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"What If...?" episodes as anime series:
Captain Carter: My Hero Academia (this is the closest one I could think of)
Star-Lord T'Challa: Cowboy Bebop (alternatively, Outlaw Star)
World Lost its Mightiest Heroes: Danganronpa
Strange Supreme: Steins;Gate
Marvel Zombies: High School of the Dead
Killmonger Saved Tony Stark: Code Geass
Party Thor: Grand Blue
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Theory: MCU Kate Bishop’s dad was murdered and Kate is trying to avenge him
My arguing points:
1) Kate is a fangirl of Hawkeye...but decided to cosplay as Ronin. Ronin is recognized as a dangerous serial killer who goes after crime syndicates, so choosing to go as Ronin indicates that Kate may have a dark side.
2) Ronin is symbolic of Clint losing his family. So that symbolism might come into play with Kate’s character.
3) Eleanor Bishop, Kate’s mom, was cast. Suspiciously, no one has been announced for Kate’s father. It’s almost like...he’s not in the show...for a certain reason...
4) MCU Clint Barton’s main appeal is that he’s a dad/father figure. If that’s the angle that the show is going for with Clint and Kate’s relationship, then Kate must have no father figure in her life. Otherwise, it’s awkward for them to have that relationship when Kate’s actual dad is still around.
5) It would fit with the theme of vengeance that the show is going for. Clint is dealing with the consequences of his vengeance-fueled rampage. Yelena Belova wants vengeance for Nat. So it’d make sense if Kate is trying to avenge someone who was close to her. 
6) This one’s a stretch but Kate’s line that people call her “the world’s greatest archer”? What if that’s what her dad called her?
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Imagine if this is how the dance arc will go in the next few “Kaguya-Sama” chapters:
1) Ishigami and Miko both get ready for the dance separately. Ishigami learns how to dance while Miko begins strategizing on how to move their budding relationship along. They’re currently on “dance partner” level, but Miko wants to get to the “dating” level.
2) The dance arrives and everything seems to be going fine...
3) ...then Tsubame shows up. Immediately, everyone starts worrying that Ishigami will relapse and abandon Miko. Miko leaves the scene, upset.
4) Ishigami talks to Tsubame and we learn that she’s here just to meet with her high school friends. They chat like old times. It’s at that moment that Ishigami realizes he’s no longer blushing around Tsubame. He’s completely moved on.
5) Ishigami excuses himself and goes after Miko. Miko says that she was trying to give Ishigami space so he can talk to Tsubame. Ishigami then says something along the lines of, “Well, I didn’t want to come to the dance with Tsubame. I wanted to go with you.”
6) Miko and Ishigami walk back to the auditorium and have their dance. 
7) After the dance, Miko and Ishigami walk home together. On the way, they encounter something wild like Hayasaka in a duck costume. Hayasaka says, “I can explain”, leading to the next few chapters which will focus on what the other characters were doing while Miko and Ishigami had their moment.
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I know that everyone’s talking about the cast for the upcoming Mario movie, but I just wanted to point out that the directors are the creators of “Teen Titans Go”. Just wanted to put that out there.
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Not trying to contradict since there’s plenty of good points, but Nick Fury was in the hospital because of Thor’s party. I’m just saying, I get why she’d be less than happy at Thor and wouldn’t want to party with everyone. I mean, I wouldn’t party it up with a guy who put my best friend in the hospital. 
Party Thor episode of What If? was fine, but am I the only one who kinda hates that they chose to cast Carol as the stick in the mud Party Cop?
Tumblr media
I’ve always hated the notion some fans have of Carol as this No Fun, plank of wood character, and I think this episode feeds into that perception, intentionally or not.
I know I’m in the minority with this opinion, but at least as far as I understood Carol in her own movie, she’d ABSOLUTELY be at Thor’s Party for a good time [even if a good time for her would probably entail laughing off to the side while she encouraged other people to do dumb shit]. Heck, I could see her and Thor fighting for fun before anything else.
This is the girl who hits up the bar to belt out at karaoke, and who spent most of her movie wryly poking at and trolling people like an intergalactic superheroine Bugs Bunny.
I know I’m harping on basically nothing, and that What If’s writers have been incredibly loose with characterization all around all season, but the choice to make Carol the straight laced foil while everyone else has fun rubs me the wrong way. It makes me wonder if someone at Marvel Studios maybe lost the thread on how to characterize her.
Tumblr media
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So all of us should know by now that MCU Clint Barton was based primarily on Ultimate Clint Barton (I’m side-eyeing anyone who claims that Marvel didn’t pull from the comics with their take on Clint). Now, although it’s extremely unlikely, I was thinking that to balance Kate out, they might incorporate some elements of her Ultimate counterpart along with her regular 616 version.
I looked up Ultimate Kate Bishop and this is what I found out:
1) Ultimate Kate is a goth girl who wears fishnet leggings and has red streaks in her hair
2) She’s Miles Morales’ girlfriend and classmate
3) Her parents are HYDRA
I’m just saying, if any of those things happen in the Hawkeye show, you know where they got the idea from. 
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Almost forgot to write this. So, during my break from Tumblr, I took my parents to go see “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”. Now, I always take my parents to the biggest movie out at the time, but usually it’s only my dad who gets invested. My mom doesn’t really like going to the theaters and tends to fall asleep, especially if it’s an action movie. 
This was one of the few times where she didn’t fall asleep once. My sister and I honestly couldn’t believe it since we’ve never seen her that invested in an action movie before. Honestly, I think the last time she was fully invested in a Hollywood action movie was the first Iron Man movie, all the way back in 2008.
So kudos made an action movie that got my mom invested. And that’s no small feat. 
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Howard the Duck MCU spin-off fancast:
(In case Howard ever gets his own live-action Disney Plus series. It’s definitely not going to be a movie, that’s for sure)
1) Seth Green as Howard the Duck
Tumblr media
2) Daisy Ridley as Beverly Switzler (Howard’s love interest)
Tumblr media
3) Will Ferrell as Lester Verde / Doctor Bong (the main villain)
Tumblr media
4) Pedro Pascal as Ted Sallis / Man-Thing (the tritagonist / Howard’s best friend)
NOTE: Pedro plays Ted before he’s transformed into Man-Thing. Also, if it were up to me, I’d use the R.L. Stine version of Man-Thing where Ted is still sentient and can talk.
Tumblr media
5) Lili Reinhart as Gwendolyn Poole / Gwenpool (one of Howard’s allies)
Tumblr media
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So even though “What If...?” is non-canon to the regular MCU, the episodes do give us some interesting insight on the characters in the main universe:
1) Peggy Carter liked Steve Rogers before the Super-Soldier serum. 
(EDIT: Since people keep misinterpreting my point here, we get canon confirmation about this point in What If whereas it’s only heavily implied in the MCU) 
2) T’Challa wants to change the world for the better. When he was raised as a king, he approached world issues through more diplomatic means. When he was raised as a ravager, he took on a more direct approach. Regardless, T’Challa is a good dude who wants to help people.
3) Hank Pym has an inner darkness that he struggles with. We saw that in the “Ant-Man” movie when he told Darren Cross that he saw too much of himself in him. Then, we saw his darkness in full display in “What If...?” when he took out the Avengers.
4) Doctor Strange is extremely obsessive, to the point of being borderline reckless. We saw that with his determination to fix his hands, as well as his attempts to reverse Christine Palmer’s death.
5) Vision is just as madly in love with Wanda as she is with him. Wanda trapped a whole town in her made-up world just so she can settle down with Vision, whereas Vision fed people to zombie Wanda because he couldn’t bring himself to put her down. 
6) Erik Killmonger is straight up a cruel human being. “Black Panther” actually portrayed him in a more sympathetic light by showing how horrible his childhood was and having him die peacefully. But in “What If...?”, you see the full extent of his cruelty. 
7) Thor and Loki are dumbasses who just want to have a good time. Thor’s always been a himbo, but as we see in “What If...?”, he would’ve been far worse if he didn’t have people guiding him. And as for Loki, we already knew he was a party animal based on “Thor Ragnarok” and his own show. “What If...?” essentially said that he’d be an even bigger party animal had he been raised properly. 
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I don’t know if this has been pointed out already but it’s lowkey funny that Iman Vellani (actress playing Kamala Khan) is an Iron Man fan who made a tribute video to Tony, whereas her character is a hardcore Captain Marvel stan. 
*Civil War II vibes in the distance*
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Okay but imagine the post credit for Spider-Man Far From Home is a bunch of gang members meeting asking who called them then you hear Jon Bernthal’s voice as he comes out of the darkness as he returns as the Punisher with Ray Stevenson Punisher, Thomas Jane Punisher and Dolph Lundgren Punisher.
I think you meant "Spider-Man: No Way Home" but YES, THIS WOULD BE AWESOME.
I'd happily watch "The Punisher: Into the Punisher-Verse". I'm already fancasting Katherine Waterston as fem!Frank Castle and Jason Momoa as the voice and mo-cap of Frank Carple/The Pun-fish-er.
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I think Wenwu is my new favorite villain from the movies. Yes, we know he's power hungry so that's not something to be ignored. But I really like how the movie humanized him as well and in the end he was just a guy who really missed his wife.
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Since Supreme Leader Ultron has the stones, you think he can see the Watcher and he’s gonna try something at him and we get to see his true strength?
Probably. Ultron's definitely enough of a threat that it forces the Watcher to intervene (as seen in the previews), so I can see this happening.
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Well...not trying to contradict the post, but from what I understand of the comics, “What If...?” is more like anti-fanfiction. It’s definitely fanfiction, but it’s purposefully done in a way to make the readers appreciate canon more. Like, they’ll show a messed up AU scenario as a way of saying, “Gee golly, it’s a good thing that didn’t happen in the canon! Isn’t canon awesome?”
The show definitely follows the comics in that regard since I think we’ve only had two good scenarios out of seven episodes lol.
I know everyone is saying that What If…? Is basically Marvel’s version of fanfiction, but if that’s so I’d like to say something.
If What If…? Is fanfiction, can they at least do some popular tropes??? Like I would pay GOOD MONEY to watch an episode that’s just “Peter Parker’s field trip to Stark Industries” or “Avengers movie night.” Bonus points if Tony Stark doesn’t die. Like could you imagine???? It would be SO COOL!! I just aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
This is why there needs to be fandom consultants in big companies because I BET YOU that if this actually happened the internet would implode. Like literally.
So yeah, if anyone in Marvel is seeing this, please use this idea imbeggingyou T-T
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Ms. Marvel confirmed for 2022. While it sucks that we’ll have to wait a little longer for Kamala, I get the decision. “What If...?” is going to bleed into October, then “Hawkeye” starts late November. While “Ms. Marvel” could’ve been playing during that space in-between, I feel that there should be some breathing room. That’s a LOT of Marvel content in a short amount of time. Plus, “Eternals” comes out during that space between the Disney shows, so it’s not like nothing is happening. 
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That moment you realize Ishimiko was set up all the way back in “Kaguya-Sama” chapter 103:
Remember Operation Friendship that Kobachi and Miyuki set up? Let’s go through each mission one more time:
Mission 1: Compliment each other 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mission 2: Ear cleaning (and the drawing that Koba used was Ishigami laying his head on Miko’s lap)
Tumblr media
Mission 3: Feed each other (specifically, Ishigami feeds Miko)
Tumblr media
So if this really was Aka’s plan, the next steps in Operation Friendship are:
Mission 4: Bridal carry (maybe this will happen during the dance?)
Mission 5: Pocky game (this is probably going to be their first kiss)
And although this isn’t a mission, Koba’s the one who finally gets the two to get together. Which means the last step is likely going to be about the Sutera flower.
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