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#natasha romanoff x daughter!reader
A Witch And Android | Mother Figure! Wanda x Reader, Dad Figure! Vision x Reader
(Angst with a hint of fluff) Reader has pyrokinesis. Reader is about 16/17.
This is loosely based off of something that happened in my DR.
Steve said it would take an hour at the most to clear out a hydra base. He sent in Bucky, Wanda, and you to clear out and grab intel. He, Natasha, and Vision were backup if needed. The mission was routine and supposed to go off without a hitch.
As the quinjet landed, the recon team got out. “Get into position and wait for my signal.” Steve said over the comms. Wanda grabbed your hand and rubbed the back of it. “Follow protocol and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” She kissed your forehead. “I know, Wan. I’ll be fine.” You rush over to your position.
“Wanda, there are two guys to the left of your position.” Bucky says. “On it.” Wanda uses her magic and takes the men out. “Let’s move out.” Bucky motions us to a metal door. Bucky opens the door and starts to clear the facility. You and Wanda follow closely behind.
“(Y/N), clear the room on the left, and I’ll get the one on the right. Wanda, stand guard in the main room.” You follow Bucky’s orders. The room has a desk with a computer and filing cabinets. “Steve, I have files and a computer. Maybe asbestos because this room is pretty dusty.” Nat chuckles.
“Download the data and search the files.” You start to download the data. A loud bang is heard from the back of the facility. Alarms start ringing. “The files were a distraction. Get out of there!” Steve shouts.
The door to the room shuts and locks. “I’m stuck!” You say and grab the door. You try melting the metal, but it’s too thick. You start shouting for Wanda and Bucky. You can hear them trying to pry the door open. “Self-destruct in 1 minute.” A robotic voice says over the intercom. “You guys have to get out of here!” Wanda starts to sob. “I’m not leaving you. I can’t go without you!” You use all your force to melt the door. You faint from the amount of energy exerted.
You awake in a bed. You assume it’s the infirmary from the beeping noises. You hear Wanda’s voice, but you don’t have the energy to open your eyes. Her hand is clutching yours for dear life. “Please be okay. I can’t lose my fire. You’ve given me the chance to love and be loved unconditionally. You’ve given Viz and me the opportunity to be parents. You’ve completed our family in ways you don’t even know. We can’t go on without you”
You squeeze her hand. “I’m not going anywhere.” You rasp out as you open your eyes. You see a puffy eyed Wanda and very concerned Vision setting on the left side of the bed. Vision has one hand on her shoulder and another on the bed. You move your hand and pat the bed for Wanda and Vision to come sit next to you.
Wanda moves next to you, and Vision sits by your feet. “How am I alive?” You weakly say. “I ripped the door apart and pulled you out.” Vision puts his hand on your leg. “I couldn’t bear to think of a world without you.” You nod and lean into Wanda. “Thank you.” Vision shakes his head. “There is no need to thank me. You know I will always try my best to protect you and Wanda.” Wanda starts to play with your hair. “I think you made it easy for him. The door was almost melted when he got there.” You gave her a small laugh.
“Thank you, guys.” Vision sighs. “You don’t have to thank us.” You cut him off before he can start to ramble. “I’m not thanking you for this. However, saving my life is a big deal. I’m thanking you for taking me in and giving me a family.” You choke up a bit. “I’m thanking you two for being the best mom and dad anyone could ask for.” Vision and Wanda lean in to hug you. You start crying a bit, and Wanda wipes your tears with her thumb. “We’ll always try to be the best parents for our fire.”
Tony stands at the doorway. “You know kid, the best parents usually are a witch and android.” You roll your eyes at him but he’s right. The best parents for you are a witch and android.
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thewidowsghost · a day ago
Shy (Wanda Maximoff x Stark!Fem!Reader)
Anon asked:
May I request you writing a fic where Wanda Maximoff trains a new shy avenger who doesn’t laugh a lot and Wanda accidentally finds out that the reader is EXTREMELY ticklish and she thinks it’s very funny and she pins him/her down and tickles the reader to get him/her to laugh and open up to her?
This was so much fun to write!
Thanks to all of you guys who've recently sent in requests!
(Y/n) Stark had to be the shiest person any of the Avengers had ever met, and that hadn't changed when the young woman had joined the Avengers.
Now, the youngest Stark is nothing like her father. Where Tony was loud and obnoxious, (Y/n) is shy and not once had anyone, not even her mother, Pepper, nor her father had once heard (Y/n) laugh.
The young Avenger had only smiled in the presence of someone that wasn't her parents added up to a grand total of three times, and they had all been directed by her godmother Natasha. Once was because Natasha had gotten (Y/n) the exact gift she'd wanted without telling the former assassin. The second has been when (Y/n) was five and she'd left her favorite bear at her parent's house, and Natasha had taken (Y/n) to Build-A-Bear to make a new bear. The third had been the time when (Y/n) was sick - Tony and Pepper were at work like always - and Natasha is tasked with caring for the youngest Stark; Natasha had snuggled with her goddaughter, bring forth the third and last smile Natasha had seen from the girl, a grateful, loving smile that had Natasha cuddling (Y/n) closer.
Then Wanda Maximoff had entered the picture.
At first, (Y/n) had treated the newest Avenger with the same attitude as the other, but after a month or so, (Y/n) had warmed up to the witch.
The two young women are having their twice-a-week movie night when Wanda brushes (Y/n)'s side with a hand as she reaches for the bowl of popcorn.
"I'm sorry!" Wanda says hastily but smiles slightly when she catches (Y/n)'s lips quirks into the slightest smile and she hears the soft giggle escape them. "Oh, the quietest Avenger is ticklish?" Wanda teases, wiggling her fingers playfully.
"No, no I'm not," (Y/n) protests, her slight smile still betraying her.
Wanda grins, tackles (Y/n), and digs her fingers into (Y/n)'s ribs.
"W-wan-nda-a!" (Y/n) laughs, unable to stop herself. "S-st-to-op!" she exclaims, still laughs hysterically.
The door to (Y/n)'s room slams open and five Avengers and a mother are framed in the doorway, staring dumbfounded at the scene in front of them: Wanda straddling (Y/n)'s waist, fingers still dug into (Y/n)'s ribs, and, possibly the strangest part of the situation is the fact that (Y/n) is still laughing.
"I thought someone had died," Pepper says softly.
"This might be stranger though," Tony continues, just as soft as his wife, the six backing out of the room, silently closing the door behind them.
Wanda, still grinning, settles back down on the bed beside (Y/n), and (Y/n) sits up, her cheeks still red.
"Do I win a prize?" Wanda asks teasingly.
"What would you like?" (Y/n) asks, a soft smile creeping onto her face.
"Why do you never smile or laugh?" Wanda asks, turning to study (Y/n) closely.
(Y/n) silently considers the question, a thoughtful expression crossing her face. Then she speaks, "I guess it's because my parents were always at work when I was younger, and I was always left with Nat. Don't get me wrong, I love Natasha, but sometimes I just want to spend time with them. They were just always gone."
Wanda replies curiously, "Why didn't you just tell them?"
"I'm shy, I guess that played a part in it," (Y/n) pauses. "But I guess it's also the fact that I didn't want to disappoint them."
"(Y/n), you're not disappointing anyone, not now, not ever," Wanda says fiercely. "They want what's best for you - making sure you have everything you could ever want."
"Wanda, I-I," (Y/n) falters, notice the emotion behind the witch's words. "Thank you," (Y/n) finally settles with, turning back towards the TV.
(Y/n) leans against Wanda slightly, the popcorn bowl resting in (Y/n)'s lap. The youngest Stark is feeling a lot better with all that she'd told Wanda off her chest.
The next morning, (Y/n) wakes up, determined to make today a good day.
(Y/n) is the first one downstairs, and she's the one who makes breakfast - waffles, pancakes, sausage, bacon, and sliced fruit.
(Y/n) greets Natasha with a warm hug and a stack of waffles with sliced strawberries on top, and the former assassin smiles, (Y/n) returns the smile shyly.
(Y/n) greets the remainder of the Avengers with shy, nervous smiles, and their choice of breakfast.
The atmosphere is a lot more relaxed this morning, (Y/n) thinks as she sits down beside Wanda, and when the witch smiles warmly, (Y/n) returns it.
Wanda is helping (Y/n) clean up the breakfast dishes, the other Avengers having moved into the training room when Wanda turns to ask (Y/n) a question. "(Y/n)?" (Y/n) turns to meet Wanda's gaze. "Would you want to, maybe, only if you want to," Wanda falters as if she's nervous, and (Y/n) smiles reassuringly at the witch. "Would you like to go out with me? It's okay if you don't want to," Wanda asks hastily. "It's up -"
"Wanda!" (Y/n) interupts. "Wanda, I'd love to go out with you."
"Wait, really?" Wanda asks, her eyes wide with disbelief.
"Wanda, you helped bring out a side of myself that even I've never seen before, that was all you," (Y/n) says. "Talking about the thing we talked out yesterday, or," (Y/n) cracks the slightest smiles, "what you forced out of me yesterday, made me realize that, despite what I thought, my parents to want me around."
"I'll pick you up in the lobby at 5'o'clock?" Wanda asks and (Y/n) nods.
"See you soon," (Y/n) says, placing a soft kiss on Wanda's cheek.
At 5'o'clock, (Y/n) and Wanda meet in the lobby of the Compound.
"You look really nice," Wanda tells (Y/n), and the young Stark flushes. (Y/n) is wearing a pair of dark jeans, a mint green t-shirt, a dark green leather jacket that must've belonged to Natasha, and a pair of black tennis shoes.
"I-I, wow," is (Y/n)'s response as she gazes at Wanda. The witch is wearing a black dress with a red leather jacket, and a pair of black, knee-high leather boots.
Wanda chuckles taking (Y/n)'s hand gently in her own before she leads the Stark out to a waiting car - a familiar black Corvette Stingray.
Wanda opens one of the back doors and (Y/n) slides into the car.
"Hello, Miss Stark, Miss Maximoff," says Natasha Romanoff, who Wanda had recruited - not that it took a lot of convincing - to be their shofar for the night.
"Oh, hi Nattie," (Y/n) greets her godmother.
Natasha smiles at the girl before she starts the car, driving to their destination.
"This is beautiful," (Y/n murmurs, gazing at all the light strung through the gazebo. "And how'd you figure out all my favorite foods - paprikash, roasted potatoes; beef stroganoff," albeit an interesting assortment of food. "Nattie used to make me a ton of eastern European and Russian dishes when I was younger. You use your powers?"
"I like to ask permission when I use them. I took a guess, and well, Nat helped me a little," Wanda admits. "I also went with a few of my own favorites."
(Y/n)'s phone dings partway through the dinner, and (Y/n) glances apologetically at Wanda before she glances down at the phone beside her plate at the table.
"It's Nattie," (Y/n) says.
Nattie: How's it going 😀 ❤️ Having fun?
Me: Haha ❤️ You've been in on this all day and you haven't told me 🥺 ❤️
(Y/n) glances over to the car and smiles at her godmother, who smiles lovingly in return.
A sleepy (Y/n) rests against Wanda on the quiet ride back to the Compound; Wanda smiles, her green eyes sparkling.
Wanda sends Natasha a grateful smile and walks (Y/n) up to her room.
"I had a really nice time," (Y/n) says with a sleepy smile. "Can we do something tomorrow? Maybe see a movie?"
"I'd love to," Wanda beams.
Word Count: 1323 words
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sapphosvioletts · a day ago
Love You More
Natasha Romanoff x Autistic Daughter
Tumblr media
Just a little moment of Natasha and taking care of her daughter and letting her stim with her hair <3
Word count: 983
Note: Not every autistic person experiences autism the same. I'm autistic and I am writing from my perspective of how I personally experience autism, but not everyone feels the same as me or has the same perspective as I do.
I wake up to the sound of Natasha's laugh coming from the living room. I groan and pull the covers over my head as my eyes open to the bright morning sun. After letting my eyes adjust I finally sit up, rubbing my eyes tiredly.
I don't mind being woken up this morning, Natasha's laugh is always something I'll cherish, and it is a warm way to wake up. Her voice is soothing and velvety, and her laugh is one that never fails to make others smile. That laugh is reserved for very few people and I'll forever be thankful I'm lucky enough to be one of the few.
I get up and pad down the hallway, my sleep shirt, which is actually Natasha's, falls down past my shorts and almost engulfs me. I peek my head into the living room and find Steve sitting on the couches.
I furrow my eyebrows and come all the way out into the living room, looking for my mom. Steve smiles when he sees me, "Good morning!" He says happily. I give him a smile in return, appreciating his enthusiasm that he always somehow seems to have in the mornings.
I then see red hair pop up into my eyesight, swishing around until the familiar face is visible. Natasha smiles at me and invites me over. Although I'm relieved that I found her, I'm still slightly confused.
She's sitting on the floor, her back to the couch. She has her work spread out on the coffee table with a mug of coffee. I sit on the couch behind her, causing her to lean back into the couch, tilting her head back as well. She smiles up at me as I laugh from the weird angle of her head looking back, bursting into laughter herself.
She straightens back up and goes back to her work. I lay down on the couch on my back, my hands tapping my stomach and my heels kicking the couch. I hear the tv being turned on and I see Steve flicking through the channels.
While I'm staring up at the ceiling, waiting for Steve to find something to watch, I feel something placed on my stomach. I look down and find one of my fidget toys. I smile at Natasha, who is already consumed by her work again and not paying attention, but I know it was her. I fidget with the toy for a while, watching whatever show Steve turned on and listening to the keys clicking from Nat's laptop.
A little while later, there is a very, very loud knocking sound. I jump and my hands come up to cover my ears instinctively. I feel my heart race in my chest and my body shakes. Natasha, having felt me jump, immediately turns around and gives her full attention to me.
"Hey, it was just from the the tv honey" she tells me, knowing I was confused where the noise came from. All I can do is nod and my hands slowly come down from my ears as I take deep breaths.
Natasha rubs my back and patiently waits for me, wanting to make sure I'm okay. She understands with my sensory issues how much noises, especially sudden noises can effect me. She never rushes me to calm down or gets annoyed, she is always patient.
"Are you okay? Do you need something?" She asks softly. I think for a moment about speaking, but I'm really not up for being verbal at the moment. I point to my ears and hope she understands, which thankfully she does. "Earbuds?" I nod and she gets up, kissing the top of my head before going to grab my earbuds.
Steve gives me a small smile, not paying too much attention to us to give me some privacy. Natasha quickly comes back and hands me my earbuds, which I quickly connect to my phone and turn on some music.
"Do you need anything else?" She kneels by the couch and rubs circles on my leg. I reach a hand up to her hair and start twirling it around my finger. She smiles and chuckles, knowing what I'm trying to ask for.
With another kiss to the top of my hair, she turns back around and sits down on the floor. I smile as she scoots further back so I can reach her, moving the coffee table closer as well. She knows me so well, which comes in very handy during times when I'm nonverbal. Instead of pushing me to talk, she gives me other ways to communicate, which usually aren't even needed given how well she knows me.
Once she's settled my hand immediately goes to her soft, silky hair. I run my fingers through it over and over, relaxing with the repetition and feeling of it. She goes back to her work while letting me stim with her hair, but a small smile traces her lips this time.
After a while of work, the hand in her hair never stopping its movements, Natasha leans back and sighs. She sees my eyes shut, my face relaxed and content. She can tell I'm not asleep by my hand in her hair, as well as my bouncing foot and tapping fingers.
She reaches back and takes hold of my other hand. My eyes open in surprise, but I quickly relax again. Natasha squeezes my hand in both of hers tightly, knowing that pressure calms me. I smile at the feeling and let my eyes fall shut again.
My fingers find her wrist and tap three times, our silent way of saying "I love you". I feel Natasha's head lean onto the couch next to me and one of her hands come up to rest on my cheek. Her thumb swipes back and forth over my smiling cheek and she mumbles an "i love you more" back.
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black-dragon1998 · 2 days ago
unexpected visit
part 5 of Supersoldier meet Riverdale
part 1- part 2- part 3- part 4
Summary: somebody you didn’t anticipate on showing up in Riverdale meets you at POP’s while you are their with Cheryl and they come with not so good news.
Autor’s note: I finally have found the way i want to go with this story again and hope i can write the next chapters fast. I want to thank everybody who has stuck with this story. 
Tumblr media
Luckily nobody could see Cheryl smile, sitting with her back to the rest made it hidden. For a strange reason you always sit with your back to a wall and facing the entrance. It was something she had to ask you about later. She also noticed that with everybody but her that you were always on your guard.
“food for my lady.” You say setting the food down and give Cheryl a mock bow, making her chuckle. You didn’t care anybody saw you like this if it mends making her smile. Over the time you had gotten to know Cheryl you had gotten attached. The girl liked to keep you on your toes and it was a nice change for once. The only people you knew who had as much sass as she has been your mom, maria and Carol. Wanda when she tried.
The other thing you loved was that the two of you could sit in comfortable silence. Cheryl didn’t force you into the conversation, she could talk for hours and the only thing you had to do was listen. How intimidating you might be socializing still alluded to you sometimes. With Hydra you didn’t have to be social you just had to do your job or suffer the consequences. when the avengers had rescued you the abuse stopped but most were as socially awkward as you were and were no help at all.
  As you and Cheryl were eating at the other side of the dinner four pair of eyes were still staring at you and Cheryl Blossom. Non of them had ever seen Cheryl so… well so human. Betty was convinced you were hiding something. Veronica was sure betty lost it this time.
“Come on, how strange is it that with all the things happening (Y/N) just shows up?” Betty argued, trying to make everybody see her point of view.
“We talked about this Betty. She probably is just another army kid whose mother thought it would be best to move to the countryside.” Veronica countered. The raven-haired girl had known her fair share of military kids. They were always moving and your toned body would also be explained by strict army parents. However, that didn’t explain the motorcycle or the lack of actual parents.
Now that Veronica was thinking about it, the thing that strikes her as odd was the lack of adults when it came to you. Nobody had ever seen your mom or dad, you also never talked about them. Veronica’s thoughts were interrupted when a stranger with red hair and green eyes entered the dinner and approached the four. The redhead was absolutely stunning and like no one Veronica had ever met.
“excuse me and sorry to interrupted but anybody seen (Y/N) Romanoff or can me point toward somebody who has.” The redhead asked in a warm caring voice. All four teenagers couldn’t really do anything but stare in disbelieve, confusion and shock. However, before anybody could answer your voice cut through the dinner like a knife.
“Wanda? What are you doing here? I thought you wouldn’t arrive until later.” You came down the aisle and engulfed the redhead in a tithed hug and kiss her on the cheek. Wanda did the same, leaving everybody at the table even more confused.
Who was this person and how come you were so cosy with them, the only other person you were so open with was Cheryl. As you walked away with Wanda by your side Cheryl looked on in slight confusion and curiosity.
“Who could that be?” Archie asked still looking at the redhead, fawning over her presence. His teenage boy brain shortcutting.
“maybe she is (Y/N) secret lover, you saw how cosy they were.” Betty started, her friends are not able to stop her ranting.
 As you lead Wanda to your table you could hear the ridiculous theories the core four were spouting and you almost had to laugh. Wanda could hear them too and wasn’t faring any better.
Cheryl heard you approach and looked up, raising an eyebrow. You couldn’t react any other way than scratch the back of your neck.
“I wanted to prepare you a little before you two met but Cheryl this is Wanda. Wanda this is Cheryl.” Before you could elaborate on your relationship with Wanda, she sat down and reached out to shake Cheryl’s hand.
“nice to meet you Cheryl, (Y/N) has told me so much about you.” Wanda lied through her teeth, you hadn’t told Wanda anything about Cheryl, she had been gone on a mission since before you were departed for this mission but you were sure she would use her mind-reading to keep up appearances.
You sight before turning around and get Wanda some food, letting her do her thing.
“don’t blow this for me.” You warn Wanda through your shared mental link. But she only chuckles and that doesn’t sit well with you.
  Cheryl took Wanda’s hand and wasn’t really sure what to do. With how you reacted with the redhead Cheryl was sure the two of you were really close. Where you lovers, friends, family. And more importantly, why does she feel jealous with the fleeting thought of the two of you being girlfriends.
Wanda could hear every thought and she had to refrain from laughing. Even if she couldn’t read minds she saw the way you looked at the girl in front of her and with the jealous thoughts the girl was having Wanda could say she was feeling the same.
“let me put some questions out of the world. I’m (Y/N)’s older sister I have come to keep her company until our parents are able to get home.” Wanda explains with a kind smile, hoping to put the girl at ease, just that moment you choose to return with the food looking at her with raised eyebrows.
“something the matter. I thought the mission was going well?” you ask while taking a seat next to Cheryl. Cheryl immediately picks up your worried tone and grabs your hand to comfort you. You give it a slight squeeze back. The smile Wanda was giving you didn’t reassure you at all.
“mom called, the mission is having some complications.”
part 6
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blueathens · 6 days ago
«𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚁𝚒𝚜𝚎 𝚘𝚏 𝚃𝚘𝚗𝚢 𝚂𝚝𝚊𝚛𝚔»
Tumblr media
                            A𝗰𝘁 1, S𝗰𝗲𝗻𝗲 2
𝖲𝗈𝗇𝗀: 𝖨𝗇𝗌𝗍𝗂𝗍𝗎𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇𝖺𝗅𝗂𝗓𝖾𝖽 𝖻𝗒 𝖲𝗎𝗂𝖼𝗂𝖽𝖺𝗅 𝖳𝖾𝗇𝖾𝗇𝖼𝗂𝖾𝗌 𝖰𝗎𝗈𝗍𝖾: "𝖸𝗈𝗎 𝗄𝗇𝗈𝗐, 𝖻𝖾𝖼𝖺𝗎𝗌𝖾 𝗒𝗈𝗎𝗋 𝗈𝗇𝖾 𝗈𝖿 𝗍𝗁𝗈𝗌𝖾 𝗉𝖾𝗈𝗉𝗅𝖾."
𝖣𝗎𝗌𝗄 𝖳𝗂𝗅𝗅 𝖣𝖺𝗐𝗇 𝖬𝖺𝗌𝗍𝖾𝗋𝗅𝗂𝗌𝗍 𝑃𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑜𝑢𝑠 ◁ II ▷𝑁𝑒𝑥𝑡
                          »»-----  -----««                                 𝗧𝗛𝗜𝗥𝗗 𝗣𝗢𝗩                    Las Vegas, 36 Hours Earlier
"Tony Stark, Visionary, Genius, American patriot. Even from an early age, the son of legendary weapons developer Howard Stark, quickly stole the spotlight with his brilliant and unique mind. At age four, he built his first circuit board. At age six, his first engine. And at 17, he graduated summa cum laude from MIT. Then, the passing of a titan. Howard Stark's lifelong friend and ally, Obadiah Stane, steps in to help fill the gap left by the legendary founder, until at age 21, the prodigal son returns, and is anointed the new CEO of Stark Industries. With the keys to the kingdom, Tony ushers in a new era for his father's legacy, creating smarter weapons, advanced robotics, satellite targeting. Today, Tony Stark has changed the face of the weapons industry by ensuring freedom and protecting America and her interests around the globe."
The video ended and the huge images of Tony Stark disappeared into the writing of Stark Industries. People dressed in grand dresses and suits applaud for the man who 'changed the world.'
"As liaison to Stark Industries," Lt Colonel James Rhodes began as the room quieted down, "I've had the unique privilege of serving with a real patriot. He is my friend and he is my great mentor. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honour to present this year's Apogee Award to Mr. Tony Stark."
Even though their was music playing and people applauding no Tony Stark made an appearance to grab his award.
A resigned looking Stane shakes his head at Rhodes, who then barely supresses some annoyance, through he doesn't even seem surprised that his friend did not come. Shane allowed the applause to continue for a moment before he sat up slowly off his chair and walked up onto the stage.
"Thank you Colonel."
"Thanks for the save." Rhodes said in a thankful tone as he handed Stane the award.
"This is beautiful. Thank you. Thank you all very much. This is wonderful."
The clapping stopped.
"Well, I'm not Tony Stark." Stane joked, which the expensive-looking audience responded with slight chuckles. "But if I were Tony, I would tell you how honoured I feel and what a joy it is to receive this very prestigious award. Tony, you know...the best thing about Tony is also the worst thing. He's always working."
                          »»-----  -----««
Tony rolled two dices onto the table. Beautiful ladies stood near him in anticipation to see what the billionaire rolled. His bodyguard, Happy Hogan, stood behind him also watching as the dice rolled onto the table.
Rhodes walking up to the game of Craps, with a straight face and an annoyed persona. Here his friend was, playing Craps and flirting with the ladies, instead of collecting his award, the award he said he will come and collect. But instead he didn't, he blew Rhodes off for a Casino game.
"You are unbelievable."
"Oh no, did they rope you in?"
"Nobody roped me into anything!"
"I'm so sorry."
"But they did told me that if I presented you with an award, you'd be deeply honoured."
"Of course I'd be deeply honoured. And it's you, that's great." Tony told his friend quickly. "So when do we do it?"
"It's right here." Rhodes said as he presented the award to Tony. "Here you go."
"There it is. That was easy." Tony joked as he grabbed the glass trophy. "I'm so sorry."
"Yeah, it's okay."
"Wow!" Tony said dismissing his friend's forgiveness as he looked at the new award. "Would you look at that? That's something else." Tony looked uninterestedly at the award before hanging it over to the pretty lady in the black dress before he went back to his game.
"Where's my niece? Did you drag her here?"
"No, what type of father do you think i am?"
"The one who always wants Blue around."
"That's true, but she blew me off for Hunter."
"So you was going to bring her."
"No." Tony lied as he collected his chips. "Hey," he said as he held his closed hand with the dice towards the woman with the award. "Give this a blow, will you." And as always the lady did as she was instructed to in a flirtatious manner.
He then held his hand in front of Rhodes lips, begging him to do it as well, but instead Rhodes hit Tony's hand in annoyance.
Just like the annoyance, it was an unlucky roll.
Two Craps.
"That's what happens. Worse things have happened. I think we're gonna be fine. Colour me up, will you."
                          »»-----  -----««
"This is where I exit."
"All right." Tony said as he grabbed hold of Rhodes hand to shake, whilst also walking.
"Tomorrow, don't be late. And say hello to Blue for me, will you?"
"Yeah, yeah, you can count on me."
"I'm serious." Rhodes called back to his friend as he walked off.
"I know. I know." Tony replied more to himself. He walked across the fancy looking Casino in a suit and his usual glasses with bodyguards following closely behind. But his friend, Happy, was walking closest to him. "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's. There you go." He rambled to the people dressed up in Egyptian clothing.
Happy opened the car door for Tony who nearly got in before hearing his name being called.
"Mr Stark! Excuse me? Mr Stark?" The blonde lady called as she got stopped by a bodyguard to not come any closer. "Christine Everhart. Vanity Fair magazine." Christine introduced herself with a slight wave. "Can I ask you a couple of questions?"
"She's cute." Whispered Happy.
"She's alright?" Tony mumbled back before turning around and greeted the girl with a smile plastered over his face. If the girl was beautiful then he knew he would turn around as he knew that those couple of questions will lead him to somewhere good. "Hi."
"Yeah. Okay, go."
"It's okay?" The girl classified before starting her questions as Tony walked closer to her. "You've been called the da Vinci of our time. What do you say to that?"
"Absolutely ridiculous. I don't paint."
"And what do you say to your other nickname, 'The Merchant of Death?'"
"That's not bad," nodded Tony. "Let me guess, Berkeley?"
"Brown, actually." She responded holding her small tape recorder higher to get every word the the older of the two famous Starks have to say.
"Well, Ms Brown," said with a slight annoyance as he tried to seek her weakness. "It's an imperfect world, but it's the only one we've got. I guarantee you, the day weapons are no longer needed to keep the peace, I'll start making bricks and beams for baby hospitals."
"Rehearse that much?" She questioned in sugar-coated tone.
"Every night in front of the mirror before bedtime."
"I can see that."
"I'd like to show you first hand." Tony said boldly as he flirted with the blonde.
"All I want is a serious answer."
"Okay, here's serious. My old man had a philosophy, 'Peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy.'"
"That's a great line coming from the guy selling the sticks."
Tony's annoyance grew as he crossed his arms and stared intensely into Christine's eyes as he continued to add heat onto the full blown argument he was having with the pretty blonde.
"My father helped defeat the Nazis. He worked on the Manhattan Project. A lot of people, including your professors at Brown, would call that being a hero."
"And a lot of people would also call that war profiteering. Isn't it true that your daughter, Blue-"
"Hey, don't bring Blue into this." Tony said furiously as he swiped his glasses off from his face and pointed the end of it at the interviewer.
She ignored him and continued: "-is against what Stark Industries stand for? How does it feel to have the heir of Stark Industries-"
"Tell me, do you plan to report on the millions we've saved by advancing medical technology or kept from starvation with our intellicrops? All those breakthroughs, military funding, honey." Stark jutted his head closer to her.
"You ever lose an hour of sleep your whole life?"
"I'd be prepared to lose a few with you."
It all drops like a final beat to a song. All the anger and annoyance vanishing as Tony casually flirts with Christine, who is taken back by his answer, especially when she comes to the conclusion that he is serious.
                         »»-----  -----««
"Good morning. It's 7:00 a.m." JARVIS says as he wakes the blonde up, who was sprawled across Tony's bed with a thin cover over her behind as she lays on her stomach. "The weather in Malibu is 72 degrees with scattered clouds." The lights slowly turn on as Christine pulls the duvet closer to her in case someone was watching her. She watches as the the computer screens that create the image of windows slowly turn on. "The surf conditions are fair with waist-to-shoulder high lines. High tide will be at 10:52 a.m."
The off-white mansion was found on the side of a cliff in Malibu, which was connected to many different forms of technologies that both the Starks and Blue's friend, Hunter King, has made throughout the years.
To say there were smart was an understatement.
The house had a pristine pool that overlook the large scenery in front of them.
This house was something. It held the quality's of grand, opulent, flawlessly clean and bright as it sat on top of a mountain as it stares down at it's creation. This house screamed Tony Stark.
"Tony?" Christine called as she buttoned up his red shirt.
No one answered but small patters of feet that was coming down the stairs. The steps grew louder indicating the person who getting closer to the room she was in. Christine leant against the wall waiting for Tony with her lips pulled between her teeth and she placed one of her legs up against the wall behind her to raise the shirt up slightly. She made sure the first few buttons of her shirt was undone and then she moved her thumb towards her lips so her teeth bit onto it instead of her lips to look more seductive.
But it wasn't him.
It was a small girl with chestnut hair that waved down passed her shoulders. She had a pair of galaxy headphones placed on her head and a Walkman attached to her khaki shorts.
The girl stopped immediately as she stared at the blonde who hurried off the wall.
"Oh." Blue simply said as she pulled her headphones down so they could wrap warmly around her slightly tanned neck. "Oh...Oh, oh, oh, no." She said in disgust, disappointment and annoyance as she realised what this lady was doing here.
Being the daughter of Tony Stark meant all her innocence was gone.
"Oh hello, I'm Christine and you must be the famous Blue Stark." Christine said as she crossed her arms over chest loosely, not bothering to cover up.
"I could be." The girl responded as she swung her arms around slightly.
"You could be?"
"I mean, right now I wish I wasn't." Blue then looked at her empty right wrist as if she was looking at a watch. "Aren't you meant to be leaving?"
"Excuse me?"
"You know, because you're one of those people, so logically you should have left already just like my dad." She knew her dad hasn't actually left, he was downstairs waiting for her.
"He left?"
"Yeah, you must have been terrible." Blue said with a blank face as she pursed her lips in thought as she watched the women, who was just getting closer by the seconds.
Blue was hoping that she would just leave after that sort of fake statement but the lady did nothing, so she tried again. "You know, you should be more quiet, people try to sleep around here."
Blue was in fact not asleep and she also did not hear anything but she was trying anything she could so this lady could leave her home. Blue has never had a good relationship with sleep, and last night was one of her off days resulting in her only getting about 3 hours of sleep this morning before she climbed down these steps to be in a conversation she didn't want to be apart of.
"How old are you?" The lady asked with a fake happy tone as she bent down to Blue's level.
Blue was also not happy that the lady kept on talking to her and not leaving.
The door wasn't far. She would happily show her the way out. She could even keep the shirt as long as she left.
"Eight." Blue replied with a fake smile but her eyes narrowed at her.
"And you're talking all about this and you're-"
"Tony Stark's adorable daughter. Geez, catch up Curtsy, I've been around for eight agonising years already."
"It's Christine."
Blue ignored her as she continued to try and annoy her as much as possible. "If I'm his daughter then there is no way I can be innocent. That word and Blue do not go together. Just like you and red."
Christine bite her lip slightly to hold back her tongue as she tried to remember that this is the Blue Stark and a little eight year old girl. "That a cute shirt Nirvana shirt." She nodded pointed at Blue's top only for her finger to being pushed away by Blue's small hands.
"Nice to know you can read, very nice, good knowledge for me to forget."
"Don't they sing Wonderwall."
Blue was irritated for so many reasons. She could feel her blood boil inside her as she glared at the annoying lady. "No, that Oasis. Nirvana sings better songs such as Something in the Way and Come As You Are and About a - you know what you should just-"
Blue started to point to the door as she started to outright tell the lady to leave again but got stopped by the lady's fingers wrapping round her right wrist and getting pulled towards the blonde's face.
"Where did you get this." The lady pestered as she stared at Blue's birthmark. Blue never really questioned why her birthmark was so different just like she never questioned another other aspect that she had which was different to other people. But Blue felt very uncomfortable with how this Curtsy person was staring at the small present moon with three stars going in a sort of curve line next to it.
What was this lady expecting her to say? She got it when she battled a rainbow dragon whilst trying to steal a red egg from it to cure cancer?
But before Blue could come back with either a witty or rude remark, Christine got up. Blue smiled in victory but it quickly turned into an angry frown when she saw her go towards one of the technology panels on one of the walls. "Hey, lady-"
"What is this?" She asked as she pressed a button.
The panel went red and JARVIS spoke, making Christine step back in fear whilst Blue rolls her eyes before she continues to glare venomously at the blonde. "You are not authorized to access this area."
"That's JARVIS. He runs the house" Blue's saving grace spoke as she breathed out a relieved breath knowing that she doesn't have to deal with this person anymore. Pepper Potts walks in, heels clicking against the hard, polished floor. "I've got your clothes here. They've been dry-cleaned and pressed." The red-haired continues as she gestured to the clothes in her right hand. "And there's a car waiting for you outside that will take you anywhere you'd like to go."
"You must be the famous Pepper Potts."
'She is defiantly a spy,' Blue thought to herself.
"Indeed I am." Pepper politely replies as Christine gets closer to her. Blue sits down on the sofa as she watches the exchange.
"After all these years, Tony still has you picking up the dry-cleaning." Christine said as she tries to act tough around her. Pepper stares at the half-naked girl with bemusement in her eyes whilst Blue raises her eyebrows at what she just said.
"I do anything and everything that Mr Stark or Miss Stark requires. Including, occasionally, taking out the trash. Will that be all?" She replies innocently as she keeps eye contact with the guest.
Blue giggles and silently cheers Pepper on. She stands up and decides to go see her dad.
"Bye Curtsy." Blue said with a smirk as she skips out the room.
"It's Christine."
"I really don't care!"
                           »»-----  -----««
"You took your time." Tony calls out as he hears Blue's name be announced by JARVIS that she has entered the room. But he didn't need JARVIS to tell him it was his own daughter. He knew her, and he knew it was her just by the soft sounds of her feet skipping down the stairs as she hums the song that is playing on her Walkman. But there is no humming this time as Blue never put her headphones back on.
"Yeah there was litter on the floor." She casually replies as she steps further into the room.
"Yeah, Pep is dealing with it."
"That good. How's Hunter?" Tony asked her when she sat down next to him. She grabs a spanner and twirls it around in her hands as she shrugs her shoulder.
"He's alright."
"Yeah? I thought he was going to stay over tonight."
"Nah, Bailey picked him up last night, we watched Bridge to Terabithia with Pepper last night and we were all in tears by the end of it whilst eating ice-cream...Oh! That reminds me we have officially ran out of cookie dough ice-cream."
Tony hummed. "Of course you three did."
"How was your night? Did you get your award?"
"How you know about that?"
"Rhodey told Happy, who rang and told Pepper, who told me and Hunter."
"When did Rhodes tell Happy? I was there when Rhodes gave me the award." He said as he looked at his daughter with furrowed eyebrows but Blue just shrugs as she continues to look at the spanner.
The music suddenly stops as Pepper walks in on the phone.
"Please don't turn down my music." Tony said as he continued to fiddle around with the engine he was working on. "Are you not going to help?" Tony asked his daughter who only responded with a shake of a head, not taking her eyes of the tool she was messing around with.
"You are supposed to be halfway around the world right now." Pepper said as she looks at the clipboard in her hand.
"How'd she take it."
"Like a champ."
"Blue's coming with me."
"I am?" "She is?" The two females asked at the same time.
"Yeah, need some quality time with my favourite person." He said as he wrapped his arm around his daughter, who was still not looking at him, whilst he continued to fix his machine.
"To Afghanistan?" Pepper questioned as she stared at the back of Tony's head.
Blue looked up with a grin and announced happily, "Great! I can tell you on the way there every reason why you should cancel the making of weapons and make money out of something else."
"Great you can do that whilst I ignore it and think of every reason how I can sell my weapons."
Blue huffed and chucked the spanner onto the floor next to her before crossing her arms and sulking.
"Why are you trying to hustle us out of here?" Tony questioned as he stared at a metal material.
"Your flight was scheduled to leave an hour and a half ago." Pepper told him.
"That's funny, I thought with it being our plane and all, that it would just wait for us to get there."
"Tony, I need to speak to you about a couple of things before I get out out of the door."
"And Blue."
"And Blue." Pepper said through gritted teeth, hating the fact that he's taking his daughter to a place where he's selling weapons.
"Doesn't it kind of defeat the whole purpose of having your own plane if it departs before you arrive?" Tony said as he turned around too look at Pepper. He sits on one of the tires whilst he wipes the grease of his hands.
Blue also turns around but leans her back against the car instead.
"Larry called. He's got another buyer for the Jackson Pollock in the wings. Do you want it? Yes or no?"
"Is is good representation of his spring period?"
"No. The Springs was actually the neighbourhood in East Hampton where he lived and worked, not 'spring' like the season."
"I think it's a fair example. I think it's incredibly overpriced."
"I need it." Tony states as he stares dreamily into nothing before he grabs hold of Blue's hand, pulling her up too, so they could walk away together. "Buy it. Store it."
"New slogan right there." Blue muttered.
"Okay. The MIT commencement speech..." Pepper started to say before getting interrupted by Tony, who she was now walking behind."
"Is in June. Please, don't harangue me about stuff that's way, way, down..."
"They're haranguing me, so I'm gonna say yes."
Blue walks off as she allowed the two adults talk over one another.
"Deflect it and absorb it. Don't transmit it back to me." Tony picked up a cup of coffee and turns towards to face the redhead with the clipboard.
Pepper opens up the files and holds it open for Tony to see, "I need you to sign this for me please."
"What are you trying to get rid of us for? What, you got plans?"
"As a matter of fact, I do."
"I don't like it when you have plans."
"It's her birthday." Blue called from the other side of the room as she pours some peanuts out of the packet she found on her desk into her mouth.
"It's your birthday?"
"Yes." Pepper told him with a small smile.
"I knew that. Already?" Tony scrunched up his face.
"That what usually happens dad, once every year. Except the Queen of England, she believes she deserves two birthdays. Greedy lady." Joked Blue who shook her head before pouring the packet into her hand but nothing comes out. She squishes the packet into a ball and throws it into the bin that sat by the wall near her.
She scores, and Blue does a small celebration dance with a huge grin plastered on her face.
"It's strange though isn't it?" Pepper continued from Blue's statement, "it's the same day as last year."
"Get yourself something nice from me and Blue."
"I already did. And Blue got me a present already."
"Both presents was very nice."
"Very tasteful. Thank you, Mr Stark."
"You're very welcome, Miss Potts."
"And thank you Miss Stark for you amazing present."
"You're very welcome, Miss Potts." Blue said as she mocked her father's voice.
"What did you get her." Tony asked his daughter.
"None of your business."
"Why can't I know?"
"Maybe if you remembered her birthday then I would have told you but you didn't so that's a you problem," Blue said as she pointed at her dad before pointing at herself when she says," not a me problem."
"Okay." Tony said as he tipped his expresso into his mouth before giving the miniature cup to Pepper, who watches as Tony walks away. "Come on kid!"
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sapphosvioletts · 8 days ago
Natasha Romanoff x Autistic Daughter
Tumblr media
Natasha is left in a bad state after a difficult mission, but thankfully she has someone who's there for her. Although, in a different way than most.
Word count: 1,791
Note: Not every autistic person experiences autism the same. I'm autistic and I am writing from my perspective of how I personally experience autism, but not everyone feels the same as me or has the same perspective as I do.
I happily jump out of my seat on the couch as I hear the sound of the jet nearing the compound. I run down the stairs to the large door with the metal handle that leads to the hangar.
I struggled to pull open to large, heavy door that's made stronger to withhold the strong winds from the many jets and planes coming in and out. I run through the door before it can come back and hit me as it closes. With perfect timing the jet is slowly being parked in it's assigned spot as I watch, standing behind the railway of the stairs.
Once the door opens I run down the set of stairs to meet everyone as they came out. I'm looking for one person in particular though, my mom. It's only been a couple of days but I really missed her. I always do when she's on missions.
After greeting the others as they slugged out of the jet tiredly, bags slung over their shoulders, I bounce on my toes while waiting for the last person. After a minute or two of waiting, still no one else had come out. I frown and slowly start to walk closer to the jet.
I keep my ear out for any noises indicating that someone else is coming out, but there's none. I slowly walk up the stairs to the jet and peek my head in. I notice my moms bags on the seat, but she's not in sight. I look around but dont see her and I start growing more and more anxious.
"Mom?" I nervously call out, but there's no response. My fingers start picking and scratching at my arms, a stim that I tend to do when I'm nervous. I gulp anxiously, the sound of it made all too clear to me in the silence.
After a slow and anxious walk around I still haven't noticed any signs of her. I walk up to the cockpit and my eyes do a double take as I finally spot the bright red hair that I know so well.
I walk further in and find my mom, sitting between the wall and the seat. Her eyes are open but unfocused, staring at nothing. Her face is completely neutral and I don't even know if she's noticed I'm here. "Mama?" I call out again quietly. I can feel it becoming more and more difficult to speak, the anxiety making me become semiverbal.
Her head finally snaps up and she gives me a hard, piercing glare, before her face slowly softens as she realizes who it is. She lets out a breath of relief and I can see her body visibly relax. "Hey honey," she says breathily, giving me a painful smile.
I come closer and sit next to her, being short enough to fit behind the seat as well. I wrap my arms around her waist and lean into her side. She pulls her arm out and wraps it around me, her other arm eventually coming around as well.
She holds me close to her and stuffs her face into my hair. I am slightly shocked when I feel my head become wet, knowing that my mom rarely ever cries. After a couple minutes of comfortable silence I look up at her and quietly ask, "Happened?" Being semiverbal was a bit frustrating at the moment, having so many questions, but all I can make out is a single word.
She sighs and lifts her head up. "It was just a tough mission, that's all. It was successful but... just messed with my head a bit." I hug her tighter at her admission, feeling overwhelmed with love for her and wishing I could make it all better.
Right now I know that she just needs someone to be there for her, and in that moment I silently promised to be the best I can for her. I pull away from her embrace and she looks at me confused. I stand up and hold my arms out to her.
She gets the message and grabs my hands so I can help her stand up. I grab one of her wrists and drag her out of the jet. As we are walking through the hangar she adjusts her grip so she's holding my hand and she squeezes it it gently, looking over at me with a small smile.
I smile back and lead her up to the compound, but instead of taking her to our floor I lead her to the shooting range. I know that this is a way for her to destress, but she hasn't done it in a while, she hasn't needed to. I stop at the door to the range and Natasha look back at me with a thankful smile. She kisses the top of my head, mumbling a "thank you" into my hair before disappearing through the door.
I quickly leave, starting to plan what else to do. I know that she will probably be in there for a while, so in the meantime I try to come up with what other ways I could help her out.
A lot of times our communication with each other is different than "normal". With me being semi verbal at times and other autistic traits, we have a different way of interacting with each other. But honestly, I think we both like it better than the "normal" ways.
Being there for my mom, in our own little way, makes caring for her come natural to me. It's different than the ways that most people show they care, those ways just don't make sense or come naturally to me. I can't give her a heartfelt speech about how great she is, I'm not very good with words even when I'm verbal. Buying her things, giving well written notes, and the many other things, those just aren't how Natasha and I communicate, and that's perfectly okay.
I go outside to my little garden and pick some flowers, her favorites of course. I look around and pick up some decent sized, smooth rocks as well. I bring them all inside and put them on my desk, as well as some paint and brushes.
On the rocks, I start to paint the planets, each rock being a different planet. Natasha loves stargazing, she loves the late nights, when neither of us can fall asleep, that are spent outside on a blanket looking up at the stars. She tells me all of the things she knows about space, including the planets.
It's our little thing that we do together and those nights are some of the best memories I have. I know that my mom cherishes them as well from the way her eyes gloss over when she looks over at me with a genuine smile, and how her normally tense body is relaxed.
After I'm done painting the rocks I leave them out to dry while going to check on my mom. I know that she could spend hours in there without noticing while she's stuck in her thoughts, it happens when she trains after nightmares or engulfs herself in work after being reminded of a bad memory.
I hit the button outside of the door to the range, it lights up a buzzer inside to let the person know someone is there so they don't get spooked while holding a fully armed, deadly weapon.
I rock on my heels as I patiently wait for Natasha to open the door. I know not to open it myself, the last thing I want to do is scare someone while they're shooting. My head snaps up when I hear the door click open. My mom comes into my sight while pulling her ear protectors off and putting them away.
When she meets me in the hallway, I notice that she looks much more relaxed than before, but I can still see that she has a certain dullness in her eyes. "Better?" is all I can get out. She smiles and nods. "Much better."
She follows me to her room and starts pulling out clothes to change in to. Once I catch her eye I point to my room, silently communicating with her to come to my room when she's done. She nods and I leave, closing the door on my way out.
The rocks are done drying by now thankfully, so I lay them all out on my bed with the flowers as well. I pull out my laptop and open it to one of Natasha's's favorite movies. I set my laptop aside when I hear footsteps padding on the wood, heading towards my room.
She pokes her head in before coming all the way in. She stops in her tracks when she sees the rocks spread out in front of her. A wide smiles grows on her face and her eyes tear up. She laughs tearfully and comes over to sit next to me in the bed.
"Are these for me?" She asks happily, and I nod with a smile. She reaches out to pick up the rocks and inspects them. I notice a couple tears fall down her smiling cheeks, but I know it's from a good reason this time.
After she inspects the rocks she looks back at me, and at seeing my smiling face she lunges forward and gives me a hug. "Thank you honey. I don't know what I did to deserve someone as perfect as you, but I'm so thankful for you."
I squeeze her waist before pulling away, both of us smiling. She places all the rocks on my bedside table, lining them up next to each other so she can see all of them. As she's moving the flowers while sniffing them as well, I grab my laptop and settle back against my head board.
I patently wait for her to notice, and when she does she sits back next to me. She grabs my laptop and puts it on her lap instead, pressing play on her favorite movie. She pulls me into her side so I'm leaning against her chest, curled up next to her.
She looks down at me lovingly as I stim with her fingers. Although her favorite movie is on, she can't take her mind off of her daughter. Her daughter who communicates slightly differently, and Natasha loves it. She can't help but think that if she was being looked after in the other usual ways, she might even be feeling more miserable. But her daughter always make her feel better, she loves their little language that they have and can't imagine where she would be if she didn't have the pleasure of knowing that language.
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thewidowsghost · 11 days ago
Shattered - Part 3
Part 1 
Part 2
(Y/n) settles down on her and Wanda's bed as Wanda gets changed in their shared bathroom.
Wanda walks out of the bathroom and (Y/n) smiles shyly.
The witch is wearing a pair of jean shorts, a gray t-shirt, and one of (Y/n)'s flannels.
Wanda, catching (Y/n)'s expression, smiles and sits down beside (Y/n) on the bed.
"Ready?" Wanda asks and (Y/n) nods.
(Y/n) leans over, pressing her lips softly to Wanda's, and Wanda smiles into the kiss. After a minute, (Y/n) pulls back slightly, leaning her forehead against Wanda's.
"You look nice," (Y/n) murmurs, her lips brushing against Wanda's.
"As well as you, lovely," Wanda replies, leaning back to smile tenderly at (Y/n).
(Y/n) glances away, her cheeks a little red. Wanda chuckles and rises to her feet; she goes to help (Y/n) up, but the woman uses her crutches and heaves herself up.
"You're doing so well," Wanda says, embracing (Y/n) lovingly, taking some of (Y/n)'s weight from the crutches.
"Thanks, hun," (Y/n) murmurs, her gaze warm.
"You ready?" Wanda asks.
"Ready as I'll ever be," (Y/n) replies.
Wanda helps (Y/n) into the passenger seat of the car. Wanda drives to the diner the two always went to when they went out to eat.
(Y/n) looks around subconsciously as Wanda helps her out of the car.
Almost immediately, (Y/n) can feel searing gazes on her.
(Y/n) tries to ignore the looks as she and her girlfriend settle down in their usual booth. Wanda sits beside (Y/n) - not across from her girlfriend like normal - and the young Stark rests her head on Wanda's shoulder.
(Y/n) fixes her eyes on the menu - though she got the same thing every time - as to try to drown out the knowledge that so many people were staring at her.
Wanda turns to look down at (Y/n). "You okay?" Wanda asks, despite knowing exactly how (Y/n) is feeling.
Before (Y/n) answer, both young Avengers can hear some man remark, "She's supposed to be saving us, but clearly, she can't even save herself. Stark must be disappointed in his daughter."
(Y/n) swallows thickly, and Wanda hugs (Y/n) tightly to her.
"Can we go?" (Y/n) whispers, and Wanda nods, her eyes flickering to a deep scarlet in her anger.
(Y/n) slides out of the booth, and Wanda holds her hands out to help (Y/n) up, but (Y/n) shrugs off her girlfriend's hands, her eyes cold.
(Y/n) and Wanda walk out of the little diner.
Word Count: 556 words (Rather short, but part 4 is a lot longer)
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talatomaz · 12 days ago
flustered pt.ii | wanda maximoff x fem!reader
a/n: it’s finally here !! and on the first day of pride month as well hehe. i had some trouble rewriting this (mainly the smut), especially after it got deleted the first time around, but i hope it’s okay and y’all enjoy it
thank you @romanottsmaximoff bestie for helping me out with the ending and letting me brainstorm with you <3
summary: y’all have heard of having a crush on your best friend’s mum but what about having a crush on your mum’s best friend?
(feedback/positive comments are appreciated)
requested by anon: “soft mommy!wanda smut with her being your mothers (nats) best friend??? 👀”
warnings: smut - dubcon/kinda dark wanda, mommy kink, strap-on, praise, fingering/oral (r receiving), mentions of punishment, masturbation (both r and wanda), phone sex, voyeurism (kinda but not really)
word count: 3.5k
masterlist | request list | request rules
pt.i | pt.ii
i do not give you permission to repost or translate my fics on any platform - likes/reblogs are okay and are much appreciated
Tumblr media
“Baby, stop it.”
You paused in your tracks before continuing to pace up and down the kitchen, your mind running with worried thoughts.
Only 10 hours had passed since the events of the prior night but it felt like it’d been several days. Your stomach tightened with a mixture of anxiety and stress.
This was not the way you expected to feel after sleeping with Wanda.
You’d always imagined waking up in her arms, beaming at the soft smile that rose to her flushed skin as she hugged you tighter to her.
And, to be fair, you did sort of have that experience a few hours earlier when you awoke but you were still filled with dread. Unable to think about anything but the accidental audio message that you had sent your Mum.
“Honey, relax. It’s going to be fine.”
Wanda soothed as she flipped the bacon strips she was cooking, the sizzling of the meat filling your ears.
Shaking your head, you continued pacing and spoke, “How do you know that? What if she heard it, Wanda?”
“Baby, Tony deleted it. Off everything. Off her phone. Off any back up server. Off her history.”
Wanda reasoned with you, thinking herself successful when she saw your shoulders sag in reluctant relief until she saw you tense again.
“Yeah, I guess. But there’s still a possibility-”
You paused immediately at her stern tone.
The only time she’d used that voice with you was last night. When she’d told you to call her ‘Mommy’. Your thighs involuntarily clenched at the memory which didn’t go unnoticed by the redhead who simply smirked at your obedience before she continued.
“You basically threatened Tony at 4am to have the message erased. It’s gone.”
Throwing the duvet off your legs, you jumped out of the bed and pulled your jeans over your legs, deciding to leave Wanda’s shirt on.
“Sweetie, where are you going?” Wanda asked, her soft tone laced with concern as she watched you move.
“Tony’s. He’s the only one who can delete this.”
Wanda opened her mouth to try and persuade you otherwise but seeing the determined look on your face, she sighed and got out of bed.
Truth be told, Wanda was also terrified of Natasha potentially finding out about what had just happened. After all, she was Nat’s best friend and you were her beloved daughter. Nat certainly wouldn’t appreciate or approve of Wanda fucking her daughter’s brains out.
After reaching Tony’s home, you practically dragged the billionaire out of the bed and into his study. He sat in front of his collection of devices, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.
Before he could open his mouth, you handed him your phone.
“I need you to delete this message. Please.” You added after Wanda nudged you in the stomach with her elbow, reminding you of your manners.
He took the phone from you and stared at the audio message, his fingers begging him to press play but pausing when he saw the desperation in your eyes.
“Ooh, is this something dirty you accidentally sent to Nat?” He smirked, his eyes darkening as glanced between you and Wanda, his mind jumping to the right conclusions.
Grabbing his extended arm that held your phone, you twisted it around his back and pushed his chest against his desk. Shouts of pain fell from his lips and a surprised gasp erupted from Wanda.
“Do not test me, Tony.”
“Fuck. Jeez. Alright, alright. I get it.”
He saw the fury flash in your eyes as you released him from your grip. Rubbing his arm with his hand, he stared up at you,
“You’re as scary as your Mom.”
You reluctantly smirked as he set to work on completely erasing the message, lines of code filling his screens.
“I gotta say though. You threatening him was pretty hot.”
Wanda chuckled, switching off the stove, and turning to face you.
Although a brief smile passed over your face, she still saw you worrying your lip as you frowned.
“Here, baby. Let me help you relax.”
In an instant, Wanda hoisted you up onto the marble kitchen counter that you’d previously been leaning against.
Your arms immediately went around her neck as she pushed up her t-shirt that you were still wearing from the night before.
Once she’d pulled it up over your arms and discarded it on the counter, she started to plant soft kisses down your bare body. She nibbled on the sensitive part of your neck erupting a satisfied moan from your throat as you pulled her face closer to you.
Her kisses slowly travelled further down and your hips jumped when, in a sudden, she wrapped her lips around your nipple and sucked. Your back arched into the feeling, holding the redhead close to you as you basked in the pleasure.
“Fuck, mommy.”
Wanda released your wet nipple with a small pop before kissing the space in between your breasts.
“Shh, baby. Let mommy help you.”
She then sucked the other nipple in her mouth, giving it the same treatment as she’d just given the other. You hissed when she grazed the bud with her teeth before her tongue flicked out to soothe the pain.
Your mind grew cloudy with pleasure as your core throbbed, needing relief. Sensing this, Wanda moved further down. When she reached your thighs, she gently pushed your upper body down flat on the counter. You shivered at how cold it felt against your bare skin before shuddering when Wanda threw your legs over her arms and kissed up your inner thighs.
Your hips rose, trying to get her mouth where you wanted it, but Wanda had other ideas. Her eyes grew red as she swirled tendrils around her fingers. In an instant, you found yourself trapped against the counter, almost as if you were bound by invisible rope. Your pussy clenched when you realised it was Wanda’s powers.
“I want you to relax, my sweet girl. But if you don’t listen, I’ll tie you down for real and edge you until you pass out and stop thinking. Is that what you want?” Wanda said sweetly, her soft tone contrasting with her dark words.
You audibly swallowed as your mind filled with what that scene would look like; your arousal spilling down your thighs. You unconvincingly shook your head making Wanda chuckle darkly as she stared down at you.
“Maybe next time. But for now, relax for mommy.”
Not giving you time to respond, she licked a long stripe up your folds. A loud groan fell from your throat. You could practically feel the grinch-like smirk form on Wanda’s face as she started to eat you out.
She licked, nibbled and sucked; wanting to push your worry aside and instead, occupy your mind with pleasure. Her actions were proving fruitful as she felt you nearing your high.
It was almost embarrassing how quick she was able to bring you to your high. No one had ever been able to make you feel like before. Hell, not even you could make yourself feel this way.
Wanda, unbeknownst to you, was listening to your every thought and tabled that particular anecdote for the near future.
Wanda listened carefully to every moan you released and noted the way your pussy would clench every time she moved her tongue in a certain way. With your legs still over her shoulders, she spread them further and pushed her wet tongue inside you.
Your walls immediately clenched at the intrusion. The feeling weird as it differed to the way it felt when her fingers and her strap had been buried inside you.
You weren’t sure whether it was necessarily a better sensation. But it was definitely different. Good different. It seemed as though her tongue molded to fit you as she pushed it in and out of you.
Still unable to move, you couldn’t do anything but relish in how good she was making you feel, throwing your head back as groans and incoherent curses slipped past your lips.
Wanda, unable to speak since her tongue was currently buried in you, decided to voice her words into your mind using her powers.
“Come for mommy, baby. Show me how good I can make you feel.”
You mewled when she curled her tongue inside you, hitting that sweet spot.
You were full of Wanda.
She consumed your body and your mind.
She thrusted her tongue inside you a few more times before you released your arousal on her tongue and all over her mouth.
She let you ride out your orgasm and only pulled back when you shuddered. She stared up at you, her green eyes sparkling with lust, her mouth glistening in your arousal.
“Good girl.” She murmured, licking her lips.
You slumped on the bed, exhausted at the day’s events.
After Wanda had so graciously given you a release, you hadn’t realised you so desperately sought after, you’d spent the rest of the day running errands and studying for an upcoming exam.
Still laying on the bed, your head propped up when you heard a key jangle in the lock.
“Sweetie, I’m home!”
You jumped up when you heard your Mum’s voice.
You silently begged and prayed to the powers that be for, what appeared to be, the millionth time, hoping that she hadn’t listened to the audio.
Now it was time for the moment of truth.
Would she shout at you?
Berate you?
Hell, throw you out of the house, even?
With your mind preoccupied with endless possibilities, you ended up tripping down the stairs. You quickly got up and brushed yourself off, ignoring how your Mum was staring at you.
Silence filled the air as the two of you stared at each other. A few more moments passed until the redhead in front of you burst out laughing.
You stood there, arms crossed over your chest, annoyed at her finding humour in your clumsiness. But as she continued laughing, a smile formed on your face as you joined her until the two of you were in a fit of giggles, tears falling down your cheeks.
As you laughed, you couldn’t help but be relieved. She still acted like your same old Mum. There definitely wasn’t any way she knew.
“Hi, Mum.” You beamed, hugging her tightly.
“Hi, honey.” She replied, wrapping her arms around you.
After her return, the two of you had decided to have a girls night in and watch some movies and eat popcorn. You’d ended up watching some chick flick that neither of you ended up paying attention to as you both fell into a conversation about nothing in particular.
Well, until Natasha had decided to change the subject, causing you to choke on a piece of popcorn.
“So, were you good for Wanda?”
“What?” You asked, coughing before drinking some coke to wash the food down.
“You texted me after the party saying you were staying with her, remember?” Natasha explained nonchalantly, her face unreadable.
“Oh! Yeah, no, I, um. Yeah, I was good.” You said, mentally slapping yourself for stammering over your words as you remembered just how good you behaved for Wanda the night before.
“Okay, good. Want some more popcorn?” Natasha asked, holding up the more empty bowl.
“Uh, sure.”
You watched as she walked out the room, shaking your head at the way you had reacted.
Get it together, y/n.
“Well, at least now you can definitely relax. If she knew, I’m sure I’d be dead by now.”
“Don’t say that. She wouldn’t have killed you.” You said, whispering into the phone, speaking to Wanda on the other side.
“Baby, she’s an ex-assassin. Of course she’d kill me.” Wanda stated, matter-of-factly.
“Yeah, maybe.” You chuckled lightly. “I’m just so relieved right now.”
“I can imagine. Just next time, remember to turn your phone off.”
“N-next time?” You asked, your cheeks flushing red.
“Oh, princess. You didn’t think this was a one time thing, did you?”
Your pussy throbbed at her sweet but condescending tone.
“No, Wan-Mommy,” you corrected yourself earning a hum of approval from Wanda.
“Good girl. Now, will you do mommy a favour?”
You nodded before speaking, remembering that Wanda couldn’t see you. “Yes, of course.”
“Can you get the dildo from your closet? You know. The pink one.”
Your eyes widened as your mouth dropped.
How the hell did she know you have a toy? And also, how did she know what colour it was and where you’d hidden it?
“Mommy knows everything, detka.” Wanda replied, as if reading your thoughts - wait, was she?
“Now, go listen to mommy otherwise you might make her mad.”
You hurriedly but quietly - so as to not wake your Mum who was down the hall - opened your closet and found the toy Wanda was referring to. Returning back to your bed, you picked up your phone before connecting your airpods to the device, “I got it, mommy.”
“Well done, baby. I’m gonna need you to be quiet for me because Nat can’t know what we’re doing, okay?”
“Mmhmm.” You hummed.
“First, I want you to get comfortable on your bed and take off your clothes for me.”
Obeying her orders, you felt a rush of pleasure in between your thighs in anticipation.
“Done, mommy.”
“Good, baby. I want you to play with yourself a bit. Run your fingers through that sweet pussy of yours. Imagine that they’re mine.”
You sighed softly as you did exactly what she said. You continued to stroke yourself as you felt yourself grow increasingly wet.
“Slip a finger into yourself, detka.” Wanda said sweetly.
You pushed a finger inside your entrance, a moan trapped in your throat. It wasn’t enough to make you come but the feeling caused your need to grow.
“Add another, baby.”
You slipped another finger in, “now, what, mommy?”
“Push them in out and out, sweetie. But don’t come. You’re not allowed to.”
“Mommy-” You started to whine before Wanda shushed you.
“Don’t be a brat. Listen to your mommy. She knows what she’s doing. I want you to be able to make yourself feel as good as I can make you feel.”
So overcome with need, your mind didn’t make the connection that that was a thought you had earlier when Wanda was eating you out on her kitchen counter.
“I’m sorry, mommy.”
“It’s okay, baby. Go on.”
With her permission, you started to thrust your fingers into your pussy. You tried to be quiet but soon, the sounds of your wet pussy started to fill the air as you felt the familiar sensation form in your stomach.
Hearing you were close, Wanda ordered you stop and you reluctantly pulled your fingers out and licked them clean, as per her request. You then followed her next orders and wet the strap with your juices before pushing it into your entrance.
“Keep going for me, princess. You’re being such a good girl for mommy right now.”
You could hear her soft moans coming through the airpods which you’d connected to your phone. Wanda was currently fingering and teasing herself as she got off on telling you how to pleasure yourself.
“Fuck.” The whispered curse fell from your mouth as you buried the cock to the hilt inside you.
“Exactly, detka. Fuck yourself with the toy. Now.”
Not hesitating, you started to ride the cock, pushing it into you at an increasingly bruising pace.
Soon, the sound of the cock slapping into your pussy filled the air, making you clench tight around the silicone toy.
“Mommy, I’m so close. Please.” You begged, tears pricking your eyes.
“Rub that sweet clit for me and keep fucking yourself. Just imagine me standing over you, watching you right now.”
Sure enough, images filled your head as you pictured the scene perfectly.
Your free hand dropped to your clit and you rubbed the bud harshly in a circular motion as you continued to thrust the strap into you.
The coil inside you grew impossibly tight, you were almost certain you wouldn’t be able to hold it, when Wanda said those three magic words.
“Come for me.”
Biting your lip, you threw your head back as you came hard around the strap, your body arching off the bed.
Wanda’s release quickly followed and soon, she was soothing you with sweet words into the phone.
“Shh, you did so good for mommy, detka. Such a good girl for me.” She cooed making you blush furiously.
“Good evening, Wanda. How are you?”
Wanda narrowed her brows at your formal tone but answered just the same.
“I’m well, thank you. How about you, y/n? I trust you’ve been getting on well with your studies?”
Wanda replied, conveying the same levelled tone as you had.
“Of course. She’s a good girl, right, Wanda?” Natasha asked causing Wanda to pause when she was about to take a sip of her wine.
Natasha had invited Wanda over for another dinner and the three of you were currently sitting at the dinner table.
It was almost deja vu; after all, the last dinner the three of you had had, was the catalyst for the beginning of your relationship with Wanda. This was where she’d first teased you and then again in the kitchen, whilst you remained a nervous wreck.
Except this time, both you and Wanda were anxious as you tried to remain as aloof but still friendly with each other as possible, not wanting your mother to catch on or suspect that anything had happened between the two of you.
However, the latter would make certain remarks that would have the two of you panicking, making you second guess yourself about whether Tony had actually completely erased the audio message or not.
Her asking Wanda if you’d been a good girl was an example of that.
“Can you pass the salt, Mom?” You asked, in an attempt to change the subject when you saw Wanda stammering to come up with a suitable answer to Natasha’s question.
“Now which Mom would this be? Me or Wanda?”
Both you and Wanda dropped your forks, the cutlery clattering on your plates as you stared at each other and then at Natasha, her face blank.
“W-What?” You replied, your face heating up as panic rose through you.
Natasha placed her fork on the table and folded her arms over her chest, staring intensely at you.
“I heard the audio that I assume you accidentally sent to me. Well, I heard just enough to realise what was happening and then it suddenly disappeared off my screen. Stark, I presume?”
You cowered under her gaze, wishing for the ground to swallow you whole. Not sure of the right thing to say, you nodded instead.
“How long has this been going on?”
“Just once.” Wanda replied making Natasha turn to face her.
“Well, twice. Technically three times if you count-”
You covered your mouth with your hand to stop yourself from speaking. Wanda stared at you dumbfounded whilst Natasha’s face held a look of amusement.
Natasha’s sigh had both you and Wanda staring up at her, holding your breath as you waited for the repercussions.
“Look, you’re an adult, y/n. I can’t control your life, especially who you sleep with. As much as I wish it wasn’t with my best friend, I know she is a great person. Just no doing it under my roof.” Natasha added making you nod furiously and Wanda exhale a breath of relief.
You were too embarrassed to reply, so you got up, hugged your Mum and grabbed all the dishes, hurrying out of the room with a flushed face.
Dashing into the kitchen, you placed the dirty dishes into the sink and braced yourself against the sink in an attempt to catch your breath and gather your thoughts.
You didn’t know what you’d expected. But it definitely wasn’t that.
Natasha watched as you practically ran out of the dining room and her gaze returned to Wanda.
In an instant, her entire demeanour changed. She tightly gripped Wanda’s arm and stared at her.
“You hurt my little girl and your powers won’t be able to save you from what I will do to you. Understand?”
Wanda was more shocked than anything. She’d known how scary Natasha was but had never had the anger directed at her.
She swallowed hardly and nodded just as furiously as you had done so just a few moments ago, “Y-Yes, Nat. I understand.”
Natasha nodded in acceptance and released her grip on Wanda’s arm. The latter pulled her arm back and rubbed her hand over it, soothing the burn that your mother had caused. They both then faced the open door as you walked back in, unaware of what had just transpired between the two women.
“Everything okay?” You questioned, your brow raised as you saw a suspiciously sweet smile painted on your Mum’s face.
“Yeah, sweetie. Everything’s good. Right, Wanda?”
The redhead in question swallowed hardly and forced a smile to her face, “Yes, all good.”
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supercorpkid · 14 days ago
It’s crossover season – Part 4.
Supercorp, Kara Danvers x Daughter!Reader, Lena Luthor x Daughter!Reader, Iron Man x TeamMate!Reader, Captain America x TeamMate!Reader, Doctor Strange x TeamMate!Reader, Thor x TeamMate!Reader, Black Widow x TeamMate!Reader, Hulk x TeamMate!Reader.
Word count: 2715.
Please check out Part 3 if you haven’t, I think tumblr hid it for some people :( I promise it’s worth it.
You open one eye and look at Wanda sitting next to your bed.
“You should go help.” You say softly, but you cough violently right after.
“The battle is over. After you closed the portal, it got easier. All things considered.” Wanda stands up going to you. “Now go back to sleep, you need to rest. You almost died.”
“Please.” You dismiss her with your hand. “I almost die a lot.”
She chuckles at your response, but you agree with your head, because you are feeling tired anyway, and slowly you let yourself fall back to sleep.
When you wake up again, it doesn’t feel like much time has passed, but Wanda is nowhere to be found. You sit up on the bed, looking around. You get a glimpse of yourself in the window and your eyes widen. Wow, you look a lot worse than how you feel. You look like you’ve been in the middle of an explosion. Oh, wait. Did you really go to outer space? On the list of your life’s bad decisions, this is definitely number one, easy.
“Hey!” You hear, and turn to the door to see Wanda there. “You up. How are you feeling?”
“A lot better than how I’m looking.” You say, making her smile softly at you.
“Stark sent this for you.” She shows you a box of donuts and your mouth drops, almost comically. “He said if you didn’t like donuts, you were probably insane.”
“Well, donuts happen to be my favorite food, so-” You raise your arms, and she gives you the box. “Come on, let’s share.”
You open the box and find a little sticky note there, with a scribbled handwriting
Donuts are for geniuses who save the world - Mr. Playboy
You smile, ripping it off the box and shoving in your pocket. Wanda sits next to you, and you smile at her, before diving in for the food.
“So, is everyone ok?”
“Yeah, pretty beaten down and tired, but we won.” She shrugs, and you agree with your head. It feels good to hear this. We won. You’re a part of it, and she wants to make sure you know that. “Well, we couldn’t possibly have done it without you.”
“Oh please. Mister Thor could have gone to space, or I don’t know, anyone else?” You shuffle in bed uncomfortable. “It’s not like I can actually breathe in outer space.”
“Wait, what?” Wanda’s brows are pinched together at the sound of that. “And you went anyways?”
“Well, we needed to close the portal.”
“Thor could have gone. Do you realize you could have died?” She looks shocked by the revelation and you smile.
“Yeah, but it was either me or millions of people back on Earth.” You shrug, then push her with your shoulder. “Besides, I didn’t, right?”
“You’re a superhero alright.” Wanda says making your smile open wider. That sounds good. Really good. “You know the fight is over, right?” She asks and you agree with your head, mouth full of donuts. “Strange can send you home.”
“Oh.” You look at her, cleaning the corner of your mouth with the back of your hand. “Yeah. That’s great.”
“Wait.” Wanda leaves your room, but comes back a minute later with a polaroid camera. “So I don’t think I’ve imagined you.”
“Oh, you totally did.” You smile, looking at her, sitting in bed next to you. “I’m pretty sure we’re all in a very elaborated dream caused by an imp from the fifth dimension.”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She says, and you shrug, throwing your arm around her shoulder and making a funny face.
“Take two.” You ask and she agrees, taking another one, where the both of you are smiling.
“I don’t mean to interrupt the fun.” Vision appears in your bedroom, coming from a wall, and you jump in bed from the scare.
“Vis! We talked about this. The door is right there!” Wanda points at it, and you laugh.
“Oh come on, if you could phase into a room, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t use a door.” You tell her and Vision agrees with his head.
“It’s not exactly phasing, I’m just manipulating my density so I can become intangible.” He corrects, and you and Wanda look at each other holding a laugh. “Well, I came to offer you my services.”
“How come?”
“You are looking, if you allow me to say-” He asks and you nod so he goes on. “Rather beat up. I was thinking I could use the solar energy on you, to help your recovery.”
“That would be really helpful, in fact.” You say with a smile, and he agrees, getting ready to shoot you with it.
It all happens too fast. One second Vision is shooting you with solar energy, next second a portal is opening up in the bedroom, and the very next Supergirl is throwing herself on him, yelling:
It’s so fast, it takes you a few more seconds to acknowledge the whole scene going on before you.
“Vision, don’t engage.” You ask, standing up. And you look at Wanda. “Wanda, stop her!”
“Stop me?” Kara yells in shock and Wanda quickly separates your momma from Vision with her powers. She involves your momma with it, making it impossible for Kara to move.
“What are you doing?” You ask Kara, who just looks at you so in shock like she doesn’t know what to say.
“He-He was shooting you with a… With that thing on his head!” Kara justifies herself and looks at Wanda on the other side of the room. “And she’s doing whatever this is.”
“He was helping me!” You look at Wanda again, giving her a little nod. “She’s going to put you down if you promise not to engage again.”
“I-I’m-Ugh! Fine!” Kara reluctantly agrees and Wanda puts her down.
“Guys, these are my moms!” You point to Lena and Kara on the other side of the room, and run to them so you can hug them. Kara holds you tight, while staring at the heroes on the other side of the room. “Ok, momma.” You try to get out of her embrace. “Momma, can I hug mom now?”
“Oh. Ok.” Kara finally let’s go, and you move to Lena’s arms. But you see Kara is still in a defensive position, ready to get into a fight at any moment.
“Hey.” You hold her arm. “You can relax now. They’re my friends.”
“No, they’re not. They kidnapped you.” She says without taking her eyes from them.
“We didn’t, actually. She decided to stay for the battle.” Vision corrects her, and you see that Kara is not buying into it.
“What battle?” Lena asks, with furrowed brows.
“Long story! Anyways, you guys are here now.” You look at the device on Lena’s hand. “And that means we can leave.”
“Aren’t you going to say goodbye?” Wanda asks. “To everyone else?”
“Yeah. Let’s go outside.” You guide your moms out of the compound, and look inside with a smile on your face. You know this was your house for less than two days, but still felt pretty good to be here. You press the comm on your ear. “Smart mouth to Mister Playboy.”
“You better have left me some donuts, kid.” You listen coming from your comm, and you smile harder. Well, if donuts are for geniuses who saved the world, he certainly deserves some.
“Come outside.” You ask, and it doesn’t take long for him to show up at the front door. He walks towards you, well-aware of what these two women behind you mean.
“So, you’re leaving.” He says matter-of-factly, and you nod. “Finally.” You smile and roll your eyes. He comes closer and raises his hand at you. You shake it. “We had a good run.”
“We did.” You agree, because he is right. All the bantering, the jokes, him having your back, picking you up while you fell from the sky. It was a pretty good run.
“Ok. I don’t do sentimental.” He says, but still looks at Lena and Kara, nodding like he’s saying hello. “Just make sure she knows that she helped. What she did was very brave, and also somehow very stupid-” He raises his eyebrow at you. “But mostly very brave for someone her age. I’ll be sure to keep in touch whenever I need a little hand here.”
“Maybe with a grown up this time?” Kara says and he waves her off with his hand.
“Nah. I like the kid.” You can see a tiny smile in the corner of his mouth, but he fakes it. So, you hold back your smile too. “Did you guys bring your own portal, or should I call Strange to send you back home?”
Lena shows him their portal, and he agrees with his head.
“Guess you weren’t lying about L Corp.” He says, looking at the logo on the device, and you agree with you head. “Then, expect a bill coming soon.”
“Bye, Mister Playboy.” You wave goodbye and he shuffles pretending to be unbothered by you leaving.
“Bye, smart mouth.”
Lena turns on the device and you’re almost walking through the portal, when you see the rest of the team showing up.
“You forgot to say goodbye to some people.” Stark says and your smile grows wider, looking at everyone in front of you.
Kara looks shocked by the amount of people in the garden, looking sad about you leaving. Her hand goes to your shoulder, protectively and almost scared they’ll take you from her again.
“Hey, kindergarten.” Bucky is the first one to talk. “Thanks for the help out there.”
“Nice work there, kid.” Cap comes forward with his hand raised so you can shake it. You do so. “Thanks for the back-up.” He smiles softly, baby blue eyes turn to your moms, assuring. “Great kid! You should be proud.”
“Forgive me about the kidnapping part.” Strange comes forward and you smile down, while Kara throws a possessive arm around your shoulder, and Lena holds your arm, which makes you smile harder. “She was of great assistance. She fits right in.”
“Superkid, daughter of Kara and Lena, good fight out there. If you're ever in Asgard, come join me for a beer.” Is Thor who talks next.
“Thor, she is a kid.” Banner says, making you, and some other Avengers, laugh.
“Nonsense.” It’s Thor’s answer. “This girl can lift Mjölnir when none of you were worthy enough to do it. For a mighty warrior like her there shouldn’t exist Midgardian rules like such. She can have a beer if she wants to.”
You look up to Lena who discreetly shakes her head in denial to you. You shrug.
“It was nice meeting you, science pal.” Banner says and you smile at that. “Thank you for the lesson about the multiverse.”
“Thank you for the lesson about nuclear physics.”
“Sorry about the gunshot, kid. Nice fight.” Natasha says and you agree with your head. “Your Earth is lucky to have you.”
“Thanks for making fun of Bucky.” Sam fist bumps you and smiles, listening to Bucky mumble something like ‘I made fun of her’. “Oh yeah, and for the fight thing.”
“Here.” Wanda sneaks in something in your pocket and smiles at you. “It’s what you’re thinking.”
“I’ll see you around. Around the grey area, maybe.” You say, hugging her and she hugs you tight for a minute, before letting you go.
“And we’ll survive together.” She agrees with her head, and smiles at you.
“Is that everyone?” Kara asks, looking at you and you agree with your head when you don’t see Vision.
“Excuse me, Superkid. I would like to personally thank you for your help and care towards Wanda.” He appears before you, coming from out of nowhere.
“Vis.” Wanda says, blushing a little.
“I hope we fight together again. It’s always refreshing seeing someone genuinely good in the world.” He says and it’s your time to blush. “I won’t keep talking longer. Your moms must be eager to take you home, as we are to keep you here.”
“She’s going home.” Kara’s firm grip tights around your shoulder.
“Unless she wants to stay.” You hear Stark’s voice and you smile, knowing he is absolutely messing with your moms. “There’s always space in the compound, if she agrees not to break it. And as Strange said, she fits right in.”
“We thank you for your offer.” Lena answers, slowly pulling you and Kara back to the portal. “But we have to go now.”
“Of course. Of course.” Thor says, winking at you. “You obviously can’t stay here, but Asgard waits for you. You call, and I’ll send Bifrost for you.”
“Ok! Well, I don’t know what Bifrost is, but she is not traveling to another planet. Say goodbye now, baby.” Kara asks, squeezing your shoulder and slowly walking backwards.
“Bye ‘the Avengers’! Whenever you guys need a hand, Cape-guy knows where to find me and Thor can send Bifrost! I hope we meet again soon.” You smile, and Kara pulls you into the portal before anyone else says anything.
“Oooof, that was close!” Kara says, after Lena closes the portal behind you, and she looks around to make sure you three are alone. “I actually thought they would keep you right there.” She breathes in relief, when she realizes there’s no reason to worry anymore because you are home. She hugs you tight and Lena joins in the hug too. You three stay there for a few good minutes, until you make motion to move.
“No, no.” Kara says still pulling you in. “We’re still hugging. You’re not going anywhere.”
“Momma.” You look up to her face. “I’m not going anywhere.” You assure her and she lets you go slowly.
“I’m sorry little one, but you made a lot of friends.” She reaches for your cheek, stroking it gently. “And they seem to like you very much. And all of them were so impressed by you that they wanted you to stay.”
“I know!” You beam excitedly. “Even Mister Stark.”
“Yeah!” Kara agrees looking at Lena from the corner of her eyes, and she whispers to your mom. “Who’s Mister Stark?”
“Isn’t he the one that said you did something very brave, but also very stupid?” Lena asks and you open a forced smile at them. They raise their eyebrows at you.
“I may have gone to outer space and kicked off a bomb that would close the connection between the worlds, and I almost died while doing so.” You say with the same forced smile, while they realize what you just said.
“You may have or you did?” Lena raises an eyebrow at you.
“I may have did.” You shrug. “But I didn’t die!”
“You don’t say.” Lena pulls you in for a hug again, kissing your forehead. “Is there a way for you and your momma to save the world without putting yourselves in dying conditions?”
“No.” You and Kara say at the same time, earning a sigh from Lena.
“I’m sorry for making you guys worried. They needed help in this battle and I, well, I helped. And also, Mister Strange said he left a card?” You ask and they agree with their heads.
“It could’ve been more direct, though.” Lena says and she and Kara exchange a look. “But he did leave the directions, at least.”
“So, tell us everything. About everyone. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures.” Kara asks excitedly and you smile feeling the same way.
“Sure. But can it be over pizza?” You raise an eyebrow at them, and they agree with their heads.
You look down to what’s in your pocket, and you pick it up to look at the picture of you and Wanda making funny faces. Next to it a sticky note signed by Mister Playboy himself. You can’t help a wide smile that comes to your lips. Good. It wasn't a very elaborated induced dream from an imp of the fifth dimension. It was real. All of that. The fight, the jokes, the friends. Everything was real.
“Ready, kid?” Kara asks and you put both items back in your pocket.
“I am now.”
Thanks @oncemoonie for the prompt, I loved mixing my two passions and I hope you guys liked it too!
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sapphosvioletts · 15 days ago
Natasha and Bucky x Autistic Teen Daughter
Tumblr media
Summary: Natasha and Bucky, who were sent to interrogate a girl but ended up taking her in as their own, loved their daughter and would protect her with their lives, even if that's only from ignorant people - When they have to attend a dinner with some new agents and the agents are being ignorant about autistic people, Bucky and Nat stand up for their daughter. When one of the agents just can't seem to stay out of their business, she goes to their daughters room and tries to talk to her, resulting in her having a meltdown. Natasha and Bucky are good parents basically
Word count: 3,464
Warnings: Ableism, meltdown/description of meltdown, infantilization of autistic people, and potentially offensive language.
Note: Not every autistic person experiences autism the same. I'm autistic and I am writing from my perspective of how I personally experience autism, but not everyone feels the same as me or has the same perspective as I do.
Side note - With the sia movie, autism awareness month, and just stuff in general (especially on twitter) i've gotten pretty fed up over the past little while with neurotypicals thinking they know everything, so that's how this fic came to be. It's annoying seeing so many people that think they are being nice and sweet to autistic people, but really just infantilize and ignore what they actually say. It feels like no one listens to us, instead they get their info from other neurotypicals and organizations like autism speaks that only harm autistic people.
This can be read as Bucky and Nat being in a romantic relationship or not. I didn't write this with the intention of having them date, but you can interpret it however you want.
I'm currently at my desk, working on some school work that I need to finish up for the week. It's a Friday evening and usually I have my work done by now, but I accidentally got a little off track this week so now I need to make up the work. The little slip in my schedule has stressed me out all week, despite the work not even being due until Sunday night.
To others it might not seem like a big deal, but I rely so heavily on schedules and consistency, so being thrown off even by just a couple assignments has made me really anxious and just put my whole mood off.
Natasha and Bucky, who immediately took me under their wing as their own, understand my need for schedules thankfully. They know because of it I've been anxious and just not feeling well these past couple of days, so they've tried their best to help me out in whatever little ways that they can, like making a list of what I need to do so it makes the tasks seem less overwhelming for example.
However, they couldn't cancel the dinner with a couple of new Shield agents this evening. They feel terrible, knowing I'm already on the verge of a shutdown any moment by now and didn't want to have my schedule messed up any more than it already was. But Fury made the decision that they are having dinner at the compound, and Natasha and Bucky couldn't get out of it.
From the living room and dining room, there are a set of stairs that lead up to the next floor, which is where my room is. The other Avengers have their own floors that connect to the living room as well, some even share a floor. Bucky and Natasha felt more comfortable being the closest to the living room and kitchen so if they had a nightmare they could come down without waking anyone. I also like it because I love to garden, and my little garden is visible right outside of my window, so it's perfect for me.
I love living on this floor, except for when there's a lot of people over because sometimes I can hear them from my room. Especially when I am already overwhelmed, the loud voices, clinking of silverware, loud TV, and chairs being scraped across the floor; they are all too much.
I jump when I hear the loud knock on the front door, and a loud greeting from Steve to the Shield agent. I close my eyes and put my hands over my ears while I lean my elbows on my desk, trying to block out the noises while I calm down. I just focus on my breathing for a while until I feel slightly better.
I pull out my phone and turn on some music to drown out some of the noise as I continue with my work. I end up getting sucked into my work, almost like the world had disappeared around me for a second, and before I knew it was finished. Granted, it didn't take very long as there wasn't much to do. I sigh and lean back in my chair, stretching my back.
I jump when there's a soft knock on my door. I tell them to come in, knowing it has to be either Natasha or Bucky with how gentle the knock was. Natasha pops her head in and I turn around in my chair to look at her. She comes all the way in and quietly closes the door.
"Here, I thought I'd bring you some food because you haven't had dinner yet." I smile at her thoughtfulness. She places the plate on my desk and kisses the top of my head. Her hand runs through my hair as she peers over at my desk. "You finished?" I happily nod. She smiles brightly at me and gives me a hug from behind.
"I'm proud of you bubs! I know how hard it was on you with your schedule changing, but you did such a good job." I smile even wider and my cheeks flush at her praise. I lean into her arms and wrap mine around her forearms. "How's dinner?" I ask, not moving from her warm embrace.
"You know, the usual Steve kindness, Tony's sarcasm and snark, Sam borderline between making fun of them and being the nice therapist." I laugh, kind of feeling bad for the new agents. "Well I should get back down, text me if you need anything. Love you." She kisses my forehead and starts to walk away. "Love you too"
Natasha walks back downstairs and takes her seat next to Bucky. "She good?" He asks, hushed. "Yep. She finished her work already." Bucky smiles and nods, both of them going back to their plates of food
Eventually the topic turned to family somehow, and everyone was going around talking about their families. "Do you have any kids Natasha? Or any plans in the future for them?" An agent asks Natasha. Nat hides her scoff, tired of people always assuming women will have kids or want to have kids in the future.
"Yes actually, she's 15." Natasha says kindly. The agents all smile and some urge her to go on about her, asking questions. "Well, she was being experimented on by an organization, and Steve found her when he broke into the base. He took her back to Shield and I was sent in to interrogate her, not knowing anything about her beforehand. After I found out she was only 14, Bucky and I decided to take her in instead of handing her off to CPS."
Natasha was usually more than happy to talk about her daughter, loving to brag to others about how great she is, but she doesn't know these new agents very well and doesn't want to give out too much information. "Oh! I think I read that case file when I was studying to become an agent. It's really sweet you guys would take her in, with her special needs and all."
Bucky and Natasha looked at each other, both internally sighing at the agents words. Their daughter has told them all about the misconceptions and harm that is caused by people thinking they are being nice, but really aren't. They both listened to their daughter, educated themselves, as well as read all of the ressources that their daughter has shown them herself, resources from other autistic people, not neurotypicals speaking for autistic people.
Before Natasha or Bucky could even speak, the other agents started speaking up. "She's special needs? That must be really difficult for you guys, it was really nice if you to take her in!" There's a chorus and coos of different variations of that. Natasha and Bucky are stunned for a moment by all of the agents speaking, but they quickly sober up.
Bucky and Natasha silently communicated that he could take this one, so he raises his hand to quite everyone before speaking up. "She actually prefers if you'd just say disabled instead of special needs, most disabled people do actually. It's not offensive to say disabled. And her being autistic doesn't make us 'sweet' or 'kind' for taking her in. We took her in because we love her and we knew after meeting her that we felt something with her."
The agents all look a little confused, not knowing where Bucky is going with this. Sam is smirking out of the corner of his mouth, content to see the agents getting scolded for their words. "But taking care of a child with autism is a lot of work, my sister works with kids with autism, and other special needs kids, and they can be a handful. I would think that you would be appreciative for the recognition of what you guys go through to deal with a child with autism."
This time Natasha speaks up, her eyes holding a piercing glare. "We don't 'deal' with her, and we don't need recognition for being a parent. We don't 'go through' anything, it isn't a big deal. Just because you know someone who works with autistic children doesn't mean you know what it's like to actually be autistic, or the parent of an autistic kid. If your sister is complaining about it being too difficult, maybe she should educate herself more so she can be better at her job."
The agents are stunned into silence. Natasha is smirking, more than happy to go off on ignorant people. "I bet if she understood how the kids brains work she would know that they aren't having a meltdown or being difficult for no reason, and she could actually be a helpful and responsible adult in charge and help to make accommodations for the child." The agent is about the speak but Bucky cuts her off.
"And again with the special needs, I thought I just told you not to say that. Everyone has 'special needs' it's what makes us individuals with our own feelings and personalities. It's just that because they are autistic you have a different view of their needs. Because you want them to act like neurotypicals so bad, you think it's inconvenient to accommodate them. But really if a neurotypical kid asked for the same exact thing, you would be more than happy to provide it." Bucky rants.
Natasha picks it up again now. "Our daughter is not difficult or something that we have to 'deal' with. When you actually listen to autistic people, it's really easy to know what they need. Our daughter is not a burden, and her being autistic only makes us love her even more. Because that's who she is, and her autistic traits are beautiful and we wouldn't change them for the world. What we would change, is how ignorant people can be."
Natasha huffs and sits back down in her chair. Bucky rubs her back comfortingly to calm her down, despite him being quite angry himself. Everyone is stunned into silence, until Sam speaks up. "It really isn't that hard to just listen to autistic people you know. I know that you think you're being nice, but by cooing at the parents of autistic people for being so 'sweet' and trying to make it seem like you're being understanding by saying you get how difficult they can be, all you're really doing is infantilizing them. And it's wrong." Natasha and Bucky both smile at Sam, silently thanking him.
Steve breaks the tension filled silence by trying to change the topic. Bucky and Nat let out a sigh of relief once they had moved on, not liking the tension but more than willing to keep telling them off if necessary. A couple minutes later it's like nothing even happened, but Nat and Bucky really hoped they at least gave them something to think about.
When it's time for dessert Bucky fills an extra plate for his daughter, the desserts being some of her favorites. He puts on a little bit of everything that's chocolate, already knowing his daughter will devour anything chocolate. "Who's the extra plate for?" One of the agents asks. For some reason these damn agents just can't keep out of everyone else's business.
"My daughter." Is all Bucky says before walking away and up the stairs. As predicted, his daughter squealed happily once seeing the chocolate mountain and hugged him tightly. Her excitement and happiness calmed him down from the confrontation earlier. He stared at her lovingly, absolutely loving to see her happy.
He gave her a kiss on the top of her head, laughing as she shoves a brownie in her mouth. He reluctantly left his daughter, wanting nothing more than to just stay with her. Maybe even stuff brownies in his mouth and brag about how he many he could fit while listening to her contagious laughter.
When he sat back down at the table one of the agents was missing, the one with the sister. He didn't think much of it, assuming she had maybe just gone to the bathroom.
I watch a TV show on my laptop, propped up in front of me on my desk while I boredly doodle on a scrap piece of paper. I dont hear the knock on my door over the sound of my laptop, but when there's a second, more forceful knock I jump in surprise. It can't be Natasha or Bucky, they wouldn't knock like that. I pause my laptop so I could be more alert.
I feel my throat close up as I anxiously look around at the door. Then the door opens and some unknown woman peeks her head in. "Ah, I knew you were in here, I heard the noise." She just steps in and closed the door behind her, casually strolling into my room and sitting on my bed like it's completely normal.
I don't know who this woman is and now she is just invading my space? All of my personal things and comfort items are in here, this is the one place that I feel comfortable. I'm too anxious and shocked to speak, I only stare at her.
"Hey! My name is agent Smith, and I just wanted to say that I'm super supportive of your autism, and I'm glad you found a family to take you in and take care of all your needs." She talks very condescending to me, like she thinks she's being nice and considerate, but she's really just being extremely disrespectful.
"My sister works with kids like you, you know. I've heard a lot about kids like you." She smiles at me and I pull my knees up to my chest, curling up into a ball on my chair, not liking the woman. "Oh, is this yours? It's so pretty, you're such a good artist!" She stands up and picks up my doodle.
I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. How old does she think I am? She's treating me like i'm five, but unfortunately I'm too anxious to speak to say anything about it. "You know, I'm sure the others would like to meet you, they're all just downstairs."
I feel tears come to my eyes. I feel so helpless, I can't speak, I don't have a say in anything right now, I don't know who this woman is, and she is treating me like I'm a child who doesn't understand anything. I just want her to leave and get out of my room, but I can't even say anything.
"The kids my sister works with don't like to hang out or meet new people either. But the most important thing is that we slowly adapt them to it, teach them that they don't have to be alone and they are more capable of doing things than they think." I am so beyond frustrated at this woman. We aren't an animal being introduced to a new home, our brains just work differently, we don't just slowly adapt to things. We put up with those things because neurotypicals force us too, not caring about the harm it actually does to us.
And who is she to say that I'm more capable than I realize? I know my own capabilities, and they are sure as hell more than what she assumes I can do.
I'm frozen to my seat for a second, before my instincts kick in and I bolt out of my chair. I run to Natasha's room and lock the door behind me. I run around to the opposite side of the room and hide between her bed and bedside table. I stuff my face in my knees and sob, feeling so overwhelmed but also numb at the same time. A meltdown was a long time coming given the past couple of days, and given that I've already been on edge, that woman only made it even worse.
I don't know how long I'm sat in the small space, crying while rocking back and forth, not even knowing what I'm feeling but not liking it. It's a feeling that I can't explain to anyone else, I am so overwhelmed but under stimulated at the same time, it's like my body is too still and calm for the emotions that I am feeling inside. This causes me to scratch at my body, trying to find some sensory stimulation.
Eventually, I hear Natasha and Bucky calling out my name down the hall. The door handle to Natasha's room jiggles and she realizes that it's locked. They both give each other worried glances before Natasha quickly picks the lock. When she opens the door she takes note of the sniffles and quietly searches around her room.
When she spots me she waves Bucky over silently. She kneels in front of me and slowly puts her hands out for me. "Honey, it's just me, Natasha. Everyone has left now, it's just me, you, and Bucky in the room right now." She speaks softly, not wanting to overwhelm me.
I hesitantly look up and meet her green eyes. I then look at her hands and without thinking I pull mine out and slot them into hers. She smiles gently at me. "Can I sit closer to you?" I nod in response. She comes closer and sits in front of me, leaving a little bit of space for Bucky to join as well.
Bucky sits next to her and keeps quiet. He hands me a fidget toy and after a second of staring at it I grab it from him. After a minute of two of comfortable silence, just me fidgeting with the toy while trying to calm down, Natasha finally speaks up again. "Can I ask you some yes or no questions? Just shake your head head yes or no?" I nod, indicating to continue.
"Are you nonverbal?" I nod. "Okay, that's perfectly okay honey. Did something happen earlier?" Another nod. "Do you feel that you need to tell us what happened right now, or later? Shake you head yes if you want to tell us now, and shake no for later." I shake my head no. "Okay bubs, that's alright. I'm almost done just two more questions. Do you want to get in bed?" I nod my head yes and she smiles. "Good, last question. Do you want to be touched?" I nod again, wanting their comfort and the pleasant pressure.
"Alright, thank you honey." She squeezes my hand softly and stands up, Bucky following. I use her hands to help me stand up and she leads me to sit on her bed. "Do you want me to get your blankets?" I nod my head, so she kisses the top of my head and leaves to go grab them from my room.
I then hold my arms out to Bucky, wanting his strong, comforting hugs. He smiles and sits on the bed next to me, wrapping me in his arms. He pulls me into his lap and somehow maneuvers himself so he's leaning back against the headboard with me in his lap. He rocks us side to side, aware of how much I love the motion.
By now my sobs have turned into silent tears and sniffles here and there. I feel better, but still nonverbal and tired. Natasha comes back and closes her door behind her. She joins us on the bed and tucks the blanket around me. I contently snuggle into Bucky and the blankets.
Natasha hands me the remote to the TV in her room. I take it and start scrolling through netflix to find something to watch. I eventually settle on One Day at a Time and turn the volume down for my sensitive ears, as well as turning on the captions.
I shift off of Bucky's lap and instead settle in between the two. I lean my head on Natasha's chest and snuggle into my blanket. My hand find it's way to Bucky's metal arm and he happily lets me bring his hand over into my lap so I can fidget with it.
I love stimming with his metal hand and just feeling the plates move, it's really relaxing to me. I play with his fingers as my attention is given to the TV, bending and straightening them or running my fingers over his metal ones.
I feel warm and content in the arms of my two parents. The love that they have for me almost radiates off of them, and I can't help but feel so unbelievably happy and appreciative to have them in my life. Even in little moments of only watching TV and cuddling, they manage to make me feel like the most loved person in the world.
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sapphosvioletts · 18 days ago
Natasha x Autistic Teen
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Natasha's daughter has a special interest of flowers and even though others might find special interests weird, Nat absolutely loves hearing about her daughters special interests and indulges in them happily. - Or, three scenarios of Natasha and her daughter indulging in her special interest together.
Word count: 1,301
Note: Not every autistic person experiences autism the same. I'm autistic and I am writing from my perspective of how I personally experience autism, but not everyone feels the same as me or has the same perspective as I do.
An amazing thing about being autistic, is the special interests and hyperfixations. Although some may find it weird or unusual, Nat doesn't. In fact, she loves when I tell her all about my special interests, she lets me ramble on for as long as I want about them, a loving smile on her lips the whole time.
"Are those the trees from the lorax?" Natasha asks from behind me, peaking over my shoulder to find me looking at pictures of Alliums on my phone. I laugh and shake my head at her. "No, they're Alliums. You have a good point though, they do look like them." We both laugh and she plops down on the couch next to me.
Flowers are a special interest of mine, and sometimes I get in little phases where I research everything about them, as there's always more to learn even when you think you know all of it.
"You know, there's a farmers market going on today and I'm sure they'll have flowers there, do you want to go?" I nod excitedly and bounce in my seat with a smile, which makes her smile in return. "Go get dressed then!" She nudges me off the couch jokingly.
I run up to my room and quickly get changed, running back down in record time to meet Natasha by the door. We head to her car with me barely being to contain my excitement. Natasha only looks at me lovingly, absolutely adoring my happy stims.
After a 15 minute drive from the compound, Nat parks on the side of the street. I can see the stands already and I become even more excited than before.
I hold onto Nat's hand, not liking public spaces that much. Being around other people makes me anxious, and under any other circumstances I probably would have been shaking with anxiety, but I think my excitement somehow overpowered my nervousness at the moment.
We walked around for a bit before finally coming upon a flower stand. I bounce on my toes happily and let out a tiny sqeal. Natasha grins and wraps her arms around my shoulder, pulling me into her side. I wrap my arm around her waist and lean into her.
We slowly walk around the stand, both of us staring in amazement at the flowers. After a walk around the full stand, we walk around again, this time actually looking out for some flowers to buy. Natasha grabs a huge sunflower and smacks me with it. I bat it away while both of us are overcome with contagious laughter.
She decides to keep the sunflower for herself, ending up actually wanting it. I find some tulips and pick up a bouquet of those, knowing they probably won't stay alive much longer out of the ground but loving them anyways.
By the time we were done and walking back to the car, I ended up with an armful of all sorts of flowers, Iris's, Snapdragons, Marigolds, Zinnias, and Tulips. I can't help the large grin that comes to my face while I look down at the flowers in my arms as we weave through the people at the farmers market.
Unbeknownst to me, Natasha took a picture of me happily looking down at my armful of flowers. She mentally noted to set it as her home screen on her phone. She followed behind me, with a hand on my back to let me know she was still there. She barely took her eyes off of me, loving to see her daughter so happy and content.
Her eyes almost glazed over with tears when I look up at her with a smile, happily thanking her for the flowers. Her heart was so full of love that she didn't know she could hold for someone.
.oOo. .oOo. .oOo. .oOo.
I look down at the school work on my desk disapprovingly. I hated it, there are so many other things I would rather be doing right now! And I don't even know where to start, it all just seems so overwhelming. When tears come to my eyes, there's a soft knock at my bedroom door.
The door cracks open and Nat pops her head in. "Hey honey, can I come in?" I wipe my tears with my sleeve and nod. When she walks fully in, I notice the pot of flowers that she has in her hand. I smile and get up from my chair to meet her.
I look up at her, thanking her profusely. She hands them to me with a smile. "No need to thank me. I saw you were pretty stressed out, and I thought this might make you feel a little better, if only for a couple minutes." I put the pot of flowers on my desk and turn back around to face Nat.
I wrap my arms around her waist and she immediately hugs me back, holding me tightly. Her kind gesture only made me cry harder, except for a good reason this time. She looks down and wipes my tears with the pad of her thumb, cooing softly at me.
"Oh honey, don't cry." She says in the most gentle voice that is only reserved for me. I practically melt into her arms at her words, never taking advantage of that gentle tone, feeling so loved and appreciated when she talks like that.
"I love you Nat." She smiles as she rocks us side to side. "I love you too, more than you could ever know. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love seeing you happy, and I don't care how many flowers it takes, just as long as I get to see that perfect smile of yours."
.oOo. .oOo. .oOo. .oOo.
"Honey! Come downstairs!" I hear Nat call out for me from the kitchen. I get up out of my bed and walk down the stairs, curious as to why she's calling me.
When I get downstairs I gasp in surprise, but quickly run over to Nat, who's standing behind the kitchen island. There's an abundance of picked flowers on the counter, still somewhat clumped together as they had most likely just been poured out of a bag or basket.
"I figured I'd bring you some flowers to press while I was out on my run. I may have gotten a bit carried away, but I didn't think you'd mind." She laughed at herself and shook her head. I smiles and bounced on my toes, my eyes squeezing shut tight for a moment, a happy stim of mine. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I jumped into her arms and she held onto me tightly.
We both brought all of the flowers and some parchment paper up to my room and gathered a couple of heavy books. Natasha sat on my bed and only watched as I put the parchment paper over the book page and carefully arranged flowers on the paper before gently closing the heavy book and putting it aside.
It was like I was in my own little world, where nothing else mattered except for the things in my room. And Natasha couldn't help but be pulled into my calming headspace as well, finding that watching me was therapeutic and relaxing.
She tucked a small, pink flower into my braided hair and smiled. When I noticed what she had done I laughed, but did not remove it. I picked out an orange flower and put it behind Nat's ear, both of us giggling like children. If Natasha had told herself years ago that she would be playing with flowers with a daughter, letting her put them in her hair, she'd thought they were crazy. But here she is, and she wouldn't give it up for the world.
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lazydoodlesandfanfic · 19 days ago
Fair Punishment (Tony Stark & Natasha Romanoff X Daughter!Reader)
Characters: Tony Stark & Natasha Romanoff X Daughter!Reader
Universe: Marvel, Avengers
Warnings: Mention of underage drinking, car crash and injuries
Request: Tony and Natasha's daughter gets really drunk at a party and ends up in an a car accident. Tony is furious at first but Natasha calms him down. She gets grounded by tony and is pissed at him. But in the end they make up. Some angsts and parent fluff.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your current situation hardly felt fair. You felt like crap, your head bounding and your body aching and yet you found yourself stuck in your bedroom, grounded by your dear old father. He’d been so hung up on the fact that you went to a party and gotten drunk that he must have missed the memo saying you’d also got into a car accident. 
You could hear your parents arguing down the hall, mostly your mom giving an ear full to your dad, calling him an idiot. At least you had your mom on your side. However, you could also hear your dad standing by his decision. Looks like you weren’t getting out of your grounding. 
The night prior was still foggy. It had been the first big party you’d ever attended, and most of your friends were going to it as well, and so you had already decided you wanted to go. You had actually told your parents about the party, but they had both said no, but gave no real reason as to why. The kid hosting it wasn’t a bad kid, just popular. You found it rather hypocritical since just days prior to asking, your dad had actually hosted a huge party and dragged you to it as well despite you knowing no one there but the other Avengers.
The party itself had been amazing. You’d had the time of your life, dancing and singing with your friends, partaking in games, making new friends… You wish you hadn’t drank so much just so you could remember more of it. You stayed there until 1 in the morning, and then you went with your friends to get dropped off. However, unknown to you or any of the other passengers, your designated driver had lied about not drinking, hadn’t paid attention while driving, and got you T boned. You remembered singing and talking with your friends in the car about some new crushes found at the party, before you heard a car breaking, the flash of headlights in the corner of your sight, and then darkness. 
You’d woken up in the hospital, your parents already by your side. Your mom was quick to assure you that you were fine- luckily no broken bones, only cuts and bruises and a concussion, and your friends were alive and fine, the most they had were broken bones. Your dad? Immediately he made it aware that he was furious with you. Because of your minimal injuries, you were quickly discharged, and grounded. You’d been sulking ever since. 
You were stuck in bed, still recovering, and since your dad had also took your phone, you couldn’t talk to your friends or really entertain yourself other than any shows on the television. You understood why your dad was upset- you’d lied to him and snuck out, meaning he didn’t know where you were or what you were doing, but since you could hear your parents arguing, you also heard your mom’s reasoning, pointing out how at the end of the day you were a teenager, and how it was normal for you to want to go to parties and hang out with friends and do things that are cool. She also pointed out how you’d be responsible in some sense- having a designated driver to get you there and back safely, even if that didn’t pan out since your driver had been irresponsible, and that wasn’t your fault. As you heard them fighting, you mentally were cheering your mom on, going ‘yeah! hear that dad? Mom get’s me!’. 
After a while they grew quieter, meaning you couldn’t hear them and you guessed they had moved away or finished arguing. You were starting to wonder how the other Avengers would react to the news of what happened. Uncle Steve would probably calmly scold you for drinking underage, but be fair and kind. Uncle Clint would probably poke your bruises asking if it hurt and make fun of you for weeks to come. Thor would probably congratulate you on getting drunk and offer gifts as you healed. Bruce would probably check you over often due to your concussion and maybe warn on the effects of excessive drinking but other than that keep his opinions to himself. You honestly expected the roles being played right now to be reversed; for Tony, your father, to be fine with you going out partying and having fun, and your Natasha, your mother, do be furious.
You heard a knock on the door, and you paused your show, looking at the door as it opened. You were expecting your mother, or maybe another Avenger, but instead it was your dad. You sighed, turning and looking away at him. “Come on Y/N, don’t be like that.” He sighed as well, coming and sitting on the edge of your bed. 
“I’ve just been in a car accident and you decided to ground me.” You grumbled.
“You wouldn’t have gotten into that car accident if you’d not gone to that party and gotten drunk.” 
“You say that you've never done something like this! You’ve never snuck out to go hang out with friends or go to a party? Never gone somewhere without telling your parents? And so what if I’d been drinking, I wasn’t the one driving!” You snapped, turning to face him as you yelled. “You’re such a hypocrite! All I wanted was to have fun with my friends, I’m 16! It was more fun than any of those parties you drag me to anyway!” You crossed your arms, slumping in bed. Your dad didn’t look impressed with your little outburst, but he didn’t snap back. 
“...What happened at the party?” He asked you. 
“What?” You asked, not sure what he meant. 
“Who was there? What did you get up to?” He asked you. It felt like a total turn around, so you felt a bit weird, but answered him begrudgingly. 
“...Almost all my friends were there… There were also a lot of people from my school as well as some from another school… There wasn't really anyone older than us from what I remember. I think maybe the oldest was some people’s older siblings who are in college… I played beer pong and mario kart.” 
“Mario kart?” 
“Yeah. Whoever came last had to do a shot. I only lost once out of 12 rounds.” You shrugged it off. Tony cracked a little smile. 
“What about beer pong?” 
“That’s why I got drunk.” You answered, this time your response making him chuckle. You cracked a little smile yourself, letting yourself relax, though soon an awkward silence fell over you both. Do you apologise? Stand your ground? Tell him more about the party? 
“You’re still grounded, Y/N. Accident or not, you shouldn’t have snuck out by yourself without telling anyone. You’re a Stark and a Romanoff, the daughter of the best assassin in the world and a billionaire, and we’re also Avengers. Someone could have come and taken you or targetted you, and no one would have known until we woke up and found you missing, which would have been hours later.” He told you. You huffed, but nodded. “So… next time you want to go to a party, tell me or your mom or whoever, and we’ll drive you there and pick you up. You can even go in whatever car you want to make a dramatic entrance, because at least I know then you’re safe. Hell, you can even host your own parties if you want.” He offered. 
“Really?” You asked in clear disbelief. Tony nodded. “Thank you.” 
“Don’t worry about it. Now get some rest, I imagine it won’t be long until Legolas is down here making fun of you and Steve is scolding you for underage drinking.” Tony told you, kissing your head before he left your bedroom. 
Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in! 
*Not my gif
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lqvenat · 19 days ago
good 4 you || s.r.
pairing: steve rogers x daughter!reader
a/n: this is based on the song good 4 you by olivia rodrigo. set after the falcon and the winter solider. and english isn’t my first language so i’m sorry if there are any spelling mistakes.
sour masterlist
Tumblr media
Maybe I'm too emotional
But your apathy's like a wound in salt
Maybe I'm too emotional
Or maybe you never cared at all
when steve rogers went back in time to live a life with the love of his life, peggy carter. he didn’t just left his friends and co-workers behind, no, he left his daughter y/n rogers too.
as time went by everyone slowly got used to the super soldier not being there, but not y/n. she wasn‘t alone, she still had sam, bucky, peter and wanda but it was never the same.
she still couldn’t believe that her dad, the person who is supposed to love her endlessly and shouldn’t even consider leaving her, just left. and he didn’t only left her, he left bucky, someone who he gave up the avengers for, too.
if you asked y/n two years ago if she hated her dad she would’ve looked at you with wide eyes and immediately say no. now she isn’t so sure.
y/n always believed that hate is a strong word that she only felt for hydra, and sometimes even for peter because he always ate her donuts but that was it.
but now, she felt like she hated her dad for what he did. but no matter how hard she tried she really couldn’t hate him, and that was something she really hated.
Maybe I'm too emotional
Your apathy is like a wound in salt
Maybe I'm too emotional
Or maybe you never cared at all
y/n was sitting on the couch next to peter right now. they didn’t speak, neither did they watch tv. they just sat there in silence.
after her dad had sex with her mom, he left. it was just supposed to be a one-night stand. he would’ve never expected for the woman to become pregnant with his child.
when y/n was 5 years old, her mother became sick, really sick. 6 months later, her mom died and her aunt took her in, until she had enough and told y/n that she was going to meet her dad.
and that’s how she met her father.
she never felt like she had a family apart from her dad, her aunt died when she was 7, until her dad allowed her to join the avengers. where she got trained by natasha romanoff.
for y/n natasha romanoff was the mother she never had and for natasha was y/n the daughter she never thought she could have.
after the civil war happened, where she met peter whom she became friends with quickly, her dad thought it was for the better if she stays with tony and pepper.
and then she had to go to space with tony, peter, a wizard named dr.strange and the guardians of the galaxy. then she got blipped along with peter, dr.strange, peter quill, drax and mantis.
5 years later she came back with the others and immediately had to fight against thanos’ army. she already reunited with her dad and tony and was now searching for nat.
she saw clint from afar and ran towards him while fighting these aliens. “clint!” she yelled once she got close enough. clint turned to her. “clint, where’s nat?” y/n asked him.
he didn’t answer, just looked at her tear-eyed. and in that moment, she felt like someone ripped her heart out of her chest and stomped on it. “no…” she whispered in disbelief and took a step back, tears filling her eyes.
and then tony did the snap. she wasn’t near him when it happened, and just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did.
Well, good for you, you look happy and healthy
Not me, if you ever cared to ask
steve was supposed to bring back the infinity stones and then come back. and he did. but not in the way she expected him too.
on the bench in front of y/n, bucky, sam and bruce sat her father, but an older version of him. y/n knew that peggy carter was in the same place steve had to go but didn’t think any of it.
y/n felt tears welling up in her eyes. “did he-" she couldn’t end the sentence, she didn’t want to. she didn’t want for it to be true. bucky looked at her sadly. “yeah.”
she nodded and without speaking to her dad, even if this could be the last time they speak to each other, she went to cabin where pepper, morgan used to live
pepper was nice enough to let y/n, sam, steve and bucky live there. when she arrived at the cabin she saw peter sitting on the stairs. he stood up when he saw her.
he looked at his best friend who once looked so happy that it was hard to imagine her ever being sad, but all he saw were the tears in her eyes.
“my dad…he…” she trailed off not wanting to end the sentence once again and without another word peter pulled her into his arms and let her cry against his shoulder.
it’s now been one year since nat died, one year since tony died, once year since her dad choose a woman he kissed once over his own daughter.
Good for you, you're doin' great out there without me
Baby, like a damn sociopath
bucky and sam got a call from nick fury who told them to “get your asses here, right now!” considering fury didn’t call any of them for over a year, sam and bucky went to fury as fast as possible.
what they saw when they arrived nearly gave them a heart attack.
in front of them was standing, steve rogers. the young steve rogers. he smiled sheepishly at them.
“what-but…how- i mean- what the fuck?” bucky asked confused. sam looked at him. “yeah, what he said.”
“how the fuck are you here.” and then steve started explaining something about meeting and hank pym and time traveling.
to be honest sam and bucky didn’t understand any of it, they were to busy processing the fact that their best friend is back when he is supposed to be old.
after two hours fury left the room and steve turned to his best friends. “so… are you gonna bring me to daughter, or?” he asked.
sam and bucky looked at each other in disbelief. steve grinned at them. “just kidding it’s good to see you again, guys. sam, i heard you’re captain america now, i knew you’d make it.”
sam and bucky grinned. “so are you gonna take me to my daughter, or what?” their smile fell again.
“man, i don’t know how to tell you this but… i’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to see you.” sam cringed.
“what do you mean she doesn’t want to see me? she’s my daughter.” he asked. bucky looked at him angry. “yeah and you were supposed to be her father and where were you? not here.”
steve sighed and looked to ground. “i know but please, let me see her.” he pleaded.
sam and Bucky looked unsure at each other before they nodded.
I've lost my mind
I've spent the night cryin' on the floor in my bathroom
sam’s car stopped in front of the cabin, in wich y/n and peter were watching tv right now.
bucky nodded at his two friends. “okay you two wait here, i’ll go and get her.”
bucky walked in the cabin where he saw peter and y/n laying on the couch, they were watching brooklyn nine-nine.
“hey kiddos, i’m back!” he greeted them. the two teenagers mumbled a small “hello” towards him.
“hey, y/n, can you come outside? sam needs your help.” peter and y/n looked at him before the latter got up and walked outside.
peter looked at bucky who was watching y/n leave with worried eyes. “bucky, who is outside?” bucky looked at him worriedly.
“hey, sam! bucky said you need my-“ y/n’s breath got stuck in her throat at the sight of the person she wanted to forget.
her dad smiled at her. “hey kiddo!” he said and opened his arms so she could hug him.
her shocked expression turned into an angry one. “hey kiddo?! hey kiddo?! is that all you got to say?”
“y/n, kid, i’m so-“ she cut him off.
“sorry?! yeah me too. sorry for ever trusting you. why did you leave? and why didn’t you say anything? you’re my dad you’re not supposed to do that. i needed you.” she didn’t even realize that she was crying until a big tear rolled down her face.
“kid, you have to understand. i was in a bad place i just lost tony and nat-“ y/n looked at him in disbelief.
“i lost nat and tony too! i was gone for 5 years and then came back and they weren’t there anymore, for you it has been 5 years, for me it felt like 5 minutes. 5 minutes in wich i’ve lost my mother figure. and then the person who took care of me when you couldn’t! i needed you, you were supposed to be there for me and you left!” she yelled.
“i know,” he started crying too. “i know but I’m here now.”
y/n wiped the tears off of her face and looked at him angry. “i don’t need you anymore. i made it through the last year without you. so do me a favor and leave.”
and with that being said she walked back into the cabin.
Just over the fact that I really don't get it
But I guess good for you
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supercorpkid · 21 days ago
It’s crossover season - Part 1
Supercorp, Kara Danvers x Daughter!Reader, Lena Luthor x Daughter!Reader, Iron Man x TeamMate!Reader, Captain America x TeamMate!Reader, Doctor Strange x TeamMate!Reader, Thor x TeamMate!Reader, Black Widow x TeamMate!Reader, Hulk x TeamMate!Reader.
Word count: 2570.
For the Marvel fans: this is supposed to be happening between Age of Ultron and Civil War.
You’re in the living room with your moms. It’s Friday night and it’s Kara’s turn to pick the movie. It comes as no surprise when the three of you settle on the couch to watch Wizard of Oz, black and white version.
“Hey, you don’t want to miss this part!” Kara says when you stand up, so you can go to the kitchen to pick up more soda for yourself.
“You are aware this movie is not exactly new, right?” You ask and hear Lena’s chuckle in response.
“Can you get more wine for mom, baby?” Lena asks and you agree with your head, making your way to the kitchen despite Kara’s protests.
You finally picked up the soda can, wine bottle and some chocolates for the road when you hear a loud noise in the living room. You use your super speed to get there, and see Kara being pulled by a portal. But not any portal. Not Barry’s portal, or Cisco’ dimensional portals. Something completely different you never saw before.
“Momma!” You drop everything you’re holding and run to the portal, pushing Kara out of the way. So the portal sucks you in, instead.
“Kid, no!” You hear Kara’s voice and you see her on the other side, but it’s too late. Wherever this portal is heading to, you’re going.
“You’ll find me!” You yell back. And both of your moms faces disappear. “Please, find me.” You whisper.
You fall on the floor with a loud thud. You look around to four guys and one woman staring at you from across the room. You sure never saw them before. There’s a table in the middle. One of them is standing in front of it, staring right at you. He has dark hair, a weird beard style, and you can see something blue glowing on his chest, even though he is wearing a shirt. That’s guy number 1.
Guy number 2 is next to him, in much fancier and weirder clothes. He is wearing a cape (capes are lame, did he not get the memo?), and he also has a weird beard (you’re starting to think it’s fashion).
Sitting behind them is a red haired woman, all dressed in black. She has her legs up the table, giving off an ‘I don’t care about anything’ kind of vibe.
Next to her, guy number 3, is wearing a blue shirt very tight around his muscles, he is definitely the strongest, but his baby blue eyes give you the idea that he is sweet.
And last, guy number 4, is in the back. Arms crossed over, in his lab clothes and glasses. He looks like the sweet science guy.
“A kid!” Guy nº 1 says pointing at you, like no one else can see you’re sitting there in front of them. “I said: find us back-up, and you bring me a child, Strange?”
“I don’t think the child is supposed to be here.” Guy nº 2, or rather cape-guy, answers back.
“No shit, Einstein! It’s a kid!” Guy nº1 snaps back.
“Language!” You and Guy nº 3, baby blue eyes guy, make chorus.
“Great! Just what we needed, a mini Steve Rogers!”
“I’m not a kid!” You finally find something worth saying and you see some eyes rolling at that information.
“Excuse me, miss. The adults are talking.”
“Rude.” You stand up, putting your hands on your waist. “You’re the one who brought me here, mister…?”
“You don’t know who I am?” Guy nº1 asks, so full of himself.
“Should I?” Your answer makes all of his friends smile and try to cover up. He exhales, exasperated.
“I’m Tony Stark, kid.” You blink at him, like he said literally nothing. “I am Iron Man.” He answers like that sentence is supposed to impact you somehow. You shrug and look behind him. To the man with a cape.
“Doctor Strange.” He says with a nod. “I’m the one who brought you here.”
“Banner. Um, Bruce. Bruce Banner.” Lab coat guy answers. He seems sweet looking lost between these people, so you smile at him.
“Steve Rogers.” Baby-blue-eyed guy waves. “Captain America.”
“Natasha Romanoff.” The only other woman in the room adds. “Black Widow.”
“And we are the Avengers.” Mister Stark says and you bite your lips at the information. Should you know who the hell the Avengers are? You never once heard of them, and they all look too normal -except for Cape-guy- and too powerless. Although they could probably be thinking the same thing about you now, so you shouldn’t judge. For all you know, sweet small lab-coat guy in the back can be the most powerful ‘the Avengers’ of all time, and break you in half in one snap.
“Well, ‘the Avengers’ it’s very nice meeting all of you. But, well, if you all don’t mind, I would like to go back to my house and to my moms, please and thank you.” You say and Stark just sighs pointing at Strange.
“Strange, get the kid back to her moms and find someone who can really help in this fight.” He is looking less annoyed, and more tired. “We could seriously use some back-up for this.”
You furrow your brows at the sound of that. You can’t believe you’re even thinking about this, but then the words come out of your mouth before you can think twice or hold it back.
“I can be back-up.”
That could make anyone roll in their seats laughing, but they’re trying to be respectful, so Natasha covers her mouth so you don’t see her smile. Steve looks down with the same smile playing on his lips. Banner almost smiles too. Strange seems to study you for a second. But Stark is laughing hard at you. Ok, again, rude.
“What’s so funny? You said you need back-up. Cape-guy over there brought me here for a reason. I’m offering.”
“No offense kid, but you’re like 12.” Stark says and you roll your eyes.
“Offense very much taken, I’m 16!”
“Yes, well, you’re still a child who wants to go back to her mommies.” He mocks you, making you squint your eyes at him.
“Mister Stark, sir. May I ask what your powers are?”
“Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.” He says with a smirk on his lips.
“Oh, that’s it?” It’s time for you to smirk back. “I get now why you need back-up.”
“WOW!” That’s what leaves the whole group’s mouths.
“She’s got you there, Tony.” Banner chimes in, and you smile at yourself proudly.
“Oh really? What are your powers, smart mouth?” He asks thinking he has won, and that only makes you sorry for him.
“Genius, billionaire, I can’t really say that I’m a playboy, but I am a philanthropist.” Your smile comes after your feet leave the floor. “Also, I can fly.”
“So can most of the team.”
“Oh, then I guess most of the team also have super strength, super speed, freeze breath, heat vision, x-ray vision, invulnerability and draw their energies from the sun.”
“Holy shit.” Natasha says and you smile when you look at everyone’s impressed face.
“I think the child is supposed to be here.” Strange says and you agree with your head.
“She’s still a kid.” It’s what Stark says. “Cap, care to jump in here?”
Baby-blue-eyed guy stands up, walking towards you with a soft smile on his face. You smile back, landing on the floor.
“Ever been in a battle, kid?” He asks.
“Sure!” It’s what your mouth says, but deep inside you’re thinking this is insane. They didn’t want you; they didn’t go for you. They wanted your momma, who has real battle experience. You fought empty spaceships and won. Yay you. You have literally no other experience besides this one.
“Can you give us a minute?” Cap asks and you agree with your head, watching them going back to the table and closing the door in front of you. You sit on the floor, waiting for their decision. You want them to want you. It’s a weird feeling, but you want to be needed and respected, especially for your powers, since you don’t have a lot of that going around back home. But at the same time, you feel very scared of walking into a battle (is what he called, right?) with people who could definitely be your parents.
“She’s a kid, you guys can’t be seriously considering this.”
“She has more powers than all of us together, Tony.”
“You didn’t care about that when you recruited Wanda.”
“Wanda walked in on this by herself. Strange, how did we end up with a kid?”
“My magic was to bring someone powerful enough to help. She’s here. Which means she is powerful enough, otherwise the portal wouldn’t have pulled her here. I wasn’t aiming for a kid, but if a kid is what we got, we have to make-do.”
“I agree. She can be helpful.”
“I don’t know guys, she-she looks twelve.”
“Steve gets it!”
“But she isn’t. She is sixteen. And she wants to help.”
“She is invulnerable, you know.”
“Fine, let’s take a vote. Who thinks the smart mouth should stay?”
You lower your glasses to see their hands. Natasha, Cap, Bruce and Strange raise their hands. You smile proud of yourself. Yeah! But also, no! Did you seriously just walk in a battle -that has nothing to do with you- on purpose?
The door opens a while later and you stand up, looking at ‘the Avengers’ on the other side. You have the biggest smile on your face.
“Oh, did I forget to mention I have super hearing?” You raise one eyebrow, and Stark sighs.
“Of course you do.” He rolls his eyes. “Do you even have a superhero name?”
“I’m Superkid.”
“It has kid in the name, I can’t take her seriously.” He bites back and looks around. “Come on, Strange, let’s try to get Thor back.”
“Wait.” You run after the two of them. “Mister Cape-guy, can you, um, just tell my moms I’m safe?”
“Don’t worry.” He reassures you. “I left a card.”
They resume walking and you look back at the rest of the team, still staring at you. You take a deep breath, and walk back to where they are.
“So, where am I?” You ask, looking at Cap, who just looks dumbfounded by your question.
“You’re on Earth, Superkid.”
“Right.” You laugh. “I meant, which Earth?”
“You mean there is more than one Earth?” Natasha asks and you shake your head agreeing.
“There are infinite Earths in the Multiverse.” You say, pulling up a chair and sitting across from them. “Mine is Earth-38, and the Flash lives on Earth-1, and the Titans on Earth-9, my cousin just joined. Oh, and there’s obviously Earth-X governed by the Nazis-”
“Wait, let me stop you right there.” Cap says, looking shocked by your revelations. “There’s an Earth where the Nazis won?”
“Well, Mister Cap, that’s what the multiverse is all about, isn’t it?” You clasp your hands in front of your body. “When a diversion event occurs, then a new Earth is created. Maybe you have a different name for that here, like alternative or parallel universe.” You look at Banner. “Elseworlds?”
“Right. Pardon us.” Cap says with a smile. “Well, Banner, I believe that big- brain of yours, is filled with questions for our big-brained guest. Don’t let us keep you from it. Nat and I will go get Sam, Bucky and Wanda.”
You wait for the two other Avengers to leave, and you look back at Bruce, finally sitting on the table.
“That’s a lot of people. Mister Stark, Cape-guy, Cap, Natasha, Thor, Sam, Bucky, Wanda, you…” You startle yourself when you count all of them on your fingers. That’s a hell of a team, bigger than the Justice League for sure.
“And it’s not even half of it.” He adds to your confusion.
“That’s a lot of super-heroes for only one Earth.” You look at him with puzzling eyes. “What is your super power, Mister Banner?”
“I-well-” He shuffles around looking embarrassed to say it. “You’ll see in a bit, I suppose.”
“Ok.” You decide to let it go; you don’t want to make him uncomfortable. “What are we up against?”
Apparently, you’re up against alien invasion. You make sure you ask a couple times (or more), if the aliens are actually evil, without informing you’re an alien too. But yes, a bad horde of aliens coming to this Earth very, very soon.
Banner has about 20 questions about the Multiverse. You try your best to explain to him what you know about it, but it seems like this time you’re not even in the same Multiverse. Is there a multiverse of a multiverse?
Talking to Banner is great. He knows so much; you feel dumb around him. Is this how Jamie and Maya feel when you’re explaining something a little too far from their grasp? You don’t know how much time you two are bonding over science, when you hear a thunder sound and lightning falling close to where you are, and run to the window to check what’s going on. Soon, you see a guy, hammer in hand with lightning coming out of it. You look back at Banner, who smiles shyly.
“That would be Thor.”
“Can I?” You point at the window. You don’t know exactly why you’re asking for permission. You just don’t want to seem impolite.
“Of course.” He says and you open the window flying to where Thor is. Oh, he is strong. And he looks extremely powerful. You can’t control the excitement when he turns to you.
“New member?” He asks and you shrug as your answer. “I am Thor, son of Odin.”
“Superkid, daughter of Kara and Lena?”
“Well, it’s nice to meet you Superkid-daughter-of-Kara-and-Lena.” Thor says with a puppy smile on his face. He puts his hammer on the ground and looks to the people coming from behind you to greet him. “Ready for battle?”
He reminds you so much of Kara. Puppy smile, blond hair, kind of dorky. You smile too, feeling your heart burst in excitement.
“I am now, Mister Thor.”
He pushes his cape out of his way, smile still on his lips, making his way inside the compound. You look at the way he walks, his muscles, long hair and red cape flying behind him. Wait, have you once said capes are lame? You take it back. Capes are the coolest! You look at his hammer on the ground with puzzling eyes.
“Mister Thor!” You call for him. He turns around to look at you, and the rest of the team also stops to watch you. You walk to the hammer, picking it up from the floor, and pointing at him. “You’ve left your hammer!”
Post-credit scene:
“Oh, how polite, they left a card.” Lena picks it up from the floor. “They kidnapped our daughter and left a card.”
“What does it say?” Kara asks, standing up from the floor, where she has been crying for the past two minutes.
“177A, Bleecker St. New York.”
“They left a puzzle?” Kara takes the card away from Lena’s hand. “They took my daughter and left a puzzle? What kind of villain does that?”
“It’s an address, Kara.” Lena holds her shoulder. “Don’t worry, honey. We’ll find her.”
So @oncemoonie prompted a marvel crossover and I am having so much fun with this, I hope you guys are too, cause more is coming!
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eternalxfanfictions · 24 days ago
You Have Something I want //Mini Fiction
Fandom: MCU
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Stark! Female Reader, Tony Stark x Daughter! Reader.
Warnings: N/A
Notes: I have Natasha one out as well! So check it out! Hope you enjoy it!
Part 2/??
- - - - - -
After, taking 20 minutes and putting on a black pantsuit with sliver heels and black lipstick. Having your down and neatly done in professional style...As then put on your Stark sunglasses that were red similar to your suit but these were special, your father gifted these to on your 18th birthday, Now your 29 and you haven’t seen your father since you were 20 and only saw when he was the news for something. Grabbing a purse and your cellphone and going into your daughter and seeing her play with toys as she was dressed in a cute little pink dress and cute sandals and bright neon pink bow and you smiled..”Come on Ell... Let's go!” You say as you reached your hand and she grabbed it and started walking to the garage and saw a car covered in a sheet and you grabbed it flinging the sheet of the beautiful 1967 Impala Matte black and opening and pushing the car chair back and putting your daughter in the back and making sure she's secure and safe. As you then grabbed the controller and opening the garage as you got in the driver side and saw the keys already in the ignition and started the car and the car rev a bit as your daughter Elliot looked at you Awe. You quickly grabbed your phone and dialing a number and then answering quickly. “Hey, Happy...I just wanted to say..I'm headed towards the Compound right now...And I have Ell with me can you watch her as I handle some business please?” You ask him and you can the smile on his face. “Yes of course! Let me know when you're here! Should I Tell Tony..?” He asks and you sighed “No. it be fine, just make sure I have access to the building still .” You say and “yep alright, he’ll be happy to see you and I’m happy to hear you doing good, the last time I saw was when Ell when was she was 3..I’ll be waiting, “ he says and you smiled as you hanged and started pulling out the drive away as your daughter talked and talked about this crazy dream she had, which made you smile the whole ride.
After about 30 minutes of driving, you pulled up outside of the Compound and you saw Happy waiting out front and walking up to your car as you got out of the car and then went to the passenger and pushed the car back and unbuckled your daughter and grabbed from the back and out her down the ground as you saw her run up to Happy. You smiled and hugged Happy yourself. “Watch her please and if she needs me, you know where to find me...Probably fighting with Tony .” You say and smiled as Happy took Elliot's hand and went to the field as she brought few toys and they started playing together. As you slowly into the compound adjusting your Stark Red Sunglasses as you walked through the door and into their living area and That's when everyone looked at you and you looked around at them as Tony Stark, The only Your father stepped. “Who are you? Who let you in? You shouldn’t be in here .” He says and just a soft chuckle came out of your mouth as you played with the wedding ring on your finger with your thumb and you smacked your lips together, making a popping noise...As you saw the Avengers tense up and try and grab the closest weapon towards them and Tony stepped closer to you. “
“Wow...You can’t even remember your daughter after you kicked me out.” You say and let defeated sigh. “Daughter!” A guy yelled from a vent and you just rolled your eyes and Your hands went up and you take off the sunglasses that your father once gave you on your 18th birthday. He stepped back a bit. “Y/n, What are you doing here?” He asks and you smiled softly. “I only need you cause I came here for something,” you say. “What do you want? Cause the last time I checked, you wanted nothing to do with me cause I gave you attention. “ he says and you scoffed. “You toke someone That belongs to me...Bucky Barnes...” you say and tensed and raised his eyebrow. “What do you want from him? The last time I checked you hated everyone single one of us! “ he says. An amused look comes quickly to your face and leaves twice as fast. “Hah...Well, dad. You- See...Bucky wasn’t doing anything bad, just going to the store so he can some supplies...Nothing and you guys arrested him for what? Cause you haven’t seen in four years and thought ‘oh he might be up to something...No that's not how this going to work... either I see him now and make sure he’s okay or I throw a tantrum...and you know how that works right as your eyes turned hint of blue and he stepped back. “Natasha Go get Bucky..” Tony says and looks at you and looked away and then everyone. “Nice got dad...completely upgraded from the tower..” you say and walked around slowly, still admiring the place but it was better than yours. Then you heard heavy footsteps and then childlike footsteps... You quickly turned the entrance and Saw your daughter run in and up to you and Happy coming in seconds later. You picked her up and smiled immediately..” how’s my favorite girly doing?” You ask her and she smiles and giggles. “I'm good Mommy! I missed you and I miss Daddy! Where’s Daddy?”She asks and at the perfect moment Bucky walked in and She immediately jumped out your arms and running towards Bucky..”Daddy!” He squealed and he immediately picked her up and held her as he tickled her stomach and you felt eyes staring at you and all eyes as Bucky walked towards Elliot. “Mommy? Daddy? Bucky?” Tony says and every one jaw dropped. “Yes, Everyone this is Elliot Maria Anthony Stark-Barnes...Ell for short...Bucky and I are parents and are Married since you guys missed out the almost 10 years.”. You say and looked at everyone and Tony looked hurt, confused and upset and honestly all emotions were on his face.
“Elliot Maria Anthony Stark- Barnes? He questioned and You nodded your head. “After Mom and Me?” He questioned and you nodded again... “oh-...” he says and Elliot Smiled. “You the one from the pictures...Mommy Showed me and The one she always talking about...Grandpa Tony!” She yelled and Tony's face filled with confusion but also love. “Yeah...I'm grandpa Tony...Can I hold you..? He asks and he nodded as jumped out of Bucky Arms and ran up to him and raised his arms as he lifted her and smiled... “Wow your so big and look exactly like your Mommy she was your age!” He says and smiling. You looked at Bucky and He nodded and grabbed you by the waist..” it was time..” he says and you simply nodded...
Soon all the Avengers came up saying congratulations on everything a little too late for that but at least they're trying. You saw your Father and Elliot Playing with brought a smile as she then went to play with the other Avengers as Your father came up to you and Bucky. “Y/n...” he says quietly..” it's time to forgive.” You heard Bucky Whisper and immediately went up and hugged Tony half to death. “I'm sorry! I'm is sorry for kicking you out...I was messed up and just- there no excuse...I’m sorry.” Your father rambles on and you smiled as you hugged him tighter as tears started to fall slowly. “Dad... it's okay.. it was 9 almost 10 years ago...” you say and pulled away. “ and I also think Bucky and I agree on this...For you being a part Elliot Life now...” you say quietly and he nods happily! You smiled...” there a lot we need to tell you then..” you say and Tony led you to the couch in the living room and You and Bucky sat.
Soon after, telling them everything and Tony listening after the step of the way and promising he will be better..Playing with Elliot. How you couldn’t choose between Middle Names or last names so just out both. Of course, it shortens to just ‘Elliot Marie A. Stark-Barnes’ which every time made your father smile. After patching up everything with them and your father you were on your way home with Elliot sleeping in the back and you and Bucky holding hands on the way home as a smile never left your face.
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tara-learns-to-write · 24 days ago
Hey, I love all your works! If you haven’t done something similar already, could I request where R is sick + acting really clingy and the Avengers help take care of her? Emphasis on motherly Natasha x R and cuddles, because we always need more Mama Nat 🥰
Hey Bestie :) I totally agree you can never have enough Mama Nat, thank you so much for this it was really fun to write, I hope it lived up to your expectations even though it was so short. Have an amazing day <3
I am not sick
You weren’t sick
Nope not at all
The cough and the constant sneezing was normal
That is what you told yourself every time you managed to catch something
Of course, you were wrong every time
and of course, the team saw through it every time
“If you don’t admit that you are sick then I’m going to have to tell Nat that you aren’t looking after yourself” Tony sighed, disliking the situation even more than you were at this point. You see Tony had been asked to check up on you and make sure you were being sensible because your favorite avenger Nat was away on a mission. “I,” sneeze “am,” sneeze “not,” sneeze “sick!”
You definitely were. Somehow in 2 days, your state had gone from sitting on your bedroom floor contemplating life with a high temperature and a sore back to you wanting nothing more than to be glued to the genius’s side for the rest of your life. “You get clingy when you’re sick and I don’t think you have left my side in the last 2 days” the man grumbled, trying to get to the workbench across the room to grab the screwdriver he needed to tweak the project he was working on, “rude” you muttered back waiting for the man to return form his lonely trip to soak up more of his body heat.
You felt the vibrations of Sam's laugh echo through your chest and pound at the door of your head, a reminder to take paracetamol when you had the energy to get up again. “Sam no laugh make my head hurt” you spoke into the man's side, his grip on you tightening as he whispered an apology and went back to quietly arguing with Bucky about why he needed to get a magnet of Sams's face for his arm.
Everyone had been counting the days until Nat would be back home
For 2 reasons: 1. They knew they would get a telling off for letting you get sick and 2. It meant they could have some time without you hanging off their arm
Don’t get me wrong cuddly y/n was great but after a day or 2 it got a bit frustrating
You missed her too
She was like another to you and all you wanted to do was curl up in her arms as she stroked your hair and read you a story
Thank God you were asleep when she came home so you missed her telling them all off
“Where’s Y/n?” Nat asked when you weren’t there to greet her at the jet like you normally were, walking towards her Steve replied “they got sick, so they’re just sleeping it off right now”. Nats eyebrows shot so far up that Steve was surprised they didn’t fly off her face “THEY WHAT?”. As she ran inside she decided that giving them a lecture would be easiest without a tried and sick teenager by her side. “Who let them get sick?” She asked, face set in a glare as she addressed the group who minutes previously had been watching an episode of friends. “I made sure they went out with a coat every time they left the house” Tony was quick to defend himself hands up in surrender, “well I made sure to cook hot and filling meals every day” Bruce chimed in voice rising an octave as if Tony and just pushed the blame onto him. As the group went through their reasons of innocence it was clear to Natasha that no one was going to fess up so instead of worrying about who did it she focused her attention on you.
Meanwhile, you had woken up
It’s not like the heroes knew how to be quite
You knew that with all the noise it meant Nat had come home
And so you closed your eyes, a soft sleepy smile playing on your face and waited.
The door creaked open as the assassin tiptoed into your room, the bed dipping under her weight “Hey my little Firecracker” she whispered slowly wrapping her arms around. Grinning lazily back at her “Hey mum” you replied snuggling further into her arms and drifting back into the quiet comfort of sleep leaving the woman to keep her happiness at bay. At least until you were better.
You spent the rest of your days recovering in her arms
Talking about whatever your fever field head could come up with like:
“If I went to the doctors and they cut off my thumb would they let me keep it”
“Can you imagine having an argument with Thor over pop tarts, oh wait I did, do you remember that silly cat?”
“I like moss balls, they look so happy”
She might not be your biological mother but that doesn’t mean she won't hold you just as tight when you need her
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Hello I love the way you write of Surprise tony x daughter reader could you do part two please. Wherein the reader is struggling to get better but it leads to worse. She's trying because of her family but deep inside she was tired and wanted to give up but she couldn't. The avengers could see it and they felt sad and guilt and so much feels especially tony. Even through that the reader is still happy and trying to hide the pain she felt so when its her father birthday, she decide to spend her time to them without knowing its her last time that the reader will spend her time. (In short she died) and also I wanted to see what happened next, what the avengers and tony felt after that. Sorry if its long request, I just want to find a very angsty fic and this one is the one I like the most. Gehehe I like angsty stuff. (Wanted to find a fanfic to cry on)
Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader, Avengers X Teen!Stark!Reader
Summary: The avengers and your friends find letters you wrote them before you died.
Warnings: death, death by cancer, leukemia, angst, sadness.
Reader's age: 16
A/n: Thank you for the request! We all need to cry sometimes so here we go, find part 1 Here. Enjoy.
Tumblr media
You felt like you couldn't keep fighting. The chemo was helping last year, but still, on it, you were struggling more going in and out of the hospital. For the last few months, you just wanted to give up. The avengers were by your side through this, they were the reason you kept fighting. Even then you wanted to stop fighting. You couldn't do this anymore you hated it.
"Hey smalls." Tony smiled at you when you walked into the kitchen.
"Hey dad." You faked a smile that they all saw through.
"Uh for my birthday this year I'm not having a party it's just gonna be us and the team." Tony told you.
"Okay dad." You nodded taking a seat next to Steve. Mostly cause his shoulder made a great pillow. Leaning your head on his shoulder as you are the team looked at you sadly. Most of them watched you grow up. Knowing you were struggling this much was just something they didn't want for you.
"Feeling any better doll?" Steve spoke softly. You lied nodding. You felt worse.
"Yeah." They all saw through it.
"Here breakfast." Wanda passed you a plate.
"Thank you." You said weakly.
You looked down at the paper writing another note. You knew you weren't going to live long. You knew the avengers know too. You decided to write a note for each person you care about. You started with your dad, then Pepper, then happy and Rhodey, then you did one for each of the avengers and saved Peter and your friends for last. Your working on Peters now. You finished folding it up and writing his name. Looking at the stack of notes you sighed tucking them in a draw. If you did survive you didn't want them seeing these but if your weren't going to survive they find them her.
"Y/n?" You heard you turned around seeing Pepper standing there.
"Yes pepper?" You mustered a smile.
"The team is getting ready for Tony's birthday and they want to know if your going with them to buy him a present?" She asked you with a smile.
"Yeah sure." You said before falling into a coughing fit. She rushed to your side. "I'm fine I'll meet you all in the common room."
"You sure?" She watched as you nodded. "Okay sweetie. I love you." She kissed the top of your head after moving your hat slightly then tucked it back down and left.
You stood getting out of your oversized pajama pants that were definitely stolen from Steve and into sweats and a hoodie. Then you grabbed your favorite hat and left your room.
"Ready to go young stark!" Thor asked as you walked in.
"Yep!" You said.
"How do we shop for a guy who has everything?" Nat asked with a laugh as you guys walked into the mall getting plenty of looks.
"Well I used to just stick my hands in paint then put them on a piece of paper." You shrugged.
"That's not gonna work for us." Pietro laughed wrapping an arm around your shoulder.
"Well obviously it's my move don't you steal my move you jerk." You pushed him off you. "Thooor can you gimme and piggyback ride?"
"Of course malady!" He lent down letting you jump on his back with help from Steve.
"Okay, so now what do we get him?" Bruce asked looking at you.
"Get him a Shawarma gift card." You shrugged.
"That's a pretty good idea." Pietro agreed.
"Everyone likes free stuff."
"She's got a point." Clint agreed.
"I always do." You said.
"I call getting him that." Nat declared. "You guys figure something else out."
"She spoke I can't change that." You shrugged when the team looked at you.
"Happy birthday dad!" You smiled when he walked into the kitchen where the avengers were waiting for him.
"Thank you, Smalls." He smiled.
"We made breakfast! Well they made it I supervised." You explained.
"You took a nap on my shoulder." Steve laughed.
"Well I was here for moral support."
"Fine." You stuck your tongue out at him.
"Whatcha make?" Tony asked sitting next to you.
"Eggs." Wanda smiled.
His birthday went smoothly, that night instead of his usually party it was spent with just the avengers, peter, happy and Rhodey. You were having a good time spending time with your family.
"Dad! I got you this." You handed him a baggy. In it was a photo album that had photos from when you were a baby up to now it had some of the avengers, some of peter some of Tony's parents it had any photos you could find in the storage room.
"I helped!" Peter said.
"Okay it's from both of us." You smiled at your dad.
"Thank you smalls, thank you kid." Tony higher you before smiling at Peter.
"Look through it." You said leaning your head on his shoulder. He gave in looking through the book.
"There's a lot of photos in here." He smiled.
"Yeah, I found them in a box in the storage room." You shrugged yawning.
Tony couldn't help but hope for many more birthdays with you falling asleep on his shoulder or laughing with the team. He leaned over placing a kiss on your forehead.
"Let's watch a movie now!" Pepper suggested.
"Happy feet!" You said smiling tiredly.
"Oka happy feet it is." Tony said.
You fell asleep during the movie, Tony took you too your room before turning in for the night himself. It was near 12 pm before anyone went to check on you.
"Hey Smalls wake up!" Tony said walking into your room. "Y/n?" He saw you laying still on your bed. Rushing to your side he checked your pulse before having Friday call an ambulance after barely feeling a pulse. The other avengers were also alert and came rushing into you room.
Tony and pepper were the only ones allowed to ride in the ambulance so the avengers met them there. They all had to wait in the lobby to find out if you were going to be okay.
"Doc what is it." Tony asked as he walked in.
"She's not going to make it. I'm sorry. I recommend you all go in one by one and say goodbye."
And they did. Only 5 hours after the final person said their goodbye you were gone. It broke them all.
It's that kind of thing they knew would happen but you were fighting so hard. Steve, Bruce, and Nat had a positive look on it. You weren't in pain anymore. They were still sad of course but they you were no longer in pain. Clint stayed in the vents for a while mourning. Thor went home to Asgard to mourn alone. Peter and your other friends took it hard, they all mourned your loss together. Rhodey mourned then offer support to Tony. Happy took it really hard, he acted like he hated you but didn't he loved you and the way every time he had to give you a ride you'd belt out to Disney songs just to annoy him. Pepper watched you grow up, she loved you as her own daughter and had a hard time saying goodbye. Tony was broken after you passed away he went home and locked himself in his lab he only came out for your funeral and memorial. It was a beautiful service, Tony spoke at it. Then when he broke down unable to speak during the eulogy he was giving Pepper took over.
Three months that's how long your door had been shut. No one went in. Pepper had convinced Tony to leave his lab. Tony was walking by your room to get to his own to at least take a shower. He sighed opening you door seeing it just how you left it. You dirty clothes sat in the basket, a messed up blanket, your stack of hats, your messy desk. He felt as though walking in a time machine he felt like you'd come over hug him. Your big smile as you tell him about your day. He sat on your bed rubbing a hand over his head. His hair was grown back now. He remembered when he showed you. How happy you were.
"Smalls? Can you hear me?" He asked with somber laughter. "I miss you hun." He sighed. "Uh I don't know what to say. I don't even think you can hear me. Tell me something." He wiped a tear away.
"I know I'm crazy you can't talk to me." He sighed deeply. "We kept your room the same. Nothings different.."
"I know you always said if you died you wanted us to go on with our lives, but," he stopped with a sob. "You were gone to soon." He looked down but caught his eye on your desk. Your phone was sat there.
He stood up walking over, he opened it feeling guilty about it but then he saw you had your notes app opened. The last opened not in it said: "remember to tell MJ about the notes in the draw." He furrows his brow in confusion. You never mention notes to him. Pulling the nearest draw open he saw twelve folded up pieces of paper each with a name.
"What did you do y/n?" He sighed digging through them before he came across the one labeled dad. He picked it up gently shutting the door before sitting in your desk chair. "You were prepared weren't you.." He opened the paper and began reading.
"Hey dad. If your seeing this then I am no longer alive. Or you're snooping through my things. I don't know how I'm supposed to tell you everything I'm thinking on this one peice of paper but here we go. Thank you for not turning me away when I showed up on your porch when I was 4 with nothing but a note, a teddy and the clothes on my back. I guess there's a lot I should thank you for. When I was diagnosed with cancer I was scared, now I just want it to end. I hope now that I'm gone you know that I love you. Just turn my room into something cool or I'll haunt you. I hope that you and Pepper officially get married on day, and you better save me a seat there or at least have a cardboard cut out of me with the bridesmaids. Please keep living your life dad, don't lock yourself in the lab like you do when you have a bad day. I'm sorry I couldn't keep fighting but I love you. I am thankful for everything you've given me. Bye dad - love Smalls.
Ps. Don't share embarrassing stories about me to anyone during my eulogy or I'll haunt you so hard."
He wiped a tear choking up. He couldn't believe you never told anyone you made these notes. Then again you were going to. He reread the note a few times before wiping his tears and tucking the note along with your phone in his pocket.
"Smalls... I love you." He sighed. "You got a point though... The lab isn't a good place for me to stay every day." He gave a somber laugh. "Guess I need to give these to the other right?" He looks in the draw.
"Tony? What are you doing?" Pepper asked walking in to the room.
"Uh.. What?" Tony looked at her. "Oh I got sidetracked. Come here." He urged her over. "Look what y/n left us."
"Oh my." She gave a sad smile looking in the draw. "There's a note for us all? From y/n?"
"Yep I read mine already. Find yours." Tony said holding his up. Pepper dug through the draw not finding one with the word Pepper on them but she did come across one labeled mom.
"Is this one mine you think?"
"I don't know." Tony shrugged. "Just read it babe." She unfolded it and read it in her head sitting on the edge of your bed as she did so.
"Dear Pepper Mom. Okay I know your probably wondering. Why am I calling you mom on paper but I haven't actually done it before. And that I say I'm too scared. But in this note you'll only see it after I'm gone. Uh I don't really know what to say. I guess my thoughts can run onto the paper if I would like. Well thank you for loving me as your own. Thank you for looking at my dad even when he had a 6 year old daughter and still dating him. Even though he's hard to handle. I don't think life would've been as good for me without you as my mom. I love you, and please don't let dad rot his life away in that lab. Love Y/n."
She wiped the tears away with a choked sob. She couldn't believe this is what you thought. Of course, she knew you didn't hate her but didn't think you thought of her as a mom. She looked up at tony and he gave her a sad smile.
"What did it say?" He asked, she just let out a shrugged leaning her head on her fiance's shoulder.
"Are you gonna tell the others about these?"
"Of course.. I'm going to have Peter deliver the ones to her friends, then we'll deliver these to the rest of them." Tony explained grabbing the few of the letters.
"Okay." Pepper wiped her tears then grabbed the rest of them.
"Friday call the team to the common room please." Tony requested.
"Mr. Stark? What's up?" Peter asked his father figure as he joined the other avengers on the couch.
"I found these... From y/n." Tony sat down the letters he grabbed then Pepper did the same. "Find your name." He finished before leaving.
"Okay... Then." Steve said leaning forward. "Uh thor." He pushed it aside since thor is in asgard. "Here nat." He passed her a letter going on until the last one. "Oooh peter yours has a heart on it." He passed it to him.
"Shudup." Peter grumbled. The avengers went there separate ways with their letter except Peter grabbed the ones for his friends. Peter swung to sit on a roof before he looked down at the letter, signed on the tope Spidey-boy. The I dotted with an heart. He unfolded it carefully.
"Dear Petey, your probably expecting to cry but this note is actually to tell you that there is a treasure chest filled with gold buried upstate at this location."
He let out a laugh before continuing to read.
"Okay I'm joking but seriously I should've done that. I guess I'm here to tell you to move on after me find new best friends to torment. I know it'll be so hard to move on from me but you'll do it. In ten years you might have kids, if so name one of them after me. Okay now I'll be serious, I love you, I have loved you for a while I couldn't tell you I was too scared our friendship would end. Uh guess it's too late now. I don't think I can keep fighting, so just know I love you - Love Y/n."
He stared at the letter shocked. He couldn't say he expected anything less when it came to the jokes in the letter. He knew he had a crush on you but he thought he got brother-zoned. "Y/n... Why couldn't you have told me sooner.." He sighed.
"I love you too."
Happy was confused when he too got called to the common room of the compound, especially since Tony hadn't really needed him for much. With Tony staying in his lab Happy was mostly driving around Pepper. Then he found out about the letters. He should've known though. You made a joke about it once on the ride back from chemo one day. Tony couldn't come that day because of a mission so it was just you and Happy.
"I should write letters to everyone just in case I die." You joked. "I saw it on a video once. These people were cleaning their daughters room out after she died and they found letters from her."
"Kid stop talking about death." Happy warned.
"Sorry." You mumbled. "Can we watch a movie together when we get home?"
He shook from his thoughts opening the letter. He's ready to cry.
"Dear Uncle Happy. So I see you finally realized not all of my jokes are jokes. I want to start with please keep dad out of his lab. I already asked both Pepper and Rhodey but I have to tell you for extra measure. So now I say sorry. I know I used to annoy you a bunch but you were one of the best people I know. And just between us don't tell Uncle Rhodey but you're my favorite uncle. I'm sorry I couldn't keep fighting for you and the rest of the avengers - Love Y/n." He rested his head in his hands.
"Kid." He chuckled sadly.
Life changed from there, Tony left the lab more often. The avengers went back to their old normal. Movie nights every Friday, seeing each other in the morning. They each did something different with their letter. Tony kept his in his pocket at all times. Steve kept it in his drawing notebook. Pepper had hers in her purse. Happy kept his in his car. Peter kept his in his bookbag. So on and so forth. But no one touched your room it is off limits. When any of them were having a bad day they'd go in there act like they could talk to you. Life was going back to normal, not in a bad way. They weren't forgetting you, they just knew from your letters you didn't want them wasting their lives away mourning you. And they didn't.
Tumblr media
A/n: Sorry it took so long!!! But here it is I'm pretty sure this is my longest fic.
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helloimanavenger · 26 days ago
We're Both Out of Time (1)
series masterlist
chapter warnings: slight mentions of blood
Tumblr media
Chapter One: Meet Y/N Stark
"Sweetie, it's almost time to go. Are you ready?" your father called out to you.
You stomped out of your bedroom in the fourth princess dress you had tried on that morning.
"But daddy," you sighed, "I have to look perfect to meet your friends."
Your father bent down so that he was eye level with you, "Y/N," he smiled, "they're going to love you no matter what."
"I know," you smiled, causing your father to chuckle a bit, "but they're real life superheroes! I get scared."
"But I'm a superhero, and you don't get scared around me," he tried to reason with you.
You smiled even wider, "Silly daddy, you're my hero. Why would I be scared of you?"
Tony couldn't help the overwhelming sense of pride that washed over him. He was your hero.
Ever since he took up the mantle of Iron Man, people had been lining up to thank him for being a hero. Hell, he had parades thrown in his honor after the Battle of New York, but none of that meant anything in comparison to being your hero.
You meant the world to him. If he ever needed a reason to stand up and fight, you would be it. All he wanted was to make the world a safer and better place for you to grow up in.
Every time he went on the field, he imagined you and Pepper, his happy little family, growing together. It's what kept him going. He would sooner sacrifice his own life than let anything bad ever happen to you.
You were born when Tony Stark was a different man. Back when he was still young and reckless. When he only cared about himself.
That is until one day, your mother showed up at his door holding you. She claimed she couldn't do this anymore...she couldn't take care of you. That was the last Tony ever saw of her.
The moment he first held you, Tony Stark knew he was in trouble. He had already fallen so deeply in love with you that he wanted to give you the world. He wanted to give you the life you deserved.
So, he cleaned up his act. He ran his company and still made time to be a father.
Then, he was held captive by terrorists for months. Terrorists who wanted to use his life's work to destroy everything.
You were the only thing that kept him going.
Thinking of you, dreaming of you, wanting to hold you in his arms again and tell you that he was there and everything would be okay.
Miraculously, he made it out of that hell. He made it home to his only daughter. He became Iron Man and showed the world who he truly was and could be.
He owed you everything. You changed made him the man he is today and gave him the life he has now. He wouldn't trade that for anything. In a way, having you saved his life. Now, he had you and Pepper and he loved you both with all his heart.
Although Pepper Potts was not your biological mother, she may as well have been with how much she loved you. Long before her and Tony were together, she was the mother figure in your life. You truly saw her as your mother and wouldn't trade her for anything.
Tony kissed your forehead. he was thrilled you were finally meeting his team.
He decided it was finally time. He had only been holding off in an attempt to keep you from the superhero life for fear it might be dangerous, but he soon realized, if this is who he wanted to be he couldn't keep it from you forever. He had to trust that he would be able to keep you safe.
"Come on, we better get going," Tony said.
"Wait, I think I know what to wear," you smiled returning to your room and changing into your favorite iron man shirt.
The ride to the compound was a short one from the house you, Pepper, and Tony had made your home.
Pepper was already waiting for you with the rest of the Avengers, who were all beyond excited to meet you.
When the elevator doors opened, you grabbed your father by the hand and began running into the common room.
"Woah, slow down Y/N," Tony said, "Fri, have everyone meet us in the common room."
'Yes, Boss.'
Pepper entered the common room first and you ran up to her with a smile on your face, clinging onto her.
Pepper was followed by a pretty redhead woman you recognized to be the famous Black Widow and a shorter man who you supposed was Hawkeye.
Then came a very tall man with long blonde hair. He was wearing a cape and holding a hammer...Thor, of course.
Lastly, a short brunette wearing a labcoat and glasses and a taller man with short blonde hair entered the room. You had heard your father talk about working with Dr. Banner which meant the other man had to have been Captain America.
You were overwhelmed to say the least, as you clung even tighter to Pepper and your father suddenly spoke up, "Everyone, meet my daughter: Y/N Stark. Y/N, meet everyone."
Natasha spoke up first, "Hi Y/N, it's very nice to meet you. I'm Natasha Romanoff, but you can call me Nat," she smiled.
"Good morning, smaller Stark. It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Thor, of Asgard and look a little young to be a warrior, but I suppose only time will tell," said Thor.
You giggled, "You're funny."
The rest went around the room introducing themselves, but when it was Steve's turn, he said nothing.
"Steve..." Tony prompted him.
"Sorry - I - uh," he began.
"What is it, Cap?" Clint asked.
"Y/N...she. She looks just like someone I used to know," but that was impossible, right?
Yes, you had the same name, but his Y/N...his Y/N was long gone.
"I'm sorry, I should go," Steve excused himself.
"Steve!" "Cap!" his friends called after him.
Before Steve was even fully out of the room though, multiple alarms began blaring and all the doors slammed shut.
"Daddy," you cried, covering your ears to protect yourself from the noise.
"Tony, what is that?" Pepper asked frantically, squeezing you as tight as she could.
"Pep, take Y/N. Go hide. Now!" Tony shouted.
"Okay, okay. Come on sweetie," Pepper attempted to soothe you, picking you up and running to the nearest hiding place.
Unfortunately, you didn't have many options since the entire compound was on lockdown and you were trapped in the common room, but you hid behind the bar. You crammed yourself into the tightest space you could find and Pepper pushed the barstool in front of you to shield you more. She then sat in front of the stool in hopes of acting as a sort of human shield between you and anyone who might get back there...but no one would. She had faith in the room full of Avengers.
"Cap, call it," you heard your father say when you were out of sight.
"Those alarms mean we know there's someone in the compound. They knew to disable Friday and they knew to lock the doors in hopes of getting us seperated. What they don't know is we're all in here together. I need every possible entrance guarded. Romanoff and Banner, I want you at the elevator door. Barton, you're at the window. Thor I want you at the main entrance. Make sure nothing gets in. If it does, make sure it never gets out. Your main priority is keeping them safe," Steve said, pointing to where you and Pepper were hiding, "Odds are whatever is here is here for us. If we don't tell them they won't even know anyone else is in the building. Your eyes will give you away if you let them, pretend nothing is strange behind that bar. Convince yourself. If you believe it you can make them believe it."
Everyone nodded, "What about you and Stark?" Natasha asked.
"Stark and I will take the emergency exit into the catacombs. Hopefully Stark's design is foolproof in that no one but us knows they exist. They will expect us to be trapped and they won't think to look for something that shouldn't exist," Steve said.
Tony nodded, "I kept that catacombs off all the blueprints for this building. No one knows they can get us outside. This will work, this has to work."
"If we can get into the rest of the compound we can take them by surprise," Steve continued, "Assuming there are multiple threats here we can split them up and buy you time before they figure out you're all in the common room. Just be on alert. Let's move out."
"Keep my daughter safe!" Tony pleaded, causing everyone to nod and ready the respective weapons they had on them as he and Steve headed to the emergency exit to the catacombs...
The alarms didn't stop blaring the whole time you were hidden behind the bar, so after a few minutes you starting counting how many times they went off in order to keep yourself distracted.
The sound of glass breaking was almost pleasant in comparison to the sound of the alarms.
"Barton, behind you!"
The sound of Clint struggling in his fight was one you knew you would never get out of your head.
That sound was only made worse by the sound of both Clint and the intruder falling to the ground.
Then the sound of Clint's shirt tearing as the knife pierced his skin.
"He's hit!" Natasha yelled, running across the room to pick her best friend up off the floor.
While the intruder struggled to regain his composure, from being knocked to the floor himself, Natasha delivered a perfectly executed knockout punch.
Clint screamed in pain as he tried to stop the bleeding.
Natasha raced to his side while thor tied up the unconscious intruder.
"You okay?"
Clint groaned in pain, but said, "I'll survive."
"Guys, there might be more of them coming."
Mustering every bit of strength he had left, Clint stood up and everyone prepared themselves once more for a fight.
But the fight never came, instead, the elevator doors slid open and in came Steve and Tony.
The alarm turned off.
"Where's my daughter?" Tony demanded, seeing the smashed window and the bleeding archer.
Clint pointed weakly to where you and Pepper were still hiding, and Tony ran over, helping you both up,
"Daddy, you're hurt," you said after he had hugged you, pointing to a scrape on his forehead.
"Daddy's fine, Sweetie," he assured you, cupping your face in his hands, "I'm just glad you're okay."
What happened next happened so fast Tony knew there was nothing he could have done, but he would replay it over and over again in his head until the day he died. He would blame himself for eternity.
Your eyes widened and you broke out of your father's grasp, running over to the man who had been tied up.
Somehow, he had broken free.
You weren't sure what your plan was. All you knew was that he had a gun pointed at your father's exposed back.
"No!" Tony screamed.
But it was too late. The man had pulled the trigger.
Tony watched helplessly, as the bullet travelled at full speed, headed straight for your heart.
When it hit you, all you could feel was pain. Then, everything went dark as your father watched you disappear in a cloud of green.
To be continued...
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checkingoutforheroes · 26 days ago
Mother's day.
Tumblr media
Carol: Morning Nat.
Natasha: Morning guys. Hey, have any of you seen Y/n?
Bucky: You lost a girl?! How?
Tony: You forgot to cherish her.
Wanda: Hey, don't tease her like that. I saw Y/n this morning. She had to leave early for school but she left me this. For you.
Natasha: it's 30 minutes earlier. Is she planning something?
Bucky: Is that a clue?
Carol: It's a card and she's not been kidnapped, Bucky.
Wanda: Open it. I've been restraining myself from open it. Open it Nat.
Natasha: Dear mother,
I just wanted to tell you that mother's day would not be possible without me (your daughter). So, I'll be waiting for my present in my room when I'm back from school. Happy mother's day. 💖
Ps: I'll even act surprise ;)
Your baby.
Tony: She's out of line, but she's right.
Natasha: Haven't I given her enough?
Wanda: You given her enough Nat. Even if she didn't get it from you, she'd asked Tony for it.
Natasha: please tell me you are not buying her those game that she's been begging me for.
Tony: N.. no.. I'm not buying it...
Natasha: Thank you.
Tony: ...because I already bought it.
Natasha: TONY!
Tony: What?! I love that kid!
Carol: Is this how people celebrate mother's day nowadays?
Wanda: I believe it was just 'Y/n' way.
Bucky: Thank god I'm not the father.
Natasha: Is it? 😏
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ynscrazylife · 29 days ago
i’m a simple gal...... i like seeing natasha being overprotective and a little homicidal SO could i please request some cute mentor!almost itherlynat x reader? maybe reader gets badly hurt during training or someone on the team hurts her feelings? mamabear stabs? 🥺
More Than A Mentor | n.r fluff fic
Summary: After an accident, Y/N realizes her and Natasha’s relationship goes beyond mentor and mentee.
Authors Note: Thank you for requesting! I’ve missed writing Marvel/Natasha.
MCU Masterlist #1 | MCU Masterlist #2 | Main Masterlist
Request to be on a Taglist (or multiple) here! (Taglists are at the end of the fic)
PSA: Do NOT copy, steal, translate, plagiarize, republish, etc any of my works on Tumblr or any other platform. Also, do NOT claim any of my works as your own. All of works are either requests I’ve gotten that people have wanted me to write or original ideas I’ve had for works. If you happen to take inspiration from anything I’ve written and want to write something inspired by that, please a) ask me first and b) IF I say yes, credit me as inspo in your post by tagging me and link whatever work of mine that inspired you. Thanks.
header c @/marvelocks
Tumblr media
Natasha was not an easy mentor, and Y/N learned that quickly. She was understanding and patient, yes, but she also knew when to push Y/N and went to be a little stricter. 
The thing was, Y/N was never completely sure what side she’d get of her mentor at what time - though she found herself not having to worry about it after . . . The Accident. 
That disastrous day would go down in the team’s history, yet no one liked to talk about it. It was a day Y/N would never forget: it changed . . . everything.
It was one of the rare days that Y/N wasn’t training with Natasha. She had a meeting with Fury so Steve filled in for her. Y/N was not accustomed to training with a super soldier, and had to quickly adjust (it didn’t make it any easier that he had his shield, too). 
She was doing well - at least, she wanted to think that she was - and so far had deflected almost every punch from Steve, managing to get one or two punches against him herself. 
Nonetheless, the air was knocked out of her when Steve slammed her against the mat. She grunted, angry only fueling the pain when she saw that stupid smirk on his face, and used that to her advantage; he wouldn’t expect her to recover so quickly (and in truth, neither did she) but she did it anyway, throwing all her weight against the Captain. She secured he legs around his waist like Natasha taught her and, using the strength in her legs and pushing his broad shoulders, just about managed to get herself out from being pinned on the mat. Now, though, they were both sorta sitting on the mat, so Y/N kneed him in the chest, pushing him down. 
“You’re good,” he whispered, just slightly out of breath, before he - seemingly without using any strength at all - threw her to the side where she rolled. 
Y/N cursed under her breath, getting her feet. It was impossible to win against a super-soldier! Think, Y/N, think, what did Natasha teach you? Cmon! 
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Steve grabbing his shield, and got in a stance to either catch it or evade it - she hadn't decided yet - when yells distracted her. In her hyped up, adrenaline-pumped state, the first thing that came to Y/N’s mind was that someone was hurt. She was about to call of the training when a large, solid force smacked into her stomach, sending her flying into the air where she hit the wall, losing consciousness. 
Steve's eyes widened, not thinking it’d actually hit her, and jumped into action. “Who the hell screamed?” The blonde yelled as he ran to his fallen teammate. He carefully turned her on her back and looked her over for injuries, seeing bruises and bleeding starting to form on her stomach and ankle and her head bleeding. 
Bucky and Sam practically crashed inside the room, trying to beat each other. 
“He threatened me!” Sam exclaimed. 
“He tried to steal my metal arm!” Bucky defended. 
Both men came to a screeching halt when they digested the scene, though. Steve rolled his eyes at his idiotic friends and tried to put pressure on Y/N’s head wound. “Sam, get Bruce, please. Tell him to prepare med - and Bucky, get Natasha. She’ll want to be here,” he ordered, and the men nodded, guilty. 
Steve carefully picked Y/N up in his arms and hoisted her into the air, carrying her to med where Bruce and Helen were, Sam explaining the situation to them. Instantly, Helen jumped into action. She instructed Steve to lay Y/N down on one of the med’s beds and then ushered the men out of the room, where she then began grabbing various medical things and assessing Y/N’s injuries, instructing Bruce to hook her up to an IV.
Steve and Sam stood outside, not saying a word to each other, both pacing back and forth. They did not have to be silent for long, though, because pounding footsteps soon approached and the men looked up to see a very furious Natasha with Bucky trailing behind her. 
The redhead’s eyes fell onto the closed med doors and huffed, turning back to Steve. “I leave her with you for training one day and she gets hurt?!” She demanded, crossing her arms and glaring at him. 
Steve swallowed. “Nat, I-” He began to say, but was cut off. 
“What happened?” Natasha asked. 
Steve glanced up at her, first irritated when she asked him a question and then interrupted him whilst he was answering, but backed off when he saw the urgency, the nervousness in her eyes; she was scared. Scared that Y/N was really hurt and guilty. 
“We were training. I threw my shield at her, expecting her to catch it or duck . . . But Sam and Buck distracted her and it hit her,” he said, not wanting to throw his friends under the bus but also knowing he had to be truthful.
Natasha stood in place, processing the information. She took a breath, and had almost completely calmed down when Bucky decided to open his mouth.
“Y’know, if anything we tested her. What if someone yelled during a mission? Is she gonna get distracted then?” He mumbled, not really meaning it but wanting to spare him and Sam Natasha’s wrath.
Karma’s a bitch, though, because it did the exact opposite.
If you blinked you’d miss it: Natasha swiftly turned and pushed Bucky against the wall, pinning him there with his hands above his hand.
“Don’t you dare start blaming this on Y/N, you hear me?” She said in a low tone, glaring.
Bucky quickly nodded and Natasha released him. When she did, the door opened and Helen appeared.
“She’ll be okay—” Helen began, and Natasha let out a breath of relief, “—but she does need to be off training for at least a month. She has a concussion, broken ankle, and . . . the shield sort of stabbed her in her stomach.”
It took a couple moments for all four to digest this. Steve paled and Natasha’s crossed arms for tighter as she bit her lip. “Can I see her?” She asked.
“She’s still unconscious, but yes,” Helen answered, nodding.
Natasha almost failed to contain the gasp lurching to leave her throat when she saw Y/N, all bandaged up. The spy gulped and sat down beside her, not knowing what else to do other than sit there, and had no clue what she’d say when Y/N woke up because she sure as hell wasn’t leaving her. Thankfully, Natasha had some time to think it out.
Almost a day later and Natasha hadn’t left — Clint had convinced her to go sleep and eat for a couple hours, but that was it — and now, Y/N woke up.
“Ms. Romanoff?” Y/N murmured in a haze of confusion, squinting her eyes to see her mentor curled up in a chair, reading a big book.
Natasha snapped her head up and immediately sat forward, a smile covering her face. “Y/N! You’re awake? How are you feeling? And how many times have I told you to call me ‘Natasha’?”
Y/N blushed but nodded. “I’m fine, probably the painkillers’ doing though . . . How long was I out?” She said.
“Around a day,” Natasha answered.
“Did you . . . Did you stay here?” Y/N asked again, a little smaller this time, playing with her blanket.
“Most of it, yeah,” Natasha murmured, relaxing into the chair.
“Really? You’re-you’re not mad?” Y/N said, eyes wide and jaw dropped in surprised.
Natasha scrunched her face up. “What? No — of course I’m not mad! You’re like my daughter! How could I be—?”
Natasha was cut off by Y/N’s loud, yet thankful gasp. The teenager sat up and wrapped her arms around Natasha and, after a moment, Natasha smiled and wrapped her arms around her too.
Y/N truly was like her daughter, and mothers were always protective over their children.
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