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bunnygirlelle · 20 hours ago
Rub my pussy through my panties while you kiss me ♡
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an-ftms-horny-jail · 2 days ago
I wanna be a good toy. A dildo to fuck yourself on whenever you're watching porn. A fleshlight to breed when works been long and you need someone to take the frustration out on. My feelings about it don't matter cause I belong to you, and you know I love it when you use my face like your favorite chair.
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yummydummy · 2 days ago
Go to sleep naked today because I'm about to sneak in to your house and fill you up on aphrodisiac drugs so you start wetting yourself completely sleep orgasming even before I start using you like a doll, and once you are shaken I will wake you up to fuck you hard as you struggle and cum with every trust.
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smutty-ki113r · a day ago
✖️Eyeless Jack✖️|| Lights Down Low
KinkTober Week 3. Day 10
NSFW||~ Drabble afab gn!reader, includes sensory deprivation, slight fear play, blindfold, gag, handcuffs, vibrator, caning (spanking//whipping) minors—dni. (1.6k)
Inspired by: Bei Maejor
Tumblr media
There was nothing you could feel, just darkness all around you. Your body unable to move, mouth failing to form words. The last thing you remembered was taking a nap with Jack by your side, you wondered if the lights had been turned off but it actually felt like there was something restricting your vision.
He stood in the corner of the room, watching avidly as you turned your head frantically. A blindfold covering your eyes, your hands and legs pried apart by handcuffs that were attached to the ends of the bed frame. You looked so appetizing like that, all spread out and uncovered, sweat beading at your chest as it heaved. Jack couldn’t help but breathe heavily at the sight, his mouth watering at the thought of having you.
The only thing you could sense was the breathing, it could have been Jack but you had never heard him so desperate, so hungry. It felt like a wild animal, you gave a whimper through the ball gag; you couldn’t help but cry at the uncertainty. Tears getting soaked up by the fold, his heart clenched.
Torn between wanting to devour you and letting you sob into his chest. Approaching you and letting out a growl of annoyance. Finally taking control of the cannibalistic beast inside and taking out his hunger in a different way. “You look so tasty” he spoke, you relaxed at the realization that it was in fact Jack. “Wanna have you so bad” he purred.
His tone sent shivers down your spine, a wave of heat to your core. Sultry ambiance setting in within the darkness, your blood pumping so fast you knew he could feel it, adrenaline rushing at the thought of being restricted, scared that he might lose control. “We’re gonna have a bit of fun, is that ok pet?” All you could do was nod, swallowing pooled saliva in a visible gulp as he chuckled darkly.
Now, you couldn’t feel anything other than the beat of your own heart thumping in your ears and the anticipation bubbling in your gut, slick pooling between your legs. “Are you getting wet?” He asked, nearing his face to your cunt and watching your inner thighs tighten. Hot breath fanning over your clit and making you groan around the gag, partly in response to his question. “Pathetic”
“You’re getting off on this” he said teasingly, “fucking whore who likes the thought of being hurt”. Jack grabbing the wand vibrator on the nightstand and turning it on, holding it close to your ear so you could hear the buzzing. Your pussy throbbing when he brushed it on chest, placing the tip on your nipple but just barely. Enough to get your bud hard as he licked the pad of his finger and swirled it around the heated area. It felt so good when he took it in between his fingers and squeezed.
An unintentional moan making its way around the gag at his gentle touches. Flicking it between his fingers and admiring how red you got. Bringing the vibrator down your stomach to press it on your pelvis, nearing your pearl so dangerously that you tried to jerk your hips forward. Big mistake, he pulled away and tutted, “if you don’t behave you won’t get to cum”.
Legs so far apart, letting him open your sex and pulse at how your lips stuck to the sides. He wouldn’t fall easy, you trying to hold back with he put the toy to your skin again, this time working from the bottom of your slit to your most heated area. Unable to hold back when he got to your clit, jerking forward again with a whimper. This time he didn’t take the vibrator away, instead giving you a slap across the face so hard he left a print. “I said behave”. You moaning around the gag at the stinging sensation, at the harder press of the vibrator for you taking it so well.
The burn so harsh that you couldnt stop clenching your teeth around the gag, saliva dribbling down the corners of your lips. Resting the toy on your clit and drawing circular motions to stimulate you, your mind lost in a lustful wonder as he drove you further into sinful indulgence. Not able to see, speak, or move, Jack had all the power to please you. A monster, a demon, that you were letting jerk you off. Your clit swelling at the hazy feeling that surrounded you.
Wanting to close your legs together so badly, it was too much, a wave of pleasure washing over you between every interval of the vibration. But you couldnt, forced to the edge of your orgasm before having it stripped away from you time and time again. Your cunt red and puffy from the abuse he was putting you through, your body in pain at the constant denial.
Crying and squirming at how he was treating you, hot all over and mumbling into the gag. Wanting to scream at him to just fuck you already but all that came out were whines, but Jack seemed to get the message. “Did you want my cock already?”
Giving just an ounce of girth with his fingers, slipping two inside your hole. Running the vibrating wand up and down your pearl as he curled his fingers inside you. Strokes and coaxes so languid that you sobbed for more, making you so wet that his finger fucking made a lewd squelch. Your senses so restricted you heard all the obscene noises.
“So needy for me all the time”, he complained. Stopping abruptly to uncuff your limbs and turn you around, your face scrunched up against the sheets as he re-tied you the other way. This time, your legs hoisted a full 180, inner thighs stretching painfully as you almost did splits. Hands clenching in fists because you felt so helpless, at complete mercy for him to do whatever he wanted.
Humiliating you when he pulled out the cane, obviously you couldn’t see it; but you sure as hell felt it. When he started with one, then two then three, on your ass, all vertical to your body, the sting never subsiding before he gave you another whip. Kindly placing the vibrator underneath you at your entrance so that with every slap you unintentionally leaned into it, teaching you to like the pain because with it came pleasure. “This is what you wanted wasn’t it”
“Whore” Leaving the cane to the side, jerking himself off with one hand and manning the vibrator again with the other, you trying to tilt your ass up so he could get to your clit. He strayed a bit too far on purpose, wanting to see you work for it even if you were tied up like that. Hearing him chuckle at your futile attempts, giving in just a bit to hear you whine around the gag when he denied release.
Laying it steady underneath you to build you up again, grabbing the cane again. Tilting his head to the side as he changed direction, whipping you another four, five, six times and watching the red burning lines appear. In pretty little checkered patterns as he slid his tip up and down your slit, so wet you shivered. Teasing you horribly when he only managed his head in, hovering over you and giving another seven, eight and nine canings. Filling in spaces of red with each slap that faded your natural skin tone.
You moaning words around the gag that he couldn’t understand, begging a “give it to me”, pleading “please give it to me”. At the end resulting in you whimpering as you let out tears of pain, turned on beyond compare when he finally bottomed out inside you.
Jack tingling at the sounds you were letting out, so desperate for your orgasm that you had no shame getting off on him. He didn’t even have to move, relishing in the way you were devaluing yourself, humping back to clench around him even though he was still. His mouth hanging open at how wet you were from being coaxed to the edge so many times, deliciously warm from spanking abuse, hot in the space you shared with him.
“Feels s’ so good around me” His balls pressed flush against your pearl, you mewling around the gag as you tilted your hips up and down, his skin rubbing against yours each time you did so. “Tight and wet just for me, isn’t that right?”. You nodded, hoping he could see even though you couldn’t. Thrusting steadily, but he was so filled, ready to burst just from seeing you like that that he couldn’t hold it.
Pulling out to jerk himself red, his empty sockets large as he watched you restrained. Brown hair falling sweatily over his face as he grabbed the vibrator again. Then, finally pushing just hard enough to let you go, the knot snapping deliciously and the sensation of burning pleasure steaming through every inch of your skin. Pussy throbbing and clenching in full sight so Jack could fist himself red and cum on your ass. The white beads of his fluids decorating you so prettily on the reddened skin.
“Let’s get you out of these” he told you out of breath, his stamina unrelenting as he removed your blindfold. You had never seen him so disheveled, “let’s go again” he panted, “this time you’re riding”
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princess-rox · 2 days ago
i wake up tied down to my bed. someone is above me, i don’t recognize who they are, but the continue to do their work, making me wetter by the second. i call out for them to stop, they shush me, then call me a good girl, a good slut, fingering my wet cunt with two fingers. they scissor and add a third finger. my wet cunt leaking onto the sheets. they take their fingers out, i whimper, wanting the feeling again. i try to protest until the head of their cock/strap enter me. i moan loudly, letting my rapist know they should enter me more. eventually their entire cock/strap is in and they fuck me roughly, enjoying the loud moans and pleas that escape my mouth. they tell me how much of a slut i am, how much i was dying for this, how much i needed this to happen. my wet cunt starts to clench, and a feeling of pleasure overwhelms me, making me cum immediately. they tell me how good of a whore i am to cum from rape. they keep going though, roughly fucking me like a cheap whore. i know i deserved this because i wanted to be a man.
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angelic-nsfw · a day ago
Currently thinking about having a dom write dirty, degrading things all over my body and then fuck me while reading them out making fun of me for getting turned on by it
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sillykittybaby · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and oh, how special you make me feel 💕
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altdommerose · 2 days ago
Don’t you like my nails? I got them done just for you. Look how sharp they are and how that black gloss just shines. They’re going to feel so good running across your skin. I’ll leave my mark on you as you’re fucking yourself onto my strap, running their sharp tips down your back till you’re covered in raised red lines. Maybe I’ll even press hard enough to make you bleed, baby. It’ll be so cute seeing you all marked up and fucked out, and I’ll be sure to trace those marks as they heal just to remind you of how you submitted to pleasure and pain at my hand
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angelic-nsfw · 11 hours ago
Oh I’m “submissive and breedable” huh? Well then force me into submission and breed me.
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