 mean to dovey
stevie goes back in time and leaves bucky and dovey
soft sex with stevie when bucky鈥檚 away on a mission
dovey and bucky attending stevie鈥檚 funeral (doesn鈥檛 follow au plot line just a sad thought)
stevie extra deep in little space
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Pet Dino
Steve Rogers X Daughter!Reader
Summary: You make fun of your dad for being old.
Warnings: cursing.
Reader's Age: 17
Tumblr media
You came skipping out of your rooms smirking. You made it in the common room and handed your dad the card. You made it custom, on this website you found.
"Dad! Happy Birthday day old man!" You smiled handing it to him.
"I'm not an old man."
"You fought in world war two," Bucky told his friend.
"So did you." You rolled your eyes. "Open it!"
"Fine." Steve chuckled opening it. "Happy birthday to the best dad ever. Aw." He smiled looking on the inside of the card. "Even though your really old -love your daughter."
"Ooh." Bucky laughed.
"Thank you." Steve gave a tight smile.
"What! Didn't you two have pet dinosaurs? Like come on your both old as fuck."
"Yeah I did. He was a T-Rex I called him Carl." Bucky went along with it while Steve glared at you.
"I'm not that old." He rolled his eyes.
"Fine I'm sorry." You said hugging him.
"Good." He said smiling.
"But seriously what was your dinosaur's name?"
"Y/n!" Steve gave you a pointed look.
"Sorry dad. Happy 200th birthday." You smiled.
"I'm going to take your phone away."
"You know what phone is?!" You gasped.
"Why aren't you picking on Bucky he's older than me."
"I already did that on his birthday." You laughed.
"Yeah she did." Bucky smiled.
"I hate you both." Steve crossed his arms.
"Okay this time I am sorry." You finally gave in.
"Thank you."
"Oh also for your birthday! We're going to go play bingo! At the senior center!"
"Fuck you." Steve grumbled leaving the room.
"Am I invited to bingo?" Bucky asked.
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steve: [accidentally brushes bucky鈥檚 hand]
bucky: [grabs and holds steve鈥檚 hand aggressively] fucking commit to it.
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demonsandmischief5 months ago
Marvel- A Captain America Imagine
Steve Rogers x Female Reader
500 Words
Tumblr media
After you come back from the Blip your boyfriend is very protective of you.
You woke up trapped under heavy arms. Steve Rogers was sound asleep on his back, his hand keeping you in place against his side.
You took in his messy blonde hair and bit your lip to contain a smile. He was so handsome, but you had to pee.
You hated to wake him. He was so sensitive to any movement, and he rarely slept in, but ever since you woke up from being dusted, he seemed to take in every chance to hold you.
You wiggled as gently as possible, slipping out of grasp and he didn't even stir. That was a win for sure.
After you used the bathroom, he still wasn't awake. He must have been really sleepy, and it sucked that you were now wide awake.
You decided to head downstairs to find your book and maybe some coffee.
The house was quiet for awhile, until you heard Steve panic from upstairs.
"Y/N?" he called, running down the steps so fast it seemed to shake the floor like a thundering herd of elephants.
You jumped up, alarmed. "What happened?"
He swept you into his arms, squeezing you so tight you were certain air was not an option. Your feet barely touched the floor as you seem to jostle with his heaving chest.
He didn't let go of his grip. "I woke up and you weren't there. What were you doing?" His voice was breathy and panicked, so completely opposite of the confident and collected front he put on.
"I just woke up before you. It's okay," you whispered. He set you on your feet and lossened his grip slightly, enough to where you could return the hug. You rubbed his back in long soothing motions, easing him down.
"You should have woke me up honey," he mumbled. "I thought-I thought..." He bent his head down to rest his cheek on the top of your head.
"Shh," you kissed his chest right over his heart. "I'm not going anywhere. You know that."
"I love you with all of my heart. When you were gone," he shook his head, taking a deep breath. He moved back, grasping your shoulder so he could glance into your eyes. "I just wanted to be with you."
He had been so strong, strong for the others and everyone else. He had pushed down his own fears for the good of those around him, like he always did. But with you, he could finally put his guard down.
"I'm right here, Steve," you murmured, cupping his face. "I love you more than you will ever know."
After a moment, he relaxed, a soft smile gracing his sharp features. He leaned down to give you a kiss. "I'm sorry for freaking out. Did I hug you too hard?"
You giggled, relieved the situation had diffused. "Never."
"Good," he grinned. "Wouldn't want to hurt my girl, now would I?"
A/N: I hope you enjoyed this!! I COULD NOT WRITE WITHOUT YOU GUYS. The likes, follows, the reblogs and comments. You guys are so, so incredible and kind. I hope this shows my appreciation. Nothing like fluff. :)
And as always requests are open. Still waiting on my first one!
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michasartdump2 months ago
Tumblr media
infinity war/endgame samsteve kissies for @captainlakay because xe pulled me into it and now i'm in love with them
Commissions : OPEN
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