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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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All I want to do is write this scene where one character treats another character gently and the other one is just totally undone by it in a “this gentleness upsets me far more than all the traumatizing things that have happened to me in this entire story because the suffering was pretty much expected whereas this is just…outside of my comfort zone” and somehow this is difficult. 

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oh shit I took a wrong turn at Michaels and wandered directly into the dragon aisle send help

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Listen, if an anti shipper tells you to stop writing/doing art, you do that thing harder than before. I almost quit writing because of these horrible people. Writing. The one thing that will always bring me happiness and has saved my life on multiple occasions. I got harassed a lot specifically on The solution? Delete everything there and move to ao3, and write harder than I did before. Because I don’t want these people to make me give up my truest passion. Don’t let them. Fight. Write/draw out of spite if you must. Mentally dedicate your work to whoever harmed you the most. Create a piece knowing that it has “fuck you” written all over it. Do not let anti shippers take your passion. Make them fuel it.

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i just love that they were able to recognize each other immediately
Chat Noir: /sees a badass chick in a leather catsuit and a motorcycle helmet booking it on a pink bike after a giant monster/
Ladybug: /sees a dude in a fucking banana costume aggressively scootering towards the same monster she's chasing/
Ladybug: oh god that's my idiot isn't it
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Taylor Swift: The Rolling Stone Interview (on reputation)
The moments of my true story on that album are songs like ‘Delicate,’ 'New Year’s Day,’ 'Call It What You Want,’ 'Dress.’
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