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#kate bishop imagine
Since Hawkeye is a Christmas show, for the season finale, Clint Barton’s Christmas gift to Kate Bishop should be his favorite bow. Kate says something along the lines of, “I can’t take that, that’s the signature Hawkeye bow!” and Clint responds with, “I know, kid. I’m looking at Hawkeye right now.”
Cue Kate Bishop hugging Clint as Christmas music plays in the background. Then everyone cries because it’s super emotional, but in a good way.
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kram6496 · 2 months ago
As We Know It
Kate Bishop x Reader
Tumblr media
The love of your life, Kate “Hawkeye” Bishop, had been ignoring you for the past week. It’s been confusing to say the least.
Every time you enter the same room as her, she looks at you and tears begin to form in her eyes. You’ve tried going up to her but she books it out of the room before you have a chance to find out what’s wrong. You’ve given her plenty of space and it’s been the hardest time of your life.
It’s killing you! You finally have had enough. You walk up to her room and knock on the door. “Kate. Kate, honey, please open the door.” No response.
You hear footsteps coming down the hall and there stands Kate. She whispers your name, tears begin to form in her eyes and she books it to the training room. “Kate!” You say as you give chase.
Kate’s always been faster than you and more athletic but something takes over. It’s the fear of losing her that drives you to keep going. You chase her down to “The Nest“. It’s an archer’s viewing point up in the rafters of the training area.
You find her already up there, from the ground you can see that she’s curled herself into a ball. You hate heights but you love her so much, you scale the three story rope up to her.
“Hey“ you calmly say to her. Your heart breaks to see her like this.
“Hey“ she says, her voice drenched in the sadness that’s overtaken her.
“Can I come over?“ Truth you were losing your grip on the rope. Thankfully she nods and you take a seat next to her.
Her eyes tell of sleepless nights, you just want to wrap your arms around her. She seems to sense that as she leans into your embrace.
“So what’s going on Katie? Please baby, talk to me.“ You can feel the tears beginning to bubble up in her again as you rub soothing circles on her back.
“Please don’t hate me“ She whispers through the heartache.
“I could never hate you. I love you so much“ you pull her close.
She takes a deep breath before telling you what’s been bothering her the past week, “Sweetheart, I’m pregnant“ You feel time pause in this moment, had you heard her right?
“I’m...I’m going to be a parent?!?” She turns to you, her eyes full of hope. You can feel the tears beginning to flow. You pull her as close as you can and begin to pepper her face in kisses.
For the first time in forever, Kate begins to laugh, she clings to you for dear life. You pull back just a little and whisper, “You’re going to be a wonderful mother! And I’m with you for better or worse for all time.”
You and Kate stay in that Nest for a long while. Kate later dozes off in your bed with you holding her close. It was the best night’s sleep either of you had gotten in a long time.
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anxiousnerdwritings · a year ago
Yandere Platonic!Kate Bishop
Tumblr media
Kate was a pretty lonely kid, deciding at a young age to only rely on herself. She knew first hand that family and friends came and went. They weren’t always consistent. Her father was distant and always working. Her mother was estranged and rarely around. Her sister and her had a relationship, but it was strained. Kate just knew things, or people more like it, wouldn’t usually stick around and if they did, they don’t stay the same. 
Kate developed a pretty blunt, independent, and hardheaded personality. She was stubborn and nothing could deter her from whatever she wanted or ha her mind set on. She believed in what she was doing and she wanted to do good and help people. Her sister could never understand her reasoning with wanting to help others. But Kate was adamant about it. Later becoming  part of the Young Avengers as Mockingbird, even later on taking up the mantle of Hawkeye along with Clint Barton. 
You were a pretty lonely kid yourself, having only yourself as company. Your parents had you at a young age and didn’t really want to be parents. They weren’t ready and were still kids themselves, so your mother had dropped you off at an orphanage. You’d never met, but you did know about them. But you didn’t want to find them or have any kind of relationship with them. And you were fine with that, not minding it. You were content not having any family, knowing yours had already abandoned you. 
You’d often be left to fend for yourself by the staff at the orphanage once you were old enough and less of a priority. You’d often runaway and they didn’t really care. That’s how you’d meet Kate. 
Being out on the streets late at night to the early morning was never a really good idea and you knew that, but you didn’t care. You’d gotten to the point (even at such a young age) of just giving up on everyone, especially yourself. You didn’t really take care of or look after yourself. Just not caring. So it went without saying that you didn’t care for your own safety either. And out on the streets of New York at an ungodly hour was just asking for trouble. 
Kate was just walking around when she’d come across you sat on a park bench, staring off into space, not really aware of what was going on around you, or maybe you just didn’t care, she couldn’t really tell. But there was just something about you that drew her in. Taking a seat next to you, she tries getting your attention. And when she does, she sees something in your eyes that sparks something deep inside her.  
Getting you to talk with her was a chore but it was worth it. She’s actually seen you sitting on the same park bench at the same odd hour at night before, but was never close enough to really see an interest in approaching you before. But she wishes she had sooner. She can’t shake the thought of you, being reminded of you by the smallest thing. She’d have to keep an eye out so she’d be able to see you again, probably at that same park bench. 
A week passes by before she meets you again, in the same spot, sitting on that bench. And she can’t stop herself from making her way to you and taking the same seat next to you. Talking to you is still a chore but Kate is dedicated to getting information out of you. She’s curious about you and your life. You answer her questions begrudgingly, telling her about the orphanage and how you’ll often come here to just get away from everything. 
From that day on Kate makes it a regular thing, coming to sit and talk with you. Striking up a friendship, at least a one-sided friendship on her side. You’re still not very open but she’s stubborn, especially when she becomes invested in something, and she’s invested in you. 
You don’t think much of your visits or talks with “Kate” as you’ve been told to refer to your nightly companion. You just know this lady won’t leave you alone and always wants to talk with you. You’ve learned it’s just easier to play along and give in. You don’t really pay too much attention to her or even think about her after you’ve talked, not knowing how much she’s grown attached to you. 
One night, at the usual time you two would meet, or more like the time Kate would usual come find you, you’re not there. And Kate doesn’t know what to do. She’s confused at first, even questioning if she’s at the right park, but this is where you always are so that’s not it. She then becomes increasingly worried the longer you don’t show up. Kate’s gotten use to you being on a schedule so to speak, at least when it comes to your guys’ meetups. You’re always at the same spot, at the same time, on the dot. 
She starts replaying all your conversations, trying to remember any details of where you could be. It doesn’t take her long to remember that you live in an orphanage, so she heads off, googling all the orphanages in the area. Luckily their aren’t many to pick from and if she remembers which direction she usually sees you walk off in than she’ll be able to pick the right one. 
Figuring it out she makes her way there. She feels pretty numb but her mind is racing and her body is on autopilot. When she gets there, the orphanage is completely dark. No lights are on what so ever, so she sneaks around the building trying to find a way to get inside and look for you, but she can’t find an easy way in, then again when has anything ever been easy. Quietly breaking in, Kate makes her way silently through the building. Coming across the room you share with a couple other kids, she sneaks inside and makes her way to your bed.
Finally seeing you up close and in person, knowing you’re okay, Kate can feel her body becoming less tense the longer she looks at your peaceful sleeping face. Sure your hair is all over the place and she’s pretty sure you’re drooling, but she’s never seen something as innocent and vulnerable as you are right now. And then she realizes how invested she really is, just how deep she’s gotten herself involved with you.
She literally broke in to an orphanage. An orphanage?!?!?! Just to make sure you were safe and not in any danger. She can’t help the huff of a laugh she let’s out. Remembering she’s still in a building full of children, she decides to take her leave. But she leaves with a new plan in mind. 
You’re woken up, first thing in the morning, out of your sleep by one of the staff members shaking you. She tells you to pack your things, that you’ve been adopted. You’re still half asleep and now dumbfounded. But you do as she says, gathering your few belongings before making your way to the front of the building where the office area is. 
Walking into the lobby looking area you see the only person there, someone with a familiar face, sitting and waiting, presumably for you. Getting closer, she looks up and smiles. Greeting you as she always does when you two have your nightly rendezvous with some added dialogue regarding the new situation at hand.   
“Hey there, Y/n! Guess who I just adopted?” 
Having already signed all the paperwork, Kate takes all your belongings, what little you have, from you and leads you to her car. Getting you all settled, she takes you to your new home. All the while thinking about how she’ll be the new consistent thing in your life now and the same for her, she’ll be your constant and you’ll be hers. You’re her new family and she’s yours. And honestly, she’s not that bad to be around, once you come to accept her. She doesn’t want to be your parent or anything, but rather an older sister figure. She’s already gotten attached enough to adopt you, so it goes without saying that she won’t let anyone take you away from her. 
Her breaking into the orphanage the night before was only the beginning. Now that she has you completely to herself, living with her, it’ll only get worse from here.  
“I can’t wait for us to be a family, Y/n. I’m sure you’ll love it in no time.”           
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77marvelimagines · 3 years ago
Two Birds, One Stone
Tumblr media
Two Birds, One Stone
Kate Bishop X Fem!Reader
Prompt(s) from @marvel-imagines-yes-please : 50 (we’d make such a great couple) with Kate bishop then? And thanks so much!!
Note(s): I read most of the Hawkeye: Kate Bishop comics (couldn’t get #15 and #16 unfortunately :( ) and while I loved Kate Bishop before, I heckin love her more now!! Thank you for the prompt, I hope I managed to do some justice here! ^^;
P.s.- Sorry for this being out later than I promised. It’s been one busy week! The schedule should resume next week :)
Warning(s): Slight language.
Word Count: 523.
Stake-outs at three o’clock in the morning were fun. They were cool and mysterious and empowering, and… and… and (y/n) was running out of reasons for why they were exciting in the first place. 
At least Kate seemed to be in a similar state of mind, her cheek resting upon her fist while she grumpily watched the 24-7 gas station.
“I really don’t want to go storm that gas station, but if our asshole target doesn’t come out then I might just do that,” Kate hissed suddenly. She pushed herself up and peered more aggressively out the car’s driver side window. (y/n) agreed with her statement with a tired sigh that seemed to tear exasperatedly past her lips.
“Agreed. We can tie him up in the back and go get some doughnuts, or maybe hit up some Taco-Bell or something. I just need food and sleep, that’s all.”
“Ha! I 100% agree with you. Tacos and doughnuts? Hell yeah.” Kate reached across and high-fived her partner in justice.
“Are there even any open doughnut shops? It’s past three and I’m craving,” (y/n) groaned. She leaned against her window and stared at the gas station, bored. Where was that asshole anyway?
“Well…” Kate shrugged, eyeing the station as well. “If there aren’t any around, and if this guy doesn't hurry up, then we could… I don’t know, kill two birds with one stone. I’m sure they have plenty of confectious goods for us to buy.”
“Would it count as theft if we saved the cashier’s butt in the midst of the battle and got paid with hella good doughnuts?”
Kate shot up and gasped. “(y/n), holy shit! That would be awesome- like, literally the best thing in the world. Alright, let’s get in there and kick that guy’s ass. Screw this stake-out shit, I need some doughnuts and shut-eye.”
With too much excitement for anybody awake before eight in the morning, (y/n) and Kate scrambled to grab their gear from the back of Kate’s messy car. Kate snapped open her bow while (y/n) cocked her gun. They were the epitome of badassery under the sole working lamp in the parking lot.
“You know, we’d make such a great couple,” (y/n) quipped as they strutted step-for-step. Kate cackled with a grin on her face, arrows notched and ready.
“You know what, you’re right. We should talk this out later when we aren’t beating ass. Tonight over doughnuts?”
“Oh Kate, you’ve read my mind.”
They shared a grin before kicking in the gas station door together. A bullet whizzed past them before it lodged itself in a sign in the parking lot. The second one was met with Kate’s arrows and (y/n)’s own shots. Twenty minutes later their asshole target sat unconscious, tied up against the door, as the nervous cashier pushed four bags of chocolate mini doughnuts into his two saviours’ hands. Kate and (y/n) high fived and fled the scene just as the cops showed up. They talked everything over over doughnuts and were perhaps more than just work partners by sunrise.
Tag list:
@princess76179 @kalechipps
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peppersonironi · 2 months ago
If the Hawkeye series isn’t Yelena and Kate Bishop bonding over how much they wanna kill Clint, I don’t want it.
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sergeant-angels-trashcan · 6 months ago
still in love with the idea of the young avengers doing a drunk history of the avengers. peter parker is probably interviewing them
cassie, grabbing the boom mic and dragging it down: lemme tell ya a story about that ol’ spangly boy with a plan. steven. granticle. rogers. capintain--CAPTAN--AMERICA
eli, off camera: MURCA
[cut to America Chavez, dressed in 1940s clothes, on her knees in a line of soldiers, who are all on apple crates to make her look shorter and them taller]
cassie, voiceover: and peggy MU-FU CARTER
[cut to the back of someone’s head, hair perfectly coiffed. she turns, it’s Kate Bishop]
cassie does peggy’s lines in a truly terrible cockney accent.
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scmg11 · 6 days ago
I wanted to try something new this time, so enjoy a bunch of ideas that I had for stories that will probably have more than one chapter!
Requests are open, so don't be afraid to hmu!
Oh and don't forget to tell me what you guys think!
Sending love ❤️
Summary: Hailee Steinfeld just got the part for the brand new Marvel series Hawkeye. Even if she is a regular in the gym, she now needs a personal trainer to help her get in an even greater shape and to teach her combat skills. She finds her after some researches and listening to her dad's advice.
Warning: none.
Word Count: 3.919 words.
"Ugh, this is getting impossible!" Hailee exclaimed, throwing the pencil she had in her right hand out in frustration, the little item hitting the wooden table forcefully.
"It’s not that bad honey, we still have a few candidates to interview. We will find the perfect personal trainer for you." Pete wrapped his arm around his daughter’s shoulders and squeezed her hard into his body, trying to comfort the distressed girl, who visibly relaxed at the loving gesture.
"Thanks for your optimism dad, but so far we got 3 incompetent, and I suspect, fake personal trainers, 4 creeps and 4 fame-seekers for their own gym. I’m almost sure the last four candidates will fit in one of these categories." Hailee huffed out angered.
It has been two weeks since she got the role of Kate Bishop in the brand new Marvel series Hawkeye. In these past two weeks she had the time to keep up with the comics, reading them to start to comprehend the character, studying her personality and to channel her vibe. So far, it was going great.
The problem Hailee was trying to resolve at all costs right now was to find the perfect personal trainer to help her get in shape and to teach her combat skills, but she didn’t find someone suitable for the job. She asked a few of her closest friends for advice and made a couple of calls but she didn’t find someone yet and she was getting frustrated.
"He was the last one. No one was perfect for the job!" Hailee was clearly distressed and just started to loose hope in finding her new personal trainer, massaging her temples to at least trying to subdue her incoming migrane, walking back and forth in the room.
"I know, baby, I know. We just need to keep searching and to not give up." Pete stopped Hailee and hugged her daughter tightly, hearing Hailee sigh loudly on his chest, her arms squeezing him tightly, and he felt sympathy stirring inside him. He kissed the crown of the brunette’s head comfortingly and both strayed silent for a few seconds, before Pete spoke up, "y’know, I talked to Paul this morning and he was telling me his daughter’s best friend just opened a gym not so far from their house. She seems very professional and an hard-worker. He said she really knows what she is doing and she teaches it even better than anyone he met before. He gave me her number. Give it a try. Worst-case scenario, she is a creep who wants to train you just to have a lot of people join her gym, to prove she is the best personal trainer in LA and all of that crap. But I don’t think it’ll be like that in this case. I trust Paul."
Hailee hesitated a little, pondering on his father’s offer. What has she got to loose? She already interviewed 15 candidates. One more wouldn’t hurt. And the fact that she rejected all of them made her in a slightly desperate need to find a personal trainer to start with her training. With one last grounding sigh, the brunette looked up from his father’s chest to look into his eyes and nod in agreement, "alright give me her number, I’ll call her."
After talking on the phone, Hailee learned that the girl’s name is Y/N and that she became a personal trainer three years prior. She seemed really nice and friendly on the phone and that was enough to ease Hailee’s nerves. She doesn’t sound like a creep eager to check me out while training or to use me to seek a little bit of fame. Hailee pondered in her mind while driving down the roads of LA. Y/N asked her to come into her gym before closing time, so Hailee can interview her without too much hassle and they can discuss everything without prying eyes.
Hailee parked right outside the gym, eyeing it carefully. She has to admit from outside it was a really good-looking, modern gym, conveying a sense of professionalism and of hard-working nature. While she was studying the building, Hailee saw two girls exiting the gym laughing at something one of them said and lingering on the doorstep, talking animatedly about something the singer couldn’t hear. It was her cue, she exited the car, shutting the car door carefully and locking the vehicle. She approached the two girls, now hearing distinctly what they were saying, "Lyla I swear, he was a total pig. He checked me out the entire time I was teaching the class and before he got out of the classroom I saw him touch his member." One of the two girls said, finishing her speech with a disgusted sound and a clearly uncomfortable face. Yikes.
"I hope you’ll kick him out."
"Well if he keeps doing that-" the black haired girl stopped mid-sentence when she noticed someone walking towards them, instantly recognizing the approaching figure. "Oh hi!" The girl stretched her hand out to greet Hailee, who took it with a big, welcoming smile. Hailee couldn’t help but notice, even with the dim light illuminating the otherwise dark sidewalks of LA, how strikingly blue the girl’s eyes were, piercing into the brunette’s brown eyes.
"Hi, I’m Hailee."
"I know." The girl chuckled, "well, I think the whole word knows who you are!" This made Hailee’s grin to broaden and her head to shake gleefully, "but don’t worry, I’m not a crazy fan. Just a normal person who happens to know you." The black haired girl quipped with a warm grin and Hailee grinned back with an grateful smile. "Oh, how rude. Sorry, I’m Y/N, and this is Lyla, my best friend." Oh so this is Y/N.
"Oh Lyla, you’re Paul’s daughter right?"
The blonde nodded enthusiastically and hugged Hailee in greeting, "yeah! I was the one to recommend Y/N to your dad. She is the best. And I’m not saying that just because we’re childhood best friends." Lyla joked gleefully, causing the other two girls to laugh subtly at her words. "Well, I need to get going. This one wore me out today. I need to rest for at least a week."
Y/N scoffed amused, "oh please, I went easy on you today. And don’t even think about skipping Wednesday’s class!" The black haired girl threatened her friend with her pointer finger and her right eyebrow scrunched up in threatening. Lyla lifted her arms up in surrender while walking backwards towards her car and laughed slightly, before bidding the two girls goodbye.
"Let’s go inside, I don’t think the sidewalk is the appropriate place to discuss business." Y/N joked and opened the gym’s door wider to let the singer in, who thanked her on her way in while letting her eyes study the place while following Y/N. It was a really big, modern and well-equipped gym, from what she can see from her position in the lobby and the fact that Y/N was alway making a joke eases her nerves.
"My office is right there." Y/N gestured towards a door at the end of the hallway, opening it once they arrived in front of it and she let Hailee in, signaling her to sit on one of the chairs in front of a big glass desk, with neatly organized papers and an open laptop. "So from what you told me on the phone, you need a personal trainer." Y/N stretched her arms out on the desk, intertwining her fingers and looking at Hailee expectantly, waiting for her to deliver some more information for the job.
"Yes! I just got a part and I need a personal trainer to help me get in a really good shape and to teach me combat skills."
"Well, you got lucky. I can do both of those things." Y/N smiled warmly at the brunette, whose eyes shined brightly in hope at her words.
"Really? You’re not kidding, are you?"
The black haired girl chuckled with a shake of her head, "no, I’m not. I used to teach combat skills, but I really liked working out to help my body and my mind to feel good. So 5 years ago I felt a strong feeling of wanting to teach people to feel like I feel, how to properly workout to feel good in their own body. So I combined the two things I loved most and here I am." Hailee was astonished to say the least. She just spent the last few weeks interviewing creeps all around the country when all she needed was a couple of blocks away from her house. "Did I just broke you?" Y/N asked concerned, snapping her fingers in front of the brunette’s face, who didn’t say anything, just plainly staring at her with a - funny - transfixed expression, but Hailee sensed an amused undertone in her words, making the actress to chuckle slightly at her.
"No sorry! I was just thinking- I spent two, really stressful weeks interviewing 15 candidates all over the country, most of them were creeps who just wanted to use their job to check me out while working out-" Y/N scoffed and mumbled something like ‘tell me about it’, "the rest just wanted the job to seek some fame and have people joint their gyms. And now here you are! You’re not a creep right?" Hailee asked in a serious tone Y/N, who shook her head amusedly.
"Well first thing first, you can’t ask someone that, they can just plainly lie about that by saying no." Her laugh intensified when Hailee let out an embarrassed ‘oh, right’ with her eyebrows scrunched up together, "but don’t worry. I’m not a creep who just wants to check you out. And like I said before, I’m not a crazy fan seeking some fame from you. I’m here to do my job." Y/N answered Hailee’s question truthfully, the brunette visibly relaxing and smiling up at her appreciatively.
"It means a lot really." She stared into those light blue hues with a warm grin on her lips for a few second, before continuing, "so, let’s start with this interview." Hailee clapped her hands enthusiastically, "oh and for the record, you’re already going amazing." Hailee whispered like there was someone eavesdropping on them. This caused a loud laugh to tumble out of Y/N’s lips, the brunette laughing along with her, before starting with her questions.
"It doesn’t feel real! I finally found a personal trainer!" Hailee exclaimed once Y/N signed all the papers Hailee needed for her job, including an NDA.
"The pleasure is all mine Hailee." Y/N put the pen down and passed the last paper to Hailee, who put everything in her bag with an enthusiastic smile.
"Oh I forgot to tell you, is it a problem if we workout at my house? I have a personal gym there."
"Of course, I understand. I just need to know what you have in your gym and if you need something more for your workout program."
"Oh yeah, of course! You can come tomorrow morning to my house and see it! I’ll give you the address!" Hailee scribbled her address on a piece of paper and gave it to Y/N, who folded it and put it on her phone, placed on the desk.
"Alright, I’ll pass by tomorrow around 10 a.m." Hailee nodded enthusiastically, "oh and by the way, get ready because tomorrow morning I will test your physical skills so I can think about your workout schedule."
"Oh yeah, of course!"
"And I want to warn you." Hailee gulped when Y/N stared at her with a deep and serious face, "I’m not going to go easy on you."
"Well you have a well-equipped gym, so for now you won’t need anything new." Y/N nodded while accurately studying the home gym Hailee had. "Now, let’s start with the funny part!" Y/N clapped her hands and rubbing them devilishly, Hailee gulping slightly in fear. "It’s your first day so I’m not going to completely wear you out."
"Oh thank God!"
"Oh my god! Everything hurts!" Hailee groaned loudly - a bunch of whines following soon after as her muscles ached painfully - from her position on the floor her limbs splayed out on the wooden surface, sweat rolling down on her face, the hair that fell out from her bun sticking out on her forehead, her chest heaving and her heartbeat beating loudly in her ears.
"Oh c’mon! It wasn’t that bad!"
"It wasn’t that bad? I think I lost my ability to walk!" Hailee lifted only her head up to stare Y/N down with a murderous glare, only to put it back down with a painful whimper.
"Oh what a big baby, all we did today was cardio!" Y/N laughed incredulously at Hailee, finding really entertaining how the singer was exhausted from only an hour of workout. She crouched down beside the singer and patted her head softly, "And we didn’t even start with teaching combat skills."
"WHAT?!" Hailee screeched incredulously, looking at Y/N with fear in her eyes.
"Relax! Not today! You don’t have the equipment and the mat."
"Oh thank god!" Hailee sighed out in relief, relaxing once again on her spot on the floor, closing her eyes in relief only to open them up widely at the black haired girl’s next words.
"That’s why I’m bringing everything tomorrow morning!"
"WHAT?!" Hailee repeated her words, her scream echoing around the gym walls and reaching Y/N’s ears, causing her to flinch at the shrill sound and cover them quickly.
"Sorry!" Hailee looked at the black haired girl apologetically with a grimace on her face.
"You’ll need to workout at least 4 days a week if you want to get in great shape in 6 months. Then we will spend the rest of the week teaching you combat skills."
Hailee stared up at Y/N like she she grew two heads and let out a loud and desperate whine at the schedule her new personal trainer created for her, "remind me why I thought this was a good idea?"
Y/N chuckled and shook her head, "oh c’mon, you’ll feel good about it, I promise! Now, get up!" The black haired girl got up on her feet and stretched her hand out to help Hailee up, who reluctantly took it and with painful groans and a little bit of effort from Y/N, she got up. Once standing on her feet, Hailee felt her legs give out and lost her balance, squealing loudly and preparing herself for the impending crash but a strong arm around her waist prevented her to fall face first on the floor. "Easy there, tiger." Y/N chuckled, stabilizing the singer with her arm and hand on the brunette’s lower back and Hailee thanked her with a pink hue adorning her cheeks.
"Well, this was fun but I need to go. I have other people to torture! I’ll see you tomorrow!"
"Oh no." Hailee whined making Y/N crack up at her painful, but really funny comment.
"How do you feel today?" Y/N entered after Hailee let her in through her door, the brunette greeting her personal trainer with a brighter-than-the-sun smile.
"Ugh, I spent the entire day in bed yesterday, without moving a muscle."
"I didn’t peg you as a drama queen." Y/N paused to hum in thought, examining Hailee from head to toe, "it suits you!"
Hailee’s jaw dropped dramatically in an outraged expression, the girl pushing her personal trainer gently on her shoulder, watching her stumble a little with a soft laugh exiting from her slightly parted lips, "we literally met two day ago and you already make fun of me! I feel so attacked right now!" Hailee feigned being offended and pouted with her arms crossed, looking up into Y/N’s blue hues with the best big doe eyes she could muster.
"See? Drama queen!"
"Shut up!" Y/N chuckled softly at Hailee’s retort and decided to stop her teasing, "alright I have everything we need for your first combat lesson."
"You said that phrase with too much enthusiasm…" Hailee mumbled, eyeing warily at the stuff Y/N was carrying.
That made the black haired girl laugh hard, then winking at her and organizing everything they needed, laying the mat to use for sparing on the floor and stared at Hailee expectantly. "You ready Steinfeld?"
"If I say no, will you go back to your gym and forget we have a contract?" Hailee whined while asking, but nonetheless taking her shoes off and walking on the mat, joining the black haired girl.
"Not a chance, buttercup." She smirked up smugly at the actress, "now, let’s start with the basics!"
Y/N spent two hours teaching Hailee the basics of combat skills and she had to admit that the girl was a fast learner, "okay, so… I just put my foot here-" she leaned her foot behind Y/N’s left knee, her left arm behind the black haired girl’s shoulders, while the other was blocking her personal trainer’s arm and hand.
"Yes. Put all your weight on that foot and push on my shoulders with your upper body and you’ll put your opponent on the ground." Hailee did what Y/N instructed and laid her on the mat with a soft thud, sprinting up excitedly with her arms and her closed fists up in a celebration pose, her smile big and content on her face.
"You did it! Good job Hailee! I have to say you’re a fast learner!" Y/N told her while getting up from her position on the floor.
"Thank you!" Hailee smiled brightly at Y/N’s compliment, bouncing on the balls of her feet in excitement.
"Now let’s see what you learned today. Attack me, c’mon!"
Hailee driven by her excitement for her achievements of the day, sprinted up towards Y/N and tried a move she learned during her lesson, only for a few seconds later to find herself splayed on her back on the mat, blinking up at a smug-looking Y/N, staring her down with a smirk. "What the hell just happened?"
This earned an amused laugh from the black haired girl, "rule number one, stay always focused and do not let your excitement take too much control."
Hailee grunted and got up, "alright smart ass, again."
Hailee stared at Y/N determined, taking a deep, grounding breath and waited for the girl’s move, succeeding in dodging Y/N’s punch, grabbing her wrist and quickly pushing with her foot on the back of her knee, making Y/N hit the ground with a muffled thud. "Yes!! Woho!" Hailee danced in victory, jumping up and down on her spot with a big smile on her lips. But her excitement was cut short when Y/N round-kicked her legs and let her fall on the ground, the actress finding herself once again laying on the mat, groaning at the slight pain.
The brunette rolled her head to the side, to blink up at a once again satisfied Y/N, crouching down beside her with one hand on the ground, the other stretched out behind her, her right leg extended to the side, while she crouched on the other one. The black haired girl wanted to laugh at the lost expression on Hailee’s face, but restrained herself to laugh to say in a serious face and tone, "rule number two, always keep your eyes on your opponent, never give them you back."
Hailee groaned in frustration and slammed her head softly on the mattress.
"C’mon! Two more laps and you’re done!" Hailee groaned in fatigue but kept going, "YES BABY! THIS IS HOW WE DO IT! Great job Haiz, great job."
Hailee crashed more than sat on the floor, a towel in one hand to wipe away the beads of sweat on her forehead and neck, while drinking some water with her other hand.
"You seems to love laying down on the floor after a workout. Weirdo." Y/N commented and walked towards her own bottle of water when something hit her back forcefully, faltering her steps. She turned around with shocked eyes and her mouth wide open, "did you just throw your shoe at me?"
"You called me weirdo. It only seemed fair." Hailee shrugged and drank some more water, trying - and failing - to cover up her smirk. Y/N just lifted her pointer finger up in warning and walked towards her, sitting beside the brunette and taking a swig of her water. "It’s not my fault you wore me out every time!"
Y/N snorted loudly and stared at Hailee with her teasing, arched eyebrow up, "that’s what she said!"
Hailee went silent for a few seconds to try to understand what Y/N meant with her phrase when it hit her, "not in that way, you pervert!"
"Oh c’mon! It was too easy!" The laugh Y/N emitted caused Hailee to chuckle softly beside her, the brunette shaking her head slightly. They heard a buzzing sound and Y/N stretched over her bag to retrieve her phone to read her new text message.
"I need to go, I forgot I needed to meet up with my- friend. I’ll see you tomorrow morning at 10 a.m." Hailee couldn’t help but notice the pause Y/N put between ‘my’ and ‘friend’. Hm, interesting. In the last month and a half both girls got a little bit closer, taking some breaks between sparing and working out to lean something more from the other, talking about their lives, their friends and family, their hobbies and so on. Hailee learned that Y/N was born in Portland and moved to LA as soon as she graduated to follow her dreams in opening up a gym, she loved her family and friends dearly and she has a dog named Milo.
"Oh I completely forgot, it’s my best friend’s birthday today and tonight she is celebrating with a big party. Is there a problem if we postpone our session in the afternoon?" Hailee grimaced at her personal trainer, feeling bad for telling about changing their working out plans last minute, but she felt relieved when Y/N smiled comfortingly at her and nodded.
"Don’t worry! I have plans too tonight. You just did me a favor in postponing our session, so I don’t have to come here grumpy with lack of sleep and an hungover." They laughed softly at Y/N’s words before the black haired girl spoke up once again, "oh, since my gym is closed tomorrow, what do you say we do our session there? I want you to try a machine I have there. It’ll improve your coordination."
"Fine by me."
"Hailee! It’s so good to see you! I missed you!"
"T! It’s so good to see you too! Happy birthday!" The two friends hugged tightly before separating a while after, Hailee surveying the place, the music in the club was loud and the lights were almost blinding, a sea of sweaty bodies dancing on an EDM song, everyone ecstatic and carefree.
"I’m going to get something to drink! I’ll be right back!" Hailee yelled into Tanya’s ear before walking away from her friends and walked towards the bar. On her way there, some douchebag bumped into her and pushed her harshly, making her stumble and crash hard into a body, causing the drink they were carrying in their hand, spill on their clothes.
"I’m so so so sorry! Someone pushed me, I didn’t want to crash into you. It was an accid-"
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mooniel · 8 days ago
the thing is, while im reallly excited for the hawkeye series, am i ready to potentially be seeing jeremy renner thirst tiktoks?
the answer is no
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Imagine this:
In the penultimate episode of Hawkeye, Kate Bishop gives her Christmas gift to Clint Barton. When Clint opens his gift, he sees that it’s a crudely made trophy with the words “My Favorite Avenger” (alternatively: “The Strongest Avenger to Me”). Kate starts going off about how she knows it’s a shitty gift and that she didn’t have that much time to make it, but Clint stops her by saying he loves it.
In the season finale episode of Hawkeye, Clint gives his Christmas gift to Kate. When Kate opens her gift, she sees that it’s Clint’s signature bow. Kate says that she can’t take the gift because that’s the “Hawkeye bow”, to which Clint says, “Yeah...I’m looking at Hawkeye right now”. Clint gives Kate a knowing look, Kate starts to tear up, and the two hug. The Christmas music then swells in the background. 
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kram6496 · 3 months ago
A Thousand Years
Kate Bishop x Reader
Request by @wombatking
Tumblr media
It was a quiet night in. Kate needed these nights, her due date was close so the two of you couldn’t party it up like you once did. You and Kate are lying on your couch. The fireplace is roaring and an old favorite film of yours is playing on the TV.
Kate traded in her tight leather costume for loose fitting hoodies and she’s still the most beautiful sight in the world to you.
Kate’s rubbing small circles on her belly as she cuddles into your chest. A smile makes its way across her face.
“Do you think I’ll be able to teach our baby archery?” She begins to laugh.
“I wouldn’t expect anything less. Just let her have a normal childhood first.” You ask her.
“She won’t be normal though. She’ll have two Avengers for parents. That’s as far from normal as possible.” She takes your hand and guides it over her belly.
You feel a little kick resonate across the bump. Your baby’s kicking. Each little kick is like the best feeling in the entire world.
“She wants to see the world.” You smile at your bride. Kate smiles right back. You place gentle longing kisses among her neck and collarbone.
“I wouldn’t trade a moment like this for anything. Thank you.” She says as she drifts off to sleep in your arms.
You wished more than anything that a moment like this could last for a thousand years. But every moment with Kate was worth more than an eternity.
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spideymarvelws · a year ago
Nine Interns. One Island.
Main Mastelist / Series Masterlist
Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Nine newly employed interns...
One weird ass island...
And a shit ton of unnecessary drama...
What could go wrong?
Smut (will be indicated with a * next too chapters), Cursing, Violence, Betrayal
“Would you just shut up and let me think!”
“There’s no time for thinking Harley! There is a herd of fucking apes charging at us as we speak!”
“Those aren’t apes you dumb fuck! They’re gorillas!”
“Gorillas are a type of ape dipshit!”
“Uh guys! Maybe nows not the time to argue, especially not when we’re about to be trampled by our ancestors,”
“Hey! I’ve got an idea!”
“Which is?”
Life tends to take unexpected turns. It takes you places that you never thought in a million years you would think you would end up. But never would you have thought it would have ended you up at an abandoned island with eight other people you just met, right after being accepted for an internship with the one and only Tony Stark...
The Day Before 
Figuring Things Out (x)
Taglist : @chloecreatesfictions​ @itstaskeen​ @jadegill​ @lowkey-holland​ @brother-sixpackariah​ @cri854stina​ @kickingn-ames​ @joyleenl​ @deliberatequeen​ @creatorofthegalaxy​ @bisexual0mess​ @nesquio​
(Hmu if you wanna be added🥺)
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sergeant-angels-trashcan · 10 months ago
must i have a “reason”? is it not enough for me to simply want a Marvel A League of Their Own AU with Kate Bishop, America Chavez, Cassie Lang, Kamala Khan, Doreen Green, Gwen Stacey, MJ, and Shuri, who most certainly would be in Wakanda but I want to see her play baseball? Is it not enough to simply want to see them playing baseball with period hairstyles? With Tony or Fury as the slightly disgraced former ball player who is their manager? And obviously with the addition of several wlw subplots? Is that not enough????
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scmg11 · a day ago
A/N: HELLO PEOPLE! Here is part 2 of the personal trainer AU story!
Let me know what you guys think!
Sending love ❤️
Summary: Hailee and Y/N met in a club and regretted even drinking the next day.
Warning: none, this is pure fluff.
Word count: 2.686 words.
"What are you doing here?" Y/N screamed over the loud music, squinting her eyes at the brunette, the lights in the club hitting her eyes almost blinding her.
"I told you I had a party. What are you doing here?"
"Oh, one of my friends wanted to go to a club to celebrate her promotion at work. So here I am."
"I’m so sorry for spilling your drink on you. Some asshole pushed me and made me lose my balance. Let’s go to the bathroom, I’ll help you clean the mess I made."
They surfed the swaying bodies to get to their destination, reaching the bathroom after some struggling in surpassing a group of girls completely wasted, Y/N opened the bathroom door and let Hailee in, locking the door and walking to the sink, Hailee opening the tap to wash the alcohol away, the sound of the running water echoing in the silent bathroom.
"Y’know since you’re a personal trainer, I thought you only eat healthy food, no alcohol, no fun, just gym…"
"Hailee keep talking and tomorrow I’ll kick your ass in training."
Hailee giggled at threat Y/N threw at her, "what?! I was just stating a fact!"
"Two more laps for you tomorrow." Y/N told her nonchalantly, tapping the wet cloth on her black t-shirt, the stickiness almost washed away.
Hailee whined pathetically and Y/N chuckled, "I was just curious!"
"Okay, fine. I’ll stop talking." Hailee tapped slightly harder to tease Y/N.
"I didn’t say anything else!" Hailee widened her eyes in disbelief, moving her arms around, the wet cloth dangling in her right hand.
"Fuck no! We were supposed to be friends!"
"Hey! You missed six!"
"Ten more laps for you tomorrow." Y/N deadpanned and Hailee slapped repeatedly her arm.
"Ugh! You’re the worst!"
"Y/N!" Hailee chuckled and pushed her, the black haired girl stumbling a little, but let a laugh escape her lips, crumbling her serious façade, thinking about how the sound Hailee just emitted was the most cute one she ever heard.
"I’m kidding, I’m kidding. No extra laps for you. Well… if you keep pushing on my patience, I might not be kidding anymore."
"Copy that." Hailee zipped her lips and made the move to throw the key away, Y/N laughing at the childish gesture.
"Even if I would love nothing more for you to shut up-" Hailee hit Y/N hard multiple times with the wet cloth, the girl trying to shield away from the girl’s attack with a loud laugh, "stop hitting me, I’m sorry!"
"You better be!" With a last shot with the wet cloth, Hailee stopped hitting Y/N, staring down at her in warning and the black haired girl lifted her arms up in surrender, "we’re even now."
"Good… but I still spilled your drink all over you." Hailee pouted cutely, Y/N finding that sight so adorable she wanted to reach Hailee’s cheeks and squeeze them, "let me but you one."
"Woah, is THE Hailee Steinfeld hitting on me? In a club? I must be dreaming!"
"You’re a real jerk, you didn’t tell me that when you signed your contract. You should have, so I wouldn’t have made you sign up to be my personal trainer!"
"Oh c’mon, a lot of people would kill to be in my position now." Y/N quipped and Hailee rolled her eyes fondly.
"C’mon, let’s go. If you keep making fun of me, I will leave you with your dirty t-shirt and without a drink."
"I still have the upper hand, y’know? I’m still your personal trainer and I can still make you lift the entirety of your weight in handlebars."
"Right!" Hailee grimaced, "let’s go then. The drinks became two now!"
"This is corruption…" Y/N paused for good measure and Hailee pouted adorably at her, "I like it. Let’s go."
They walked out of the bathroom and towards the bar, where they ordered two vodka cranberry.
They talked a bit, nursing their drinks, asking new ones when they finished them, not really realizing they talked for an hour and drank 5 cocktails, "so you’re telling me, you never went on a drive-in theater?!" Y/N asked appealed, her words a little slurred form the alcohol she consumed.
"No! I never had the chance! No one never took me there!"
"Well miss Steinfeld, I’m going to change that." Y/N drawled, tapping her pointer finger on the bar’s counter, Hailee smiling at the cute gestures Y/N does when she’s drunk, "are you free tomorrow night? After your workout, we’re going to the drive-in theater!"
"I would love to!! I’m free tomorrow night, so we can go."
"It’s settled then! But now, I have a challenge for you."
"Hm, interesting. I accept the challenge!"
"You don’t want to hear the challenge first?" Y/N snorted at how much unfocused Hailee was right now.
"Oh right." Hailee confusedly stared at the counter before refocusing her attention on the girl sat beside her on the bar’s stool.
"I’m really tipsy right now so I’m going to regret asking it in the first place tomorrow morning, but what do you say, 3 shots of tequila. Who finish them first have to make the loser do whatever they want for a day, not too extreme things, and the loser has to pay for the movie and the dinner after that. What do you say?"
Hailee thought about Y/N’s challenge, examining her options. She was fine, she was tipsy too, not like Y/N at least, but she was fine. Not to mention it would be fun to make Y/N do whatever she wanted. With that thought in mind she accepted the challenge, the black haired girl celebrating with a loud and ecstatic ‘yes!’ before asking the bartender for six shots of tequila, who lined the shot glasses up in front of them, and filled each one of them. Before he could walk away, they asked him to be their judge, needing him to watch who will be the first one to finish the shots.
"Ready to lose Steinfeld?"
"I wouldn’t be so sure of your victory Y/L/N."
"We’ll see." They grabbed the first shot glass and clapped them together with a loud ‘cheers!’, "okay, on there… one… two… THREE!"
The girls quickly drank up the liquor, the black haired girl grimacing a the taste, groaning loudly and closing her eyes for a second fighting again the burning sensation in her throat, before grabbing the other glass, repeating the gesture, then doing the same thing with the third one.
"A-HA! Done! Get ready to do whatever I want Steinfeld!" Y/N turned around, with a smug grin on, to gloat at Hailee, expecting the girl to still be drinking her last shot but she found her staring at her with a Cheshire cat smile, her smile dropping, a dreading expression taking its place.
"I’m sorry but she finished her last shot before you did. So she is the winner." The bartender stated with a shrug of his shoulders, looking apologetically at the black haired girl who had her hopes up for winning crushed by his statement, before walking away to serve another customer.
"Ugh, you’re so full of hidden talents!"
"And you only saw a few of them." Hailee smirked mischievously and wiggled her eyebrows flirtatiously.
"Do you feel as shitty as I feel?" Hailee greeted Y/N in a lieu of a greeting when she opened her gym’s door around 5 p.m., with a pair of big, black sunglasses, her face stoic, a white t-shirt and a pair of black yoga pants.
Y/N was sporting a pair of grey yoga pants, a black tank top and the same expression Hailee had on, minus the sunglasses, "no. I feel worst." Hailee grunted in acknowledgement and trudged in when the black haired girl stepped aside to let her in, "I think that for today we can skip your lesson."
"Oh thank you." Hailee wrapped her arms around Y/N and hugged her tightly, the girl giggling happily at the amusing gesture while patting Hailee’s back and reciprocating the hug.
"We can just lay down and meditate on not drink anymore."
"Fine by me. I’m used to lay on the floor with you." Hailee joked, laying down on the yoga mat the black haired girl placed at their feet.
"You need to get rid of that habit!" Y/N snickered but she cut it off immediately when her head started to pound heavily, the girl putting her hands up to her temples and massaged the skin there to try to sooth the pain away.
"When you’ll stop tiring me out every single time, I will."
"Even when you’re hungover, the drama queen makes an appearance."
"I don’t have enough strength to throw something at you right now, but pretend like I just threw something really heavy."
Hailee drawled, looking up at Y/N expectantly, the girl faking something just hit her and groaned in pain, falling on her knees and grasping her chest, "why?! Why me?! You traitor! I thought we were friends!" And then crashed on the mat unceremoniously, closing her eyes.
"Who’s the drama queen now, hm?" Hailee asked amused, smiling at the girl beside her who right about opened her eyes and hit Hailee softly on the shoulder, "HEY!" Hailee exclaimed and hit Y/N softly on the arm.
Y/N pushed her on the shoulder, Hailee doing the same soon after. This went on until pushing became tickling, laughs echoing around the empty gym, Hailee struggling to free herself from the black haired girl’s attack, who was leaning on her knees beside Hailee’s writhing body, tickling her with no mercy, their hangovers and headaches forgotten, the pain subsiding exponentially.
"OKAY! STOP! I’M GOING TOO PEE MYSELF!" Hailee screeched, laughing hard, the blue eyed girl cackling up beside her, finally letting go of her, tears running down her face, her cheeks starting to hurt from smiling too hard.
"Oh please no, I don’t want to clean the floor of your fluids." Y/N not-so-graciously leaned on Hailee’s body, leaning her stomach on Hailee’s, the singer grunting at the sudden weight hitting her.
"Hm, very." Y/N replied in a relaxed voice, her body still shaking with soft laughs, Hailee chuckling along her, absentmindedly caressing the girl’s back.
"When you’re not bossing me around with your impossible schedule, you’re fun to hang out with."
"Hailee don’t push me, or I can lay you face down on the floor before you can even say ‘what the fuck’."
"Oh pleas-" Hailee screeched and in an instant she was leaning face down with her left cheek on the yoga mat, Y/N’s hand pressing softly on her head to make Hailee stay put, the blue eyed girl leaning her weight on the knee on the singer’s lower back to press her down on the mat, "Y/N!"
"I told you not to test me."
"Okay, point taken. Now let me go!" Hailee moved frantically her hands around trying to hit the girl, her right hand coming in contact with Y/N ass and slapped it hard repeatedly to make her friend release her grip, the singer thinking about that gesture only later that night in her bed, with a whispered ‘fuck’ and widened eyes.
"You’re lucky you have the day off, or I would’ve asked you to free yourself from me." Y/N told her before finally easing her grip and helped Hailee turn around, resuming her laying position on the mat. She went to lay on her mat she placed beside Hailee’s one when a hand on her forearm stopped her, the blue eyed girl looking at Hailee in a silent question, the brunette answering her with her hand patting her stomach.
Y/N suppressed that strange flip her stomach did and laid her head on the singer’s stomach, playing absentmindedly with her own fingers while looking up at the ceiling.
They stayed quiet for sometime, breathing evenly, relaxing their bodies and letting their almost forgotten hangover totally disappear. Hailee wasn’t sure when she started to caress the blue eyed girl’s hair, but she didn’t care about it, her hair were soft and smelled amazing, a hint of coconut reaching her nostrils, "so, what movie are we going to watch tonight?"
Hailee asked after some more time of silence, Y/N turned her head towards the singer and furrowed her eyebrows before she remembered their conversation the night prior, "I honestly thought you forgot about it."
"I was tipsy not drunk when we talked about the drive-in theater. I admit I don’t remember much after our shots, but before that it’s burned in my brain. Don’t think I forgot about our bet too."
"Ugh! Damn you and your perfect memory!"
"It’s not my fault that you forget everything when you drink. And you seem a lot bolder when you’re drunk."
"Oh no, what did I do?"
"Well there are only bits of that memory, but I think, at some point, when we hit the dance floor, a persistent guy wanted to dance with you so you told him something like ‘I’ll dance with you if you buy me a drink first’-" Hailee said in her best Y/N voice and the girl slapped her arm mumbling a ‘I don’t talk like that’, the singer giggling softly, "while caressing his chest seductively and when he eagerly walked away to go to the bar, you took my hand and ran to the other side of the club."
"Ugh, yep. That’s something I would definitely do." This caused the brunette to laugh softly, Y/N’s head bobbling with Hailee’s abdomen movements.
"I would have given anything to see that poor guy’s face when he realized you stood him up."
"Eh it’s all the same stupid expression." Y/N opened her mouth in an O shape and looking up at the ceiling to demonstrate her sentence, Hailee laughing hard at her friend’s face.
"It seems like it happens a lot."
"Ugh more than I care to admit. Don’t get me wrong it’s flattering, but some of them are relentless, they can’t take a no for an answer."
"I know! Guys can be too much sometimes!"
"Oh girls too, trust me."
"Yep, they’re skids crazier, sometimes. One time a girl couldn’t take a no for an answer. When I rejected her she stomped away and I thought nothing of it, assuming she understood that I wasn’t interested. When a couple of hours later I went to the bathroom, she followed me there and locked the door, forcing herself onto me. She didn’t know I teach combat skills and I can escape any kind of situation." Hailee chuckled and yelled a ‘woho, that’s my personal trainer’ and lifted her hand to high-five Y/N, who lifted her hand up to give what Hailee wanted and snickered at her enthusiasm.
"So, what movie are we watching?"
"Hm, I think there is an independent movie tonight. One of my friends saw it and said it was a good movie."
"Okay, independent movie it is."
"It’s 6:19 p.m., the movie is set to screen at 7:30 p.m. and it’s not that far from here."
"Okay, well… I’ll better get going. I need to change."
"Oh yeah, me too." They stayed like that for a moment, neither of them wanting to leave their comfy position on the floor, but in the end they decided to sit up and to walk towards the exit, Y/N switching the lights off and locking the door. "Alright, I’ll pick you up, if it’s fine by you?" Y/N asked more than stated, insecure about the brunette’s answer but when Hailee smiled brightly at her, her insecurities washed away.
"Oh yeah, I’ll text you my address."
"Great, I’ll see you in a bit."
"Yeah." Hailee started to walk to her car but stopped in her tracks and turned to the black haired girl, who was walking towards her own car, "oh and… Y/N?"
The girl turned around and asked confused, "yes?"
"I didn’t forget about the other part of the bet." She winked and entered her car, leaving a stunned but amused Y/N behind.
A/N: any thoughts?
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the-other-art-blog · 9 months ago
Things I need (hope) in the Hawkeye series
- An episode about Clint’s past in the circus and about his parents
- Linda Cardellini!!!! (I would love to see flashbacks or something about how they met or their life before Avengers). Come on!!!
- Yelena and Clint talking about Nat... Budapest memories???
- Yelena in Ronin’s costume
- Maybe Wanda could appear too
- Barney Barton and their dysfunctional brotherhood
- Bobbi Morse (although I don’t think so, considering that Feige hates Agents of Shield, as I do. But she was the best part of that series and frankly the only scenes that were bearable to watch. But maybe this can be her compensation after cancelling her solo series.)
- Maria Hill (I think it’s too much to ask for her, because she is in space??? But I always imagined her and Clint being friends.). Also Nick Fury... maybe in flashbacks
- Princess Python!!! (I love her episode in the cartoon!)
Can you think of more???
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I just wrote a post about character(s) jumping the multiverse (or whatever another fandom's equivilent is) and ending up in a verse thats essentially a soulmate au but heres my second idea: character(s) jump the multiverse and end up in verse thats A/B/O dynamic. I bring this up for the funny and awkward potential
Canon verse characters having to watch the weird protective/possessive behavior going on
Canon characters being really uncomfortable with people showing off bite marks on their necks
Reacting to watching "animalistic" behaviors (ex. scenting, growling, neck bearing, purring)
Canon characters being able to smell the pheromones/hormones but unable to interpret them
ABO verse characters deciding canon characters stick out to much and need to be scented to blend in/appear a certain second gender. Canon characters standing there awkwardly while ABO character rubs their wrists and head all over canon character OR trying not to gag when given a sweaty smelly shirt to wear (or secretly liking it maybe they have a crush on that person's canon counterpart)
Watching a young adult Alpha act all protective over their friends who are all in their 30s and who's counterparts are way more experienced and do the protecting/wariness back home
Canon character getting it in their head that because Alpha's are called "alpha" that means theyre the leader of their team/group ("pack"). Canon character finds out they are very wrong and second gender has nothing to do with being a team leader
A canon character getting offended their counterpart is a specific second gender that they did not think they were
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mmarvel · a year ago
Clint, at Starbucks: can I get a venti vanilla latte with uhh, seven espresso shots.
Kate, next in line: Odin's beard, just do cocaine.
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