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I have a goldie, Bullseye, who is having swim bladder issues.. the man has a floaty bum.  If left to his own devices he floats straight up and down, with his tail at the surface.  I’m having trouble determining the best course of action, so I’m reaching out to fishblr for help! 

He’s been floaty for about a month now.  At first, I fasted him for 72 hours, but that didn’t help much.  I saw him pooping lots over the last month so I don’t really think he’s constipated. he has also been acting normally other than this, no other signs of illness. Here are the tank stats as of today:

75 gallon stocked with 3 juvenile fancy goldfish, tank is 68 degrees, 0/0/10-20, 40-50% water changes once per week, has been running smoothly since December, other than some algae. the other two fish are totally fine. they are fed a rotation of bug bites, gel food, and frozen food.  

Before anyone suggests antibiotics, I’m in Canada where they are basically inaccessible unless you go through an aquatics vet, of which I do not have one locally.  If i could get my hands on antibiotics I would already have tried that :( 

 I feel terrible for him, he gets exhausted swimming so quickly and just wedges himself under a leaf from one of the plants to keep himself still, which breaks my heart.

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I was re-watching the Netflix Daredevil series.  I really love Daredevil, I read a lot about him, one of my favorite stages was the one Bendis wrote (after his success they gave him the ultimate universe, he was director of marvel and everything went to hell) he rethought Frank Miller’s style, brought many great supporting characters and in addition to that unique tenure where his secret was in danger and he tried to convince the press that he was not daredevil while they investigated him. Bendis ends his stage with Matt going to jail and another very good stage begins


The thing is, the series portrayed the best of comics with an interesting three-dimensional character development: the bad guys aren’t just bad, the good guys aren’t totally good, they’re all human. The daredevil series is faithful to the comic in the sense that it captures its essence and adapts it to reality (we all know that Daredevil has the gallery of the most ridiculous villains that exist)


The chosen color palette seems very appropriate to me because in a comic you can look good in his red devil costume but finding someone dressed like that would be quite ridiculous when what Matt was looking for was to instill fear in his enemies (or was that Batman?)


 They gave Karen an importance more than being the love of Matt’s life that in reality the only thing she basically does is leave him and come back to leave him again. Karen never earned my love in comics, especially for selling Matt’s identity FOR A SINGLE DOSE OF DRUG


I mean she could have asked for a lot more. However I had liked his return as a feminist activist who wanted to destroy the porn industry. The thing is that they gave her a personality from the beginning and a greater participation in the series, was not only the pretty secretary that both lawyers fall in love with (she had to be a naive and hegemonic blonde because they were going through times much more misogynistic than now. In fact the subject of misogyny in comics is left for another day to delve deeper)


 and the most important thing Karen is not alone to break Matt’s heart and screw everything, he is convinced by the truth and becomes a reporter (a bit abrupt maybe but I accept it)

I always liked that formula from the comics where a client with a somewhat unusual problem presented himself, a difficult case that was not credible that Matt accepted when he learned that he was not lying and investigated the case as Daredevil. Something I really appreciated about the series is that Foggy is the first to find out his secret, Foggy always deserved more and was always treated as the naive friend of Matt Murdock, I think they gave him some of the respect he deserved, also many will remember his incredible bad luck in love, but the relationship with Marci that although it is a little strange ends up being pretty? I dont know


Originally posted by cptnmarvell

     What impacted me the most: Wilson Fisk and Bullseye, are one of the biggest villains daredevil faced, I had no faith that they interpret them well but OH MY GOD. I empathized with both of them and then I worried about myself. But it is great, I mean yes, maybe it is not the size that Kingpin has in the comics and it took a long time to put on his white suit but they show how he is building his empire, manipulating and convincing people, it was like a construction, when he finally Put on his white suit is like  ready. He did it, he became the Kingpin.


     I never thought Bullseye could be portrayed in any way other than a psychopathic killer incapable of feeling. They show us as a beginning, it reminds us that it necessarily had to be a person who lived in society until he got fed up and became what he is. It was quite ingenious and interesting, also a way of talking about mental health, and touching on that subject I would have liked to see a little more about Melvin Potter “the gladiator”, who if you read comics you know him, but if you don’t is going to be only the man that makes the costume for daredevil. I found his story very beautiful because it was not easy for him to recover, he needed Matt’s trust and he became a very tender and sensitive giant human that unfortunately was easy to manipulate. Justice for Melvin. 


    I like that too, there wasn’t a big obsession with saying who they were and remembering him all the time, they just were (I talk about the super cliche conversations where they yell daredevil, he yells the name of the villain and then replies -you’ll never catch me daredevil because I …- and they say his name and tell his whole evil plan). 

    In general I liked everything about the series, I love it, I found it so perfect, a work of art. It is the best adaptation I have ever seen and we know that the story of the comic is not perfect in its entirety. I was amazed at how good the scripts were, the character transformations, the tense moments, the way they portrayed Matt’s heightened senses (haha I can smell the suit, Matt you should know that sounds super weird). Yesterday reading the credits I came across the list of thanks, and I understood why they managed to capture that essence. Look at those writers, that team, it’s just incredible.


There is a lot to talk about, I just wanted to highlight those general aspects, as I already said I really love daredevil, I really like his relationship with Ben Urich and the numbers narrated from his perspective, it broke my heart a little that this character did not exploit but it is fine It doesn’t have to be exactly like the comic. I think the proper enemies had to be carefully chosen to display, I also believed that the owl was going to survive and become a major villain eventually but it didn’t. The series is really good, anyone can watch it and enjoy it, you don’t have to be a comic fan to understand it. The coordination of fights, the camera movements, the lights, the scenery, the scripts, it is beautiful to see.


The man without fear. (Oh and Charlie Cox was so sexy)

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A) That bloody hand-print was so deliberate, Bullseye fucking lathered himself in blood to get that one there. And you know that Bulls deliberately created that blood trail, painstakingly getting the spacing that tight.

B) Nice nod to Bulls time as a Dark Avengers, posing again as Hawkeye.

C) This asshole just stripped, left his bloody costume on the floor and put on Hawkeye’s Ronin duds like the cosplay freak he is. I love it. He’s just begging Clint to dress up like him, which we know he will.

D) Love, Bullseye. *kisses*

E) his damn affable tone, as if talking to a close friend with all the casual familiarity is just gold *chefs kiss*

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A) Bullseye still writes with crayons + like he’s seriously unused to doing so

B) Bullseye did a TAPE recording a la 80′s, still not moving with the times. Also HOW did he even get that?

C) Clinty ahahahahahahahah

D) That grinning silhouette in the BG is just awesome, ICONIC

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