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Originating in the middle ages, the legend of the vampire first took its on-screen shape with F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu, based on Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. Just at the dawn of film history, the myth of the darkest and sexiest of all monsters was equally embraced and rejected by writers and directors. Focusing on the sinister erotic aspect of the vampire is infamous French B-movie director Jean Rollin, whose first erotic vampires film Rape of the Vampire evoked such strong reactions that the screen got damaged and the director was chased out of the cinema. Staying true to his passion, he has written and directed over 15 vampire films, and it is only in recent years that his reputation has risen to the status of a cult director. Very sparse in dialogue, his films are beautifully shot and captivate a sense of romanticism, nostalgia and damnation. 

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So I was thinking about love yesterday. Romantic, platonic, familial. And I realized that in our society where (het) romantic love is oversaturated to the point of being a borderline plague, platonic love is considered the least out of all of them, the bottom rung of some pretentious love-ladder that we invented.

Everytime someone talks about their friend it’s always “Oh, she’s like a sister to me”, “He’s the brother I never had,” etc etc. I know for a fact that having friends is a hell of a lot different than having siblings–don’t get me wrong, the love is still there, and it still runs deep and strong, but it’s different.

Why does friendship always have to be lesser than other forms of love? (“They’re more than friends,” “we’re not just friends, we’re family!” etc.) Why is friendship constantly swept under the rug as some childish attachment, like a pacifier or a security blanket, that gets cast aside as you grow into your Mature Adult Life^tm?

Why can’t we allow friendship to just be?

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Congratulations! Kerrie and Kate, you have won our engagement shoot draw, from our Brides 2020 Halifax show contest!  Wowza! what a great start, our first wedding show in Halifax and we met so many wonderful vendors can’t wait to connect and learn more about your businesses and to all the wonderful couples who braved some pretty daunting weather to come to the show! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by our booth, we can’t wait to hear more about your big day!

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Valentine’s Day is coming, which means I’m putting together another super-short collection of poems about LOVE… Or whatever. Anyway, here’s a sneak peek:


Morning, and your kisses taste like coffee.

The caffeine in your lips shakes me awake.

Legs weak, I stumble downstairs to the kitchen

To pour myself a steaming cup

And drown last night’s mistakes.

Nighttime, and your kisses taste like whiskey.

Your drowsy eyes are filled with toxic lust.

No self-control, I climb into your bed again

To fill myself with emptiness

And let you crush my heart to dust.

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