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“The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity.”  - Viola Davis

Lupita Nyong’o in Us (2019) dir. Jordan Peele

Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers (2019) dir. Lorene Scafaria

Awkwafina in The Farewell (2019) dir. Lulu Wang

Cho Yeo-jeong in Parasite (2019) dir. Bong Joon Ho

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aziraphale: Number one tip to be the most popular kid in school - fill your locker with crepes and offer them to new friends!
adam: But what if they don't like crepes?
aziraphale: Then you probably don't want them as a friend anyway
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Mario, straining to reach something:
Mario: :(
Mario, sighing because he's too short: Luigi, I need help
Luigi, having seen the whole thing: Coming!
Luigi, loudly to Peach: Hey, Princess, I have a hypothesis I want to test out
Peach, also loudly: Oh? Well, what is this hypothesis of yours, Luigi?
Mario, standing nearby: What are you talking about?
Luigi: Observe
Luigi, gathering Mario up in a tight hug:
Mario: Wha-?
Luigi, dramatically: Incredible. It is just what I thought.
Peach, clasping her hands to her chest: Oh! What conclusion have you come to?
Luigi, grinning: Mario is the perfect size for hugs.
Mario: !!
Peach: Amazing! Stupendous! I must test your hypothesis out for myself.
Peach, embracing Mario as tightly as she can:
Mario, heart exploding, soul leaving his body:
Peach: It appears your hypothesis was correct!
Luigi: This is a fantastic contribution to science!
Luigi: Mario?
Mario, sniffling: I;m fin e
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It’s the Whoring 20s and I’m ready to live my life like Winnie the Pooh… crop top… pussy out… fat as all shit… loves his friends, zero thoughts in his head… delectable lifestyle

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Me, relistening to murder on the rockport limited: I want to see my little boy

Griffin, dm and best friend: a young boy, who is wearing a fancy boy suit, and a blue fancy boy cap- dressed up very fancily.

Me, vibrating with joy: HERE HE COMES

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