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Being a woman really is wild like if you arent conventionally pretty or dont put effort into your appearance then noone takes you seriously but also if you are TOO PRETTY or put too much effort into your appearance  noone takes you seriously either ,,,, wtf

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Calum knows choosing right comes with a consequence. And sometimes that consequence is direct. Sometimes it means dealing with a lot of pain. But it almost means gaining a lot of freedom. 

Michael knows that following orders was supposed to be his destiny. But he can make his own choices and he can always choose his friends over anything else.

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It’s a little hard to adjust to the bumps at first. It’s a constant feeling that they’re going to flip right out of the truck but soon the ride smooths out. Michael knows they’ve hit the highway. He can hear more traffic passing them. Calum fell asleep before they got off the dirty roads. Michael doesn’t fault him. The blankets are thick, heavy on them and it’s almost enough to put Michael asleep too. But he’s worried about Calum not recovering. How fucked it would be to lose his best friend to the wilds. 

He’d have to succumb too. There’s no way he’d shift back human if Calum couldn’t. Though Michael can almost hear the argument in his head. Calum will tell him to live his life, that just because he’s thrown to the wilds doesn’t mean both of them should be. But that’s the thing. Michael could’ve been left to die and Calum made sure that didn’t happen, so Michael will make sure that even if the wolf takes over, Calum does not go through that alone. 

Your inner monologue is very loud, Calum’s voice cuts in. 

I could hear your snoring so I had to drown it out somehow. 

If I have to go, you shouldn’t feel like you have to go with me. 

I don’t feel obligated. We’re family and we don’t leave a man behind. 

I wouldn’t be a man if it came to that. 

Michael goes silent. Maybe Calum wouldn’t be a man in his own eyes, but Michael would always know. Michael would always see Calum’s face in the wolf that was left behind. If we go together, we’d still be familiar to each other. If you go without me, would you remember me?

Calum finally lifts his head, eyes blinking open and staring Michael down. Even though they are both animals at the moment, Michael can see the stern but soft look that would take over Calum’s face. I’d always remember my brother.



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afadfad i just saw you my faculty mentor was for my graduate program and its the professor i had my Gay Awakening with back in undergrad, like sophomore/junior year and i am SCREECHING

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i am sourly reminded of why i deleted a lot of my writing content off this platform and why i stopped posting up here. 

song blurbs may be going on hiatus. 

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one more time by pale waves with calum?

Thanks for the suggestion!


One Last Chance

Calum pulls his hand back, playing at the ends of his sleeves instead of holding her hands. She sighs but keeps her attention on the movie screen. It was stupid. For her to even suggest the movie date. But the screen flickers on, casting blue and red over their faces. The movie was good if she was going to be honest.  But she wanted to scream. She wanted to run out of the theater and shout into the blue skies. What had she done to deserve this? Where had she gone wrong?

Calum watches her more than the movie. He watches the way she keeps her hand turned up on the armrest of the plush leather seats. He watches the way she stares at the corner, to make it seems like she’s not not paying attention but he knows that glazed over look in her eyes. He’s seen it when they’ve gone out and she only came with as to not upset Calum. But he’d rather she had stayed at home or rather they had done something else that watch her be pushed to the outskirts. 

She is always on the outskirts. 

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☁️🌙🕊 dreamy questions 🕊🌙☁️

ethereal: what’s one dream you would like to come true?

selenite: river or ocean?

cloud: what’s your favorite name?

dove: if you could have brunch with anyone, who would you have it with and why?

moon: what clothing item are you most comfortable in?

sun: what impact do you wish to make on the world?

angel: what’s a song that makes you feel safe?

heavenly: favorite tarot card?

dainty: what movie could you never get sick of watching?

hiraeth: are you a traveler or a homebody?

woolgathering: what does it feel like when you have a crush?

eunoia: favorite thing to do on a cloudy day?

zenith: vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry?

kairos: would you rather write a book or star in a movie?

haze: favorite place in your home?

kalon: one language you would like to become fluent in?

lissome: what deadly sin are you? lust, pride, envy, sloth, gluttony, greed, or wrath?

sunset: favorite fairytale?

oath: one person or animal that you couldn’t live without?

bubbly: iced or hot drinks?

sugar: what era did you like best in terms of architecture and fashion?

elixir: what’s your favorite beverage?

lilt: favorite lullaby?

bungalow: would you rather live by the sea or in the mountains?

wildflowers: do you open up to others easily?

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