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#mcu hawkeye
tonkysexist · 8 days ago
“See MCU Clint is canonically deaf you guys were complaining for no reason”
It’s been just over 11 years since Clint’s first canon appearance. It took Marvel Studios ELEVEN YEARS of criticisms from comic fans, HOH/deaf people, and many others to do something about it. Shoving hearing aides in to Jeremy Renner’s ears and lining them up to be center screen in a few shots isn’t enough for me at this point.
Clint’s deafness is an integral part of his character. You can’t just give him hearing aides and write him like any other character. He is constantly shown reading lips and using sign language to understand and communicate. It’s not a side note or a cool little visual clue- it’s who he is.
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Scene I'm expecting now in "Hawkeye":
Clint Barton: ...
Clint Barton: ...
Yelena Belova: Why did you...why did...okay, why aren't you reacting?
Kate Bishop: (nudges Clint)
Clint Barton: (turns on hearing aids) Sorry, what's going on?
Kate Bishop: The crazy blonde lady wants to know why you killed your girlfriend.
Clint Barton: Huh? My wife's alive, what are you talking about?
Yelena Belova: (walks away in frustration)
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So... one of the episodes of Hawkeye will just be a full-length musical that shows the production of Rogers: the musical, right? ...Right?
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don’t know if it’s been said already but rogers the musical is an actual fic on ao3 where l*n m*nuel m*randa picked up a history book on steve rogers and decided to write a musical about him instead of… you know who
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the-real-peter-parker · 7 months ago
What if we all just stopped focusing on team cap or team Ironman and focused on the real issue Jeremy renner as hawkeye please fucking get rid of that racist dude
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girlwithsword · 8 days ago
i hope bucky-actor and steve-actor make out off stage
purely for the drama and spiciness of it all
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MCU Hawkeye: Straight forward. Slightly dark sense of humor. Solider stance. Nat, let's fuck some shit up.
Comic Hawkeye: fuck me why am I awake? I should be sleeping. Aw no. Fuck this. Fuck that. Really fuck that. Dammit where are my hearing aids?? Fuck me I said the wrong thing! Fuck! Shit! Damn--DOGGY! Where's my coffee? I need coffee! Ow fuck me--SQUIRREL!
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jacketpotatoo · a month ago
Tumblr media
An old MCU Clint mash up with Comic Clint ft. Pizza Dog that I forgot to post
To the person who commented on my Instagram asking for me to post this here, you made my day, thanks!
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Clint Barton: After the Thanos Snap, I became the ruthless vigilante known as Ronin. I took my rage out on the worst of humanity, even though it cost me my soul.
Kate Bishop, in her Ronin cosplay: -Clint did nothing wrong.
The Avengers: ...
Kate Bishop: Look, sometimes, the best way to deal with the loss of your family is to take down crime syndicates all over the world. I totally get it. By the way, how the heck are there still crime syndicates with you Avengers around? Aren't you supposed to be stopping those kinds of things?
The Avengers: ...
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solaceinfandoms · 5 days ago
just saw the Hawkeye trailer AND DID THEY GIVE HIM HEARING AIDS FINALLY?
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Excited for hawkeye and finally having a promo and date!!! 🤞🏻 they don’t make him deaf like some of the comics cutting that out is the one thing the movies got right. A deaf superhero would just be trying to tick boxes and definately not work on TV. I’m so siked for it
OK Nonny, there are several points i want to address here so lets begin....
Yes, I am beyond excited about the Hawkeye show. I read my first Hawkeye comic in 1986 and he's been my fave ever since. I will never forgive the MCU for doing my boy dirty though. Jeremy did the best with what he had, and we did get some really cool glimpses of Clint whenever he was allowed to 'do his Hawkeye thing', but other than those rare moments, MCU Clint is not the Hawkeye many of us know and love.
As for your last comment, and excuse my language, but what the fuck?!
they don’t make him deaf like some of the comics cutting that out is the one thing the movies got right. A deaf superhero would just be trying to tick boxes and definately not work on TV.
I was honestly just going to delete this ask Nonny, because the rage I felt when I read it was so deep and so profound that I actually felt a bit sick. How fucking dare you. Just trying to tick boxes? Clint is not only a founding member of the Avengers in the comics, but some would argue (read: me), the team's heart and its soul. Clinton Francis Barton is not only deaf, but he's the only non-superpowered human member of the team, and you want to erase that?! gtfo....
"Definitely not work for TV?" Are you actually fucking shitting me with this?! Oh, I'm so sorry to upset your ableist ass by having disabled representation in a Mavel movie, but it's about fucking time we had a disabled superhero. Clint is deaf. And at least one point in the comics, he was blind. Clint's deafness is one of his defining characteristics, and the fact that Marvel chose to erase that, despite Jeremy's desire to have Clint be deaf, is in my mind one of the shittiest things they've done in the MCU. How fucking amazing would it have been to have seen a deaf, and completely human, superhero up on that big screen in some of the highest-grossing movies of all time? How fucking validating would it have been for thousands of little deaf kids who never get to see themselves represented in the media?
Also, I hate to tell you, but it's 99999.9% looking like Clint will be deaf in the TV show so....
Now, before I go completely off the deep end at 7.30am on a Friday morning, I suggest that you take your ableism and your incredibly shitty take on one of the best characters that Marvel has, and fuck off. And keep fucking off. And when you get to Fuck Off Ville, you can fuck off some more.
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chaoticvampirejedi · 7 days ago
Btw I watched Hawkeye trailer yesterday and I think I screamed for excitement. It's also possible I watched it about 20 times.
I love the comic Hawkeye. I love Kate Bishop and I just want to watch it, like right now.
And Chrismast??? Yes. I want a marvel christamst show!
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New Hawkeye trailer dropped!!!!
Sorry to all you guys who follow me for stucky, I’m about to annoy the shit out of you while I gush over Kate bishop, Clint Barton and Lucky the pizza dog!
Actually, fuck it, I’m not sorry, y’all can just deal!
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misterspiderman · a month ago
Been thinking about how I cannot wait for Kate Bishop to become my new comfort character
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