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Anti: [enters the kitchen] What’s up, doc?

Jameson: [signs: Not much.]

Marvin: [eyes widening] You body swapped Henrik and JJ?!

Anti: [raises a brow] No, t'at’s what yeh’d do.

Chase: [confused] Then why’d ya call ‘im that?

[To everyone else’s discomfort, Anti and Jameson share a look and a smirk. Then, Anti’s glitching out and JJ’s stepping behind a red curtain; seconds later, they reappear as River Song and Doctor Who, respectively. The others stare.]

Seán: [walks in; notices the cosplayers; claps] Ooo! Ooo! Oooo! Can I be Amy?!

Jackie: [after a thoughtful pause] I wanted to be Roman Rory…

Henrik: I do not 'ave enough coffee for zis!

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