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Love, the mere mention of the word sends some running to the furthest hill possible. Love, the word that once scared me to even consider. Love, the one thing I think I’ve found, but it wasn’t for who I thought it was, I look at love and the first person that pops up isn’t my girlfriend, it’s myself and I haven’t been able to say that in a very long time, my girlfriend is the only reason I can say that I love myself, she showed me the good side of me I thought I’d lost; and for that I will always be eternally grateful to her. Love is the single most powerful word in the human language, it’s driven people to commit murder, it’s driven some cultures to war, once you can say love to yourself is the day you can truly see the love you have for others

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i have so much i need to externalize, i am filled with multitudes that i simply cannot contain, but i cant seem to broach my woes to the ones that love me (not that it would matter, not that they would care).

that day, the day i layed in our innocent sins, that was the day that ruined me. being with you made me happier than ive felt in a long time and it paled my time with everyone else by comparison. so i yearn and search for another all-time high, out at all hours, sometimes with the same faces, sometimes new, but never with you. nothing holds a candle to the time spent with you, nothing brings me half the joy now that i used to hold in the simple pleasures i partook in. all my time is spent longing for your touch, your breath, your warmth, but alas i am left in the cold.

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Open hearted ❤️Whew! Can we be? It takes some #work and #allowance to keep #opening past our comfort zone to #love. Thing is, it’s really not about ‘out there’, but 'in here’.. inside you. Are we open hearted to ourselves, to #all parts of us.. I mean every lil part??.. As we love all of us.. we are set #free.. and #join in love with all.. -me xoxoxoxo 😍🤘❤️⬆️🔑🎧😘💋🌺👅🔥⭐️🙌👁🌅 #freestyle #loveisaninsidejob #selflove #medium #healers #dancetherapy #dance #feminineenergy #selfloveiskey #strength #cherishyou #kindness #compassion #vulnerability #tantra #openheart #freedom #grace #flow #innerself #yum
Music 🎶 by @kingtuffy #kingtuff -Song- (#ultraviolet ) ✨✨✨✨

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