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hiyorelia · a year ago
I wish I could give my life to someone who actually wants to live it. I feel like it's not fair. There are People who are about to die, though want to keep living so badly.. I wish I could just switch places with them.
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fruitydiaz · 5 months ago
me: okay time to go do life no more silly thoughts about the firefighter show
me not 5 seconds later: so um *crying* another thing-
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bit3mefck3r · 3 months ago
Most of you have been asking for the link to my OF. Welp, help yahselfs 🥰
Tumblr media
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anastasiasyah · a year ago
You told me I was loveless and heartless for hurting you But let me ask you this question: Where was your heart when you destroyed me and called it love?
“Maybe We’re Both Fucked, After All”, Repressed Feelings
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rachel1992 · 8 days ago
My boyfriend's best friend
Tumblr media
Ansel: Hey friend, remember not to mess anything up until she arrives, understand? You who come from entering and leave everything lying everywhere.
Tom: Yes brother, calm down. I'm not going to dirty anything or leave anything lying around, just until she arrives, then she will have to get used to it - Tom said smiling jokingly
Ansel: Now we will no longer live alone, now there will be a woman with us and we have to behave as such - Ansel said rolling his eyes
Tom: Don't tell me, you decided to invite her to live here
Ansel: I know, but she is my girlfriend Tom, she has a terrible relationship with his parents, she can no longer live in that hell, and his sister is traveling. I thought he was going to say no when he invited her to come over for a few days but no ... she said yes, and now she will live with us
Tom: I know, it was a joke. Do not give me explanations friend, it's your girl I understand - Tom said while putting on his training pants - just stay calm that I will find an apartment for me as soon as I can, so I do not bother you so much, because the one who will be and will be put in. I, not her - she said laughing
Ansel: Friend, you live here with me before her, you do not need to find any other apartment, you will stay here with us, do not make a problem and less with her, they will surely get along very well
Tom: Yes, surely ..
Tom took the bag from him, waving to Ansel before leaving.
Tom: Well, I'll go to train in the afternoon I'll be back and the surprise will be there, right? -Smile-
Ansel: Yes, by the afternoon she will already be here
Tom: I'll bring something for a welcome snack then, bye
Ansel: Bye -he said laughing as he kept tidying up the apartment a bit
______ _______ (Your name) was the girlfriend of Ansel Ergot, Tom Holland's best friend. They were together a month ago, they always saw each other in another place, so Tom still did not know him personally, he only knew her through photos of her.
______ had too many problems in his house and he no longer wanted to continue being there, Ansel when he found out about this offered him to stay in his apartment as much as she wanted and he accepted, even knowing that his best friend lived with him, he did not make a problem any.
What neither of them knew was that Tom's presence in the apartment and in their relationship would change everything.
Ansel: Well beautiful, welcome to my apartment –said Ansel opening the door for ______ to pass -
______: Wow love, it's beautiful! –She answered surprised
Ansel: yes, he is not? Let me help you with your bags, I'll put them in the room
______: I really can't believe I'm already far from that hell that was living with my parents, I'm very happy honey, thanks to you!
Ansel: Don't thank me, I would do anything for you baby –answered Ansel, taking her by the waist to kiss her-
______: I will sleep with you, true?
Ansel: Not with Tom –she answered jokingly she, ______ laughed when she heard him- Of course you will sleep with me
______: And where is your friend? He doesn't come to welcome me? Or you don't really like it coming right?
Ansel: Of course not silly! I don't mind you coming and now he's training, but he'll be back in a few minutes
______: Okay, I hope we get along Ansel: He said the same, stay calm I'm sure they will get along very well...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
vote and comment what you think of the prologue and how the story began
translation: rachel1992
author: Hott-Holland
write: 33k
until next time
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sex-storytime · 9 months ago
The sun was setting over the mountains and the fur trees swayed gently in the cold wind. The memory of his touch was still fresh, like the maddening breeze against her skin. Now he was standing right in front of her- a man, her man, the man she had always wanted. She could feel his arousal as he slowly walked towards her, putting his arms around her, he lifted her up with his arms around her waist. Her thin skirt was flying with the wind heightening the sensation in her vagina. As he started to kiss her- nearly assaulting her with his mouth she felt the man holding her tightly.
He was kissing her neck and shoulders by the time her breathing returned to some normalcy after she broke the passionate kiss. His hands had moved to her hips and he was caressing them over her thin skirt, tugging and teasing the sides of her panties. 
While picking her up he could feel the ever expanding bulge in his trousers. She never needed to do much to arouse him, and now her scent was filling his mind. He knew he will have to fight a tough battle with his instincts if he had to make it enjoyable for her. He carried her into the snowbound cabin they had rented for their honeymoon. It was perfect, nestled in a valley with a backdrop of nature at its most beautiful best and not another human being for miles and miles. While carrying her to the bedroom he was caressing her back and teasing her bra strap before finally snapping it open. Her moans were getting louder and louder, that she was enjoying every bit of this made his penis only happier.
A fire already burned furiously in the fireplace, spitting in envy and casting its flickering glow into the room. Large mirrors were positioned around and above the comfortable looking king size bed. The temperature contrast upon her exposed skin felt intense, from the sudden cold of the frosty, beautiful landscape to this... warm, snug, inviting. They were wearing far too many clothes.
He put her down on the bed and she jumped to hug him- she wanted him to stay close. He responded by putting his hands in her blouse caressing her back and then lifting her open bra slightly and softly massaging her breasts, her reaction bordered on being violent she shrieked with pleasure and he responded by a deep kiss and flick on the nipples. Then he removed her blouse and kept on kissing her- this time continuous short kisses, so that she would not feel breathless enough to break the kissing. 
Then he laid her on the bed, this time she didn't hug him. She knew he was admiring her breasts- how she looked half naked, she enjoyed the admiring look in his eyes. But not for long, he was licking and sucking her nipples like a madman and her loud moans only egged him on to do it harder. 
He moved one of his hands on top of her skirt while still sucking her breasts. Lifting her skirt with one hand he started to caress her vagina over her panties- this nearly pushed her over the edge and all she could do was to scream his name over and over again. The moment he inserted his finger into her vagina it was already drenched in her juices. This man’s first touch had instantly put her over the edge. Happy that he had aroused his bride so much, he moved his finger in and out she responded with moving up and down on his experienced hand. Then he inserted another finger to see her response, he was not disappointed, her oohs and aahs rhymed with his finger movements. 
The look on her face was that of a sexually aroused woman, she was in the throes of orgasm and was grinding her hips on his fingers. He knew should flow any moment and when she did he moved closer to her and slowly slipped her skirt off her. She was now lying naked in front of him. He was conscious of his hardening cock but decided to fully prepare his virginal bride for the final assault.
He kissed her mouth gently softly sucking on her lips and moved southwards down her neck to her breasts. He loved the taste of her hard nipples but decided to go for the bigger prize- her wet, fragrant hot vagina. The touch of his tongue on her pussy told her that another orgasm was in the offing. He licked and sucked her sex voraciously and she was moving her clitoris against his tongue. 
He could no longer contain his bulge in his trousers. It had grown big- bigger than he had ever seen. His fingers returned to her pussy, caressing, then rubbing in a furious assault before returning to soft, gentle strokes. Her labia were pouting for him. He pinched one her lips between his thumb and his index finger and began stroking it. Moving his hand up and down she began to shake. He took her other lip and repeated the torment. Up and down, up and down. He let two fingers slip inside her briefly giving her a quick finger fuck before he withdrew them in an excruciating slow process. She found herself humping at his fingers wanting to let herself cum. He pinched her clit in the same hold and began to jerk it. Jerking her off as she writhed and squirmed. He built her up time and time again pushing her to her limits.
Her legs began to tremble. She meekly met his eyes through the reflection on the mirror. “Please let me cum... I need to cum”. Her voice barely a whisper. 
Her turned her face and kissed her passionately. “Then cum for me”. His fingers slid in and out of her before he began working her clit... Rubbing his fingers side to side over her sensitive nub. Faster and faster she could feel herself sprung up like a coil, craving a release. She was almost there...his fingers deep inside her and he began to slow again. She whimpered.  
“Fuck yourself,” he whispered in her ear, “fuck yourself on my fingers and make yourself cum.” She began to buck like a wild animal form the woods, desperate for that climax, the soul destroying orgasm that would see her reborn as his woman. His mate.
“I want you to cum all over me.” He growled. She bucked her hips and writhed trying to find that perfect spot. She found her rhythm bouncing on his fingers. 
“Cum” he said, encouraging her “cum hard, my love.”. She held her breath. A deep primal moan cried out as her whole body exploded in pleasure. Wave after wave washed over her entire body. Her toes curled everything released. His free hand caught her as she collapsed breathless. He held his powerful, manly fingers inside her feeling her clench and relax as she pulsed around him. He let his fingers slide out wrapping her fully up in his arms. He held her tightly, hugging her letting her gather herself. They didn’t move for what seemed an eternity. He watched adoringly in the mirror as she licked her lips and giggled. He kissed her cheek. “I love you.”
Standing up, she turned around and he could see her erect nipples standing proudly on her pert, young breasts. He moaned and reached out with his hands, desperate to feel the soft yet firm flesh. He brushed her already hard nipples with his palms and slid his fingers down each nipple, tweaking them.
She gasped and putting her hands on his waist she pulled their bodies together, stealing glances into the mirror to watch as they drove their tongues deeper into each other's mouths.
They were running their hands up and down each other backs and again grinding their sexes into each other. It was his turn and he gasped aloud as his cock nuzzled against the centre of her heat. She moaned as she pulled away and lay back on the bed, spreading her legs, her unblinking eyes never leaving his prick.
She reached up and clasped his cock in her right hand, it felt hot... hard... yet supple and strong. He moaned as she slowly stoked it. She moved her left hand up and touched his balls with her fingertips. She tentatively moved forward and kissed the head of his cock. She stuck out her tongue and touched the tip of his penis. His hips moved back and her hand slid up his shaft. She pulled slightly, his hips reversed, and his cock touched her lips.
She stroked his member a few times and played with his balls, the tip of his cock never leaving her lips. After a short time she opened her mouth and moved her head forward letting the head of his cock slide between her wet lips. He moaned as more of his cock went into her mouth. She watched her cheeks hollow in the mirror and saw the pleasure he was feeling as she sucked on his cock.
She moved her hands up to his waist and pulled on it pushing more of his cock into her mouth. So far, they had both been moving very slowly, but they knew that could not last very much longer. Their marriage need to be consummated.
His beautiful wife swallowed more of his cock and slid her hands up his chest. She found his nipples and pinched them. He moaned and shoved his hips forward pushing more of his manhood into her mouth and down her throat. She pulled her head back and she watched intently as his wet cock reappeared from between her lips.
She pinched his hard nipples again and sucked on the first couple of inches of his cock, her head moving back and forth. After about a minute of sucking his cock and pinching his nipples, she let his cock fall from her mouth. She stood up and kissed him, forcing her tongue between his lips.
She stepped away from her lover. "Is this turning you on, husband?" she asked.
He nodded and said, "God yes. You?"
She moved to the head of the bed and pulled the blankets down. She crawled onto the bed and rolled over onto her back. She looked at him with fire burning in her eyes and said, "Fuck me. Now."
As she spread her legs, he crawled between them, his hard-on in one hand.
She raised her hips and used her fingers to spread her wet pussy lips apart. He ran the head of his cock up and down her wet snatch several times. She moaned and pushed her hips higher. He found the entrance to her pussy and pushed forward. His cock slid in and she gasped. In the mirror she watched as his cock disappeared into her body.
He started a slow fucking action, not letting his cock go all the way in. She moaned and fucked back, her head turned towards him, her eyes wide.
She wet her lips and said, "Oh husband, you feel good. Your long hard cock is wonderful."
He pulled himself out then moaned and shoved his cock back into her pink depths. She shrieked as his cock bottomed out and she started to fuck it harder and faster. He moaned her name and she knew he was going to cum quickly. They both needed the release. Looking up she watched herself get fucked in the ceiling mirror by the man she had chosen... it looked too good. It felt too good. She drew in a sharp breath and held it... but not for long. Her body spasmed and then shook in release. She slammed her hips up and came violently. He began to shudder as he pushed himself inside her red hot, wet vagina- she screamed his name but the sound turned into ecstasy fuelled noise, the pleasure was beyond words, beyond coherent sounds.
He could no longer control himself and yelled, "Oh fuck! I'm cumming!"
And he came. His cock was buried to the hilt in her receptive, fertile vagina and she groaned as his cum spurted and splashed into her. She came again and gasped, sucking in air through her clenched teeth. As his balls tightened and propelled his sperm through his throbbing, pulsing cock. Her spasming cervix sucked his pearlescent seed as it jetted from male to female. As the last blast flowed from him and into her they slowly fucked each other as they came down from their sexual peaks. As he gently pumped into her overworked pussy, he hugged her, took her into his arms and held her protectively, his penis sleeping in her vagina. 
She reached up, pulled his head down, and kissed him. He kissed her back and raised his hips, withdrawing his spent member.
They watched in the mirror as his slimy, cum juice coated cock slid from her pussy. It was getting soft and looked like a wet pink snake.
She sighed as he moved his strong body from her. With one hand on her tummy and the other holding her close he lay down next to her on his back and closed his eyes. They would be together forever. Joined.
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reallybadblackoutpoems · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
sequel to crab man (2020) - anonymous
“ur so great like crab. sausage meth”
“wow crab”
submitted by @minervaparadi-no​
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penypen · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
"𝕰𝖞𝖊𝖘.𝕿𝖍𝖔𝖘𝖊 𝖉𝖆𝖒𝖓 𝖊𝖞𝖊𝖘 𝖋𝖚𝖈𝖐𝖊𝖉 𝖒𝖊 𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖊𝖛𝖊𝖗." -𝕭𝖚𝖐𝖔𝖜𝖘𝖐𝖎
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owlhollyx · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Fuuuck I'm going to regret this tomorrow....
To many shotss
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