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Okay, I know I wrote that I was going on a mental health break, but I need to share this thought I just had. I legit just blew my own mind lol.
So there’s a fan theory going around that Rami Malek’s character in the next James Bond movie is going to be revealed as Dr. No. There’s a lot of similarities with the characters, plus it’d make sense if the Daniel Craig era ended with him facing off against a classic Bond villain. But you know what I haven’t seen people point out? 
The movie is called “NO Time to Die”. (EDIT: Also, he wears Noh masks! Like, come on!)
Alright, back to my social media blackout.
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Going to take a few days off of social media. Mental health break. See y’all in a few days.
(possibly next Thursday since I’ll probably be reviewing the next Kaguya-Sama chapter)
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Concept for “What If” season 2: What if...Odin placed Mjolnir in Ta Lo rather than New Mexico?
Hypothetical write-up of the episode:
1) Thor tries to reclaim his hammer but is immediately pushed back by the guardians of Ta Lo. 
2) Dweller-in-Darkness tempts Thor into getting his hammer back. It promises Thor revenge on the Jotuns and Odin’s forgiveness if he frees him from captivity.  
 NOTE: Without Jane, Darcy, and Dr. Selvig, Thor doesn’t go on a life-changing journey that leads to him becoming a better man. Also, Thor slips into villain territory thanks to the Dweller-in-Darkness’ influence.
3) Thor teams up with Wenwu (who got the hallucinations of his wife early because of Thor’s presence) and the two form a plan to raid Ta Lo.
4) Young Shang-Chi is brought along the raid on Ta Lo, despite disagreeing with the action.
5) Shang-Chi turns on the Ten Rings after realizing that their plan to free the Dweller-in-Darkness would spell doom on the world. 
6) To fight Thor and the Ten Ring army, Shang-Chi goes for Mjolnir...and LIFTS IT. 
7) Finale of the episode is Shang-Chi using Mjolnir to stop Thor and the Ten Rings. Thor is killed (this version of Thor kinda deserves it) while Wenwu makes his retreat. Shang-Chi presumably takes over the role of Thor in this universe. 
8) Loki is still ruler of Asgard. He proceeds to destroy Jotunheim, ending the episode on a bleak note.
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The newest chapter of “Kaguya-Sama” was like a flip on the whole misunderstanding trope that the series does. Usually, it’s people doing something innocuous that someone else misinterprets as something dirty. But here...the dirty thing was what was actually happening. 
Like, Kaguya assumed the worst when she heard Hayasaka and Miyuki in the other room. True, it was just Hayasaka trying to get Miyuki to wear contacts. But a few minutes earlier, she was actually trying to lick his eyeball to see if he had a fetish for that. She was just kidding, of course, but still.
Aka was playing 4-D chess with us. It’s like he was saying, “What if the misunderstanding was a misunderstanding...except it wasn’t because the misunderstanding was actually what was happening.”
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So with the post-credits scene in “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” implying that Fin Fang Foom (a giant space dragon) is coming, I can see the sequel being about two things:
1) Shang-Chi bonding with Fin Fang Foom. From the comics, whoever wields the ten rings of power can control Fin, so the movie could be a “How to Train Your Dragon”-style story with Shang-Chi trying to tame Fin.
2) Since Shang-Chi doesn’t even want the rings, the movie could also be about people trying to claim them for themselves. Remember, the rings don’t just give the user superpowers, they’re a symbol of the Ten Rings organization. The rings give you power both literally and figuratively.
Regarding the second point, whoever is after the rings will likely be the main villain of the sequel. So I can see the villain either being:
1) Xu Xialing. I know she was a good guy in the first movie but the second post-credits scene indicates otherwise. I can definitely see the plot being that she wants the rings because she’s viewed as an illegitimate leader by the Ten Rings organization. Think about it like this; Wenwu commanded respect since he had the rings. Since Xialing doesn’t have them, why should the organization respect her?
EDIT: Also, Xialing is implied to be just as power-hungry as Wenwu. So even without the legitimacy angle, it’d make sense if she goes against her brother because she wants the rings for herself. 
2) A hidden half-sibling who wants the rings for the same reason as above. Keep in mind, Shang-Chi in the comics is always beefing with his siblings. It’d be in line with the comics if the main villain of the sequel turns out to be his half-brother or half-sister that he didn’t know about. 
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It’s confirmed
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kurt Goreshter is the STRONGEST AVENGER. No questions, comments, or complaints at this time.
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If Jimmy Woo does get his rumored spin-off show with Darcy Lewis, I want them to pull a “Shang-Chi reveals he’s a kung fu master on the bus” type move that’ll make Jimmy more like his comic book counterpart. Something along the lines of villain henchmen approaching Jimmy, which leads to Jimmy dispatching all of them with ease. 
Then we learn later on the episode that Jimmy is an ex-SHIELD agent who had to lie low after the 2014 SHIELD-HYDRA War. So the dopey, friendly demeanor he had in “WandaVision” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp” was just a cover identity to throw people off. Have Clint Barton show up to tell Darcy that Jimmy was one of the most dangerous SHIELD agents at the time to top it all off.
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i do in fact appreciate how shang-chi took time to teach katy how to pronounce his name properly
because that’s basically how it goes for me too
we teach our friends that want to learn the non anglicized pronounciation a few times, but after they can’t get it we nod and smile and move on
i’ve done this so many times in my life and to see it on screen makes me feel recognized and that i’m not alone in this phenomenon where we’re made to adjust ourselves to society’s comfort
we live with this clashing identity our whole lives where at home it’s pronounced properly but outside of that it’s anglicized
not only is our name anglicized but our manners differ outside of our homes we well which is clearly shown throughout the movie
his jacket is even revealed to be double sided when shang-chi faces his fathers men the first time on the bus
his secret identity has his character perfectly represent the asian american experience
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Okay but what if for Secret Invasion, we get a scene where Fury and Talos infiltrate some Skrull prison then we see the people the Skrulls have kidnapped like Alexei, Yelena, Sif, Melina, Happy, Jimmy, Darcy, Katey Chen, Karli, Lemar, etc and finally Sharon who attacks Fury when she's free thinking it's one of their diversion tactics which is pose as the Avengers and free them but Sharon is smart enough to know they're lying. Also we get a humorous escape scene with Alexei trying to pilot an alien ship.
Yes, yes. I like it. But maybe not Karli or Lemar since it doesn't really make sense to bring them back. Like, if they were Skrulls, we should've seen them change back to their regular forms once they died.
But give me Alexei trying to pilot a spaceship, that'd be hilarious.
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Okay but imagine What If season 2 adapts the Powerless and Ruins stories? Like a universe where the heroes are just normal people and a universe where everyone’s origin stories went wrong leading to either death, disfigurements or mental trauma.
Oohhh, I'd love that. To add to this, I want to see them do "Spider-Man Reign" where Peter's an old guy and he accidentally killed Mary Jane with his radioactive semen lol.
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Between Sam and Killmonger, who do you think would win in a fight?
Oof...tough question. I'd say it depends on the kind of fight we're talking about. If it's hand-to-hand, then Killmonger. If we're going full gear (Sam with wings and shield, Killmonger with Black Panther powers), then 50/50. Even then, Sam's in the fight for his life because he struggled with super-soldiers before (John and Bucky).
So I might have to give the edge to Killmonger. Sorry Cap.
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Concept for Hawkeye:
In the spirit of Christmas, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop decide to go the Home Alone route in order to deal with the Tracksuit Mafia. Like in Home Alone, the scene starts out all happy and jolly with Clint and Kate setting up the traps. But then when we get to the actual sequence, the scene becomes morbidly hilarious when the criminals start getting axed off by the seemingly innocent traps.
For example: The Hawkeyes set up a trap where a criminal will slip on some marbles. The criminal does slip...but they end up landing on their head and snapping their neck.
As the carnage unfolds, Kate looks at Clint in shock and says, “But...Home Alone made the traps look so innocent”. Clint then says something along the lines of, “Did you really think that tossing a brick at someone’s head would be non-lethal? Come on now.”
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Out of all the “expert reviews movies/TV shows about their expertise” videos on YouTube, my all-time favorite has to be the one where an ancient history professor reviews battle tactics. It’s mainly because he pointed out how stupid it was that the 2004 Troy movie featured the Trojans putting wooden stakes on the beach.
Like...what were they planning to stop with those things? Tanks don’t exist yet and the Greek army could just walk right past them. Even as a kid, I was wondering what the point of those stakes were. 
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Concept for Hawkeye:
So after hearing Clint Barton’s side of what happened at Vormir, Yelena Belova decides to abandon her mission and join the Hawkeyes against the Tracksuit Mafia. As a way of saying sorry, she offers Clint and Kate a Christmas gift.
However, the gift turns out to be really shitty, like it’s a meal from Burger King or something. And Yelena says something along the lines of, “I had like two hours to work with, okay. I would’ve gotten you two something like clothes but all the shops had lines as long as Thanos chin.”
Clint would then roll his eyes while Kate would eat the burger since she’s starving from all the running.
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This is extremely random but something that still bothers me to this day is that in the episode of “Deadliest Warrior” where they pit a ninja against a Spartan, they had the ninja sneak up on the Spartan. But then the ninja yelled for no reason and gave himself away. Like, there wouldn’t even be a battle if the ninja had remembered that they were a ninja.
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