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not the most elegant video but i get some good bits of animation. hope it works with the music
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(WARNING: Quite Long Theory Ahead!!!)
(WARNING 2: I wrote most of this when I was exhausted out of my mind on a trip home, so I'm sorry if its a tad bit confusing.)
PART 1- The Good?
Okay, so I know the big theory is that Henry may actually be the Good Bendy, but think about this...
Tumblr media
Bendy according to the wiki and cartoons, seems to be and I quote:
*"Bendy is a borderline troublemaker, but is rather impatient and easily startled or timid, yet justifiably cheerful, fun-loving and mischievous "*
*" Bendy is also attention-seeking and is easily distracted; he is never hardworking or courageous."*
NOW think about this. In the studio, who is the first person who comes to mind when you think of these qualities...
Rather *impatient*,*easily startled or timid*, *yet justifiably cheerful*, *easily distracted*, *never hardworking or courageous* 🤔
Wally is described as "somewhat absent-minded", "felt confused and worried about some situations within the company" (towards the leaking Ink Machine and his angry fellow employees).
In terms of his social behaviors, he is described to be "friendly and easy to get along with" and towards the end of the game Wally himself notes that he is "surprised Joey remembers him, since Wally was not especially memorable among his co-workers."
He also seems to be "impatient" with Thomas and "easily distracted" or "absent-minded when working on the Ink Machine as seen in the audio logs.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(I know this is from the wiki, but alot of the storyline if this universe is quite confusing. Until we get clear answers or I dont agree with the facts on this site, I will be using references from there.)
PART 2- The Weird?
So that had me thinking, its kind of weird that Joey specifically remembered a JANITOR among his co-workers. Joey seems to have a history of only sending letters to people if they are important or fit his "story" (such as Henry, Allison and Tom), as seen in his apartment at the end of the game.
(Example: Allison became "Allison Angel", Tom became "Good Boris", Henry was the main character of BATIM [a may show up in BATDR as a secondary main character role], and Wally could be "Good Bendy" + Audrey of course who we really don't know yet.)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
But what if that was the plan? He's trying to make his story "come to life" and his ideas seemed to have "semi-worked" for now. As well as he only sent letters (as we can see so far) to Henry, Allison/Tom and Wally. So, what if Joey thought Wallys personality, best fit what Bendy would be like if he was to come to life?
With this evidence as well as the fact that:
> Thomas and Wally are the only two characters to have a shared voice recording with each other (seemingly giving more of an insider on the way they act and their personalities).
(Sort of like how Bendy and Boris were seen together in the comics and most of the episodes revolve around them getting into mischief.)
> Thomas later becomes some version of "Tom" Boris we see later on, or at least his personality could be based on Thomas.
> Tom and Thomas seem to share many qualities, such as their seriousness and focusing on a task. Seeming harsh but well meaning etc. (Of course lol)
> Wally's whole "I'M OUTTA HERE!" catchphrase, in which sounds like something a memorable cartoon character would say. As well as his cheerful and loud demeanor.
(I mean, really think about it, its honestly too perfect...)
> ALSO as a note, Wally is the "attendant and designer" of the said Ink Machine. Which raises some intresting flags when you remember how Allison (Or Susie, which is funny cause she's another version of Alice Angel) states, that if you not careful, the ink will pull you back in.
(If Wally does turn out to be some version of Bendy, this may have more importance in BATDR when it comes to sides and Wally being the "Good Bendy" controlling the ink in some way...)
I feel like these small details between Thomas and Wally were put there for a reason. And who knows, maybe Allison being "scared" of the Ink Demon (Bad Bendy/ Good Bendy) in general, may come into play later on. They are supposed to be the cartoon TRIO after all.
(Also I would love to point out that Wally thought Susie Campbell or Corrupted Alice, was pretty. Maybe a parallel to a secret Bendy and Alice dynamic we have yet to see, perhaps from Nathan's version 👀?)
PART 3 - The Evil?
That leaves one question then...Who is Bad Bendy?
We've gotten a Bad Alice, "Bad" Boris, but who is the the Ink Demon we've seen throughout the chapters, roaming the halls in dark ink and looking to hunt for his prey, making your heart beat in your ears throughout BATIM (and now possibly BATDR)?
I think it might be Joey Drew.
And I know what your thinking.
Okay so, correction... i didn't say it WAS EXACTLY Joey Drew. At least his physical self we saw....
I think the Bad Bendy/Ink Demon may be a collection of all of Joey's regrets and insecurities of his life. In the ending of Chapter 5, he seems to be regretful of how he lived his life and saying that he "took and worst path and forged a "crooked empire". He then tells Henry to come back to the studio, because he has something to show him.
Perhaps this is the Evil Bendy we will see is a collection of all of the remorseful and angry feelings he sees about himself, comparing himself to the villian of the story and drawing himself as such in this story he's created. Its for some sort of closure, but it doesn't seem to be working. That's why he wants Henry to come back to the studio, to help him feel better and to live the rest of his life happy. Henry is one of the heros of this story....
Where Audrey, Tom, Allison, maybe Wally, Sammy and the other characters come into play in this theory is a complete mystery for now, but my guess is that most likely, they will ALL also be the heros to this story in some way. None of the characters are particularly "bad guys", just people who made mistakes and had failed dreams. They will also probably help Joey to erase the darkness from all of their minds, hearts and to truly "set them free", meaning helping them to get out of the studio, as well as move on. It is a combined effort and now most likely Joey/ Evil Bendy has to work with them to achieve such.
(Last Quick Note: In the end of Chapter 5, there is a table, and on this table there are storyboards of the events that transpired through the BATIM story so far, such as Ink Bendy. BUT THERES also events that haven't been seen, and perhaps we'll see in BATDR??Just wanted to point that out. 😉 Look at them VERY closely!)
[I am NOT smiling at some of the concept art on those storyboards, like Sammy getting CRUSHED by "Bad" Boris. Nope not today...🙃But, Sammy and Boris playing music together tho 🥺])
Tumblr media
So a few weeks back, the Meatly uploaded this picture on his Twitter:
Tumblr media
A Chocolate Cake. Specifically used to celebrate Bendy's birthday in February.
It is also seen in the most recent trailer, while we are going through the Employees Lounge Area/ Break Room/ Café. But why is this SO DAMN IMPORTANT?!
Because take a look at this:
Tumblr media
Freakin Wally ate the cake. Not only due to the fact that he is so laid back that he may or may not deserve this cake after all (Bendy personality parallels?) but he found the cake, just sitting there.
As if it was left there waiting for him to make his rounds, and knowing what he would do, was a trap. That cake looks to be full of ink. And we already know the effect ink has on people...
This cake may have been a test to see what he would do in that situation, and if he failed...well... maybe the consequence were more "devilish" then we thought and he didn't actually make it "outta there".
Poor Wally, all he wanted to do was relax, "do his job", stay out of trouble, eat his chocolate cake and leave.
(We aren't EVEN going to talk about the fact that Thomas and Allison got married and Allison loves to cook and gives JOEY DREW recipes. That may be the reason why Wally got that cake in the first place, how Joey/Thomas knew he would be a good fit, and how so many employees got infected, but that would make this longer than I wanted and I will save it for another time.)
Part 5- Thankyou!
Anyway, this is just another "Theory Thought" that I wanted to put up here! Its just for pure speculation and fun. These are just thoughts. I'm sorry if you may not agree and you doing so is valid. Just dont send hate due to you not agreeing, thankchu!
P.S I want to thankyou all for all the love on my account lately. I have more stuff coming, I promise, Im just SUPER swamped with school! 💙
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