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What kind of girl I think the twins would date?

Honestly, as ‘easy’ and ‘ideal’ people think the twins’ girls are going to be, I feel like they’re going to be a bit unconventional and unique.

But I did something a bit like this a while ago, so you can see it here.


I feel like Ethan is the type of person to “Not WAnT tO gET iN a SeRIouS ReLatIonShiP” but ends up falling in love without knowing and sees that he has to have her.

I feel like is in dire need of someone that can easily tell him no and fight back. Like hella independent and scary when she needs to be. I can see Ethan with a girl that knows her shit like a teacher, lawyer, doctor, nurse, CEO, etc. Like she’s in a meeting or something and he’s sitting with her and just hearing her talk her talk and his face says it all, “damn”. Or Ethan being himself doing something questionable and Y/N’s says “stop, that’s very dangerous” “why”, he questions. And you give him not a list, not a paragraph, but a whole ass essay on why he shouldn’t do it using words he didn’t know existed and throught were in another language. As serious and scary as she can be at times she knows how to have fun and make memories. Almost every weekend they’re pulling LEgAl pranks on people that they don’t like. She’s always encouraging Ethan to get out the house and travel. Having an annual road trip with Grayson and his wife during the summer. I don’t know why but my psychic senses are tingling when I say that his wife is going to have a really special connection with his mom. Maybe it’s their personalities, or their occupation, something about his wife just clicks with Lisa. Which may be the reason why Ethan loves her in the first place. 🤷🏽‍♀️ When the Dolan clan is in Jersey, they both have a girls day with Grayson’s wife of course and have fun. They’re always cooking together and seen sharing g the same recipes. Oh yeah wtf I’m dumb! She has to be domestic as FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK! Ethan’s crazy, her kids are crazy. So when she gets back home the house is always upside down even though Ethan always tells the toddlers to “clean after yourself, you don’t wanna see mean mami” but you’d be more terrified if they actually tried to clean. They’re really good at making their “clean” look like the before pictures. 😂 But overtime her cleaning habits transfer off to Ethan and he starts getting the hang of it. She’s definitely a people person. And even though she may disagree with a lot of things people have to say and their opinions she never tells them “their wrong” but just helps. She’s always looking out for people and being their little mom. Im not so sure about how they’d meet but I feel like initially she thought Ethan was a bit annoying but she slowly started to think it was cute. Your friends would be checking him out and you’re just like “ew, he’s such a dork. You’re way out of his league” Damn, you really didn’t like him. But all of his jokes, roasts, started to appeal to you. And he’d start getting all touchy with you and you loved it. And one day you guys have an “argument” and you’re sitting front he opposite side of him. He’s just texting you “hey”, “I know you’re just jealous that I told your friend she looks cute today”, “I know you like me” and you roll your eyes at the text but respond “so what if I do”. And he’s good “hmm..🧐” “maybe we should go out” and you reply “maybe we should” and he’s so proud of himself. “And maybe I should find a way to make you forgive me” And y’all sneak off into a room and hit it off. You were always shy and embarrassed that you were dating a “dork” as you say a lot l, but it was only because you really like him.😩

Wow tumblr just made a huge gap but anyways..


Perosonally, I think Grayson dates not just to go out with people but for marriage. I think he’s just waiting for the day he meets his wife without knowing it yet.

How Ethan needs a logical woman, Grayson needs a creative woman. Like she knows her stuff and sometimes it’s not about ‘drawing’ ‘singing’ ‘playing instruments’ or ‘writing’, sometimes it’s just her ideas. I think that Grayson and Ethan’s wife will both have the same creative mindset that allows each other to be so close. She’s never bored and is always making things. Helping Grayson out with his projects and making some presents for him and their family. Maybe like an interior designer, art teacher, graphic designer, assistant director, songwriter, etc. Everyday after work she’s going on about how her day was and all the fun things that happened on set. “Gray, you know those extra slabs of wood you had?” “Yeah.” “Well me and a few crew members created with 3D meural of the main characters to use for logo.” “Really!” “Yeah it took so long but it was worth it.” “Wait you used my wood!?” (Okay that’s a weird sentence) Gray’s wife is shy and awkward I can’t. She’s always meeting new people in relations with Grayson and Ethan and gets all shy and flustered. She’s very confident but is just shy around new people. She’s the kind of person that’s really soft spoken but says the wildest things. In group conversations Gray’s just chuckling to her quiet jokes left and right while everyone’s hella confused as to who/what G is laughing at. Even though she’s really shy she has a special bond with people and sees through them. Like with E’s girl she really gets people and is very understandable. Wound be a very good mom, counselor, and gives good advice. Is it just me or do we all think that Grayson has a checklist for the type of traits/ characteristics his wife must have. Like he’s not trying to BUilD his wife or anything but has like high standards. I imagine her playing hard to get with Gray and him thinking it’s all fun but kinda upset that your not his girlfriend yet because you keep teasing him with kisses but saying “I don’t think we’d last” but y’all have been flirting for like three months.🧐 ANYWAYS… He’s when he sees you the first thing he ask is “are you ready to be my girlfriend now” and you’re just like “I don’t do relationships in the spring time” or “I don’t talk to Sagittariuses in Thursdays, sorry.” He knows you guys are secretly dating but you’re too afraid to admit it. So on a random day he’s just like “Is today the day you become my girlfriend” And you just say “yes”, and he doesn’t really hear you. “Damn, well I’ll ask tomo—“ “wait did you say yes?” And yes just kissing your face and throwing up in the air. ☺️

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